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20 September 2018


Bonnie McGuire

Love it! Reminds me of us and our children....

Tricky McClean

Sexual assault has nothing to do with your so-called (and extremely silly) “Great Divide.” This is a simple Perry Mason case, going to motive. Ms. Ford has everything to lose and Brett has everything to gain. ‘Nuff said.

Don Bessee

Looks like @ 835 missed this -

BOOM! Massive narrative fail and the real house found by a Scalia law clerk destroying the attack on Judge K -
Posted by: Don Bessee | 20 September 2018 at 07:07 PM


 Bill Tozer

Mc Fadden
Ah, the Great Divide is silly, eh? Well, state your case that this premise is false: “Not since the 1850s have we witnessed such a complete dissipation of social cohesion” -GR.

Todd Juvinall

Professor Ford may have been looking for some tail back then. Maybe she initiated the flirting and dragged the two boys into the bedroom. Why should aggression about sex be just a man thing? I have personally seen this play out many times.

Account Deleted

Tricky at 8:35 "This is a simple Perry Mason case, going to motive."
Then Ford needs to take the stand and prove her case.
Kavanaugh and the other witness have denied it ever happened.
She can't remember when it happened, where it happened, how she got there, who took her home, who else was there - she has make conflicting statements.
Her motive is simple - she's politically active and can make herself a big hero to the left by taking down Kavanaugh.
D. A. Burger wouldn't touch this. Perry wins without even having to go to trial.
Ford has scrubbed her social posts.
Her school has pulled the yearbook off the internet.
This is a straight up hit on Kavanaugh.
They have repeatedly said they would do anything to stop him.
And now we're seeing it.

Todd Juvinall

Read Trump's tweet on the babe and her clam. It seems rather logical and correct but the "fake news" AP and others are claimng it is a attack on her! This countries journalists have truly lost their minds.

 Bill Tozer

Tricky McFaddn sez
“Ms. Ford has everything to lose and Brett has everything to gain. ‘Nuff said.”

Ok, it’s all settled. Case closed. Nuff said, right? Hmmm. The science is settled. The Russians cheered when Trump stood on Shillary’s voicebox, end of story. Nuff said, The motive of why the Russians cheered when Hillary lost is all the proof we need that Trump colluded with the Russians and stole our election, right?

So, why should we believe a 15 year old girl’s recollection 36 years later? State your case....or no need because “Nuff said”. Boy, thats a slam dunk if I ever seen one, for sure.


 Bill Tozer

Mine eyes have seen the gory....

Well, it’s seems that one of the themes of the gory details (or lack thereof) is the sheer hatred of the toxic male patriarchy and the full out pedal to the metal assault to dismantle the aforementioned evil unfair oppressive white male patriachy. Thus, the Declaration of Independece, Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and our representative republic is illegitimate. Dismantle the white male patriarchy and all problems in one’s pathetic life goes away.

Paul Emery

Todd writes:

"Professor Ford may have been looking for some tail back then......... I have personally seen this play out many times."

I'm sure you have Todd. You are a stud like Trump and, as you put it . "Women want what he has. They give what they have."


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 21 September 2018 at 08:41 AM

Tricky McFaddn sez
“Ms. Ford has everything to lose and Brett has everything to gain. ‘Nuff said.”

More than a whiff of Tricky McMichael Anderson.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 21 September 2018 at 09:23 AM,/i>

Punchy no need to be jealous of Todd..... try talking to a woman just once....who knows you might be successful!


fish no need to be jealous of Todd..... try closing html tags just once!

George Rebane

Gentlemen - didn't mean for the subject of my commentary to be so confusing. For the still confused, it is a testimony to an historical and most likely irreversible social schism America is undergoing today. It is NOT about your keen interest in sexual advances and relations between men, women, animals, and others of indefinite gender or species. Stay on topic.


Posted by: George Rebane | 21 September 2018 at 09:44 AM

I do try to keep these things in the "Sandbox" George (not always successfully) but when Punch meanders back to his pet issues (almost always involving Todd) much like the old man who wanders away from an assisted living center a correction should be issued!

 Bill Tozer

“Nuff said.” Yep, that’s a conversation ender.

The big Red Flag I have that really troubles me is Grassley saying he had not been given or seen the unredacted letter Dr. Ford wrote. I don’t need to see it, the reader does not need to see it, but certainly the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee does. Why the redactions? We know Dr. Ford’s name and the name of the accused. Is there another witness or other person named that needs to be protected? Fine. But why is the Chairman only allowed to see the redacted copy? That’ is a huge Red Flag.
It almost seems that the in lock step Brown Shirts in the Senate do no want Dr. Ford to testify, or withhold evidence from Chairman to deliberatly prevent a fair hearing and hinder the accused due process. Like the Fed’s did in the Brady Ranch trial.

To put this all under “mine eyes have seen the gory” and the existence of the “silly notion” of the Great Divide is this: Do we even know that the letter in question leaked to press did not contain edits or embellishments or even words missing or added when leaked to the press?
I donot trust our press and it’s not just because of the press’s creep factor. The other side believes the press, in spite of hundreds upon hundreds of flagrant biases and downright lying on purpose (no mistakes, done on purpose) and they tell us what is in the letter? They are telling us what Doc Ford said or says or what lawyers say....but we never heard from the horse’s mouth.
There are those that trust the creepy Lamestream media, and those of us who don’t. Now they are calling Kavanaugh a rapist...or “accused rapist.” Did a rape happen? Is that in the letter? Who says, Dianne Crime Scene? No? Then who?? Someone not on the Committe? Oh, CNN and gang. The most trusted name in news. Rightttt. Nevermind..

No Great Divide? Really. Nuff said.

George Rebane

I invite your kind attention to the 21sep18 update.

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