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23 October 2018



Obamacare was voted on by the House and Senate, packed by voters in the USA to be controlled by Democrats from top to bottom. Veto proofed, as the nation had come to the conclusion that GW Bush and his minions in the GOP were responsible for everything bad, including the virtual collapse of the economy when the Democratic Party sacred cow Government Sponsored Entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fell apart.

How the blame for the GSE's got transferred to the GOP is interesting, but water under the bridge.

By the time the nation had come to its senses, the wretchedly misnamed Affordable Care Act had been voted into place, and we could finally look at the bill that had been gifted us by Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

That is NOT how Common Core got put into place... there was no vote of the House or the Senate. The heavy lifting was all done by education bureaucrats working in the shadows, funded primarily by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation money, and just enough misdirection to convince people that 1) it was all good, and 2) that the states controlled the Common Core State Standards, which they did not.

Education bureaucrats had known (absolutely, positively KNOWN) for decades that discovery methods were best, and it took people like Jack Price, President of the NCTM in the early 90's who said, on the record, that the bad old days of kids learning standard algorithms for reasoning with fractions, multiplying, and (gasp) long division was good for the most part for high socioeconomic status white boys, but kids of color, and girls, learned best by the methods defined in the 1989 NCTM "Standards" that were standards for how to teach math, not what math kids should be learning in each grade.

The Common Core enshrined the NCTM "Standards", and the machinations were funded by well over $250 million of Gates' money moved from one 501c3 to another in a web of backs being scratched.

It's all collapsing in slow motion now, as the totality of the takeover delayed the bad news that came quick to states like California in the '90's, as we had the tests like the SAT9 and then the STAR exam based on the SAT9 that showed a dropoff in scores.

Bill Tozer

Good read, on topic


George Rebane

BillT 941am - We notice, and the left wingers don’t consider it indoctrination.

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