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03 August 2018


Bill Tozer

Ok Robert Cross, now it’s your time to shine! Please show us where Don’s Post is inaccurate. Was the video of the Botox Queen fake? Where her words put into her mouth by someone else?
Please, please, please back up your claim that the contents of the link Don posted is fake, inaccurate, and proof positive of “ living in an alternative of fact”.

Please, Mr. Cross, please point out what you dispute in the link so we all can be informed like you. Was the color of Nancy’s dress wrong? Please, enlighten us! Please point out the errors. Heaven forbid we live in an alternative universe of fact..

Come on, Mr. Cross. It’s he monent you have been waiting for. Prove Don wrong.

“They did this handing a massive tax cut to the wealthiest families. 83 percent of the benefits went to the top 1 percent, couple trillion dollars added to the national debt. And then they said, ‘How are we going to be pay for that? We’re going to cut Medicare and we’re going to cut Social Security. $1.4 billion dollars in Medicare — no — $1.4 trillion dollars in [Medicaid] and half a trillion in Medicare. It’s stunning. Together, two trillion, 1.4 Medicaid, half a trillion Medicare.”


Tic toc, tic toc tic toc tic toc tic toc...


I wonder sometimes if old politicians like Pelosi are wandering into dementia? or if it's just that they give so many 100's of speeches with the same staff-written talking points ("MY OPPONENT IS GOING TO CUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY!!!") that they are just running on autopilot and forget the plot.


Hey, at least they're not going to tip over Guam.

It's been fun reading about Sarah Jeong and her twitters.

Luckily, the Huffingtons know better:

It's just hard right trolls at work, nothing to see.


Pelosi speaks.


Todd Juvinall

Looks like BooboieCross has been caught lying again. One thing about liberals they deny the video ot the words spoken or seen like a man does to his abused wife. What? I hit you? You are goofy! Anyway Cross has no creds anyway.


I guess Bobby wants tax cuts for those who don't pay any taxes.


Read it and weep ECO bastards.

It FAR from new news
In a study titled “Biofuels and the Environment: The Second Triennial Report to Congress,” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that ethanol derived from corn and soybeans is causing serious harm to the environment. Water, soil and air quality were all found to be adversely affected by biofuel mandates."

Not to mention the engine damage, less fuel economy.
And burning FOOD is a good idea?

Bill Tozer

“I wonder sometimes if old politicians like Pelosi are wandering into dementia? or if it's just that they give so many 100's of speeches with the same staff-written talking points ("MY OPPONENT IS GOING TO CUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY!!!") that they are just running on autopilot and forget the plot.”


Bill Tozer

No bias here.

C02 is bad.

Bill Tozer

@ 7:06
Luckily, the Huffington Post knows better.

Ah contraire, the Huffington Post knows best. :). Goodbye National Review. This should make Bobby happy, finally. Spoiled children are always so miserable and double down when they don’t get their way.

“But ignore the trolls you must. This includes the gleeful, snickering chuds who strip old tweets of their context and send them back out into the world. And this also includes the establishment figures like Ari Fleischer and publications like the National Review, the folks wailing about an Asian woman’s “anti-white racism,” as if there were such a thing.”

Since Bobbie isn’t looking, I will be a naughty insubordinate deplorable clinger and take a peek at the National Review. Holy Smokes! Why do they hate Asian women? Why, why, why?


Don Bessee

Way to go for the kids!



Don Bessee

They just can not help themselves -

Twitter slapped Turning Point USA Communications Director Candace Owens with a temporary suspension after she highlighted racist posts made by Sarah Jeong, the recent New York Times hire whose long history of bigoted tweets about white people has placed the newspaper at the center of a public outcry. The beleaguered platform then reversed the ban, calling it an “error” in an email to Owens.
Owens’ tweets mimicked the wording of Jeong’s, with one important difference: Owens substituted the words “Jewish people” for “white people,” in an attempt to show that some forms of racism are considered more acceptable than others.



Don Bessee

Thanks open boarder freaks -

His first incident was in 2013, when he was charged with drunken driving. About a month later, Khammasi was charged with criminal extortion where investigators believe he threatened a man and his family and set a car on fire.

Court records stated Khammasi was sentenced to two years of probation after pleading guilty to first-degree trespassing of a dwelling in 2014. Khammasi was on an immigration hold that day.

His criminal history continued this year when Khammasi was arrested in January for allegedly possessing a stolen handgun. He posted $1,000 cash bail in February and was free until Thursday’s shooting. His Friday court appearance was on the gun charge.
It’s unclear, however, if or why Khammasi was not deported in the five years.
Khammasi was charged with attempted first-degree murder, possession of a weapon by a previous offender and felony menacing on Friday. He is being held without bond.



Don Bessee

Two devil spawn get hitched -



George Rebane

DonB 1136am - The conservatives here give detailed criticisms of progressive policies with ample citations of their existence and effects. It sure would be informative to have some of our liberal commenters either defend or counter their policies instead of delivering another nothing-burger broadside of TDS. Is there a message in there somewhere when they refuse to stand up for their progressive path to our future?


Dr. Milan Vodicka PhD (an Independent Education Management Professional) is on the warpath on The Union editorial pages again, and while I formulate a response, I thought it interesting that the degree granting institution for the PhD, the California Institute of Integrative Studies in 'Frisco, granted Angela Davis an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters in Healing and Social Justice in their 48th commencement ceremony in 2016.

Isn't that special?

Don Bessee

Ah ha -



Todd Juvinall

Gregory I read his screed. It is truly sad.

Robert Cross

News flash!!! According to trump, Donnie Jr.'s meeting with operatives of a foreign government in order to get dirt on Hillary was totally legal. What do you think boys, is it legal, is it adhering to the spirit of the Constitution, is it moral?


Bobby. It was OK when Hillary's crew did it. AND paid a foreign national FOR it.
That's the queer thing about Proggys like you. It's OK when your side does it, but scream " CRIME" when the opposing party does almost the same thing. No money changed hands, the info was bogus. And the meeting was over in minutes.

OH.. You have yet to say how collusion was a crime,,, "Crickets" Jr.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 05 August 2018 at 02:42 PM

What do you think boys, is it legal, is it adhering to the spirit of the Constitution, is it moral?

1) We’ll see.

2) Not sure that there are any constitutional issues in play here Bobby.

3) There is nothing immoral that can’t be done to a Clinton


,,,747 fire fighter grounded by Forest Service
,,,yoohoo,,,are you listening trumpski!!!

Bill Tozer

Newsflash Bobbie!!!
Morality has nothing to do with it.
Don J did not know he was meeting with “operatives of a forgein government” until well after the meeting in which he abruptly stood up and walked out of as soon as he figured out that no dirt was to be presented. Don (and others with him ) met with someone who represented herself an advocate for the adoption of Russian children by US citizens blocked by the Russian government in reaction to the Magnitsky Act. The meeting came to a dead stop at that point. The Magnitsky Act was signed by Obama in 2012, later revised by Congress in 2016.

“In response to the adoption of the Magnitsky Act, the Russian government denied Americans adoption of Russian children, issued a list of US officials prohibited from entering Russia, and posthumously convicted Magnitsky as guilty. In addition, the Russian government reportedly lobbied against the legislation acting through a public relations company led by Kenneth Duberstein.[

Ban on U.S. adoption of Russian children: Dima Yakovlev Law
On December 19, 2012, the State Duma voted 400 to 4 to ban the international adoption of Russian children into the United States. The bill was unofficially named after Dmitri Yakovlev (Chase Harrison), a Russian toddler who accidentally died of heat stroke in 2008 when his adoptive American father forgot he was in the back seat of his SUV. The next year, 2013, two additional laws were purposed, one was to prevent US citizens from working with political NGOs in Russia and a second law, eventually abandoned, prevented any foreigner from speaking on state television if they discredited the state.”

Newsflash Bobbie!, Don did the moral thing by walking out of the meeting, not even knowing the lady lawyer was a “foreign official”.

Newsflash Bobbie! Hillary paid for dirt on Trump that knowingly orgininated from Russian officials. There is your Collusion with Russia, Bobbie, in a nutshell. While I am not an expert on the in and outs of US Campaign laws, I would hazard to guess that Don Jr’s actions were legal. In fact, it would be political malpractice to not do so.
Since no charges have been filed against Hillary for colluding with forgein officials to influence and affect a Presidential election, I would have to surmise that her actions were legal, but not moral.

Newsflash Bobbie!!! Do your homework. The whole thing was a set up paid by the Clinton Campaign and the “Intel” went directly from DOJ’s Bruce Ohr’s wife a Fusion GPS employee)to Assoicate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who in turned Fed it directly to the FBI. He has since lost his position and is gone due to the IG report, lol.
It was a set up and Don Jr. don’t suffer fools like her or you.


Bill Tozer

Oh Bobbie, I may have been too harsh on you. My excuse (albeit inexcusable) was my leader told me to get in your face and argue with my neighbors. I am just a weak minded worm. Forgive me. At least my leader likes guns!



Posted by: '''M''' | 05 August 2018 at 03:20 PM

So what’s your beef dugski.....this is what the left wants......more government regulation.


Posted by: '''M''' | 05 August 2018 at 03:20 PM

What.....no comment?

Hmmm .......must be a new installment of the Star Wars franchise out.

Robert Cross

Walt-- Hillary is NOT the President of the United States so it doesn't really matter what she did or didn't do. If she was president that would be a different story.
Bill -- you information is outdated -- Trump lawyers have admitted that 1). JR. and the others went to the meeting knowing full well that the purpose was to get dirt on Hillary 2). The Donald knew about it and wrote the press release attributed to Jr. when the whole thing surfaced -- that is why all of the bluster about the meeting being legal in an attempt to soften public opinion, and no the meeting had nothing to do with adoption.. that was just a cover story

Davey-- Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi you need a new song.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 05 August 2018 at 04:09 PM

Like I said bobby ..........there is nothing political that can’t be done to a Clinton. Other democraps......need to look at them on a case by case basis.....but the Menopausal Avenger......no need to pull any punches!

Don Bessee

I would love to see the cross one to tell Tonto that Benghazi does not matter to his face. I have met Tonto in person. It wouldn't be pretty.


Don Bessee

The joys of socialism -




LOL! SpongeBob,, Neither was Trump when the meeting happened.

You still haven't shown any form or crime. Talking to a Russian isn't a crime. Opposition research isn't a crime.(ask Hillary)
But your Proggy overlords Paid millions for bullshit fake info.
Suckers... Just like you.

Bill Tozer

Bobbie, kindly tried to pull your head out of you ass (if humanly possible) and read the black on the page instead of the white.

No one disputes that Don J. went to get dirt offered on the Hillary campaign. No one. Not even me and my information may be outdated, but not inaccurate.

“in which he abruptly stood up and walked out of as soon as he figured out that no dirt was to be presented.”...... The meeting came to a dead stop at that point......”

“In fact, it would be political malpractice to not do so.”

Ok, I should have said, “In fact, it (seeking dirt on Hillary) would be political malpractice to not do so.” Who in their right mind would turn down a meeting that was promised as delivering dirt on a political opponent? Who. That would be crazy and political malpractice. Heck, even Senator Warner jumped at the chance when, under similar circumstances, flew off across the pond to meet with someone who promised dirt on Trump.
Like it or not, politics is a blood sport. That is why I like James Carvelle so much and other partisans. Despite the spin, the Ragin Cajun will be the first one to tell ya that this mamby pamby “Stop the vitriol” mantra back then made him sick. He said politicits is bare knuckle brawling.
Or, as I once said, it’s a no holds barred cage match fight to the death. Two men either, one man leaves.

I have a question for ya. Yes, Trump is President, but why hasn’t Meuller investigated the attempts of the dirty rotten thriving lying Rooskies to hack into the RNC server??? Hmmm? The FBI warned the RNC Of hostile actor attempts to hack the RNC servers about the same time the FBI warned the DNC and Podesta Campaign. Why?

Why has Meuller not sent investigators to interview the Russian lawyer lady. She is waiting....she is waiting....


Maybe Meuller is looking for love in all the wrong places. There is something about Natalia. Hubba, hubba.

Don Bessee

A clearer understanding of the socialist/dem/communists -

Sad! Survey Shows Shocking Percentage of Americans Are Unable to Name a Single First Amendment Right

Of the more than 1,000 people surveyed in May and June of this year, only one person was able to name all five First Amendment rights. A whopping 40 percent, however, couldn't name any.

The other rights didn't fare so well, however, with just 15 percent of respondents naming freedom of religion, 13 percent naming freedom of the press, 12 percent naming freedom of peaceful assembly, and a measly 2 percent naming the freedom to petition the government.

The survey comes amid a national debate regarding whether or not free speech includes hate speech. The ACLU, for example, claimed free speech sometimes “can inflict serious harms and ... often will impede progress toward equality” in a leaked memo.


Ignorant is as ignorant does.


Bill Tozer

Newsflash Bobbie!!! The cover story was dirt on Drunk Hillary. The real story is the presenters at the Trump Beautiful Awesome Terrific Towers meeting used the cover story to talk about the Magnitsky Act and had no dirt to offer. Screw that.

Unlike you, I have read the complete e-mails (from my sites) that precededed the meeting and the full conservations between Jr. and his “acquaintance” that set up the meeting, not just the partial releases found in the press on the sites you recommend and trust. Akin to CBS playing loose with the truth and doctoring the 911 calls made by George Zimmerman in the Trevon Martin affair. Creative editing, lol. Yeah, those CBS producers got fired as well.

How come the more one digs into Trump, the more Dems and Deep State figures get fired? Why is that? Damn, everything the Progressive Socialist Commie bastards do blows up in their faces. The more they dig, the more the stink with the liberal Socialist fingerprints all over it is uncovered. Odd. If you find yourself in rut, quit digging. But noooo, they never listen to me.

I was wondering what the dog days of summer would bring. A nothing-burger. Just recycled stories from 18 months ago. Sad. Strike that. Pathetic, not sad. Nothing left in your quiver, eh? Try more healthcare for all and demolish ICE!! Millions will die!! SThat’s a sure fire winner, trust me on that. :). Snooze. We be waiting.

Recycle time:

George Rebane

re RobertC 242pm - Gentlemen, don't drive him off. Mr Cross is about to give us the true stories on the "spirit of the Constitution" and the "morality" of doing opp-research by political parties. This dissertation is not to be missed.

Bill Tozer

@5:10 pm

Ok, I will be nice. In fact, I will give Mr. Robert Cross some advice that someone should of given his parents. A peace offering.



I must beg to differ Dr.R. The hot Russian chick gave more info to Jr. than Bobby will produce here.


A little insight to just how STUPID the radical Left is.
"Gun control activists who took part in Saturday’s “March on NRA” uttered numerous profundities such as their desire to ban “fully semiautomatic guns” and their belief that it is “ammunition that makes a semiautomatic [an] automatic.”

Back to the "fully semi-automatic" crap? And a redo of "it's the ammo"????
Good GOD Proggys!!,, you that ignorant?

Bill Tozer

5:46 pm

Boy, the Leftinistas just can’t wait for school to start up back again so they can have another mass shooting on their hands and have a reason for living.

Speaking about reasons for living, when is Nirvana City going to have another snooze fest Town hall meeting? I should have set off firecrackers to liven it up. Oh well, there is always next time. Anybody out there got a AR-57 to show to the crowd? HH88 wanted them banned, but it’s a mute point now. Ok, I will be nice(r). I love you all.

It’s gonna be a long hot summer. Nothing to do but f@k, fight, and fix flats. Sounds like what is going on in Portland and Berzekly this lovely weekend. The hooligans are blowing off some steam. Shouldn’t they be in Summer Camp or something? School’s out and they boys are getting frisky. Nothing to do but mix it up, I reckon.

Let’s talk about voter fraud. That is always met with strong denials everytime. Every single time. Prove it! OAN cannot be trusted! Video is too long (8 minutes) but think of it like summer school for the delinquents. Or skip the video and take in some memes.






Don Bessee

Just sayin'

The income trap is a situation where a country’s growth rate slows down as it reaches middle income. The Lewis point is a situation where the “reserve army” of labor shrinks, pushing wages and eroding the country’s competitive advantage in labor intensive industries. Chinese labor becomes expensive vis-à-vis India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. And that places additional pressure on the country’s growth.
Meanwhile, China has yet to develop a robust domestic consumer market that will accommodate its growing production capacity.
That’s why China will have to give in to American demands.



Bill Tozer

Our dear friends on the left have been busy with the virtue signaling lately, seemingly all at once and all on the same page. Gotta admire the way they speak with one voice at the exact same time. Wonder what the message will be Tuesday?




It's a funny thing really.

Remember ol' Bernie Sanders?

“If poverty is increasing, and if wages are going down,” Mr. Sanders said that year, “I don’t know why we need millions of people to be coming into this country as guest workers who will work for lower wages than American workers and drive wages down even lower than they are right now.”

Obviously I can find numerous quotes by (D) leadership showing the former interest in borders.

The pivot the Democrats have made to being radical open borders activists is really interesting. I can think of a few reasons, but I really don't have a strong insight why this happened.

. They hate GEOTUS so much that anything he is against, they are for.
. Increasingly Third World face to the Democrats, a wish to help the people back home.
. A hatred of traditional Western culture, no doubt this is the quickest way to bring it down.
. A simple lack of interest in favoring your countrymen over the rest of the world. In fact, the rest of the world is worth more.

Heck, even the Soviets internally pondered this for quite some time. The final result was a USSR which was highly Russia-centric including language education.

Perhaps one of our local 'progressive' folks can enlighten me what the thinking process is here. Even Crickets is welcome to chime in.

Account Deleted

Black Lives Matter celebrates Obama's birthday in Chi-Town!
63 shot, 10 dead.
Must be all those 3-D printed guns, huh?

Bill Tozer

@ 9:43

You would think that 2-D guns would be easier to conceal.


,,,I would rather be Russian than Democrat,,,goes with you MAGA hat,,,the local yokels say Dems are commies but the Reps want to be Russian,,,so which is it boys???



Posted by: ’’’M’’’ | 06 August 2018 at 08:02 AM

Oh dugski.......lots of Russians around these days.....why don't you take a poll?

Bill Tozer

Priorities, priorities.


Bill Tozer

I hate that when it happens. ROFLMAO. Opps.


Robert Cross

George 5:10 -- Op research is one thing-- colluding with a foreign government that is supposedly a sworn enemy to interfere in our elections is quite another, legal or not. You can duck that all you want with BS excuse after excuse, but it does not change what happened. You all would poop your pants if it was Hillary in the White House and would be screaming for impeachment. But since it is trumpy you will find it in your hearts to forgive and forget. How quaint.

Todd Juvinall

Oh BoobieC please. The "colluding" was done by your hero Hillary. No proof Trump did anything but lots of proof your babe did. You cannot change the facts to meet your bias. We will be there to expose your lying ways.


You all would poop your pants if it was Hillary in the White House and would be screaming for impeachment.

Nahh....that's really more of a dugski thing! You may have an opportunity to prove you thesis though. There have been rumblings to the effect that Hillarys people were sniffing around for dirt on Trump and making contact with people from the Russian government to that end!

Tell you what bobby .....turns out the dems were doing what you accuse the Trump campaign of doing and you go ahead and crap yourself.....the Trump campaign was doing something similar and I owe you a Coke!

.....and as always......thanks bobby.

Don Bessee

Good guy with a gun -



George Rebane

RobertC 920am - It appears that you’re innocent of what went on during the 2016 campaign. No matter, but what I’m really disappointed in is that our anticipated lecture on the “spirit of the Constitution” and the “morality” of op-research is not forthcoming. In the interval, you might check back to see what ‘colluding’ and ‘conspiracy’ mean, and then attempt relate those with what Hillary and the DNC (with Obama’s help) did with the Russians. Sure was looking forward to your insights.


Revisionism right before your vary eyes.
"MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough gave President Obama credit for the improved economy and then declared himself a conservative on Monday morning’s episode of “Morning Joe.” "

Bill Tozer

Let Robert make her case. The immorality of it and all that stuff. She finds the whole affair rather unpalatable. Collusion with foreign officials and all that. Please, let her make her case and let the virtue signaling commence. She wants to claim the moral high ground. Her opinion is very important to her. We need to listen and feel her pain.

I suppose some differences between between the two campaigns (Clinton and Trump) was the Trump Campaign was sitting around doing their thing when they were approached by some folks claiming they had dirt on a political opponent that they wished to share, while Hillary paid folks to go out and find some dirt, even if you have to make it up. One had a gift dropped in their laps while the other went out on a search and destroy mission. One had mana from heaven fall on their heads, while the other took a shovel to dig up whatever they could....and do some creative writing. Artistic license and all that.

As much as many have much reverence for Woodward and Bernstein, the truth was they were approached by Deep Throat and the goods were dropped in their laps. It’s not like they uncovered the story all on their own, but simply had to go the leg work to verify the stuff they were given......but I digress.

Another difference is that Trump the true novice never ran for office before, not even for the lowest of lowly position such as a school board position before (thank goodness, those school board folks are the most wacked out unhinged and ridiculed lowest of low folks on earth), while his opponent was a seasoned veteran of political campaigns. But, let Ms. Cross state her case of the immorality of it all.
On a related topic and not addressed to Bobbie Sue:
Hard to think of one country that has not hired lobbyists to have their case heard in Congress or the Administration. Just read that Venezula hired a US firm for PR and lobbying efforts to make their case. During the race to the White House, I was upset and dismayed that Trump brought into his campaign the guy who ran Bob Dole’s campaign. I was livid. Why would he bring a RINO into his campaign? Stay away from those mo fo neocons, Mr. Trump. Get the hell away from our 3rd Party candidate, Citizen Donald J. Trump. Screw that. Those types will ruin everything. After a bit of research, I discovered that Bob Dole is working for a DC firm whose client is Tawain. When Trump called the President of Tawain directly, the press and “foreign policy experts” blew a gasket. Nobody does that! China was deeply offended and dishonored, everybody but me went nuts. I knew that Bob Dole was lobbying for Tawain and had his man in the campaign. Thus, the direct call from Trump to Tawain. Fortunately, the Dole campaign manager did not last long on Trump’s team. Thank our lucky stars. Chalk that one up to inexperience and being a newcomer to DC. I suppose that don’t count as colluding with a foreign country because Tawain is not a country or is recognized as a country by the UN or anybody else, not even on the list of countries of the globe.

Guess Trump took in Reince Priebus to throw the Establishment a bone and calm their nerves. He is gone as well. There is much positive things to say about experience, but what kind of experience? Reince did a good job all in all, straddling the line between the old and the new, between the inside and the outside. At least he did not sabotage Trump’s campaign via the RNC like the Debbie Whatzername Sargent Shultz the Nazi did to Bernie....but again, I digress.

Exciting times, bro. Exciting times. As far as the Trump Tower thang goes, it looks like the worse case scenario is that Trump lied to the public in 2017 about any pre-knowledge of the meeting. Oh well. Maybe it was Jr. saying, “Pops, I am heading to a meeting where so and so says they have some dirt on dishonest Crooked Wall Street Whore Hillary”. Trump probably said let me know what you find.

Yes, Trump lied. He say he would get the economy going with 3% GDP, but it came in at 4%. Liar! :).

Bill Tozer

A point of clarification. I like Bob Dole. On any bill, he would bring in both sides of the issue into his office, one at a time. I remember a Tel-Com bill was working it’s way through Congress. He brought in the folks on the pro-side into his office and have them state their case with a open minded hearing, asking questions and hearing them out. Then he brought in the Ma Bell bigwig types into his office so they could address their concerns and point of view. Then the press went nuts saying he was cozying up to the evil powerful corperatists and lobbyists, lol. In reality, he educated himself and knew the in and outs of the bill more than anyone else and how it would affect one side or the other (or both), and was the most informed person on the bill on the Senate floor. That be Bob Dole. Good man and great sense of humor.

My gripe with the RINOs is they simply do not want a good immigration reform bill, not to mention the Wall. Period. Rubio, Jeb and the Bush people, Graham, Scott Walker, McCain, Ted Cruz, the whole lot of them. They all have POVs and other issues I have points of agreement on, and they all can sound great in their speeches and rhetoric. But, they all go squishy on the border. All the Dems are opposed to clamping down on illegal immigration....all of them.
So, the only ones that want The Wall, elimate the lottery program, eliminate chain migration, give top priority to the best and brightest concerning legal immigration...the only ones (besides the merger 11 members of the Heritage caucus) supporting such immigration policies are Trump and his Deplorables. Us against the world. That is familiar terrority for the Irredeemables......all 60 million of us. I like the odds better with Trump than with the “R”s getting the job done. After 30 years of promises. patience has grown thin. Get er done, Mr. President and we will continue cleaning up our side of the street by taking the trash out.

Don Bessee

Back in the USSR -

In the crazy, topsy-turvy year of 2018, socialism is somehow on the rise in America. To those of us unfortunate enough to have been born in the Soviet Union, this is troubling.
The new socialists say it’s different this time. They have a new name and everything: “Democratic Socialism.”
Don’t buy it: It’s still based on the same old, failed redistributionist tenets as the old kind — the kind that gave rise to devastating failure in my family homeland.

Yet their ideas just aren’t much different from those that formed the basis for that failed state: “from each according to his ability to each according to his needs.”
The YDSA website even admits that some industries will have to come under government control: “While the large concentrations of capital in industries such as energy and steel may necessitate some form of state ownership, many consumer-goods industries might be best run as cooperatives.”



Paul Emery


Danny boy up by 1 in Ohio Congressional, a district that Trump carried by ll.


Paul Emery

Republican favorite Alex Jones booted from You Tube


Paul Emery

He's one of Trumps favorite by the way.
" Jones’s guest on his show the morning of the shooting (San Bernardino) had been, as chance would have it, Donald Trump. Jones had praised Trump, claiming that ninety per cent of his listeners were Trump supporters, and Trump had returned the favor, saying, “Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.”


Also Jones believes Sandy Hook is a CIA conspiracy and never happened. Trump has never contradicted him on this.

Alex Jones claims

In September 2014, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who runs the website InfoWars, which had previously claimed that the murders were a "false flag" attack perpetrated by the government, made a new conspiracy claim that "no one died" at Sandy Hook Elementary School because the Uniform Crime Reports showed no murders in Newtown for 2012, and that the victims were "child actors.

Don Bessee

So based on the po' ol' fakenewsman's view @122 0 needs to contradict the po' ol' faknewsmans every idiotic utterance. Hell, 0 would have to camp out here to keep up with that requirement.




More than youtube.


Your people are doing well, congratulations on this. I admit that censorship, especially on near-monopolies, is as good a political tactic as any other.

A really smart idea would be to get the telecommunications companies to censor your political opponents, that would be more effective and no more in violation of free speech rights as this last move.

It's pretty much a full court press, along with the doxing, attacks in the street, hassling in restaurants, messing with Conservative money via Paypal/Patreon, etc. and I appreciate the effort.

Paul emery

So done you support Alex Jones

His website is linked often on these pages

Paul emery

Meant for Don Bessie

Known as a failed anti-pot crusader.


Heads up, Edwards Crossing has a fire running uphill. Now called the "Cooper" fire.


re: Crickets@1:46PM

Perhaps you could list them. I did a search on the site via google and only came up with this:


and essentially nothing by searching on the rebane site itself.

Let's say 'often' means 10 times. Could you find 10 times? I'm not seeing it but I'm willing to accept that I'm wrong.

In other youtube news, it's fun to watch the Young Democrats do their thing.



The anti mining ridge rats need to thank the old hydraulic miners.
The bare ground they left stopped the Cooper fire. It's in mop-up

Don Bessee

Ya gotta be nice in Nice -



Bill Tozer

Don @ 1:06
Fact is, “socialism” only works when it’s paid for by capitalism..

Let’s circle the barn again and look at the bigger picture.

Socialism relies on an homogenous society. Once the borders are opened with a “free stuff” sign put up, immigrants from other cultures come rushing in and the system begins to break apart. They simply cannot maintain the safety net. We see the first nips of the wringer happening now in Sweden, Norway, and other places. Places like China (and Japan) are considered the most racist countries on the planet by those who travel there on a frequent basis. One cannot have both open borders and socialism. Likewise, one cannot have equality and freedom. That’s the facts of life.

Socialism leads to an authoritarian system, or more precisely, an oligarchy government.

Even though most think they know it all, here is a good tutorial of the types of governments that one should review now and then (and find helpful) as various labels are incorrectly tossed about on social media, media, and in the current lexicon.


Equality vs freedom: the group vs the individual.


Well Don, That's Paul and ol' Ms."jon's" constituency.
Save the dope grow. Let the guy next door burn.
But in the stoner's defense,, when did the law change, that you can't force owners off their own land.?(that's "if" they were the land owners)

George Rebane

Re BillT 240pm - Yes, as we've covered here many times - equality and freedom are at opposite ends of a see-saw. More here -

Todd Juvinall

I was just informed that Rat Shine has passed away. RIP man, you were a good man.

Don Bessee

Ray? @ 258?

Don Bessee

Now a real victim can not tell the truth say the dem/socialist/communist masters of the universe -

Facebook has banned Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng’s campaign video ad about communist crimes that led her family to flee Cambodia for the U.S., claiming the platform doesn’t allow “shocking, disrespectful, or sensational” content.
Elizabeth Heng, who is running for California’s 16th congressional district seat, made the video about her parent’s escape from mass-murder by the Khmer Rouge communists in the 1970s.



Todd Juvinall

Yes DonB.

Don Bessee

Truth to the dem/communist/socialists -



Don Bessee

I would submit that this is helping to create the snowflake mush that was a brain that now finds socialism a good thing.

Social media and video games are creating a generation of children with the mental and emotional immaturity of three-year-olds, one of Britain’s most eminent brain scientists has warned.



Don Bessee

So who is really the one colluding, cuddling and snuggling? Kept warm by gasprom -



Bill Tozer

Boy, this Jr. @ Trump Tower stuff looks bad. Russian officials and receiving a thing of value....oppps, no dirt was received, no thing of value. But what about them Russian officials? What about colluding with Russia to overturn the sanctions? What about proof that Trump and the Russians conspired to hack the e-mails and pass them off to Wikileaks to steal an election from My Gal Hill? What about obstruction of justice? What about.............fill in the blanks.........

Imagine if you will that the Russian officials at Trump Towers have US connections to the “Dems” and the Russian connections where handpicked because of their US ties to Hillary and her Industrial Deep State Complex, complete with with payments made to reporters?

-The Russian lawyer lady Natalia Veselnitskaya was working with Fusion GPS.
-The talking points of the meeting were written up by Fusion GPS.
-The Russian dude accompanying Natalia who has ties to Russian Intelligence? Holy Smokes, that looks bad! His lawyer has a history of involvement with the Clinton core circle. Part of the ”in crowd”.
-The translator at the meeting? Worked for the State Department while Hillary was Sec of State, aka, Hillary’s State Department.

They approached the Trump Campaign, not the other way around. Hmmmm.

As the media and Popinjays decry Russian Collusion, remember all roads lead back to the Clinton Campaign. It was a set-up, pure and simple.

Bill Tozer

The new normal: we all live on campus now. Good bye Andrew Sullivan.


Paul Emery

Hoseman Bessee writes

"Social media and video games are creating a generation of children with the mental and emotional immaturity of three-year-old"

You mean like Donald Trump?



Good Lord man, was that even worth the calories it took to type it in?

The Feinstein (but I only voted for her the first 20 times!) saga continues.

A couple of articles on our good friend Facebook.

The Donald Trump star kerfuffle, Mayor John Duran in the news.


Morn'n Scenes, I see you found the Chinese spy story.
Reading that,, It's said the FBI warned Difi of the spy.
UNLIKE what they did to Trump. Then planted their own spys within his people. But not Difi.

Bill Tozer

On a quiet day last Sunday, Trump Tower mania breaks loose, TAD goes berserk.

-New York Times: "President Admits Focus of Trump Tower Meeting Was Getting Dirt on Clinton."
-Washington Post: "Trump admits son's 2016 meeting with Russian lawyer was to seek 'information on' Clinton."
-Associated Press: "Trump acknowledges purpose of meeting with Russian lawyer."
-Tweeted NeverTrump writer David Frum, "Your lede: President Trump today confessed that his son, son-in-law, and campaign chair met in June 2016 with Russian agents in hope of obtaining Russian intelligence to sway the 2016 election."

The only problem with the news was that it was not news. The president had said precisely the same thing a year earlier. Trump had long ago, and in no uncertain terms, acknowledged that the proposed purpose of the meeting was for the Russians and Russian-Americans to offer dirt on Clinton.

On July 13, 2017, not long after the story broke, Trump, at a news conference in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron, described the Trump Tower meeting as an opportunity to receive "opposition research" on Clinton.

"I think from a practical standpoint most people would've taken that meeting," Trump said. "It's called opposition research, or even research into your opponent.....Four days later, on July 17, 2017, Trump put it more succinctly. "Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don jr attended in order to get info on an opponent," he tweeted. "That's politics!"

On a quiet Sunday, forno particular reason, everybody freaked our.


Now to take my morning leak in Paul's Ensure.
Collusion found!! He BELIEVED he was talking to RUSSIANS.
" “Remember when he tried to dig up dirt on President Trump from his own Russian sources? It turns out he was being pranked by a Russian radio personality. He thought he was talking with the Russians. A conspiracy, collusion with the Russians and we actually, Mr. Mueller, we have evidence.”

Hannity then aired a clip of Schiff talking to a Russian radio host disguised as someone who could give him dirt on the President."

Paul. The tape of Schiff is there for all to hear.

Now care to show your proof of Trump Jr.'s "crime" of talking with Russians?
The ball is in your court "Crickets" Emery.

Bill Tozer

1). I see Punchy woke up with hate squirming in his brain. Ah, the worm twists and turns. I do believe I am beginning to rather enjoy watching TADs work it’s magic. Exciting times, bro.



2). As far as the Hollywood Walk Of Fame goes, everytime TAD rears it’s ugly head with someone giving Trump free rent in their noggin, causing them to smash the Trump Star.....well, each time that happens and the Star is replaced, Trump gets the newest and shiniest Star of them all! Thanks Libbies, keep up the good work. Brilliant plan.

The devil made them do it.

Todd Juvinall

Is Paul Emery learning Chinese so he can talk to DIFI's Chauferre?


Some of Dougy's friends?
"Several California professors slammed the Berkeley Police Department after it posted the mugshots of Antifa protesters arrested Sunday at a rally where windows were smashed, citizens were punched and "dozens of weapons" were confiscated by cops."

Don Bessee

@753 that's what the professor said, do they hire at KVMR by idiocracy ?

Here lets ruin the po' o' putin party parrots morning -

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on how the FBI released 70 pages of heavily redacted records, which showed that ex-British spy Christopher Steele was admonished and deemed unsuitable as a confidential human source.



Don Bessee

OH ya no voter fraud happens in the US -

Habersham County’s Mud Creek precinct in northeastern Georgia had 276 registered voters ahead of the state’s primary elections in May.
But 670 ballots were cast, according to the Georgia secretary of state’s office, indicating a 243 percent turnout.



Don Bessee

I am sure the po' ol' fakenewsman will call this putin cuddling -



Bill Tozer

In other news, Spain attacks Estonia.


Lakota tribe honored by Military. Lizzy Warren departs helicopter, looks underneath for the Apache.


Paul Emery

Nearly half of Republicans say Trump should have ‘authority to close news outlets if they behave badly’ George, is this another example of the dumbing down of America you speak of?

: poll

Can someone show where in the Constitution it states that the President has these powers?

"According to a new poll, a plurality of Republican voters want President Donald Trump to be able to shut down media outlets if he decides they have engaged in “bad behavior.”

The Ipsos poll, first reported by The Daily Beast, found that 43 percent of Republicans believe “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.”


George Rebane

PaulE 241pm - I think the only power the feds have over the operation of news outlets is in the area of national security - if you broadcast classified stuff, they can shut you down. I'm not sure why anyone would answer such a question at all, unless 'behaving badly' is explicitly defined. If it is as you report, then I'm embarrassed for the 43%.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 07 August 2018 at 02:41 PM

Can someone show where in the Constitution it states that the President has these powers?

Yeah Punch it comes right after this........Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans for Government Takeover of the Internet!


Don Bessee

The po' ol' fakenewsman is soooo confused. Perhaps those folks are aware of what's happening in the real world -

Congress recently approved new legislation that would force foreign-owned media organizations such as Qatar's Al Jazeera to register as a foreign agent under U.S. law.
The legislation, included in the annual National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, would mandate that foreign-owned media organizations register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, a move that would shine greater sunlight on these organizations' ties to foreign governments.

"The Department of Justice's recent designation of Russia's RT America as a foreign agent, as well as the questionable practices of Al Jazeera and China Central Television, strongly suggest the presence of a subversive threat in the United States," Cruz said in a statement at the time. "Qatar's Al Jazeera, which the State Department has indicated is state-controlled, produces content that is anti-American, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel, while promoting positive coverage of terrorist organizations such as Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah and Hamas."


Winning!! ;-)

Don Bessee

Who said the EU was going to stand with Iran against US?



Don Bessee

Immediate benefits of the snap back of sanctions -

Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, Ambassador of Yemen to the U.S. and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said that after talks started between the U.S. and Iran on the deal during the Obama administration, Iran subsequently “stepped up its military and financial support for the Houthi rebels in Yemen.”

“Nevertheless, the clear-eyed President Trump’s Iran strategy, along with withdrawing from the Iran deal and demanding that Iran cease its destabilizing behavior in the region, has made clear to Iran and its proxies in Yemen that meddling in the region will not be overlooked again,” Mubarak said. He added that as a result of these “strong and positive signals,” Iranian-backed Houthi rebels are beginning to engage more with the peace process.

“So withdrawing from the Iran deal will definitely contribute to the end of the war in Yemen,” he said.



Don Bessee

Thanks 0 -

An Iraqi refugee now charged with attempted murder of a Colorado police officer was actually in ICE custody in 2016, but was ordered released thanks to a court decision that ruled his previous convictions for assault and a host of other crimes weren’t serious enough to deport him.
Authorities say Karrar Noaman al Khammasi, charged last week after a shootout with Colorado Springs officers, could have been ousted from the country during the Obama administration, but for a series of judges’ rulings that set him free to continue a five-year-long crime spree.
His arrest also raises tough questions about the refugee program at a time when the Trump administration is eyeing major new constraints on the number of people let in each year.
Mr. Khammasi was admitted to the U.S. in 2012 as a refugee from Iraq, according to a Homeland Security official.
His first criminal encounters began a year later




Paul too the bait, hook, line, and sinker.
That "poll" was designed just for nutty Lefties to get all up in arms about.
A little thing in the 1ST Amendment called "freedom of the press."
Maybe Paul has heard about it?
I'm all for making some reg, that states the press MUST tell the truth, and ending "un-named sources". But Paul is already on record for NOT ending that practice. Hence,,, fake news. LIB news has been real good at fabricating "news". From exploding gas tanks, to trashing Conservatives.
LIBS would love to have a President who had that authority.
Paul forgets how Proggys wanted "O" to nationalize FOX news.
Just take it over like they did with GM.

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