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20 July 2018


George Rebane

Here's a very comprehensive CNN report that does all it can to connect Trump to Mueller's investigation through its various threads. The result: it comes up as an empty nothing-burger. Now the discussion is starting about how to end it all without too much egg on everyone's face. Meanwhile, CNN still holds up the between-the-lines hope that there's a there there.


George. Remember how the Left was "demanding" to hear about exit
strategies? They went all in on spit roasting Trump, they forgot their own exit strategy just in case their accusations came back to bite them in the ass. Like it just has.

Bill Tozer

@ 8:28 pm and theme con’t in 9:21 pm reply to Roberto Cross.

“If anything, the triviality of the whole thing proves my own point, you are seeing a new branch of government in a bit of strong-arm politics. Hopefully you like the result in the long run Gospodin.”

Explains why, while human nature smells the same, this seems new, different. Explains why it is so familiar, but new, different. Sameness there, but not the same. Like the protests today ain’t the 60’s protests, the Black Panthers are not BLM, every thing is familiar, yet different. Don’t fit. It’s more complex. Bigger.

Post 9/11 report told everybody in the Gang of 17 Intell Departments (16 actually) start talking to each other. Mingle it all together. Make it indistinguishable. All 17-23 of them. The merging of the Intel (Gang of 17), foreign policy complex, DOJ, Homeland, the NSA-Google-Verizon, etc all after and because of 911. 4th Branch. Reorganizated. Got their groove on.

That’s what’s different. This explains it. The internet has changed the way we communicate. Funny, there is a weird by-product. The ever burgeoning already gargantuan DC which once seemed immeasurablely vast now is becoming smaller. They had the response to Helsinki all coordinated and instantaneously in unison unleashed on Trump and Putin standing on the stage within seconds. Lead by Brennan and the chorus was there right behind him to singing the harmony. When I saw Pink Tie Ashley Carter jump in the fray, the circle was complete. Been waiting for him. DC is getting smaller when they tstand together out in the open like that. Be like getting all the ISIS leadership converging in one place for a meeting....in the open desert. Sweet.

Bill Tozer

“Can Trump be allowed to defy what is basically a force of nature? I don't really know.”
Posted by: scenes | 21 July 2018 at 08:28 PM

Well, if you put it that way. :(. Chances are.......

Wow. You know, I had the same feeling the Deep State has now back on election day evening. That helpless feeling as you watch the walls come tumblin’ down all around you. That same feeling the left had when Justice Kennedy retired. Them walls come tumbling down. Standing on shifting ground. Seismic .

Sure, it looks dumb with Trump on the outside blowing his horn like crazy and walking around the thick wallled city day after day, kicking up dust and playing with his noisemaker. . Crazyman, sooo annoying. That was before Twitter Machines.
And my hope, against all odds, is to say “yes!”, the walls came tumbling down. The convengance start happening in very early 2015. Is this the “the final assualt, or just the crest of a wave on a sea of waves?

Facts, smacks. Scenes, my torch has not even begun to ignite. Hell, we just got here. Onward! Press forward on faith and fumes. Time for some old time religion.


Don Bessee

Rancid Russian dressing is not drawing voters -

WSJ/NBC News: Trump Approval Highest Ever!

Democrat’s Midterm Lead Shrinks



Don Bessee

Sure why not?



Bill Tozer

Don, the Senate is joining in too. Graham, Lyndsey. Calling it for what it is.


The problem with Graham and even Cruz, is they get all squishy on immigration. Heck, even Walker. Good on some stuff, Chuck Shummeresque on others. They still are going by the plackbook they came up with when they did a soul searching why Obama kicked their fannies in 2008. The answer was to be nicer and stand at train stations welcoming new arrivals with food, water, and new cool clothes. Maybe then the Dems will like us, you think?

As far as Trump’s treason, I ain’t racing to beat the clock with the Meuller investigation. The Dems are. It’s July. Not that long until September. But in time for an October surprise? Pressure is in them, not us. They feel it, we wait for it. That’s why they are taking big risks right now. They are panicked, leaderless, and out of their ever loving minds. Sure, they can pull it together in the last 3-4 weeks, last couple of months, but maybe not. Putin best get busy stirring them up and getting them bickering amongst themselves. :)


"Rep. Trey Gowdy told FNC's Bret Baier on FOX News Sunday that while there are documents he has not seen, he knows that if there were any evidence that President Trump committed any crime with regard to Russia "Adam Schiff would have leaked it."


So true!

Todd Juvinall

So true!

Bill Toz

Here is everything you wanted to know about what was behind the FISA requests in general and why Mike Rogers should get a medal. Rogers against the underworld. Very long read, worth it, even if you skip over parts. It was a race against time. Carlin vs. Rogers. Mike Rogers. The one Clapper wanted removed from office the after John Carlin bailed. Rogers, the one who walked up to Trump Tower on Nov. 17 without his boss’s permission, the same day Trump’s transition team fled to Key Largo immediately after Rogers chat with Trump. Found some dealing from the bottom of the deck hanky panky. Even the NSA does audits...of FISA requests.


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