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14 September 2018



,,,guess what,,,Puerto Rico is part of America,,,that makes America a shithole country!!!


,,,yeah,,,looks pretty shitty,,,


Todd Juvinall

No "M", Detroit is part of America too but not an example for the rest of the country. You crack me up.

Todd Juvinall

For those that think Academe is fair and balanced. Evergreen College has screwed itself allowing the extreme liberals on campus to run the asylum. Now they have lost one half of their freshman class.


Tricky McClean

Yes, absolutely, no question that Leonard Bernstein from 60 years ago is the go-to expert on American foreign policy today.


,,,George missed couple of lines in his transcript,,,

'''Life is all right in America,

If you're ALL-WHITE in America'''!!!

George Rebane

M 216pm - Thanks much. The site where I did the copy and paste must have also missed. It’s an important line to be included at the time.

TrickyM 109pm - Why would you make that outrageous assessment, I didn’t? But I do think it’s important to establish what PR was then and what it still is today, and Bernstein had the ‘then’ nailed. Finally, what does “American foreign policy” have to do with PR? Are you not aware of the role of PR in sphere of American lands and territories?

Account Deleted

M at 2:16 - Yeah, it's just awful. That must have been why they all wanted to move here.
Hey folks - didja notice all over the world people that aren't white risk their lives and spend all their money to get away from any country run by non-whites and flee to countries run by whites?
Must be cause we're just sooooooo racist.

Tricky McClean

GR 1309 - I apologize, I’ve always considered PR to be an inaccessible island. Doesn’t that make this a foreign policy issue?

George Rebane

TrickyM 658pm - PR is plenty accessible, it is just ignored for all the obvious reasons. Ask yourself, why could they not be more like Hawaii (which itself is no paragon of free enterprise and commerce), since they are tropical with many beaches and scenic inland mountains, and super close to the most populous part of the US. Short answer, the place is a dump, and it goes down from there ...

The begging question - why is it a dump?

steve frisch

Posted by: "M" | 14 September 2018 at 02:16 PM

OMG that is hilarious.


Posted by: steve frisch | 15 September 2018 at 08:38 AM

Drinking early this Saturday morning are we?

 Bill Tozer

Re: Ken Starr

Listened to Ken Starr’s interview on the radio this morning. Interesting. Janet Reno did her job. Vince Foster’s death in Starr’s mind was 100% a suicide, no doubt in his mind. So toss that conspiracy theory out. Interestingly, Linda Tripp was Foster’s executive assistant at the time and was questioned about Vince Foster’s death.

The Feds were already on the ground investigating Whitewater before Starr’s appointment to Special Investigator. They were already investigating the collapse of Jim McDougal’s Madison Guarenty (bank) and Jim and Susan McDougal’s investment with the Clinton’s into the Whitewater development...represented by the Rose Law Firm. Years later, Linda Tripp approached the Starr team saying there is a young lady (Monica) in the White House who was applying pressure for Tripp to sign a false affidavit in the Paula Jones civil case.
Starr took the new charges to Reno, who in turn had her justice lawyers look at it, and Reno assigned Starr to investigate it. Reno, a person I have disparaged, turns out to being a good cop at that time. Did her job.

I won’t be buying Starr’s book, but for those who are interested in revisiting the Starr investigation, here is a video clip from the radio.


Bonnie McGuire

I get a kick out of "m" and Steve Frish's stupid racist remarks. I think all people living in America are fortunate because of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I'm not the only one. After reading Keith Richburg's book "Out of America" many years ago I thought it should be required reading in our high schools, but realized it would never happen.
Keith Richburg was thrilled to get to go to Africa on assignment to write about its progress. His family originally were slaves brought to America, and he looked forward to his ancestry....but, nothing in Keith Richburg's long and respected journalistic career at the Washington Post prepared him for what he would encounter as the paper's correspondent in Africa. He found a continent where brutal murder had become routine, where dictators and warlords silenced dissent with machine guns and machetes, and where starvation had become depressingly common. With a great deal of personal anguish, Richburg faced a difficult question: If this is Africa, what does it mean to be an African American? Well, he surmised he'd probably be dead, and would never been able to achieve what he was able to become and accomplish in America. He too realized he was an American!
In this provocative and unvarnished account of his three years on the continent of his ancestors, Richburg takes us on a extraordinary journey that sweeps from Somalia to South Africa, showing how he confronted the divide between his African racial heritage and his American cultural identity. This is an exciting terrific book...


Regarding the OMG from Frisch after M/Keachie's snide correction to the lyrics.

Rita Moreno was born in Puerto Rico and the scene from WSS that she absolutely stole was filmed when she was 30 or so. She won an Oscar for that movie (Best Supporting Actress). She also won Emmys, Grammies and Toneys. Not bad for a girl from Puerto Rico in America.

The male lead in the scene was played by George Chakiris, born in Ohio with parents who were off the boat from Greece and yes, he won the bookend Best Supporting Actor Academy Award. No, he wasn't Puerto Rican or any other Rican, but it's called Acting for a reason.

Not bad for two ethnics lost in White Amerika, eh, assholes?
Screw you, Frisch. Screw you, M.

 Bill Tozer

Naked link


Tricky McClean

Gregory 2146 - You seem tense. Perhaps medications are in order?


No, Trickie Dougie, the post of 946pm was the only cathartic needed.

Screw you and the horse you rode in on.

And I mean that most sincerely.

Don Bessee

Now we see why they did not bring it up before -

The Legal Advisor for Kavanaugh’s Accuser Is a Big Time Democratic Donor, Thinks People Who Work for Trump Are 'Miscreants'



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