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04 November 2018


The Estonian Fox

1st comment:
Here is the one English word you are looking for - ISLAM. It is a social, political, economic, religious, military, and legal system employed in numerous countries worldwide. It sure indicates devotion to the interests or culture of not just 'a', but many, nation-states. And it is a sentiment shared by billions across the globe.

2nd comment- see either of these 2 websites:
(1) earthguide.ucsd.edu/virtualmuseum/climatechange2/07_1.shtml
(2) http://www.pnas.org/content/99/7/4167 "Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels for the last 500 million years", Daniel H. Rothman, PNAS April 2, 2002. (Figure 4).

Each contains a graph showing the CO2 levels going back not 500 years, not 500,000 years, but 500,000,000 years. Yes, that's millions. Today's levels of CO2 are the LOWEST, yes, that's lowest, levels of CO2 in 500 MY. As you can determine for yourself, those outlandishly high ancient CO2 levels killed all life on earth, including our own ancestors. So sad.

Please scientists, spend your time and pick something else that you can save us from, that will likely kill us. Maybe pass a law that forbids establishing autocratic governments on earth or something.

George Rebane

EstonianF 1253pm - Close, but no cigar. First, Islam is a specific socio-theocratic ideology that cannot be applied to people who do not accept its theocratic foundations. Second, Islam teaches global collectivism (abrogating the sovereignty of all nation-states) as the ultimate mission for its earthly adherents.


Nate Silver on Drudge:

Democrats take the House 86%

Democrats take the Senate 15%

Time for a reality check:

Nate Silver Admits He Doesn’t Know What’s Going to Happen With Midterms. “Both outcomes ‘extremely possible’.”


Don Bessee

Then there is this, blue wave seems to have crested -

The final Rasmussen Reports Generic Congressional Ballot before Election Day shows Republicans edging ahead by one point, but in essence, the two parties are tied. The survey has a +/-2 percentage point margin of error.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds that 46% would choose the Republican candidate if the elections for Congress were held today. Forty-five percent (45%) would vote for the Democrat.


Don Bessee

More complications for team lefty -



Bill Tozer

Re: Dr

Guess Grassley did not get the memo from the Democrats that women do not lie and should always be believed. Guess who has all these book offers now? What the heck is she going to write about? She, as well as the other accusers, can't remember squat.


Don B 647am

If that tie is true of the Generic Ballot, there could be a Red Wave in the House. An even outcome of Congressional seats is thought to be at about 7% in favor of Dems due to the clumpiness of Democrats in big cities.

In other words, Pelosi's cruise to victory with 81% of the vote in 'frisco (the 2016 election result) has consequences. The Democratic Party birds of a feather choose to flock together.


I'm going to put this into this ruminations as the best fit. Thie video is from a year ago, a Joe Rogan podcast with Jordan Peterson (I hope everyone has at least a cartoon knowledge of Dr. Peterson, a very smart guy more or less hated on the left but self identifies as a centrist classic liberal, my kind of guy) and another fellow less well known... Bret Weinstein, the leftist evolutionary biologist who wasn't left leaning enough for the Evergreen State kids who roamed the campus wielding baseball bats looking for him.

I listened to this a few days ago and was chilled to the bone from Peterson's remarks about Adolf Hitler's "Table Talk", ramblings of Hitler at mealtimes for a few years. The Nazis weren't scared of people they didn't know, the others... they were disgusted, and disgust is not at all the same.

This starts at the 16:00 mark, I suggest watching through to the 29"00 mark. It is well worth the time...
Of course, starting at the beginning is also well worth the time but the whole thing is nearly three hours without a break.

Why was I chilled? Because disgust is what I've gotten from some people when I disagree openly about climate change. Pelline is only the most recent... going back a number of years from an old friend, coworker and drinking buddy from Denmark who said his stomach turned even thinking about disputing climate change.

This is how Naziism started... wanting to cleanse their land of an infectious agent. Of thought or deed.

Don Bessee

Ah ha -



Bill Tozer

Hate speech? Some things sound eerily familiar.

Have you ever noticed how viral outrage regularly rips through social media? Pity the poor individual or group who suffer the burning heat of the public’s wrath. Yet, as quickly as it comes, it’s over. Then there’s a lull for a few days, and then we’re on to the next outrage.

If it troubles you, as it does with us, you might find comfort and terror in George Orwell’s “Two Minutes Hate” created in 1984. It’s not hard to see the parallels. Perhaps the most disturbing line in the whole piece is the following:

“The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but, on the contrary, that it was impossible to avoid joining in.”


Steven Frisch

I think Gregory just forever lost his privilege to invoke Goodwin's Law.


Thank goodness there is no such thing as "Goodwin's Law", and that wasn't a Nazi Analogy... that was a psychologist's take on how Nazis were made from ordinary Germans, and my experience with being labeled an outsider by a number of (former) friends and acquaintances.

Perhaps you can answer the question Peterson asked of his students, Steven... could you have ever become a death camp guard?

Steven Frisch

Goodwin, Godwin, whatever. It was a stupid "Law" to begin with.

But of course your comment was a Nazi analogy.

The fact is it was your reference to the specific portion of Petersen's comments, you comparing your experience of friends and acquaintances rejecting your analysis with Jews being scapegoated by ordinary Germans, and you who seem to be equating the persecution of the Nuremberg Laws and final solution to rejection of your views.

You are not persecuted Greg, you are simply incorrect in your beliefs about climate, and rational people reject your opinion. No one is throwing you in Auschwitz Greg, they are simply recognizing you're and idiot and avoiding you.

I can almost guarantee you that, as Petersen stated, there are very few people who could not become concentration camps guards or some other embodiment of evil if put in the wrong environment and under certain conditioning.

(It is ironic that Petersen's conclusion is exactly the type of behavioral psychology that would be rejected by everyone here if applied to the conditioned outcomes of poverty or prejudice.)

But I can also guarantee you that the people with the quickest path from seeming civilization to the guard at the Gulag or Treblinka are right here.

They are the ones who scapegoat people already, who harbor racists and supremacist ideology already, who demean and insult on a daily basis, who engage in hundreds of fat jokes, or "whitey' jokes, or regularly retreat to blathering self gratification from like minded sycophants, the ones who embrace a racist misogynistic serial liar as a leader...just like the crew of 10 people who post here.

But the good news is at least you don't disgust me. You merely remind me how low a seemingly civilized mans mind can go given the right circumstances.


Frisch, ever notice how the people here with the STEM chops are those who most firmly insist that climate alarm is a hoax? Not it isn't happening, but it isn't a problem. Those with the least science in their c.v's are the truist of the true believers? Now why would that be?


full disclosure- I'm also a science nerd via UCLA

George Rebane

It appears that no one wants to tackle 'hate speech' and the flag displays of the migrants. I'm really anxious to hear our progressive friends weigh in on those. Remember guys, according to your own assessment, no one (at least of any importance) reads RR, so it's OK to let your hair down in these comment streams and tell everyone what YOU really think (instead of always telling the rest of us what we are 'really thinking').


Achtung!!! Nazis also held big rallies,,,just like trumpski!!!



,,,the first fascist,,,



'''In the 1930s, fascist ideas were increasingly accepted. This was reflected in the energetic growth of Nazi organizations. Ku Klux Klan rallies were common and numerous; Trump’s own father was arrested at one such rally, reportedly while wearing a Klan outfit. A 1941 book found that more than 100 such organizations had formed since 1933.'''

Don Bessee

A little not so subtle push for the socialist or just exposing their bias?



George Rebane

Ahh yes, now ferreting out the real background of Trump's big rallies. What were the big rallies that Obama held here and overseas? that FDR assembled? that Teddy Roosevelt was able to attract? ...

Bill Tozer

Historically, the Left has always been the violent ones in this country. If memory serves me correctly, one of biggest Klan rally ever held was in 1913 or 1921 or something. Held in NYC had huge march down the Main Street with ten to twenty thousand hooded Klansmen leading the procession of the big ole Democrat Party rally. In fact, in many locales, the Democrat Party rallies were Klan rallies. Thousands of Klansmen leadingthe Democratic Party marches.

Historically, the Left has been the scaremongers. Ever heard of Mediscare? All my adult life. The Republicans are going to take away your Medicare! And snatch food out of the mouths of babies.

In one of Saul Alinsky’s chapters in his book, he talks about any means to justify the ends. Means and ends. Says put morality aside in politics. Political achievement is to have absolutely no morality in the equation. Get it out of here. One can see Al Capone’s top lieutenants influence on Saul when he was in Chicago and how he admired them so much.
Judging by the Left’s historical record from the past, through the Kavanaugh Confirmation hearings, to today, I need not wonder where all the hate out there coming from.
Dr. Rebane. Flags? All I got is bumper sticker stuff. “Invaders wave their countries’ flags. Immigrants wave the American flag.”


Not a hoax, L. Just bad science, driven by groupthink and powered by government grants. Driven underground by people like Frisch who already play the part of camp guards.

I stopped one local Al Gore partisan in her tracks, full of herself as a Harvard PhD, with a simple question: Anna, what is temperature? Outside of 'it's the numbers on a thermometer', she didn't have a clue.


“Invaders wave their countries’ flags. Immigrants wave the American flag.”

Good one, Toes!


Frisch 747am

"you comparing your experience of friends and acquaintances rejecting your analysis ..."

It wasn't the rejection of an analysis, Frisch, it was an outright disgust before even considering it.


Todd Juvinall

Did not Obama actually have a huge rally in Germany? Looks like he may be the fascist. Bu to compare the regular folks of America at these Trump rallies as nazi's is over the top. But we all know the "M"'s and "L"'s and Frisch's are total cowards and would never say that to the face of a hard-working Trump supporter. Chicken shits all.

Bill Tozer

Topic: Nazis among us.
Ok, I did not want to spill the beans just yet, but here goes. Remember when the Popinjay was all upset about Nazis in Nevada County? That house 16 months ago in Nevada City and that Hitler B-Day Party going on in a house in GV 10 years ago or so?
Well, that got me thinking. Where are the Nazis, the Klan, the White Supremists in these parts? Where?. Put out some feelers and got the answer. The Ridge, NSJ and especially Comptonille. Ridge mentioned first. They really say the n word out loud and often, just to scratch the surface.

Bottomline: the Nazis/White Supremists/Hooded Knights most likely live in M’s precinct. ;)



Gregory. Good Jordan link. Listened to it late last night and dozed off Heard most of it, and woke up about 4 this fine morning listening to a long Jordan video with the same two guys on a different topic: IQ. Good stuff, Maynard.

George Rebane

In America, it has always been the Left (aka Democrats) who have massed to promote collectivism and autocracy. The historical record of this was most recently compiled by Dinesh D'Souza in his Death of a Nation, which again illustrates why the Left has rewritten the history that our public schools teach today. (BTW, that book is full of falsifiable factual references and citations, should any leftwinger care to dispute its contents. So far, none have, save by attacking D'Souza and the tenets of conservative/libertarian ideology, and then claiming such vitriol to be a rational refutation.)


Tozer, so happy you found the Rogan/Peterson/Weinstein youtube interesting.

So many of the Jordan Peterson links are snippets by folks with no attention span titled "Jordan Peterson DESTROYS some feminist patsy"... ones like this, getting two guys with very interesting points of view backed by significant knowledge and insight, and a host like Joe Rogan who, at least here, does a great job of not getting in the way but still managing to interject insights of his own.

I was particularly interested in the designated evolutionary biologist in the room, Bret Weinstein. My prejudgement of him was that of 'how deep would he be as a state college professor in a nuthouse campus, Evergreen', but I found him as insightful as JP.

George Rebane

House prediction competition, as seen from the above chart, was summarily won by Steven Frisch. The latest House count for Dems is 224 at which number the probabilities for each were - Frisch 0.099, Rebane 0.049, Steele 0.010, with the crowd-sourced average at 0.052. Good call Steve.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: George Rebane | 07 November 2018 at 11:09 AM

It appears that assuming everyone currently leading in races that are still too close to call there will be 230 Democrats in the House which was actually at the high end of my prediction. Since I was being intentionally conservative in my estimate I am not surprised.

On to retaking the Senate in 2020...at a minimum.


Science!... and why the federal benchwarmers matter, they have power...

From Nymag:

A judge halted construction on the Keystone XL pipeline, saying the Trump administration can’t just pretend climate change isn’t real

A federal judge ordered both the Trump administration and TransCanada to stop any work on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline on Thursday, saying President Donald Trump’s approval of the project last year violated several key environmental and administrative laws by ignoring facts about climate change.

Judge Brian Morris of the U.S. District Court for Montana ruled that the Trump administration almost completely ignored climate change in its analysis supporting the pipeline’s construction, a shift that unlawfully reversed the Obama administration’s 2015 decision rejecting the pipeline’s cross-border permit.

Morris, an Obama appointee, directed the Trump administration in his ruling to prepare a new environmental study before the pipeline can resume construction, leaving the door open to a renewed approval in the future.


No bites on my 833?

So, was the judge who stopped the Keystone XL following Science!?

Climate science has essentially been falsified, so no, he was not. "Because... climate change!" is essentially a faith based commandment.

George Rebane

Gregory 833am - Thanks for pointing that out. Climate change has been faith based for years since none of them want to do an open debate on the matter with qualified skeptics. (I had a busy morning doing damage control on my emails.)

Steven Frisch

Looks like even I was a little too conservative in my estimation....I pulled back at the last minute not wanting to appear too confident from topping out at 40 seats gained and it looks like it will be 39. In the end, this was a pretty resounding defeat for Trump who had nationalized the election.

Todd Juvinall

Still better by 24 than your pal Obama. About the average loss in the House but Trump kept the Senate from switching. Clinton and Obama were unable to stop that. So a mixed bag. The Senate being the most important as to Judges and other appointments. Those will kick the left's ass for many years to come.

Steven Frisch

Yes Todd, of course I have seen your comments making a silk purse out of a sows ear. You are simply incorrect. This was a world class thumping. I think you may find that even conservative judges love the United States and its institutions more than they love a wanna be dictator.

Todd Juvinall

Obama is a wannbee dictator? I thought so. Thanks. Thumping? Nope, just a small setback. The House will get zip while Trump will get all his appointments that will last beyond your 60 years of grief. So take your thumping and your medicine and stop with the fibbing to yourself. Not too healthy.

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