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25 August 2018


Paul Emery

This is typical of racism coming from Republican officials none the less:

The secretary of the Republican Committee of Beaver County, Pennsylvania called NFL players baboons for protesting against racism during the national anthem and suggested they go back to Africa. She also whined about reverse racism, reports The Times, and predicted an impending civil war.

“Tired of these over paid ignorant blacks telling me what I should believe in. I will tell you what I believe in and that is our Flag the National Anthem and America period end of story,” she wrote. “You don’t like it here go to Africa see how you like it there. We are all Americans not African American not Hispanic American. WE ARE ALL AMERICAN.”

“Steelers are now just as bad as the rest of the over paid baboons. You respect your flag, country and our national anthem. How many men and women have lost limbs or died to protect this country and you baboons want respect,” she added wrote. “If you want respect you need to earn it and so far you haven’t. Stop watching, or going to a game and paying for over priced food, water and tickets. Let’s see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries.”



Oh, and there's 1 chance in 25 that one person lives in Nevada City.


Wow, you found an idiot from Beaver County, Pennsylvania to stand in for all those other GOP idiots you know are out there.



Just to throw in one more for the day.


Although it's not as inventive as the famous 'poop swastika'.

GeorgeR: "necessarily also advocating their group's "supremacy"

I'm not sure if the People of Outrage (POO?) ever think it through. At this point, it seems to be a coalition of convenience based on fighting the Devil, so any ol' definition will do.

Does 'supremacist' mean 'better'? 'should be in charge'? 'should look after itself'? 'simply be self-aware'? People have a normal tendency to tribe up. It's natural, since otherwise you lose all of your gold and good lookin' women to the neighbors. I can understand the civilizational divide between, for example, Croats and Serbs, even though they are hard to tell apart, but darned if I can tell what Paul is in favor of. My best guess is that he's in a country but is in search of a nation.

Nationless people are a prime breeding ground for Marxist philosophies, there's a comfort factor if nothing else, but even the Soviets ran afoul of peoples' need for culture.


Gregory: "Oh, and there's 1 chance in 25 that one person lives in Nevada City."

I guess if you want to bash the fash, you have to keep an eye out for that guy.

 Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. Of course I can’t confirm the 2,000 number. It’s the highest number I have ever read, written by a guy to took a stab at it after conserving with the 88’s on the internet. Rather than scream at them and call then bad names (which they are), he would dialogue with them to refute their POV with reason and calm arguments. Always strived to understand them and show then why their thought processes were wrong. Afterwhile, he just tunes them off, like most people eventually do with flamers. To be precise, he said there are probably not even 2,000 on the high side. I choose to error on the side of caution and go with the highest number instead of the usual “few hundred across the nation.”
The “you’re and your’” thang can be partically blamed on Autocorrect. I am quite familiar with the deep divide in the meaning betwixt the two, yet have been caught guilty by not proof reading before hitting send. I typed ‘your’, what the hell happened. I typed YOUR! ?? There and their......

Oh, BTW, the guy (gay, educated, brilliant Jewish dude now married to his black sweetheart ) is none other than the “Alt-Right racist gay bashing extreme “white Supremist” Milo. If you ever seen his question and answer sessions after he did his standup routine on campus stages to hostile audiences, you would quickly see he was kind, gentle, had a deep understanding and knowledge of his opponent’s POV’s, and had the patience of Job with those who among the hostile crowd who had genuine questions and concerns. He was wide open to exchanging ideas, but not to those whose only purpose was to vent venom.
Those that wished to debate Milo found an open a willing and able peer eager to discuss anything. Milo is hardly an Alt-Righty, but every introduction to the reader I have ever read in the lamestream media is preceded by those two magic dog whistle words, aka, Alt-Right. The Alt-Right speaker Milo, the extreme Alt-Right hate monger. Sure, sometimes those two words followed his name. Milo, the alt-right.....

Charges of racism is the number one issue, tactic, and preferred demagoguery tool of the Left to silence all discussion and exchange of ideas.
That guy is a racist,, followed by the sound of a steel trap of minds slamming shut. Not to be listened to, not to believed, not to engage in the exchange of ideas with. Banishment is the only solution to those kind. Complete silence.

So, let’s see how this silly thread as evolved. We have gone from Berkeley Trailors Go Home to Deport Berkeley Traitors to the KKK! There is a racist behind every bush, consuming every conserversation and issue...and with the Lefties’ super duper X-Ray glasses they got in the bottom of a box of granola, they can now see through the bushes and see the racists huddled together...everywhere. Everywhere one looks!
This whole thing about hating of Frisco Values is about White Supremacy. Race, to the Leftinistas is not everything. its the only thing. They flee the Bay Area by bringing the Bay Area here, lol. You can’t make this stuff up.

Deport them all....to Berekely, lol. Ok, that would be cruel and unusual punishment.


Now, this was 14 years ago but it sure made a stink in Clareville, California...
The Kerri Dunn Hoax

A visiting psychology prof trashed her own car with racist and antisemitic symbols and slogans. She had been visiting Claremont McKenna College, but iirc the car was over by Harvey Mudd College and Mudd canceled classes for a day of meditation.

 Bill Tozer

Lets just cut the crap and get down the the real issue here. First, the catalyst. The Popinjay’s solid blue playground is being threaten by White Supremists! Now, the real issue. All Republicans are racist. Period, end of story. Even Tiger Woods, who just finished playing 72 rounds of golf and barely made back to his golf cart without the media shoving a microphone in his face to interrogate him about a comment he made about Trump that was complimentary to his economic policy. Tiger explained he is tired, hungry, and rather than bashing Trump or walking back his comments on the economy (or racism), he was thinking about getting a nice big lunch. He ain’t a Spring Chicken anymore. Meet Tiger Woods, the latest racist.

Since all Trumpsters and Republicans are racists, would you ever accept food from the hand of such vile creatures? Nobody would. I say good! Shorter lines, more grub for me.


Paul Emery


Biker Bill claims that there's only 2000 racists in the US as of today. Lets see..2000 divided by 52 , the number of states. Means there is an average of 39 racists in each State. thanks for the heads up bill that racism in America is not a problem. I'm sure your guy Trump agrees with you.

Todd Juvinall

So Paul Emery, can you name all the 452 states you claim make up America?

Todd Juvinall


Paul Emery

Thats a dumb comment Todd. You're surpassing you're self. who cares?


Hummmm......."52 states" Did the Calif. crack up happen, and I miss it?
"Lets see..2000 divided by 52 , the number of states."
Paul is a graduate of that new math... "close is good nuf"

 Bill Tozer

Punchy, Punchy, Punchy.

No, I claimed there were only 2,000 (tops) White Supremists in the United States. There are racists in every group, every race, every city, and every region in the world, and that includes America. There are some very nasty racists on the res And I would not recommend anyone breaking down on tribal land in Sioux country, not to mention the barrio.
So, Eistein, kindly try that again. Biker Bill said there are only 2,000 White Sumpremists left in the USA, albeit Biker Bill does not believe that number is that high. Biker Bill believes Punchy is a racist to the max. Skunk smells his own first.

Paul Emery

So Bill in your view wqe have no problem with racism against African Americans from white supremacists.

Paul Emery

Including DC and Puerto Walt. You are technically correct.

Don Bessee

The po' ol' fakenewsman's ego is so brittle that he can not just admit he screwed up on the number of states. For bonus points which famous politician did the same thing??



"technically" you forgot all about the patchwork of American territory throughout the Pacific. Damn Paul, these people you left out won't be happy. American Samoa,Guam,Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
You screwed the pooch again Paul. Your damage control sucks.


re: Walt@7:00PM

I guess 'technically' that there might be 67 'states', using the New Math.

More Paul news.

Todd Juvinall

DC and PR are territories not states but Paul Emery can't admit he lied. Fake news Paul Emery, thanks for proving it so.

Paul Emery

Oh gosh you're right Walt. You're so smart. thanks for correcting me. Revised numbers for Bill.

$0 white supremists in each State. -2000 divided by 50 = 40

Paul Emery

50 white supremacists in each State average according to Biker Bill. 2000 divided by 50 = 40

Don Bessee

Earning your way is still a good thing in the eyes of the majority! -

"We will hold ourselves and players accountable to program values and pillars, while rewarding those that have embraced the culture, and earned the love, trust and respect of this staff and the team," senior tight end Andrew Beck reads off one coach's pact. "In that regard, today, we would like to congratulate Austin Allsup for being awarded a scholarship."
Allsup buried his hands in his face in disbelief as his teammates swarmed over him.

"Bro, you earned it," one teammate told Allsup as they embraced.
Allsup was then shown taking the stage with tears in his eyes as he addressed the team.
"You always kind of hope that this day comes," he said. "But you never really expect it. I just ... I can't believe this happened."
In this week's "Dear Andy" mailbag, Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples broke down how walk-ons get scholarships from a logistics perspective.




Glad we got that straightened out! L

 Bill Tozer


“So Bill in your view wqe have no problem with racism against African Americans from white supremacits.”

Punchy, let me make it clear so that even a moron like you can understand. Go poundd sand. Fornicate thyself. Clear enough? Comprende?

I have made it clear that every group, every town, every city, every tribe has racists. Even with POC communities have a goodly sum of racists. It is an universal trait among human beings. No group or tribe or community is exempt on this planet. Not even Eskimos.

I asked you once right after Trump was elected President when you were carrying on that Trump is a White Supremist, Trump is a White Nationalist, Trump is a racist, blah blah blah...post after post. White Nationalism! White Supremist! I asked you at that time IF you knew the difference between a white nationalist and a White Supremist. You say you would get back to me on that. It’s been 18 months and you never got back. Who is the liar? You would rather speak from ignorance and pre-conceived notions, aka, pre-judge as in prejudice.

I have made it clear that I believe there are only a couple of thousand White Supremists, if that, in the USA. True White Supremist, if you will. Nothing to do if I despise them or not. Nothing to do with my views on racism. More to do with ignorant folks tossing labels around and calling everyone who disagrees with them a White Supremist.

If every American and immigrant searched within their hearts and were truthful, there are millions of racists across the board, especially in the favor of the month various minority communities. They may not hate every group different than them on the planet, but they have racist tendencies to at least one ethic group. And that is not to mention countless millions of bigots. That’s the facts, Jack. I don’t like liberal fat fuks or sluggards or Elistist control freaks. Deport them back to Berekely! Don’t tread on me or near me.

But YOU see every Republican or Trump supporter as a racist. You have for years, month in and month out. And your kind sees all Republicans or Trumpsters as racists. As of today anyone who says a word that is not critical of Trump is immediately branded as a racist. Tiger Woods is just the latest example among many.

Of course the SJWs have come up with their answer to their own inherent racism. It’s ok for POC to “not like a group of,people”, especially white people. And to add the frosting on the cake, today it is impossible for an “opposed” class of people to be racists. Friggin downright impossible. Only one group of people can be racists and that is White people. People like you, Punchy. You are a racist. That what your side, your soulmates, the ones you cheer and root for are saying and they set the rules. They always set the rules on what is racist and what is not. They have the final say.

As the only POC here, I can call you a racist and you cannot even criticize me or call me a racist. How about them apples. You libs set the rules on such matters, not me. I just play the hand I am dealt. So being above reproach, you words fall on the ground, you privileged opposer, you. Asshat. Beg for forgiveness.

Personally, I think that whole leftist SJW thinking is a steaming pile of stinky brown stuff. Like, you got to be off your rocker to think like they do...they meaning millions of students graduating from our colleges each and every year. Welcome to your future, victimizer.

Now, the unhinged Leftinistas are taking overt racial acts to equivalency with unconscious bias and racism. Well, if I am not aware (which unconscious means), then I won’t loose any sleep over my secret thoughts....secret to even me, lol. And you should not loose any sleep over your unconscious thoughts either, you male pig. Male and white is the double whammy. You are screwed...by those you think you defend. When a POC looks at you and becomes uncomfortable, you are guilty of micro aggressions (violence) and racism. Why? Because you are guilty of not reading the minds of others, ROFLMAO. Oh, your kind are too funny.

My dream was Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. A colorblind society. Judging a man on the content of his character, not the color of his skin. Those days are gone. Now it’s judge a man by what group he belongs to according to that group’s skin color...or whatever sexual proclivities floats their boat. Judge a person by the group they are put into by others. The individual is person non grata.

Now, do I have a problem with the way White Supremists treat African Americans? Oh, it’s this a trick question!! A perjury trap! Oh goodie. I will get back to you on that one.

Don Bessee

We're in the Money! We're in the Money, come on my honey, lets SPEND it, LEND it, send it Rolling Along ………………

A significant number of people are seeing a meaningful increase in the sizes of their retirement accounts. According to Fidelity, the number of “401(k) millionaires,” or people with at least $1 million in their 401(k) accounts, rose to 168,000 at the end of June, up more than 40 percent over the year prior. The number of “IRA millionaires” hit 156,000 during the same period.

Fidelity also reported that the number Americans had stashed away in their 401(k) accounts closed in on an all-time high.




Wait, wait. Is Paul still up?


"Campus police have said it was not a politically motivated incident"


I gotta million of 'em, I tell ya.

 Bill Tozer

@ 10:27 pm
I know you do not need any help, but I liked the one about the white sheet covering lab microscopes at Bowling Green.

“Laird Wilcox, author of the book “Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America,” told Fox News, “It’s widely recognized now” that college campuses have become the perfect incubators for fake hate crimes.
“I would say now 80 percent of the events that happen on campus are hoaxes or pranks.” Wilcox said. “It’s a place where consciousness of discrimination, sexism and homophobia is at a peak, and when there’s nothing happening, and they need something to happen, they can make it happen.”

Now, can anyone tell me how advocating Berekely Traitors to be deported back to Berekely can be considered racist. Seems to be just about every person here from Berekely are white people. Are Berekely folks a protected class? I know it’s a different planet down there, but are Berekelyites a race? Too funny.
In a related bit of news, no one has been abducted by aliens since Trump announced his space cadet program.


BillT@8:00AM Like I said, there's a million of 'em. At some point, people will realize that the wolf they've been crying about practically doesn't exist.

re: The Sign.

I think our local miscreants missed a bet. How about.....

Berkeley Traitors
You lads and lasses
Go home before we patriots
Deport your stink asses
Burma Shave

Paul Emery

Biker Bill is spewing again I just love to get him going. It's so easy. He's so predictable. Here's his latest intellectual contribution to this blog. You really know how to assemble the angty white guys George.:

" Go poundd sand. Fornicate thyself. Clear enough? Comprende?"

Here's a start for today's conversation. Biker Bill has stated and refuses to document that there are less than 2000 white nationalists in this country. Sorry Bill there are over 8000 Klu Klux Clan alone according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. That's just one organization. Biker bill is showing is sympathy for white power by intentionally lying about this and refusing to provide any documentation. Another example why you have no credibility.

Todd Juvinall

I think BillT is a Indian.


"...according to the Southern Poverty Law Center."

lol. Oh boy, here we go.


and finally.


Paul, even if there are 8k KKK in the US, I don't think African Americans have much to worry about from them. It's their own children and neighbors that warrant their concern. L

Paul Emery

The point is why is biker Bill exaggerating the truth in this and other matters and outright making things up in others for example his intentionally offending my ancestry my making up stupid offensive lies about Scots and Greeks having sex with sheep. I think he's kinda of a sick puppy and shouldn't be taken seriously.

 Bill Tozer

Ok, Punchy, we will take your figures at 8,000. Think Gregory went down this road. That’s 4 times 2,000 which would be 160 White Supremists in every state, averaged, per your example.
160 in NY, 160 in CT 160 and Colorado. 160 in Minnesota, 160 in New Mexico, 160 in California and so on. I just don’t believe they have the power you give them in your head.
Now, I will ask you again after waiting 18 months. Do you know the difference a White Supremist and a White Nationalist? Do ya or don’t ya, paleface?

Yes, and while you are at it, go fornicate thyself, racist.

Paul Emery

Here's another article estimating the membership of the KKK.


Paul Emery

That's just one organization Bill. There are many others. There are White Supremacist groups in the foothills.
Don't see an significant difference between a White Supremist and a White Nationalist . What's your point and what is your definition of each?

Paul Emery

White power groups exist n our own comunity. When I used to run the Center for the Arts we had to be very careful in booking Punk Music shows not to hire bands that would attract skinheads and racists for example.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 31 August 2018 at 10:15 AM

When I used to run the Center for the Arts we had to be very careful in booking Punk Music shows not to hire bands that would attract skinheads and racists for example.

Are you trying to say that you didn't vet the mimes nearly as diligently Punch?

Paul Emery

I don't know what you're trying to say fish. Give it another try

I'm saying there are active White Supremacist groups in the foothills and used an example. do you disagree with that Fish? By the way in the mid 90's there was a Nazi group would have a birthday party for Hitler annually. I've been told they have since moved.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 31 August 2018 at 10:31 AM

Of course you don't Punch.....

Are you trying to say that you're upset that you weren't invited to the party Punch?

Paul Emery

Looks like we're losing fish. He's drifting into incoherence.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 31 August 2018 at 10:40 AM

Is it your opinion that you don't understand the question Punch?

George Rebane

PaulE re white supremacists - this thread has unraveled. Can you pull it together again by restating what is your definition of 'white supremacist', and what kind of a national problem you believe they constitute. It's an important topic, and I'd like to see some progress on it hereabouts.

 Bill Tozer

That’s the point. Nobody really knows. It’s it growing in membership or dying on the vine? Depends where. I remember hearing about a group of skinheads outside of Portland for years...probably still there. Yep, there are pockets of them down on the bayou, and in others place they be but memories.

You are free to add Neo-Nazis in with the Klan. My gripe is every Republican in the USA, along with anyone of any color from any policial party that even says a kind thing about one economic policy of Trumps is suddenly grouped into the racist category....which has been magically be grouped in the White Male Supremist category. It’s all synomous.

Eat at In-n-Out? Would you put in your body hot food from a plac that is owned by the Klan? Yep, In-n-Out is now a racist organization after all these years, lol. There crime is giving equal amounts to both parties. That is not to be tolerated!! All Republicans are racists. In-n-Out is smpathtec to the WhiteNationals or White Supremist or Neo-Nazis or whatever they are called.
And all racists are members of the Secret Society of the Grand Knuckleheads.

Good thing the Klansmen can’t do jack, will control jack. have no power or ever will, and are outnumbered 10,000 to one. Hey, one Klansman is one too many, but I ain’t going even give them a second thought. I am more concerned about running into a crazed meth head. But, that’s just me.

You are most certainly free do the exploding head thang for weeks over 26 Neo-Nazis at a big interstate White Supremist rally to your heart’s content. What do you do when nobody shows up?
But, then again, with the CA Dem Party calling for a boycott because the Republicans got any money at all from the franchise... and then instanteously smearing the burger joints with the racist label....well, the Left is taking over the bottom of the pit, moving the Klan up a notch to 2nd from the bottom. The Klan don’t to the lynchings anymore. The Leftinistas have taken over the job.

Paul Emery

Vetting the Mimes has nothing to do with Punk shows at the Center Fish? What were you trying to say when you asked that question?

Paul Emery


I'm willing to go with Websters definition of White Supermists

a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races.


Can you document examples of the Leftinista Lynchings that you refer to?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 31 August 2018 at 10:56 AM

Vetting the Mimes has nothing to do with Punk shows at the Center Fish?

Are you trying to say that you had no idea that mimes attract a bad element?

George Rebane

PaulE 1101am - Circling this barn, tell us again what kind of problem 'white supremacists' pose in 2018 America, and why abolishing these people has become an organizing battle cry for Democrats?

And once more, does anyone now or ever personally known a white supremacist?


Vetting the Mimes... That could be difficult if they're really good at staying in character.

Looking for organized (or unorganized for that matter) white supremacists in Nevada City is a snipe hunt intended to scare the weak minded Left into action. Any action.

Paul Emery

Been doing shows with the Mimes wince 2000 Fish. They never have been a problem. Why do you ask that question?

George-problem of white supremacists in America?
Why not ask the family of Heather D. Heyer?

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery do you think you are better than that homeless guy pooping in front of the KVMR doorway?

Paul Emery


I saw the Nazi flags in Nevada County outside a residence. It was in the mid 90's. I'm told they have since moved on.

 Bill Tozer

I gave you two examples Punchy. Tiger Woods and In-n-Out Burger are now White Supremists, along with every black Conservative in America. It’s a lynching of the worse kind. #1 worse possible thing you can label someone with is paedophile. Number two is racist. Want more!

Holy Smokes. The news was wrong. That wasn’t even a lawsuit. They settled before it even got that far. 3.35 mill. Wonder how much he could have got in court.


Time to fight back against the lych mob. Alan Horowitz ain’t going to let them pay him off. He refuses an settlement. He is taking them all the way to court one at a time, starting with Mastercard and Visa. And they don’t this matter in court. Only way is to fight back the lynchers.

Paul Emery

Todd writes
"Paul Emery do you think you are better than that homeless guy pooping in front of the KVMR doorway?"

Huh? what is that supposed to mean Todd? You're losing it old timer. Never any homeless poop at KVMR reported and I work t here.

Paul Emery


I take the word lynch literally especially when discussing the Clan. You have a different applied definition to suit your needs of the moment. We're talking about two different things.


So Paul's new bitch is the existence of so called "far right".
Yet he has stays REAL quiet about his "far Left" radicals.
Maybe because he identifies with ANTIFA? Hell Paul,, you even admit to helping "far Left" types. You know, your mimes.

 Bill Tozer

“And once more, does anyone now or ever personally known a white supremacist?”

Well,Dr. Rebane. I have yet to run into one up here. Nobody use the N word anymore. Not in my circles. Don’t even know where to look for one. Graniteville, Alleghany, NSJ, Nevada City, Grass Valley. Nevada Union? No wait, I got it. Penn Valley!

Did meet a White Nationalist once. Adjoining county, in his 30’s, stunning in his articulation, depth of history, and calm demeanor when I asked him to explain it to me. Spent two hours listening and asking. Right off the bat, they too have no use for the White Supremists, skinhead, punks, Ganga wannabes, nor want nothing to do with the White Supremist. They are most unwelcomed in their midst.
Basically, they feel no race is superior to other races and just believe along the lines of birds of a feather flock together. They ain’t the type to ever ever yell racial epithets out the car window. No, it’s just a desire to raise a family and live in a community with their shared values. Kinda like Nevada City. Oh yeah. They believe in culture. You got your culture, I got mine, no prob, Bob. You do your thing, I do my thing. Probably see it as a more harmonious country.
Probably a bad time to bring up politics is downstream from culture.

Good Doc, ask Paul. He seems to have spotted them all.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 31 August 2018 at 11:23 AM

Been doing shows with the Mimes wince 2000 Fish.

Indeed.....Mimes have made me wince since 2000 as well.....perhaps even earlier.

George Rebane

PaulE 1123am - I'm discussing white supremacists with you and not some distant people you are pawning off in lieu of an answer. By your response, am I to understand that you do not have a cogent answer to the question you yourself have then gratuitously raised?


"a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races."

Well jeez, that's a vanishingly small bunch of people. I'd probably go with the 2000 (or less) number myself in that case.

Hell it's hard enough to have employees, why would any reasonable person want to have 'control over people of other races'?

I seriously doubt that even the hardest core Klansman wants to boss around anyone, it's too much trouble.

sotto voce: I have a funny feeling that paul thinks there are a bunch of klaverns in the area, all planning world (or at least county) domination. say it ain't so, joe.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery is so dense that my simple question eludes an answer from him. No wonder he is a greek supremacist.

 Bill Tozer

Hold your horses. About 4:00 pm. Coming out of Safeway in Burger Basin. Right there, in front of God and everybody, here comes this jacked up 4x4 shortbed mudtruck with the biggest Confedete flag I have ever seen flying out of the back of his truck. That flag was huge.
Now, I don’t go down to the burger basin that often, but, i I saw the same dtruck doing the same thing driving around with that huge Conferate flag about 3 weeks later. What’s up with that. Anyway, I read in the police blotter a spotting in the old Safeway area, and over time another sighting, and now it’s log time no sighting. Maybe it was just some guy who gets his kicks yanking on people’s chains. Probably a southern boy. Say what you want, but I will take a southern boy anytime to be in the foxhole with. Them are crazy mo fros.

Back to topic. Paul needs to tell us how that house in the late 90’s made him feel. It makes us all feel bad, ok. And I understand his fears this ugly Neo-Nazi movement is growing and does exist. And it might take hold again. I recognize those fears. They aren’t crazy, just stupid. But, you never know. Paul could be right and the numbers could get in the low tens of thousands.



Paul says,"I take the word lynch literally"
Then you better raise a fuss over a certain "Loretta", that "O" appointed.
Then all the other people with that same last name. They might Lynch someone!
Sorry Paul, that activity wasn't just perpetrated on minorities.


re: GeorgeR@12:43 "I'm discussing white supremacists with you and not some distant people you are pawning off in lieu of an answer."

I'm not sure that he has an opinion that's based on anything real. Somehow it all spun from 'the hills are alive with the sound of dangerous groups of KKK people' to a single death in North Carolina.

Dunno if James Fields is one of the 2000 'white supremacists' or not.

The actual situation is an interesting one.

Fields was a schizophrenic on antipsychotic meds.
No word if he felt "that white people should have control over people of other races."
Safe to say that he had white nationalist view I think.
Goes to his Charlottesville gig for white nationalist purposes.
Has people throwing stuff at his car (videos exist on the matter)
My guess is (it'll come out in the trial) that he panics and hits some people.
Heather Heyer, a rather large woman, isn't hit but falls over in the rush and excitement of crazy guy in a car.
Heather Heyer dies from falling over.

Somehow this has something to do with a vast national conspiracy of White Supremacists, especially those with stencils in Nevada County.

go figure.

 Bill Tozer

It’s been a hard week for the Popinjay. We will skip over the frontal lobe research thang that and go straight to sign. Opps, there was something in the middle. Oh yeah, McCain. Crickets on that Lanny Davis “keep sending your letters and dollars so Cohen can continue to speak the truth” embarrassing episode. Amazing. They can mess up a case they don’t even have. Anyway, me thinks the sign was thing is pushing him valiant warrior closer to the breaking point, but not there yet. Yep, it’s been a hard last few days. Must be the slow news cycle. Hard week.

Plus, the upcoming biggest money gig of the year for KVMR, the notorious festival celebrating White Priviledge Of People From “That Area”. He did say he don’t got the time right now, must be busier than a one legged wallpaper hanger. The show must go on.

Yo Punchy. I can wait for answers. No prob. I have waited 18 months, so what’s a couple more? Sometime when the mood strikes, just google a Reader’s Digest version of a quick definition of White Nationalist vs White Supremist. Two paragraphs is too long. Jus trying to help a brother out so we both can be on the same page. It’s a mute point anyway. Every Republican is a racist now, so it don’t really matter if they are White Nationalist or White skinheads or even white.

Now, who are the Berekely Traitors? Those who betrayed their Berekely values? Traitors to whom? Berekely? Trailors to America for which we stand? Did like the key words Patriot, Traitor, Deport, Berekely all on the same page. Kinda describes the Great Divide in a nut shell if you juxipose them. That stink ass thing is kind of funny if you look at it in a different light. Seems so Beavis, so middle school, yet so old school. Before Mel Brooks. Vaudeville or off color Cabaret. Maybe someone who got booted from the Troupe and moved up here. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.....

Re:Update: The newest oldest pic. Oh my. The mystery Guillermo artist of Nevada County used red lettering on the muslin draped over road hazard barrier. Should have been orange, duh. Ain’t from around here for sure. Yep, blue looks better. You can see the evolution of the spray stencil technique with the sign Punchy ripped down. That gal is getting better, perfecting her craft. The first one looked like her teenage son did it.


"Every Republican is a racist now, so it don’t really matter if they are White Nationalist or White skinheads or even white."

That, of course, is the heart of the matter. The rest is just handwaving.

I think I like the idea of a protest at the KVMR White Peeples Festival. At the very least, you could get the organizers to apologize for something or the other. Maybe some sort of manifesto laying out their many crimes.


On a separate matter from the KVMR White Peeples Festival, an example of a new and improved library concept.
The University Libraries have enhanced and added inclusive, non-Library of Congress subject headings to 5,367 library catalog records on the topic of “immigration”, in an effort to foster diversity and inclusion in the libraries and on campus.

Library users can carry out keyword searches using more ethical subject headings, without being limited to using problematic subject headings such as “illegal aliens” in the library catalog. The subject headings added include:

1. Noncitizens
2. Undocumented immigrants
3. Immigrant detention centers
4. Children of undocumented immigrants
5. Undocumented immigrant children
6. Undocumented immigrants in literature
7. Women undocumented immigrants

The addition of the more inclusive subject headings may foster student academic success by creating inclusive atmospheres as one part of the Libraries’ Strategic Plan for 2016-2020.

Paul Emery

RE George 12:43

to the question you yourself have then gratuitously raised?


Having to deal with skinhead racists at punk shows is pretty down home as was the feeling of comfort and security of the folks that lived in the same town as declared Nazi's who had to co-exist with Hitlers birthday party right down the street.

What happened to the so called distant people you refer to could very well happen in our own town if one of the racist wacko's goes active in his fervor like what happened in Charlottesvills.

the hate sign posted the day of the Mime Troupe caused me to notify the police about the possibility of radical right wingers trying to take on the "deportation " process on their own.

All for now. Gotta go.

 Bill Tozer

“Shite is Irish for shit. Meant to be white but it works.”

Posted by: Paul Emery | 30 August 2018 at 02:16 PM

Boy, he really hates while people. Kinda figured that’s a given and comes with the Lefty territory. That hasn’t changed in decades. Can’t blame him. White people can’t dance.


That sign got him a fired up.


Paul says, "Having to deal with skinhead racists at punk shows is pretty down home as was the feeling of comfort and security of the folks that lived in the same town as declared Nazi's who had to co-exist with Hitlers birthday party right down the street."
To take a page from Paul,,, PROVE IT!!!
I say your full of shit.

So the poor Berkeley clowns got a dose of their own idealism.
Cry us a river Paul. I guess you forget again the treatment "visitors" to Berkeley got. Nothing but hate from the city of "inclusiveness", compassion, and supposed "freedom of speech".
Did the rednecks drive up and down Nevada city in smoke belching pickups raising hell? Were they waiving AR15s? I didn't see any noose hanging from a street lamp in the paper,,,.
Yes, I say your making BS up . Nevada City is just Berkeley of the foothills. They were among friends.

Don Bessee

All of this because the po' ol' fakenewsman once saw a skinhead in the 90's?

It sounds like the po' ol' putin party parrot should take this class -




This isn't "justice". It's extortion and blackmail.
"Cohen thought he simply had no other choice but to plead guilty to protect his family as prosecutors threatened more counts that could have implicated his wife, a source close to Cohen told CNN. Prosecutors also raised the specter of Cohen’s assets being seized if he didn’t flip."
As it seems to be the case,,he has nothing to "flip" with.

George Rebane

PaulE 315pm - Please reread my 1109am, and tell me why you are having trouble answering those questions. Enough with the diversions.

Don Bessee

Good luck with that @450. ;-)

Don Bessee

Sounds like a bunch of green libertarians who are neither -




You should ALL fell a lot safer, now that the state has pretty much closed the jails.
Catch and release take on a whole new meaning.

Keep the home defense tool close at hand.

 Bill Tozer

Well, Punchy has his fears. Maybe some of the boys with drive up to Nevada City, come through the back door of some restaurant and grab Rosa. Throw a feed sack over her head, tie her up by good, and toss her in the back of the pickup and haul her butt down to ICE in Sac or Frisco or wherever they are. Maybe club her a couple of times in the head if she starts making too much noise back there while we are a tootlin’ down the highway.

Nah, we will leave Rosa alone. The easiest pickings would be the White People Privilege Festival coming up. It would be like honey to the flies. Expired visas all day long.
Imagine if you will some fine Irish lassies got a visa to come over to the States three or so years ago. Into the music scene. Traveled around with the group, liked it here, and just never went back. Maybe settled in with a some local fiddle player in these parts and started going the jig together, she soothing the savage beast with the harp on frosty nights.
Maybe her old friends from the band and fellow country ladies are making the rounds and coming to the Fairgrounds. Just like last year. All the Irish and bagpipers and those other people will be a coming out of hiding to kick up their heels at the White Privilege People Festival. That’s when you nab them. They overstayed their visas.
Bonk the ladies over the head as well, throw the feed sack over them and I will meet ya behind the livestock area. Back in and turn the engine off and wait. Heck, I would not be surprised if one of those illegals has been volunteering at the local FM Station once a week. They do have funny accents, but a least they understand English. Sure play a lot of Irish singers songs, now that I think about it.

Wouldn’t it be something if ICE jumped up on the stage and hauled one off during the middle of a set? Boy, that would get the pitchforks and torches out and bust up a perfectly good music love fest. That would be something.

Punchy would not care. Look, there never was any snakes on the Emerald Isle. The Druids carried the symbol of the snake on their rods and sceptres. Had the snake tattooed on their forearms as well. When St Paddy drove out the snakes, that means pagans, not reptiles. We know how some from that area” look down on the Irish and haven’t forgiven them to this day. I say nab the Irish. Heck, Pnchy ain’t a Druid no more so who cares.

Paul Emery

The Nazi's in the foothills issue I experienced myself having friends in the small town where it happened. I saw the NAZI banners displayed for all to see. Also I experienced the Skinhead incidents because I was in charge of the events and responsible for the show.

you write:

"So the poor Berkeley clowns got a dose of their own idealism."

The were not from Berkeley Walt. It's the San Francisco Mime Troupe. the Troupe is an institution in San Francisco having been performing since 1959. They are having their 60th anniversary next year.

So in you're view the Troupe deserves whatever could have happened to them because of what happened in Berkeley. Mnnn


Same diff. Paul.. It's all "Frisco Bay values".
Dad got out of there when he saw the first long hair hippie.
"The freaks can have it".. And he was right.

They butthurt we didn't throw them a parade?

Welcome to Nevada County.. Now go home.


One more thing Paul, people with Right leaning values are not the ones causing violence against opposing opinions. That's what your side of the fence is known for.

But go ahead and hyperventilate over a sticker or two.

Paul Emery

PaulE 315pm - George writes:" Please reread my 1109am, and tell me why you are having trouble answering those questions. Enough with the diversions.

Here was you're "question George:

"Circling this barn, tell us again what kind of problem 'white supremacists' pose in 2018 America, and why abolishing these people has become an organizing battle cry for Democrats?"

The White Supremacy movement should be an battle cry for all Americans George not just Democrats.
What they believe and wish to accomplish is Anti American by any reasonable persons estimation.
The KKK believe God is on their side and use scripture to justify their actions. Here's an example from their own offical document.

"The Federal Government promotes the destruction of our race through its many programs. They require that business’ hire based on race rather than qualifications, they call this Affirmative Action. The Government supports mass Non-White integration. When the hordes of Third Worlders that enter our country can not work, they go on Welfare. The Welfare Program allows the White people to pay for the Non-White people of the Country to eat and live, while at the same time causing the White people to lack in necessary funds to have children of their own. Our race, through the Government’s power, now has the lowest birth rate. White Men and Women can not have children because they pay ‘mandatory child support’ in the name of TAXES. Our Government promotes Race-Mixing through integration. Our Children are forced to go to school with every race under the sun. They are being taught that the races are equal. When did race-relations become part of educational curriculum? Our Children are being brainwashed all in the name of ‘Humanity’.

White people have practiced segregation throughout History. It is conclusive to believe this due to the fact the White Race has flourished throughout History rather than dwindling such as we are during this time of accepted race-mixing. The inequalities of the Races have never been more apparent than that in the Bible. Here are just a few Bible scriptures:

Exodus 33:16 "So shall we be separated: I and thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the Earth"

Leviticus 20:24 " I am the Lord they God which have separated you from other people"

Joshua 23:12-13 "If you do in any way go back and cleave unto the remnants of these Nations, even these that remain among you, and shall make marriages with them, and go in unto them and they unto you: Know for a certainty That there shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your side and thornes in your eyes. Until ye perish off from this good land which the Lord your God has given you."

The list goes on and on: Deuteronomy 7:3, Proverbs 23:27, Psalm 144:11-12, Hosea 5:6-7. So We, the True Chosen people of God, the True Tribes of Israel, are commanded not to Race mix. We are NOT EQUAL IN THE EYES OF YAHWEH.

Paul Emery

this kind of sums it up. They believe it is Gods commandment not to mix races or obey laws such as Civil Rights or integration of school. they are an anti American organiztion.

"So We, the True Chosen people of God, the True Tribes of Israel, are commanded not to Race mix. We are NOT EQUAL IN THE EYES OF YAHWEH. "



Paul. you REALLY need some professional help. Your Proggyism has Mad Cow syndrome setting in.

George Rebane

PaulE 639pm - Were you a more unstable person, can you imagine the fear you would instill in people if you held that all of your designated rightwing organizations believed what you quote here? But I'm not sure now, how many thousands of such anti-Americans do you really think we have who hold to such a credo? I assume you're not taking what a handful of loonies believe to make the case that this applies across the board to all of your hated rightwingers (which easily number in the millions).

 Bill Tozer

They still have a right to exist and speak, Punchy. The 1st Amendment does not apply to you anymore than it does them. Hate speech is protected speech. And you can go and speak your mind at them, as long as it’s a peaceful assembly.

Boy, those Bible verses from the Old Testament song a lot like the Quran. When you think about it, Muhammad has the Old Testament to read when he was around. Abraham and those Leviticus verses about and the thou shall nots lists covering many aspects of life. Eye for an eye, No marrying foreigners and outside the religion, codes of laws and do’s and don’ts, it’s all there. The difference is Christianity and the Judeo-Christian tradition moved on from the Old Law and the Muslims clung to the 6th Century culture and laws.

Yep, now more than ever I think they may under 2 thousand of them around in the whole nation. A few hundred is looking more like it. Most of the Neo- Nazis and Klansmen still spend the majority of their time and literature bashing the Jews more than blacks.... More than half their words and focus. That has been a universal theme of theirs since before the 30’s,, before Hilter came along. Anyway.....

“Ironically, the easiest way these days to get people to act like Nazis towards a group is to convince people that group is a bunch of Nazis.” —Frank Fleming


"Paul. you REALLY need some professional help. "

I think that he's just really shitty at accurate risk assessment.

When you look at organized criminal violence (and behavior generally) in the US, there's a lot bigger fish to fry. Heck, MS-13 by itself is 2 or 3 times bigger than the KKK (per FBI stats), and I'll hazard that they are far more likely to kill people. In a world of limited resources, an organization like the DOJ probably builds computer models to see where the resources are best spent. It would be interesting to see what organizations a professional honestly believes are dangerous.

Maybe it's just a side effect of living in a well-behaved fairly well-off small town. You believe any old thing that you see on TV.

Of course, anyone that doesn't believe you should drop everything and go after Paul's preferred threats is probably a member of them.


Posted by: scenes | 31 August 2018 at 07:23 PM

I’m sure dugsKKKi could hook him up with some tinfoil clad adult diapers!

Paul Emery

there are Thousands of KKK Bill by everyone's estimate other than yours. Also there are many other White Nationalist organizations with who knows how many members.

One thing for sure David Duke is a big Trump fan sohe's very pleased with the turn of events.

“I’ve said everything that Donald Trump is saying and more,” Duke told The Daily Beast. “I think Trump is riding a wave of anti-establishment feeling that I’ve been nurturing for 25 years.”

Don Bessee

David Duke!?! That nobody. You are a lot like David Duke, talks crap, thinks you know everything, no one who matters listens to you. Are there more or less green libertarians than klukers? YES OR NO! YES OR NO! YES OR NO! Ok now go stomp your feet and hold your breath.


Paul Emery

Just mentioned about David Duke support of Trump to illustrate that the KKK types think Trump is just fine.

 Bill Tozer

There may be 1,000’s Punchy, but I see them as pockets of small cults, like that Westboro Baptist Church that goes out and protests dead soldiers at funerals, considering the quotes you pasted above. Actually, Westboro is basically one family and a handful of followers, but I digress.

Jeff Sessions broke the back of the KKK in Alabama. Handled the appeals and got the first execution of a white critzen for killing a black citizen since 1913 in Alabama. Got a 7 million dollar civil suit against them as well, which bankrupted the KKK in Alabama. The point is if it took just one execution and a 7 mil judgement against the Klan in Alabama to crush them into dust, so how big could they have been? Probably 200-400 active Klan in Alabama at the time.

Guess we will never have an accurate number. The one spot I have noticed as a group of last graspers is Tennessee. Not from reading any articles about Tennessee, but by reading arrest records of those at “marches” and man on the street quotes seen to point to TN as a pocket, as well as Ohio and parts of Kentucky in the South.

NYC had a huge presence back in the day, so big that they marched by the thousands down NYC streets leading Democrat Party Rallies carrying their flags and wearing their hoods. In fact, they were the Democrat rallies, Woodrow Wilson era.
Turn the page and it’s been awhile since a Democrat Governor’s stood on the steps of schools in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas blocking segregation of schools. IKE had his civil rights bills in the 50’s, but the Democrats were the segregations (and the KKK) back then and fought him tooth and nail. The Republicans were against forced integration on Constitutional grounds and the Dems said they opposed integration on Constitutional grounds but in reality used that as an excuse to hide behind and were truly the real true blue avid segregationists.
Let’s jump to ahead. . All my life I would, on occasion, step into a phone booth or bathroom and somebody left a trac or little booklet. It was straight Jew bashing stuff...the Jews own all the banks, control the country, killed Jesus, owned Hollywood (still do, lol)...3% of the population secretly runs our country. Most of the KKK stuff like you pasted was more anti-Semitic and not isolely focused on the American Negro. Not to say that there wasn’t a share of inferior race stuff in the literature. I saw and heard that kind of stuff and even little ole ladies from across the Pond blurting out Jew bashing stuff out of the blue. And the N word, always spelled with a lower case ‘n’. And, yes, Wetback bashing, along with the WOPS and spics...
I am trying to think of the year. Call it 1985. I was working on a job in Southern Louisiana, about 80 miles southwest of New Orleans. Flush with cash, nice hotel digs, the people were so hospitable and polite...all people, every last one of them, including the black folk....rural black folk with no urban attitude. Anyway, I was bored one day and decided to hire a cab to show me the area only locals would know. Back roads. Black cabbie picked me up and I told him to just drive around, show me the area, let’s go for hours. We talked and talked about his story, my story, what life was like on the bayou. I saw a big wooden cafe ahead and said I would buy him lunch and a beer. He said he can’t go in there, he will wait outside. The place was called the Kountry Klub Kitchen and served good local cajun cheap food judging by the specials in the window. “Come on”, I said to the cabbie, “I am buying.” He just pointed to the roof of the rustic looking restaurant and there were 3 big letters on it: KKK....kountry klub kitchen, dud. Yeah, it’s still existed.

Turn the final page to today. Ok, that Nazi house in Nevada City 20 years ago...seen another one? Seen three? That HIlter birthday party, say 10 years ago, are the folks still there? If you heard the N word three years ago, have you heard it this year? We gotta keep up with the times and not see things as they were 20 or 10 or 5 years ago. Or 3 years ago. Things have got better in that sense. I don’t come across the hate tracs left in places like bathrooms in diners or sitting on top of newspaper racks, anymore. It’s been years. Over time, it’s getting less and less. That’s my point, despite you getting triggered by the Deport Berkeley Traitor sign. It’s a one -off. Now, I don’t care for the urban puke “gang hand sign gangsta punk crap, be they Hispanic or black or skinheads or...they are punks. Rural blacks, Mexicans, immigrants, foreigners, what have you are different. Salt of the earth. I have no use for those who run the hoods and think...well.....they think like too many rats in a cage think.

BTW, the SPLC labeled David Horowitz as the “Godfather of anti-Muslim” rhetoric stuff. Nothing could be further than the truth. Horowitz, you, me Crabbman will call out those who practice discrimination. Just about everybody from our era grew up being taught and believing that discrimination is wrong. It’s still wrong. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is Obama’s Homeland Security lady calling veterans, Evangelical Christians, white rural males, Tea Party types, gun owners...as potential domestic terrorists..and the SPLC led that charge. What has changed is there are favored groups that have been told or led to believe they are above criticism as they themselves spit out hate and intolerance...and those who call them out on it like Howowitz are the haters. Bull pucky. It would not put all my eggs in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of bad juju. They, like too many other institutions, have become politicalized and weaponized.p, IMHO.

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