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10 October 2018


 Bill Tozer

Do not think for a second that Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy, Kamala, Pocahontas, Chucky the Clown, or Maxine would for one single day live under the ideological system they wish to impose on everyone else. Proof? They exempted their staff from being place in Obamacare.

Ever wonder why there are no pets in the formerly richest country in South America? Because they got ate up to starve off hunger pains.

Account Deleted

Actually, George - the left is quite full of 1st A approval.
They love being able to enjoy the Constitutional protection of free speech.
The best line was from Don Lemon: "But that doesn’t mean that people don’t get to object. That’s your right as an American to object. It’s covered in the First Amendment. It’s like the first one!”
He then amplifies his belief: "In the Constitution, you can protest whenever and wherever you want. It doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it in a restaurant, that you can’t do it on a football field. It doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it on a cable news — you can do it wherever you want.”
Golly - I'll bet the good folks protesting at abortion clinics are scratching their heads at that bit of news. Somehow they missed Don's defence of their right to object 'wherever you want'.
Maybe some one could try objecting on Don's show. You can be sure Don will calmly let them exercise their rights according to what Don just posited.
It's expected that the leftist mobs will be disruptive but it's quite another when we have mayors that order the police to do nothing in the face of violence. This is bad for the police, bad for democracy and bad for any hope of a peaceful settlement of differences.
And it's certainly bad when politicians refuse to condemn the violence.
Just try to get in Hillary's face and shout at her. You'd be on the ground with a knee in your neck and a 9mm against your head in a heartbeat.
Funny how those left-wing 'rights' only work for the left.


Say, maybe "M" is short for "Mob".

You have to admit that it's a smart branding strategy. It even has the advantage of being true.

Todd Juvinall

Just saw where the babe that cornered Flake in the elevator has a $175,000 salary and it is funded by Soros.


This should help our Lefties feel better.
U.S.—Democratic leaders consoled themselves from their failure to stop Brett Kavanaugh from assuming a seat on the Supreme Court Monday by reminding the nation that although they lost the SCOTUS seat, they were able to keep their dignity.

As liberal protesters banged on the doors of the Supreme Court and attempted to claw them open, Senate Democrats calmed their constituents by pointing out that they were able to be the bigger person in all this.

 Bill Tozer


“.......recent events has now become the norm. Hillary herself calmly explained the situation to an interviewer yesterday, telling us that today it is impossible to be civil with people who oppose her desired direction for America. Therefore, the incivility we witness on the streets and in the media from the Left is totally justified. Moreover, according to her, civility can only return when the Democrats retake control of Congress.”

Oh yeah. Withdraw Kavanaug’s nomination and all this incivility will go away. Let us take back the House and all this incivility will go away. Right. Lucky holding the football.

Hillary just gave the green light to let it continue, full throttle. Eric Holder just did the same, telling his audience that when they go low, we kick them. It’s ACRON Deja Vu. Actually, ACORN just reorganized under different names and showed up as the woman screaming at Flake in the elevator to the tune of $150,000. per year salary. Community organizing ain’t cheap or spontaneous.

The reason is the M word is really pissing the Left M Media (and Lefty owned social Media) off to the max is because now they know that we see them as they are, aka, part and parcel of an angry partisan mob. Angry white men they be
. They do not desire to be seen in the proper light, not now, not ever. Look at those bad racist raping Republicans over there, not at us! They have been smoked out and have been exposed as the naked wretches they are. The emperor has no clothes. No, they can’t be the mob, they are the Englighted Ones standing on their arrogant moral superiority. They are the superior ones, not a mob! “Get off my show if you say the M word one more time”...says the fakenews media. Get off my island!

They cannot hide it anymore. They know that more and more folks are seeing them for what they are and because they know we know, they have to hate us more.

Dr.Rebane is correct. Hillary, Obama, Holder, NYT, and many more have justified uncivil violent anti-social behavior. They relish the divisiness, the enflamed passions, the crossing of the lines, pushing the envelop beyond the norms into violence and treats of violence. The right to peacefull assembly does not mean 300 arrests. We cannot even agree upon the meaning of mob behavior or the meaning of the word mob. Not all agree with Antifa’s tactics, but it’s gets them giddy because they agree with the message. Like Fergerson with buildings burning, looting, and chaos running amok, Lamestream Media would cut away to the political analysis who spouted, “Its mostly a peaceful protest.” Let’s not talk about the destruction of property , violent behavior, hunting down folks at their homes or chasing them out of restaurants.... and acts of assualt.
They condone it. They push it. They love i as they turn away from any responsibility for it. Look at those bad Republicans. You must not look at us! Too late.

They are so enraged at their losses that they will have to double down, as evidenced by Hillary and Holder and Spartacluz and Mad Max, yet act so offended at the word ‘mob’ when (and only when) the M word is correctly applied to them, lol.

Rules for radicals. They have gone so far off track that I cannot see how they will self-correct. As we used to say, “they blew their minds.” No coming back from a bad acid trip.

Don Bessee

Lets see how socialist revisionist history sells at the box office -

Yet the success of First Man may depend on whether viewers are willing to embrace its internationalist theme. Last month, it emerged that Chazelle had apparently omitted any references to the mission as an American achievement as well as any presence of the American flag being planting on the moon — a decision the directed said was not a political statement.

Ryan Gosling, who plays the role of Armstrong, also argued the mission was more of a “human achievement.”
“I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement [and] that’s how we chose to view it,” Gosling told The Daily Telegraph.

Buzz Aldrin, who was part of Armstrong’s mission to the moon, also appeared to signal his disapproval, writing on Twitter that he was “proud to be an American.”



 Bill Tozer

At first, I thought this article was off topic. But there is a lot of crossover and common underlying currents with Scattershots, What the Kavanaugh Confirmation Really Confirmed, and Subtle Winds of Change, a Socialist Trifecta. So, it goes here.



re: Armstrong on the moon. Nope, no flags here.


re: A side note. Perhaps the right answer is to disinter the dead away from the Blue Mob and bury them somewhere safe.


re: Just to prove there's a website for anything.

Don Bessee

Too true -



 Bill Tozer

The new normal



Some history....in view of Hillary and Mad Max’s call to confront

Is the attack on Scalise an omen of things to come? Let us hope Clarence Darrow's observation about history repeating itself proves spectacularly wrong in this instance.


Don Bessee

Don't you like it when a plan comes together, saw this coming since the 70's. Al Gore and Michael Moore get exemptions for all star virtue signaling awards.

The study estimates the average world citizen would need to cut their consumption of beef by 75 percent, pork by 90 percent and eggs by 50 percent, made up for by tripling their intake of beans and eating four times' the amount of nuts and seeds.

The average Westerner has a lot more to give up - we need to eat 90 percent less beef and 60 percent less milk, and up our bean intake by 700 percent.

The researchers say policy makers need to do more to change people's eating habits, because they're unlikely to themselves.


Did you deplorables hear nanny mayor Bloomberg re-registered as a socialist/dem and is all 2020'd up. First its your pepsi and the ability to drive long distances and now it your bbq they are coming for!



Posted by: Don Bessee | 10 October 2018 at 10:00 PM

Increase bean intake 700%? Somebody should probably attach a tether to Pork Linkersons ankle so he doesn’t float away like a balloon in the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade.


Reddit pics.

Team Red, Team Mob


Her nibs



,,,poor propaganda attempt scenes,,,keep trying!!!


,,,George is all a twitter over people exercising their free speech rights this morning.

OMG somebody got yelled at!!!

Remember the homophobe cake bakers, Hobby Lobby, Ckicken Parts Bible thumpers???

Free Speech, Religious Freedoms, WAAAA!!!


"M", you're not feeling MAGA in your heart this morning.

We'll all pray for your soul.

George Rebane

re M 817am - Mr M continues to exhibit his limited reading horizon. He has no idea what the country is saying and how it is reacting to leftwing mobs in the public square. As we can tell, he thinks it is only RR and its conservative readership who are criticizing the antifa in the streets, restaurants, elevators, public buildings, ... . But then again, he is not alone. A quick perusal of these comment streams reveals that all liberals consume only the news that matches their narrative.


Posted by: ***M*** | 11 October 2018 at 08:06 AM

You violate the Internet Troll Code of Ethics every time you whine online dugsKKKi......which has been increasingly frequent as of late!


Posted by: ***M*** | 11 October 2018 at 08:17 AM

Remember the homophobe cake bakers.....

If this is your formal "coming out of the closet" moment dugsKKKi I volunteer to bake you a celebratory cake as I have no religious objections to where you insert "wrinkled little dugsKKKi" or receive "Big Johnson" as long as it's consensual!

I realize it's a bit cliche'd at this point but .......Rainbow frosting?



We need a new "Sandbox" a certain Former Union Editor is feeling frisky!


re: GeorgeR@8:59AM

I've been trying to rethink my position on just why the Blue Mob is so ill behaved, and I'm at something of a loss anymore.

Back in the days when the differences between 'Right' and 'Left' were based at least partly on economic policy, there was a fairly clean cohort you could identify based on age.

If people are younger, they'll be more likely to go out and do silly things. Left is younger, therefore Left is more violent.

Now, we live in times with groups of Gen Z'ers on both sides.

What has evolved lately doesn't really fit that description of young = left. Given the Democrats success in merging in self-interested racially-based groups, with the inevitable quid pro quo, the BLMs and the La Razans have kind of fallen off the radar. The street soldiers on the Left have become radicalized white kids (mostly) with a healthy sprinkling of women to throw in the front for the news cameras, rather like the Palestinian use of children to draw Israeli fire.

What makes it all interesting is the wink wink nudge nudge of the MSM and the DNC hierarchy to their mob. I guess they don't appreciate the lesson of what happened to the Mensheviks.


Hey dugsKKKi.....since it seems you've decided to "come out" you're not planning on sending yourself death threats like this fat dimwit are you!

I mean that's been so overdone by the left! From black tape at Harvard Law to poop Swastikas at Mizzou....hate hoaxes are so passe'!

...and this after I offered to bake you your cake......! Well...I guess that's gratitude!


George Rebane

scenes 923am - interesting connection you draw with the Mensheviks. Knowing how the Bolsheviks coopted and then eliminated them, I'd like to hear more from you about how today's story will play out since outfits like La Raza are here to stay.

The Estonian Fox

Another reason for the democrats misbehavin'-
I understand that La Raza is planning to send a Columbus Day card to all of its members tomorrow. The front side is seen here:


If it weren't for Chris, there would be no La Raza. They should pay him a little more respect. He's the reason for all of their seasons.

George Rebane

EstonianF 1114am - Yes, and you and I added even a bit more diversity. Where did you spend your post-WW2 years before arriving on these blessed shores?

Don Bessee

Revinistas everywhere -

Cambridge University students have rejected a proposal to honour British veterans on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, with activists claiming it was “imperialist propaganda” that “valourised” war.

Shocked by the raft of amendments erasing military personnel from the motion, CUCA posted the original and version proposed by Miss Swain, noting that “British war veterans”, “Remembrance Day”, and “Poppies” — the red paper badges sold annually by the forces charity Royal British Legion every November — had been “crossed out”

Miss Swain castigated Mr Munshi and Mr Phelps for “just focus[ing] on British war veterans”, asserting that as Cambridge is a “global community”, the students’ union “should reflect the status of the University as an international institution”.
CUCA told Varsity, the university’s newspaper, that the changes to the motion “had the clear intention of de-emphasising the sacrifices made by our brave armed forces”.
“We thought we could help raise some money for struggling veteran charities, and the response from CUSU Council was as depressing as it was deplorable,” they added.
Demilitarise Cambridge, a self-described “agitator/activist” group against the university’s involvement in the arms trade, said that the original proposal “intentionally glorified and valorised conflict”.



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