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05 September 2018


Bonnie McGuire

Thank you GR. Watched how the gov used activists to destroy our free enterprise gov. In order to survive many moved into larger corporations. Anyway it's a long sordid story that's continued to where we are now. Most of those claiming to hate big, rich corporations were the same who gave them more power. Double speak hypocrites constantly contradicting themselves, who don't seem to hear or see themselves. I read a lot and love reading many opinions. It's revealing...

 Bill Tozer

Globalism Undermines Patriotism
Are patriotism and corporate multinationalism mutually exclusive concepts?

“Nike’s potential loss of American customers is nothing compared to the loss of a supply chain that includes slave labor.

“Who abets the multinational elitists’ efforts? “At the present rate, America will soon resemble the dystopias of novels such as 1984 and Brave New World in which all aspects of life are warped by an all-encompassing ideology of coerced sameness,” writes columnist Victor Davis Hanson, who rightly holds the nation’s censorship-abetting tech titans, and their corporate media allies to account. Hanson further notes that “some $3 trillion in global capitalization is pledged to ensure that the nations’ computers, pads, and smartphones will not be polluted by traditionalist thinking.”

Few things are more traditional than patriotism.

“Despite origins steeped in sovereign favor and national interest, the modern corporation has increasingly seen its capacity for civic duty and engagement diminished,” columnist Yishai Schwartz explains. “Over time, concern for the national interest has been squeezed out by the twin forces of profit maximization and cosmopolitanism.”


George Rebane

BillT 206pm - Amen and good pick up Mr Tozer. We must always remember that corporatists avoid, eschew, whatever, ... competition. The bigger the government gun that they can buy, the safer are their monopolies and oligopolies from more dynamic and creative upstarts taking their profits and destroying their market sinecures. They are anything but Westphalians. Globalism and anti-patriotism are their strong suits.

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