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28 October 2018


Paul Emery

Didn't vote for Obama second time around Todd. did you vote for Bush 2nd time? If so why?

Paul Emery


In your view is Trump a "lying President" ?


And for those eight years Paul Emery expropriated Bush on a daily basis.

Uh Todd.....I generally try to restrain myself from issuing corrections but this one is a class A felony! The word you are looking for is "excoriate"! Past tense "excoriated".



past tense: excoriated; past participle: excoriated


censure or criticize severely.

"the papers that had been excoriating him were now lauding him"


damage or remove part of the surface of (the skin).

synonyms: abrade, rub away, rub raw, scrape, scratch, chafe

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery again shows us why he is an unhinged green/libertarian (whatever that is). For eight years you slobbered all over Obama and trashed Bush. Now you whine that others are comparing the failed Obama with Trump. My goodness seek help.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 31 October 2018 at 01:55 PM

Not selective at all. Just dealing with whats in front of us right now.

Just like Bush was right in front of you during the Obama administration!

Don Bessee

Not screwing around -

Iranian infrastructure and strategic networks have come under attack in the last few days by a computer virus similar to Stuxnet but “more violent, more advanced and more sophisticated,” and Israeli officials are refusing to discuss what role, if any, they may have had in the operation, an Israeli TV report said Wednesday.
The report came hours after Israel said its Mossad intelligence agency had thwarted an Iranian murder plot in Denmark, and two days after Iran acknowledged that President Hassan Rouhani’s mobile phone had been bugged. It also follows a string of Israeli intelligence coups against Iran, including the extraction from Tehran in January by the Mossad of the contents of a vast archive documenting Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and the detailing by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN in September of other alleged Iranian nuclear and missile assets inside Iran, in Syria and in Lebanon.



George Rebane

PaulE 134pm - If Trump believed or believes that Mexico will pay for the wall, then he's not a liar but just mistaken. You wave that word 'liar' around a lot without giving its meaning much thought. Obama had his bout with making statements that were not true or did not come to pass - but all of those were not lies. But those which he obviously intended to fool people with were lies. Here's some help.

Bill Tozer

Around 10:45 am
After disemboweling the Tea Party and all for which it stands for years and years, somebody this fine morn points to the Tea Party as a reputable source and authority, lol. Duplicity Alert. Irony alert. Glass House Alert! Guess he has stopped citing John McCain and Lindsey Graham now that one kicked the bucket and the other stopped bashing Trump...and is doing the tag team bromance thang with GEOTUS. My my. Well, there is always Flake and Corker to quote from....until January. Goodbye Paul Ryan. They had Ryan push Granny off the cliff until be bashed Trump.

Media was going off “who is your leader, who is your leader?” day and night whenever the small gathering of Patriots met at first. AstroTurf! Take us to your leader they demanded. They were quite the white devils, those Tea Party folks. Dangerous, racists, Nazis! Danger Will Robinson, danger. Funded by the evil Twins, the Koch Bros. Destroy them!

Knew a guy who was a point man for the TTP in the Carolinas. He was not a leader nor spokesperson, just talked to a lot of groups. He was destroyed. What the evildoers did to him was just a foretaste of what they are capable of. IRS up his butt with the Jaws of Life, on line harassment and threats....horrible. They broke him, poor guy. He was too scared to even wear a Tea Party tee shirt out the door. Be like wearing a MEGA hat now.

Go ahead, please be my guest. Elevate yourselves on that which is left of the Tea Party after wiping the dog poop off your shoes on the TP Patriots’s faces. The irony is rich. The lefties’ blind spots are so big your can drive a Mack truck drive through with your hammer down and they still know remain blissfully and insanely unaware. What you mean? Sweet.

George Boardman

"Paul Emery expropriated Bush on a daily basis."

You have a unique take on the English language, Todd.

Paul Emery

Todd, I don't ever recall being supportive of Obama on this blog after his first term. Can you show me where I was? Did you support Bush second term Todd and do you feel he was a good President?

Bill Tozer

Eviscerate means to disembowell. Eviscerate. Word of the day is e·vis·cer·ate. Us ace. Trump eviscerated Fauxahondos’s presidental aspirations all by his lonesome. Ok, he got a little help from that white lady Senator Warren. :)

Paul Emery

Todd is a product of our local educational system George B. Also his generation was around a lot of Arsenic and Mercury before the Environmentalists started cleaning things up. .


,,,Paul Emery@241pm---LOL---

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeB, why thank you can call me (what was that comedians name that twisted words?) it gets you spell and word checkers all afflutter.

Paul Emery we read everyday for eight years your love of Obama. Are you experiencing Alzheimers now and can't remember? You need help.

Bush was my guy as I have said to you numerous times as quested by you. I did well under his Presidency.

Paul Emery

Todd has language problems George B. He was a product of the local education system of the day and was possible affected by Mercury and Arsenic contamination before the Environmentalists cleaned things up.

George, can you use the same tag "mistaken" for Obama's belief in the nature of Obamacare? If not, what's the difference. They both gave the American people false information.


Posted by: ***M*** | 31 October 2018 at 03:06 PM

Wow if Todd is having issues due to exposure to heavy metals I shudder to think how screwed up you are after years of near constant exposure to fecal matter dugsKKKi!


So, Paul, would you like to give me odds as to who the next Senator from the meth lab of democracy, Arizona, will be?

The combat fighter pilot, McSally, or Sinema?


,,,Po' ol' Punkin'head is so self centered he does not even mention the victims of the Synagogue Shooter ---POS!!!


Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, no I have been tested for all those things and am clean. You however exhibit the effects of those heavy metals. Maybe those wild days on the streets of SF are coming back to haunt you. Anyway, you seem to be having issues that should be looked after at YubaDocs.

Paul Emery

I don't know how to calculate odds Gregory. I'll leave that up to Nate Silver and others. What we do know is that it's a virtual tie according to the latest consensus in Arizona. Nate gives the Repubs an 85% chance to keep the Senate and the Dems an 85% chance to take the house.

Paul Emery

Well god for you Todd for being tested for your problems. At least you care enough about yourself to recognize you have a problem that needs to be looked at.

Never spent time on the streets of SF Todd. Preferred hiking in the Sierras in my spare time.


Golly, Paul, you were dancing on McSally's grave yesterday... I thought sure you'd be at least tapping your toes today... here's a bit more about the poll that was based upon:
"The latest NBC/Marist survey, which was conducted in late October, found that the state’s likely voters supported Sinema over McSally 50 to 44 percent if the election were held that day. When the poll included Green Party candidate Angela Green, Sinema’s lead over McSally shrunk to three percentage points. The poll also found the gap to be much smaller among Arizona’s registered voters, with 44 percent supporting Sinema and 43 percent supporting McSally."

So, that 6% shrinks to 1% if they only counted REGISTERED voters. Let alone likely voters.

I think Sinema's statements that have come to the fore, that Arizona was the meth lab of Democracy, and disparaging women who were stay at home moms... will swing it towards McSally in the last week, discouraging Dems from voting, encouraging gop voters.

Todd Juvinall

No problems at all ever Paul Emery. You just make it up. And we all know you have bloviated about your wild days on the streets. Why deny it.


,,,massive crowd size at MAGA rally in Topeka!!! Crowd size estimated at 15-20 people!!!


Paul Emery

No wild days on he streets of SF Todd. You made that up. Lived in Fair Oaks during those days. Can you document that or are you lying?


A Progressive Halloween.

Bill Tozer


I voted. It was the toughest choice I have ever made casting a ballot. It took a week of rough wrestling. Who to vote for Senate?

First, I knee jerked to Leon because Dianne Crimescene tried to destroy a man and his family and their lives for political expendiancy, going as far as to lie, steal, cheat, and beyond. To the bowels of hell and deeper. Plus those Chinese spy she leaked and that confidential Intel to and had in her employee for 18 friggin years. Plus, she is ugly as the sins she has committed. Must not reward despicable behavior, as a rule of thumb.

Then I remembered Leon De Leon announced at the CA State hearings that he has family members who are illegal aliens living here and they all have fake or stolen SSI numbers to get jobs and that’s just fine by him, duh. Also, Leon deLeon is 100% Marxist radical to the max, Venezuela lubber through and through, and don’t believe in laws or borders or anything to do with anything but Leon.

The scales finally tipped to Di-Fi Crimescene when I realized the old bag wharf denizen is 85, looking like death warmed over, and probably won’t serve out her 6 year term, thus triggering an appointment. Leon, who is relatively young, is the Democrat Socialist fav and if elected, he will be in office for decades. That is not an option.

So, in the end, I went with the one who will die the quickest. The woman married to the man who has made billions doing business with the Red Chinese as the dealing were greatly enhanced with Dianne’s invaluable input and legislation.

On the bright side, I helped a suffering brother out. He can now claim that Nevada County has gone Dark Blue, as evidenced by how many locals voted for a Democrat candidate for US Senator from the Great Golden Shower State of California. Voters rejected the Republican candidate. Do you deny that??? :)

Bill Tozer

“The ‘calls for [Trump] to cool his overheated rhetoric’ are what I’ve been calling ‘civility bulls—t’ for years. It’s always only aimed at the other side. They want you to stop fighting them with vigor, and they have no intention of stopping fighting you. Trump obviously know[s] this and can’t be played.” —Ann Althouse

More quotes from this brief period in history:



Paul Emery

Why did you vote for her Bill? Enough no votes will help get rid of the Top Two voting scam which was initiated by a Republican by the way. I hate it!!! George, this is a followup to our lunch discussion. It was authored by Republican State Senator Abel Maldonado

"Proposition 14 was a proposal to amend Sections 5 and 6 of Article II of the California State Constitution relating to elections. It is officially known as the Top Two Primaries Act.

It was authored by State Senator Abel Maldonado, who represented the 15th district as Senate Constitutional Amendment 4 of the 2009–2010 Regular Session (Resolution Chapter 2, Statutes of 2009).It was based on a proposal drafted by the Independent Voter Project in 2008.[2] It was passed in the State Senate by a vote of 27 to 12 and in the State Assembly by a vote of 54 to 20.[1] The proposition was publicly backed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as part of a deal in which Maldonado agreed to support his proposed 2009–2010 state budget, and was opposed by political parties."


re: "Top Two Primaries Act."

At first blush, it makes total sense to me. In a one-party state, over time there'll be a natural tendency for the dominant party to fission into two (or more). I expect that the top two candidates will be clearly from one of the two, as yet undefined, sides.

It's interesting to think about what they might be. My bet is that you'll see a Hispanic and an everybody else Democratic party, especially if people keep pouring in from the south and/or birthrates stay constant.

re: Trump and his rhetoric.

The impression I've gotten is that Trump is something of a political genius (or at least not as stupid as his peers). He seems to have noticed that there is no point in verbal compromise or (especially) apologizing. Even if you say something completely awful, there is no plus side to backing it down. Your political enemies will simply seize on any wishy-washiness.

re: DiFi as the best choice.

I rather like the thinking. Another reason to vote for her is that she's simply so awful that she's hilarious to watch. There's something charming about the corrupt, whether it's Agnew, Byrd, or our own Princess Di.

Don Bessee

Not taking their shit anymore!

Jinhua is currently engaged in a legal battle with American semiconductor company Micron Technology, which accused Jinhua of conspiring with a Taiwanese company called UMC to poach Micron staffers and persuade them to appropriate Micron intellectual property on their way out.
The U.S. Commerce Department on Monday announced Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit would be barred from purchasing components, software, and other vital supplies from American companies.

“Jinhua is nearing completion of substantial production capacity for dynamic random access memory (DRAM) integrated circuits,” the statement elaborated. “The additional production, in light of the likely U.S.-origin technology, threatens the long-term economic viability of U.S. suppliers of these essential components of U.S. military systems.”
Reuters reported the Trump administration is concerned Jinhua, which is partially supported by the Chinese government, could “flood the market with cheap chips that are also made by U.S. companies that supply the U.S. military.” This could put U.S. chipmakers out of business and leave the American military dependent on foreign suppliers.

China’s Ministry of Commerce responded by accusing the United States of “overstating national security concerns and placing unilateral restrictions on companies,” as China Daily wrote on Wednesday.



Don Bessee

Blue wave in the face of illegal immigration tsunami and imminent invasion?

The vast majority of likely midterm election voters in the battleground states of Florida, Arizona, and Indiana say the GOP is the political party of American citizens, while Democrats increasingly prefer foreign nationals and immigrants.

In the latest CBS News/YouGov battleground tracker poll, Florida, Indiana, and Arizona likely voters expressed a general disdain for immigration from Central America. The three states are seeing hotly contested Senate races between Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Gov. Rick Scott (R), Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ), and Sen. Joe Donelly (D-IN) and Mike Braun (R).



Don Bessee

Mad Dog ain't havin it!

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Wednesday rejected criticism that deploying thousands of troops to the border with Mexico was a political stunt.
"The support that we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the request from the commissioner of customs and border police, so we don't do stunts in this department," Mattis said after a meeting with his South Korean counterpart at the Pentagon.



Don Bessee


When questioned on whether or not voters knew that, Smith responded, “That’s not for them to know” and insisted that it be kept a secret.

“So, let’s go back to Mr. Gillum’s platform, right?” said Smith, who claims to have attended college with Gillum. “Raise the corporate tax in Florida from 7 to 11 percent. That will never happen. Raise teacher’s pay to $50,000, that will never happen. Give me another position. Medicare for all, that will never happen.”
Smith continued by slamming the state of Florida and using racial slurs and referring to white people as “crackers.”
“This is a f***ed up state,” said Smith. “It’s a cracker state.”
Smith also stated in the undercover video that the campaign has “to appeal to white guilt."




,,,RED TIDE RISING!!! - - - Yes, a toxic algal bloom that humans should avoid!!!

Todd Juvinall

Red wave coming. Sweeping all before it.

Saw the "meeting" held at the Vets on housing. All those "non-profits" and still all that brainpower can't figure out how to solve the lack of housing. But hey let's use the taxpayer's dollars infinitum.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:05 am
‘All those "non-profits" and still all that brainpower can't figure out how to solve the lack of housing. But hey let's use the taxpayer's dollars infinitum.’


From social media:

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween. Look, it’s Mimi Me. What a great costume for the puupy.

Robert Cross

Todd 9:05---So how would you solve the lack of affordable housing Todd? As a building contractor, Would you cut corners or your profit margin; build smaller houses? What do you see as the solution to provide the opportunity for people to invest in home ownership? How can former business owners who are now chain store associates working for minimum wages buy a home?

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC, I used t care but now don't.

Bill Tozer

“How can former business owners who are now chain store associates working for minimum wages buy a home?”

They can’t. That’s the facts. They still have to crack the monthly nuts of mortgage, homeowner insurance, and taxes. A better question would be how can some chain store associate working for minimum wage afford an apartment? Roommates, rent an old shack, or poison your folks and get an inheritance.

Habitat for Humanity ain’t going to fill the void. 6-11 homes here and there aint’t going to cut it. County ain’t going to slash property taxes nor is the building department going to lax regulations on safety codes, nor health and safety codes. No short cuts on electrical, plumbing, etc.

You can get people into housing, but can they keep the housing month after month without 2 breadwinners while eating rice and beans five days a week and beans and rice the other two days a week?

Entry level positions like minimum wage jobs are not designed to be anything but a temporary position to get work experience and something on the resume. Consider it seasonal work. As one moves up the ladder and improves their lot in life through hard work, skills improvement, training, and targeted education as needed, their taxes and expenses increase as well as their lot in life. Go figure. Homeownership? I always said and continue to say “if you have a car you have a roof over your head.” Many move out of state to find affordable housing...something they can afford and eat rice and beans only 4 days a week. I spent way too much time and a hunk of my life going where the work was. It paid the bills nicely, but required sacrifices. One thing one one can provide for another is initiate.

Reminds me of Ophrey’s car give away to po mothers years ago. Gave away 100 brand new Chevys. The pay came back for more! Could not afford the license and registration, not to mention the increased car insurance. Getting someone into housing is easier than watching someone trying to keep what they got. Free down payments or 3 months free rent is easy...but not the solution.


,,,“How can former business owners who are now chain store associates working for minimum wages buy a home?”

Those po' ol' stupid business owners should have taken more STEM classes!!!

STEM can save the world!!!

Todd Juvinall

BillT is totally right on. It is not possible to build a house for anyone but the rich. The government is the reason. There is no other reason that the costs are so high. All the mandates. Start with the UBC and CEQA and NEPA and general plans and zoning. GP's and zoning are the biggest hoaxes that have been foisted on the people. After the fires in Tahoe a few years ago the investigation into the cause showed that the TRPA rules on raking up the pine needles allowed the fire to move fast and hot. After the 250 homes burned down the state and feds changed the rules but not on pine needles. The forced the new homes to have sprinklers, cementitious siding, no exposed eaves and many more things. And the committee that came up with these new rules did not have one private sector person on it as far as I know.

Robert Cross

Good answer Todd 10:14 -- so now you just bitch about things but offer no solutions. 11:09 -- typical blame the gov't. BS. Take for example the new sprinkler requirement, who benefits the most from that? Try the insurance companies who lobbied for the law in the first place. With sprinklers their payouts will be smaller on fire claims. They will save millions a year while the added costs will put potential buyers out of the market. It wasn't "gov't" that imposed this law on people it was insurance companies who bought votes in the legislature and lobbyists who convinced people it was a good idea. Not to mention the suppliers and manufacturers who now have this whole new market to sell to? Government is mostly a tool for special interests, it just doesn't do things out of the blue.

Bill 10:46 -- the problem is that entry level jobs become the mainstay for many people and they are stuck in rentals. Home ownership, once the pillar of the American Dream, is now out of reach for many people. Why? Wages have not kept pace with inflation over the past several decades and people with lots of money invest in real estate driving the prices up as they don't really care what they pay. A lot of the unnatural price inflation before the crash was due to people of wealth turning over properties to each other. Sacramento real estate at one time was increasing in value (price) as much as 20% per year. Then crash bang boom, the little people lost their homes and the rich people got a tax write-off. The absurd prices in the Bay Area for both purchases and rentals can be traced to Silicon Valley money looking for a place to invest and with money to burn, price is no object.

Don Bessee


U.S. Senate, where the English version endorsed incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein, but the Spanish version endorsed challenger State Sen. Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles);

California Insurance Commissioner, where the English version endorsed independent (and former incumbent) Steve Poizner, but the Spanish Version endorsed State Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens); and
L.A. County Sheriff, where the English version endorsed incumbent Jim McDermott, but the Spanish version endorsed challenger Alex Villanueava.



Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 01 November 2018 at 11:37 AM
I see you agreed with me. You are like a pliable fuzzball.

Don Bessee


Black voter approval of President Trump hit the year’s high at 40 percent this week, according to daily tracking by Rasmussen Reports.
The high-water mark comes right after the “Blexit,” or “Black exit from the Democratic Party,” movement spearheaded by Turning Point’s Candace Owens was launched over the weekend, which drew thousands of young African Americans to Washington, DC.



OMG!!! The Tube Jockey-in- Chief thinks a blonde bimbo/Fox News anchor would be a good replacement for Nikki Haley!!!


,,,What Me Worry???

Bill Tozer

Robert Cross concerning moi 10:46 am or there abouts.

Big mistake on my part. I always kill the money quote lately. I erroneously wrote “One thing one can provide for another is initiate.“. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Initiative is the only thing I cannot provide to another, nor can any non-profit, builder, or government. A nudge from the judge or fed spouse can prod in the right direction, but for any effective change or fortitude or character development necessary to overcome obstacles must come from within. Getting sick and tired or being sick and tired is a great starting point.

I have had this same conversation with several folks about getting people into little homes for decades. Decades. The conversation always ends this way. The builders should work for peanuts, the material and supply houses should donate materials, and some rich old lady or government should donate the land. That is how this conversation always ends. Always. And the ones I have had these many conversations with over the years are the ones who looking for a cheap home for themselves they can afford!!!!!

I have grown tired of explaining things to folks., especially when it comes to the minimum wage, the Dossier, Russiagate, and host of other issues on-line. Judging by some others’ comments here, they have grown weary of explaining life to Lefties as well. So, I am through circling the barn and finger pointing. I have no solutions to the housing crunch, affordable housing, low income housing, or the price of lumber. When you figure it all out, share it with every community and the thousands of cities and towns across the USA. They sure haven’t a clue and our County ain’t in the housing business, not to mention getting into the homeless shelter business.
Another killing of the money quote:

Another ‘Opps’ on a post somewhere...probably the Migration Horde Mess Mob. I said that not too many people would choose to take the long way around if I put up just a measly 12 foot concrete wall down the property line. I meant to say “not too many would choose NOT to walk around to the front entrance or opening (scale a12’ concrete wall) instead of walking around looking for an entry point. Just like Obama and Hollywood Stars build around their homes. Walls work. Especially if you are packing a few toddlers with you. Don’t stop everybody, but it stops a hell of a lot more than no walls. Kinda like the fence around the WH. Stops the vast majority of the hordes, mobs, the normal folks, and all law abiding folks. Walls work.

Bill Tozer

RC: PS to above:

I could not afford to/ buy a house in the 60’s on minimum wage, the 70’s, The 80’s, the 90’s, or in The New Millennium, even in places out of state with cheaper rent and housing prices. No way, Jose. Not on minimum wage. This I reject your whole premise.

What has changed over the years is that once Dad could have a nice blue collar job and buy a home and Mom could be a stay at home Mom and nurture the rug rats. GI Bill opened that baby up to the common man. Before that is was a big percentage of the price (40% and up) as a down pay that took many many years of disciplined monthly saving to put down on that home. Now it takes two incomes just to get by...if the couple does not get divorced in the meantime.

The American Dream is a house, yard, and your own place to park your car. Alittle elbow room. It’s a Dream...obtainable for millions, unobtainable for millions. How bad do you want it? Didn’t say wish it. I asked how bad do you want it???

Don Bessee

Drill baby drill!



George Rebane

We given the answer here many times, but does anyone remember the difference between 'affordable housing' and 'low cost' housing?

Don Bessee

Well that explains a lot -

The midterm elections are turning out to be nearly as stressful as the 2016 presidential election — especially for Democrats.
According to a poll conducted by YouGov and commissioned by the fitness site Daily Burn, Democrats are 50 percent more likely than Republicans to say they’re “eating their feelings” as a result of the current political climate. They’re also drinking more (a 2-to-1 ratio over their GOP counterparts).




Bobby 1137am

I don't see a problem with an unskilled new worker making minimum wage being stuck in a small rental. Or even an unskilled middle aged worker making minimum wage being stuck in a small rental.

I do see a problem with skilled workers with Bachelor's degrees in serious subjects and good jobs paying over $100k per annum being stuck in rental housing because the powers that be don't see fit to grant builders permits to built the housing they can afford within a commuting range.

There's lots of undeveloped land west of the 280 on the Frisco peninsula... but the powers that be like the open spaces, not to mention keeping the value of a 50x100 lot in Palo Alto in the low seven figures.

Todd Juvinall

George Rebane | 01 November 2018 at 04:10 PM

When the General Plan "update" was happening I fought hard for "moderate cost housing" and the resistance was huge. Either low income or nothing. Affordable was used but it became clear that the term could mean affordable to a rich person as well as not. So they used low income. Which of course no one wants in their neighborhood. I actually tried to develop 23 affordable houses and was defeated by the limousine liberals of the community. So their crying for this housing rings hollow.

Todd Juvinall

Thursday night's Trump rally drew the Ford Center's largest crowd ever, according to manager VenuWorks. The turnout: 11,500 people, with another 2,000 unable to get in. And of course the media had to tell us there were 500-600 protesters outside.


I've seen this predicted for a few years.



a bit less recently:




lol. Man, that company is really riding the tiger.

George Rebane

Affordable housing is a legal term of art for housing supplied according to the specifications mandated by the government, to be sold to or rented by government specified people, and subsidized by government diktat by the developer and by transfer payments to the consumer of such housing.

Low cost housing is determined in the marketplace by agreement between owner/seller and renter/buyer without government mediation or intervention. However, the ability to build and offer low cost housing today is determined, and mostly inhibited, by government.

Don Bessee

Getting real in the face of the putin push -

Parts of the two nation's armies will co-operate in the areas of equipment, training, and procedures, resulting in better planning and conduct of operations, according to the German army. "Affiliation of the Iron Wolf Brigade to a German division will open more opportunities to ensure our brigade is ready to act [as part of a division] through training and exercises. It will also improve interoperability with the German-led NATO enhanced Forward Presence [eFP] battalion battlegroup," Brig Gen Rupšys said.

A German army spokesman told Jane's on 30 October that the agreement forms the basis primarily for intensive training co-operation. He added that Lithuanian officers would be assigned to the two panzer divisions - the 1st and 10th - to increase co-operation and improve processes and interoperability.



Bill Tozer

Been trying to read the mid-terms. Not so much relying on opinion pieces or pundits wishing and hoping or projecting how they want things to turn out. Not even polls. Just looking for the signs that were so clear to me in 2016....signs that were so obvious that it was hid in plain sight.

No reason to doubt that the Dems’ hopes rely on suburban women. No reason to doubt that the biggest issue looming above everything in these mid-terms is Trump.

Today I heard something that got my ears up. A tidbit if you will. Something like 83% of CNN viewers vote Democrat. 90% plus of Fox viewers vote Republican. Wow. It never used to be that way. Fox viewers were 40% or so Dem voters not that long ago, if memory serves me right. While one could take this as a confirming sign of the dug in deep divide and stirred passions (current buzz word is ’enthusiasm’) in our nation, there may be something else going on.
CNN viewership numbers are declining. Fox’s numbers are increasing. If the political party composition of both networks’ viewship is true, one could read those percentages as a small sign that voters are moving to the right. Yes, probably more folks watch HGTV or network sitcoms than cable news and many have cut the cord.....but it’s those little things I find tasty, if not telling.
The other thing I have been noticing is something that was a major driving force in 2016, and growing stronger. That is the country as a whole has become sick and tired of the ridiculousness of the scope the PC culture has taken. It may not be the number one issue for most folks in the voting booth but it is definitely an undercurrent in the back of millions of voters’ minds. Not the number one issue, but co-mingled and woven in the top two or three reasons life long straight D party voters will never vote Dem again, IMHO. A rebellion if you will. Going too far with PC.
I also heard a clip of Bernie Sanders firing up the base today. 100% identity politics. 100% demogogry. Sanders, a lifelong proud unabashed Socialist, just may be the most dangerous man in America...and that is not a compliment.
Liar, liar, pants on 🔥!! A pox on both your houses! Best quote I heard yesterday. To paraphrase, Its that time again when Republican candidates pretend how conservative they are and Liberal candidates pretend how centralist they are. :)

Don Bessee

Just sayin'



Bill Tozer

Totalitarian mindset? Hell yes. How dare you cite government stats and the NYT...four years ago. Off with your head!

“LifeSiteNews has been hit with an unprecedented number of attacks recently. Just two weeks ago, the socially conservative site had its account temporarily blocked on Twitter due to a four-year-old post about a spike in STDs among homosexual men.

“The article in question, "Why HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea are rising among homosexuals," was written in 2014 and focused on statistics provided by the CDC and The New York Times. Four years later, on October 18, the social media giant Twitter locked LifeSiteNews from its account for "hateful conduct."

“Steve Jalsevac, co-founder and president of LifeSiteNews, said the ban was "total intolerance" in line with Silicon Valley's "totalitarian mindset."

"This total intolerance for even reporting government health dept statistics that reveal the health dangers of homosexual activity betrays what Peter Thiel, himself a homosexual, previously called a totalitarian mindset in Silicon Valley," said Jalsevac. "Twitter is now trying to force news agencies to report only what is acceptable to their personal, biased views and shutting down balanced, factual reporting on the homosexual issue."


That article above gives a new meaning to ‘protected class’.



Like FZ sez: "The torture never stops".


Don Bessee

I could understand why Robert Francis wouldn't want this out just now -

Anapaula Themann, a field organizer for the O’Rourke campaign, insists that the purchase of supplies for the illegal aliens remain a secret in a conversation with Chacon.
“Don’t ever repeat this and stuff but like if we just say that we’re buying food for a campaign event, like the Halloween events, cause there’s block walks coming up for Halloween,” said Themann.

Chacon then insists that pre-paid campaign cards can be used to purchase the food.

“I think we can use that with those cards to buy some food, all that s**t can be totally masked like, oh we just wanted a healthy breakfast!”

Jody Casey, the campaign manager for the O’Rourke campaign, sent a text message expressing how pleased she was that the campaign was assisting the migrants, according to Chacon.



Bill Tozer

If you have the time

Bill Tozer

Don't walk, Runaway


"Their" Constitutional rights???? There MUST be a Liberal lawyer involved.


‘’’The Pentagon is now deploying thousands of active-duty troops to the US border with Mexico, but has yet to layout specifics including how many in total will deploy, how long they will stay, what the costs associated with the operations are, and, specifically, why this group of people pose a risk to the US.’’’



,,,what you don’t hear from Punkin’head who is quaking in his fancy shoes about the Caravan is why Honduras is such a violent shithole country and why America is not doing anything about it.

,,,major drug conduit,,,probably opiates along with cocaine,,,maybe even Middle Easterners creeping in,,,

,,,and Punkin’head does nothing,,,

How much taxpayer money have we wasted in Afghanistan and Iraq???
What about Honduras???



Walt, that's too funny. So, someone who has never set foot in the United States is suing because they cannot enter illegally and collect welfare benefits, LOL LOL. How unfair. Suing to become an illegal alien on the taxpayer dime. Beam me up Scotty.

Bill Tozer

Well, the blue state Democrats are being smoked out. They certainly are a barrel full of marxist monkeys. But, we already knew that, the commie bastards are being revealed as to whom they are. From Washington State.


Posted by: ***M*** | 02 November 2018 at 07:41 AM

What a surprise ..... dugsKKKi is whining about something else! Or as we like call it around here .......Friday!

PS dugsKKKi.... still president!


,,,sure Twinkie Toes,,,you would support a US backed guerilla group that tried to overthrow the Sandinistas using cocaine, the CIA, Irangate, murder, etc.



Bill Tozer

Sound like CA? The Dems are a sneaky lawless bunch.


Bill Tozer

Sounds like the US?

Toronto lawyer Lorne Waldman said there were good reasons for accelerating the processing and deportation of people who crossed the border: it deters people with weak claims from making refugee claims in the hopes of living in Canada for years while their case wends through the system.

“The best way of discouraging people from making frivolous claims is by having the claims processed quickly,” Waldman said.


George Rebane

The migrant mob in Mexico from Honduras is suing President Trump for preparing to repel their declared illegal entry into the United States??!! Only anti-American progressives could make a conversation out this kind of idiocy. To begin, these people have no standing in any US court, and it goes down from there.

Bill Tozer

Oh Merrick @ 8:26 am
That Marxist Revolunary has an uncanny resemblance to Valerie Jarrett, somebody who literally channels Chairman Mao. Separated at birth?
Nothing to see here. Just mindless trends

Somebody ain’t feeling the love.

Why are the Marxist “Democrats” so friggin anti-Sematic? A: It’s who they are.

“Gillum's ties to PFAW and other organizations backing Israel boycotts are raising questions with pro-Israel voters in Florida as they head to the polls next week to cast a vote in the hotly contested and narrow election.

"This news further demonstrates how Andrew Gillum regularly and proudly surrounds himself with anti-Semites who offer him political support but do not believe Israel has a right to exist," the DeSantis campaign said in a statement.

The Free Beacon previously reported Gillum has supported and attended the Rockwood Leadership Institute, an organization financed by the New Israel Fund, a promoter of Israel boycotts and materials maligning the Jewish state.

One alum of the institute is Linda Sarsour, a prominent anti-Israel activist who has disseminated anti-Semitic materials and has been labeled by pro-Israel organizations as a chief promoter of the BDS movement.”


Smoke the Commie bastards out.


,,,sure Twinkie Toes,,,you would support a US backed guerilla group that tried to overthrow the Sandinistas using cocaine, the CIA, Irangate, murder, etc.

,,,sure Crappy Pants,,,you would still be we eyed over a group that tried to overthrow the Sandinistas using cocaine, hookers, Chuckie Cheese coupons, ridicule etc.

dugsKKKi you and your brand of mindless proglodyte nitwittery entertains me daily......never stop being you!

Paul Emery

Here's a little tidbit for the Trumpsters that believe everything our Liar in Chief says. The “failing” New York Times topped 4 million total paid subscribers last quarter.

Todd Juvinall

Trump saved the NYT Paul Emery. They sold a majority interest to a Mexican billionaire a couple of years ago as they were going under. Trump saved them. Give him some credit.

Bill Tozer

NYC? Well, just raise the gas tax and put it the general fund via a loophole, and siphone it off the pay employee benefits and unfounded liabilities. That’s how we do it in CA, each and every time.

Taste the hate, yum yum. Tastes like termites..


George Rebane

For a little tidbit of communist history, recall that starting with Marx and Engels, European Jews continued to form the intellectual basis of collectivism cum communism until past the Bolshevik Revolution. This began to wear on the Slavic Russians (and it, of course, rankled Hitler) after the Russian civil war ended in 1923 and the USSR was ascendant. Early on Lenin et al wanted international communism to have more of a Russian provenance so as to keep Moscow as the mother temple and control the international spread of communism. Things came to a head with Trotsky (a Jew) who met an unfortunate end in Mexico City guaranteeing that Uncle Joe was to become the Big Kahuna and enforce his version of 'Marxism-Leninism' aka Stalinism, a particularly vicious brand of totalitarian communism imitated by many subsequently communist countries.

Todd Juvinall

Watched Charlie Cook on CSPAN this morning giving a speech top an Actuarial group. He said even though the economy is great and America is doing wonderful, his wife and daughter would never vote for Trump. All personal. That was quite the eye opener. Now I see what makes a democrat tic.


Interesting article in the WaPo today, reporting from San Salvador.

I found the quotes from a Cristosal regional director very interesting!

Perhaps someone could ask the Cristosal board member running for Congress for the CA-1 seat, Audrey Denney, about the migrant caravans and their future. Or asking LaMalfa what he thinks about Cristosal and their possible involvement with the caravans.

BTW George, I just had to get the chunks out of the catbox before going to bed last night, as Her Kittiness was getting frantic at her attempts to cover the deposits with more deposits. Your sandbox has a similar problem... perhaps you can write something longer and more pithy regarding Ms. Denney and Cristosal as an introduction.

George Rebane

Gregory 1127am - Roger. Wilco. Apologies.

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