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03 September 2018


Account Deleted

"What Boardman conveniently ignores is that businesses count taxes and other such diktat expenditures as legal business costs, which they either pass on to their customers (i.e. Sanders’ ‘unburdened’ taxpayers) or reduce their spending on R&D, expansion, product improvements, etc if they don’t have sufficient pricing power in their markets."
He 'ignores' one hell of a lot more than that.
Businesses don't print money. If they have to pay more in taxes, there is only one source. You. Unless you never do business with a business. Boardman knows better.
Looks like he's still pissed he dumped his stock when Trump won and his fabulous prediction about the stock market tanking was totally wrong.
He complains the wealthy are spending more on custom homes. OMG!!!!
Apparently Boardman thinks luxury upgrades happen when Richie Rich hands the greedy developer more moolah and the developer waves his magic wand and voila! The upgrade just happens! No, moron. Middle class workmen who are the best get to do a lot more of their fine work. My neighbor's father just retired as a carpenter in SoCal. He worked for one of those awful greedy builders that catered to wealthy customers. Hope Ranch, Brentwood, Bel Air etal. He made one fine living on a High School diploma and a strong work ethic.
Boardman sneers at this as he made his living sitting on his ass and pushing buttons on a type writer.
Way to go, Boardman. Marx and Lenin are ready to shake your hand.

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