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18 October 2018



As a regular reader, I do enjoy the progressives display of ignorance. However, when they cannot contribute to the subject under discussion, they often attack the messenger using language unbecoming an intelligent human being, that I find annoying and not worth my time. I read the blog comments from the bottom to the top, that lets me see who the writer is and if I am willing to use my valuable time to read the comment. The more insightful contributors are quickly recognized by their past contributions to the discussion and earn a good read. Those contributors with a poor record, just get overlooked and go unread, even though I would be missing multiple opportunities to enjoy the stupidity, but everything has a price.

Account Deleted

"So why do they come?"
Possibly the same reason as the folks who are streaming across the border despite the fact that many of these same folks start urinating on our country once they're here.
We're soooooooo racist.
When you visit lefty sites you'll notice an almost complete lack of critical discussion or deviation in the comments section. Nothing but fawning praise is allowed.
The local (Nevada County) lefty web blogs won't tolerate contrary views.
So for some of the leftistas I think it's partly fascination with a truly open and honest opinion site. The problem is that they are used to left wing sites where name calling and bumper sticker slogans pass for reasoned argument. Once here, they encounter facts and details not allowed on their fav sites. Unable to counter these realities, they resort to trolling and name calling.
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


,,,Waiting for Godot...

George Rebane

re M 518pm - As a public service to certain of our readers, I post this link -


The Left only wants the uninformed to vote.
They still think if they get two ballots in the mail, they should fill them out and send them in!Then blame it on the "G" man when
you get caught. That kind of "eligible voter"?

Account Deleted

Didn't have to wait long for M to confirm my opinion.

Bonnie McGuire

Hahaha! You're so right Scott..."M" (as in you know what) will react to your bait. After all...this is the only local discussion blog that isn't boring. I love reading many viewpoints cuz then there's the common sense conclusion that's intelligent and wonderful.

Michael R. Kesti

The ad hominems and attacking of messengers on Facebook's "Nevada County Political Vents" group make this blog's lefty commenters look like amateurs. I love making their heads explode.


re: Immigration.

It seems to me that one reasonable question is to ask whether existing US citizens benefit from it. It's not a question that is asked much.

re: Paul statement o' the day
"what does this Proverb from the Bible mean to you?
'As you sow, so shall you reap, and As a man sows, so shall he reap.'
Galatians 6:7"

Partial quote and likely doesn't mean what Paul believes it does.

re: "So why do they come"
Certainly not for an argument. You could knock me over with a feather if the Blue Mob actually tried to justify activities by that side of the tracks, a policy, or even gave a good reason for Trumphate. It's peculiar, perhaps it's just too much work.

re: Farrakhan
I think he's having a ball. Since he's a member of a protected group by both MSM and social media (SM?), he can say basically anything. There's an exhilarating freedom in that.

Todd Juvinall

Kesti, no wonder it is Doug Keachie and Alethea Atrocty as admins.


Posted by: Michael R. Kesti | 18 October 2018 at 10:48 PM

The ad hominems and attacking of messengers on Facebook's "Nevada County Political Vents" group make this blog's lefty commenters look like amateurs. I love making their heads explode.

They make this blogs lefty’s look like amateurs because they are amateurs. Nevertheless keep up the good work!

Account Deleted

re Pakistan and their sort of 'justice' system.
Well of course they have to punish her - Allah seems to not have any sort of power to do anything of his/her own accord.
So the boys will gather 'round and stone the poor woman to death.
Surely you're not expecting any of the women's groups in this country to defend her?
They're far too busy polishing their nails, gossiping about whomever is shtupping their male companion or just worrying that they won't be able to kill another baby in their womb.
Please darling - get real.

Paul Emery

Yes indeed George the crowed at the Foundry on Sunday for the Indivisible Women's get out the vote event was huge. I was producing a show at the same time at the Nevada Theatre and went over for a look All rooms were packed. Parking was backed up well onto the Old Downiville Road. Looks like the local Repubs may be in for a tough one on election day in Nevada County. Never seen anything like it.

George Rebane

PaulE 904pm - No doubt your joy is on a solid footing. But what does that have to do with these Scattershots?

Account Deleted

"But what does that have to do with these Scattershots?"
Oh George - the crowed, the crowed!!
"Yes indeed George the crowed at the Foundry on Sunday for the Indivisible Women's get out the vote event was huge."
Wow - you mean for the Pakistani woman?
Oh, of course not - just the cool hipster type that vote for the left and Dems.
Indivisible - what a freakin joke.
Of course there is a divide.
If you ain't with us we don't care how you suffer.
Pretty lame, Paul.
Complete joke.

Todd Juvinall

Oh my all those gals and Paul Emery did not get one date out of it. Too bad. But there are women that want to take over the process and being America they have every right to try. But as we all know there are thousands of gals at home that will not be drinking the Invisible Women's Koolaid and they will be voting Republican. What a great country!


re: 'Indivisible Women'

Well, they appear to be against the 'Trump Agenda'. Made up of a protected group, it isn't like 'Indivisible Whites' or 'Indivisible Men' will get to rent a local facility. Like most things attempting to be a mass movement, probably can't precisely state what the point of the whole deal is, beyond paying the executives. (Oh yeah, against the 'Trump Agenda').

It's worth considering what the 'Trump Agenda' is, at least so far as I can tell.

. Some degree of cutting back on regulations (a typical Republican battle cry). Some actually might have been valuable, most simply represented somebody's iron rice bowl.

. Tax cuts, with the inevitable boost in the economy weighed against future debt.

. Actually attempting to enforce immigration law (the wall, ICE, tighten down court procedures).

. Push back on some trading arrangements.

. Invest in infrastructure (once again, potentially a debt vs. investment problem)

. Less foreign adventures with the attendant dead people.

. A half-assed attempt at ACA reform. A non-starter given the number of fingers in that pie.

. Less involvement by government in cutting edge SJW issues (57 genders and the like).

People sure get excited about nothing. Especially when you consider how little personal effect any of this has had in our little whiteopia.

I wish them well. Given the amount of grrrl power going on, you might even see a Democrat dominated California some day.


Hey Scenes....a question since you coined the term!

"Do you win at “Pelline Bingo” if there is only a single comment (from jeffy of course) on one of his posts or does there need to be a minimum number of comments from jeffy? Say five, as would be necessary on a conventional Bingo card? Annie Fox counts as the free square in the middle I assume?!"

Any insight is appreciated!


re: Pelline Bingo.

I believe that Gregory coined the term, but I'm not sure.

Annie Fox is a free square. Let's say that 100% of the top ten comments are Pelline and 'Annie Fox' is a freebie.

I see that we're at 6 of 10 right now, so keep playing.


re: More Pelline Bingo. Any other rules are welcome, of course. It needs to be something that can be won every now and again.

In other news, Feminists vs. Muslims. Topless women alert.


Shhhhh.....even if you figure it out keep it to yourself......Robert Cross needs reasonably priced gardening services!

"Progressives gaze wistfully at the sight of “refugees” headed towards the US border. Some see gardeners, some see bus boys, some see nannys and domestics, some see farm workers, the DNC sees voters beholden to a political party which will give them lots of cool, free stuff. Meanwhile the Statue of Liberty weeps with joy to see the promise and purpose of America being realized.

You idiots are going to blow the deal!


,,,Big Gee

yes,,,Fox and Friends, Breitbart, Free Beacon, all worthy examples of '''fair and balanced''' information!!!

,,,Big Gee,,, are you looking at a one way mirror??? That must be why you are unable to notice the constant stream of diuretic comments by a man called 'fish'

George Rebane

M 1106am - Thank you. As ever, your and Mr fish's substantive comments are always welcome. Give it a try.


Posted by: ***M*** | 20 October 2018 at 11:06 AM

dugsKKKi......don’t you have a “safe space” on some Facebook page where you can complain to someone who cares?



A "Pelline bingo" is when all of the comments listed on the Blog That Shall Not Be Linked are the peeline byline (including Annie Fox)... it used to be fairly easy when there was 10 spots on the list, but it's harder to get Jeffie going the distance with the current 15.

When the sweetspot is hit, his bad juju turns off his usual fawning fanboys and he's all alone. He hates being alone.

Todd Juvinall

Trump in Elko right now has thousands at his rally.

Joe Biden has 193 at his in Las Vegas. Now where is the excitement?

Paul Emery


Relates to " To the massive turnout at the Miners Foundry for Indivisible Women of Nevada County's Get Out the Vote event."

Todd Juvinall

Massive? Yeah if you jam people in a small space it looks "massive". Trump is outside right now in Elko and tens of thousands are there. All in the sun!

George Rebane

PaulE 1205pm - Thanks Paul, I wondered whether that was your connection here. But to not put too fine a point on it, the point of my entry was to highlight the uninformed voter, not to celebrate the mass gathering of progressive women under the banner of straight ticket voting regardless of preparation. Your thoughts on voter education and self-censoring would be of interest.


re: Pelline Bingo

10 it is then.

re: The Indivisible Wimmenz vs the 'Trump Agenda'.

It seems to me that they should have an agenda rather than the Green Libertarians model of just being against things. Taking my list above (which is nearly all from a NY Times article on the 'Trump Agenda'), simply reverse it.

Indivisible Wimmenz Agenda:
. More regulations as yet undefined.
. Tax increases.
. Open borders.
. Allow the EU and China to write US trade policy
. Don't invest in infrastructure
. More foreign wars.
. Don't touch the ACA.
. More involvement by government in corner-case gender issues.

Time to break out them posters and have a march.

Todd Juvinall

All women must be believed
Men are all liars
Abuse is accidentally brushing up against the shirt
Childre? No way!

George Boardman

There's no point promoting classical music to this group. They're more likely to prefer Jim Ed Brown:

George Rebane

GeorgeB 229pm - You're a hard man George Boardman.


Classical? You mean Credence Clearwater? Foghat? Johnny Cash? Golden Earring?

Sorry Boardman, Black&White movies with no sound are not coming back either.

Paul Emery

If you are talking about a requirement that voters become educated according to some prescribed curriculum then you open up a serious discussion that will involve the following topics:

Who will administer this education-state, local, federal or private? How will the curriculum be gathered and who will approve it? Will this be a mandatory process for all voters before they are allowed to vote? Who will determine a voter has to go through this process? Will it require a Constitutional Amendment for Federal elections?

Your thoughts?

Robert Cross

More quotes from the Russian bot operation targeting the midterm elections: “This is the time for American conservatives to sound the alarm before the election turn the Constitution into a mockery and a celebration of lawlessness. There is an urgent need to introduce voter IDs for all the states, above all in blue (liberal and undecided) states. Remind that the majority of the ‘blue states’ have no VOTER IDs, which suggests that large-scale falsification are bound to be happening there.”

Scare tactics probably designed to scare Republicans who aren't diehard trump supporters into toeing the party line. The object is to keep the republicans in power. The Russians like that and the Saudis for that matter (who just gave the gov't $110M to help defray costs in Syria, coincidentally the same day Pompeo met with them and the whole torture/murder of a critic story broke) . Of course the truth is that large scale voter fraud is a fraud and the real problem, especially in Republican controlled states, is voter suppression in the form of strict voter ID laws, voter roll purging, parts of the 'Right to vote Act" that conservative judges threw out eliminating federal review of state voting laws (that were passed because of racial discrimination), cutbacks on early voting, etc. Voter suppression measures like these tend to affect the poor and minorities the most, which of course, favors republican candidates as the aforementioned tend to vote more often for Democrats. All part of Putin's plan to divide and conquer.


,,,Big Gee,,, ''' Now who among you will be surprised if the whole thing is not organized and paid for by a Soros-sponsored organization'''
What is the importance of an organization being given money by Soros or anyone else for that matter??? Do you dislike the concept of money as free speech???

Maybe Soros or some other deep state dark web society is using the Caravan to illustrate the need for a comprehensive immigration policy
and what does trumpski do from his bully pulpit???

And what did the Republican controlled House, Senate and Executive Branch do to enact comprehensive immigration policy???


Posted by: George Boardman | 20 October 2018 at 02:29 PM

Please George.....no more faux sophistication from the foothills....jeffy has that specific pretension all sewn up!


Posted by: ***M*** | 20 October 2018 at 03:22 PM

Maybe Soros or some other deep state dark web society is using the Caravan to illustrate the need for a comprehensive immigration policy
and what does trumpski do from his bully pulpit??

Remains president until 2024!

And what did the Republican controlled House, Senate and Executive Branch do to enact comprehensive immigration policy???

Hopefully they told proglodyte dimwits like you and bobby to do your own yard work. Lazy old poseurs!

Of course the same question could be asked of Team O'Dummy when they controlled both houses and the executive.


Paul. when "informed" means, and is understood that "there is NO FREE LUNCH" things might get better. Are schools teaching that?
What are LIBs whoring for votes saying they will "give them"?
Now it's a "guaranteed" income to try and by the uninformed vote.
You ready to get your wallet mined by LIB promise givers? I'm NOT.
Just like free healthcare. Someone has to pay for it. Just as long as it ain't you. Does your "uninformed" know who does?(do you?)

Paul Emery

Who paid for the illegal war in Iraq Walt?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 20 October 2018 at 04:16 PM

The future did Punch

Paul Emery

Perhaps the first thing that should be taught is that there are no free wars. According to Trump we've spent 6 Trillion of the Iraq and Afgan wars. Thats around a third of our total national debt.

"We’ve spent $6 trillion" on the wars in the Middle East.

— Donald Trump on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 in a rally in Charlotte, N.C.


LOL Paul, going from voting,, then jumping in your wayback machine to escape. Maybe the Jews should have out up a better fight in Germany too. You blame the concentration camps on them too?

An informed voter would not have voted to create a new tax where one for the vary same use already exists. The informed voter would demand the money be used for it's intended use. NOT pisses away on a pet project. Just for starts.


Oh That's right Paul. We had that talk a while back. You would rather have the fighting in our own streets. Not in the ones "over there". What's a few attacks on American soil? What's a few hijacked aircraft full of innocent people flown into buildings?
I guess you keep forgetting freedom isn't free.
No war is "just" in your mind. I think that would change if you were on the losing side of one.

Paul Emery

Six Trillion on Bush's wars Walt is not chump change.

Account Deleted

So now Paul is quoting someone he detests and claims is a liar as a source for backup.
Bush's war? I'm pretty certain the Dems in congress green lighted it.
Takes two to Tango.
Funny how the deficit didn't go up 6 trillion when the war was over.

Account Deleted

Boardman at 2:29 - The local classical station is what I listen to most of the time.
But being wrong has never bothered you in the past - why should it now?


BTW Paul. The "informed voter" has no real say in going to war.
Funny, you failed to answer any of my questions.(as usual)
Now care to get back to the "informed voter"? (probably not)

A REAL informed voter would NOT vote LIB.
If Hillary had won, you could be in the euthanasia line of socialized medicine, or in the near future. Rest easy,, they would just say your getting a flu shot. ( Gotta keep the costs down)

So If and when Proggys regain control,, Soylent Green will come out of sifi and become reality.

Don Bessee

Its just who they are -



George Rebane

I wonder what evidence, beyond allegations, has the Left ever offered to support their charge that voter ID requirements suppress the minority vote. On the other hand, evidence for leftwing voter fraud rolls in almost daily. And evidence that legal minority voters back stricter voter vetting abounds.


bored georgeman 229pm

Don't pat your self on the back too hard, at your age your arm could twist right off.

I was hired to be first trumpet for Werner Klemperer's debut as a conductor in the mid '70's... we finished what Schubert didn't. You?

My first symphonic experience was circa 1970 as a high school kid, an amateur adult community symphony in Whittier. I still remember the main piece from the first concert I played with them... Dvorak's New World Symphony. Had to learn to transpose in a bloody hurry.

And I can name each Brandenburg Concerto Grosso (movement, key and instrumentation) in about three measures.

I do miss being hired for the Auburn Symphony Goes to School gigs, I bowed out about 7 years ago, but the pay per service got down to the point where it wasn't worth the effort and the gas, not to mention the agony of looking like a maitre'd catching lunch at the In N Out. Still, any day where you get paid to play the 1st trumpet part for the Allegro to the Wm. Tell Overture is a good day.

The worst behaved kids were the ones in the wealthy schools in SW Auburn and Rocklin. Pains in the arse they was. The BEST kids were the (relatively) poor white and brown kids in Clarksburg (in the delta across the river from Freeport) who were incredibly attentive and WOW.

Don Bessee

Cant match that Gregory @ 633. Growing up I regularly attended the SF symphony and opera youth series as well as ACT's which was heavy on Shakespeare over the years. Haters are often victims of their group think.


Now that's funny -

A new ad by Republican Elizabeth Heng, who is challenging incumbent Democrat Jim Costa in California’s 16th congressional district, shows a Costa lookalike walking down the sidewalk in Nancy Pelosi’s high-heeled shoes.



Paul Emery

Quoting your guy Scott. Thought you believe everything he says


How come you hobbled off Paul?


Now this I can back.
U.S.—Upon looking at the bleak, uncivilized nature of our political discourse, millions of people across the nation announced Thursday they are feeling nostalgic for a more refined time when politicians just shot each other with pistols to resolve their differences.
The nation dreamily looked back at the time before all these brutish tactics invaded our politics, and politicians just shot one another in broad daylight like civilized human beings.
"Frankly, it'd beat all the protesting and swarming people in restaurants," said one man in Iowa. "Just one simple, civilized duel, a couple o' bullets flying through the air, and you're done."

"Blam, blam, and you call it a day," he added.

At publishing time, a grassroots movement had called for a towering Thunderdome to be built in Washington, D.C., to return some semblance of civility to our national discourse.


Don Bessee

The pony tail of ignorance is letting someone use his device again. Amy who?



Don Bessee

Said the multi home owning socialist millionaire whos wife and daughter vampired the financial life out of a college. Money, money, money! MONEY! You would think he would take advantage of the cratering of fauxcahantas.

“ whether you are conservative or progressive you want your kids to be honest and decent,” Sanders said at the rally in Columbia.



Don Bessee





d bossee 651pm

Let me be clear ... my musical resume and $2.25 will get me a decent cup of coffee but I did find it satisfying to show off in opposition to Boardman's snark. Groupthink my ass, that was good old fashioned bigotry.

Account Deleted

Paul at 7:28 - My guy?
He's a bit better than a left wing crooked lying harpy.
Since when is 'my guy'?
And since you're on record as saying he's a liar, why would you present his words as evidence?
Please give us the quote from Trump that Bush by his sole authority with no backing from any Democrats conducted a war that cost the US 6 trillion dollars.
Funny that Paul complains about Trump lying when Paul is happy to show up here and tell all sorts of things that he just can't seem to back up with any facts.
What shall we call that, Paul?

Don Bessee

@ 859 - I am confident that you shared the Willian Tell overture to the uninformed well Mr. G. I am with ya, don't let them play that shit, push back hard! We all do so much that has zero returns but is a mitzva and a blessing to many.

Vote early and vote often as the chi town socialists preach!



Paul Emery

So Walt how do you propose the $6 trillion spent on the wars in the Middle East be paid for?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 20 October 2018 at 11:25 PM

The same way you propose to pay for all the things you want Punch....with other people’s money.


Still dodging my questions? Grow a pair and start answering some.
No free lunch Paul, That's what Proggys promise for an uninformed vote. Your boy "O" got his Commie health care. It was shitty for ALL. Yet you want to go back to that. The bum on the street isn't going to get that liver transplant, just to drink that one to death.

Like I said. You would be in the death panel line at your age if Hillary had won.

Now you want to talk about how Saddam didn't gas the Kurds with WMDs he didn't have?

Paul Emery

So fish there are three alternatives. One allow increase in the deficit. Two increase taxes and paydown the deficit. Cut spending to paydown war debt. Can you think of any others? Which alternative do you prefer?

Paul Emery

Same question to Walt and George.


Paul missed the memo. "record intake of revenue".Even after the tax cuts. I guess you also missed Chuck Schumer gloating on all the spending he got through.
Yet the like of Paul want MORE spending. Who care how much the taxpayer gets screwed.
Name your average tax rate Paul. 60%, 70%? Your Proggy politicians will piss it away just as fast, and keep us in debt just as deep.

You good at bitching, but real short on answers.


War is good Paul, it keeps us free.
I know.. Even the revolutionary war was unjust in your eyes.

Paul Emery

My solution is war tax payable by increasing taxes immediately after military actions to pay for it. Fiscal responsibility. Gosh, what a conservative concept.

Todd Juvinall

The debt will be monitized. Viola!


Good thing no listens to Paul economics. It's right up there with Boardman investments INC.


BTW Paul,, just what did we get for the Trillion your boy "O" pissed away? (right after you voted for him) You know, "stimulus"? Were you ever "stimulated"? I sure wasn't.,, Anyone else??
"O" handed out the bucks to all you bitch about today.
And all those burger flipper jobs... But no once could afford to buy burgers.
How soon you forget.

Paul Emery


According to Trump Iraq and Afghanistan cost 6 Trillion. How do you propose paying for that?

there were three main reasons I didn't vote for Obama 2nd time around. One was the bailout you cite.

 Bill Tozer

Re: Jew haters and Calpyso Louie, aka, the Charmer Farrakhan:


Milo was right. The biggest treat today to the gay community is from the Islamic Community. Add the biggest threat to the Jewish community is the Islamic Community.

The faux Latino Beto O’Roucke joins the faux black activist Sean King and the faux religion of peace activists (and Woman’s March organizers) Tamika D. Mallory and Linda Sarsour to the long list of Leftinista Jew haters.

Only 8 Congressmen opposed Israel building the Iron Dome )anti-missle defense system). One of those eight luminaries was Beto O’Roucke. Even Mad Max and the Botox Queen voted for the Iron Dome. Not Beto.

What a charmer. What a Woman’s rights advocate!



No problem Paul. we can start right now.
Cut off aid to Mex., here's why.
While we are at it cut off aid to all enemies. How bout it?

So you don't like war. No one does. But welcome to reality.
There are bad guys out there. They want to hurt us. I would rather we hurt them first, in their own backyard, and not here.

Look at all the trouble we would have saved if we kept Mexico, instead of giving it back.
We could have ruled the world at the end of WWII. Ever think about that? But we didn't.
At least you stopped your "war for oil" BS. We still should have took it to cover our expenses. But you would have bitched about that too.

Don Bessee

The truth of the matter -

“Conventional wisdom has long proclaimed Republicans the party of the rich and Democrats the party of the poor!” Fisher wrote. “Forty years ago that was largely true.”
“The poor almost everywhere elected Democrats,” Fisher wrote. “That is how most media portray it now.”
Even if Democrats are the party of the urban poor, Fisher wrote, at the “grassroots level” Republicans own the “low-to-no income vote.”

“Media simply don’t report what they don’t live in and see,” Fisher wrote.
Fisher argues that understanding these facts is not an academic exercise. Instead, it’s all about money. And the midterms will be a retest on how the poor will vote.

“If America’s poor states remain Republican at the bottom, so will our Electoral College and the Republicans’ growing ability to win the presidency and control the Senate with a minority of the national popular vote,” Fisher predicts.

“The balance of power in electing presidents and controlling the Senate lies in the hands of our poor, largely our non-urban poor,” Fisher wrote.



George Rebane

An alternative always missed by the Left - reduce regs and taxes, promote enterprise and commerce, and grow the economy to maximize govt revenues which then make all things - from welfare to reducing debt - possible.

Raising taxes and regs, and dunning enterprise wherever it may arise is the path to despair and disaster, which is the only path that the Left has ever promoted.

 Bill Tozer

The mobile mob in a nutshell. Buck sez:

If the caravan of 5,000 should be allowed into the US, I need an answer why the next 5,000 shouldn’t.
And the next one.
And the next one.

Why do through our immigration process when you can just join a caravan instead.



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 October 2018 at 08:30 AM

If the caravan of 5,000 should be allowed into the US, I need an answer why the next 5,000 shouldn’t.

......and I need an answer why if this country can’t defend its borders than why should I continue to pay taxes?

Todd Juvinall

Are we going to see Paul Emery, the FUE and all those Invisible gals heading to the border to help those folks? Maybe Audrey Denney too?

 Bill Tozer

Oh my. Hillary got some ‘splaning to do. Probably never happen. Oh my.



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 October 2018 at 09:38 AM

Nahh....the FBI files that she and Billy grabbed when they were president inoculated them nicely! She'll never be president but they'll be just fine!

Good to know where all the bodies are buried!

 Bill Tozer

@ 11:20 am
Oh, I would love to see My Gal toss her hat in the ring and go out on the campaign trail hard in 2019-2020 with Mr. Mysterous Guy with Epee Pen thang in hand standing at her side and Miss Ever Present Back Pillow staffer standing behind her. What possibly could go wrong? Think of all the memes about ‘What difference at this point does it matter anyhow?’ with Hillary spread eagle face down into the ground. Third time is a charm.

You know, for all the bitching our furry friends who come by here to take a crap, they really think they are deriding Trump by calling him a carnival barker. He is! What was their first clue? Earth to Space, come in please.
“Hurry, hurry, hurry. step right up and see the Greatest Show on Earth. Only one thin dime, only one tenth of a dollar. Set right up and see The Greatest Show on Earth!” It will be terrific.

Well, it sure has them on the edge of their seats. :)


,,,nothing fills a pubber's jockstrap better than a Clinton investigation, eh hozers???
too bad The Federalist pubber porn site lawsuit is dated April 16!!!
,,,so what happened since then???


Posted by: ***M*** | 22 October 2018 at 12:39 PM


New Depends™ are so much softer and absorbent than just a few years ago!

......and yet you still whine!

Todd Juvinall

WOW! If you want to see how much lying the democrats do about their outrage of money in elections, then check this out. Every California District (Congress) is flowing with millions of dollars. And look at how much the dems are spending in some of the R districts. Amazing.


 Bill Tozer

Good afternoon, Merrick! Lovely day, is it not?

“#too bad The Federalist pubber porn site lawsuit is dated April 16!!!
,,,so what happened since then???”

Merrick, of course it was from April and you asked the 84 million dollar question. What has happened since then? I posted that link before a few months ago to illicit that exact question.
Let’s see. There was a big stink over at the FEC about the Chairwoman claiming nobody is the boss of her and some dirt devil. Guess the bottom line is it is work in progress and it takes longer to drain the swamp in Washington DC than it goes in a non Democrat controlled city. Goodness, they built a statue to Marion Berry in DC for pete’s sake. Need I say more. Heck, it’s probably right on schedule to purge the dead branches over at the FEC. What the Sam Hill is taking so long? Oh yeah. Resist means not filling any vacancies, even Democrat Party chosen appointments. Oh Merrick, I feel your pain.




Bill  Tozer

Now Merrick, please post over at the sandbox. You're off topic.

George Rebane

Administrivia - I've been deleting a bunch of off-topic comments in this stream - sure is getting tiring.


re: The NPC "M" sez: ",,,here is another stocking stuffer for you hozers,,,your fair haired boy wants a nuclear arms race!!!"

Seriously, i wonder what you call a treaty that only one side abides by.



from https://www.state.gov/t/avc/rls/rpt/2015/243224.htm#INF2

"The United States has determined that in 2014, the Russian Federation continued to be in violation of its obligations under the INF Treaty not to possess, produce, or flight-test a ground-launched cruise missile (GLCM) with a range capability of 500 km to 5,500 km, or to possess or produce launchers of such missiles."

Of course, Obama (who, typically, did nothing) was Russia's deadly enemy and Trump is their good friend.

I wish that the Blue Mob got their story straight.


I'll move mine

 Bill Tozer

Caravan: Buck asks a question


Why they come? To make love, not war.


George Rebane

I claim my 'rational' MAB for the House results is as follows -

Current: Dems = 193, Repubs = 235, Vacant = 7
Dem min 208 [+15]
Dem max 228 [+35]
Dem ML 220 [+27] @20%

Needed to take control 218 [+25]

Note: Regardless of the expressed format for each person's MAB, the distribution will be based on the total number of House seats the Democrats win in the coming election. The above data taken from -

Paul Emery

Well speaking of voting, the Dems are at an all time high in RCP's consensus poll on congressional elections with 49.5%. That's their highest umber since Trump took office. Pubs are at 41.9. No Trump bump in these polls. Wall Street Journal is likely voters. Looking grim for the ol Pubbers.


Todd Juvinall

Trump is helping put many close R' seats over the top and in my opinion we will keep the Senate and the house.

Paul Emery

Wishful thinking

Highest democratic pulling since the election Todd.

Todd Juvinall

We will see.


"Highest democratic pulling since the election Todd."

The word is 'puling'.

I admit that the Democrats caught a break with the mail bombs and the synagogue killer. It's not much of a political platform, but it's something.

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