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09 November 2018



I wish you had mentioned this earlier.....I just sent $500.00!!!


Bill Tozer

At least you did not get one saying your nephew is in jail for driving on an expired license and needs bail money sent to some “lawyer” right this second or he will rot in Alcatraz for the rest of his life.

BTW, if any reader happens to win the Super Lottery, you touched me in an inappropriate manner thirty years ago.


,,,speaking of fraud Sarah Sanders is using fake video from InfoWars on Twitter,,,

Paul Emery

Yeah George

I got one of those.


Posted by: ***M*** | 09 November 2018 at 10:26 AM

,,,speaking of fraud Sarah Sanders is using fake video from InfoWars on Twitter,,,

You think that's bad.....I hear the Chinese are importing counterfeit diapers by the truckload!

You stay safe out there dugsKKKi!

Bill Tozer

M @10:46

I wouldn’t be speaking of such things if I were you.

Try to stay on topic....and current. My post is a mere 18 hours ago.


......and speaking of counterfeit sandbox! Local man travels abroad on dangerous journey!

Be careful jeffty......Asians love their pork and I hear they aren’t too particular where they get it! Hate to see this turn into “jefftys Excellent Chinese Cannibal Adventure”.

As a fall back strategy you might consider suing to have your weight declared to be 175 lbs like the guy is doing with his age!

“69-year-old man asks to be declared 49, claiming age is as fluid as gender”

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