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07 October 2018



I just finished reading Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy, by Kurt Schlichter

He makes a case for the Normals, the people who build this country, make it run and when needed fights for it. Regular American of all races and creeds who just want to live in peace and safety, but for decades they have seen their beliefs and traditions come under attack by the elites. Elites who are calling them sexist, racist, bigots, and other hateful things. The Normals are angry and will not accept this abhorrent treatment any longer.

Kurt writes:

"A smug, condescending elite spanning both established parties has gripped the throat of the nation. Convinced of their own exquisite merit while refusing to be held accountable for their myriad failures, these elitists managed to suppress the first rumblings of discontent when they arose in the form of the Tea Party. But they were stunned when the Normals did not simply scurry back to their flyover homes. Instead, the Normals came out in force and elected Donald Trump."

The elites are not just Democrats, they are also Republicans, especially the #NoTrumpers, who live and work in Washington DC swamp. They are the leaders who have forgotten they work for the people and not for their own benefit and the benefit of other elites. This is the real divide, the Elites vs. Normals.

Don Bessee


After his victory over Gray Maynard at UFC 229, fighter Nik Lentz not only gave Brett Kavanaugh a shout-out, he gave him a new nickname. While speaking with the UFC’s Joe Rogan after the fight, Lentz said: “First and foremost, I want to give a shout out to my homie Brett Kavanaugh. Way to go, Special K.”



Wayne Hullett

I am glad that I am on the side with all the guns.

 Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane penned....

The more important aspect of these reports is that they now lament the absence of any plausible common ground on which national healing may begin, and that for the simple reason that there is none if you want to rule out such commonalities as both sides still agreeing to drive on the right side of the road.


"It’s hard to imagine what kind of despicable people destroy a tombstone — a tombstone! — for political reasons".

No it's not! Not hard at all!

You probably know them well....in your town.....or "towns" as a local pretentious ass likes to say!


It's usually the better side to be on Wayne. I say "usually"
because it didn't work out so hot in Cuba when Castro did his thing.
The freedom fighters didn't wind up all that free when the shooting was over.
I good to know Americans can see the difference.(well,, most of them)


Well things ain't looking so hot for "Prances with fools".
Izzy is behind all of a sudden.

 Bill Tozer

California elects some real scumbags.


 Bill Tozer

31 percent of motivated U.S. voters polled for a recent Rasmussen Reports survey said "it's likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years."
This is actually one of the few things on which Republicans and Democrats can agree: A similar number of Americans from both parties expressed concern that we're headed for a sequel to the 1861-65 conflict that took the lives of more than 600,000 soldiers. Thirty-seven percent of Dems believe a civil war is coming, and 32 percent of GOPers think it could happen.


Todd Juvinall

Glad we on the right have the guns. What did Obama say? They bring a knife we bring a gun. Except his ilk on;y has knives.

Todd Juvinall

The FUE is making fun of "Leave it to Beaver"! Now why would he do that? My guess is it was before his time and he has read the anti-white news and blogs and thinks those that may yearn for that time are wantinf to return to Jim Crow! That is how warped these kinds of people are. The fifties were years I was 1-9. And all I recall is good times here. Kids having fun. Mom and Dad having dinner with us at the table. It was a good time and I have fond memories. The country was fairly stable. And Eisenhower and Nixn were running the place. But the left and its followers want turmoil. Now these lovelies want to tear down Columbus statues. Amazing.

rl crabb

Todd, you are the living embodiment of Eddie Haskell.


re: BillT@8:27



"Dearest xi,

Our colleague in infanticide has betrayed us. She'll say yes. The uncorroborated allegations against K have failed. It appears all is lost. Also, Lindsey Graham made fun of me. All is lost.

P.S. fall is here, send pussy hats."

Todd Juvinall

rl crabb | 08 October 2018 at 06:25 AM
Never watched it but I take that as a compliment.

You are the embodiment of Maynard G Krebs. And you look the same!


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 08 October 2018 at 08:06 AM


(Bonus points for the obscurity of the reference!)

Todd Juvinall

Dobie Gillis was my older sister's favorite program.

 Bill Tozer

Maynard G. Krebs was my oldest brother’s favoritive character on the Many Loves of Dolbey Gillis. Mine too. I missed Maynard until he showed up on Gilligan’s Island.

Back to topic:

To be clear, what we just witnessed, and what we have seen for two years, is not a case of mere political differences, which the Founders recognized as inevitable and even desirable.

Instead, we face something more akin to the combustible climate that historian Christopher Clark described as the origins of World War I. In his book, “The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914,” Clark illustrates how none of the great powers wanted war, but all felt free to escalate the buildup in the certainty that the other side would back down.

Something similar is happening here, and our nation could be sleepwalking into a second civil war. Even though justice and fairness prevailed this time, the stained confirmation process must serve as a wake-up alarm.

It is a recognition of the danger we face that, amid the threats from Democrats to impeach Kavanaugh, we also hear calls for unity and healing. I’m all for them — as long as they’re not a fig leaf wrapped around gross wrongdoing.


 Bill Tozer

How many times did a Democrat even mention the Constitution during the Kavanaugh hearings? I imagine, if we’re lucky, a perfunctory handful. Trump, far more than the previous administration, has strengthened proper separations of power. One of the ways he’s done it is by his judicial appointments. And Democrats’ inability to make any distinction between the neutral processes of governing and their partisan goals makes them, to this point, a far bigger threat to constitutional norms than the president.


Todd Juvinall

Follow up articles today fail to even mention the Ford allegations are unproven. Journalistic malpractice in every story.

 Bill Tozer

Civil War?

Lifestyles in San Francisco and Toledo are so different that it’s almost as if they’re on two different planets.

Legal, diverse, meritocratic, and measured immigration has always been America’s great strength. Assimilation, integration, and intermarriage within the melting pot used to turn new arrivals into grateful Americans in a generation or two.

But when immigration is often illegal, not diverse, and massive, then balkanization follows. Currently, the country hosts 60 million non-natives — the largest number of immigrants in America’s history.

Yet unlike the past, America often does not ask new immigrants to learn English and assimilate as quickly as possible. Immigration is instead politicized. Newcomers are seen as potentially useful voting blocs.

Tribalism is the new American norm. Gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, and ethnicity are now essential, not incidental, to who we are.

Americans scramble to divide into victimized blocs. Hyphenated and newly accented names serve as advertisements that particular groups have unique affiliations beyond their shared Americanism.


 Bill Tozer

Another view: No Civil War coming.

“To put matters bluntly, we do not have to like one another, so long as we continue to make money off one another. That is what will keep us together.”



Don Bessee

Another losers tour, only 288 dollars a seat, guess the clintion slush fund charity ran out -

Pre-sale tickets are listed for as much as $228.44 for an appearance with the Clintons as they travel to over a dozen places like Las Vegas, Toronto, New York City, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.
The tour begins November 18, after the Congressional mid-term elections.
Prior to the tour, Hillary Clinton will host three private fundraisers for Democrats in the midterm elections in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.
Bill Clinton has been quiet in the midterms. The New York Times reported that the former president “appears far less welcome on the trail,” as there is a “new skepticism on the left about his treatment of women and allegations of sexual assault.”



George Rebane

DonB 1129am - Would I be that far off base to surmise that Hillary is planning a 2020 run against Shotgun Joe?

 Bill Tozer

The Great Divide is breaking out all over.

The Leftinistas are a mob. One can no longer separate the individual lib from the lib mob no more. They are not good people. We don’t hit others with bike chains, chase people out of restaurants, hound their families and children at home. They are evil, vile, and violent. They are the mob and demand mob rule. We cannot have mob rule here. Chaos and violence are for chums. They have been unmasked.

The Party of Soviet Marxists took power and immediately began to execute political enemies without trails, without presumption of innocence. Guilt as accused. Mobs of Brownshirts roamed the streets looking for those with contrary ideas in Germany, The USSR, and Cambodia. Mobs. Mob justice. They are not good people.

What comes after the Antifa violence, the doxing, the hunting down people at work, at play, and at home? What comes after violence? What comes after more violence? Good Gawd, they were tearing their fingernails off on the closed Senate doors...just like the mob did when it starting raining and Noah had shut the Ark’s door.

“The thing I don’t understand is, why do Democrats like Cory Booker, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, etc., think they are the only ones who can use violence to advance their cause?” asks columnist John Hinderaker. “Do they not understand what a whirlwind they will unleash if they try to use political violence as a path to power?”


George Rebane

BillT 436pm - Yes indeed Mr Tozer. That asymmetry has been a main tenet of RR since its launch.

Don Bessee

Socialist/dem mobs help gun sales -



 Bill Tozer

“Why is this event only open to Muslims? So you guys want everybody in Western countries in Western civilization to welcome you so you can come and invade our countries but then you’re banning us from your events in Toronto and places like that?


That Linda Sarrsour, co-founder of the Women’s March and soul sister of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really gets around.

 Bill Tozer

The Great Divide.

ROFLMAO. Now they are saying the Senate is illegitimate, the President is illegitimate, the Supreme Court is illegitimate, and, of course, the Constitution and the Age of Enlightenment is illegitimate.

Everything is illegitimate now that they cannot legislate from the bench. They are furious, to put it charitably. Watching the Leftinistas act out on their temper tantrums is spellbinding, comicical, and scarey. Yes, I sense danger, real danger from the Left Wing Extremists. What comes after violence? This was not Anitfa busting up retail businesses and setting cars on fire in DC or Berekely or Portland. Nay, this was #Me Too joining mobs of paid fascists screaming #You too.....you too are next.



 Bill Tozer

How low can they go? We are not like them, this the Great Divide.



,,,Sure, TwinkieToes,,,you keep telling your Righteous Ryghty self that.
Trumpski is the most divisive leader we have ever had,,,to the joy of your ilk.


Hey, sometimes you even get a vacation.



Some more footage of the Holy Righteous folks.


Account Deleted

from M - "Trumpski is the most divisive leader we have ever had..."
I keep reading this talking point from the left.
I have yet to see offered any proof.
I surmise we're not allowed to notice all the hate and death threats coming from the left as well as the anarchy on the streets openly abetted by the left leaning authorities?
But I'm a 'bitter clinger' and a 'deplorable'.
Yeah - that sort of talk really unites our country.


Posted by: ***M*** | 09 October 2018 at 08:01 AM

,,,to the joy of your ilk.

Oh dugsKKKi....you have no idea....!

 Bill Tozer

But, but, but Kavanaugh won the popular vote!

 Bill Tozer

Now the Leftinistas are blaming the Constitution. It’s who they are.

For the left, the US Senate is now looming, together with the Electoral College and the Supreme Court, as an institution of villainy in American life. In the words of Vox, the Senate is “a grotesquely unrepresentative body.” ThinkProgress deems it “an immoral, anti-democratic institution.” One reason Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne calls the ascension of Kavanugh to the high court a “coup” is that he was “confirmed by senators representing 44 percent of the population.”

Democrats have gone from bragging about their permanent majority a few years ago to complaining it’s impossible for them to win under the governing regime that we’ve had for more than 200 years, since it’s so tilted toward “minority rule.”


No, no Great Divide here....says the deniers

 Bill Tozer

Re: Great Divide pieces are beginning to appear all over the place as a result of what the Left revealed of itself during the Kavanaugh confirmation conflagration.

“There is no refuge from this sort of totalizing, destructive politics. The Republican rejection of Merrick Garland was political hardball; the sliming of Kavanaugh was categorically different and much worse. The Democrats crossed the line from policy disagreement to personal destruction, and in doing so they nuked any middle ground between themselves and conservative Trump skeptics. And they put every conservative on notice: You could be next.”


Don Bessee

They are going to pull his socialist club card for this -

“In a way, we were slightly patronising. People like me were basically saying ‘don’t you know this is making the country richer?’ In fact, it was also dislocating hundreds of thousands to millions of lives, and those people’s lives had been radically changed by immigration.”

He also confessed that the BBC may have been less than balanced during the EU referendum, and that he “did feel that during the Brexit campaign they slightly got confused about what impartial journalism meant” — perhaps hypocritically, in the view of commentators who have observed that his own sentiments on Brexit have been overwhelmingly negative since the people’s vote to leave.

Peston also told his audience that, “It is not, in my view, racist to be concerned if the composition of your community changes by something like 10 or 15 per cent over a very small number of years.”

Other left-wing figures such as former Labour leader Ed Miliband have made similar admissions before, but their words seldom translate into actual policy proposals to begin limiting immigration — which is still running at near-record levels — or improve the country’s dismal performance executing deportations.



 Bill Tozer

The Leftinistas and the Leftinasta media (synonyms?) have found a word they find offensive when applied to them. The M word. Mob. ‘Angry mob’ gets their goat. They reject the word mob as applied to them. What planet do they live on? Yet another example of the haters changing the meaning of a word to fit the definition, their rules.

[Rand Paul caused a small stir when he said he was afraid people would be killed happening next. He was dismissed as using hyperbole. What the hay??? He was standing on a ballfield when a unhinged operative shouting “This is for healthcare!” as he was shot at by a Bernie Bro who was trying to assassinate one third of Congress, all Republicans. Then Senator Paul was beatup by a politically engaged neighbor, not to mention the numerous death threats. Hyperbole? I think not.]

No matter how you slice and dice it, the Left is reduced to an angry mob. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

“Oh, you’re not going to use the mob word here,” Baldwin interjected.....
“Let me move past the m-word, because I do feel like that’s part of the weaponization of what’s happening now, on the right,” Baldwin said, then pivoted to another topic.


Tucker’s take on mobs.

Look. You have two opposing sides on a protest. Both sides are holding signs. Which side is going to approach the other and rip the signs from people’s hands and tear the signs to pieces?? Which side in a protest is going to be hitting the other with bicycle chains? Which side is going to badger an elderly woman in a wheelchair solely for being on the “wrong side”? Which side is going to break out windows of retail stores, block traffic, and call black police officers niggas and White Supremists? Which side takes the right to peacefully assembly and turns it into uncivil mayhem and carnage? A: The Angey Mob.

 Bill Tozer

From my Sandbox post@ 9:20 am

“Worse, Leftmedia reporting is practically mocking the very idea of an angry mob. A sampling of this week’s headlines:

“An angry mob”: Republicans work to recast Democratic protests as out-of-control anarchy —The Washington Post
Republicans have a new name for Democrats: “mob.” —CNN
The GOP’s sneaky attempt to paint the majority as an angry left-wing mob —The Week
Republicans Seize On Stoking Fears Of Left-Leaning Mob To Mobilize Voters —Talking Points Memo
Republicans: Protesters Are an Unruly Mob — Unless They’re Heavily Armed and Support Us —New York magazine
See, “angry mob” is just a GOP election slogan. Nothing to see here.”

They are a most bitter lot. And when they get together in fours, they become an angry angry angry mob.


Let's look at the generic congressional vote polling...

It's all tied up... zero percent difference.


It might be due to the antics of the crowds and the Senate Dems. With one datapoint, who knows?

In order to regain control of the House it is generally thought Dems need a 5% advantage.

Blue wave?

 Bill Tozer

Re: Jo Ann’s column.

...”but always the meta-complaint that such alternative viewpoints are still permitted by a community that has not yet completed its mandated transition to a politically correct and uniform mindset.” —-George Rebane

And therein lies the problem. Our little homogeneous neck of the woods have not as yet felt but the first nips of the wringer. As far as the Senate judicial confirmation process goes, all conservatives, moderate Republicans, most independents, and even a few old Dems were quick to size up what was really going down. As Jo Ann Rebane penned:

“I believe the throngs of "MeToo-ers" who demand to throw out the right of presumption of innocence, the right to face your accuser, the right to cross examination, the requirement for evidence and praise for those who would replace the rule of law with character assassination. I believe that kind of zealotry which encourages false claims serves to trivialize an actual offense. I believe Allysia Finley, who writes for the Wall Street Journal, that "presumption of guilt based on prevailing prejudices threatens American justice."

I have held off saying that the only assualt and rape that occured before, during, and after The Intergalactic Circus was the raping of Dr. Ford by the Democrat opertaves. I am still not convinced that Dr. Ford, an apparent fearful trembling leaf, is without ulterior motives herself. Setting Dr. Ford’s 100% in collaborated aside, I believe Justice Kavanaugh is a victim and survivor of Democrat Party paid assassins.

For Jo Ann Rebane:


 Bill Tozer

@ 12:34 pm.

Blue wave? Time will tell. The Great Divide is real. During the lead up to the 2016 election, I kept looking for a point here, a quarter point there to see if there was any sign of Big Mo. Big Mo is a term I have stolen from Jimmy Carter’s campaign advisor, Jody Powell. Big Mo means momentum. Once Big Mo rears it’s head, it’s all over except the shouting (and crying). Big Mo did not appear in 2016, but a point here, a quarter point point there did.

I figure the Kavanaugh affair will translate to 2 points for the Right. Won’t matter in some Congressional races, will in others. There are some toss ups out there. Much depends on the local candidates. No signs of Big Mo, but signs of trending away from a Massive Blue Tsunami. Many October surprises yet to be dropped at the 11th hour.

The only game changer the Right has is President Trump. He is our only hope, our only voice. As usual, the Left has the media in their pocket, more money, the entertainment industry, the organizations of a thousand so-called non-profits, Obama’s Machine, Hillary Machine, etc.
Only one person, one little man with a Twitter Machine, can fight back against such a vast array of the assembled armies surrounding us. Only one person on the so-called Right can be heard above the carpet bombing and screaming banshees. One man verses the entire angry mob who will go to any lengths to kill crush, and destroy any enemy, real or imagined. One man and millions of Deplorables fighting on the same page.

In the last twelve months, Trump’s approval among Blacks is up 12%. Will the Kanaugh hearings translate to more Dem votes among the important suburban women as indicated? Or will the Kavanaugh circus translate to more votes for the Right among married women and independents? Will the Kavanaugh hearings be just a memory come Nov 6? Time will tell....but I keep seeing a point here, a point there. Grinding it out...just like 2016.

The Left “threw everything they had our way, but the Right still defeated “a unified effort by the iron triangle of stupid: the media, radical far-left activist groups, and Swamp rat Democrats. Paid protesters, unpaid protesters — every single thing they had … they threw our way, and we still won.”—Don Bongino.


It is important to note that more people have Amazon Prime thanpeople who voted in 2016. A point here, a point there is all I ask.


Speaking of Amazon.


Todd Juvinall

Right and wrong track polling is quite interesting. It is down to a difference of about 16 in the negative. Under Obama there were spikes of over 53 negative. This seems to me to be a true plus for the Republicans. Trump and the R's may not be subject to a blue wave and maybe will be seeing a red wave.


Don Bessee

Rot at the base will catch up when you screw the soldiers -

Protests by army veterans may become a major problem for Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, who likes to present himself as a friend of the military and mixes strong nationalist appeals into his political messaging. A mass protest in June saw over a thousand retired soldiers occupying a public plaza in the city of Zhenjiang for four days, deeply embarrassing the regime and alienating Chinese citizens when police broke up the demonstration using much less violence than they employed in Pingdu.

“It can only irritate veterans that on the one hand, they hear propaganda that China is now a wealthy, powerful country that reveres its military, yet on the other hand they feel they have to fight for scraps,” China expert Neil Diamant of Dickinson University told the Associated Press in June.



Jeff Pelline

Hi Don,
I thought of you when I watched the market plunge today. ;-)

 Bill Tozer

Ah, my sister’s story. Feminist, college professor teaching Feminist Literature, author, and one day decided she wanted to raise children at home...and be married. That ended her career and prestige, thank goodness. She was told to have an abortion and was there no place for her in the Feminist movement for her back then. No room at the inn, no aide for those who cross the Sisterhood. Self fulfillment of the woman meant toeing the party line, not the freedom to pursue one’s own path in life. Empowerment of women was group empowerment, not individual empowerment. She wasn’t a man hater and is upset now her feminist movement has been hijacked, used, and abused by so-called new feminists for political purposes.


 Bill Tozer


Check this feminist out. Author of the War on Boys, Who Stole Feminism, etc. Facts matter. She is now, like many great thinkers using facts, banned/blocked/driven from campus appearances.


I remember when Christina Hoff Summer’s was on a speaking tour (with Milo) and was being shouted down and screamed out. The young co-eds screamed at her to “Quit talking to us like we are children!” Ms.Summers replied, “Then quit acting like children.” Kudos to Orin Hatch for triggering that memory with his “Grow up” comment to the screaming banshees as he entered the elevator....to which they replied, “How dare you speak to a woman that way!”, lol.

Look familiar? The mind numbed echo. No thinking required.

 Bill Tozer

Toxic Masculinity, toxic Femininty, and Jo Ann Rebane’s column. Recommended.


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