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01 August 2018



'Their progressive narrative calls first and foremost for admitting immigrants who will become reliable leftwing voters and dilute extant American culture on the way to something economically and socially more like the country from which they chose to flee.'---AKA Get off my lawn!!!

What evidence do you have of this vast leftwing conspiracy??? Ever heard of free will?

Are you a card carrying devotee of QAnon???

Todd Juvinall

If someone is living in a cave without electricity then I could expect a person to deny the left is trying o flood America with illegal people and future democrat voters.


,,,oh look, another QAnon paranoid


Posted by: '''M''' | 02 August 2018 at 09:24 AM

Pretty fun dugski since they've openly admitted that "deck stacking" the electorate was exactly their strategy.

(dugski have you ever considered that maybe jousting on the internet was an activity that you just weren't very good at? No shame in it! Anyway....give it some thought.)

Todd Juvinall

Just saw a segment on the illegals voting last night. All on the honor system in Pennsylvania and now they are finding a lot of them on the rolls. All democrats.


Fishbreath,,,sure,,,the QAnon playbook says deep state border patrol and ICE are surveying all immigrants and only letting those in who agree to hate pubbers.
Ease up on the meth,,,it makes you paranoid.


Posted by: '''M''' | 02 August 2018 at 09:39 AM

Damn dugski.....who is obsessed? Uh that would be you!

I can't remember Qanon ever being referenced here and now you're under your bed, sporting the fresh diaper and tinfoil lined helmet while worrying about it!

Take another Valium™ and relax!


Fishbreath,,,you got it backwards,,,that would be your ilk under the bed clutching your nines,,,the QAnon playbook says the Trump army will soon be coming to your rescue any day so hang in there!!!


Posted by: '''M''' | 02 August 2018 at 10:11 AM

Again dugski....and I realize that due to your advanced age you may be having memory issues...but when have any of the regulars .....other than you, of course....referenced Qanon?


Well this would explain a great deal.....

Not drinking alcohol in middle age increases dementia risk, says report

Went through a dry spell about 20 years ago did we dugski? All that paranoia roaring back? All those memory issues reappearing?


George Rebane

Noteworthy - the above exchange is an excellent example of the different worlds in which those of the Right and Left live. Most interesting is the confirmation that those of the Left only read their own outlets and haven't a clue what is currently discussed in the greater market of ideas and confirmed truths.

Account Deleted

Once again we see the left wing troll posting here with name calling, straw man arguments and childish references. He asked for, and was provided with proof. He provides none of his own.
Conservatives are always quite happy to welcome legal immigrants to this country. No one else in the world has any sort of 'right' to show up here and demand to be a citizen of the US.
Our current economy is doing well enough to cause some of the lowest unemployment ever. Wages are rising. This should be cause for approval from the left, as they constantly claim they are the champions of the 'workers'. Instead, they are angrier and more bitter than ever.


You oldsters are so fulll of it,,,you know sweeping generalizations like ,,,
Their progressive narrative calls first and foremost for admitting immigrants who will become reliable leftwing voters,,,are total bullsquat but refuse to admit it!!!Pulling some lone leftwinger pipe dream about how to influence votes is not a conspiracy,,,more QAnon wackydoodle fantasies!!!

Account Deleted

"Pulling some lone leftwinger pipe dream about how to influence votes is not a conspiracy..."
Who said that?
M continues to fabricate a narrative that seems to exist in his head.

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