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13 August 2018



Remember 95% of modern journalism is merely public relations.....the remaining 5% ....the weather and sports!

HuffPo Reporter Urges Media Not To Cover Antifa Violence


Bill Tozer

Well, looks llike the media is putting their big boy pants on and have decided that going too far left is a losing ticket for their side. First, it NBC going after Queen Pulooski and now the Washington Compost is going after the newest rising star and turning her into a falling star. I can’t believe my eyes. I want them both to stick around and lead the Leftinistas to victory.



Well Dr.,, The Mrs. and I attended plenty of Tea Party rallies knowing rabid LIBS were most likely to show up.
Remember? WE were the "violent" ones. WE were the ones there were sure to start the trouble. Miss the riot cops sitting in the shade?
Yup, We really set fire to the capital building in Sac!

What?? Not ONE arrest???!!!! (ever)

Oh.. Ya.. All our "hate"... They had to airbrush in a sign just to make it news. ( until the real photo without the signage hit )

Todd Juvinall

Hey Paul Emery, your idol Bill DeBlasio, Mayor of NYC had a NY Post reporter escorted out and now we see the far left doing what you blame Trump of doing. Calling them fake. You may need to take a chill pill as your world is now falling apart along with your "sure things" about the Truumpster.


,,,Bezos is laughing all the way to the bank,,,



Posted by: ’’’M’’’ | 13 August 2018 at 02:48 PM

In predict that the next time a democrat is in the White House you will whine about this incessantly dugski!

Bill Tozer

Trump sends help to the State of Jefferson, drops 3 billion in their laps.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue inspected the fire damage in Redding and said we need to practice better forest management with end of season prescribed burns, removing things like dead trees, and other ideas Dr. Rebane recently recommended. From Dr. Rebane’s lips to the God Emperor’s ear.
They tossed in 3 billion now by taking away from other parts of their budgets. No worries, the next budget has plenty of greenies earmarked for the State of Jefferson. Not sure about Nevada County, being blue and all that. :)

Darn. I really love the back country there above Lake McDonald , especially the taking the Road-To-Sun up to what is known as the American Alps. Logan Pass is a good jumping off place to hike into real back country, if the bears don’t eat ya first. :(.



OH OHHHHhhhhh..
"Ahead of Minnesota’s primaries on Tuesday, Representative Keith Ellison has denied allegations that he had emotionally and physically abused a former girlfriend, including once trying to pull her off a bed while yelling obscenities at her.

The allegations surfaced on Saturday night in a Facebook post published by the son of the ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan. The post referred to a two-minute video that the son, Austin Monahan, claimed showed Mr. Ellison “dragging my mama off the bed by her feet.” "


Now just like Trump, Hang him before any proof shows up.

Now don't forget that kind of behavior towards women in the Muslim culture is accepted.

Todd Juvinall

Just a thought for the "M"s of the country on "White Supremacy and NAZI's. All those Nazi's our boys killed and defeated were white. All those Italian fascists were white. I don't recall our boys invading an African country or a South American country because they were brown or black. So "M" can you tell us why you think "white" people are racists against people other than white?

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt, a real man would have dragged by her hair, not her feet. He did it all wrong. Hmmm. That Keith Ellison story just ain’t getting the coverage that Omarosa is getting and the DNC co-chair got two witnesses agin him. Well, I would elaborate but I would hate to be labeled as a islamophobe like they do to you palefaces. :). Damn, I hate witnesses. What’s up with these wingnuts they put in the DNC? Bug eyed Debbie and now the disciple of Minister Farrakhan. Ah, Keith was quitting anyway to run for the MIchigan AG. Maybe he will prosecute his accusers and clean up Detriot. Nah.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the whole country and every Congressional District has benefitted positively from the tax cuts.



Well Bill,, Omarosa is WAY out of her league. The press has already turned on her. She is not even at "apprentice" level where "sticking to" someone takes experience.
Her tapes have already bit her in the ass. She is going to find out GOV. non disclosure agreements have teeth.
Illegal taping inside the W.H.? She's more than just in trouble.


Crabb must have had a TDS stroke.

He's really losing it.


,,,someone please translate Todd's unhinged 4:16,,,thanks in advance


You were thrown out of Berkeley, figure it out.


Walt 508pm

Yes, it does appear Crabbie has TDS bigly. I'd say it's a question of projection... the left thinks about tormenting Trump 24/7/365 and thinks he MUST be doing the same.

I'd say Crabb is center-left by politics and left by culture and association.

Bill Tozer

@5:08. I love Crabbman’s cartoon. See all those pins in Hillary? Lol. It must be a living hell, Judgement Day if you prefer, to be Hillary and live with the knowledge every single day that she lost to that a Deplorable creepy pussy grabbing sexist irredeemable ‘gag me with a spoon’ political novice who makes her skin crawl at just the thought of him. Every morning she wakes up and has to look in the mirror and say, “l lost to That!”. Mercy. Never get tired of winning. It’s like having extra helpings of fudge and whipped cream on top of the two scoops of ice cream.

Yo Crabbman, stick a few more pins in that boytoy canook Justin, will ya.

That Trump is something else, I tell ya. Republicans are supposed to fold like a soggy pretzel. It’s their M.0. It’s always been their MO. Hey, somebody tell that knucklehead Trump that he is not supposed to fight back. He’s breaking all the rules of engagement, among other things. Stop him before this becomes the new normal.




In The Union today... "Cheryl Cook: How Vladimir votes"

It's painfully obvious that the local paper, by loosening their upper bound word counts for Other Voices for that screed (it's about 940 words by my chosen word editor and the standard is 750), the Editor and Publisher must think it has merit.

When someone starts an op-ed with "Clear the room. I have a disturbing theory. It has to do with how Donald Trump may have defied the national election polls by defeating Hillary Clinton in the last election by a very small margin" you know it's going to be "creative". Like John Cleese in drag as Ann Elk presenting her theory about the Brontosaurus... that it's narrow on one end, much much thicker in the middle and thin again at the other end.

This is conspiracy theory stuff. Absolutely certifiable. Makes InfoWars almost seem credible in comparison.... almost.

No Cheryl, there are no credible sources in the government claiming ANY votes were changed by Russian hacking.

Todd Juvinall

A spirited back and forth on Cook's screed.


Toes 541pm

I think you may be onto a gamechanging truth... From the 1st Tuesday in Nov '16 to now, the biggest change may be the GOP rank and file growing a pair and their candidates not folding when a so-called "journalist" pushes their own politics and call it "Truth".

FYI the RealClearPolitics Generic Congressional poll is now with a 3.9% spread, with Democratic candidates in what looks like a free fall.

Bill Tozer

Oh my
I just don’t know where to put these thoughts. The bigotry of the Left, The Liberal Mind Revealed, Exhibit # 451, or the Sandbox. Ok, Sandbox it is.

Well, after watching videos of the peaceful unhinged Lefties in DC call black police officers ‘niggas’, All-KKK fascist pieces of sh*t, now they are calling Candance Owens a White Supremacist, ROFLMAO.



Well, somethings don’t change. The faces come and go, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Time to see what my people are saying:



Kinda wish “jon” still dropped by from time to time.....

Sweden Is Burning: Migrant Gangs Unleash Coordinated Fire-Bomb Rampage Across Multiple Cities


Of course I’m quite sure lil bobby the Gatekeeper (all 500 lbs of him) will be by momentarily to whine about the source.

Bill Tozer

For Fish or Scenes eyes only....they like My Gal.


For Walt’s eyes only. He likes this kind of stuff



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 13 August 2018 at 07:27 PM

Yeah....the day after the photo was taken wags were commenting that Madame Cankles looked like she decided to wear the living room drapes.

Don Bessee

@714, what makes you think he isn't?

Now we are getting into the REAL COLLUSION -

Emails handed over to Congress by the Justice Department show that Ohr, Steele, and Simpson communicated throughout 2016, and Steele and Simpson were being paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to dig up dirt on Trump.




Posted by: Don Bessee | 13 August 2018 at 08:01 PM

@714, what makes you think he isn't?


Todd busted Linda Thompson as “jon” and after Ms. Thompson had her melt down in court “jon” stopped posting here!

Not conclusive but very suggestive!

Todd Juvinall

She got herself arrested. I have not heard the outcome. But she did stop posting. And I recall she looked more manly than Don Bessee! LOL!

Don Bessee

Nome de plume's still work in the digital world @ 816, a jon one day is a ? the next day -
So how did these POS get bail, only a ritual killing and mass school shootings being trained for. Must be one of those Soros judges-

The prosecutors provided more details about the accusations during a court hearing in which they asked that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and four other defendants be held pending trial on child abuse charges.
But the judge in the case ruled against prosecutors’ request.

Judge Sarah Backus said although she was concerned by "troubling facts," prosecutors failed to articulate any specific threats to the community.



Don Bessee

It speaks for itself -

The education levels of foreign refugees coming to the U.S. are also remarkably low. Roughly half of refugees 25-years or older said they did not have a high school diploma before arriving in the U.S.
Additionally, only 16 percent of refugees 18-years or older said they were currently seeking some kind of degree. The most common degree sought by refugees is a high school diploma.



Bill Tozer

@ 7:31 pm Yes, it’s an old pic, not a fav in the least, but I loved the name Chairman MuMu. That’s all I was after. The bottom garbage words I would have got rid of and replaced with a simple He Broke Me. Latest new take on a old one I saw is the pic of Hillary going down the stairs in India with one leg sticking out with people holding her up....the top caption is #Walkaway and the bottom words ‘Some can’t walk away.’ :) Nevermind...

@8:16 pm
He broke her.

@8:01 pm
Thanks. Good link. Nice to see it put together and lined out in a nice summary easy read. Wonder how much the FBI paid Steele....just curious. :) Funnynthat agent Peter applied for and received a security clearance that allowed him to unmask. Bet he needed some help, eh Nellie?

Bill Tozer

Interesting to see some FBI field office deputy director was the one who actually fired Strzok. Took the politics out of it. Smart move. Nice to see the hard working men and women out in the field to have a voice and things taken out of the Swamp of DC. The forgotten man is forgotten no more. Heck, the field offices should have handled Hillary and Trump in the first place. They do that as SOP. Keeps the politics out. Drain that cesspool. DC really is a shithole country. :)


4chan weighs in on DC.


Bill Tozer

@ 6:30 pm.

You know, this social media shutdown of righties (your next, BTW) had me very troubled and weighting heavy on me weary heart. They are trying to shut our voices down so it don’t get out and challenge the narrative before the elections. We still can get out today, but the screws are turning. Think this morning it was the WA Compost or NYT (or both) that had the front page pic of the folks looking like the Beatles meeting Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, all holding anti-hate signs. That’s the narrative. It was a peaceful, non-eventual Anti-Hate rally. A quiet day in our Capitol City. Wrapped up early.

Troubled? Troubled because as my side progressively gets shut down, we will be clamed up come 2018. But, something you said hit me. Game changer. Bingo. I need not fret. We got one solitary man with a Twitter Machine. Trump will get the message out. They can’t take that little finger tip gizmo away from him. The weight has been lifted. One man against all the King’s horses and all the King’s men. Familiar terrority. Silly me. Game changer. They have never faced this before. The internet has changed the way we communicate. Warms the cockles of me weary heart. Night, night.


Hey "M"oron.....keep patting yourself on the back for backing TEAM EVIL......

HEADLINES FROM 1968: Democrats used to be for the middle class. Not anymore.



Somehow I knew it all along.

Gender, Ethnic Studies profs earn about $12k more than peers

Nothing to see here, move along.

Purest coincidence.

Meanwhile in Sweden, the 'youths' are out and about.


today.... Trump 50%, anti-Trump 49%

Approval is in the trading range of 50 to 47, has been for awhile.

George Rebane

scenes 733am - I note that the precisely written article about Swedish youths rioting and systematically burning cars failed to mention anything more about the identity of the youths. Sweden's socialist programs are on the ropes, unemployment is high, and their immigration policy is in the toilet (they admit hundreds of thousands of mid-easterners annually who then collect in ethnic conclaves and practice their culture on the native Swedes).


,,,Thanks fishbreathe my dear boy,,,for someone else's opinion piece,,,buncha po' ol' pollwatchers,,,do you guys take your temperature a couple of times a day also???

,,,Amorosa a former reality TV contestant is '''fired''' once again by a reality TV host === welcome to the pubby White House

You cannot make this stuff up!!!



,,,the revolution will not be televised,,,it will be published nationwide,,,



,,,buncha po' ol' pollwatchers,,,do you guys take your temperature a couple of times a day also???

Polls you say? That's really more of an Emery compulsion. If you're interested in the temperatures of the compulsive poll chaser bend Punchy over and see what's there.

Hey dugski....Joke of the Day: What's the difference between an oral and a rectal thermometer? The taste! Bada bing! Thanks I'm here all night!


Posted by: ’’’M’’’ | 14 August 2018 at 08:26 AM

"The dirty war on the free press must end."

Waaaahhhhhhhh! Reporters used to be made of sterner stuff.....now.....pussys!


re: "M"@8:26
",,,the revolution will not be televised,,,it will be published nationwide,,,"

So, basically a bunch of op-eds will be written about how Trump bitches that all news has become op-eds.


Like the simultaneous take downs of Infowars, 100 op-eds.

Nope, no collusion here. Nothing to see. Move along.


,,,no trump youth,,,they are organizing,,,

Why are trumpski pacs, etc. paying $15k/mo. hush money to former employees???

'''A number of former Trump aides – including two who served in sensitive positions in the White House – have been paid roughly $15,000 per month by either the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee or America First PAC, a political action committee dedicated to Trump’s re-election for various services described only briefly in filings.'''



,,,no scenes,,, journalists are tired of the President of the United States acting like an asshole, treating honorable citizens like McCain like shit, lying to the public and are publicly condemning him...


Posted by: "M" | 14 August 2018 at 08:51 AM

,,,no trump youth,,,they are organizing,,,

A free and independent press?


Oh dugski.....you are delightful!


Posted by: "M" | 14 August 2018 at 08:54 A

treating honorable citizens like McCain like shit...

Honorable citizens? I remember when McSenile (R - Face down in Charles Schumers lap) was the worst person in the world! The left always rehabilitates the losers as positive examples.

Hey dugski.....did you hear what a wonderful man Mitt (I have binders full of women) Romney is?


Posted by: "M" | 14 August 2018 at 08:54 A

treating honorable citizens like McCain like shit...

Honorable citizens? I remember when McSenile (R - Face down in Charles Schumers lap) was the worst person in the world! The left always rehabilitates the losers as positive examples.

Hey dugski.....did you hear what a wonderful man Mitt (I have binders full of women) Romney is?


re: "M"@8:54AM


They start reporting news again rather than personal opinion, and I'll give a rip about those people.

Honestly there's nothing new here. The Hearst newspapers got to start a war and Trumphate does garner the clicks.

Thank God for the internet. You pretty much have to go to RT or Sputnik to get world news anymore. Most US outlets sound like Paul. 100% Trumpscreech 100% of the time.

Seriously, be honest for a second. Look at these two sites and tell me which reports news and which is a propaganda arm of the DNC. The fact that the Russians actually produce news and the US doesn't is one of the great ironies of our age.



George@8:03AM "I note that the precisely written article about Swedish youths rioting and systematically burning cars "

Quoted from an article:

"While most fires were started within a short period of time, it can not be excluded that there is a connection between the fires. The case will be investigated,"

lol. Damn, those police dudes are brilliant in Sweden.


fish: "Hey dugski.....did you hear what a wonderful man Mitt (I have binders full of women) Romney is?"

Oh well, you know how it goes.

Donald Trump: overheard to say that if you're rich and famous, women allow you to grope them.
Bill Clinton: serial rapist

You can tell just how deep the Left's morality on these matters really goes.

I just wish that they'd start arguing about policy issues. How about health care? Taxes? Just how many furriners get to move to the US every year?

I'd say there's been an intellectual collapse from the US Left, but then I'm sure they ever believed in anything really.


Posted by: scenes | 14 August 2018 at 09:26 AM

I'd say there's been an intellectual collapse from the US Left

Do ya think?

Oh well....pandering to the Coalition of the Fringes will do that to you!

Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' pollhead-

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.



Don Bessee

Its the economy stupid -

The Small Business Optimism Index marked its second highest level in the survey’s 45-year history at 107.9, just below the July 1983 record-high of 108, the National Federation of Independent Business said Tuesday.
The index reading was expected to decline a notch from June’s 170.1. The rise to 107.9 was four basis points higher than the highest estimate of economists surveyed by Bloomberg.

The July report also contained good news for workers, with a seasonally-adjusted net 23 percent of small businesses planning to create new jobs. Thirty-seven percent of owners said they have unfilled job openings.




fish: "Oh well....pandering to the Coalition of the Fringes will do that to you!"

Seriously, I'd say that that is the heart of the matter.

Really, how do you form a coalition between La Raza, feminist studies professors, urban 'knowledge' workers, BLM, the crack KVMR news desk? There's not all that much they have in common. It isn't like the crack KVMR news desk is going to move away from all the other nice middle class white people.

Answer? Define an enemy. Attack. Stay in a constant state of warfare. Gotta keep them Eastasians down.

The thing is, if the evil white nazi supremacist republican bastards ceased to exist, they'd simply fight amongst each other for the spoils. In the long run, you get Zimbabwe, but nobody cares about the long run.


It's funny how the crazy SJW people have infiltrated practically everywhere. To be fair, it doesn't take many of them to try to ruin something.



Those Frisco values keep going lower and lower.
"But one San Francisco Superior Court judge apparently believes in ninth chances. He indicated that this month he’ll release from jail one of the city’s most prolific auto burglars, a man with a lengthy rap sheet involving eight car burglaries, some of which turned violent."

That's one winner of a judge.
"Hite is perhaps best known for flushing all 64,713 outstanding warrants issued in quality-of-life cases from January 2011 through October 2015, giving police no authority to detain people who skipped court appearances and rendering the citations meaningless. He did so as part of a court-wide consensus that fining poor people who can’t afford to pay is pointless."

George Rebane

Walt 237pm - SF is already trashed. I wonder what such a policy will do when it's spread nationwide - if you're 'poor' then misdemeanors don't count, and even some felonies will be forgiven. That oughta cut the crime rate.

Don Bessee

The thought Nazi's at work -




Dr.R. I can actually say I'm not surprised. This is showing Liberalism is the mental disorder is accused of being.
Just decriminalize crime. And if your below a given income, it's catch and release.( Well hell's bells! Why even bother?)
I'm just waiting for the Proggy politician running for office to say"Well,, isn't that what insurance is for?" Yup, here in Ca. state mandated theft insurance will be coming soon.( and only available through the state.)

George Rebane

DonB 355pm - Now those who did the attacking and attempting to silence were rightwingers, right?

Walt 355pm - Mandated theft insurance provided by the state - I can hardly wait. It seems that theft by our newly privileged low-lifes is going to be legislated as another act of God covered by insurance. Never thought we'd come accept that thievery is next to godliness. I guess that means that the 8th commandment will have to be repealed.

Bill Tozer

She should have practiced what she preached



,,,Donnie,,, it's called separation of church and state,,,try to keep up

,,,and yes George,,,looks like he might be a rightwinger!!!



Don Bessee

Now that's refreshing!

A $42,000 antique desk. A $32,000 blue suede sectional sofa. A $7,500 inlaid wooden floor map of West Virginia’s 55 counties.
A scandal involving lavish office renovations and other financial abuses by the highest court in one of the poorest states in America has triggered an extraordinary move by one branch of government to essentially fire another.
The West Virginia House of Delegates on Monday impeached four justices of the state Supreme Court on charges of extravagant spending and other misconduct, setting the stage for a Senate trial that could lead to their removal.

One of those impeached retired on Tuesday, averting the prospect of sitting through a proceeding that is sure to explore the justices’ fancy tastes in embarrassing detail. And the court’s fifth member retired under pressure last month.




,,,help support hero Peter Strzok,,,he only has $325k in his GoFundMe account after one day!!!


Bill Tozer

No issuance policy to be found.


Don Bessee

While some people hope for change others actually change things in a lasting way -

Brett M. Kavanaugh, President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are leading a lower-key yet deeply consequential charge to remake the entire federal judiciary.
The Senate will return Wednesday from an abbreviated summer recess to confirm two more federal appeals court judges by the end of the week. That would come on top of a record-breaking string of confirmations: The Senate already has installed 24 appellate judges since Trump was sworn in, the highest number for a president’s first two years in office.
While much of the focus has been on Kavanaugh and Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, the Senate’s rapid approval of appellate judges is likely to have its own broad impact on the nation, as the 13 circuit courts will shape decisions on immigration, voting rights, abortion and the environment for generations.

There are 179 authorized judgeships for the U.S. Court of Appeals. With 24 confirmations and 13 vacancies to fill, Trump and the Republicans have the power to install more than 20 percent of the judges on the nation’s second-highest courts.

“The Supreme Court gets the bulk of the attention, but the circuit courts decide the bulk of the cases,” said Arthur D. Hellman, a University of Pittsburgh law professor who studies the federal judiciary. “Because the Supreme Court these days is taking so few cases, the law of the circuit is, on many, many issues, the final law for the people who live in that circuit.”




Sure thing Dougy,, A fool and his money are soon parted.
Go for it. MAX out your paypal. He has to pay his EX somehow.
In a fine Socialist country (which you hope the U.S. could be)
Your hero would have been suicided by now. Hanging in his closet, with gay porn still playing on the Iphone.
The way you talk about Trump, it's a wonder the poor bastard is still breathing.


Where is Paul!?, I recall him being hip to Government having is medical records. ( well, that was when "O" was around.)
How bout these guys?

From the day the Dr. drops you on the floor of the hospital, BIG TECH will have the goods on you. Google already knows when you take dump.
"At the Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference in Washington, D.C., the companies issued a joint statement against patient data sharing restrictions.

“We are jointly committed to removing barriers for the adoption of technologies for healthcare interoperability, particularly those that are enabled through the cloud and AI,” the companies declared. “We share the common quest to unlock the potential in healthcare data, to deliver better outcomes at lower costs.” "

To lower costs? Sure... Whatever ya' say. ( I throw the bullshit flag!)

Paul Emery


Donald Trump’s Trying To Shut Omarosa Up. Good Luck With That.
Unlike the nondisclosure agreements Trump used in his business, those he made staffers sign at the White House are almost certainly unenforceable.


Don Bessee

'almost certainly unenforceable.' says the po' ol' fakenewsman who is now a po' ol' fakelawyer -

What the heck go full hater madam liar liar pantsuits on fire -



Paul Emery

More on the panic inside the White House. Great fun!!!

"In a White House already crippled by backstabbing and paranoia, news of Omarosa’s tapes has landed like a bomb, effectively further paralyzing proceedings. “People are terrified . . . absolutely terrified,” a former Trump aide told Politico, which described an environment akin to the “psychological warfare that gripped the [Hillary] Clinton campaign two years ago,” when WikiLeaks gradually released skeins of John Podesta’s hacked e-mails. Worse, the tapes have reportedly deepened another fear among Trump staffers: that Omarosa is not the only one who secretly recorded conversations. According to CNN, that fear has permeated the ranks of Trump’s senior staff—even those who rarely interacted with Omarosa are now alert to the possibility that their own co-workers may have taped them."


George Rebane

PaulE 1219pm - How do you and yours derive benefit, let alone "fun", from reports that our White House (the Executive Branch of your government) is in "panic"??

Paul Emery


The Executive branch has been a panic ever since Trump was elected. The ole saying "what goes around comes around" applies here and in my mind it's a bit of poetic justice that sadly gives me pleasure.

Bill Tozer

Welcome back Punchy.
Glad to see you are back to normal. Ok, I’m sorry. Boy, when I told Brother Ben that I was going piss on his union organizers grandpappy’s grave, that really got his Irish to flare up. That was hard work. Ok, I am sorry. I will lay off the Highlanders. Heck, I got lucky. Got a wee bit of Lowlander in me. And I like baklava and lemon tea cookies.

We are all mongelized. We all got four grandparents and eight grandparents and....

Many many moons ago, there was on my mother’s side a little Irishman who was the tailor for the Queen in Merry O’ England. He was a rather mischievous lad. As the family story goes, he made the Queen of England some very risqué lingerie. The Queen flew into a rage and ordered his head on a platter. He fled for his life and ended up in Colonies and changed his name. . He was a wanted man, but England being a prim and proper civilized nation as it were, he later in life received his small pension from the Crown as the oral tradition goes.. The other side was probably running around humping buffalo. :)



Paul Emery

I am not inte4rested in any way with conversation or dialogue with Bill Tozer To make up a bunch of lies about someones heritage by accusing ancestors of sex with animals is disgusting beyond belief. George, in my view he should be banned from your blog the way you have banished several contributors who are of a liberal bent. That's all I have to say at this time.


A little forest fire and climate change fact checking


Bill Tozer

Ouch, I am wounded. Anyway, the pressure to censor grows. Dr. Rebane can spank or banish moi anything he chooses. This is his blog and not a populatirty contest.

They say for a fire, lito die down, stop feeding it. For a quarrel to die down, stop feeding it. Now comes the silent treatment. Boy, this wound licking takes forever. Wonder what step of grief they are on, collectively that is.

Mums the word.

In other news,


Paul Emery

Very disturbing evidence of global warming

The oceans hold the story of a planet warming as fossil fuels are burned. Here is what scientists have discovered, in four charts.


Bill Tozer

Happy 80th Birthday


Todd Juvinall

Sorry Paul Emery you are drinking the CC Koolaid. Water vapor makes up most of the warming gases something like 80-90 percent. Russ can tell us the exact. Anyway, the planet is just fine as is the atmosphere. Perhaps you could read something other than Mother Jones to get your info.

Speaking of Mother Jones, CSPAN had a guy named Berman, a "journalist" for MJ on last night. He is all hate Trump and R's all the time. And he was on a rant about "voter suppression". My goodness, he is a prime example of you biased lefty people in the media and a good example of why your profession is less liked than the prostitution profession.


It sure seems that this is the case! Remember.....if the left didn’t have double standards it would have no standards at all!

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Criticizing Omarosa Suddenly Racist, Sexist.


Bill Tozer

I don’t think it is so, but wouldn’t it be something if the US citizen FBI informant they “within the Trump organization” is Omarosa, lol. The Keystone Cops are after the bad guy. She doesn’t evoke a lot of sympathy. Unhinged is a good title.

Bill Tozer

Canada legalized medicinal marihuana in 2001. I thought it would be coming via Big Tobacco, but no. It’s coming via Big Beer. Drunk and stupid. I know a few who fit that description.


@1:46 pm
And now they are calling that Classic Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz a racists as well.

Bill Tozer

The screws turn slowly, but they are turning.



re: Paul Emery: "That's all I have to say at this time."

lol. Sure.

re: Recordings in the White House.

Good. It's about time somebody did something about that. Seriously, they need the sort of protocol that secure facilities have. No phones, no thumb drives, nothing with storage or that is fairly computerish. Computers in the facility have glued up USB ports, etc. You can imagine the kind of things that any President in history has said in private conversation (except for perhaps Saint Obama with his familiar, Val).

On the flip side, maybe we all need to get used to the fact that people say rude things. I'm getting bored with all the manufactured outrage.

On a related note, just imagine the research going on in all celebrity twitter/facebook/etc. feeds right now. If you said something mean 10 years ago, and you're rightish, you're in trouble.

Seeing as how saying The 'N' Word is the single largest crime a human is capable of, worse than the Holocaust, the Holodomor, or the sack of Baghdad, it seems to me that they should put specialized speech recognization software in any surveillance gear with a great big flashing red light and siren.

Paul Emery


I was referring to any comment in relation to Bill T.


Paul claims "panic" in the W.H.? LOL!!! Trump just pulled Brennan's clearance. How do ya' like him now? That's now a move someone who is "panicked" isn't going to do.
Let Paul manufacture some more fake outrage. I have yet to see ANY caving on Trump's part. You know,,, a sign of "panic".

All I see is a bunch of Proggys with asses bright, Baboon RED, from sea to shining sea.
And one so red, it seems a second Sun is rising from Nevada City way.


Where are our Frisco folks?
There is a shovel ready job for ya'.
"In about a month, a team of five Public Works staffers will begin patrolling the alleys around Polk Street and other hot spots in a vehicle equipped with a steam cleaner.
They’ll begin their shifts in the afternoon, as the city starts losing its sheen from overnight cleaning. The Poop Patrol’s mission? To spot and clean piles of feces before anybody complains about them."

Todd Juvinall

DID Paul Emery ever criticize Obama's CIA etal? I bet never. Now he has TDS and that's all we hear.

Bill Tozer

4:14 pm
In an ironic twist, a co-worker of mine stepped in a pile of poop in front of the Department of Public Health at Polk and Grove streets on Monday morning, experiencing that stomach-churning feeling so common to frustrated San Franciscans...

Pretty much describes Frisco Values


Todd Juvinall

It reminds me of an incontinent cat I once had. Got up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and stepped in a pile barefoot. It is really gross. Cat made the escape and I never went looking.


Paul's 1:03,,,, How Fascist of you. " I don't like what you said! You MUST be silenced!"
The vary same shit the feral LIBshits of ANTIFA are saying.
So we have "Gramps" ANTIFA gracing these pages.
Thanks for showing your true feelings.
And to think your the one choosing just what news Nevada City hears?
( Thank GOD my microwave oven has more wattage)

So now you like the idea of picking and choosing just parts of the 1ST Amend. stay intact. As long as "the press" can spew any lie it cares to without question or reprisal, Your happy. But anyone else says something you find questionable an/or offensive, take away HIS ability to say it.

Again, I say thanks for showing your Commie side for all to see.

Bill Tozer

The Revolution is not equipped to deal with the counter-revolution. For every action, there is a equal reaction. Those PC police are a big reason Trump is in the White House.

“Trump posing with his biker supporters. These were patches on their vests they wore in the photo with Trump. Pretty consistent with the ilk of some Trump supporters that contribute to this blog.

“I (heart) Guns & Titties,” reads one patch on the unidentified man’s vest. The patch features a drawing of a woman’s naked torso and breasts and a pair of handguns atop her nipples.” How Deplorable!


What do you call a boomerang that don’t back? A friggin stick. George, oh George!!!!


Another coal mine reopens! Take THAT you ECO bastards.
And this brings a tear of joy to my eyes.(sniff sniff...)
"Randy Johnson looked on as his new 220-ton excavator carved up the ground, clearing the field of rocks to help unearth the coal underneath. Four weeks earlier, the central Alabama mine’s 22 employees had gathered to christen the $2.7 million purchase, painting “TRUMP” in white block letters along the excavator’s side."

Robert Cross

"Would you attend a demonstration for something you support if you knew ahead of time that you would be outnumbered and confronted by thousands of counter-demonstrators with a history of fomenting violence and dedicated to silencing your viewpoint?"

The whole point of violence and/or the threat of violence is to scare people away from exerting their right to assemble peacefully. It's the bully mentality that often accompanies indefensible values. Violence serves two purposes, to suppress opposition and to let it be known to those on the fence and those within the ranks, that anything but loyalty will not be tolerated even if it means turning a blind eye to the violence itself. It is a conundrum. I suppose whether to demonstrate or not ultimately comes down to how strong your beliefs are, how pissed off you are at the other guys, whether you think it will do any good, and whether or not you recognize your strings are being pulled by the puppet masters who seek to divide our country for political control.. so far they have been pretty damn successful if Americans have more disdain for each other than Russians.

Todd Juvinall

Antifa is your hero then eh? Leftwing thugs. Nice to know.

Paul Emery


Link for you're 1:29:

"Water vapor makes up most of the warming gases something like 80-90 percent. "

Todd Juvinall

Ask Russ


Posted by: Paul Emery | 15 August 2018 at 06:59 PM

Here you go Punchy.....sorry....it’s from a pretty right wing source!


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