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03 October 2018


Todd Juvinall

VDH is a common sense man. I always listen and usually agree with his analysis.

 Bill Tozer

VHD’s 12 points as related by Dr. Rebane are irrefutable. Yes, I throughly enjoy and concur with his writings and thoughts. I do like the fact that he moved into the old family house outside of Fresno and has his eyes and ears on the ground to what has happened to his road, his next door neighbors, his neighborhood, his state....not as someone living and writing inside the Beltway. Not a elistist, not a snob, as Dr. Rebane can testify.

I also found it refreshing that a group of 30 somethings revere him as a unparalleled military historian at a recent get together. A very pleasant surprise as the youngin’s ran circles around my knowledge by reading VHD’s books.


VDH is often a panelist on Fox News Ingraham Angle at 7 PM. His contributions are more insightful than most of the other panelist. We always look forward to his segments.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the FUE is jealous he was not invited to meet XDH. These liberals are so nutty.


The FUE's readership must be lagging? When ever he needs to fire up the readership numbers he attacks RR.

George Rebane

ToddJ 333pm - Thanks Todd, I really do believe that he gives 'butt stupid' a new depth of meaning - really! When was the last time we heard an idea out of the FUE? Ideologically he is nothing but a cut & paste artist, no thoughts from the high vacuum between his ears.


VDH: The Case for Trump

Why America needed--and needs--President Donald J. Trump

In The Case for Trump, award-winning historian and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson explains how a celebrity businessman with no political or military experience triumphed over sixteen well-qualified Republican rivals, a Democrat with a quarter-billion-dollar war chest, and a hostile media and Washington establishment to become president of the United States--and an extremely successful president.

Trump alone saw a political opportunity in defending the working people of America's interior whom the coastal elite of both parties had come to scorn, Hanson argues. And Trump alone had the instincts and energy to pursue this opening to victory, dismantle a corrupt old order, and bring long-overdue policy changes at home and abroad. We could not survive a series of presidencies as volatile as Trump's. But after decades of drift, America needs the outsider Trump to do what normal politicians would not and could not do--a fact that explains the furor directed at Trump by the political and media status quo.

Available in March 2019.

 Bill Tozer

I am hearing the phrase ‘post-modernism ’ more and more as of late.

VDH: Campus Chaos has come to Congress
“One belief of the university is the postmodern idea of relativist truth.”


Barry Pruett

Those are many of the reasons we’ll be leaving California in the future. My wife (born and raised in California) says all the time that this current state is not where she grew up. Thank you for your thoughtful insight Mr. Rebane.

Paul Emery

You summarize that Victor Davis Hanson believes the Obama Administration is the "most scandalized administration in recent memory." Does "recent memory" include Nixon-Agnew?

George Rebane

PaulE 158pm - I appears that he stops somewhere around the half-century mark. Probably since most Americans alive today don't even remember what happened 20 years ago.

Paul Emery

So George you believe he does not include Nixon-Agnew in his survey of "the most scandalized administration in recent memory."

 Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. I am most interested to hear more on VDH’s point #10.

10. The new “Socialist Democratic Party” has replaced the former Democratic Party.

I am not convinced of that...yet. I have been wrestling for 20 months if the media is dragging the Dem Party father to the Left than where “mainstream” Lefties are or if the media is taking its cues from the Far Left. Or if all of them are part and parcel of the Leftinista Industrial Government Media Complex.

We have witnessed the media from the very second Trump was elected organize to oppose him. Pre and post Inauguration. Everyday, every issue, every breathing second the media has been the resistance...even to the point of their own detriment, their credibility, and the destruction of the nation....and 4th Estate. All enemies, foreign and domestic describes our lamestream media and their fakenews brethen.

I have always gone by the historical figures of the mid-20th Century to present that about 19-22% of the USA voters considered themselves real liberals (far left). Hit 24% once, but only for a brief period. Could be 30% now. Like the Women’s March, the leadership has been taken over by extremists and SJW’s, but does the rank and file go with the Jew hating, man hating, white folk hating, Age of Englishtment hating trash talk coming from the leaders? I hope not.

If VDH believes the Far Left Antifa/ Marxists gangsters have taken over the former Dem Party and the rank and file is going along, that is a big game changer. Any elaboration?

George Rebane

BillT 809pm - Mr Tozer, the Democratic Party is in more of an identity crisis than even the Republicans. The sorting out of whose ideology is more left or socialist is being played out also in the launch of the Progressive Party USA which claims to have calved itself from the Democrats. I'm not sure that VDH was not referring to the formation of the PPUSA. See also my 'What the Kavanaugh Confirmation ...'.

 Bill Tozer

VDH: Epitaph for a Dying Culture.

An idea of retirement is not merely a house by the lake or a cottage on the coast to die in peace, but now a mental refuge in which we are at last free from 24/7 sermonizing and worry over thought crimes, both in person and electronically—a world in which a sermonizer on a computer screen or in a television set does not lecture us for perceived shortcomings without acknowledgment that he is more likely than not to also fail to meet his own standards of morality.

In other words, America is resembling the medieval Balkans, where spent traditionalists fled to the mountaintops, abandoned the plains of a dying culture to the new zealots who stormed in under the pretense of civilization.



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