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22 August 2018


Bill Tozer

Re: link to Fully automated luxury communism. The picture of the Jetsons is perfect, save for the fact that George Jetson worked.

My, what a nice picture that lays out. Come, take my hand. Let me take you to the mountain top where you can cast your eyes upon the breathtaking vista and imagine Global Plan C. Look upon the beautiful scenery in your mind’s eye and envision with me the allurement of it all. Is not the Apple pleasing to the eye?
Righttt. Looks good on the drawing board or after firing up a big doobie kicking back in the dormitory solving the problems of the world.

As a youngin’, I was taken to the Magic Kingdom. Not an E ticket ride, but Futureland. The Jetsons, Disney style. Microwave cooking things, self cleaning homes, robots, whatever. And the best part, all that free time on your hands. An easier softer life.

When I was more active doing the investing thing, the projected demographics at the time predicted the Boomers retiring. Get ahead of the curve and invest in RV manufacturers, recreational and leisure activity companies as the life of Riley lay ahead. To the resort we go.

Technology has promised to enrich our lives with “free time” and more free time. We will all be reading books, expanding our minds and horizons. Time for yoga classes, meditation, you name it. For body and soul. Less hours devoted to work, even yard work or house work. Hammock time. Recreation time. Yet, people are more stressed out, more tied to work than ever before, working harder, being more productive, and under the gun of deadlines more to keep their heads above water. Where is the Leisure World the coming new millennia would bring us since the 1950’s?

Of course, we know what happened in Rome. Why buy the cow when the milk is free. As the government grew and began to provide food to the masses, the struggle to eek by was behind them. All that time on their hands. Then they demanded the government to entertain them. Feed Christians to lions. Live entertainment is best. Rioting bands roamed the streets. Then the Fall of Rome.

Bill Tozer

This morning I wanted to tune out the noise so listened to Glen Beck on the radio for a few minutes. He talks about other things besides Stormy Glad I did. He summed up where we are today, the Great Divide if you prefer, briefly.

Glenn said that where we are today are is two factions. Those who want to fundamentally change America as we know it, and those who are fighting against fundamentally changing America as we know [her]. We see clearly where the Left is trying to take us and we don’t want to go where fundamentally changing America as we know it is headed. We don’t want to go down that road, no way, no how. My paraphrase.

Good way of putting in it.

Bonnie McGuire

The naughty tax makers and tax takers have been working on their magical utopia for a long time. Strange and amazing. If you know any history you'll notice they use, do and follow the same immoral path to the disappointing collapse of civilization.

Account Deleted

Right you are, Bonnie. And you'll notice they seem to keep getting elected. Strange how it doesn't matter whether it's a socialistic/communistic dictatorship or a democracy or a republic. The dear leaders stay in power by promising free stuff. The only difference is the speed with which the country comes to ruin. At least with a republic a few sane voices here and there are allowed to take the reins and try to get the country to become great again by actually working and producing things. Trump is sadly an outlier - we'll get back to being the world's welfare office after a while. Our govt's printing presses are the bestest in the whole world.
It's for the children.
What can go wrong?

rl crabb

Didn't Trump suggest farming out our wars to private enterprise? Wasn't that a major factor in the fall of the Roman Empire? When your loyalty is dependent on the dollar, you'd better make sure those checks don't bounce.


"Didn't Trump suggest farming out our wars to private enterprise?"

No. The only source appears to be a ginned-up NBC news article mentioning an Erik Prince proposal. Of course, they need to mention that Prince is related to a cabinet secretary, therefore the non-existent thing has a non-existent conflict of interest kind of.

"Wasn't that a major factor in the fall of the Roman Empire? "

No. Mostly it moved capitols. The decline in the West has a thousand causes, but it didn't help that the Romans allowed a spate of mass immigration. There has always been a rhythm of steppe tribes destroying established higher cultures, so it's no great surprise. The Arabs found their own variant on the theme.

"When your loyalty is dependent on the dollar, you'd better make sure those checks don't bounce."

A good reason for society to pay ever-higher police salaries and pensions.

rl crabb

You're right, it was Prince. As I recall, hiring Backwater, I mean Blackwater, was a Bush II scheme. Hopefully a lesson learned.



It's interesting to consider that the Roman Legions were essentially all private armies. Erik Prince would have done well in that era.

I don't have any insight into the efficacy of Blackwater (or it's descendants), Wackenhut, etc. It's a pretty broad set of duties that they do and I don't doubt that some are a good idea, some not. I wouldn't paint with such a broad brush.

Tricky McClean

Ooga booga! Big icky commies in your bathtub, looking for a free Deluxe Wash. Bread Steelers and bakery mavens raping the flour Garden of Eden! Oh dear Bartholomew, what hast thou rot?!!


,,,Glenn Beck was just pandering to your ilk BillT with his “two factions” BS

,,,Some people might feel that way but they are the extremists

,,,the Fox blonde helmet head was saying the same thing recently.

The only fundamentalists I see are the right wing nuts here.


Posted by: ’’’M’’’ | 23 August 2018 at 02:54 PM

Oh duhsKKKi.....if stupid was a crime you’d get the electric chair.

Bill Tozer

Sure, M. And we all join hands and sing Kumbya around the fire circle and then take our poems and letters from our hearts and place them in the flame and watch the smoke carry our spirits up to the Great Spirit in the sky. And the dolphins are saddened that we are killing them with straws stuck in their heads, but they forgive us.



Oh, I went to my reliable source for keeping up with the times, the Urban Dictorary to see what it says about ‘San Francisco Treat’. Heck, that definition has not changed in decades. Frisco Values. You rock, Dogski.

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