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04 August 2018


Robert Cross

"It’s only the Right that is the progenitor and practitioner of hate speech and violent confrontations. "

finally George, you got something right.

George Rebane

RobertC 113pm - Methinks your reading skills are again on display. That statement is an attribution of Mr Berkheimer's viewpoint which is the subject of the first scattershot. Better luck next time.


"It’s only the Right that is the progenitor and practitioner of hate speech and violent confrontations. "


Listen Robert, the truth is that the moment that US traditionalists becomes as self-organized and as violent as portions of the US Left, it's going to be darned obvious and not pretty. Things spiral out of control when people who are both radical and competent start down a path. It's hard to tell where you might end up.

Lucky for us generally, the Left is only radical.

You probably should get back to your #abolishice meeting.

Bill Tozer

Since I cannot find the proper post about Gov. Brown declaring the heat being the worse since civilization began, I will post this here under natural disasters.

“Since civilization emerged 10,000 years ago, we haven’t had this kind of heat condition, and it’s going to continue getting worse and that’s the way it is."

I almost posted this in May, but did not. Because of what I read then coupled with the credibility of the author, I spent double the time this Spring cutting down the native grasses, trimmed dead branches out of the native shrubs, thinned the fire ladders, and expanded the fire safety zone beyond recommendations. I am glad I did.


A follow up

Excuse me for straying off topic. As far as natural disasters, just look at the Corpus Christi hurricane in 1919,before we named hurricanes.

The official death toll for the Corpus Christ area was 287, but realistic estimates put the total at between 600 and 1,000.

Or...the 1918 flu pandemic, was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus.[1] It infected 500 million people around the world,[2] including people on remote Pacific islands and in the Arctic, and resulted in the deaths of 50 to 100 million (three to five percent of the world's population), making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history.

Or...the Great Flood of 1927. Numerous levees broke along the Mississippi River from Illinois to Louisiana, which inundated numerous towns in the Mississippi Valley. The break at Mounds Landing near Greenville, Mississippi was the single greatest crevasse to ever occur along the Mississippi River. It flooded an area 80 km (50 mi) wide and 160 km (99 mi) long with up to 6 metres (20 ft) of water. Heavy spring rains caused a second major flood in the same region that June. In all, 73,500 km2 (28,400 sq mi) which were home to more than 931,000 people were inundated. To avoid flooding the city of New Orleans, the governor of Louisiana allowed engineers to create the Poydras cut, which saved the city but led to the flooding of St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes instead. Millions of acres across seven states were flooded. Evacuees totaled 500,000. Economic losses were estimated at US$1 billion (1927 dollars), which was equivalent to almost one-third of the federal budget at that time.

And that is just in the last hundred years, give or take, and only briefly skimming the cream off the top of a long list going back in a century.

Bill Tozer

e: Mr Berkheimer's viewpoint

I could not even read his letter to the editor the first go at it. I was stopped cold with his first supporting agrument involving the angry crazy dude with a bat smashing television crew vehicles. What stopped me dead in my tracks was there is no proof given or found that it was a targeted attack on the news media. A crazy guy with a bat smashing windshields happens all the time in our urban decaying cities run by Democrats on a weekly basis. Yes, it happened in Detroit. Could have been SF or Chicago or Houston. Neither did the police statements or arrest reports give any indication that the media was singled out.
The writer’s example of a protestor being beat up at a Trump rally probably was the guy standing up flipping off Trump and the Trumpsters who got elbowed in the rib cage by that 79 year old long hired country boy as the protestor was being escorted out.

I have seen targeted attacks (physical) on the news media. An angry mob of black folks attacked, smashed all the windows out, and tried to set ablaze a local CNN afflicate station (with a staff member inside) in Ferguson, MO after CNN reported on Michael Brown’s autopsy that did not fit the mob narrative.

I saw the attack on the Asian small framed female reporter when she tried to interview members of the Occupy LA or SF when they were huddled together on the street. She was pushed, spat on, called the c word, ho, Chink, Slant Eyed bitch, and had her microphone ripped from her hand had to escape fearing for her life. I saw the media pushed and shoved covering the drum circle at OWS in NYC because the media was told could only point their cameras at a spokesperson, not the crowd.

I saw the horrific scene when a female reporter from a major network standing In the midst a demonstration in the Middle East brutally thrown to the ground as the camera cut away. She was gang raped by the members on the Religion of Peace on the spot, reporter or not, cameras rolling or not. Seems to be their MO wherever Muslims males go, be it in their homeland or Europe. My heart breaks for that reporter to this very day.

I do recall an assassain trying to kill 11 members of Congress, all R’s. Singled out. I read just this week that the annual softball game between Congressional staffers was cancelled this year because the D staffers refused to met or shake hands with R staffers in a friendly get together game. Sure, it’s only been a tradition for the last ten years and that has nothing to do with the news media....or does it?

Scenes is right. If the R’s out in Trumpland with 200 million guns ever stooped to the tactics and violence of the other side of the aisle, there would be a bloodbath like we have never seen before. A massacre that the police would be unable to prevent. Thank your lucky stars we are not like our political opponents. Hopefully, we never will be.

If Trump is a dictator or authoritarian, please name one dictator or strong man on this planet that does not control the media with an iron fist or have the media in his pocket. It’s called State run media. China? Russia? Cuban? Nazi Germany? Turkey? Venezuela? Nicaragua?

Violence against the media because of Trump? You mean that guy who had a simmering personal grudge against the local newspaper in Annapolis.

Ah, nevermind. Reading that Union letter sounded so familiar. Straight from broadcasts on CNN, some parts of the letter plagiarized word for word. What a lazy parrot . Not even worth a reasoned response. Just another Popinjay with no desire to seek the truth


Acosta vs. the MAGA people.


Account Deleted

scenes 7:08 - I can see why he might need security. Pretty ugly.

Account Deleted

Then there's the big riot in Portland. No - wait, actually the police did their job and it was just the left, per usual, that caused harm.
And yes - a newsman was injured - by the left.
Berkheimer and Cross can apologize now.

George Rebane

ScottO 805pm - "Berkheimer and Cross can apologize now." When pigs have wings.

Bill Tozer

@ 8:05 pm

Only a reporter would be dumb enough to try to stop a projectile with his noggin.

Bonnie McGuire

A bunch of us watched Dinesh D'Souza'S "Death of a Nation" documentary movie in Roseville yesterday. He pretty much showed what's going on now went on in Socialist (Nazi) Germany last Century. The so-called anti-fascists are the fascists cuz you get beat up if you don't agree with the bullies. But something Dinesh brought out was the mentality of those doing the bad deeds, like Soros. They were only doing what they were instructed to do, but the idea being followed originated from headquarters. All the govs fault. Wow! What a spiritual test of character. Denise contrasted that with what happened to those with a conscience who didn't think it was okay. He compares what the northern and southern (states) democrats put Abraham Lincoln through because he chose to abolish slavery...to what the Dems have done to Trump during and following his election.

Bill Tozer

Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk accosted in Philly. Maxine Waters got her wish.


Bill Tozer

People chant CNN sucks because CNN does indeed suck.

The Estonian Fox

The First Triennial Report to Congress on biofuels was published in 2011. That means the 2nd report should have been published in 2014. It was finally available this year, only 4 years late. If you, as a private company, deliver goods to your customers 4 years late, exactly how long would the customer still keep you as a supplier? Yet we citizens have little recourse against the EPA, who believe themselves to be the god of the known universe.


TEF, The Biofuels report was late because of the Obama's desire to suppress the findings. It did not fit the climate change narrative. It took a while for the Trump EPA to find the buried report and get it published. If Hillary has been elected the report would have vanished forever. That is how Democrat corruption works. After eight years of corruption, it takes a while to clean up the mess. Be happy we have a report that supports what we knew all along. When it takes more energy to produce ethanol than ethanol can produce, it is a loser.

Account Deleted

Bill at 3:17 - Sorry, you linked to the wrong web site. (known NAZI and KKK web site, I'm pretty sure) So the event never happened. All fake news. Didn't vote for them. Nobody cares.
I, however found this on the KQED web site - so you leftista better pay attention.
Headline: "Berkeley Tallies Cost for Latest Right-Wing Protest and Counterprotest".
In the actual story we learn:
"In the end, only about a dozen right-wing activists showed up."
They were peaceful and caused no injuries or damage.
The left?
"20 people taken into custody, mostly on charges of possession of banned weapons -- the city published a long list of what it wouldn't allow people to carry into the area around the planned protest gatherings. Other charges included "working with others to commit a crime," vandalism and battery.
Police said "an extremist element" in the counterprotest was responsible for damaging 21 city vehicles in a public parking lot on Berkeley Way. The vehicles were described as "smashed," with tires slashed. One vehicle in the lot, immediately across the street from a fire station, was set on fire, police said."
Darrell B. and Crossed-up Bobby have some 'splainin' to do.
And an apology.
But George and I aren't holding our breath.

Account Deleted

"When it takes more energy to produce ethanol than (the energy) ethanol can produce, it is a loser."
The sad part is that fact was recognised decades ago. Why do you think the tractors used to cultivate the corn burn diesel?
They want to reduce the value of the so-called 'gasoline' for cars to where folks just give up and buy an electric car. Alcohol is crap as a fuel. Fine for vintage (20s and 30s) racing vehicles and wonderful for virtue-signalling NASCAR where cost and MPG have no value, but disaster for the motoring public.

Bill Tozer

Scott @ 3:17 pm

?????? It’s the Conservative Review, not fake news. Try again or



I believe he was kiddin'.

Here's the Berkeley Army of the Righteous doing their thing. I posted it before, but the 5:28 Scotto referenced the event.




You gotta hand it to the Forces of MAGA, given their numbers, they must feel a little like Leonidas now and then.

Bill Tozer

@ 6:48 pm. Lol! I got snookered.

Actually, I have been digging into the Russian lawyer and the guy with Russian ties who approached Jr. at Trump Towers. Oh Noooooo, getting dirt is the end of Democracy as we know it! Anyway, I just glanced at Scott’s first line with my mind grossly preoccupied with what i was uncovering and fired off a better link. I should have read the black on the page pass the KKK Nazi part,.......

Anyway, we all know Fox News can’t be trusted. With that said, my premise is proven once again. Everything the Dems accuse us of doing is exactly what they themselves are doing in reality...big time. Stop the violence! Everytime they accuse us of being conspiracy nuts, they are plotting and hatching conspiracy theories against Trump or us, ROFLMAO. Thanks, Scenes. Scott, you rock, you angry old white man, you. :)

Account Deleted

No, no, Bill - anything to the right of Mother Jones or DK is highly suspect! Even NPR is gettin' a little over towards the 'middle'!
You have to post from ultra, far, far, far left web sites or anything is just to be ignored by our leftista amigos on the 'other side'.
Of course, since I posted something from KQED that impugned the left, now KQED is highly suspect. Maybe the Koch Bros have infiltrated that formally staid old ship of the left and now the Trumpists have taken over!
OK, SARC/off

Account Deleted

scenes 6:48 -
The smashed car windows were the natural result of honest, hard working 'murican citizens taking their Constitutional Rights to heart in the face of ultra, ultra, far, far, far, far righty-rightists threatening them with being present in the same city and THINKING bad, right-wing-nut thoughts!
The fact that the city left the cars out in the open serves the tax payers right for leaving such tasty, tantalizing objects of bourgeois capitalistic excess out in plain view of the brutalized down-trodden starving people of Berkeley.

Peter Van Zant

George: I would be interested in the data or citation for the 50:1 claim.


He is totally blind to the literally hundreds of incitements from the political left and leftwing public confrontations that by charitable estimates are practiced around 50:1 by Democrat politicians, journalists, and leftwing street mobs."

Bill Tozer

Mob of angry white people encircle and attack unarmed black woman in Philly! Oh, that was just Conservative Candace Owens. Nevermind, nothing to see here, nothing happened. That don’t count.


Peter Van Zant 1112am

Good catch! I suspect it's closer to 25:1. What do you think it is?

What do you think about the Democratic Senators refusing to play a softball game with their GOP colleagues? Who is the GOP analogue to Maxine Waters? Or the truly horrible DEM who made light of Rand Paul's beating, complete with broken ribs, saying it proved he could be beaten?

George Rebane

PeterVZ 1112am - Good question Peter. I don't think anyone has really bothered to keep a tally - most certainly not any of the lamestream outlets. The 50:1 is my own WAG* from years of reading reports from both sides, and would be the most likely were I to put money on it. But you view the universe from a different perch, I'd be interested to hear your estimate.

*Wild Ass Guess

Todd Juvinall

Let's see. Under Brown's leadership, 130 million trees across the state have croaked. We have had two droughts and he has not allowed one dam to store our excess water. He is trying to build a 100 billion dollar train to nowhere and wants two massive tunnels to bypass the delta (where the smelt reside) and send it to LA. And he has been there eight years this time after eight disastrous years in the 70's. And Trump has been there 18 months. I would suggest you are projecting your lefty bias to Trump who is actually helping.

Account Deleted

100 to 1, 20 to 1, 5 to one, 1000 to 1 - The lopsidedness is what's key.
Here's the important part - "He is totally blind to the literally hundreds of incitements from the political left and leftwing public confrontations..."
The left refuses to acknowledge facts that do not inform their 'narrative' of the world.
Ask a lefty what actually happened at Benghazi or Charlottesville or what happened to Travon Martin.
And yes, I have my biases but I try to keep up with reality no matter how it plays for or against my opinions.
History and reality are in flux constantly as information comes to light. Sometimes it takes months or decades to find out important facts about events. Sometimes the nightly news has it correct and sometimes they are just tools for some one in power. But an open mind and a nose for what makes sense works pretty well. You can make fun of us 'old' guys, but we remember a lot of history and what actually happened when some of the youngins' were in diapers.
And - as always - Occam's razor comes in mighty handy.

Account Deleted

Bill at 6:44 - This quote - "saw the attack on the Asian small framed female reporter when she tried to interview members of the Occupy LA or SF when they were huddled together on the street. She was pushed, spat on, called the c word, ho, Chink, Slant Eyed bitch, and had her microphone ripped from her hand had to escape fearing for her life."
It just occurred to me that Acosta didn't think that it didn't 'feel like America' when that happened.
Only when some one disses the fabulous Acosta does it make Acosta think something is wrong in our country.

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