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11 November 2018



A military castration anxiety, George? Really?

Here's a list of US military installations worldwide:

The "world" is not making preparations against us, and it is folly to think that all our worldwide bases are required to forestall the outbreak of WWIII. At some point, it might be reasonable to live more within our means and not keep borrowing on the good credit of our great-grandchildren to keep the train rolling forward. That goes for social spending and military spending.

George Rebane

Gregory 114pm - Pray, you’ve not fallen for putting words into other people’s mouths like our liberal brethren, have you?


"All of which asks us to consider what are we looking at today as we see the world again making preparations while America’s Left and

are telling us to pull in (or cut off?) our horns , and assume the prenatal positions of 1914 and 1939 that gave birth to the biggest conflicts in human history."

No, George, I don't think I'm putting any words in any orifice that wasn't said.

Bill Tozer

Ed and Jack’s War.

How nice to hear the stories with, at times, that far away gaze. My grandpa, born 1895, served in the artillery in WW1. Dad had his helmet in the garage for years, solid metal. Felt like cast iron to me as a kid. Don’t know what happened to the helmet or ever heard much of Grandpa’s war experience. He came back with a life long limp and a hernia that never got fixed. Guess even the artillery guys took incoming on those damn European fields.

When I settled down in these parts, I met a man and his wife who shared the stories of the Depression and WW2. I listened for years, visiting them often for about 8 years. A man of the backwoods, he got drafted at the age of 29, oldest guy in boot camp and the rifle the gave him was falling apart. He grew up 28 miles from the nearest neighbor and knew how to fix things. Was left behind on some Phillipine Island with five other men with an artillery gun in the hills while McAuthur was saying “We shall return” and left. . Place was crawling with Japanese soldiers and the boys were forgotten about. His wife got suspicious and started hounding Senators after nine months, lol. A year of so later, they got rescued. Backwoods man knew how to hunt at night and the ways of animals. At night, he would bet on cockfights in the villages where the Japanese soldiers went back to their camp to sleep. Knew the ways of birds and could pick the winner just by looking at them, even the small frys. Took the wins to bring food back to his buddies. :). Artillery man. Came back half deaf. His wife and I buried him after he died in his sleep in the yard next to where he buried his horse....in Nevada City. We covered the spot with white quartz rock we got from a quartz outcropping I knew. I ain’t ever telling where he lies, but his death was recorded.
I miss both of them. Wished I asked more questions. Both were more impacted by the Depression. They lost all gleam in their eyes when the Depression was raised.

To Ed and Jack’s War.


George Rebane

Gregory 316pm - The world was not “making preparations” against the US in 1914 and 1939. But they definitely are now - I draw your attention to China, Russia, and North Korea. And Friday even the EU included the US as a potential foe as it published a policy statement about Europe having to defend itself without US help. It appears that you and I have quite a different view of the global threat level against America - this is not the first half of the 20th century. Today all our geo-strategic competitors openly talk about and prepare (with weapon systems and platforms already deployed or in advanced stages of development) to assault America’s carrier task groups as our prime instruments of projecting force around the globe.

But I do wish you the joy of your sanguinity on the matter, and hope that you’ll share the basis of your faith with the rest of us (perhaps starting with Mattis).


George, very little security is purchased by the last dollar being spent on bases in Lower BF, Kytchenzinkistan.

China is an economic competitor who is being met.
Russia used to be a great power, when it was the heart of the USSR.
NorKor is being met appropriately.

We don't have the wealth to waste. And it is being wasted.

And carrier task forces will have a lifetime lasting days or even hours if WWIII breaks out. The USS Maginot Line will probably not be as dominant in the 21st Century as it was in the 20th.

George Rebane

Gregory 857pm - Have a hard time following how those arguments follow our discussion thread, especially regarding blatant statements made by our adversaries preparing to confront us with force.



But the most profound transformation wrought in America by the Great War was in the nature of government itself. Woodrow Wilson came to the presidency in 1913 as the prince of the Progressives, and he at once began to assemble the scaffolding of a new administrative state through the Federal Reserve Act. His efforts were aided by constitutional amendments to secure the levy of a national income tax, to institute the popular election of U.S. senators, and to impose a national prohibition on alcohol. Entrance into the Great War widened the scope of administrative control, justifying the creation of a Fuel Administration, a Food Administration, a War Labor Policies Board, a War Industries Board, and a Shipping Board, which created an Emergency Fleet Corporation to build dry docks and piers, commandeer privately owned vessels, and even seize enemy ships. That control reached even into the schools: In Philadelphia, the School Mobilization Committee organized 1,300 public and parochial schoolboys as farm workers. The war, complained Randolph Bourne, licensed the Progressive state to become “what in peacetime it has vainly struggled to become — the inexorable arbiter and determinant of men’s businesses and attitudes and opinions.”



Gregory "The USS Maginot Line will probably not be as dominant in the 21st Century as it was in the 20th."

Considering how well the Maginot Line worked (ie. very well), I'm not sure if that's a good comparison or not. The funny thing about papers written on the future composition and number of carrier battle groups is that they can come to different conclusions and all seem plausible.

Given the length of time (and filthy lucre) it takes to develop/use/obsolete a big weapons system, my gut tells me that nobody is very good at predicting threats that far ahead. The pile of chips is pretty big for any of these bets and WwII-era short weapon pipelines are long gone.

The lockdown you get from major power nuclear arsenals certainly has changed the nature of war at that level, so the practical argument tends to be about involvement in regional conflicts. At the risk of sounding like a skipping record, where I see civilization killers is in the mass movement of people, not shootin' wars (assuming we are blessed with enough Stanislov Petrovs). That sort of thing can even be weaponized, I don't doubt that there is a floor at the Lubyanka that is interested in sending small arms to Africa and funds NGO ships in Libya.


Yes, scenes, the Maginot Line was very good indeed at forcing the next great German invasion of France to go around (the Panzers) and over (the Luftwaffe).

Don Bessee

Ah the French -

The French President Wants to Defy Nationalism by Creating a Europe-Wide Army. That's One Battle He's Likely to Lose

In recent wars in Libya and Mali, French forces depended on the U.S. military for aerial refueling, early warning systems, and other key operations that the Europeans were simply incapable of doing. In addition, says Shurkin, E.U. governments have for years cut military budgets, “knowing full well that the U.S. would protect them.”



Bonnie McGuire

Most here will probably poke fun at this but it looks like this is what's going on now. We've seen how everything is tampered with by the politically correct but...here goes regarding George Washington's vision about the most terrible third war I'm America.
Pay attention to the red cloud coming from Asia, Europe and Africa....and what will save America.

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