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06 July 2018


Don Bessee

Remember when 0 ridiculed Trump over bringing back manufacturing jobs?? 'What's he going to do, waive a magic wand? ' No, he cut regulations and taxes.




Coal, baby!

Ricky McVeigh



Millionaires Flee California After Tax Hike

According to new research released by Charles Varner, associate director of the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, California lost an estimated 138 high-income individuals following passage of the Proposition 30 income tax increase championed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and approved by Golden State voters in 2012.

This new research by Varner updates a previous paper released six years ago that looked at domestic migration to and from California following a 2004 income tax hike.

“One reason we wanted to update our previous paper is that this tax change in 2012 is the largest state tax change that we have seen in the U.S. for the last three decades,” Varner said.

Prop. 30 raised the state’s top income tax rate by 8%, increasing it one percentage point from 12.3% to 13.3%, which is now the highest state income tax rate in the nation. Prop. 30 also hiked the tax rate on income between $300,000 and $500,000 by two percentage points, and raised the rate on income in excess of $500,000 by three percentage points.



re: Betsy Wobus

"This country has been taken over by a mob of crooks who are only interested in how much money and power they can glean for themselves and their cronies. They have no interest in a constitutional government, or the welfare of the American people, or the maintenance of a healthy environment."

You have to admit that that's a real head scratcher. I'm happy to admit that there's less environmental activism, although it's hard to tell how much the decline is in employment levels of that giant class of people who make money in the eco-bureaucracy (both non-profit and .gov) rather than in measurable environmental health...but the rest?

Hell, Trump's main problem is that he didn't come into office with a mob. Trying to run the place mostly with the prior administration's mafia, who are actively trying to take you down, is a tricky matter. Trump is already wealthy and I doubt the Boltons or Sessions of the world make much on this gig. One important lesson is that the Clintons have proved you can become extremely rich as lobbyists, so maybe there's hope for the people that Trump elevates at some future date.

My take on screeds like Ms. Wobus (or any other Wobi) writes is that they hate Trump, can only build a rickety logic to support that, and find it easier to accuse him of any old thing they don't like in government. Accuse enough and it becomes true.

The notion of urging Californians to VOTE BLUE! is laughable anyway. You can look around and see that living in a liberal single party state hasn't made a lot of difference. If anything, it only goes to show that increasing the scope of government merely concentrates wealth. I'll call that Scene's Paradox.

Looking around, I can't help but think that these addictive forms of outrage are just a replacement for libido in older white women who play at activism.


re: "Our country’s multiple identity-based cultures are diverging"

And of course, it's worth putting an ad in here for 'Bowling Alone' (Putnam).

An interesting research project would be to find some way to measure spoken language in terms of word usage and accent, perhaps with a purpose-built AI. Given a reasonably large sample, that always struck me as a good approximation of integration of people. Judging from historical records, Black American Vernacular would be low hanging fruit for a study like this.

Steve Frisch

Posted by: Russ | 07 July 2018 at 06:22 AM

I feel compelled to note that California has 772,555 millionaire households. 138 millionaires leaving California represents 0.00017% of millionaires.

Not to mention the fact that the study does not correct for any of the other reasons we may have had a net migration of 138 millionaires from California, such as they moved to Connecticut or Hawaii where property is taxed at higher rates, or it was particularly hot the month they were looking to move and moved to South Carolina instead, or they don't want to have to deal with wildfires in their fancy houses...in short 138 millionaires is statistically insignificant and it is probably impossible to control for externalities explaining their migration in the study.

By the way, did you know that more billionaires moved into California over the same period of time? I will take 1 billionaire for every 1,000 millionaires :)


"I feel compelled to note that California has 772,555 millionaire households. 138 millionaires leaving California represents 0.00017% of millionaires."
-Steven Frisch, the six figure CEO of the wretchedly misnamed Sierra Business Council which is not a council of businesses.

I feel similarly compelled to note that Steve's figure of about 0.00017% is off by a factor of 100; rounding off properly, it would be 0.02%. Par for his course but my pointing out that gross error of elementary arithmetic should not be used to assume Russ was right to present the information as if it had any substance.

Steve Frisch

So you're right, it is .017%, sorry about the mistake.

My 'wretchedly misnamed' organization served hundreds of business last year, created almost 100 jobs, and leveraged more than $8 million in new investment in the Sierra Nevada, so I'll stand on my numbers.

I think we are agreeing on the key point, Russ was not right to present the information as if it had any substance.


"By the way, did you know that more billionaires moved into California over the same period of time? I will take 1 billionaire for every 1,000 millionaires :)"

-Frisch 826am

By the way, did you know that people with net worths greater than $1 million but less than $1 billion may well have an average net worth of greater than $500 million, meaning it would be a much less favorable exchange than 1,000 to one? More like 2:1 or 3:2.

I'd not stand behind your numbers, Stephen. You don't think very deeply at all and some jobs are best left undone:


"I feel similarly compelled to note that Steve's figure of about 0.00017% is off by a factor of 100; rounding off properly, it would be 0.02%. Par for his course but my pointing out that gross error of elementary arithmetic should not be used to assume Russ was right to present the information as if it had any substance." - Me

"I think we are agreeing on the key point, Russ was not right to present the information as if it had any substance." -Frisch

No, my point was that my correction of your abysmal elementary arithmetic "should not be used to assume" Russ was not in error. Looking at the pieces Russ cited, it looks to me like the numbers of millionaires was understated by the methodology used.

Sorry Steve, you lose again.

Don Bessee

Well Gregory, Frisch brought it on himself and in the spirit of piling on -




,,,SteveF,,,they are trying to do some quick math to rationalize their bogus claims about a Great Diaspora of Richy Riches from Cali,,,caught at their own game again,,,bwahaha!!!


Not a great diaspora, but enough for it to be counterproductive, "M". So, if you want to kick the rich, do it with a knowledge that they don't want to give away their money and will move. I saw this in the heyday of Cisco options being exercised, with many moving to just over the state line at Tahoe.

DB, yes, the new guy will be much like Pruitt only without the "Cone of Silence" jokes. Enjoy, all.

Don Bessee

@727 - Who ever is the EPA boss will always have the real world cone of silence when the jokes have faded away. Gee, why would reformer EPA bosses need a cone of silence? Just sayin' ;-)

Todd Juvinall

"just sayin" is a libshit saying. We need to stop using that.

Steve Frisch

I love that "not a great diaspora but enough to be a concern"...seriously the California economy has consistently outperformed the national economy for the last 6 years...capital investment in California is way up...business starts in California have outperformed the rest of the country...GDP growth is consistently higher here than the nation on average...all of this started years ago, well before Trump

I would be the first to agree that we have ur share of problems that need to be addressed--housing, homelessness, rural economic development, connectivity, income inequality--but lets be clear, we may lose a few millionaires but we gain way more than we ever lose.

Todd Juvinall

I give Americans and their fortitude credit for many things. The greatest trait I see is this. People figure out around the BS shoved down their throats by the "do-gooders" of government. Elected or not. This creativity is really what has made America so successful. Every time the kids pass a law or their lackeys pass a regulation, Americans start looking for ways around it. That is why things may be happening more in California. Soo many laws and regulations. Makes us more creative.


SteveF: "I would be the first to agree that we have our share of problems"

The interesting thing to me is that all the extra money and a single party government which is totally willing to use it's power didn't make a whole lot of difference compared to other states. There's something worth considering there. It appears to me that the do-gooder funds have been redirected to bureaucrats and non-profit management.

No doubt there's a middle class outflow, and if you're intent on building a state made up of Google engineers and Mexican landscapers that's probably a good thing.

After all the handwaving, my take is that if you compare sunny CA to adjoining western states the main differences in living are: the beach, significantly higher taxes/food&gas prices/insurance, a whole bunch of PITA regulations (smog control in rural counties, crazy building code, arbitrary and stupid gun laws, etc), more coffee shops and man buns.

Lacking a good tech job, I'd say that the folks that stay do so out of sheer inertia or because they ended up in a Whiteopia surrounded by Trumphater friends, a comfy situation after all.

I'll freely admit that it's funny to have people in NC argue about what California is like given how different it is from where the people actually live.

Steve Frisch

Well to fair Scenes, the biggest change in the last 8 years of the despised Jerry Brown--and I give Schwarzenegger credit here too--is that California went from an almost $25 billion per year structural budget deficit to a $8 billion per year structural surplus. I would say that made a whole lot of difference compared to other states.

Steve Frisch

Posted by: Gregory | 07 July 2018 at 04:07 PM

"By the way, did you know that people with net worths greater than $1 million but less than $1 billion may well have an average net worth of greater than $500 million, meaning it would be a much less favorable exchange than 1,000 to one? More like 2:1 or 3:2."

Yep, and a lot of billionaires are worth more than $1 billion.

Steve Frisch

Every once in a while I like to come to the, "Hey you, get off my grass," blog just to remind me why I don't have any grass.


re: California budget.

My assumption is that all states eventually run onto the shoal of pension obligations, and with California roughly in the middle of spending per capita, there's nothing unusual here in that regard. The budget is bound to whipsaw given the strong dependence on the wealthy, who have taxable incomes that vary wildly depending on the business cycle.

Any bitching about high taxes implies having income to tax of course, and with California's suicidal rush to import the poor of the world you can expect the GINI scores to inch further into the rich vs. poor trench. The middle hollows out in the meantime.

In any case, the state's inability to build something like a single payer health insurance system shows really how shallow the belief system is. Even rich liberals aren't that generous.

What I see is a system that treads water slowly to a banana republic style economy. Well off + poor + a middle class made up of government (or quasi-government) employees. Nothing too drastic in any given year, but I can smell the trend.

Todd Juvinall

The California surplus and size of it economy has nothing to do with the government over the last eight years. It has to do with the overcoming of the government by companies based here and selling to the world. Apple alone is close to becoming the first TRILLION dollar business. The middle class has fled and been replaced by illegal immigrants. And all one needs to do is travel to some Socal towns to see "Little Mexico" and all that brings to America. Brightly colored buildings, litter and low riders among many things. I like the Mexican people but I like American culture and values too. They don't seem to be mixing to well. And when you see the homeless in Sac, Stockton and SF and other cities one must wonder how such a legislature with such "feelings" can let that take place. Maybe Steve Frisch can tell us what his "non-profit" does for those homeless people, many whom are veterans.

But I see it is more important to the "leaders" to condemn the Vice Myoe of Dixon for saying GASP! Fairies! Then helping the people in dire straights. California is run by fools.


back to George's post.

"Left also working feverishly to bury western civilization"

To me, one of the great mysteries of modern culture is why so many people consider that desirable.

In Europe, the basic problem is more than obvious. A combination of an increasing wealth gradient (which is made obvious to po' folk via the internet) and the following:



give you the perfect storm. An ecologist could give you the likely result.

If Europe manages to pull out of the disaster, and there's no guarantee of that, I would expect a bit of a political overshoot. There are plenty of examples in history for both nationalistic cultures treatment of minorities and civil wars based on ethnicity.

The lack of forethought from the European elite is breathtaking.


"Yep, and a lot of billionaires are worth more than $1 billion."-Frisch 736am

In fact, all of them are, but apparently, only one in the world is wealthier than $100billion. The flaw I was pointing out was your flippant 1000 to one billionaire to millionaire ratio claim.

No, chasing millionaires out of California to focus on growing the number of Billionaires is not the answer, Steve.

The average wealth of billionaires worldwide is probably a single digit in the billions column... but with a good hyperinflation in USD$ that can change fast.

Todd Juvinall

Regarding Frisch coming here to view the commenters as "get off my lawn" types. It is actually he and his ilk that have locked up private and public lands through Trusts and Grants that keep us off our own lands. Esp[ecially "wilderness". No motorized wheelchairs or other forms of transportation can access these lands. So a huge percentage of Americans are out of luck. Get off my Wilderness is the mantra of the "forgiving left". What a crock.

Todd Juvinall

Bloomberg has the list of the world's billionaires. Quite a list.

George Rebane

ToddJ 902am - All of this needs repeating, and add to that the development restrictions mandated by the Left to understand the CA housing crisis where the state doesn't permit the addition of any lawns onto which one can get on or stay off.


Posted by: scenes | 08 July 2018 at 08:57 AM

.....give you the perfect storm. An ecologist could give you the likely result.

Yes! ISteves "most important graph in the world" or Borlaugs revenge! You decide!



,,,along with EMP protection we now need Faraday key fob condoms,,,



,,,locally we have new broadband news,,,


Bruce Kushnick might be an interesting read,,,




,,,good Great Divide cartoon,,,'''Stiff Competition''',,,over on Crabb's blog,,



M @ 10:06 AM

Thanks for the Kushnick tips. I have posted on it here: https://wordpress.com/post/ruraleconomytechnology.com/1346


,,, Russ,,, I remember you have posted about this type of thing. Even though he posts on Huff Post I think he is a credible source.

Don Bessee

They must have gotten the pre-release talking points for po' ol' putin party parrots -



George Rebane

DonB 1201pm - Every bit of this evidence, as it pours in daily, corroborates these people as the dumbest (and now most hateful) that we have seen in our lifetime. Are these the kind of future leaders for a country that anyone wants to live in?? And yet, these idiots will be future leaders who will migrate us toward the Great Divide.

Don Bessee

This may be a bigger battle than the SCOTUS fight -

The Trump administration wants Congress to dole out $8.3 billion in discretionary funding for ICE for the 2019 fiscal year – or $967 million more than the agency’s 2018 budget – in a move that worries many Democratic lawmakers, who see the infusion of extra cash being used to speed up deportations and other enforcement measures.

The debate over ICE funding will be split into four categories - increased funding for ICE agents; more funding for detention beds; funding for construction and infrastructure; and funding for alternatives to detention



Account Deleted

I did like Crabb's cartoon of the 2 candidates. Typically, the GOP side had a dollar sign, not the Dem side. But the Dem side is as much about the dollar as the other side. Why not have the dollar sign on both sides? Newsom - having secured a berth in the Nov election, is now downplaying the idea of 'single payer'. Instead, he now dangles the carrot of free health care for illegals. I find it fascinating that the state with the highest GINI score is lauded by the left as the 'best' state in it's financial affairs. The middle class is bailing out. Talk to any real estate agent around here. There are firemen from LA that live around here. Fact. I was talking to another fireman from LA looking to do the same. What about the cost of flying 4 or 5 times a month? He said his savings in electricity costs alone would pay for most of it. He would be able to own a home of equal or greater size that he could actually pay off before he retired. I know that my savings on insurance and taxes is quite a bit. The family that moved in next door left Quincy (not a high cost area for Cali) and are quite pleased with the savings they already see.
Is there a lot of money moving into Cali? Yes, there is. Look at the cost of housing. There has to be a huge influx of money to pay for that. Will it go bust? Of course it will. It's already happened several times in my life time. Brown and Davis have warned repeatedly about getting so high a percentage of tax dollars from the small number of high earners. Not they did much about it. Go ahead and brag, California. You came crawling to Uncle Sugar not that long ago and I'm sure you will again.

Account Deleted

3rd to last line - "not that they did much about it."




Bill Tozer


What is a Jorge Ramos to do? He said Trump would be the last President to win the White House without courting the Latino vote, only to find 30% of the Latinos voted R in 2016. To make matters worse, Trump’s favorablity with Hispanics rose 10% in just the last six weeks, ROFLMAO. Everything the Leftinistas do blows up in their faces.


Latinos and especially Mexicans are more likely to start a small business than other most other immigrants. Very hard working business people, humping those long hours building their small businesses to achieve the American Dream. Future R’s being being created every day.

I was down in LA doing the Disneyland Dad thing in the fall of 2008 when I glanced and laughed at a poll in the LA times predicting a big victory for the upcoming Prop 8, the same sex marriage ban. Yes meant against same-sex marriage, no meant oppose the ban. Had the no’s up by 6-10%. I laughed because they don’t know the black community. Or the Latino community very well. Well, maybe the inner city black community, but not the black community across out land. They be religious folk, moral and Gospel believing. Latinos have Catholic roots. No surprise to me when Prop 8 passed and the lawsuits began.

Once worked with a few Mexicans with work permits on a job site in CA. I used to do that now and then, just for kicks or if I had some down time between projects or if a buddy called begging to to lend a hand for a week or so. So, I am on this job site with a couple of Mexicans and I speak Spanish ok. One guy was a lawyer down in Mexico City and the other laborer was a chemist in a lab somewhere down in Mexico. Anyway, they both hated the urban “machismo” punk Mexicans in our cities. “Those are not Mexicans, that is not Mexicans!” they unabashedly proclaimed in disgust. They could not stand the urban barrio rats that gave them a bad name. The laborers in conversed with came in legally, were nice educated men. Loved it when they mimicked and the urban jungle Mexicans in LA and other CA cities with “You disrespecting me? You disrespecting me?!?”, complete with mocking hand gestures. Funny stuff and accurate.

I think we on the Right have a better grasp of the pulse of the nation than those living in the fantasy land of little Blue Bubbles


Anything would be an improvement. Only way to go is up.



Yeah George.....skipped right over it!

Transferred from the most recent "Sandbox"!

Would one of you Nevada City/Grass Valley residents explain this to me.....

"As the proverbial camel, I have vented my spleen and will now await the inevitable chastisement that I know will come."

Are painfully mixed metaphors a local thing......camels and spleen venting.....if so I'm unaware!


Todd Juvinall

FISH that is how our local stoners think. Been listening to them for years. Now that the THC content is stronger these liberals are even more goofy!

Bill Tozer

Re: Update; History’s Bad Ideas Are an Inspiration for Progressives.

The articles ends with this short sentence, “We are in bad times, with much worse to come.” That seems to be the convential wisdom. When I cheered about smoking them out, I was not naive to the dangers and violence the unmasked Progressives are capable of. They are not like caged animals. Nay, they are like cornered animals. It will get worse, no doubt in my mind, before it gets better. Did anyone think the Leftinistas would lawfully relinquish power without a fight for their lives? Did anyone think our Enlightened Betters would not show their true colors? Did anyone think that they would not leave claw marks on the walls as they were carried out the door? Did anyone think they would not try to scratch your eyeballs out....with glee?

I take comfort in that history shows every tumultuous movement like the Left’s current wreaking havoc and carnage on fellow citizens will eventually burn itself out, albeit it takes time in many examples. Truly, they have cut their own brake lines and are out gunning to run down anyone with a MAGA hat down in the streets. Very ugly.

Sweet irony abounds everywhere. As the Left uses the likes of Rosenstein, the weaponized Deep State bureaucrats and hordes of misguided and anti-American low information malcontents to take down Trump, Trump is using them to take down the far left, lol. Sweet irony and sweet justice.

Saw this and it is a small antidotal opinion piece that is being replicated thousands of times over everyday.

“I’ve been a loyal Democrat for about 15 years. As someone who became a citizen in 2006, I became a Democrat during the George W. Bush years, because I liked the party’s anti-war, pro-minority, pro-environment, pro-little guy positions.

But the 2016 election was an eye-opener for me. To use the current political jargon, I became “woke,” in some very different ways, and I got “red-pilled.”

“The Democratic Party and its followers have left me for many reasons, but here are a few examples.

The party and its followers have been showing illiberal tendencies for some time.
It has gone off the rails on immigration, free speech, identity politics and some other issues — a topic I’ll defer for another day.
I’m no Trump supporter, but I’ve been horrified and repulsed by the political and cultural left’s hatred, demonization and mistreatment of President Trump, his family, his administration officials and his voters, which is even worse (if that’s possible) than what the right did to President Obama.”


Final thought which I will no doubt repeat over in the Sandbox: Had anyone else noticed that because of the sheer hatred and violence being wrought upon us by the Left, that the MSM is talking less and less about the 2018 midterms and more and more about 2020? Odd, it’s almost like they are conceding the Blue Wave mantra. They (the Leftinistas) are the best walking talking argument for not giving them the levers of power.


Resistance Movement Vows To Do Anything To Stop Trump Short Of Treating Other Half Of Country With Respect

U.S.—The Resistance movement, formed to oppose President Trump, has stepped up its efforts against the right’s “rapidly encroaching tyranny.” They have vowed to do whatever they can to stop Trump, other than showing even basic respect to the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him.

“This is unlike any other time in history,” said Adrienne Stokes, an activist and self-proclaimed member of the Resistance. “We have to be willing to do anything we can to bring down Trump and stop the rise of the alt-right. Spend every day protesting. Mob his cronies. Go to jail if we have to. Absolutely anything… as long as it doesn’t involve acknowledging the cares and concerns of people who don’t share our politics.”

“We will go the distance, up to the moment we’re asked to have a civil conversation—that would be a bridge too far.”


The Resistance is assuring a Trump second term, they are pissing off not only the Trump base, but rational Democrats and Independents. Red wave in some mid-term states. Viva the Resistance.


I do have to wish that the Democrats had another dozen or so prominent Ocasio-Cortezes.




re: Me@3:34PM

A few more words on this kind of thing


I do have to say that the best thing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is that she has crazy eyes. She has the complete package.


one last one (sorry). I just really really liked this.


"No Trump, No Wall, No USA at All"

lol. Now *that* is a winner in a political campaign. It's pretty catchy and I think I'll use it when possible.



Posted by: scenes | 10 July 2018 at 03:34 PM

I do have to wish that the Democrats had another dozen or so prominent Ocasio-Cortezes.

Indeed! If I have to listen to their nitwittery at least they should be pleasant to look at! More Ocasio-Cortezes, fewer Jerrold Nadlers, Maxine Waters, Rosa DeLauros and Henry Waxmans!

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