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14 August 2018



re: RLCrabb cartoon

It's probably pretty hard to come up with a new gag.


Given Hillary's inability to reliably walk, it appears to have worked.


re: Unite the Right 2

I thought I'd check out these people, it's not a thing I know a lot about (aside from panicky Challenger guy who caused Heather Heyer to fall over).

Anyhow, here's what Jason Kessler sounds like:


Google and Facebook Gives Back More than You Need.

If your post is skeptical of climate change, they add a link to Wikipedia with a counter view. If you post a YouTube with Skeptical content, they add an information box. Details:

A shining example of @Google and @YouTube protecting us against ‘misinformation’

The intro by Jim Burton:

Today I watched an excellent educational YouTube video by Jim Steele, about polar and glacial ice trends and causes. If you view Jim’s video, you’ll notice YouTube/Google has added an “info-box” to it (and also to most other climate-related videos), with a link to a Wikipedia article (which is among the most untrustworthy of all information sources about climate change) — to prevent Jim from misleading people with his heretical opinions.

They do not do the same on YouTube videos promoting anthropogenic climate change. When CNN and MSNBC twisted the news left we got FoxNews Fair and Balanced in response. Now we need a Fair and Balanced response to Google/YouTube.

George Rebane

Russ 409pm - I wonder if in their heightened sense of fairness and balanced information, whether these corporatists will also add 'info boxes' to posts that extol all the free benefits of socialism. Do they even know that there is another side to that story?

Bill Tozer

Re: The press is the enemy of the people and the mysterious N word tape.

My gripe as been not so much as the term “fake news” as commonly used, but more with dishonest news. That’s all we want, honest news. I found some honest news in the most unlikely place. Bill Press radio show (does he even have an audience anymore?) interviewing a guy from The Daily Beast (hardly a right wing media outlet) who talked to a guy from the Huff-n-Puff Post (hardly a pro Trump outlet).

Finally, honest reporting from the Left. An anomaly, but much appreciated.

Now, why the current Wall to Wall coverage of a non-news story such as Omarosa. Why? Because it is not news, is psuedo-news. On a half hour segment on CNN or MSNBC with a dozen panelists and all the things that are news, why do they go out and hammer on it over and over again 24/7 and devote some much time and resources to something that is really not major news? Why devote a full segment to this “story” instead of the 3-4 minutes it would take to cover it?

I like to point out to folks on occasion that the word ‘anti-Christ’ translated means pseudo-Christ. Christ in appearance, but the deception is it not Christ. So, if you are looking for a something with horns protruding from its head, it ain’t the appearance that an anti-Christ would have. Same with fake news. It appears like news, but it is fake, a mirage, a deception, with quite deceitful ulterior motives.

Which brings me back to the press is the enemy of the people. The motive. As Trump’s numbers are doubling among black males, the non-news event of firing a White House lowerer tier staffer months ago packaged with pseudo-news of this mysterious N word tape, the motive is to get the narrative that Trump is a racist out there right now! Why spend not one, not two, but three or four days on it already? Why? To counter those doubling of Trump’s numbers within the black population. Tie Omarosa to Charlottesville with the DC “Stand against Hate” mantra and get it out there now! Trump is a racist, that’s all you need to know

The Left cannot afford to lose even the tiniest amount of the their core constituencies. And Trump is breaking the back of the Dems not by nice long speeches on race relations, but my economic opportunity and revival. The enemy of the people counters with psuedo news, non news, dishonest news, aka fakenews. An informed public is an enemy of the lamestream media.

rl crabb

"scenes" 12:54pm - Unfortunately, my cartoon was finished before he could start sticking the Omarosa doll. It's so hard to keep up with the enemies list. I'm sure there will be four or five more by the end of the week.

Bill Tozer


You don’t need to draw an Omarosa vodoo doll for Trump to poke pins into. Others have done it long ago, including VP Al Gore’s office, and others during the Clinton Administration. People Magazine, 2004, of all pin pokers.. Go figure.

“According to the new issue of PEOPLE, the former political appointee — who spoke glowingly of her White House days — was banished from four jobs in two years with the Clinton administration.

At her last one, “she was asked to leave as quickly as possible, she was so disruptive,” says Cheryl Shavers, the former Under Secretary for Technology at the Commerce Department, where Omarosa worked several weeks in 2000. “One woman wanted to slug her.”

Manigault-Stallworth, 30, was also bounced from a previous position at Commerce, says another former administration official, “because she couldn’t get along with people.”

At her first White House gig, answering invitations received by Vice President Al Gore, “she didn’t do her job, and it got everybody in trouble,” says a former Gore staffer.”


rl crabb

Yep, Trump really knows how to pick 'em. Poor Kelly must feel like he's trying to herd cats.


,,,bitching and conspiracy theories about Google abound,,,

Let the conservatives edumacate you,,,


George Rebane

M a 737am - Haven’t heard any conspiracy theories about Google, can you expand on some of those?

Todd Juvinall

Google knuckled under to the Chicoms and won't allow certain searches. And I thought they were all about a free press and freedom of information.

George Rebane

For those who have missed it, 'Do no evil' Google has become America's penultimate corporatist (q.v.) enterprise. They will go anywhere, do anything, and kiss anybody's ass to maximize their bottom line. They are now so big that they definitely need government guns all over the world to continue suppressing competition and doing business. As long as big governments exist, capitalistic enterprises will game the system to become corporatists. For collectivists, that is the only form of commercial enterprises that are acceptable - corporatists and government form a win-win relationship at the expense of free markets.

Todd Juvinall

Trump never was accused of smacking a babe but the press thinks his "words" mean more than Congressman Keith Ellison smacking around his gal. This lovely man is the only Muslim in Congress and took the oath on a Koran and has scolded Trump since he came down the escalator. Now it appears he is like all the liberals who actually do what they claim others are doing. And this man may get elected AG in Minnesota! Lastly he is anti-cop and his rhetoric is over the top against law enforcement. I only hope the people in that state toss this prick into the abyss.


rl crabb

Hey Todd - How come you haven't responded to my rebuttal of your misguided comment over at The Union? #crickets

Todd Juvinall

Well let me check it out.

Bill Tozer

Google gives back. Couldn’t have done it without good ole American innovation.


Todd Juvinall

Checked it out and not impressed. But I apologize that you did at least two on crooked Hillary over the last 30 years or so.

Steve Frisch

Worth reading the actual text of the Accountable Capitalism Act.


Account Deleted

Frisch at 5:42 - Yes, Steve - that's why George posted the warning. The actual text shows the collectivists want to start a govt takeover of private corps. It's the slow, boil-the-frog way with needless incremental steps like this feel-good nonsense of a bill. We already have laws and regs controlling the behavior of corps. The idea that large corps suddenly need to show 'a public good' is absurd. If a free market corp isn't serving a public good it goes out of business on it's own. Unless of course, the govt intervenes and bails it out ala Govt Motors 54 billion dollar tax payer freebie. The public will decide on its own with its own dollars what corp is providing a 'good'.
But nothing scares the left worse than letting the public freely decide what is good with their own money.
Because they won't decide 'correctly'.


"Worth reading the actual text of the Accountable Capitalism Act."
-Steve Frisch 542am

Not really, Steve. It sounded to me a bit like the platform drafted in German beer halls circa 1920.

Here's what Reason has on Warren's latest rant:
"Try to contain your surprise that Warren believes the profit motive is ruining capitalism. She wants the largest corporations in the United States to be legally answerable to people other than their shareholders, and she's introducing a bill to force it."


Posted by: Steve Frisch | 16 August 2018 at 05:42 AM

Worth reading the actual text of the Accountable Capitalism Act.

I'd rather read a full confession from Goody Warren about her shameless appropriation of indian heritage in order to secure a comfortable affirmative action based sinecure in academia!

....and dammit Gregory you beat me to the rebuttal from reason.com


re: "Accountable Capitalism Act"

Wow, can you imagine the regulatory apparatus that would be set up under that?

One thing I'm not picking up, probably because I'm skimming too quickly, is whether privately held companies fall under Ms. Warren's bold vision.

Also, does it affect foreign companies with large scale US subsidiaries?

If the answer to both is 'no', you can easily see the huge change in corporate structure that would result.


fish... You snooze, you lose. ;)

I've walked by Senator Warren's house a few times in the last few years; a nice enough place. Not 3 million nice by my eyeballs standing outside it, but nice.

It was smack dab in the middle between my son's apartment and a pizza joint on Massachusetts Ave.

Todd Juvinall

I listened to her rants at Netroots and then an interview last week. The woman is a phony baloney liberal and her programs and policies will be trounced at the national level if she runs. Massachusetts and Connecticut residents ar starting to fell to the south as they are being fiscally raped by the Warren's. But we warned them and they still voted for her and her ilk. No sympathy from me. But defeating them in the next few elections is a paramount effort.

Bill Tozer

I will combine several topics in this post entitled Scattershots 14 aug 18 updated. Google, the press is the enemy of the people, the Leftist mind, the way the Democrat Party is moving, and more under “Free Speech, lefty style.”

Question? Will this blog remain on line in 4 years?

1) The social media giants deny shadow banning. Take Twitter. Our own Kamala Harris and Ted Cruz has the same number of followers. Yet Senator Harris as 3-4 times the views and likes than Senator Cruz. Twitter say all the tweets are there, just go to the senders’ Twitter account. Ok, that’s not how it works. Those on Twitter get feeds on their Twitter machines, as I get updates and feeds on FB from those I follow. When the feeds don’t arrive, or 1 in 4 arrive, I have go to the sender’s FB Page to read what I did not get notified about. The same cannot be said of any followers of liberal personalities or progressive sights. It is blocking the reach of conservatives, nsorship by another means.

The reason is for this is SCOTUS has upheld “hate” speech as protected under the 1st Amendment. Try as they may, Liberals try to squelch 1st Amendment protections, the latest being last year or so when SCOTUS upheld protected speech from yet another assault, 9-0. That includes Ruthie and the other it’s. 9-0 again. So, Progressives and Democrat Socialists cannot use the Constitution to achieve their free speech book burnings, they can use social media and internet outlets to achieve the same result.

Take Alex Jones. I don’t know anyone who follows him save a friend’s son, who happens to be a black man around 30, ex-Marine, and from the East Coast who I let stay here when he visited the area. He loves Alex Jones, but I digress.
Alex Jones just got the final coffin nail. His crime is telling his viewship to get ready with your rifles to man the battlestations against attacks by Antifa, the media, and Democrat Socialists. His call to get ready to fight back against the assaults against people by the Media was the final straw. He just called the media (and Antifa and their kissing cousins violent Socialistic Democrats the enemy of the people. Bye-bye.

Same thing happened when that wack job plugged Gabby in the head in Arizona. The press went nuts blaming Sarah Palin because she had published a list of “targeted” congressional districts in the upcoming mid-terms....something each party does with impunity. But in that case. It was all Pelin’s fault. Burn the witch at the stake, discredit her, make the mere mention of her name grounds to be attacked by the Leftinistas, ban her, drive her out of town, destroy the Beech! Worked pretty good to be honest.

Take Obama. He told his followers to get in their neighbors’s face. Later, O told them If they bring a knife, you bring a gun. Bring a gun to a knife fight. Crickets. Was Obama banned for hate speech? Hmmmm? Was there an outcry to ban him from Social Media or the press? Hmmmm?

This whole thing about banning and shadow boxing and silencing people for contrary or unpopular opinions is because the Lefties cannot use the 1st Amendment to get their way. But, they can use social media to achieve their aims. Silence them!

Looking at the trend, will this blog remain on-line in 4 years? Will Breitbart, the Patriot Post, Daily Caller, the Federalist, or National Review? How about Drudge? They hate Drudge.
What about radio? Bubba and Obama went after Rush by name all through their years as Presidents. Limbaugh has been under attack for years by every single fakenews outlet. Mark Levin radio show has been wholesale eviscerated by all the lamestream ever since he defended his positions by quoting exactly what the lamestream published as evidence that the Obama was spying on the Trump Campaign. Heresy! Don’t listen to him, he is a right wing conspiracy theorist. Nevermind he used published reports and newscasts straight from the NYT, Wa Compost, NBC, etc as proof that Obama was spying on Trump Towers, ROFLMAO. Silence him. Don’t listen to him. Destroy him!

Will this blog be allowed to continue if and when the Dems take back the White House, Senate, and the House. If Fauxahonas Warren is any clue, the answer is “bye-bye, Good Doc Rebane.”


More From the new Marxists.
"Packnett urged attendees to their feet to take an oath directly derived from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. “It is our duty to fight for our freedom!” Packnett asked the crowd at the at the Washington, DC, leg of the “Rise Up for Roe Tour,” to repeat after her, claiming this oath was one she had led “every night in Ferguson.”

I'm sure our resident Leftists will have plenty (of nutt'n) to say.

I sure would like to know just what "freedom" they claim they don't have.

Don Bessee

Yo socialist/dems, a reality check -



Bill Tozer

12:58 pm

Yep, the straw that broke Alex Jones back was “his call to incite violence”, lol. He said to get ready with your rifles and other hyperbole. All the while the jack booted Brown Shirts of the Left are calling for actual real violence and the numbers of their followers grows everyday, joined in by United States Congresspersons like Maxine and a few of her contemporaries (all D) and United States Senators like Gillibrand (D).

Interesting antedolal story this morning. A nice lady was reading FB comments below an article. She saw one that said all Republicans should be shot in the face. She did what she never did before. She reported it as hate speech. Two days later she heard back from FB saying the comment(er) did not violate the rules of use. That’s a no brainer. :)

George Rebane

DonB 108pm - what part of our wealth do the feds own?

George Rebane

Calling for people to prepare to repel armed attack is hate speech; calling for people to perpetrate armed attack is not. Progressive values - sounds about right.

Don Bessee

Dr. R @ 124 - it only referenced our number under Saint Ronnie which was 12%. ;-)

Don Bessee

@338 - Remember a lot of that US number is because of all the mineral wealth on federal lands and off the coast.


God forbid you hear what the socialists are talking about, would want to scare the general public right?

“We wanted to help create a space where community members felt comfortable and open to express themselves without the distraction of cameras and press



Account Deleted

GR at 3:00 - “All punches are not equal morally… Drawing a moral equivalency between those espousing hate and those fighting it, because they both resort to violence emboldens hate, legitimized hateful belief and elevates what should be stamped out.”
And who gets to define what is 'fighting hate'?
Do we all get to have the same rights as Chris Cuomo?
And how does social media get to grade 'good hate' vs 'bad hate'?
Keep it up, lefties - in the end you'll be the first into the open pits.

George Rebane

ScottO 603pm - It looks like you're quoting me from my 300pm. Where did that come from?

Account Deleted

Sorry - sloppy editing. It came from Chris Cuomo. You did check out the link, no?
I was following on your post about what is considered calls for violence and what isn't.
Basically - "Kill Whitey" = good violence. "We will defend ourselves and our freedoms" = bad right wing violence, must censor.
This will not end well. The left is getting so blatant in its hypocrisy, the 'middle of the roads' types are staring to notice.
Not Crabb - he's 2-eyed blind as a bat.

Don Bessee

As if the dem/socialist/commies listen to anyone living!

The new wunderkind of the socialist left has been a star since her June 26 win—and has made unforced error after unforced error.




re: ScottO@6:03

Wow. Good article. A quote:

"This pathetic group of white supremacists committed no acts of violence that we know of."

Judging from the speechifying and quotes I've seen, they weren't even 'supremacists', at least the ones I saw, and a little group marching into the maw of the dragon doesn't seem particularly pathetic. There's a certain amount of bravery involved here.

Another article on the same matter. Sadly, RT is a better source of unbiased news than US outlets:

C'est la vie. I expect that most people will become more radicalized and they already know what side they are on. Exciting times.

Bill Tozer

This was just ten years ago.


This is today, ten years later. It’s here. (More on Senator Warren’s insatiable greed)

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has one-upped socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: She proposes to nationalize every major business in the United States of America. If successful, it would constitute the largest seizure of private property in human history.

Under Senator Warren’s proposal, no business with more than $1 billion in revenue would be permitted to legally operate without permission from the federal government. The federal government would then dictate to these businesses the composition of their boards, the details of internal corporate governance, compensation practices, personnel policies, and much more. Naturally, their political activities would be restricted, too. Senator Warren’s proposal entails the wholesale expropriation of private enterprise in the United States, and nothing less. It is unconstitutional, unethical, immoral, irresponsible, and — not to put too fine a point on it — utterly bonkers.



re: BillT@8:47

Well, the just reglar ol' Democrats seem pretty cool with it.



George Rebane

BillT 847pm - Mr Tozer, you have the same ailment that Mr Branson had in the sandbox. Does no one read my brilliant posts? When you decide to repeat what I've already posted, please acknowledge it at least a little bit. (If you do read my posts, then I hope that neither of you are suffering from short-term memory loss.)

Bill Tozer


Yep. We have white supremacy, and now shareholder supremacy. Whole lot of supremacy going on.

Bill Tozer

Oh Dr. Rebane. I thought my “(More on Senator Warren insatiable greed)” was in deference to your fine article. More on was a reference to your fine post and on topic. Guess I should have kissed up and said more on Senator Warren and left out the Senator Warren’s ‘insatiable greed part’, or do the usual “companion piece to not bruise any egos. Me bad.

Bill Tozer

Re: Dems are now the socialist party (National Socialists?)

A nice piece from Newt. He still has that history professor in him. Always did. He must be enjoying retirement with wife as the Ambassador to the Vatican. Posting FB pics of himself with miniature horses today.

Dems have no idea what demons they are unleashing—-Vive la France

“Make no mistake: This is the history of violent revolution, religious oppression, and dictatorship that Jacobin magazine, the DSA, and opportunistic Democrats are embracing – whether they know it or not.

Sen. Sanders, and more have recently shared articles from Jacobin magazine on their social media accounts. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., once sent a Jacobin piece to everyone in Congress.

It is hard to imagine a modern-day Reign of Terror happening in America. But consider the recent phenomenon of outrage mobs on social media demanding people be fired and ostracized for expressing un-PC points of view.

Think about the left-wing activists taking over classrooms to prevent conservative voices from speaking. Think about the rash of people being attacked for wearing MAGA hats. Think about the violence of Antifa.

Perhaps it is not so difficult to imagine.”



BillT : "It is hard to imagine a modern-day Reign of Terror happening in America. "

Not so hard.

Consider the 'Four Olds' from the Cultural Revolution.

Things needing to be swept away...

Old Customs.
Old Culture.
Old Habits.
Old Ideas.

There's a funny inertia that scoots groups from small changes in society to full-on Pol Pot, but sometimes it becomes more a question of asking if there's anything that will interrupt that evolution.

I don't pretend to understand the psychology (if that's the right word) of mass movements, but there's always something off-kilter about those not based at least partly on self-interest.


So it begins.
Funded by Silicon Valley deep pockets — including the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the personal charity of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan; a coalition of teachers unions; the League of Women Voters; affordable housing advocates; and other “social justice warriors” organized as “Schools and Communities First,” — the activists submitted the signatures to the Secretary of State on August 14 to place an initiative on the 2020 ballot to increase California commercial property tax revenue by $11 billion.

You can bet plenty of cities and counties might do a little "revising" of commercial zoning. What "isn't" may soon turn to "is".


Walt,,,Chan/Zuckerberg should be good for the state coffers and to help push more companies to move out of state.

Prop 13 started out as a way to help keep widows in their homes by slowing the ever increasing property taxation that was causing people on fixed incomes to have to sell their homes.

George Rebane

scenes 829am - Apropos your shedding light on this possibility, Lance Morrow of the Justice and Public Policy Center ruminates more in his 'Shall We Have Civil War or Second Thoughts?'

Account Deleted

from M - "Prop 13 started out as a way to help keep widows in their homes by slowing the ever increasing property taxation that was causing people on fixed incomes to have to sell their homes."
I'm sure lots of widows on fixed incomes were helped, but the main reason behind Prop 13 was simply the citizens of California being fed up with out of control property tax rate increases. I knew many working couples who were Dems that could hardly wait to vote for it.
The result is certainly an imbalance in what folks pay in property taxes but since the California state govt has no ability to control its spending and taxing, the citizens had to do something to protect themselves. California hauls in plenty in property taxes, they just spend too darn much money on every goof ball left wing nut scheme you can imagine.
Increase property taxes on businesses? Go ahead - who do you think the businesses get their money from to pay those taxes?
Besides - California has way too many businesses anyway. Getting rid of a lot of them will lower the carbon footprint of the state and provide more clients for the welfare offices.

Robert Cross

Actually, the real gem of prop 13 was none of the above but rather changing the approval of tax increases at the state level in certain areas from simple majority to 2/3 majority. This is largely why CA went from one of the best funded public schools to one of the worst.

Don Bessee

@607- No its 21st with half on benefits and salary -

You could stop the state benefits for illegal aliens to fix that if ya really cared.



George Rebane

DonB 624pm - No, no, no - Illegal aliens first, educating CA's children second (or lower). For progressives that's a threefer - burden the country/state with more debt, help destroy our residual culture, and continue pumping out dumb kids who'll believe anything you tell them as long as you promise them a gummint check.

Don Bessee

@821- I can tell you from being on the ground with many poor communities, and a special recognition to those of faith who work so hard, that the Presidents policies that put their American children and legal immigrates kids second are felt. They have no love at all for the anchor baby socialist/dem conspirators.

Treating people who followed the rules and our real citizens of color as second class to some cartel spawn has not been missed in the hoods.

That's why the Presidents numbers in communities of color have doubled! Will the socialist/dems bet more imports and abandon the inner cities? It sure looks that way.


Bill Tozer

Re: [15aug18 update] Sen Fauxcahontas Warren (D-CT) finally exposed her communist destination.
Back to communism or feudalism or are they one and the same? Odd, that the Democrat Socialists decry feudalism, yet it seems to be where they are headed. Be careful what you wish for........

“This is a “progressive” proposal, but its adherents keep emphasizing that it’s just a return to the past. Warren describes it as “a new bill to help return to the time when American companies and workers did well together,” while a group of academics in support of Warren declares that this will “realign our regime of incorporation with its original purposes.” In a way, they’re right. This is a return to the past, because it resurrects an essentially feudal approach to property rights.

“Corporations were originally a grant of special privileges given by a monarch to reward his loyal supporters. They grew out of the old feudal system of prerogatives and privileges. At the center of that system was the feudal concept of property in which no one but the king owns anything free and clear. All property was held in “tenancy” from the crown, in exchange for services rendered back to the king.


Bill Tozer

Re: the mess press is the enemy of the people. No worries, we got Sarah.


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