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11 October 2018


Don Bessee

Keep their feet to the fire Chuck -

Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wants the upper house to stay in session until all of the 49 currently pending judicial appointments are confirmed.
A tweet from Grassley, R- Iowa, on Thursday came just hours after the committee cleared eight more judicial nominees to the full Senate ,and puts Democrats in a bind over whether to stay in Washington to fight the confirmations or head out on the campaign trail to defend vulnerable seats ahead of the midterms.

“Lots of work to do,” Grassley tweeted. “Senate [should] stay in session til all 49 judges are CONFIRMED/ work comes [before] campaigning.”




You know, there's a certain irony to this.


George Boardman

Hey fish, Pork Linkerson will have to delete this from his to-do list if he ever visits Greece:


 Bill Tozer

RNC releases new ad.



Posted by: George Boardman | 11 October 2018 at 04:33 PM

Damn it George you’re stealing my source material! That was about to go into the rotation!

George Rebane

Just got an email from our designated reader who sent me a gleeful observation by the FUE on the recent stock market pull-back. It continues to amaze me why these naive neo-socialists even bother to comment about something that is totally foreign to them, and a mystery to boot - I'm talking about economics. He is convinced that all RR readers are now quaking in their boots because their IRA's have taken a bath. The hubristic naif, in his own inimitable way, is predicting the beginning of a long term recession, something that no one in the financial sector is even contemplating.

But that again gives us an idea why leftwing countries (and cities) are continually on their ass as their planners and controllers continue applying long-dead economic principles to modern dynamic markets. These local leftwingers understand even less as they seek to ape what they hear from their pundits on Huffpost, CNN, MSNBC,... and other similarly astute outlets.

Has anyone considered that the markets may hedging a Democrat victory in November when the tax, spend, and regulate folks may gain control of Congress?

Jeff Pelline

No, dumbling; the stock market correction (two days now) stems from the threat of rising interest rates, not partisan politics. You live in a partisan bubble. How sad. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-fed-may-not-be-investors-friend-1539273524?tesla=y&mod=article_inline


Well, I could have sworn I posted the Rasmussen poll of the generic Congressional picks recently but the po' ol' pollhead when seen a couple of hours ago said he hadn't seen it...


Dead even. And to gather control of Congress, the consensus seems to be that Dems need 5% over parity.

Might not be a cruise to victory for Dems.

Don Bessee

Gregory - you have surely heard of situational ethics, well that would be situational memory. Nothing that does not fit the narrative or the talking points for lefties shall be retained.


Don Bessee

Listen closely and you will hear the heads popping in the distance -

Paglia says Bruni's newspaper and the Democratic Party still have "soul searching" left to do about why they called 2016 wrong. "It is incumbent upon the defeated party to pull itself together, or else we're going to get the reelection of the present administration," she said.

"I didn't take him seriously at all," she said about the early days of the Trump campaign. "And then, shortly after the very first Republican debate, I saw Diamond & Silk, the African-American sisters doing a pro-Trump attack on Megyn Kelly on their podcast, and... I suddenly saw the populism, and from that moment forward, I could feel the momentum of it."

"The New York media was in an absolute bubble about this," she added.

Andy Cohen said he had similar thoughts: "Just today I was walking by a monitor, I don't know what channel was on, but there was -- he has some slogan about jobs for America or some new plan. And I saw that chyron: 'Jobs For America Plan,' and I thought to myself... it doesn't even matter if this works or not, he could get reelected just because he has a 'Jobs For America' plan."




Donnie,Donnie, Donnie,,,Dow down another
500+ points


Don Bessee

Troll, see GR @ 528 - In case you missed it, dividends are still being paid, unemployment is rock bottom, growth looks to be 4.7 in spite of natural disasters. Lots of oil in stocks across the world so screw Iran. Confidence, manufacturing and enthusiasm for American Exceptionalism are in the stratosphere. Expect earnings reports to rock tomorrow.

You sound like the Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land's panic, did you sell off with a quivering lip? If you were late to the game then you lost. Do you know what has happened to the chi coms this year? Perhaps you were in that index, it would make sense given your proclivities.

Perhaps you have a variable rate loan, you wouldn't if you could not qualify for a nice fixed rate.

Did you hear about the ascending blue wave recently, no, neither did I from the latest numbers. Beto down 10.



Posted by: '''M''' | 11 October 2018 at 09:06 PM

.....still president dugsKKKi!

 Bill Tozer

80% of Americans think Political Correctness is a National Problem

Opposition to political correctness was higher among Asians (82 percent), Hispanics (87 percent), and American Indians (88 percent) than among white Americans (79 percent). In fact, just about every single demographic studied showed overwhelming objection to political correctness except the Americans the study reporting the poll results identified as “progressive activists.” Progressive activists, the study says, “have an outsized role in political discourse, even though they comprise a small portion of the total population (about 1 in 12 Americans).”

About the 8 Percent of People Who Love PC
“Progressive activists are the only group that strongly backs political correctness: Only 30 percent see it as a problem,” wrote Harvard University lecturer Yascha Mounk in an overview of the poll results at The Atlantic.


Todd Juvinall

Looks like the R's are starting to pull away in the polls. Red wave coming.



Just illustrating your gelastic, simpering Dow cheerleading posts

 Bill Tozer

Addicted to Outrage

Yet again, TMZ is serving as the PR arm of the White House…helping to normalize Trump’s monsters. pic.twitter.com/70ddF7m2Tx

— Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) October 11, 2018



,,,breaking news,,, some staffers write an OpEd for the WSJ and sign trumpski’s name,,,



The erudite leader of the Blue Mob.



LIBs have proven themselves the asses they are,and no point in even try to work with them. More new judges! And look who is pissed.

Todd Juvinall

You all should go comment on the extremist fem letter in the Union today about Kavanaugh. Where do these loons come from?



,,,great interview of trumpski’s next potential UN Ambassador Kanye West. He will represent meatheads well!!!


,,,scared shirtless redneck meathead tries to shoot teenager,,,

Get off my lawn!!!



Come on Dung, tell it like it is. He's ran from the Proggy plantation. How dare he think for himself.


Yup, LIBS got out played by Trump again. More insight to the judge appointments.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seized on the opportunity and made Democrats an offer: let the Senate adjourn until after the election, provided Democrats don’t force the full 30 hours of debate allowed for each nominee.

Democratic leaders were left at an impasse: They could keep their caucus in the Capitol to oppose the nominees — effectively ceding the campaign trail to Republican challengers — or confirm Trump’s judges briskly and risk alienating their supporters.

And they still bitch
"“This deal was totally unnecessary and it is a bitter pill to swallow so soon after the Kavanaugh fight that so many progressive activists poured their hearts and souls into,” said Chris Kang, chief counsel of Demand Justice, a liberal advocacy group. “This period will be long remembered not just for the historic number of judges Trump has been able to confirm, but also because of how passive Democrats were in response.” "


Posted by: ***M*** | 12 October 2018 at 08:52 AM

More petulant whining from the geriatric Depends™ set!

.....sweet, sweet music!


jeffpelline says:

October 11, 2018 at 7:08 pm

I’ll never forget the “San Francisco values” b.s. Barry? ROFLOL. https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2010/04/03/what-are-nevada-county-values/

Footnote: Pruett lost in every precinct. Go figure! ROFLOL 2.

Yeah Barry how dare you mention Than Franthithco Valuths like the poop minefields and discarded needle recreational areas.

Some of things that jeffy remembers most fondly!

Todd Juvinall

Trump has nominated three Judgeships on the 9th. DiFi and Kamel are apoplectic! I sure hope they get done and get some normal legal minds back on the court.

Pelline likes those SF values because he likes dodging poop on the sidewalk. Good exercise.


Douchebag Doug LaMalfa spewing lies per the trumpski playbook,,,



,,,poor trumpski pubbers,,,they are told to hate the NFL and Harley Davidson,,,but they have to love Kanye!!!



Sierra dumpster fire? Burning without a permit again.

Sorry Dung, no one tells us who to "love". That's a Proggy thing.

If Harley wants to sink their own boat, that's their problem.


Posted by: ***M*** | 12 October 2018 at 09:48 AM

.....they are told to hate the NFL and Harley Davidson

Pro football has blown since the mid 00's! It didn't take a handful of room temperature IQ players to make me lose interest!

Harley Davidson.....what am I....a 50 something orthodontist? Even Sonny Barger came around to BMW!

Hey dugsKKKi.....you never got back to me about your cake!

 Bill Tozer

First they blamed the Russians. Then they blamed Righty White People. Next they blamed the electoral college. Now they blame the Senate:

Liberals Blaming The Senate For Their Loss Of Political Power Have Lost Touch With Reality. Democrats' loss of political power is not the result of a structural defect; it's the result of flaws in the quality of their Senate candidates.

The main complaint Democrats have about the Senate is that because small states have equal representation to big states, and Republicans dominate the small states, Democrats face a permanent minority status in one half of Congress. This follows a familiar pattern. In the House, they say, they are a permanent minority because of gerrymandering; in the presidency, because of the Electoral College; in the courts, because of their problems with the other two branches. Like a game between children, instead of “win” and “lose,” their two sides are always “win” and “they cheated.”

“If you weren’t born yesterday, you might recall that as recently as 2011, the Democrats controlled the White House, 59 percent of the House, and a filibuster-proof 60 percent of the Senate. Under the same laws, the same Constitution, and with an almost identical electorate, the Democrats controlled the political branches of government with huge majorities. How did they lose it all? Because the people did not like what they did with that power once they had it. That’s not a broken system, it’s a democratic republic working as designed.”

Moreover, the focus on small states as Republican strongholds does not survive even the gentlest scrutiny. The senators from the ten smallest states are nine Democrats, nine Republicans, and two independents who caucus with the Democrats. That’s an 11-9 split in Democrats’ favor.


 Bill Tozer

Yet another attack on a peaceful woman protestor by the Haters. It’s who they are.

The shoving continued, with the attacker doing a threatening “chest pound” as a crying Somers tried to get away. “C’mon, let’s do it!” the attacker was heard saying.


Hmmm. Chest pounding? That is the poster boy for the phrase “worthless as teats on a boar.” Frisco Values.

 Bill Tozer

Cause and effect? Since Taylor Swift urged voters in Tennessee to support Blackburn’s opponent, a tight race suddenly has Blackburn up by 14...just like that.


Don Bessee

Keep it up socialists -



The mob -


You nailed it BT



 Bill Tozer

The biggest fakenews gay and lesbian hate crime hoax in my lifetime is back in the news. Good.
This morning I heard that Mattrew Shephard’s body “Remains To Be Interred At National Cathedral.” (NPR). What a joke. I read the trial testimony years ago. The “hate crime” that shook the nation in the October, 1998 was a crime, but not a hate crime. Not a gay bashing crime either. But laws were passed to protect gay and lesbos. The lie lives on to this very hour.

It’s almost impossible to read the trial transcripts (and reports) I read back then nowadays, fueling the hoax to live on. My original research cannot be found on the internet. Gone. The media lying is nothing new, if it fits their narrative. Lying sacks of shit they be.

Matthew Shepard (the murder victim) was often pimped out by his gay lover (the murderer) and was killed over a meth deal gone bad. Both were gay, both into drugs and prostitution, both hung out on the seedy side of town. The media made it out to be the equilivent of beer chugging rednecks in Texas dragging black folks down the road behind the pickup truck with gun racks on a tow rope. Hogwash.


My condolances to Matthrew’s parents. Nothing to see here.

Don Bessee

Don't tell THAT truth!

If candidates answer “yes” to a question—and wins their election—they are pledging to immediately co-sponsor reintroduced legislation in the 116th Congress on bills that include: Establishing an Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity; an expanded and improved ‘Medicare for All’ Act; Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2017; Automatic Voter Registration Act; Raise the Wage Act; Jobs for All Act; and the Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act, among others.

Rouda answered “yes” to every question on the form, signaling that he supports the likes of Medicare for all, reparations for slavery, and the creation of a Department of Peacebuilding if elected. Rouda also previously said that he backs expanding Medicaid to illegal immigrants at a liberal forum during the Democratic primaries but recently claimed that he never made that statement despite it being captured on video.
Rep. Rohrabacher’s campaign on Wednesday sent an email drawing attention to Rouda’s questionnaire that was posted on the group’s website next to his name. Hours later, the link to Rouda’s document was removed.



Don Bessee


“When we greenlit The Conners we thought that the public would tune in to see the family return but what we’ve discovered is that people want Roseanne – they don’t want the family by themselves,” they explained.

“The marketing and publicity teams are horrified as no matter what promotional material is released – and let’s be honest it’s been limited for a show that launches next Tuesday – Roseanne’s fans come out in force stating that they won’t watch the show.”




The Blue Mob.


lol. This is perfect branding.


How do you really nut up a LIB?
Use their own actions against them.
The ad, released Tuesday, splices together sound bites from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), as well as several celebrities, to cast the modern Democratic Party as radical and — at times — violent.

In other words,, shine light on the roaches.


Then it gets even better.

Yaa.. Remember when the Tea Party was the violent ones? Riot squads were on hand. LIBS cowered in fear!

Tens of thousands of us took to the streets. Not one window broken, and the streets cleaner than before we got there.

Go ahead Proggys, claim the same thing.. Good luck proving that.

 Bill Tozer

Well, it looks like they are done testing the device of our Fat Ugly Effluvium and it is officially Progressive Approved.

“Really, if I could just figure out the transfer system, we could have cow-car charging stations in the parking lot of every organic food collective in Nevada City.”


 Bill Tozer

OTR: off the reservation.



I have never heard such language in my entire life. Despicable. An assualt on the White House!....per CNN


Todd Juvinall

So I see RL Crabb is whining that Trump went to a rally rather than staying in the Whitehouse as Michael blew in. My goodness I always knew RL was nuts but that is just crazy. His thinking is truly off and his ability to do critical thinking is gone. All emotional BS all the time.

Don Bessee

Its about time!

Cheryl Mills, a former top Clinton aide, along with four additional individuals, no longer have clearance, committee chairman Chuck Grassley said Friday afternoon. The Washington Times reports Clinton’s access to secret information “expired at the end of August,” while the four other “research assistants,” the names of which were redacted in a letter from the State Department, had their clearances terminated September 20.




One of Paul's many political affiliations really found a winner.
Audio has surfaced of Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema saying during the heat of the war in Afghanistan that she had no problem with Americans joining the Taliban.

Sinema, a Democrat running for a U.S. Senate seat against GOP Rep. Martha McSally of Arizona, made the comments during a radio interview in February 2003 with libertarian activist Ernest Hancock.

“As an individual, if I want to go fight in the Taliban army, I go over there and I’m fighting for the Taliban. I’m saying that’s a personal decision,”

Can the powers that be, declare open season on those turn coats the moment it's found out? Before, and heaven forbid they make it back here alive.
I say make it retroactive.

You sure know how to pick'm Lefties....

 Bill Tozer

How did I miss this one. They are really bastardizing the meaning of words. Carry a sign, becoming a screaming monkey, and you are a veteran.



The Democratic Party strikes again, and who can blame them?


The Blue Mob marches on.

Account Deleted

BT at 4:38 - "Carry a sign, becoming a screaming monkey, and you are a veteran."
Ah, but it depends on the words on the sign and what the monkey is screaming.
All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

 Bill Tozer

@ 4:42 pm or anybody.

Yep, tons of free rent in their heads, 24/7. Most reactionary. Love how they are painting themselves as the party of outrage, the party of Antifa. The party of howling banshees, scraming monkeys, and unfit for office. The party of roving mobs.

It is just dawning on me how monumental the Kanaugh affair was. Hard not to use hyperbole. It is really a rather huge setback to the whole ball of wax for the Leftinistas. Battle of the Bulge. The Titanic hitting the iceberg. It has shaken the Lefties to the core. Now self doubt and insecurity has set in the back of their minds. Demoralizing. They are neither cocky or confident today.

They were cocky and confident once. Why? Because since the last election, they were promised many things. Trump would be gone in 30 days, guaranteed. The Republican Party would refuse to back Trump and he would be forced to resign. Trump would be unable to govern, period. Guarenteed. The Russian probe would have Trump out of office for sure. Trump will be driven from office, a temporary Prez. Gone in the first 18 months if that.
The strategy was simple: Trump, at all costs, cannot be allowed to be considered “legitimate”. That is why Obama called Jay Z a few months back and told him not to go to the White Houseunder any circumstances. Must not ever be seen as a legitimate POTUS.

Trump is still in office and his popularity is 3% above Obama”s at the same period in his presidency. That is with 92% negative media coverage for Trump and 47% negative coverage of Obama, comparing apples to apples. And the R’s have come back into the fold and are rather pleased relishing their chance to stand tall and hold the line. Like the Spartans holding the line in that 15 meter gap against everything the enemy threw at them day and night. Add in the Anfgry Mob for all to see on national TV day after day, and no place to hide for them. No longer just single events on Breitbart.

Trump was one the sidelines as the Left engaged in going stark raving mad with cameras rolling in the Senate hearings. Too many millions of witness of their anti-social behavior to take that one back. The collective temper tantrum of the Left and MSM made normal people decide the children need a time out. To add icing on the cake, compare the statesmanship, reason, and rationality of Susan Collins’s speech to that of the wandering and rambling desperation speeches of Spartacluz and the implied threats and hate in Harris’s eyes and words. Stark difference.

So the former confidence about Trump’s impending exit is in doubt. From the way it appears at this date in history, it looks like Trump will be President for years to come. I have not a clue how the Democrat Socialists and their thugs will be able to handle that. I fear they will not be able to...they do not appear to have the tools nor capacity to handle more losing. It’s going to get uglier than before....until eventually the children throwing their temper tantrums scream themselves to sleep. Expect more “October Surprises, many more. They have proven they have no problem making stuff up. In fact, that’s all they got....making stuff up.

In the final weeks leading up up to Nov, 2016, I checked 5-38. Waited and watched. Trumps chances went to 25% chance. One in four ain’t bad, at least it moved above one in five chance, I thought. Then it hit 30% Then it hit 34% and I was happy as its election time. One in three are good odds to have,
I checked 5-38 to see the odds of the R’s pulling a House surprise. One in four and inching up. 30% next and moving up, then Election Day. 🤪

Don Bessee

So you have the lowest black and hispanic unemployment coupled with the highest popularity numbers in those community for any republican President. Don't forget, Hispanic citizens don't like illegal immigration.


Azul wave?


Don Bessee

A foot note to 753 -




,,,hey Trump Saps,,,looks like your boy is lying again,,,

Sad because pre existing conditions were what Meatheads were actually liking!!!



Welcome to TrumpShit Insurance!!!

 Bill Tozer

Debunk this: Hillary Collusion.....Russiagate updates. The plot thickens. Her

“And it didn’t matter how they “proved” it, especially to Fusion GPS, which was feeding the FBI their bogus opposition research. We’re now learning just now of how one popular bogus conspiracy theory before the election, which alleged Donald Trump maintained a computer server in Trump Tower during the campaign which allowed him to communicate directly with Russia, was pushed by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson (who later denied doing so). Slate Magazine published the “bombshell” story alleging that a server in Trump Tower was communicating with Alfa Bank, Russia’s largest bank. The “finding” was based on DNS logs – and spread by Hillary Clinton herself.


Her tweet was Oct. 31, 2016. Stupid lady dropped her October Surprise of Halloween night and thus, nobody noticed. :)

 Bill Tozer

ROFLMAO. It’s who they are. Mr. West has been screwed, blued, tattooed, and slimed. Was it something he said or did? He looks like he can take it. O life as a free man.
So predictable. Shoot the messenger! Kil him! Destroy him!!! Oh my.


Don Bessee

Someone should tell the troll that those of us who had quality earned benefits, what was labeled Cadillac insurance before 0 care put Medicare ahead of our private insurance really learned what shit insurance was. The best private practice Dr's could not even let you pay cash and they all retired! It was a drive to socialist goals, make it financially impossible to stay independent. Screw off if you don't want to be a node in the 0 system.

Its about building the controlling system, not your personal health care...….



Posted by: ***M*** | 12 October 2018 at 08:39 PM

Welcome to TrumpShit Insurance!!!

Finally an insurance product for those awkward times when the Depends just aren’t up to the challenge.


Of course, one problem with a mob is that they don't always do what you want once you set them up.


Heck, we even have our "M"ob of one righteously giving the patriots what-for. I'd love to listen in on the ShareBlue meetings right now.

 Bill Tozer

Help them reverse their unicorn ride into hell?. Heck no, enable their unicorn ride to hell.



"M", in a most elegant fashion, states: "Welcome to TrumpShit Insurance!!!"

As an aside, it seems to me that working through Trump is the best hope that single-payer healthcare (or some other variant of nation insurance) has. He probably doesn't have strong philosophy on the matter and could easily serve as a Nixon-in-China conduit between the two warring parties.

Of course, it's more important to bring him down because a) he said 'pussy' once and b) he appears to care about national borders. This last appears to be the defining matter for the modern Left. I guess that borders are as good a reason for a civil war as any.

There's absolutely no reason why the Great State of California couldn't put together their own plan, at least aside from the fact that even a single-party state can't magically pay for expensive things. A lack of competence might have something to do with it also.

Todd Juvinall

DIFI and Kamela are apoplectic as Trump's people finally gave up trying to please them with appts to the Ninth. So here we go. More fun in the Judiciary Cmte.

 Bill Tozer

Well, at least he tried. Listen to the children like Merrick?


 Bill Tozer

According to the Kaiser Foundation, there are 40 million folks who have health insurance that cannot afford health care. After paying for insurance, no money to go see the doctor. There is not enough money in government to pay for universal single payer, no way, no how. Not even close.

According to the Basic Financial Literacy Test, two thirds of Americans fail the simple test, including school teachers. CA got an F, only 5 states got an A. Now, since government does not have that kind of money, where are all those greenies going to come from? Hmmm? I can’t hear you. I know, I know! It’s going to come from all those evil greedy corporations, companies, businesses, and anyone who makes a dollar more than me. Tax the crap out of them, including the whinny middle racist class. Squeeze the last drop out of them. It’s for the little people.

Actually, Trump is the guy to tackle big problems. Right up his alley. I like the catastrophic insurance coming back. In fact, the only reason to have castosphoic health insurance is so you don’t loose your home. I call it my homeowners insurance policy. With high deductibles and no longer with Cadillac coverage from an employer, I and others are paying cash as you go anyway.

When gobberment starts looking for more money, hold tightly to your wallet. Gobberment has an insatiable thirst for more...more power, more control, more rules, more penalties, and more regulations. It consumes them. Exactly like Leftinistas. Synonymous.

The man who worries that his well will run dry draws water that never quenches his thirst. More taxes, bigger government, kill, crush, destroy. Libs, Antifa, the Angry Mob, Gobberment.




BillT: "I like the catastrophic insurance coming back. "

I can't say that it ever disappeared. Current Obamacare policies, at least the lower level ones, are essentially that. There was that added special magic of huge rate increases, due to Obamacare, for those buying personal policies.

I'd say that the problem is that you are not allowed to solve any part of the health insurance policy. Put into place a high-deductible plan at reasonable price and the first thing that happens is the hue and cry about paying $100 for a doctor's visit, birth control pills, or a round of antibiotics.

So far as I can tell, what is needed is a plan with:

. Absolutely free healthcare for any problem
. Big pharma stays profitable
. Surgeons maintain their current income
. Nurses, doctors, massage therapists, people that poke needles in you with some magic Chinese medicine maintain their current income
. Hospitals stay profitable
. All drugs are free
. The average taxpayer shovels in an insignificant amount of money into the system
. Illegal aliens get free healthcare

If the Left had an answer, they'd simply invent (or copy) a system in California that worked. They're all hat, no cattle of course.

Generally, I'd say that any local bitching about evil Republicans and their policies is laughable. The State government has far more effect on your daily life than the feds and could mandate electric cars, healthcare, minimum wages, drug laws, policing, in a heartbeat with some pushback (but not much) from Washington. I'm bored with hearing about it. Given the (D) dominance in political affairs, just do it instead of talking about it.

Account Deleted

It's getting pretty bad when Algore has to bitch about his personal transport.
Gore's jet Gulf Stream seems to be causing him problems but that doesn't seem to stop him.
We have an 'emergency'!!!!
And we're running out of time!!!!
Water is rushing up into Manhattan!!!
Cities are under water!!!!
Al might have to buy even more homes on the coast to prove his point.
Genius. Scare prospective sellers into believing their shore front house will be flooded tomorrow and then buy it cheap and then flip it for millions.
Quite a scientist that Algore.


a pretty funny idea from reddit. Some guy just got in his new mousepad.



Who would have thought that placid and civilized “Rose City” would be where the first shots would be fired.....



re: Fish@8:16AM

I can't say that "the bear spray heard 'round the world" has quite the same zing.

The good picture is this:


I think these guys are overstating the Proud Boys (in order to join they push you around until you can name five breakfast cereals), but the guy in the orange shirt has a more serious demeanor. The US has had a *lot* of violent street politics in it's history, so perhaps we are fated to a cycle of that.


...more (thanks for posting this Fish, first I've heard of it)

pretty much as expected:



...and finally.



HEY Dougy!! Need insurance? GO BUY IT! If you can't,, TOUGH SHIT!
welcome to the real world!


Lefty revisionism never works. No matter how much is spent on advertisement. Remove Old Glory,, pay the price.


Poll: Biden leads a crowded field

Oh god please let it be so.......





jeffpelline says:

October 14, 2018 at 9:40 am

What a hoot to listen to the old coots in the right-wing blogosphere try to “analyze” this. Truly clueless.

500lb Coffee Delivery technician fails to understand the nuance of test scores......film at eleven!

Todd Juvinall

Funny how the old fart Pelline calls others "old". Tha guy is a loon!

Don Bessee

Carpetbagger -

TJ Cox, the Fresno Democrat running for Congress against Hanford Republican David Valadao, owns a home in Bethesda, Maryland, that the state says is his principal residence.
Montgomery County property records show Terrance John Cox has paid about half of his annual property taxes on a three-bedroom, four-bathroom, Cape Cod-style home valued at $968,100 in the Washington, D.C., suburb. He bought the house for just over $1 million in 2016 and it has been claimed as his principal residence on state property tax records in each year since.

Cox seems to be flexible about where he runs, at least: he had been planning to run against Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) in the 10th district until Valadao’s 2016 opponent, Emilio Huerta, dropped out. Cox then switched districts to run in the 21st.
Valadao is still running strong, even though voters in his district chose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016 by 16 points. In the June 5 “jungle” primary, he defeated Cox by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. He was up 11 points in a recent poll.



George Rebane

fish 1004am - We again note that leftwinger blogs continue to be content-free, and specialize only in ad hominems against voices whom they can't counter with anything substantive. It would be nice to see them have a go at some 'analysis' of the day's issues, instead of just delivering vitriolic echoes from vast intellectual wastelands.


Posted by: George Rebane | 14 October 2018 at 11:54 AM

Speaking as your primary hurler of vitriol and analysis free invective I’ll tread lightly.....


jeffpelline says:

October 14, 2018 at 11:36 am

Listening to Gregory Knightbridge, “fish” and Todd Juvenile pontificate on education in the local blogosphere is like Roseanne pretending to be Emily Post! ROFLOL.


Emily Post references.....really?! You should just quit the internet right now before you embarrass yourself further! I thought at some point you made your living by having some command of the English language but I guess they’ll hire any nitwit with a pulse to scribble for the Chronicle!?

Todd Juvinall

I am trying to remember if I said anything about the education system and guess what? I didn't. So the Pelline bigboy with poop on his sidewalk values just makes it up. LOL!

 Bill Tozer

No Todd, not poop, yet. It was the time the Philistine got upset that somebody was going wee wee on his front lawn on a fine sunny morning and His Assholiness barked at the pee pee guy to stop that right now and put that thing away....well, the person relieving himself on the splendid lawn told him to F himself. Oh, My Lard got so upset he talked to the local Mayberry RFD policeman and wrote about it in the Union. Something like Pee pee in Quainty Town, from whence I immediately stole the the name Quainty Town. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Yo little buddy, go f yourself. Hugs and kisses.

Now, I recall another Sunday afternoon (why is it always a Sunday afternoon when we gab about the half wit?) that Lardo came over here to set us straight. The topic was....drumroll please.....the pitiful state of public education, K-12, with the emphasis on high schools. Oh, that got his dander up. He said we were teacher bashers and public education haters and just a bunch of Right Wing extremist haters in general. Oh, he defended public education as the topic turned to school choice. That was when one highly intelligent poster here said, “”Yo Michelian Tire Man, Whatz yer beef? Your kid goes to private school”, ROFLMAO.

Well, that got him all upset like the time somebody pissed on his front yard and told him to F off on a fine Sunday morning. I do declare. He got on the hotline and called the police and the sheriff and have some facetime with Sheriff Royal or Sheriff Andy Taylor with Barney Fife listening in. Needed to address the “security issue” that resulted from somebody saying, “What’s wrong with private school? You send your kid to one”, another ROFLMAO. Yep, he got so scared he ran to the cops. His kid’s life is in danger! Danger Will Robinson, danger! What a birddbrain.

So before Dr. Rebane gets another e-mail threatening legal action and a Cease and Desist form letter from his mail order lawyer, I shall move on to more appropriate Sandbox topics




Now it's official.
"General Motors is alive and Michael Moore is dead."


And Portlandia has gone to the dogs.
"The mayor of Portland defended the city’s response, or lack thereof, to members of Antifa who blocked traffic and harassed bystanders after a video of the incident went viral.

“I was appalled by what I saw in that clip and I support the decisions of the [Portland Police]. I trust them,” Mayor Ted Wheeler tweeted Friday. “I believe them as the law enforcement professionals who have to weigh complex legal and safety issues, not only for the people on the streets but also for themselves.”

Don Bessee

Everyone needs to know about this;

The Yuba County Office of Emergency Services was notified that PG&E may cut off power to some foothill residents as early as this afternoon. Below is the Code Red announcement we are putting out to residents in those areas. I will update everyone with more information, as it is received:

“PG&E reports power may be turned off to Yuba County foothill residents living from Collins Lake to Rackerby and all areas to the north and east due to forecast high winds.

Power outage may occur as early as this afternoon and last three to five days or even longer.

 Bill Tozer

5:46 pm
They have already set up the PGE utility trucks across from the fairgrounds since yesterday. Looks like they are expecting a bunch out of area linemen.. Mt. Diablo on warning too, as is Lake County and a bunch more. Bring it on. Got propane stove and hot water tank.


re: DonB@5:46PM

Where do you get the three to five days? I'm seeing thru Monday night everywhere (I assume it's going to get windy at some point).

So basically PGE is planning on shutting down the power for a whole work week every time we have low humidity and 10mph winds with gusts?

Even if that is an exaggeration, you do have to ask why any company would move to an area with as unreliable an electrical supply as Nevada County has. It's always struck me as slightly ridiculous.

 Bill Tozer

Scenes: 3-5 days everytime the wind blows now. PG&E is sick and tired of paying for these wildfires when the lines come down. Ever since the Traunner Fire when CalFire beat them in court, the power company pays for the whole shebang. Forget where I read could be 3-5 days




BillT: It's a thing I'd never considered before, what with all the talk about how we need petabit ethernet to the house in order to attract all those tech jobs which will save the day.

If I were considering a move to Nevada County as a technology (or other) company, I'd take one look at PGE randomly threatening to shut off power for the best part of a week and look elsewhere. Reliable electricity really is a non-negotiable item anymore. That's in addition to the multiple times per year it's out for most of the day because of snow/wind/bad juju.

 Bill Tozer

Well, I just pulled the roast out of the oven (propane). Enough to munch on for tomorrow. Got a pot of coffee brewed, and those battery operated candles on the ready. Just need to fill a jug of water and I am good to go. Got car charger for the cell phone. The phone lasts over 24 hours easy, so I can still post freaky crazy stuff.

Hmm. Now we all know Nevada City ain’t too hot about Verizon mini towers, so who knows if their I-phones will go get service, lol. Comcast will be up on generators, but what good is that if you got no power on your router?

Oh, how about a meme, any meme....just in case everything fades to black.


Man, Sex, God, and Yale.....sex maniacs!



Keeping an eye on the spreading outages is interesting. No towns of size appear to be involved thus far.

"To protect public safety, power in your area has been turned off due to extreme weather conditions with high fire danger. Power will be restored as soon as it is safe to do so."

 Bill Tozer

And just like that, the winds stopped and it is a nice calm evening with nary a soft breeze to be found. However, they are afraid the winds will stir up old volcanic ash from St. Helens and an aircraft and health warning is advised. Better them than me. ;). Like the Storm of the Century....the perfect storm, I had one plastic bucket blow over.

Danger Will Robinson, danger. Yawn. Well, it was a good excuse to make everything outside that could blow away put away for the winter.

Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' pollhead -

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.



 Bill Tozer

Moi @ 10:18 pm


Don Bessee

A last drip of rancid Russian dressing -



Don Bessee

Yup -

That “60 Minutes” went looking for something greater is more proof than viewers needed that their approach to the President left them outmatched.



Paul Emery

How old are you Todd, you old fart?

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