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16 July 2018



Trumpski’s Mysterious Morphing Meetings with Putin,,, what were they colluding during their 2 hour private meeting with no witnesses?

Estonia, Montenegro, Latvia take note; If you are attacked by Russia in some form, the US will side with Russia unless your NATO dues are paid up. A membership in Mar A Lago could help to curry favor with trumpski.

Bill Tozer

“Lesser lights think that the proof of Trump's performance is determined entirely by the amount of snark and vitriol they are able to immediately dump on him.”
Posted by: George Rebane | 18 July 2018 at 06:02 PM”

Excellent comment. The operative words are “dump on him.”

It ain’t about indictments on Russians, not a thing to do with Helsinki, or kids in cages. Nor what Melania wore on her feet while boarding a flight to Harvey, or how large or small a crowd size was, or what Trump said to Putin in private. Neither it is about any Russians or Mexicans of NATO or what France and Justin think. It’s all about dumping on Trump the person, not what he says, or does. Actions, good or bad, need not matter. Those are merely opportunities. That, my friends, is the kernel the daily Dump on Trump Fest is about. It’s personal.

Punchy wakes up everyday hating on Trump before he wipes the sleep from his eyes. Dump on Trump. Let’s see what the 30 news sources say, what opportunity presents itself today to do the daily Dump on Trump.

Since Trump won the election, it’s been a daily Dump on Trump. Why? Because they lost. The Electoral College delegate shaming and intimidation’s,, the recounts, the melt down on SNL, everywhere, everyday, 360 degree scenario.
The first 4 week’s of Trump’s Presidency had denouncing demonstrations and protests every single weekend. The racing to and protesting at airports, the rumors, the twisted stories. the Peeing on the Bed with Moscow Prositutes with the most upsetting thing being it was the bed Obama’s slept on!. They promised to resist everyday. every weekend to keep it going and never let up, but those solemn vows of continuous demonstrations coast to coast petered out. No worries. The Daily Dump on Trump is something they can do at home, at work, and at play. It’s the only reason the pop in over here. Just to Dump on Trump or anything GOP. No other reason. Dump on Trump is the goal and the prize, issues don’t matter.

Everybody who was perceived to be a friend of Trump prior to the election have been daily viciously personally attacked and chased far away from Donald Trump, not to mention his family members and their friends. Suddenly the kids of parents who were Trump friends are not welcome at the Liberal Limousine exclusive daycare. Anyone who joined the Administration has been torn a new one. Why? Is Ben Carson a bad guy, or is it he took a position in the Administration, serving Trump. Dump on Trump today.

So today, I come in and see that M is picking up the mantra for investigations into what Trump said to Putin in their private meeting. Call a Special Counsel. Convene Congressional hearing! Treason implied is good enough. That should be something to run with for weeks and then months, all on a daily basis of Trump Dumping.

Why Trump? Because they lost. Because Hillary lost. If it was Trump, they would be over here daily to dump on a President Rubio, calling him dumb and totally stupid, a buffoon (same name they called Lincoln) and was going to blow up the world! No foreign policy experience! If it was Trump, you can take it to the bank it would have been some other R President tied to their whipping post. All because they lost. All because they lost power. They hate that and all that hate is focused on Dump on Trump.

Bill Tozer

edit, last paragraph above.

I‘If it WASN’T Trump they would be Dumping on a President Rubio......if it wasn’t Trump, you can take it to the bank they.....the are Losers.

Don Bessee

That the Bernie bros boss is in cahoots with the Russians is no surprise, fellow travelers and all that.



Account Deleted

Ann Coulter nails it - as usual.

Don Bessee

We can rely on the rabid dogs of the left to not read it but does that matter since they have a party parrot comprehension block?



Bill Tozer




,,,gawd scotto,,,you would think that article was not in jest,,,or are you a Putin commie lover???

Account Deleted

M - if you would pay attention, you wouldn't have to ask me that question. Do you have any actual facts to the contrary of Coulter's article? Or are you just here to throw manure at yourself?

Don Bessee

The Bernie bros now too, how cozy, what's next? Clinton's son in law?

Tad Devine, a political operative who served at the highest levels of the Bernie Sanders campaign, will assist in the special counsel office’s prosecution of Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, according to a statement released on Thursday.
“The Special Counsel has asked Tad Devine to assist in the prosecution of their case against Paul Manafort regarding his firm’s work on media consulting on past political campaigns in Ukraine,” reads a statement provided by Julian Mulvey, a partner at Devine’s political firm, Devine Mulvey Longabaugh.



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