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08 August 2018


Don Bessee

The producer price index showed prices up 3.3 percent compared with a year earlier. That’s a decline from 3.4 percent in June. Economists had expected producer prices to rise.

Initial jobless claims fell declined by 6,000 a seasonally adjusted 213,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. Economists had expected the rate to rise to 220,000.
The four-week moving average of claims, considered a more reliable measure of the labor market because it smooths out week-to-week volatility, fell to 214,250. That is equal to the 48-year low set in May, according to Schwab’s Randy Federick.



George Rebane

DonB 1236pm - Is there a CCW or 2A connection in there somewhere?

Bill Tozer

As I understand the court ruling, the larger picture is the right to bear arms for personal protection (as argued before the court) means the right to bear arms outside of one’s abode. In public. I took the ruling to be more focused on open carry than concealed carry. In this specific case, the litigate’s county has not issued and permit for open carry in 20 years, thus limiting the man’s right to defend himself to inside his domicile. Bear arms means bearing arms. Now, how that affects each jurisdiction remains to be seen. Until someone takes CA to court or the ruling is appealed, probably most will take Sheriff Royal’s position of nothing changes here in Nevada County.

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