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13 October 2018


Don Bessee

We have to keep standing up to the loony left at every opportunity -



Account Deleted

Darrell Berkheimer: ‘Whether we like it or not, we’ve got to do it’
The title for this miserable scribble says it all.
Really, folks - is this this sort of country you want? Why should builders and developers be forced to build something they don't want to? Should chefs be forced to cook certain kinds of food? Should writers be forced to write certain kinds of books or articles?
If the high priced homes Darrell decries sell, then it would appear they were needed and if they fail to sell or sell very slowly, then that type of home will no longer commonly be built. The market will take care of the issue. If a person can't afford to live in Nevada County then they will have to look elsewhere. You have a right to live where you choose, but you have no right to force others to provide you with housing.
The best line was: "Appropriate tracts of land need to be identified..."
Ah yes - 'appropriate'. I know all of my friends still living in Nevada County will tell you that sort of land isn't anywhere near where they live. And you can bet it isn't anywhere near where Darrell lives.
Funny that.

Todd Juvinall

There are many reasons we will never see what the author desires here in Nevada County. Commenter Judith Lowry is a prime example of why. Too much risk in a system that allows a person with one postage stamp the ability to stop a project of any size. The people of California have spoken at all the hearings. The state legislature and Governor have spoken with the thousands of laws and regulations added on a home or new business. Look at the process and ask yourself why would you want to put yourself through it and risk your money, for what? My contention has always been that if your property is compliant with the General Plan of your jurisdiction and the zoning is being complied with, then the government should get out of the way and the NIMBY's detoothed. But that is not going to happen. So the only structures that get built are the high end. Never again will California see affordable housing until they look in the mirror and see the cause and change the rules..


I'd just love to see Darrell Burkheimer attempt to build a new dwelling in California.

Todd? Roughly how much does it cost just to break ground? Add in the additional cost of code-legal housing given modern rules.

The underlying problem is that this kind of knee jerk economic policy is a kind of social Lysenkoism. Magically build housing and jobs will appear. 'High density' is superior since, God knows, there isn't any empty property in the county. I realize that it's easy to pick apart an editorial, but this is a guy with no skin in the game.

re:Nevada County school test scores. Obviously that can be gamed somewhat. Skim off the better students. Test the better students within your school. It becomes a bit meaningless over time.

My take is that if I had a K-12 student, I'd bundle them off to the best private school I could and simply not care about the fuss and fury. It would be a pleasure to not think about CalSTRS, pushing down the better students in order to bring up the inferior ones, political programming of the kids, etc. The current industrial-school complex will always think about what is best for itself rather than for it's clients.


Ghidotti is taking cherrypicked kids and doing a decent job with them... and I suspect a big part of the decent job is that the teachers (at least beyond the 9th grade) are qualified community college instructors with Masters (any PhDs?) in the subject they are teaching, as opposed to a watered down BA at the standard high school teaching slot.

The sad part of Ghidotti are the hollowed out comprehensive high schools left behind. A tragedy. And people who move into the area too late to apply to an entering 9th grade cohort are generally locked out of the "good" school.

The FUE is mighty proud his kid got into Ghidotti. Its diversity is there for all to see: 86% white. And only 10% eligible for free or reduced price lunches! Why even think about a private academy when you've got one with bragging rights for free!


"Because they have a total of only 44 self-selected smart students of which around eleven took the cited test."

George, 44 kids took the test, the entire 11th grade cohort. The school as a whole has something like 163 students, all self (and their parents) selected.

Todd Juvinall

Scenes, I don't have a dollar amount but just in the last couple of years we have seen the state pass laws adding many thousands to the costs. I built a house for $40 per square foot in 1977 and I am told it is now $200.

Todd Juvinall

Anyone have a good recipe for cornish game hens?


A longtime collaborator of mine (a math teacher) is on the record that the teachers we have are not the ones we'd want if starting from scratch.

Imagine being in charge of personnel at NASA and you found that instead of "astronomers", all the people hired to do astronomy were, in fact, astrologers.

Question: how much of an increase in pay would you need to push down the pipeline to change the astrologers into astronomers?

George Rebane

Gregory 237pm - Thanks for the heads up. I tried to estimate how many of those 44 were the juniors. Did you understand from the article that all 44 test takers were juniors?


GR 246pm

No. I followed the link (to the left column of the story) to Ghidotti's test result and read it there after divining behind which door the desired data was hiding.

George Rebane

Gregory 254pm - Corrected; much grass.

Don Bessee

Oh let the old girl out of the barn for one more run -

The Democrats, who spoke on condition of anonymity, voiced concerns that Clinton’s presence would threaten the party’s chances at retaking the House and Senate in 2018, forcing Clinton to keep campaigning to a minimum and only appearing at low-key fundraisers.
“Hillary Clinton is the kiss of death and she represents the part of the Democratic Party that led to historic losses and that elected Donald Trump president,” one leading Democratic strategist told the Washington Examiner.

“Democrats don’t want her to campaign for them because everywhere she goes she carries this stench of death and is the only political figure in America that is less popular than Donald Trump,” the strategist added. “That’s a real testament to her.”
“When I think of people who have been part of our push to retake the House, I just don’t think of them at all. I think it’s a very good thing that they’re not being visible. It wouldn’t help our candidates,” a House Democrat said.
But despite objections from some Democrats, Clinton continues to make her presence known in the media.



Account Deleted

To add to the 'low cost housing' ha ha, let's be honest and admit that most people don't really want that. If you've laid out a bundle for your home, do you want low cost housing within 10 miles of your house? If you're the city, county or state govt - do you want low cost (low tax rate) housing? If you're the bank or realtor, do you want low cost housing? Housing is the biggest driver of our economy and everyone involved professionally gets their cut as a percentage of the selling price. Why would they want to lower the cost of housing? Low cost housing means less taxes for the govt and more people who need govt assistance.
California brags about their economy but it's mostly just the sky high cost of real estate and housing.
The key word, of course, is 'affordable' housing. That is - high cost housing being subsidised so certain selected folks can simply pay a lot less than others for the same abode. And that subsidy drives up the costs of the other houses. Higher final cost, higher loan cost, higher taxes, higher insurance costs - what's not to like?
I remember reading in the Chron back in the 80's about a new 'affordable' housing project just completed. Such and such a cost and so many units. A quick bit of math told me each unit weighed in at around 450K. In the 80's. For po' folk.
And it's just getting worse and worse.
If folks have the 'right' to housing they can afford in Nevada County, do I have the 'right' to a house in Brentwood, Beverley Hills or Pacific Palisades? I guess not.
Funny how that 'rights' racket works.

Don Bessee

Just another example of the socialists being minions of the devil -

How did that work out for you witches?

In February 2017, a group of witches sought to use black magic to subjugate U.S. President Donald Trump by casting a “binding spell” to prevent him from carrying out his campaign promises.



Todd Juvinall

Looks like Steve Frisch and RL Crabb are having a feast on his blog calling GeorgeR a racist again. That Frisch, another do as I say not as I do libtard.

And poor old FUE is backing Audrey and will be taking another loss. Good.

Account Deleted

Todd at 6:32 - Wonder why Frisch can't show up here and call George names? What's he afraid of?
Reason? Facts?

Don Bessee

@716 - You should see what they say about some of us on what they think are secret closed groups!


Steven Frisch says:

October 13, 2018 at 9:47 am

BTW George Rebane, love this quote from you on your blog:

“Without the obligation of marriage to hold them back, black men impregnated willing black women who knew that each additional fatherless kid meant a bigger check from the feds.”

No code there…just good old fashioned racism.

Such an educated man.....! Still doesn’t realize that once something can be parodied there generally exists a reason for the parody. I guess the high altitude sinecure has dulled his intellect.


Chapter Jackson gets it though.




re: DonB@7:35PM
lol. Wow, how boring is that? The Mean Girls Club.

re: Fish@7:49PM

Is that from some other blog? I wouldn't bother, there's never any action. I think they just want to sit at the cool kids' table.

re: Low cost housing.

Given the incredibly high cost of new construction in California, I would think that the simplest way to provide it in a hurry is simply to more easily allow trailer park zoning. Stick the things a long way from me, but I can see the value. You probably need to put a police substation close by.

It isn't like the local homeless aren't going to just tear up any supplied housing, but there certainly are working poor who could stand an affordable rental. Of course, there's always the brilliant gypsy wagon concept. Just imagine. Gypsy Wagon II, Electric Boogaloo.

I think (not sure) that the tiny house boosters tend to be frustrated architects who feel the need to design something, plus you simply aren't going to get many units/dollar.


Posted by: scenes | 13 October 2018 at 08:25 PM

Is that from some other blog? I wouldn't bother, there's never any action. I think they just want to sit at the cool kids' table

Yeah....I’ve been avoiding Crabbes blog for the last month or so but dropped in for a look after Todd mentioned the “Feeding Frenzy”.

Pretty weak sauce but Frisch remains willfully ignorant that George is largely correct about “reproduction for increased benefits” California formally ended these constraints in 2017 but there have been ways around the federal restrictions almost since the day they enacted!

Account Deleted

"...I would think that the simplest way to provide it in a hurry is simply to more easily allow trailer park zoning."
scenes!!! Dude - don't you know that causes more tornadoes?
OK - snark off - but really - trailer parks???
In Nevah-doh County?
Oh my dear, really!!!
We must do better.


re: Fish@8:58PM

I'm not entirely comfortable with a simple causality that increased welfare payment produces more single mothers, but one thing that really is worth considering:




something well and truly broke in roughly 1970. It isn't like the history of slavery was different in 1950 vs 1980. Real tax rates didn't change too much (a common argument, there's a lot of handwaving about tax tables for rates no one actually paid):


Perhaps a broken society simply is, with no real prime mover.


Posted by: scenes | 13 October 2018 at 10:01 PM

I’m sure that Steve would find your linked wiki article and attendant implications every bit as racist as he finds George’s original statement.

When it’s all you’ve got.....


scenes 1001pm

What you're missing and Frisch is ignoring is

aka The Moynihan Report

Such angst over a simple effect that has been proven... make dads expendable, kids run wild.

Barry Pruett

San Francisco values!? Lol. That’s my favorite saying. The kooky liberals are trying to bring San Francisco values to the USA now. We’ll see how those San Francisco values fly in middle America.


re: Gregory@10:51PM

I've read through that before but feel it's more editorial than sociology research. Of course if a Democrat published that now, they'd feel the full force of the current Left. Trying to explain the evolution of the US Left over the last 20 years would require more brainpower than I have in order to explain.

I can't say that the problems listed (slavery, unemployment) are much different before and after the cusp of those trends, and the trends have held pretty strongly through business cycles. I sincerely doubt that artificially providing jobs would do much to either draw in ethnic differences in result or push those numbers back to 1950 levels.

My gut feeling says that some undefined cause crept in in the late 1960's, early 1970's. Crop circles, God punishing the US for sinning, alien abductions, Putin at age 20 pulling strings, maybe the Summer of Looove kicked it off. Maybe there's no cause.


Posted by: Gregory | 13 October 2018 at 10:51 PM

Checking the staff page at the SBC to see if there have been any “changes”......?!

Nope....still as white as a Klan rally!

Way to live your beliefs Steve!


also, now that I think of it, how does the Moynihan Report explain the matching upsurge in white non-marital birth rate?

If unemployment is the cause, they have tracked each other...


but now we've removed slavery as an issue, and I can't say that unemployment rate generally has influenced children born out of wedlock.

Just to be clear, I'm nudging around the issue of change over time, not the difference between ethnicities.

Todd Juvinall

Hey I heard some homeless people pooped in the front yard of the FUE's house. He wanted to relive his San Francisco values.


Now HOW MANY appartment complexes do we have around here?
There is your "low income" housing. Now... To get those welfare recipients off the dole and back to getting up in the morning.
Even Mc D's is paying 15 bucks an hour.
"O" and his free lunch days are gone. Get off your ass and get to work dead beats.

What? can't pass a drug test? well who's fault is that?
OH... We need that housing for dope growers... got it.


Don't look now but the FUE is up and on a tirade about Ghiddoti (misspelled to give Jeff something to huff about). Apparently, we just don't get the beauty of gutting the local comprehensive high schools and pouring the creme into Sierra College via the "Early College High School" route plowed by Bill and Melinda Gates, meant for kids who are not well served and probably not going to college otherwise.

That's 44 fewer kids in the 11th grade who would he at grade level at NU or BR high schools.

Don Bessee

Good -

As we have come to expect from the corrupt entertainment media, no one dares suggest that the omission of the planting of the American flag might have had something to do with the box office failure, but of course it did…
To begin with, to put it as simply as possible, I think the American people are just tired of this shit, tired of Hollywood celebrating every culture in the world while denigrating ours. Hollywood enjoys the best of America — wealth, fame, personal freedom, artistic freedom — they are the freest and most spoiled culture in the history of the world, and still they shit all over of us — and we are sick of it.



George Rebane

DonB 1133am - Amen, Bro Don.


The FUE thinks he's the arbiter of good education in western Nevada County! After all, he's a Ghidotti dad!

The comprehensive high schools were hollowed out to give you, Jeff Pelline, bragging rights. Enjoy them.

PS "Knightbridge"? From where did the FUE hallucinate that name?

Don Bessee

I thought you said you were not going to stand by your man like the Tammy Wynett's song?

Hillary Clinton vehemently denied in a recent interview that her husband’s extramarital affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power and added that former President Bill Clinton was right not to resign amid a scandal that led to his impeachment on perjury and obstruction charges.
“Absolutely not,” the former first lady said during a CBS "Sunday Morning" interview when asked if Bill Clinton should have stepped down.

“It wasn't an abuse of power?” CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil asked.
Clinton responded: “No. No.”



 Bill Tozer

Saying Nevada County schools rank above average in the State of California is certainly putting a putrid situation in the best possible light....considering CA’s ranking against the other 49 states:


Don Bessee

Could this be a clue to the mid-terms?

A majority of those respondents in the “exhausted majority” believe political correctness is a problem. Of those surveyed, 80 percent of respondents answered in the affirmative that “political correctness is a problem in our country.”

When breaking the results down by race, 79 percent of white respondents believe that political correctness is a national problem. Eighty-two percent of Asians believe political correctness is a problem; 87 percent of Hispanics believe it’s a problem, and 88 percent of American Indians believe it’s an issue, too.

The report noted that African-Americans are most likely to support political correctness, and 75 percent of African-American respondents reported that they oppose political correctness.



Todd Juvinall

Here is the first pass at the democrats favorites for President.

Ryan Struyk
‏Verified account @ryanstruyk
6h6 hours ago

The first @CNN numbers for 2020 Democratic presidential nomination just released this morning:

Biden 33%
Sanders 13%
Harris 9%
Warren 8%
Booker 5%
Kerry 5%
Bloomberg 4%
O’Rourke 4%
Holder 3%
Garcetti 2%
Avenatti 1%
Gillibrand 1%
Klobuchar 1%
Patrick 1%
Bullock <1%
Delaney <1%
4,142 replies 2,327 retweets 4,949 likes


ToddJ, I'm likin' that list.

Creepy Uncle Joe for President for Life! He loves him some kids!


 Bill Tozer

Come on guys. Aren’t we drifting off topic here?


 Bill Tozer

Biden in 2020! It’s his MeToo moment.

Biden's behavior is so notable that even left-leaning publications have called him out:

The Washington Post: “What are we going to do about Creepy Uncle Joe Biden?”
Daily Beast: “Dear Lord Would Joe Biden Be a Terrible Candidate for These Times”
Huffington Post: “Joe Biden 2020 Is A Terrible Idea In A Post-Weinstein America”
VICE: “Joe Biden Is the Last Person the Democrats Should Run in 2020”
Another issue that needs to be addressed with Biden is the allegations that he repeatedly got naked in front of female Secret Service agents who found his behavior to be highly offensive.


Don Bessee

But the SJW's got likes on facebook!

A Somali man whose deportation was thwarted when passengers on the aeroplane taking him out of the country began complaining is a convicted gang rapist linked to an Islamic State fighter.
29-year-old Yaqub Ahmed was about to be returned to Somalia via a commercial flight to Istanbul, Turkey, but around a dozen ‘social justice warrior’ passengers on the aeroplane became aware of his situation when he began groaning and wailing.




Time to get real folks, multi-family low-cost housing is not what the millennials are looking for if Nevada County wants to attract young people. Several years ago ERC invited urban planner Joel Kotkin to give an assessment. His message was build single-family homes with a yard, as the Millennials are tired of apartment living in urban squalor and they are looking for communities to raise their children in a safe place.

Unfortunately, no one was listening. According to Joel, build single-family starter homes on lots with a yard, and broadband and the Millennials will come an bring their jobs with them. The hitch is this scheme was the millennials are also looking for communities with good schools and Nevada County cannot make that hurdle, although testing is above the CA average, CA's average is 8th from the bottom. Average at the bottom of the pile is failing Nevada County students.

So we have a county with no housing of interest to Millennials, limited broadband, and crappy schools. This is reality folks, and it can be fixed, but who is going to provide the leadership? Who?


"According to Joel, build single-family starter homes on lots with a yard,"

No problem then, sounds to me like Joel should go out and build some spec houses.

How much does Joel think a single-family starter home should cost?

Don Bessee

Narrative fail all you socialist antifas -



Account Deleted

I'm always amused of the various proscriptions of our social betters.
You know the type. They come to us armed with a newly obtained scrap of paper from some 'prestigious' university. They usually haven't had to earn a dime in their entire life and couldn't fix a flat tire on a bicycle.
One of their on-going harangues is the insistence on stack and pack housing for the masses. A suburban home with a yard is so un-green and a waste of space! Further, they insist the proles really, really want to live in a concrete box 4 stories up.
If you spend the time to see how these good self-appointed overseers live, you might be startled to see them owning as much - if not more - real estate than the average suburban American.
As far as I'm concerned, a condo in the sky is just an elaborate jail cell.
Any time some one starts talking about 'needed' housing - just ask if they are putting up their own money. And just their own money.
That will answer the question.

Don Bessee

Wouldn't you call this being a co-conspirator, not just the usual fake news?

Journalists spent last week rewriting history as it happened and denying the thuggery of left-wing protests. It was like watching a reality TV version of “1984.

President Trump helped get the show rolling when he called left-wing protesters “an angry mob” and Republicans and conservative groups picked up the term. It was repeated in several videos and in a key GOP commercial that highlighted scenes of violence.

The scenes in the commercial included: the rioting and arson that took place protesting President Trump’s inauguration; attacks on Trump campaign events; harassment of members of Congress; and protesters pounding on the Supreme Court doors to object to the Senate confirmation of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

This was all more than the media could stand and they spent the week trying to disprove reality.
The Washington Post ran one piece calling the idea of “the angry mob” a “myth.” Then it did just the opposite by publishing an opinion piece stating: “Why is the mob angry? Because Trump is ripping us apart with bigotry and hatred.” That piece blamed Trump for having “spent the past 18 months actively stoking civil tensions.”



 Bill Tozer

Scott @ 5:46 pm...

The idea that there are no hard choices— that is, choices between competing goods— is religious and totalitarian because it assumes that all good things are fundamentally compatible. The conservative or classical liberal vision understands that life is unfair, that man is flawed, and that the only perfect society, the only real utopia, waits for us in the next life.
Liberal fascism differs from classical fascism in many ways. I don’t deny this. Indeed, it is central to my point. Fascisms differ from each other because they grow out of different soil. What unites them is their emotional or instinctual impulses, such as the quest for community, the urge to ‘get beyond’ politics, a faith in the perfectibility of man and the authority of experts, and an obsession with the aesthetics of youth, the cult of action, and the need for an all-powerful state to coordinate society at the national or global level. Most of all, they share the belief— what I call the totalitarian temptation— that with the right amount of tinkering we can realize the utopian dream of ‘creating a better world.’
——Jonah Goldberg from his book Liberal Facism (contained in this link),

In a weird way, this is on topic.


"PS "Knightbridge"? From where did the FUE hallucinate that name?"

Posted by: Gregory | 14 October 2018 at 12:18 PM

Checking, the FUE has since erased his reference to me as "Gregory Knightbridge"

So, rather than share the source of the hallucination, he just covered his tracks? Really, Jeff?


Posted by: Gregory | 14 October 2018 at 10:30 PM

He “Memory Holes” all his oopsies!

Bonnie McGuire

Hahaha...This is too much! Speaking of affordable housing and hard choices...San Francisco's problem is too much! I realize I might have a warped sense of humor, but the following problem was created by the democratic leaders running San Francisco and our state. Now it's working citizens may have to pay a tax for poop removal from its sanctuary streets. I see why the Bible says that during civilization's decline it would be very trying to the patients of the saints.


Identity politics has engulfed the humanities and social sciences on American campuses; now it is taking over the hard sciences. The STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and math—are under attack for being insufficiently “diverse.” The pressure to increase the representation of females, blacks, and Hispanics comes from the federal government, university administrators, and scientific societies themselves. That pressure is changing how science is taught and how scientific qualifications are evaluated. The results will be disastrous for scientific innovation and for American competitiveness.


Yes, we are headed for an economic disaster.

 Bill Tozer

Affordable Housing and zoning:

Is it any wonder that the poor have trouble finding affordable housing?

The traditional response to this regulation-driven increase in housing costs has been to simply chase rising costs with higher subsidies. That is the approach currently championed by California senator and probable 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who has sponsored legislation that would provide a tax credit to subsidize rents for families earning as much as $125,000 per year whose housing costs exceed 30 percent of their income.

But instead of pursuing this costly policy that mostly redounds to the benefit of landlords, Carson has decided to go directly after the source of the problem. Specifically, he has let it be known that he intends to link federal housing funds to local officials’ willingness to reduce regulations that restrict affordable housing. He wants to ensure that if mayors and governors continue to pander to wealthy special interests by enacting barriers to housing construction, Washington will no longer bail them out.


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