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04 September 2018


 Bill Tozer

Re: Senate SCOTUS confirmation hearing.

I expect disruptions like this in the House with the wacky ones going berserk per usual but not the Senate. The Senate has always prided itself as being above the fray. The theatrics this morning were most amusing at first, but they are boring already. Very choreographed with the 2020 hopefuls giving their campaign speeches and selected protesters in the chambers taking their turns when to screech and get booted out. Disputing the Chairman when he is speaking is out of order. Ah heck, Chuck Grassley is 84 years old and has seen it all. Let the children pound their spoons and throw their food for the cameras as they are playing right into the sound bite and meme ridicule.

Judge Kavanaugh has record of 300 decisions on the DC Circuit Court, the most significant and influential Circuit Court in the land when one considers most cases never go beyond the Circuit Court. Guess the Senators cannot gleam a clue about Kavanaugh’s legal mind with 300 opinions. Ironically, Judge Kavanaugh is in the same group as M. Garland by voting 96% of the time with the majority in rulings decided in the Circuit Court. Kavanaugh is the best judge the moderators could ever hope for. But, that’s not the point now, is it?

The real point of holding the hearings today and the next few days is it was never supposed to reach this stage. Too funny.
I got a grand idea. Let’s redo the electoral college vote count and maybe Hillary can lose even more delegates. The monkeys are really trying to hump the football for the next three days. And they are lecturing the Chairman about decently, ROFLMAO. Oh my. Wile E. Coyote has singed up hair all over his mug and a puff of smoke arising from his head...again.

 Bill Tozer

It’s just keeps getting better. The ones arrrested for disrupting the hearing are the ones who profit from selling baby parts. Sweet.

 Bill Tozer

Not surprising in the least Linda Sarsour was arrested protesting Judge Kavanaugh. When you for adovacte Shiria Law, anyone who follows the Constitution is the enemy of your agenda. Opps, Linda has other enemies as well. Add certain Muslim-Americans to the list. Isn’t Mrs. Sarsour a co-founder of the Woman’s March? She was the one not wearing a pussy hat.

“Sarsour is consolidating that opposition by warning that any attempt at dialogue, any view of Israelis as human beings, rather than faceless things to be destroyed, is "not the position of the Muslim-American community."

This is the bigot that the Democrats have embraced. While we get lectures from the Dems about violent racism, they're once again flirting with genocide.”


This whole spectacle is not about Trump. It’s more like setting UC Berekely ablaze to shout out and prevent another’s chance to speak. It’s all about the choice we have in November. Whether you side on the peacefully right to assemble and debate, or the Brown Shirts lawlessly storming the debate to disrupt, disturb, destroy, and silence any opposition. Very 3rd world Banana Republic of the Democrat Communist Party of America. Or very Satin, Mao, Klemperer Rouge of our friends on the left. Burn it down! No, the choice is clear this November.

Dr. Rebane received heat just a week ago for penning that the Great Divide will grow worse, more violent, and nastier than ever before in the next 12 months. Only took a week to the Good Doc correct.


The Proggys were sure cry babies with soiled diapers today.
"We can't get our way!!!!!" So I say to you,,,, "PISS ON YA!"


Re sperm counts,,,God is trying to to tell Whitey something,,,


Tells us we are safe from you spawning anything.

Account Deleted

"God is trying to to tell Whitey something"
So - M believes in an omniscient and all powerful God.
Also - M spouts openly racist language.
We'll just remember this.
Thanks, M.
Meanwhile, Trump's SCOTUS pick calmly surveys the wreckage of the left and the Dems as they continue to try to undo the will of the American voters. Theatrics, violence and disruption are all the left has.


Well,, that worked out SO swell.
Let the backpedaling begin.
" An attempt by California Democrats to boycott In-N-Out Burger over a reported donation to the state’s Republican Party ended quickly on Monday, as the Democratic Party leader who called for the boycott backed down in the face of a backlash."

"I didn't even mean it....." Sure you didn't.

So, who will be next to make an ass out of one's self?
( My mistake.. LIBS on judiciary committee have already done that... In spades.)

 Bill Tozer

Some In-N-Out Burger joints had lines going around the block to show what they think off the CA Democrat Party calling for a boycott of a CA institution. The CA Democrat Party is coming after your animal style burger. Need I say more?

Back to the SCOTUS circus. Fake news is revving up. Next thing you know they will pull out Gold Star Dad Khan and have him go up to Kavanaugh and try to shake his hand. News at 11.

Bottom line: in a few days, Kavanaugh will waltz right pass the impotent Dems and take his seat on the Supreme Court bench. Group photos of the nine are coming soon. https://m.facebook.com/RowdyConservatives/photos/a.217983685002343/1428051763995523/?type=3&source=48s.


Walt at 6:06. We joined the long line at the Roseville In and Out, and then ate our burgers in the parking lot as the Poodle was in the truck. While we ate the line got longer. Lots of Trump Troopers making the Dems look like idiots.


Nut cases on display:

THE LEFT HAS GONE BARKING MAD: A former Kavanaugh clerk sitting behind Kavanaugh at the hearing is accused of being a White Supremacist by a bizarre Twitter mob that imagines she is sending some sort of “White Supremacist” hand signal.

The woman—Zina Bash—is also a former Alito clerk. Just in case it matters to you, her mother is Mexican and on her father’s side she is the descendant of Holocaust survivors.

Liberals are bat shit crazy.


“The left . . . can’t have their way through established civil procedures”
Good one Rebane. Right up there with not even allowing Obama to present a nominee.

 Bill Tozer

Oh Marty, Garland wasn’t even an issue. Obama knew Hillary was going to win. They had the insurance policy. As Obama told the R’s at their first meet and greet, “Elections have consequences. Go out and win your own elections and quit her belly aching. Yep, everybody knew Hillary had it in the bag.


Don Bessee

@710- 0 did present a nominee, the Senate exercised its prerogative under advise and consent and left the issue to the voters oh legal scholar.



" Good one Rebane. Right up there with not even allowing Obama to present a nominee."
-'Marty'... the new sock in town


How did the Senate block Obama from presenting a nominee?

Obama nominated Merrick Garland, a jurist that ranked to the left with RBG to fill the Scalia seat, THE textualist/originalist on the court. The fellow whose opinion was not that there was a living constitution, that it was dead and in rigor mortis. If you want different words, there's a process for amending it.

The advise given was there was no desire to run Garland through the Senate in parallel with the 2016 Presidential primary season, running along with a third of the Senate. After November, Obama would have been free to renominate Garland. Hillary could have said during her campaign that she would renominate Garland if she won but she made it clear to her base that she'd find someone even more to the Progressive extreme. Oh, well.

There is nothing new or extraconstitutional for the Senate not to schedule hearings for Garland, and one President, His Accidency, John Tyler, was thrown out of his own party (the mostly libertarian Whigs) who ended up sitting on TWO empty SCOTUS seats waiting for the next election and a new President.

Tricky McClean

GR, how does your “Great Divide” work exactly? Will I be forced to sell my house and move away or will you be forced to sell your house and move away? Details please. Thank you.

George Rebane

TrickyM 836pm - It is not 'my' Great Divide, it's ours. And the details have yet to be worked out. You have to read the postings in the Great Divide section of RR. The link is in the right panel. Try to keep up.

Don Bessee

What Troll poop in ruminations?


Paul Emery

How about the Pubbers releasing nearly 50,000 pages of material the day before the Supreme Court hearings. You guys would be flipping out if the Dems did that to you.

Chuck Schumer
‏Verified account @SenSchumer

🚨🚨 The Senate was just given an additional 42,000 pages of Kavanaugh documents the NIGHT BEFORE his confirmation hearing. This underscores just how absurd this process is. Not a single senator will be able to review these records before tomorrow.

Paul Emery

I don't believe in the Great Divide George and Tricky. It would be very boring and kinda stupid. Bad idea.

George Rebane

PaulE 904pm - Were the Great Divide to happen (it requires no 'belief' on your part), then most likely it would be the most exciting event of your life - anything but boring, if you have read any history. However, the merit of the idea is a different topic which we cover here on a regular basis. The best way to implement is yet to be determined.

And do you know what the additional 50K pages contained that the Dems demanded? Recall that the Dems had already received more pages, including 300+ rulings, than the total submitted for the previous three SCOTUS nominees. Try to be fair and balanced ;-)

Marty 710pm - Hot flash; the Senate denying Obama's attempt to nominate an opposing ideologue at that point in the election cycle was through a well-established procedure. The Senate majority leader has it in his power to determine - i.e. make a political decision - when such proceedings may or not fit into that body's schedule.

Paul Emery


Would that mean we'd live in different regions and not be able to get together for lunch?

Paul Emery

So Georgs my light hearted suggestion that Todd move North when Nevada County goes solid Blue might be consistent with you're idea of the Great Divide.

George Rebane

PaulE 922pm - Nah, I'd take you along if I had to move.

From your 928pm it seems that you already have formulated a process by which the GD can be implemented. But you should also be prepared for Nevada County to revert to a conservative county were that to be the finally accepted solution - a la State of Jefferson.

Paul Emery

So the Great divide is based on splitting the State right George? Sonot just move to an area that already embraces those ideals you prefer? Nevada County is moving on sorry to tell you.

Paul Emery

It's late..

Should be

So why not just move...

Don Bessee

Take your own advice, you lost every County election!


 Bill Tozer

There is the public record of 300 Kavanaugh rulings along with a dozen legal papers he has written. These papers are not political op-eds, but in-depth analysis of legal and constitutional questions written to law societies. In addition, the public record has over 100 lspeeches Kavanaugh has given to law societies, law schools, and legal bodies that are lengthy and include in depth question and answer periods that delve into legal considerations on both sides of an issue. The complete body of the nominee’s legal opinions and thought processes on the court is there for all to see to get a thorough understanding of the Circuit Appeals Court Justice’s legal mind and philosophy. This is in additional to hundreds of thousands of documents the Committee has received which could fill a room stacked floor to ceiling. And they “need” more.

If the Dems are too lazy or too stupid to garner the Circuit Appeals Court Justice’s legal mind from the public record alone, then you can’t fix stupid. They cannot attack his character, his judicial temperment, or his record. Oh wait a cotton pickin’ moment. He put season tickets for himself and his son on a credit card! He has debt! Opps, he paid off this credit card balances. There has to be dirt somewhere, they just know it.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. Nobody is that stupid


Paul still doesn't get it. If his Proggys had every scrap of paper, they would still hold up the show. It's ALL about the stall.

Just wait till ol' Bat Ginsburg falls off her perch. Then the real fun and games begin. (You REALLY thing Trump would replace her with a Proggy like the Proggys will SURELY demand??..LOL!!)


,,,re robot bartenders,,,that was a dumb joke

George Rebane

M 615pm - of course it is; please see Mr Tozer’s 219am.


,,,that was a “‘dumb’” joke,,,

Mr. Toes,, yeah I hate it when I cannot sleep,,,

,,,re nominee hearings,,,it is called political theater,,,been that way for decades

 Bill Tozer

Well, some folks have no sense of humor. Yep, it’s all political theater. Boy, we have had an abundance of political theater since Trump won the 2016 Presidntial Election. Those screeching sea haggies doing the political theater at the confirmation hearing remind me of Hillary until Trump did us all a favor and stood on her voicebox. That Trump is a funny guy. Reminds me at times of Senator McCain.


George Rebane

Yes, it's political theater. But the bad and sad part of political theater is that a large fraction of the lightly read electorate does not see it so. They believe it's real. And to the extent that those voters believe it's real, it is no longer theater - it is real. That also is the easy to miss point of the joke.

 Bill Tozer

The Dems always want more. More taxes, more censorship, more regulations, and more of that money that corporations have. And now more paperwork from the George W. Bush Presidntial Library and his White House records.

I could be wrong, but President Trump was the only presidential candidate to announce as a candidate a list of his Supreme Court picks. A list of 20 for all to see. All three debates had questions asking each candidate what they would be looking for in Supreme Court Justice.

I could be wrong, but the 2016 Presidntial election was the first Presidential election in many moons that had an open SCOTUS seat to be filled that was a campaign issue. Trump stated irrevocably that he wanted someone of the mode of Antonin Gregory Scalia and nothing less. Hillary Rodclam Clinton wanted someone left of Garland. She not name a pick or release a list of her picks for all to see.

There has plenty of time for the Lefty smear political machine to find dirt on Kavanaugh. Plenty of time since the list has been in the public record for a couple of years. Now they act surprised and need more...more time. Guess Kavanaugh’s credit card balance did not gain traction. He’s in debt to the Big Banks!

When the opening bell sounded yesterday to start the Senate confirmation hearings, the first thang the Communist Party of America did was demand the hearing be adjourned . That is what comme bastards and commie bitches and commie wet brains do, lol

Oh, if we couldn’t laugh at them, we might take them seriously. Watching the theatrics yesterday, I will grade them all D listers on the entrainment scale.

More humor:

 Bill Tozer

Oh my, just fear mongering, such divisiveness, such a Drama Queen, such a crisis junkie, such a Russian troll.


Well, this can mean only one thing. It’s Groundhog Day, the Sequel.


Don Bessee

Revisionist history or just plain stupid?



 Bill Tozer

The Senate Confirmation Hearing

1) My judicial philosophy is straightforward,” Kavanaugh said. “A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law. A judge must interpret statutes as written. A judge must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history and tradition and precedent.”
“The Supreme Court must never be viewed as a partisan institution,” Kavanaugh added.

2) https://m.facebook.com/RowdyConservatives/photos/a.217983685002343/1428659080601458/?type=3&source=48


,,,you cannot make this stuff up,,,

Ted Cruz proves Merrick Garland was a fine SCOTUS pick,,,if so then why the hissy fit from the fossilized pubbers when Obama nominated him???


 Bill Tozer

As you recall, after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February 2016, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) deferred Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to SCOTUS, insisting, “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”

McConnell deflected protests by declaring, “We’re following the ‘Biden Rule.’ Biden was chairman of the Judiciary Committee in 1992, in a presidential election year. He said the Senate should not act on filling a Supreme Court vacancy if it had occurred [in a presidential election year]. … So, all we’re doing … is following a long-standing tradition of not filling vacancies on the Supreme Court in the middle of a presidential election year.”

McConnell’s bold action to delay Senate consideration of Obama’s nominee until after the 2016 election was one of the most consequential moves by any Senate leader in decades. McConnell, who has oft been chastised as an “establishment Republican,” deserves full credit for this gambit, which returned enormous dividends in support of a Supreme Court now controlled by a razor-thin 5-4 majority of those who respect our Constitution, rather than those who loathe it.

Thus, after Trump’s stunning defeat of Obama’s leftist successor, Hillary Clinton, his first SCOTUS nomination to fill the Scalia vacancy was Judge Neil Gorsuch, an originalist in the mold of Justice Scalia.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) pledged that Democrats would filibuster the Gorsuch nomination, and he laughably insisted, “The irresistible, immutable logic is, if the nominee doesn’t get 60 [votes], you change the nominee, not the rules.” But in 2013, when then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) changed the rules for federal bench nominees to avoid filibuster, Schumer proclaimed, “We much prefer the risk of up or down votes and majority rule [on judicial nominees] than the risk of continued total obstruction. That’s the bottom line no matter who’s in power.”

So McConnell did the unthinkable — he played by the same rules that Obama, Reid, and Schumer had in order to bypass a Republican filibuster.

Then came the Demos’ worst judicial nightmare: Their fervent hope that no other SCOTUS seat would open up before they could retake the Senate in the 2018 midterms was dashed when Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement in June.

That brings us to this week, as Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh began his four-day interrogation by Senate Demo-gogues.


“Happy Labor Day. There’s no better time to talk about why workers’ rights would suffer if Brett Kavanaugh … is confirmed.” —Hillary Clinton

“Just remember, the arguments are not the same. We are arguing for a constitutional justice. They are arguing for a left-wing justice.” —Andrew Klavan

Justice Scalia was the Supreme Court’s strongest voice for Rule of Law, the “original intent” of our Constitution as opposed to the Left’s so-called living constitution. To that end, he wrote, “As long as judges tinker with the Constitution to ‘do what the people want,’ instead of what the document actually commands, politicians who pick and confirm new federal judges will naturally want only those who agree with them politically.”


Better luck next time Dougy. Garland is gone. Just wait till Ginsburg can't fog a mirror. Then the real fun starts.
Whats even better? Your Proglodites can't stop it.


LIBS already have a traitor.
"In her surprising remarks, Blatt introduced herself as “a liberal Democrat and an unapologetic defender of a woman’s right to choose” and called liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg her “hero,” and said she voted for Hillary and Obama.

“I’m here today to introduce Judge Kavanaugh and urge the Senate to confirm him as a next associate justice of the Supreme Court,” Blatt said after the previewing of her liberal credentials, saying she received hate from her own party for supporting Trump’s pick. “Judge Kavanaugh is clearly qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.”


Posted by: "M" | 05 September 2018 at 05:26 PM

Gee dugsKKKi.....nominate somebody not repellent to most of the electorate and your side can appoint Supreme Court Justices too!


Don Bessee

That's so cute the snowflakes are still bringing up garland and we are 2 nominees down the road. Yup if Ginsberg succumbs to her issues in the next year or so it will make this look like a little civil discourse.


 Bill Tozer

Don’t ya just hate it when you get trapped in the snare you laid out for others, eh M? Don’t see what the problem is, unless you loathe the Constitution like your brethren.

Come on, Brett Kavakava clerked for Elena Kagan and advised Alberto Gonzales. That’s what I call an independent thinker. It’s all good, man. Cool yer jets and enjoy the ride. At this rate, Clarence Thomas will be Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court in no time. Rejoice. Unless, of course, you hate black men like your brethren. Burp.

 Bill Tozer

Roberto Gonzales, torture, waterboard, ROBERT GONZALES, TORTURE, waterboarding, showing caged Islamic little sheet heads pictures of pigs, play audios of barking dogs all night long. Unclean. TOTURE, waterboarding, Ken Star, Dick Cheney, Ronald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, President of the United States, WMD, Ragheads, JUDGE KEN STAR

Feel a twinge of BDS, my bitter angry brethren? Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Just wanted to lay down some BDS for no particular reason.

Back to topic




Sorry Bill,,,Biden never said ‘“until we have a new president’’’ that is what Magoo McConnell wanted,,,but nice try on an excuse

‘“That “rule” is, of course, not actually a rule at all, but rather one in a sea of bipartisan pull-quotes that have been deployed by one side or the other in order to prove that, gee whiz, senators like to get their way on lifetime appointments. In Biden’s case, the quotes in question come from a two-minute stretch of a June 25, 1992 speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate.”’

‘“The tradition against acting on Supreme Court nominations in a Presidential year is particularly strong when the vacancy occurs in the summer or fall of that election season. Thus, while a few Justices have been confirmed in the summer or fall of a Presidential election season, such confirmations are rare — only five times in our history have summer or fall confirmations been granted, with the latest — the latest — being the August 1846 confirmation of Justice Robert Grier.

In fact, no Justice has ever been confirmed in September or October of an election year — the sort of timing which has become standard in the modern confirmation process. Indeed, in American history, the only attempt to push through a September or October confirmation was the failed campaign to approve Abe Fortas’ nomination in 1968. I cannot believe anyone would want to repeat that experience in today’s climate.“‘



Hey!! LIBERALS!!!,,,, Didn't you learn anything ? Look who just pulled a Nancy.
“Pass it and then figure out how to fund it,” Nixon said.
"In her quest to become New York’s next governor, Cynthia Nixon has advocated for a single-payer health care system in the state – something studies have shown would be a costly endeavor."


There is your next hot date Paul. Your a "single payer" kinda guy.
You two would get along great.


So Dougy, your saying your Proggys under the dome got bit by one of their own type of dirty tricks? GREAT!! Sucks!! Don't it.
Now don't forget to thank Dirty Harry for playing the nuke card.
His arrogance came back to bite. 2, and soon to be three Conservative SCOTUS picks.


"M" aka Doug Keachie 714pm

Sorry, but the "Biden Rule" is regarding Presidential election years... you know, '68, 72, 76, 80, 84, 88, 92, 96, 2000, 04, 08, 12, 16, 20. NOT the off year election of 2018.

So this year ain't an election year by the Biden Rule or the Schumer Rule (which was no SCOTUS nominees by GW Bush would be entertained by the Senate for the last two years of the Shrub).

 Bill Tozer

“Sorry Bill”

Well, I forgive ya, M. Apology accepted. Go and change your errant ways and walk with your head up high on the sunny side of the street. Thanks Gregory. He’s your plaything now. :)

“You two would get along great”.

Nixon just changed her sexual identity from lesbian to queer, whatever that means. Must be an actress thing. You know how those artist types are. Use the other side of the brain. You are correct. A made in heaven.

Don Bessee

Crime-afornia, got to admit that's descriptive of the situation, hey steal a gun, here is a ticket. Have a gun you have had for ever, forget a bullet from your Idaho hunt, YOUR A F*$NING FELON! No gas for the people, too expensive for you, here is your yuppie tesla subside you rich socialists. You don't want the people who don't worship at altar of global warming mobile anyway, right? You never know what they may get up to. Keep em in the slums and hills so the paternal control increases and they vote the Right Way, wink, wink.

"you see, in Crime-afornia, not even our government-subsided plastic grass is safe from the barbarians at the gate."




,,,Sorry Gregory,,,Biden does not make mention of '''''Presidential elections''''' although he made the speech before an upcoming presidential election.

He said after the election which would allow time between November and January to nominate a candidate.


,,,Biden speech,,,



,,, only five times in our history have summer or fall confirmations been granted, with the latest — the latest — being the August 1846 confirmation of Justice Robert Grier.,,,


And our Proggys claim LIBS have their best internists in mind.
You guys want cheap health care,, well apparently the Ca. Proggys don't want you to have it.
"The Democrat-controlled California legislature urged Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday to sign a ban on bargain-priced short-term health insurance plans sponsored by the Trump administration for being cheaper than Obamacare."
Enjoy getting "F"ed by those you vote for? Looks like the answer is YES.......


From POLITICO Morning Media.

The first-person opinion piece, "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration," hit like a thunderclap in Washington - as well as in the Times newsroom, where reporters were blindsided. The op-ed raised a host of ethical and journalistic questions many have never considered before, including whether Times news reporters - who work independently of the editorial department, which published the op-ed - should now set about determining the identity of an anonymous Times opinion writer.

- One Times reporter said colleagues were already volleying back and forth with sources, trying to guess the writer's identity. But for others, a sense of annoyance quickly set in, with some journalists frustrated about the position the Times' editorial page had put the news section in.


"Here's what's gonna happen. Sooner or later we are gonna find out who the anonymous NYT op-ed writer is. He/she will hailed as a hero. Will get a book deal. Cable TV gigs. Harvard fellowships. The predictable rewards for having your Trump cake and eating it too." - The Washington Post's Karen Attiah

Yes, we will find out who wrote the Resistance Op-ED and it not be by NYT reporters. It will be a blogger


Funny. Keachie/M is trying (919pm) to make the case that the Biden/Schumer/McConnell rule didn't mean Presidential election years and chose a justice whose seat had been open for two years... because it became vacant during the last year of His Accidency, President Tyler, the defrocked Whig whose Senate threw him out of the Whig party.

Russ, good news about Happer, thanks for the Motl link, I'd fallen out of the habit of reading his blog.

 Bill Tozer

From Wednesday’s Kavanaugh’s hearing with Senator Di-fi.

Interesting look into the mind of the liberal. She changes the question of ‘common use’ of semi-automatic handguns and semi-automatic rifles to assault weapons (fully automatic weapons). Slight of hand.

Kavanaugh replied that, as a circuit judge, "I don't get to pick and choose which Supreme Court precedents I get to follow. I follow them all."

After some back and forth, Feinstein interjected, "Let me interrupt you. I think we're on totally different wavelengths. I'm talking about your statement on common use, as common use being a justification. And assault weapons are not in common use."

Kavanaugh responded that semiautomatic weapons were protected, since "there are millions and millions and millions of semiautomatic rifles that are possessed, so that seemed to fit common use."

Feinstein interrupted to argue that numbers of guns owned does not determine whether they are in common use.

"You’re saying the numbers determine common use?" she asked. "Common use is an activity, it is not common storage or possession. It is use. So, what you said was that these weapons are commonly used. They are not."


2). Little Piglet needs to go to college or get some learning before he spouts off again.
Newsflash Little Piglet. Justice Kavanaugh was already nominated....on July 9, 2018.


Don Bessee

The fakenews march in zombie lockstep with a phony story -




,,,very funny Gregory 911am,,,don't like the Robert Grier example,,,because why??? as you totally miss the point,,,

Then go back even further to John McKinley, 1837!!!

Bwahahaha!!! What a maroon


 Bill Tozer

Do-Fi is getting old. Does anything resembling the truth come out of her mouth? H, the drama. Millions will die!


The good news is the Chinese spy who ran her local office for years and did her houseboy thing for her probably got a whole binder full of false information and wrong data, lol.


Keachie/"M" 134pm

The Grier example supported my point, Doug.

Yes, you are being moronic, as is your wont.


Not since 1831 has a Justice been confirmed in August or September, especially before an election.

The pathetic pubbers had to go nuclear in their desperation to get the Garland nomination quashed.

Now they want to confirm another one right before another election.

You cannot make this stuff up!!!!


Congress at work,,,


Account Deleted

from M - "The pathetic pubbers had to go nuclear in their desperation to get the Garland nomination quashed.
Now they want to confirm another one right before another election."

Not a desperation move - just a power play. And of course they want to confirm another. How is this any different from the Dems? When the Dems rule again they'll do the same sort of thing. Where do you think the Rs learned all this from? It's Constitutional and legit.
As St Obama said: "elections have consequences".
Don't worry M. The brain-washed young and the illegals will soon run the country and it will be glorious for you. For a while, anyway. Your type is usually the first into the boxcar or the ramp to the guillotine.

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