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08 August 2018


Don Bessee

This was supposed to be here -

The producer price index showed prices up 3.3 percent compared with a year earlier. That’s a decline from 3.4 percent in June. Economists had expected producer prices to rise.

Initial jobless claims fell declined by 6,000 a seasonally adjusted 213,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. Economists had expected the rate to rise to 220,000.
The four-week moving average of claims, considered a more reliable measure of the labor market because it smooths out week-to-week volatility, fell to 214,250. That is equal to the 48-year low set in May, according to Schwab’s Randy Federick.



Account Deleted

I'm going to have to disagree with the notion that voters coming online will be less intelligent voters due to more and more of them not having to have college or university educations. Rolling out of high school into the working world or military and then the career will be just fine as much as it ever has been. They are, first of all - earning a living and paying taxes. A 22 or 23 year old coming out of a university with little or no actual world experience these days is usually way behind some one who has spent 3 years in the military and is now producing value in the free market as far as understanding how to vote.
Yes - there was a time when a proper education from an accredited 4 year school was good indicator of a well rounded and learned person.
No longer. Much has been written lately about Sarah Jeong. Let me tell you the racists tweets are nothing compared to the twisted shit she believes. She has repudiated (somewhat) the tweets but stands by the most asinine set of beliefs imaginable.
A graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard Law School, she now sits on the editorial board of the most prestigious (cough, cough) newspaper in this nation. Also run by graduates of the most prestigious schools in the country. She is a complete loon.
As one example, she believes that "...we learned that due process is what we get in lieu of justice." Yeah, let's get rid of that 'due process' BS! We wants what we wants!
Sound like a reasonable, educated voter to you?
It gets worse - way worse.
Columbia U is one of the premier universities in the country. I know lots of folks that never went to college that are better educated than these idiots.
Look - a good, well rounded 4 year degree is great if you have a plan, don't go into stupid debt and find (somehow) a good college or university as far as being an educated voter is concerned. But the idea that a lack of a college degree these days means that you probably won't be voting intelligently is just nonsense. Most of what you need to know about govt and how to vote you should have been taught by the time you graduated from high school. I learned more about the Constitution in the 8th grade than anything Obama ever learned. A good voter is engaged, well read and applies common sense to the issues. Dirt poor totally uneducated farmers in the 1800s knew more about how to run a govt than most of the people actually running the govt these days.

George Rebane

ScottO 543pm - Good points Scott. But what you're really saying is that the damage is already to have an electorate that is as well-rounded as it was in yesteryear. And, of course, you may be on the mark when national measures of dumbth are considered. I'm not arguing comparisons with, say, military experience. All I'm saying is that whatever residual benefit modern education has for our young, abbreviating even that cannot do anything positive toward producing the most well-rounded young people of which our society is still capable. To argue the other side of that is to claim that it would be better if our public schooling should consist of, say, only K-8 (something akin to the real old days), and then get the young 'uns out there into the workforce.

Bonnie McGuire

So true Scott. Many years ago a retired teacher told us that that (in his opinion) the smartest people were the streetwise ones who have had all sorts of experiences learning many things in the real world. Even some professors said that youngsters graduating from high school should get a little experience in the real world to figure out what they want to go into. Unfortunately, too many running our gov went from high school to college (paid by mom and pop) and haven't the slightest knowledge about the real world paying real taxes. I say real because those in gov pay their taxes from taxes collected from the private sector. I have the greatest admiration and respect for those who create, build, and know how to do everything we need that makes our lives and country wonderful!

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