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27 August 2018



It's sort of a shame the McCain decided to take on Trump, both of them got a bit besmirched.


and finally:

and of course, a charming Team Blue spokesperson puts in their two cents:

Robert Cross

"While not agreeing with all of his politics, especially that climate change should be a national security issue for the US". The US military seems to think its a problem. SEC. of Defense James Mattis had the following to say about the subject..

“The effects of a changing climate—such as increased maritime access to the Arctic, rising sea levels, desertification, among others—impact our security situation.”

a changing climate has an effect "on our threat assessments, resources, and readiness.”

A defense dept. report had this to say about climate change: "Our warfighters require bases from which to deploy, on which to train, or to live when they are not deployed. If extreme weather makes our critical facilities unusable or necessitate costly or manpower-intensive work-arounds, that is an unacceptable impact,"

You can disagree all you want George, but that won't change the reality of the situation. The situation is that you are wrong about climate change and that skews your thinking in numerous ways including your preposterous disagreement with the facts as they relate to national security.

As for McCain's parting shot, I assume you are referring to trump not being invited to the funeral, would you invite some chicken hawk asshole who purposely avoided military service and criticized you for being a tortured prisoner of war? I don't think McCain did that to make history but rather to make a point. Your continued defense of the indefensible is becoming quite trite.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 27 August 2018 at 10:00 AM

.......quick......to the fainting couch!

You might actually be my favorite bobby .......even more than dugsKKKi who is annoying but really just trolling. Your vaporously neurotic exclamations really make my day! The Frank Burns of RR's......if you will!

Hat tip!

Account Deleted

from another fear-monger:
"You can disagree all you want George, but that won't change the reality of the situation. The situation is that you are wrong about climate change and that skews your thinking in numerous ways including your preposterous disagreement with the facts as they relate to national security."
The climate is always changing. The seas have been rising for quite a while. Our 'carbon footprint' has very little to do with it. The predictions made by the climate alarmists have all been proven wrong.
Our national security lies mainly in having a unified populace following the Constitution and wanting to provide our communities and our nation with a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility to others rather than a sense of 'gimme my rights' (free stuff).
If we don't accomplish that - you can kiss our national security goodbye.

Paul Emery

Trump has descended into new lows this week. He lauded multi felon Manifort as a "brave man" and not one word applauding John McCain for being an American hero.

Oh yeah, to quote Trump "He's not a war hero. He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured."

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Paul Mainfort was a partner of a man named Davis who was McCains Campaign manager in 2000 and 2008. Both were involved with a Ukranian with ties to Russia and Putin.

Robert Cross

Little Davey 10:16 -- is that all you got? Try addressing the issues instead of blabbering nonsense in a feeble attempt to intimidate people with whom you disagree, which says, in essence, "duh, Polly want a cracker?" But hey, if it puts a smile on your face as your responses do on mine, then what the heck, it's all good.

Scotty O's -- Do you have anything to say except to repeat extreme right wing talking points? I have heard all that BS again and again.. So you know more and have better information than our military with regard to climate change? Let's see, who has more to lose if they get this one wrong.. the US Military or Scotty O? I would think they have researched the issues far beyond Fox News, Breitbart, and Heritage.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 27 August 2018 at 10:53 AM

Are you trying to say that you don't care for President Trump Punch?

Don Bessee

Winning -




Posted by: Robert Cross | 27 August 2018 at 11:24 AM

Little Davey 10:16 -- is that all you got? Try addressing the issues instead of blabbering nonsense in a feeble attempt to intimidate people with whom you disagree......

If you consider that intimidation we probably shouldn't discuss issues...it would probably be too much for you.

Bill Tozer

@ 11:01 am

You mean this? Boy, McCain’s campaign manager was colluding with the Russians, and McCain was at the meetings. Nothing to see here.

“Before there was Trump, there were concerns about some of the same people being around McCain about 10 years ago, and we alerted his team to those concerns and they appeared to take some defensive action,” according to a U.S. official, who was involved a decade ago and remains in the counterintelligence world. The official spoke only on condition of anonymity.

In fact, McCain’s drama involved the same foreign lobbyist Paul Manafort; one of the same Russian oligarchs, Oleg Deripaska; the same Russian diplomat, Sergey Kislyak, and the same wily Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, that now dominate the current Trump controversy.”


Or did you mean this?


Paul Emery

Just noting what a disgusting man he is by illustrating examples of his behavior. What exactly was Trump referring to about manifold being a "brave man"? that was after he became a convicted crook.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 27 August 2018 at 12:14 PM

So it is your contention that the President is a disgusting human being?

Don Bessee

Oooopsi! Sounds like the po' ol' faknewsman needs to unload all that popcorn he has been hoarding -



Paul Emery


Yep When you applaud a felon as being brave right after being convicted of 8 felonies and at the same time ignore commending an American hero upon his death you're pretty disgusting.


re: Paul [email protected]:14PM

"Disgusting man"

I like that kind of phrasing. It's sort of like the now common parlance of "vile" that appears to be the party line when referring to 1/2 of your 'fellow' Americans.

Honestly (and at the risk of invoking Godwin's Law), it reads rather like the language used in Der Stürmer. It's the kind of language you used when winding up for something fierce.

If Team Blue wants to pull the trigger, I'd suggest they just go for it.


Posted by: Don Bessee | 27 August 2018 at 12:39 PM


Yeah that happens when you hire a PR flack from the Clinton era instead of a real attorney!

(Don....I'm not intimidating you or making you nervous am I? I just want to make sure.....apparently Roberta thinks I'm intimidating when I discuss issues! Just wanted to make sure you were OK!)

Paul Emery

Veterans response to Trumps snub of McCain

"AMVETS, one of the country’s largest veterans organizations, blasted President Donald Trump on Monday over his lackluster response to the recent death of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

The organization, also known as American Veterans, tweeted that it was “deeply disappointed in the lack of traditional and appropriate respect in the White House’s reaction” to the decorated Vietnam veteran’s death.

“AMVETS is calling on the White House to show appropriate respect for the passing of Sen. McCain,” AMVETS tweeted. “He was a war hero, twice a presidential contender, and a national treasure who devoted his entire adult life to protecting and improving the American way of life.”



Posted by: Paul Emery | 27 August 2018 at 12:47 PM

Are you trying to say that someone who runs afoul of the incredibly arcane tax code is a "disgusting man/woman"?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 27 August 2018 at 12:51 PM

Yes......a great man indeed......except when he was Hitler?

When was that Punch?

Paul Emery

Don't know what you're talking about Fish. Details would be appreciated.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane
Re: John McCain: Good way to put it in your Sanbox Post. I voted for McCain as well and have been his harshest critic here. Not as hard as I have (and will continue to be) on Drunk Teddy, but it was Senator McCain’s policy I disagreed with. In the last few years, John was 100% into having the US forging full steam ahead into every conceivable conflict on the planet, pushing hard for US involvement sacrificing our blood and treasure at the drop of a hat. And he was all in open borders at the end. Whether it was his brain cancer or not, I have not a clue.
He took a risk by choosing Sarah Palin as his VP and, to be truthful, he never got over his grudge with George W. Bush for their bitter battle for the nomination. He amassed wealth and power, was part of the Keating Five scandal, but survived it all. His last years in office he was praising Hillary and Kerry and hanging out with them. Maverick. He was on the long list for Gore’s VP pick for short awhile and Lieberman was on McCain’s short list in 2008. Again, Maverick.

I respect the warrior, not the statesman. He was shot down and spent 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton as they broke his bones and tortured him in the cage while Jane Fonda and her band of scumbags were signing songs to North Vietmanese soldiers and the communist leaders outside in Hanoi.

He derided the Tea Party and called Christians intolerant. Turncoat or maverick? That was politics. He called them as he saw them. It does not matter now. To repeat. I respect the warrior, not the statesman. Nobody can ever take that away from him. He went from a hard core Republican to a New World Order George Soros Globalist.

In the overall analyst, he was a good father and a good man. And that is all that really matters. That is McCain’s true legacy. If anyone of you have been been with the family of good men in their last hours at Hopice or the like and gathered up the belongings because the grieving family could not face the task at that hour, all there is is a few pair of socks, underwear, and a few personal items that fit in a small suitcase....and family. Maybe a couple of true close friends if the man was lucky. That’s all any of us can hope.for.
“A Father’s true legacy is the words he spoke to his children.”

But, if one wants to take this opportunity to bash Trump, be my guest. I know they cannot not take this opportunity to bash Trump. It just shows the power of TAD and the blindness of hate. And how politics has taken over places where it does not belong.

Todd Juvinall
RIP to a great American!
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Steven R Willer
Oh REALLY???? "Trump attacks McCain: 'I like people who weren't captured".
What a joke and complete hypocrite you are Todd!
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Todd Juvinall
Steven R Willer Actually you just showed what a utter scumbag you are punk.
Have to agree with Todd. RIP, John McCain.

Paul Emery


Are you saying someone who was arrested, had his bail revoked for contacting potential witnesses, stood trial and was convicted of 8 felonies is a "brave" man?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 27 August 2018 at 01:04 PM

You should do some research and determine just when the left was calling McCain “Hitler” on a regular basis. It’s what journalists do.


Here's the sort of story that got published in 2008 when it was just McCain and Obama fighting for the top job...

George Rebane

Some may recall that the Pentagon's statement of climate change being a national security issue was a political statement made by Obama appointed flacks on the JCS that replaced the professionals who resigned/retired in droves after the word came down that if you want to maintain military spending with this administration, you had better genuflect to global warming and tie it to national security - everything had to fit the ongoing globalist narrative. His JCS was more than happy to comply.

Todd Juvinall

I recall when Jim Thorpe had to return his Olympic Medals as it was determined he took money in a semi-pro baseball league. He was convicted and found guilty. Does that mean we cannot praise him Paul Emery?

Paul Emery trshed Sarah Palin hundreds of times in these pages and elsewhere when her only problem was she was a conservative woman governor. Shame on you Paul Emery. You are a misogynist and a fake newsman.

Bill Tozer

Per Scenes and Fish....Lanny Davis backpedals? Say it not true. How totally unpredictable!

Well, that’s a no brainer. Lanny Davis, after parading Cohen around like his circus animal on his lease and spouting any words he chooses to puts in Cohen’s mouth in front of the media, now is walking it back? Yep. When you have the press in your pocket, all that matters is the seriousness of the charges, not the substance, lol.

“Yesterday, in the walk back of the century. Davis admitted his client, Michael Cohen lied somewhere along the twisted road of the special counsel.....

“Davis told The Washington Post that he cannot confirm media reports that Cohen is prepared to tell special counsel Robert S. Mueller III that Trump had advance knowledge of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting, where Donald Trump Jr. expected to receive damaging information about Clinton from a Russian lawyer.”

Caution: fakenews!!!

Reminds me of watching a clip the other day of Brennan bashing Trump on Anderson Cooper and it went on and on.. Finally Anderson asked Brennan if there is any evidence he has seen that dirty rotten Trump collluded with the Russians, Brennan answered, “No”. Instanteously, they cut to commercial, end of interview. ROFLMAO. No is a complete statement. Yep, it’s the seriousness of the charges, not the evidence.


,,,white house is now the nut house!!!



BillT referring to John McCain "He amassed wealth and power, was part of the Keating Five scandal, but survived it all."

I guess so, in the sense that John Kerry did it. And there is that unfortunate tie to Don Bolles. Honestly, I don't think you can own a large company without a certain amount of criminality in the woodshed, so all is forgiven.

Bill Tozer

What until the lamestream media and their popinjays find out that Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg was given limited immunity....to testify against Cohen and catch Cohen in a lie, not Trump. Its a game changer. Yawn.


Posted by: "M" | 27 August 2018 at 01:56 PM

Yeah dugsKKKi you really oughta run a candidate who can beat Trump in 2020.

Just sayin......


Gotta love youtube, at least for now.



I forgot to mention, my youtube video is a Boer talking about SA & Trump.

Paul Emery

Well I didn't call him a "Hitler" Fish so it doesn't involve me. McCain had a real chance in "08 but the shrill Right force fed Palin on him for VP to appease the hungry Tea Party masses and she was a total disaster and in no way qualified to be President to that was the end of that. He was also the front runner in 2000 till Carl Rove and the Neo Cons sabotaged his campaign

Here's a look back:

"An unidentified party began a semi-underground smear campaign against McCain, delivered by push polls, faxes, e-mails, flyers, audience plants, and the like.[14][54] These claimed most famously that he had fathered a black child out of wedlock (the McCain' dark-skinned daughter Bridget was adopted from Bangladesh; this misrepresentation was thought to be an especially effective slur in a Deep South state where race was still central[49]), but also that his wife Cindy was a drug addict, that he was a homosexual, and that he was a "Manchurian Candidate" traitor or mentally unstable from his North Vietnam POW days"

this was orchestrated by Carl Rove and successfully stopped his momentum and he lost in south Carolina.

I was considering supporting McCain in 2000 but th Neo Cons pushed Bush and the rest is history. Massive economic collapse, 9/11 which could have been avoided and two unfunded wars ,Iraq and Afghanistan, which is still going on today.




"9/11 which could have been avoided"

punchy 254pm

Do tell. It could have been avoided? Yes, I suppose had President Clinton accepted the gift of a live Osama Bin Laden when offered by the Saudis, but besides that?


"when offered by the Sudan", not the Saudis. Please excuse the error.


Paul dissing Palin again. She would have done well.
A fine Gov. which the LIBS like Paul hated her for. Not to mention a fine looking woman.
What's your bitch Paul? to Christian for you? Didn't like her Alaskan accent? Too much of a hunter for your PETA side?

Since Paul is SO knowledgeable,, HE can tell us why she had to leave office. The REAL reason Paul,, not something you pull out of your South poll.

Don Bessee

The po' ol' fakenewsman is so deep into TDS that is now making the case that Rove/Bush were way worse than Trump to McCain.


Don Bessee

Ya baby!

Freeland is expected to travel to Washington for talks on Tuesday, spokesman Adam Austen said.
Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray told a news conference in Washington that if Canada and the United States do not reach an agreement on NAFTA, “we already know that there will still be a deal between Mexico and the United States.”

Officials said they hope Canada will agree to the terms by Friday, when the White House plans to formally notify Congress that Trump will sign the deal in 90 days. Congress has to approve it.



Don Bessee


Trump replaces NAFTA and triumphs -- New trade deal with Mexico is YUGE win for both countries



Paul emery


Palin Good governor? She was a no-show only lasted two years and quit. What’s good about that. She was a quitter. Couldn’t take a little stress and bailed

Bill Tozer

...”this was orchestrated by Carl Rove and successfully stopped his momentum and he lost in south Carolina.” And Trump has been boinking Ivanka. Hey, Ivanka starts off with “Ivan” in her name. That’s Russian, right?

Oh, it’s just politics. And they call FOTUS a whore and then couldn’t figure out why she would prefer to stay in NY and raise her son in quiet. One commentator here spent half a day venting righteous outrage because the shoes Melania wore as she boarded a plane, culminating with the inspiring words of LBJ. Must be guilt by association.

Some attritibe the “suicide” of Andy Jackson’s wife directly to the stories widely circulated (and published) about her being a divorcee and running a house of ill repute. Harlot! Lady of the night.

"A being so gentle and so virtuous, slander might wound but could not dishonor." Inscription on Rachel Jackson’s tombstone.


Don Bessee

Here is another windmill to tilt at ya po' ol' fakenewsman; huff n puff is a McCain basher. Go forth young man and smite them with your mighty wit.

But for some of us, McCain’s American hero narrative has long fallen flat. Our sentiments, however, are not particularly welcome in the current dialogue. Any attempt to interrupt the chorus of acclaim with reminders of his many misdeeds has been met with swift condemnation. Those naming McCain’s harms have been accused of attacking the senator and the dignity of his family ― as if telling the full, truthful story of his life and career were an insult to the senator and his loved ones. Such moments are part of a longstanding tradition in the United States: At death’s door and beyond, all statesmen are good statesmen. We have seen similar erasures of past sins when former Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan made their final exits, and we will likely see still more of it when war criminals like Henry Kissinger and ex-President George W. Bush shuffle off this mortal coil.

Kelly Hayes,HuffPos



Paul Emery

So Don do you believe Manifort should be applauded for his "bravery"?

Bill Tozer

Walt. Good call. We know why she quit. She couldn’t walk down the street with a Nike sweatshirt on without getting sued for breaking the law because the governor was promoting the Nike label. She could’t turn around without being sued and harassed and her slut daughter getting knocked up and......llike Flynn or Alaska Governor Ted Stevens.

You know tthey threatened to prosecute Flynn’s son and throw the book at him. He already ran out of money, all his money defending himself and they were coming after his son if hedid not play ball. He plead to one count of lying to the FBI and they keep pushing back his sentencing date, from June, to July, to August, and now Sept. in the meantime, Flynn can’t collect his pension, do his time, and move on with his life.

How come all these folks have not committed a crime until they talk to the FBI? Martha Steward, Scotter Libby, Flynn...never charged with the crime they accused them of in the press or the unhinged on these boards.

Oh, Sarah was well aware what her life would be like in Alaska. She saw what they did to Ted Stevens. And Ted was found guilty on 8 counts, until later the Judge dismissed all convictions....,but it was too late, he lost re-election, and died in a plane crash. It’s who they are.

“For some, the Stevens case represents a government entity that had developed a “total indifference to ethics.”

“This has built up over the years—the people at [the Justice Department] have come to believe that they are immune, that nobody can touch them, and that judges will ignore their prosecutorial misconduct,”


Sound familiar? Can’t blame Sarah Paline one bit

“The case hinged on whether Stevens lied on his Senate disclosure forms about work he'd gotten done to his cabin in Girdwood, a ski town south of Anchorage, Alaska's largest city. Some of that work had been done by his friend Bill Allen, the head of VECO Corp., then the largest oilfield services company in the state.”


Oh, they suspended two prosecutors. What a wrist slap they give themselves.

Bill Tozer

“was considering supporting McCain in 2000 but th Neo Cons pushed Bush and the rest is history.
The Neo-cons pushed out the neo-cons. Hmmm. There are 100 Senators, but only one President. Ain’t for the faint of heart, for sure.

Scenes (mostly)
1) The neo-cons. That is what is going on in the R Party verses the Trumpsters. Not to say there are no war hawks around, or ‘defense first and foremost’ folks like me. The neo-cons like McCain and Lindsey Grahmcracker. And maybe Bolton. McCain led the Gang of 8 to the end. What I can’t figure out is why the neo-cons are open borders folks to a tee. Maybe it’s the international world view that makes them new-cons, “patriots” and open border Globalists all rolled into one.

2). Are no mistake about it. McCain is no victim, he threw some hard nasty punches...during his time as Statesman. Trump did not start it “heros don’t get captured” blow to John’s solar plexes. No, that was in response to McCain’s dumping on us Deplorables. Dissing Trumps followers. A fatal flaw for anyone to do that. Trump has our back, can’t say the same for the Gang of 8 or any single person or entity on the Leftist side of the street.
McCain-Feingold has been partially dismantled, as it should be. I always opposed it on Constitutional grounds. Time has proven those in opposition to the bill on Constitutional grounds correct.
Hate to sound crass, but we got to wait a week before the temp Senator is appointed and vote on the SCOTUS nominanee. Perfect timing. Heck, McCain, rest his soul, has not shown up in DC since December. K will be confirmed.

A side note. Been looking at Gandhi. Inclusive, moral, and first and foremost, he was always an Indian Nationalist. India first.

Paul Emery

She was a quilter and an opportunist no matter how you put it,

Account Deleted

from Bobby Who's Cross at 11:24 - "Do you have anything to say except to repeat extreme right wing talking points? I have heard all that BS again and again.. So you know more and have better information than our military with regard to climate change?"
I see these are 'extreme' right wing talking points, not just right wing.
All that 'BS' is from your side, moron.
Remember the 'end of snow'? I do. No more snow. "Our grandchildren will never know what snow is like" wailed the climate fear-mongers.
Oh - excuse me, 'the experts'.
Since then the north east has been choking on snow.
And how about the water from the ocean flooding New York City?
I could go on and on, Bobby. It was your side that made all of these stupid predictions that failed.
But reminding you of it is swiped aside as 'extreme right wing talking points'.
Excuse me, Bobby - I was alive when those predictions were made and I remember them. They aren't 'talking points'. They're sad jokes of a failed climate hysteria campaign carried out in part by people who openly declare they don't even care about the science of it. They just want to get rid of capitalism.
China openly plans to increase it's carbon footprint and the leftwing nuts in this country stand up and applaud them as eco-warriors. Amazing.


See? Facts mean jack shit to Paul.
How many lawsuits can you afford to fight Paul? Frivolous litigation against a lawmaker in Alaska comes out of one's own pocket. The state doesn't supply the lawyer. That's the game you LIB bastards play. Fore them out of office, or into BK.
And all you can follow up with is "quitter".
She would have done better than that POS you voted for instead.
Sara was the best part of that ticket. McCain got buttsore real fast. She upstaged him, and the people liker her better than him.

But we got a affirmative action know nothing who only knew how to vote "present"... That's what YOU voted for.

You just keep that hate going Paul.. Now go tear down some monument with your ANTIFA brethren.


LOL Bobby!!
"So you know more and have better information than our military with regard to climate change?"
The same jackasses that dreamed up the "green fleet"?
SURE!! Spend triple or quadruple per gallon of fuel!

Paul Emery

Once again She was a quilter and an opportunist and a failed governor who would have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency. McCain could have won if she by the Republican swamp.hadn't been dumped on him

George Rebane

"failed governor" - I'd be interested to know where that assessment came from and on what evidence it is based. Or is it just more leftwing snark?

Todd Juvinall

Did she sell her quilts or keep them all Paul Emery? She was a plus for McCain and the campaign was boosted by her presence. She has helped defeat many liberals and democrats since then so I say she gets the last laugh.


Walt 534pm

Yes indeedy. Palin was hounded out of office by incessant lawsuits/FOIA requests. Tied in knots, decided the state would be better off with a governor that wasn't tied down by Leftists Gone Wild!

And dismissed as a "quitter" by the likes of Punchy.

Oh, and the multiplier for 'green' bio jet fuel is more like 50 to 1. The US Navy paid $150 a gallon for jet fuel derived from bio sources.


Paul Emery wisely non sequiters: "She was a quilter and an opportunist no matter how you put it,"

lol. I'm still trying to parse that one. Good point, though.

re: McCain-Feingold

I honestly can't see the point of campaign financing laws. Aside from 1stA issues, you immediately run into the morass of defining what 'financing' even is and the rule set surrounding it. Ten minutes later, people wiggle around it and we're off to the races. The grey areas are basically used as legal weapons for their own campaign purposes or as yet one more way for a frisky prosecutor to get his hooks into you. Generally, I'd say that those laws/regulations are just one more mechanism for an entrenched and dominant party to stay that way.

The embarrassing thing is how money (at least up until Trump) can bend the results. If you merely run enough TV commercials, the average voter can be convinced of practically anything. Some even think that all the boat people in Europe are gypsies. Perhaps there's something to be said for monarchy.


ScottO: "China openly plans to increase it's carbon footprint and the leftwing nuts in this country stand up and applaud them as eco-warriors. Amazing."

I admit that that is an odd thing. I'm willing to be convinced that CO2 emissions are undesirable. A chart (no doubt more skewed to China by this time):


The eco-warrior angle is to import more of the third world into the first (for CO2 generating purposes no doubt), make a fuss about pipelines (as opposed to ships or railroads I guess), and feel sorry for China.

The world is a mysterious place.


Ooooops... Lanny Davis news!


Blew it.


Good job Paul, you picked another fine hill to plant your flag to die on. Your attacks and pure falsehood statements about Sara don't even come close to holding water.

Ha HAAAaaaa... Burning man ain't as "all inclusive" as Proggys say it is.
Looks like hippie party got swiped by those with more money.
"Tickets for 2018 cost upwards of $425 each, however, some attendees spend thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars to attend the event in luxury."
"“While most festival attendees refuel with canned soups, beef jerky and protein bars, those with limitless resources pay as much as $50,000 to camp in style with seated dinners and toothsome tasting menus,” the New York Post continued."

Dougy should crash the party.

Bill Tozer

@ 5:34 p
Walt, the answer is they don’t have an answer.

The narrative changes day to day, week to week. Wake up one morning and the Russian Collusion story gets flipped to Greaser to Stormy to Omarosa to something about insinuations being now fact about campaign funds being used to influence an election. So, you rub the sleep out of your eyes and say something stupid like, “Hey, didn’t Hillary use campaign funds to pay foreign sources to influence an election?” And they have no answers. They never have any answers.
So, this morning its flipped to Trump has not shown Enough reverence to John McCain, just like Trump did whenhe did not fly into the middle of a mass crisis mess going down with no manpower to spare to have a photo op in the immediate aftermath of Harvey......and when he did, he did not show Enough concern for the flood victims.

It will never be enough, and they never have answers. Get used to it. The details are not even noteworthy. It will be another narrative in a day or two and when they have no answers then to stupid questions, they will chase another narrative.
From Russians to what is a campaign expenditure to Trump’s entire business organization with 200-500 companies to NY State Court to the Trump Foundation to the his tax returns! It’s all in the tax returns.

Today, it’s just the Lefties using McCain to bash Trump. If McCain was so great, whyndidn’t They vote for him? No answer.
Yep, get used to it. This will go on for at least the next 19 months. They have no answers and the details aren’t worth arguing over.

Destroy Trump! is the battle cry. Details, means, or methods not important, questions and holes in the story do not apply. Today it’s Trump is not paying Enough homage. Heck, Trump is honoring McCain’s wishes by not showing up at his funeral. But nooooo. It’s never Enough.
Kick back enjoy. We all know the Senate ain’t going to convict and because they have no plan, no issues, and no answers. They will continue full steam ahead shooting arrows from their empty quiver and blanks from their empty guns.

The way Punchy talks about Paline and Flynn the Liar!, makes me believe he never had any children. Changes everything. Not instant families or playing house and make believe, but having one’s children and family to sacrifice everything for. And round off the edges. Yeah, Sarah is a quitter and Pasquale lied to the police. No context.


Seller beware!!!!

"A woman’s refusal to sell her Sacramento, California, home to a President Trump supporter may have cost her more than $100,000.
The woman is selling her two-bedroom, two-bathroom home for less than $500,000 after she listed it in March for $625,000, warning prospective buyers she would not accept offers from those who supported Trump, the San Francisco Chronicle reported."

The home’s most current listing is under a different realtor and does not mention these conditions of sale, the Sacramento Bee reported."

I bet the place is an overpriced shithole.

Don Bessee

The sharks smell shark blood in the water -




Just last week our Proggys bounced off their cages, and flung poo about Trump's trade policies. Looks like Trump put BIG fans in front of said cages. Sorry LIBS,, no bath till next Sat. We are in a drought.

Todd Juvinall

Did a lamestream media goon rent the house next to Palin so he could stalk and spy on her? Yes. And that is the reason Paul Emery is a weird ass man.

Paul Emery

Failed Governow who couldn't handle the job and bailed for celebrity bucks Todd. Typical opportunist who casned in in her 10 minutes of fame for celebrity bucks.
What has she done since then Todd?

Don Bessee

This is sure to get the socialist/dems frothing at the mouth -

President Donald Trump is hosting a group of evangelical leaders at the White House for dinner on Monday.
The dinner is closed to the press, but nearly a hundred evangelical leaders are expected to attend, according to sources familiar with the event.



Paul Emery

He's probably going to repent for his sins in prep for being borne again. Might get a quick dip in the Jesus tub and come out speaking in tongues which he'll be really good at since he's an expert in mindless blather.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 27 August 2018 at 07:37 PM

You truly are weird Paul Emery. Endorsing that stalker and spying on her. Did you see her panties?

What has she done? Hmmm. Well she helped get a shitload of R's elected and we took the House from Pelosi and your heros. Where were you that you don't recall all that? In Albania?

Bill Tozer

China influencing the Leftinistas


Paul Emery

Don't know about the "stalker' Todd. How come you knew about it and I didn't. Shows what you're interested in.

Todd Juvinall

WOW! You are a newsman and get the AP feeds? You show us all that what we think you news people do is correct. If you don't like it then you deny the rest of the people the info. I suggest you google it and get yourself educated and stop your biased leftiust crap. It was well reported back then and the man/stalker/reporter was proud of it all.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery is really a weird man. Endorsing stalking of women and sniffing undies.

Bill Tozer

Funny article: How to write the perfect glossy profile of Beto O’Rouke from home.


Beto, the Mexican loving progressive’s real name is Robert Francis O'Rourke who is an American political (D). You think? :)

Paul Emery


Just for curiosity I googled Sarah Palin Stalker and found out that the alleged incident happened years after she resigned as Governor (2009) so check it out Todd. Could not have been a reason for her quitting after only two years. You made that up, which is consistent with yo7ur constant lying on these pages. Here's the real reasons she quit-direct quotes

"She said leaving office is in the best interest of the state and will allow her to more effectively advocate for issues of importance to her, including energy independence and national security.

"I love my job and I love Alaska, and it hurts to make this choice, but I'm doing what's best for them," Palin said, the sun glinting off a seaplane on Lake Lucille behind her.

Palin, 45, said that, after deciding not to run for reelection as governor, she realized she did not want to finish out her term merely for the sake of doing so.

"As I thought about this announcement that I would not seek reelection, I thought about how much fun other governors have as lame ducks: They maybe travel around their state, travel to other states, maybe take their overseas international trade missions," she said

"As I thought about this announcement that I would not seek reelection, I thought about how much fun other governors have as lame ducks: They maybe travel around their state, travel to other states, maybe take their overseas international trade missions," she said.

"I'm not going to put Alaskans through that," she continued. "I promised efficiencies and effectiveness. That's not how I'm wired. I'm not wired to operate under the same old politics as usual."


Hummm I wonder where Paul plagiarized that from?

Now Paul makes excuses for the stalker.

One thing is for sure, Paul is TROLL mode tonight.

You might want to read what you posted.


Paul disses Sara, yet his admitted beliefs tell us he would vote for the likes of this.
"Julia Salazar, a progressive Democrat affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, has been touted as the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a young and hip socialist who would move the party further to the left. She also received an endorsement from the New York governor candidate Cynthia Nixon."

Spill it Paul,, is THIS what you want for America? YES OR NO!!!!
You have already outed yourself as a fascist.. Finish the job.

Don Bessee

It will make things easier that they are letting their true commie self shine through the Confucius institute bull shit -

For over a year, the Chinese government has withheld lab samples of a rapidly evolving influenza virus from the United States — specimens needed to develop vaccines and treatments, according to federal health officials.



Paul Emery

Nah Walt Not into the Lefties. Looking for a visionary Libertarian. Any ideas?
I'm a Fascist Walt? Can you share with me and our readers some examples that justifies your declaration.

Paul Emery


So also I'm guilty of plagerism. Do you know what that means Walt? Here's where I got her quote from 2009 Check it out:


Don Bessee

Check with the druids @ 920 ;-)

Don Bessee

Youza a double header -





The left drove Palin from Office in Alaska, just like they are trying to drive Trump from office with some help from the Never Trump cult. The reason the left went after Palin is that she might be President someday and they could not let that happen. The first woman President had to be ugly just like the lefty feminists. There was no room in their feminist world for a good looking woman President, she had to be driven from the campaign. Palin has some of the same skills as Trump, they all came from a working world and connected to working men and women. The left hates practical people as they can see right through the progressive horse puckey.


Lanny Davis screwed the pooch by lying his ass off.

So much for Punchy's declaration about him being a great lawyer.


I've thought since the get-go that the infamous Trump tower meeting was a false flag operation by the Clinton mafia. Lanny got confused- it was he, not Cohen who knew about the meeting before it happened. He probably set it up.

As for Trump knowing or not knowing, what difference does it actually make? He has already said he was ok with it, it was the normal thing to do, etc. L


What we've heard of the meeting also confirms the likelihood- as soon as the Trump parties failed to offer any inducement for the alleged dirt and started leaving, the discussion shifted to Russian orphans... L

Paul Emery


She quit to peruse media fame which she did for a while until the glow wore off and she got dumped by Fox.


Muller has iron-clad proof of collusion with the Russians- too bad it was only Hillary. Muller has all the corruption he could want, all he needs to do is pick up the intercom... L

Paul Emery


She quit being Governor to peruse media fame which she did for a while until the glow wore off and she got dumped by Fox.

Bill Tozer

I do have a soft spot for Classical Liberalism and true Libertarians.

“Bardo stated he’s been very pleased with Trump’s performance so far, since the public’s reverence for both the office of the presidency and the federal government as a whole has plummeted since he was sworn in.

“I’m gonna pop some popcorn, sit back, and just really savor this whole thing,” he said cheerily as he turned his TV to CNN and his iPhone to a Fox News live stream. “Ha, look at these CNN clowns starting to question whether the president should have so much power. I love it!”

“The right is attacking the FBI and CIA, the left is attacking the president—this truly is the best timeline,” he said, misty-eyed.



Paul sure has a short memory span.
Proof you say? YOUR the one demanding Bill be banned from here, because he said things you didn't like. That's Fascism Paul.
You might care to look that up.


Hey......looks like somebody is auditioning to be the next “jon”!


Paul Emery

Bill was accusing Greeks and Scots of bestiality which is hate talk and a lie. Do you believe him Walt when he says Greeks and Scots have sex with sheep?

Bill Tozer

Do you what makes our Leftinistas so darn special? It’s because they go places where no decent or even crass person would dare to trod....ever. It’s who they are.

“It all started when Team Palin posted a tribute poem for Trig, who has Down Syndrome, on his birthday. Seeing this as an exploitation of Trig as a “magic intellectually disabled baby prop,” Stuef responded harshly, questioning Trig’s parentage, implying he was conceived in incest, and using the R word. The comments weren’t much more forgiving.
“The only thing missing from this story is that the baby wasn't Black."

“Palin's faked 'pregnancy'? Covering for teen daughter?," in which the Kossacks posit that Governor Palin covered up her own teenage daughter's teen pregnancy by pretending it is her own child instead of her daughter's.”

These are just a few of the over-the-top posts on DailyKos concerning the lies that Palin faked her pregnancy. This is the sort of garbage we see everyday from the haters and rumormongers on extremist leftist sites like Kos and the Democratic Underground, even Huffington Post, for that matter
Aha! The Stalker

As published by the Los Angeles Times in April of 2010, not only were the two linked romantically, but were also stalking the Palin home in Alaska.
In the above cited article, it was also noted that noted D-lister made no secret in 2011 that her next target would be then 16-year-old Willow Palin, daughter of former-Alaska governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Since yesterday, even more reminders are surfacing of the alleged comedienne’s rather disgusting attack against Trig Palin, Sarah and Todd Palin’s youngest child, who just so happens to have been born with Down Syndrome.

Griffin saw fit in 2009 to post to social media her defense for referring to Trig as a “retarded baby”


Bill Tozer

Come on Punchy. The evidence is overwhelming. Not all Greeks. Just from the Northern Hill Country. Not all Scots. Just the Highlanders. Alnd all the research was started by academics, researchers, statisticians, and scientists long before me to discover why those two groups had higher than normal rates of diminished mental capacity and undeveloped frontal lobes well into adulthood. It’s was the researchers who discovered the correlation when beastiality and mental disability, not me. To be fair, correlation does not always equate to causation.

As I previously explained before, we are stuck with the age old question. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 August 2018 at 06:47 AM

What is “Hate Talk”?


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 28 August 2018 at 06:48 AM

Jeez Bill how bout a warning accompanying your link ......I need to go wash my eyes out with bleach now!

Bill Tozer

@ 6:41 am

The real story here was she slapped her teacher. She should never be allowed in that school again. Period. That is a breakdown of the teacher-pupil relationship and must not be tolerated or else the inmates will be running the asylum. .

The MAGA hat does touch on the new censorship in public schools, like state universities Let’s toss our minors at this time and private entities that receive no taxpayer funding. Ok, let’s take Berkeley or Fresno State. No use beating about the Bush.

-We have free speech and hate speech is protected speech. Most recent proof is last year’s SCOTUS 9-0 decision protecting free speech.

-We have public universities that have their statements of “our values”. Those values include a welcoming environment, inclusivity, no words that may hurt someone’s feelings or make someone feel sad or excluded...or mocked. Halloween costumes come to mind as well as the bad word “ghetto”. The use ghetto might make someone from the ghetto fell sad when the student thinks of what it is like growing up in the ghetto. Best not to utter that word.

So, we have the 1st Amendment directly in conflict with a university’s “values”. This issue also must take into account the learning environment. You won’t want to have loud protests and folks carrying signs and chanting outside a college classroom . And now the Janus case is threatening collecting mandatory student body fees to fund groups on campus, be it the Muslim Student Association, White Student Association, or LBGTQQQD groups that other students do not agree with politically and should not be forced to fund through mandatory collection of fees. (I made up the names of the three groups as hypothetical examples)

Interesting to watch how this plays out. Thoughts and policial views have no anti-discrimination protections afforded to the disabled, ethnic, racial, and religious groups, including atheists.
1st Amendment vs “community values”. I personally believe that in our country, every citizen is a minority of one, thus my view is in direct conflict with the various factions that comprise the coalition of the new face of the Democrat Party.


stolen from reddit:

One day , two men, a Greek and an Italian were sitting in a coffee shop discussing who had the superior culture.

Over triple lattes the Greek says, "Well, we have the Parthenon."

Arching his eyebrows, the Italian replies, "We have the Coliseum."

The Greek retorts, "We Greeks gave birth to advanced mathematics"

The Italian, nodding agreement, says, "But we built the Roman Empire."

And so on and so on until the Greek comes up with what he thinks will end the discussion.

With a flourish of finality he says, "We invented sex!"

The Italian thinks for a moment and then replies, "Ah, yes, that is true, but it was the Italians who introduced it to women."

Todd Juvinall

Barry Pruett posted this on SDB.

"The flag shall be flown at half-staff

30 days from the death of the President or a former President;

10 days from the day of death of the Vice President, the Chief Justice or a retired Chief Justice of the United States, or the Speaker of the House of Representatives;

from the day of death until interment of an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, a Secretary of an executive or military department, a former Vice President, or the Governor of a State, territory, or possession;

and on the day of death and the following day for a Member of Congress."

John McCain died on 25 August. Today is 27 August. The White House has followed proper protocol according to the US Code.

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