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11 October 2018


Account Deleted

The problem with discussing a GNI is that there are several different versions floating around. Some replace the current welfare systems, some supplement them, some are for everyone, some are just for those who qualify by means testing and some are just "tests" that are totally worthless as any indicator of what would actually happen if a permanent system were to be deployed.
As you have pointed out, we are going to have to do something to prevent those at the financial bottom from becoming a large enough blob to enable the rabble-rousers to use them to start serious trouble.
And also as you pointed out - just handing money to those with no skills, volition or intelligence barely slows the slide into a sad life of indolence and misery. And misery loves company. (hint, hint)
The newer socialists in today's political environment are touting the idea of a govt guaranteed job for everyone. It's an idiot idea as far as being self-supporting as they claim, but it does have the advantage of the image of usefulness for millions who would otherwise sit on their behind all day at home doing nothing.
The reality is that we currently have a jobs program in place. It's called very low unemployment. If you're willing to actually work, someone wants to hire you.
Of course there's the issue of how far the money will go in places like CA.
And that's another topic.

George Rebane

ScottO 510pm - Agreed. Government can always make things so hard and/or expensive so that government has to do more to 'help' you out, for which help it expects you to be eternally grateful and vote properly.

Don Bessee

This could have gone a few places but given the limousine socialist at issue this seems appropriate.

Congress is rife with rich people, but O'Rourke had a 2015 net worth of about $9 million, ranking 51st out of 435 House members, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.


He is 10 points down so no blue wave in Tejas.


Account Deleted

California, New York - who's next?
What's the Gini index in Venezuela?
Who runs NY? Who runs California? Who runs Venezuela?
So - A high Gini is bad.
CA, NY and Venezuela have high ratios.
They are run by leftists.
Therefore we need to have the leftists run our country.
This bit of logic is brought to you by your local leftist.
Am I wrong to posit that leftist are mentally ill?

rl crabb

I wouldn't need that gov'mint IV if that damn Soros would come through with all those promised checks for Republican scalps. How's a poor cartoonist supposed to get by?


,,,nice try Scotto
,,,Cali does not even make the top 5!!!


Posted by: ***M*** | 12 October 2018 at 09:37 AM

Wow dugsKKKi....usually when you get this wound up you slip back into that bad habit of mixing capital and lower case letters.....props for your self control!

George Rebane

rlcrabb 922am - I'd bet the ranch that the Soros crowd would sign you up in a heartbeat; you just haven't taken the time to find the right place to apply for such stipends. And unless you really need the additional cash, your reticence there probably serves you well, because as a Soros lackey you would lose the ability to continue cursing a pox on the breadth of our political spectrum. I remind you that your credibility there is already thin given your obvious list to port. Nevertheless, I remain a fan of yours, and would counsel you to continue following your own lights no matter their color.


"How's a poor cartoonist supposed to get by?"

Draw better cartoons?

Account Deleted

M is probably looking at the strict Gini list from Wiki. That only goes by income. Cali is number 8. If you factor in the cost of living Cali goes right to the top of the list.
Some pertinent reading:
And it's getting worse every year.
But just keep voting in more and more Dems - misery does love company.

Account Deleted

And by the way, M - your post does not refute the facts I posted.
Nice try.

 Bill Tozer

Guess I am too old school to participate in this discussion in any meaningful way. Having taken in numerous strays (homeless, down and out) through the years, I live by the credo “if a man will not work, he will not eat.” The crux of that credo is the belief that, for many, pain is the touchstone of growth, a man’s hunger pains will drive him on to seek and obtain employment, and “a swift kick in the rear is one step forward.” The operative words is “will not work” as opposed to “cannot work.”

Goodness. We have all seen numerous signs and heard numerous admonitions all our lives to not feed the animals, it only attracts them and makes them dependent. The Union has run articles about folks keeping wild birds and creatures as pets (some injured) and then cannot release them into the wild. They cannot fend for themselves after developing dependency on humans for survival.

Yes, there is a good case for charity. We are social animals and find giving rewarding in and of itself. Makes us feel good about ourselves, especially if done anonymously and without a simple “thankyou” or smidgen of appreciation.” That’s true giving,. Without even the reward of feeling good about oneself. Giving just to give. But you cannot give or transmit what you don’t got.
The old dilemma is not about giving, but when and how. One way lifts, the wrong way co-signs someone’s B.S.....enabling them straight into self destruction and the grave. Piles of hypos lining streets is an example. Give them “crazy money” and they go crazy, lol. Keep doing what you are doing and we keep getting what we are getting.

With all that said, GNI may be unavoidable. Welfare for all. The campus has come to society. Helicopter Moms and Lawnmower Dads have kept little Jack and Jill safe and secure from all bad things, including stress, anxiety, feelings of discomfort, and challenges...things that produce character and stamina. A dependent class.

In college, the deans and administrators have replaced Helicopter Moms and Lawnmower Dads to protect little Jonnie and Shelia from uncomfortable ideas, feelings, emotions, and challenges. A dependent class.

So, now they are in society as adults. Immature children in adults’ bodies. Uncle Sam is expected (required?) now to do for Jack and Jill what they should have been doing for themselves. Meet Uncle Sam, your new Mommie and Daddy. A good parent works himself out of a job as parent. A good parent takes a helpless 100% dependent child and trains them to be a self sufficient independent adult.

Too late now. Immaturity is ingrained. Give them money. Then more money. There will never be enough money for those who cannot make it own their own due to being dependent on others. Can’t even get cable TV without someone paying for the bill. GNI is better than blood in the streets, I reckon.


Bonnie McGuire

Wonderful, educational discussion. When we travelled in Canada and Alaska there were signs that "A fed bear is a dead bear" because the bears would identify getting food from humans and become aggressive, violent and destructive. So much so that they had to be killed. Hate to say it, but the behavior reminds me of the paid demonstrators opposed to Pres. Trump and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Pretty opposite of their claim to be liberal, freedom loving "can't we all just get along" individuals. More like the socialist fascists historically compared in Dinesh D'Souza's latest documentary.


re: GNI

I'm happy to be convinced otherwise, but I think that GNI is a poor idea. It's better to simply invent jobs.

Do you really want a much larger percentage of the population to hang out on street corners 24/7? I'm afraid that the devil will get loose in them.

George Rebane

scenes 305pm - Mr scenes, time to expound your Plan B if GNI is Plan A. And don't get me wrong, you're in some good company eschewing Plan A. I think everyone is interested in how we coexist with masses of people who can no longer sell their labor and are convinced they are irrelevant to those who still can or no longer have to work.


I'm afraid that I don't have a Plan B (Plan C is to do nothing, of course). My gut still tells me that make-work would result in fewer social problems than simply receiving gubmint checks. To keep the bored at bay you might need to push for more highly addictive video games, Soma, and sex robots. Experiments could be done on smaller groups before a big roll-out of any plan of course.

My own take is that no jobs are safe. At the very least practically any job will be de-contented to the few actions a human can perform more cheaply. I'll include the arts and high level individual craftsmanship in that list.

Mass importation of moar and moar people ain't gonna help any.

Account Deleted

"Mass importation..." And here I had thought they were sorta' gettin' here on there own.
No doubt about it - the more 'vibrant' we get, the more need for resource use and wealth transfer.
Apparently the left feels that to solve AGM we need millions more folks here from other countries to eat carne and drive gasoline vehicles.
Ever see a wetback driving a Tesla?

Don Bessee

Blue lives matter -

“There is one government institution, and one alone, that has the ability to make Chicago safer – that is the Chicago Police Department,” Sessions said. “Our goal should be to empower it to fulfill its duties, not to restrict its proper functioning or excessively demean the entire department for the errors of a few. Make no mistake: Unjustified restrictions on proper policing and disrespect for our officers directly led to this tragic murder surge in Chicago.”

The DOJ announced earlier this week that it would oppose the proposed consent decree on Chicago police, which has been brought before a federal judge for consideration.



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