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09 October 2018



,,,drill baby drill,,,just take the money from defense since it is a national security issue

George Boardman

You should utilize your math skills to answer a question people are actually asking: Can the 49ers cover the point spread against the Packers?



I had three daughters, two husbands and four grand children who visited Yellowstone this summer, not all at the same time. I thought about and did some research on the probability the super volcano would blow while they were there. Some of the historic geyser are acting strange:

The world's largest active geyser has erupted three times in the past two months at Yellowstone National Park, leaving scientists puzzled by the sudden and relatively frequent explosions.

The Steamboat Geyser erupted on March 15, April 19 and April 27, marking the first time since 2003 that it has blown three times in a year, according to the U.S. Geological Survey's Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. Scientists are confused by the recent surge in activity at Yellowstone, the national park that lies on top of a giant volcanic hot spot and sprawls across Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

Yes, I thought about it blowing and do not give damn about NFL games. Who cares.

rl crabb

It's not just Yellerstone, every few years Mammoth gives everybody a scare. And when I'm soaking in a 105 degree hot pool in Calistoga I look around at the surrounding hills and remind myself that I'm sitting in the middle of an ancient caldera.

Account Deleted

"You should utilize your math skills to answer a question people are actually asking."
Uh - actually, the most common question people are asking themselves is: "Will he/she/it go for me?"
If Bored-man wants George to figure out the odds on the points spread for his bar bets, he should make a straight forward financial deal with George.
George is actually coming up with a very high probability money winner for our country (not to mention the side benefits for the world) and Bored-man just swats it aside with snark.
As far as worrying about what 'most' people are asking...
If we did that, we'd still be in caves eating raw meat.

Robert Cross

Historically most life forms have been wiped out on numerous occasions via asteroids, massive volcanic eruptions, floods, etc. some it attributed to nature, some of it attributed to an act of God. If at any time in the recent past a cleansing of the planet is needed, now is the time. It's like the probability of the big quake on the San Andreas fault, it will happen sooner or later.

Todd Juvinall

I heard that F+GOD would bypass the doors marked with a R. All the rest are toast.

 Bill Tozer

“Now that doesn’t mean we won’t have one of those smaller eruptions that occur every few 10K years, these will not be civilization enders, but they might screw up our agriculture on the Great Plains for a few years.”

Well, there goes year round E-15.


,,,looks like scotty is OTR


Now as I recall Someone gave me shit about paying close attention to the Hawaiian volcano action.( Then what happened?)
Anything out of the norm deserves watching.

Account Deleted

I'm OTR?
Take yer pick.
My 50th high school reunion IS coming up - zat what ya mean?
My biggest concern right now is 'M's' brain will 'splode and take out a chunk of his neighbors.

Bonnie McGuire

If the Yellowstone super volcano erupted it could take out a huge area and even change the climate. Here's a terrible earthquake story that happened there that we didn't know about. It shows how sudden and powerful the unexpected can happen...

 Bill Tozer

Good one Bonnie.

Account Deleted

Here I had always heard about our runnin' around in SUVs was gunna cause trouble.
Now it seems mother nature has the upper hand.
whoda' thunk?
Gee - what the heck happened to that sheet of ice above our heads?
Global warming?
Durned Chinese walkin' across the Bering Straights.
Jes you wait til we start a raisin' the sea level!
Then see how you like it!

Todd Juvinall

I seem to recall that California has a place older but similar to Yellowstone. Long Valley? And it blew its top millions of years ago with the same planetary results.


Return to sender?

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