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13 August 2018


Todd Juvinall

I have ascribed to a simple solution to the idiots like "M" calling us racists etc. I simply say "I am not a racist, you are". This drives them nuttier than they already are.

Ricky McVeigh

TJ 2:41
Always stay classy! https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/trump-snubs-mccain-fort-drum-n900316


I've made no effort to hide my opinion as to the identity of "M"... Douglas Keachie, a proud Scotsman who wasn't born there, a teacher who was retired when, at the end of a sustained leave of absence (he called it a 'sabbatical' but his principal didn't) from a 'Frisco high school where he had taught AP Computer Science sans any qualifications to do so, they didn't let him back in.

While Keachie might not have used the term "fungible" in regards to learning and teaching, he does seem to have the Modern Education expectation that anyone can learn just about anything if they can get seat time in a good school, and can be expected to do any job they've chosen to be trained for.

Here's a blast from the not too distant past about IQ and qualifications to teach school:

Bill Tozer

Bigotry or Arrogance or just can’t admit they are just plain wrong?

From Dr.Rebane’s Post:

“We must always return to the sad fact that the orthodox Left is and has been the most sclerotic and unscientific ideology embraced on God’s green earth. Wherever they have managed to seize the reins of government, they have inevitably hewn to policies that have repeatedly taken populations down the road to disaster and despair. That is why in the best style and teachings of Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals), they loudly accuse their opposition of their own shortcomings”

The result of self-congratulation is that a Stanford graduate now usually knows less history than his Hillsdale counterpart. A successful self-made businessman can know a lot more about the economy than does a Harvard M.B.A., and a state-college graduate is likely to have better ethical bearings that the Clintons with their Yale Law degrees.

The Trump revolution is often attributed to the angry pushback of the deplorables and irredeemables and all those who lacked the knack for getting with the global agenda. Perhaps. But it was also a popular consensus that our experts in government, the university, and the media were not very expert, and the résumés and letters behind their names increasingly denoted nothing much at all.


Paul Emery

George show me the disaster and despair that you claim has overtaken Denmark for Example which is surely a country you would put in the category of "orthodox left".

George Rebane

PaulE 1035pm - The Nordic countries are nowhere near the "orthodox left". However, as they lose control of their Islamic migrants, the disaster and despair will follow. Sweden is now in the lead.

The confirmed disaster and despair are all the countries that the USSR, Red China, and the Indochinese conquered. Add to those the eastern Europeans, Cuba, and Venezuela. And most recently the sub-Saharan socialist disasters that are still growing.

Paul Emery

George most of those countries you reference experienced this in a long time ago. Can you give me some contemporary examples.

George Rebane

PaulE 1057pm – How long ago bad things happened is not grounds for dismissal of how socialism gave rise to disasters and despair. Those causes are still with us today (you yourself are an incipient component of such in waiting), and these causes are both operational and latent waiting for activation. Just because it was over 70 years ago when we last dropped atom bombs is not a rationale for us to quit worrying and stop working against their being dropped again today. But your main error is thinking that just because a country’s people are not rioting in the streets (which your favorite media wouldn’t report anyway), that everything there is hunky-dory.

“Contemporary examples” of today’s centrally controlled (aka socialistic) countries abound. Russia and China come to mind first, and then we can go on to a list of Asian, mid-eastern, and sub-Saharan autocracies which claim to be either socialist or communist, a list that is longer than your arm. Were you and yours to be transplanted there to live as do the overwhelming fraction of their populations, you would quickly see the disaster and despair that burden them in their everyday lives. Put in such circumstances, we coddled Americans would be outraged, and demand to be immediately allowed escape such man-made disastrous social environments. I firmly believe that America’s progressives like you have a la-la land view of the world.


Holy SHIT!!! Paul has lost what little mind he had left.
Hey "news man" Try actually READING SOME!!!!!
The Swedes went hard Left with open arms. Now are paying dearly.
The Muslims capitalized on their good nature, and have just about taken over that nation.

How is Venezuela these days Paul? You know, your Socialist dream society.


Posted by: George Rebane | 16 August 2018 at 10:22 AM

Honestly George I don't know why you bother! It's like showing a dog a card trick....he's just not going to get it!

George Rebane

fish 1104am - You're most likely right Mr fish, and thanks for the concern. But I also write RR for broader audiences and for other times, and all of your comments in these pages to me are germane in that light (I hope you agree). So when I respond to a commenter, more often than not I use their comment as an opportunity to expand on and or counter some notion/issue that is the sign of our times. PaulE's current thread on socialism most certainly qualifies. So I urge you and the rest of our commenters to also include that perspective - remember, the internet is forever, and we all are writing our postmortems for future archeologists. I hope this helps.

Account Deleted

"George most of those countries you reference experienced this in a long time ago. Can you give me some contemporary examples."
We can have differences in opinion, but Paul just lives on another planet.
'a long time ago' - like, what - earlier today?
This guy claims to be a newsman?

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