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03 August 2018


Don Bessee

Winning -

President Donald Trump’s immigration push has gained an 8 percent cut on the number of foreigners who illegally overstayed their tourist, business or temporary work visas during 2017, says a new report by the Department of Homeland Security.



Don Bessee

Not everyone is buying what faucahantas has tried to sell -



George Rebane

I do hope that PaulE does respond to the Dems' existential plan to actually have the government censor the internet, which is arguably the single biggest purveyor of news and opinion in the country, and most certainly the world. Since here we are talking about Dem leadership, can we still draw on dumbth as the reason for such policy plans. After all, these are the Left's elites (but then again, they include people like Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Sanders, and Warren). And we haven't even come to the Left's great unwashed, i.e. their constituencies.

Account Deleted

Maybe Paul can comment on this article. He was soooo concerned about separating families.
Or maybe Paul digs that kind of scene.
ICE has no way to verify the veracity of what some law-breaker accompanying a child or children says. That's just one of the reasons they separate the children from the adult(s).
Perhaps Paul can consider the viewpoint of a child being sexually molested. If Paul can even consider any viewpoint different from his.

Don Bessee

A little saline should help with that Muller -

“I understand how frustrated you are,” U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III said during the discussion. “In fact, there’s tears in your eyes right now.’’
When Prosecutor Greg Andres protested that he didn’t have tears in his eyes, the judge shot back: “Well, they’re watery.”

What follows is taken from the transcript:
“Look at me when you’re talking to me,’’ Ellis said to Andres.
“I’m sorry, judge, I was,’’ Andres said.
“No, you weren’t,’’ Ellis said. “You were looking down.’’
“Because I don’t want to get in trouble for some facial expression,’’ the prosecutor said. “I don’t want to get yelled at again by the court for having some facial expression when I’m not doing anything wrong, but trying my case.’’
Ellis said to another prosecutor: “You must be quiet.’’
“I’m sorry, judge,’’ Andres said.



Bill Tozer

Aha! More evidence that whatever the “Dems” accuse others of doing, they are doing themselves.

“But somewhere, somehow, someone must also must explain and rectify the past. For two years, the top employees of these agencies, most appointed during the Obama administration, have been engaged in unethical and illegal behavior, likely intended to throw the election to President Obama’s preferred candidate and then, after the election, to subvert the new presidency.

In other words, those who are warning of Russian collusion efforts to warp an election now work for agencies that in the recent past were doing precisely what they now rightly accuse the Russians of doing.”



Bill Tozer

Bruce Ohr

Ohr’s own notes, emails and text messages show he communicated extensively with Steele and with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. Those documents have been turned over in recent weeks to investigative bodies in Congress and the DOJ, but not reviewed outside the investigative ranks until now.

They show Ohr had contact with Steele in the days just before the FBI opened its Trump-Russia probe in summer 2016, and then engaged Steele as a “confidential human source” (CHS) assisting in that probe.

They also confirm that Ohr later became a critical conduit of continuing information from Steele after the FBI ended the Brit's role as an informant.

“B, doubtless a sad and crazy day for you re- SY,” Steele texted Ohr on Jan. 31, 2017, referencing President Trump’s firing of Sally Yates for insubordination.

Steele's FBI relationship had been terminated about three months earlier. The bureau concluded on Nov. 1, 2016, that he leaked information to the news media and was “not suitable for use” as a confidential source, memos show.

The FBI specifically instructed Steele that he could no longer “operate to obtain any intelligence whatsoever on behalf of the FBI,” those memos show.

Yet, Steele asked Ohr in the Jan. 31 text exchange if he could continue to help feed information to the FBI: “Just want to check you are OK, still in the situ and able to help locally as discussed, along with your Bureau colleagues.”

“I’m still here and able to help as discussed,” Ohr texted back. “I’ll let you know if that changes.”

Steele replied, “If you end up out though, I really need another (bureau?) contact point/number who is briefed. We can’t allow our guy to be forced to go back home. It would be disastrous.” Investigators are trying to determine who Steele was referring to.


Don Bessee

God Love em'



Don Bessee

Awww poor lil socialists -



Bill Tozer

Stop the violence!


Bill Tozer

Gregory might like this. 1/2 hour interview with Scott Adams (Dilbert) on a range of topics.....starts off with TDS, then to the current media, then on to...... From 11/2017.



I report, you decide.




Bill Tozer

We all should be very concerned and apprehensous about the totalitarian Leftinistas. First they came after the Trumpsters. Then they are shutting down the Libertarians, and now the Green Party. It’s their way or be beaten down into submission. It’s a bad spot to be if one is a Green or Libertarian, not to mention a Green Libertarian. Dissent is not only not to be tolerated, it is to be stamped out. The Nazi Youth are back.



They want Robert Cross’s entire “enemies”list of media outlets shut down, be it Breitbart or this site. It oozes from his every pore and he is not alone by any means. They want Dr. Rebane off his two minutes on KVMV, off the Union editorial staff, and his kind driven away whenever they peaceable assemble in our parks.

I have a feeling they are well aware they are doing MORE damage to our country than the Russians could be ever in their wildest dreams hope to accomplish.
Consensus does not need protections. Dissent is why we have Constitutional protections and our inalienable rights...to protect dissenters from the mob consensus.

Remember this. A site was blocked because they felt posting the Declaration of Independence constitued hate speech.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 08 August 2018 at 08:11 AM

They want Dr. Rebane off his two minutes on KVM(R?), off the Union editorial staff, and his kind driven away whenever they peaceable assemble in our parks.

Yes....our bobby pens his intermittent missives with all the ennui that an increasingly irrelevant 600 lb. "gatekeeper" can muster.

Bill Tozer

Our man on the beat hits the streets learn about the 1st Amendment. Not just any streets where the weak minded unwashed have their being......but straight to Columbia U, a prestigious Ivy League college, a place of higher learning where the best and the brightest are enlighten and share their Enlightment. Also known as “our betters.”


Paul Emery

The swamp drain continues

Congressman Chris Collins Arrested For Insider Trading
Collins’ son and the father of his son’s fiancee were also charged.


Bill Tozer

@ 8:24.
Yep, there are similarities with the 600 pound slob and other piggies. We must trust only PolitiFact above all else...or else. A demand, not a request. Who is PolitiFact but just some 600 pound freak of nature with coke bottle glasses pounding out her wacko extreme far left wing bias on her computer reveling in her narcism thinking she is not only revenant but the final word. Delusional is a kind way to describe the swine. Oink, oink.

Yep, the Oinker sounds just like Bobbie. The Russians knew the exact places to hit to get the exact votes to win the election so that Trump enrich the 1% and the expense of the rest of us Americans.

O'DONNELL: “What do I think? Did they come in there and make Trump win when every single exit poll and every person in America knew for sure that Hillary Clinton was going to win. Do you think there was anything to do with Russia? Or just a real big swirl for Donald Trump in these specific areas with the same exact votes that were needed? I don't know. It looks very hinky to me”

“Therefore, the administration is a lying bunch of goombah mafiosos who collaborated with the Russians to steal the election in order to institute a fascist management style that instituted reverse Robin Hood policies in order to increase their personal wealth on the backs of the rest of Americans. On this we can agree.

Posted by: Robert Cross | 29 July 2018 at 12:14 PM”

Hmm. Rosie the Pig sounds like Ms. Bobbie the Pig. Oink, oink.


Paul Emery


Astonishing Republican decline in Ohio 12th District Congressional district. Pat Tiberi received 66% in 2016 over Dems 29% Yesterdays House race were virtually dead even at 49% each. That's a 26% decline in support for the Republicans. Unbelievable drop of support. The Blue Wave is gearing up up.


'Crickets'@9:20AM "The Blue Wave is gearing up up."

lol. It's good to hear the unbiased KVMR crack news department weigh in on a matter.

re: Rosie

It occurred to me that since Paul can't find the jillions of times that infowars is used on the Rebane site, I'll go ahead and start using it so he can feel good about at least one little thing.


Nice pic.


One for the wall.



The Green Libertarians™ strike again.....

Green party spoiler candidate in Ohio election whose 1,100 votes could tilt outcome says his ancestors were from another planet and can't remember his own campaign website address

Joe Manchik played spoiler Tuesday in Ohio, taking nearly enough votes in from the Democrat in a special election to trigger a statewide automatic recount

The native of Hell, Michigan says his ancestors came from a distant planet and couldn't remember his own website address during an interview this year

He claims marijuana is the solution to opioid addiction and says he speaks 19 languages including 'Spanglish' and 'Sheet Music'

Calls Israel's prime minister a 'war criminal' and says every American should be required to grow hemp

There are still thousands of absentee and provisional votes to count, nearly 5 times the Republican candidate's apparent margin of victory

Ohio law says officials can't start counting them for 11 days


Todd Juvinall

Rumor is a 90% turnout of democrats in Ohio 12 and a 50% for R's. And we still retained the seat. Where is that wave colored blue?

Any Congressman caught insider trading should be arrested and if convicted, jailed, just like anyone else. Still waiting for Senator Menedez to fess up and many others.

Paul Emery

Just reporting the facts scenes. Do you deny the numbers?

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 9:32 am
I have mentioned the following twice before:

I once was taking in the afternoon news segment. This guy went on for a full hour that Sandy Hook never happened! The classroom where the “shootings” took place was in reality used as a storage room, stacked high with school desks and extra furnishings, unfit for a classroom with pupils and teachers and not in service. The ballistics did not match any of the guns recovered. The bullets recovered were from firearms different from the shooters gun and could not even fit into the shooter’s guns. The CIA used actors from their secret acting school in Arizona. The news media coverage of grieving parents and eye witnesses were the same people the press interviewed from a prior school shootings. It went on and on and I thought their may be some truth to the “coverup”. Never happened. It was orchestrated. .

As proof that CIA paid actors were used, an video tape was played and the voice of one of the interviewees was that from another prior school shooting thousands of miles away...in Colorado or something. Female voice. The voices sounded a bit similar, must be one and the same!
The guy doing the long report said, “I realize you cannot see this video listening on the radio, but I will play the tape again so you can hear the voice of the woman (wearing a wig and sunglasses for disguise) again and hear it’s the same woman...an actresses from the CIA school in Arizona.

I heard that long investigative report on KVMR, years before I ever heard of Alex Jones. KVMR’s news director had to be aware of what the small alternative FM station was airing that day, ROFLMAO.

Keep on embarrassing yourself, Popinjay. If you missed any of the 9/11 Truthers’ spiels, I am certain your can dig them up on some old KVMR podcasts. Rosie the Pig is a 9/11 Truther as well.....and Van Jones.....and Ophra....and....



Paul Emery

That was from an independent program not KVMR News Bill. It had a disclaimer. KVMR advocates free speech with disclaimers. KVMR News is from 6-6:30. that's my charge.

Paul Emery

The numbers ae facts Todd. Rumors are rumors. when you get the facts let us know.

Bill Tozer

Fakenews man: Glad to see you distant yourself from what passes as news aired on KVMR’s mid day news. Go job Popinjay. It was not me, it was the other dude!

Well, it you only responsible from 6-6:30, that’s a sweet jig, 18% funded by the taxpayers a few minutes work. Roll the tape and play on the Internet. Everybody wants more pay and less work. You done it. Good job.

Paul Emery

Ever produce a news program Bill? How can you comment on the amount of work it takes if you haven't.

Todd Juvinall

Oh Paul Emery, you are just too funny. As far as a program, I did a KNCO program for three hours every other Friday for four years. And I did a NCTV show every week for three years. It is not much work if you know what you are doing.

Bill Tozer

Judging by the contents of your program, Mr. News Director, you spend 5 minutes of prep. I am well acquainted with producing multiple award winning programs across several media formats, albeit I never ran a tiny hole in the wall station in a tiny market , nor ever had the taxpayers help me out, nor am I familiar with walking around with my palms facing up waiting for BIg Bro or the end consumer to drop some toppins in my beggar’s cup. Alms for the poor, alms for the poor, lol.

Paul Emery

Can you give me some documentation as to the " multiple award winning programs across several media formats," you produced Bill?

You're KNCO program was all you talking Todd (talk show) , something you're quite good at. It was not a news program.

Bill Tozer

No Punchy, you can go dig it yourself....assuming you know where to look other than my curruent pen name. Producing is easy money, yet very unfulfilling. Easiest money in the world. The trouble with the news business is it is soooo sleazy. The trouble with the film business is it is very sleazy. The trouble with the music business is it is twice as sleazy as the movie business, if could be possible. Full of neurotics, top to bottom. I am through working with neurotics. But, hey, I am a firm believer that all work has value, even what little you do. So, go break a leg and get out there and beg. Alms for the poor, alms for the poor. Live for the applause. “They really do love me!” To each his own. You wear your TDS well, bubble boy.


Speaking of numbers, Punch, I understand all of President Trump's endorsees won and all of She Guevara's lost.


"She Guevara" lol. I like that. Kind of like "Last of the Fauxhicans".

Infowars news:

To be fair, I think that most of the (D) voting fraud, at least the part that isn't illegals or dead people, is by going to nursing homes and having a social worker 'help' grandma fill in the correct entries.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, preparing for a "
talk show" of three hours is much more difficult then what you do. All you do is pull off stories supplied by AP and mouth them. I had to actually discuss with callers the ins and outs of the issues. You are lazy.

Paul Emery

Todd, if you listened to the show you would find that over 80% of all our material is original news. We do not subscribe to AP Have a listen and check it out. 89.5 FM Mon thru FRI 6PM

Todd Juvinall

YUou should give me a show and then the station might become a success.




Paul Emery

KVMR is booming Todd with record membership, underwriting and volunteer support. We're actually in the process of starting a second frequency. You're invited to contribute to the news program if you like. Contact me and I'll talk to you about.

Off to the fair. Perhaps I'll see you there.

Todd Juvinall

Friday and Saturday 6-10

Bill Tozer

Let's hear about the moral victories the Dems scored last night. Local races are tricky. In Ohio, the R’s ran an older dower face, a uninspiring stick in the mud with the personality of napkin vs a younger fresh more energetic personality. Those are hard to call. Cortez the Conquerer, the media darling and new shiny toy exalted by the media at the speed of light from unknown to soaring heights, won her shockwave with 11% Dem turnout in a primary contained within a tiny district. To project that into a national trend is wishful thinking, yet all the Fakenews media gave us was their wishful thinking. Their wishful thinking and their exuberance. Heard today that the Blue Wave (based on last night) will crush the R’s with 60 or more seats flipped...maybe more! That’s not news, that is turning losses into moral victories, which in turn are the basis for projecting a big fat blue wave sweeping the nation from sea to shinning sea. At this point, they will take all the good news they can snatch out of defeat. Without hope, the people perish. Boy, they need to catch a break and couldn’t go on much longer without a bit of good news. Winning, like losing, becomes a habit.

Anyway, however the 2018 midterms turn out, I got to hand it to both the futures winners and future losers for putting it out there, laying it on the line, and putting it all on the table before us critics in the peanut gallery.


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