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19 November 2018


Bill Tozer

Ah, The Union and it’s opinion pieces. I read Dr. V’s piece last night and am glad I refrained from commenting. Yes, we cannot judge Main Street by Wall Street, but this was my initial reaction: “Yo, Dr. Vodoodick, we are having an obesity crisis here, not a starvation crisis.”

The only science deniers on the Union’s pages are the ones who argue there are more than two genders. Psychosomatic conditions is not a sex or gender.

Scott O

I didn't bother with Dr V's piece. Maybe later after a libation or 4.
Boardman chimes in with a highly creative tack I'm sure no one's ever heard before. The Rs are racist.
OK. But not fascist or homophobic.
I guess they're improving!
But George - you failed to mention Tommy Elias.
He points out that there seems to be a certain 'inequality' in income and wealth accumulation among various grievance groups in good 'ol California.
But now that Newsom and the Dems have total control over the state, that will all change!
Tommy points out that the CBP (California Budget Project) is suggesting an 'estate tax'. Unfortunately California did away with the state inheritance due to the voters' say-so (damn democracy!).
Also they want to reduce or get rid of deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes. Little Tommy somehow forgot that Trump already shoved that through at the fed level and the Dems in California got their knickers in a twist and claimed they would fight it.
I could go on and on, but the bottom line is the Dems and the left in California have everything they want and you can bet the store they will spend the majority of their time from now on trying to figure out how to blame the feds and the Rs for the reason they actually have no idea of how to get everything all tickety-boo in the Golden State.
This is what happens when you only know how to obtain power without any clue as to what to do with it.

George Rebane

ScottO 525pm - I wanted to focus on locals and time ran short. Guilty as charged.

Scott O

S'OK - can't cover everything at once - here's a view of the California the left wing whitey-tighties of Nevada County haven't got a clue of.
But don't you lefties worry - that's waaaaaay south of you. Just watch the pines and remember to repeat the BS mantras you've been taught.

Bonnie McGuire

We just returned from a Mexico Rivera cruise. Our tour guide in Mazatlan hopes that their newly elected leader would be better. Today this popped up and I couldn't help wonder why we haven't heard about how the Mexican people feel about these caravans coming through Mexico to America feel about it.

George Rebane

BonnieM 817pm - Good point Bonnie. I posted my remarks on the topic in the 19nov18 Sandbox comment stream. Apropos to your comment, I am reposting it here. And our neighbors on the Left are totally unaware of what's happening because their media suppresses such reports.

The invasion of Mexico. Now here’s something that will call out the progressives’ cricket corps. The lamestream (along with local liberals) have been mocking President Trump for labeling the thousands of Central Americans “invaders”, those who are marching north to enter the US illegally. And then going hyper when the president sent troops to the border. These liberal know-nothings can’t tell the difference between someone asking for legal entry into our land, from someone planning to illegally crawl over or under our border barriers. To those numbnuts both entrants are undifferentiated as ‘immigrants’, and not invaders, a term invented by Trump. Well boys and girls, now that the ‘migrants’ have hit Tijuana by the thousands and started fighting with the city’s police and citizens, every Mexican interviewed has now started calling them (wait for it) “invaders” – and boy are they angry at these invaders. My money says the lamestream will do everything they can to suppress this little shift in the political winds.

Tonight’s news reports that the first tranche of these invaders number over 10,000 and are overwhelmingly military age males travelling alone, with over 500 who already have been identified as criminals, and the men’s confirmed tactic to generate fake news is to have whatever women and children there are to take the up front positions so that the double dummies in the US will be fooled into thinking this is women and children’s march to our borders. All this is invisible to our anti-American Left.

Exit question – how many retractions and corrections will we hear about all this from the Dem-pocketed progressive media?

Scott O

Check out the videos of the people living on the border with Mexico.
Oh, wait - not you lefties and MOTR types. Just go back to sleep. The violence and rapes are all made up by the Trump voters. Except it was going on long before Trump ran for office.
We have the rule of law or the rule of people. You only get one choice.
The left in Nevada County chose to ignore reality.
The problem with that is that reality WILL catch up with you.

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