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11 November 2018


Robert Cross

You people are living in an alternate reality where your manufactured opinions somehow become truth.

Paul Emery

Interesting Gregory, you didn't come to my assistance when Todd called me a Communist. Shows where your inclinations are and that you have no principals to guide your emotional inclinations.

Todd Juvinall

punch. Anyway, I will totally enjoy punching a morons lights out if he ever says that crap to me. I almost did it once as a Supervisor but I held myself back. A long haired maggot from the Ridge called me that during the Title nine (?) Housing debates. And I was supporting his position. It is amazing to me that liberals think we whose fathers went overseas to fight those scum would ever think of being one. To me you have to be a true uneducated moron to say that.

Paul Emery

Never called you an Nazi Todd. You have called me a Communist and a fascist many times. Do you still stand by that.

I can't fight you Todd because I have boxing experience and training and you would sue me when you got hurt.

Bill Tozer

Oh Mr. Cross.


Hillary is running again. Hillary in 2020. Oris that Ms. Campbell?


Paul Emery

Breaking News

Arizona Flips, Martha McSally has just conceded the Arizona race to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

Don Bessee

Someone has pulled on the pink knit hat tonight@ 704 and back.


Scott O

"...just stated a fact that there are many Nazi types that have holed up there in the woods."
Um, Paul - that's an outright lie.

Paul Emery

Direct quote from Todd. Directed towards me:

"And judging from your comments on these pages it appears you are the one supporting the communists and socialists."

13 August 2017 at 07:41 PM

Scott O

re: Paul's 7:20 - So, Todd didn't call you a communist. But you said he did. Another lie.
Oh my - what would Gomer Pyle say about that?

Paul Emery

Here's an example Scott

A neo-Nazi activist who sent out hostile and abusive robocalls aimed at top politicians and others has been linked to threats to the publisher of a small local newspaper that first exposed his activities.

Scott Rhodes, who lives in Sandpoint, Idaho, was first identified by the Sandpoint Reader and linked with a campaign that targeted high-profile political races across the US and even murder victims with racist and antisemitic robocalls.

"A white supremacist who has lived in Sandpoint, Idaho, has sent a new round of racist robocalls targeting Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum that appear to be directed at black Democratic Party leaders in the state.

Two county Democratic Party chairs told the Washington Post that they received the new robocall Tuesday morning. It features a man impersonating Gillum in a minstrel dialect, while jungle sounds and chimpanzee noises can be heard in the background."


Yeah, you did, Paul.

Paul Emery

Oh there is more Scott. Todd has accused me of being a fascist, pervert, homosexual, communist, socialist, Marxist, anarchist, atheist, on and on......

You know, you read these pages.

Don Bessee

'supporting communists and socialists' @720- TURE DAT How does that say anything else? You are still telling TJ to move to Idaho in every way possible.


Paul Emery

One more Scott

"Patrick Little's Senate campaign against incumbent Diane Feinstein failed in April. Now Little is reportedly taking his message of anti-Semitism and white nationalism to North Idaho, where he claims he plans to establish a "regional capital" intended to fight "the nation-wrecking plans of leftists and their Jewish controllers who aim to ruin people forever."


Paul Emery

Not telling Todd to move Don, just suggesting that he may be happier somewhere up north where his cultural types are still around. Nevada County turning Blue will be tough on the ol Toddster. Just making a friendly request.


"Interesting Gregory, you didn't come to my assistance when Todd called me a Communist."

Interesting you think that I would come to your defense after the crap you've shoveled my way. I've tried to get Todd to stop calling people "communist" and he refuses. In general, I ignore him, if you can't get along, perhaps you should, too.

"Shows where your inclinations are and that you have no principals to guide your emotional inclinations."

Which meaning of 'principal' are you using, Paul?

Scott O

Nice try, Paul - the fact is you wrote 2 deliberate lies here on George's blog.
Your 'examples' don't get you off the hook.
You complain about Trump lying, yet you just told 2 direct lies.
Think about it.

Scott O

re your 7:34, Paul - what evidence can you show that Idaho 'welcomes' such a crackpot?

Paul Emery

Can you document my "lies" Scott? Don't have a clue what you're talking about.

OK Gregory thanks for the spell check. With correct spelling:

"Shows where your inclinations are and that you have no principles to guide your emotional inclinations."


a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.
example "the basic principles of Christianity"

Scott O

"Can you document my "lies" Scott? Don't have a clue what you're talking about."
Ooooh - another lie.
Sister McCarthy has got a big ruler to smack your hand, Paul.

Don Bessee

Call the bartender and cut the non-Christian off @ 749!


Paul Emery

Well Scott you sure knew how to get out of that one. Can't even articulate your accusations.


"Can you document my "lies" Scott? Don't have a clue what you're talking about."

I don't know what the problem is…..Punchy is quite correct…..we hurl tons of invective at him! But we have a couple of things going for us. Just this week Punch declared that "stupid" questions need not be answered. Out of the gate that eliminates 90% of his posts.

Also, just because he assigns you "homework" it doesn't mean that you have to do it! Wouldn't it be empowering if Punch chased down some of his own leads on the deeper issues raised here!

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery has lost it again. It is a recurring illness apparently. He and I have had a namecalling back and forth for years. He attacks me I return fire. Just the way it is. However I draw the line about nazi. Mussolini was a fascist, Hitler was a nazi.

Communist? Yes I admit I call people that name when it is obvious they are claiming it or exposing the readers to their philosophy. I don't tell Gregory to stop yapping about anything since most of the things he says I find some agreement in. But some people think environmentalists are now the home of the old commies and I tend to agree. Anyway Paul Emery is grasping for some perverted sort of "victory" every time he yaps here. But as he has seen here in this thread, the smart folks have him dead to right and don't believe his lies.

Don Bessee

My, my fish, that is one po' ol' fakenewsman who has never chased a story, just works the talking points for lefty's.


Paul Emery


I could care less whether you believe me or not. But somehow you declaring victory in this years mid terms is beyond any reasonable comprehension and I and many readers are fascinated by your rational in saying so. It's an insight into Trumonian thinking which is a particular example of the de-evolution of the human species.

Paul Emery

Oh Don

I "chased" the story on you for sure. Pages and pages of it. Would you like me to present it in this forum?

Bill Tozer

Alright, she was emerged from hiding. Lauren Southern does Europe. The lying sacks of liberal shit from Colorado got some explaining to do. Christians are invading Greece. Sure they are.

The religion of peace teaches it’s ok to lie to infidels.


Only sheep humpers or the retarded would fall for that one. Or a combination of the two.

Paul Emery

Oh Oh Biker bill is getting into the sheep thing again. Here we go folks.

Bill Tozer

They caught the perv. A “musician” from Nevada City. That’s a no brainer.


George Rebane

M 1206pm - The semantics of 'patriot' vs 'nationalist' are interesting to discuss. But we can't make any progress believing your authors who have fashioned their own pejorative definition of nationalist which they then gleefully assault. There is no clause in the definition of nationalist as requiring belief that his nation is superior to all other nations. A nationalist espouses nationalism the clear definition of which is - "Nationalism is a political, social, and economic system characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining sovereignty (self-governance) over the homeland."

The reach your mentors attempt is the insinuation that nationalist and 'white nationalist', again perversely defined, are the same, with the latter clearly containing the accusation of white supremacy and racialism.

What really pisses off your leftwing intellectuals is that nationalism opposes globalism, and therefore it must be vilified by adorning it with additional attributes that most people, including the lightly read, find objectionable. Such a dialectic is simple, sophomoric, but very effective - e.g. examine your own embrace of it.

Scott O

"Well Scott you sure knew how to get out of that one. Can't even articulate your accusations."
Can't or didn't?
Those are 2 different things, Paul.
But since you want to expand on your telling us lies, Paul - let's examine the facts.
At 2:08 you stated "all that seems left for the Pubsters is Idaho, where all the Nazi's retire..."
Then I challenged that bit of BS at 5:28 wondering how you knew what 'all' NAZIs did.
At 6:48 you wrote - "just stated a fact that there are many Nazi types that have holed up there in the woods."
When did you state that "there are many Nazi types that have holed up there in the woods."?
You never stated any such thing. You lied.
Then you claimed that Todd called you a communist and for proof provided a quote that he had said that you 'supported' communists.
Looks like another lie to me.
Then you claim you don't know what I'm talking about.
I'm sorry I called you a liar for that - probably you can't remember anything for more than 2 or 3 seconds at a time - so we'll chalk that up to dementia or something.
Still waiting for you to back up your statement that Idaho "apparently welcomes" NAZIs.

Bill Tozer

All the Nazis in this area live on the Ridge and around NSJ.

Bill Tozer

I have followed Macron with interest. A young world leader from France coming to power along with Justin the Canadian boytoy, showcased and adorned by the media as the new face of the future and future of the world. Last month Macron’s favorbility fell to 30%. This month, just 30 days later, Marcon’s favorbilities fell to 27%...in France. Justin’s numbers also have taken a similar path of unpopularity. Not with first peoplekind, but within Canada.

Did,like Macron’s idea for a European army. When you can’t afford to pay your r NATO dues, next best thing is to find some other suckers to defend your country and pay for it, lol. Poor France. Poor Macron. They are running out of other people’s money as well as having a rather nasty unassimilated Muslim immigrant problem. He’s toast.

Q: How many French generals did it take to defend Paris since the Louisiana Purchase? A: Nobody knows. Hasn’t been done.


Scott O 925pm

Punchy just punches. Doesn't think about it much.

FYI a NASA type (Martin Mlynczak) has come out and said the solar minimum is gonna make it cold real soon. Any month now. Works out of Langley, where the real satellite work is done, not the Goddard Institute of Space Studies where the BS flows deep.

Gavin Newsom won't know what's hit him and the rest of the rocket scientists if and when it happens... I do hope Jerry Brown lives long enough to see it.

Paul Emery

Well Scott that's where the local Nazi's scrambled off to-several families in fact. Also it was the home base for Richard Butler when he founded the Aryan Nations and the Church of Jesus Christ–Christian.

More recently it's the home of Scott D. Rhodes a neo-Nazi who targeted Florida candidate Andrew Gillum with a racist robocall. A man states at the end of the call that it was “paid for by TheRoadToPower.com” – a video podcasting website run by Rhodes. He was also was behind another racist robocall targeting Gillum in August, as well as similar calls in Spokane, California, Iowa and Virginia.

Don Bessee

Ya right ya po' ol' fakenewsman, I am sure you have the forgers lame ass stuff from the bad old days when they killed her dog and cat, you do remember we recalled a judge? I bet you have the photo shopped, I am a sheriff card with the wrong NCSO badge and my wrong number, that was the lamest by the pot people. Certainly you have the fake I am on the sex offender list, child restricted stuff too. They even tried that in the 16 cycle and RR folks blew that up!

I have heard that I am a bit unpopular with the uber liberals and pot folks. You might however want to ask yourself ya po' ol' fakenesman how if any of that crap is true then why since then I keep getting bigger and better positions in the real world?

Here is why you don't want to drive a motorcade 60 miles each way in france ya pony tail of ignorance. Take your meds first it has a topless protester -



Paul Emery

that's a good start Don. There is so much more.

Don Bessee

The pony tail of ignorance confirms he is just being an ignorant and malleable shill. I heard the California Secretary of State is well advanced on Fosters campaign managers internet violations of section 18320(b) that I filed in May.



Folks said it was a garden party, wasn't it?

God Bless All our Vets, first responders and their Families! Take a moment for all those who have protected us from 1776 to now!


Quote of the Day:

About one-third of high school graduates have to take remedial courses in college, and one-third of Americans cannot name a single branch of government.

I will bet a small sandwichs at a drive up window that they know humans cause global warming and that capitalism is the cause of all problems in the world.


Well, I see that all the fishes are biting at the worm Paul is dangling.

If he wants to compare all Republicans with people that tortured millions and stacked bodies like cordwood, it just shows the value of exaggeration. Look at the response. Be outraged, and he'll just double down (like Trump). Next thing you know, the Republican party personally threw the bodies in the ovens after removing any gold teeth.

Speaking of Green Libertarianism, I was amusing myself by looking at a Gary Johnson speech and thinking about the crack KVMR news desk.

Whether these are good ideas or not, and I never gave much attention to the man, evidently he was for the following kinds of things.

. Abolish the Department of Education.
. privatize schools whenever possible (at least, that's how I read it).
. Repeal Obamacare
. Means test Medicare
. Government stays out of healthcare except to remove impediments to free markets
. Elimination of corporate income tax
. Cut military budget by 43% (an odd number, but whatever)

I don't doubt that the folks at KVMR are behind that last one, but the others....well....


Lack of sunspots to bring record cold, warns NASA scientist…

More fallout from the scourge of climate change…….an absence of sunspots!


Scott O

Paul at 10:06 - Oh, OK Paul. I guess you win. 'Several' people who you claim are NAZIs move to Idaho and according to your tortured logic (lunacy?) that constitutes proof that ALL NAZIs retire in Idaho.
And you further maintain that Idaho 'welcomes' them without providing even one single backup statement.
This kind of derangement explains why you come up with all sorts of stupidity and ignorance.
Meanwhile back in Kalifornia, the Dems have full control of the state govt including now a super majority in the leg.
The rest of us awaits your free health care for the world as well as an end to all murders and the sea level going down.
Nirvana must be just around the corner!

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery we are still in charge bub. I listed the reason in this thread way back. You refuse to believe the facts which is SOP for you and your profession.

Paul Emery

The fact that California is a one party state is evidence enough as to how pathetic the Republican Party is in our fair state. Come on Pubbers, get it together and offer some competition. You've even lost Nevada County, long a Pubs stronghold

Todd Juvinall

Your party has made it the very thing you all rail about all the time. Rich and poor. You have driven out the middle class with your laws and policies leaving only your oligarchs and the homeless illegal aliens. You crack me up. The R's have left you to your fate. They have taken themselves to other states. So look in the mirror and see the results of a "blue wave" and its results for this once great state.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 13 November 2018 at 07:47 AM

Speaking of not putting any effort into it……Punchy is in reruns!

Paul Emery


Just giving some encouragement to Scott who complains "Meanwhile back in Kalifornia, the Dems have full control of the state govt including now a super majority in the leg."

Come on Pubsters, don't be so pathetic. You can do it. Go find another Swartz to pull you out of your losing streak.

Todd Juvinall

We have the Pres and the Senate and a majority of the state govs and legislatures. California is all your Paul Emery, and we see what you like.

Scott O

from Paul - 'Just giving some encouragement to Scott who complains "Meanwhile back in Kalifornia, the Dems have full control of the state govt including now a super majority in the leg."'
Who's complaining?
I don't live there anymore. Just pointing out you lefties are gonna have to choke on your own dreams come true.
And Paul continues to blame the Rs. Typical. The Dems run the state into the ground and it's the Rs fault.
Seems like Paul's anticipating a some trouble down the road.
Let's face it - we conservatives have seen this coming from years ago. The left controls the govt schools and produces one generation after another of illiterates, the govt allows millions of illegals from poor countries used to corrupt, socialist governments to flood in and produce millions more illiterates. Of course the Dems are taking over.
And Paul blames the Rs?
Oh man, are you gonna have fun.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 13 November 2018 at 08:02 AM

How is Scotts statement a complaint….he's not forced to live under one party democrat rule. His is merely a statement of fact…..California is under one party control.

And really Punch if you weren't secretly thrilled by overwhelming democrat political dominance; if you really wanted the gridlock that you've touted in the past, you would be the one out there ringing bells for Team R. But you're a closeted democrat so that won't be happening any time soon!


Bill Tozer

1). The news last night said that last month had 29 days where there was no solar activity on 50% of the Sun’s surface.

2) Russ: “About one-third of high school graduates have to take remedial courses in college, and one-third of Americans cannot name a single branch of government.”

On the lists of what’s wrong with CA (1/3 of all the welfare leeches in the nation, highest taxes, etc), I am noticing that the CA education system is now on the list why people leave CA. Yep, the horrid broken CA education system is listed as a motivator for people to abandon CA.
A big quality of live issue and the former county Superintendent of Education wants to basically drop teaching subjects to our high school seniors!!! Unbelievable. His pappy was a CA Dem legislature with a school named after him. Apple don’t fall the tree...the poison tree he helped create. His solution? Have our community colleges teach high school seniors what our public schools have proven incapable to do. What a incompetent POS.

3) scenes: “Abolish the Department of Education.” Gary Johnson nailed that one. Straight out of the Reagon playbook.

Paul Emery

Todd writes:

"California is all yours Paul Emery, and we see what you like."

Why do you stick around here Todd? Must be miserable for you.

Bill Tozer

Makes you wonder. If they refuse to defend their country, what makes them think they will defend any country? Eerywhere they do, the place turns into a shithole..



Paul Emery

Yeah Bill

Reagan closed many of the mental hospitals as well and look what that got us.


,,,George@916pm,,, Thank you for your unattributed, self serving definition of "'nationalism"'

Merriam-Webster does not agree with you,,,OMG has M-W gone full Lib?!!? Have Agenda 21 agents subverted yet another organization???

Definition of nationalism
1 : loyalty and devotion to a nation
especially : a sense of national consciousness (see CONSCIOUSNESS sense 1c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups

//Intense nationalism was one of the causes of the war.



PaulEmery sagely states: "Reagan closed many of the mental hospitals as well and look what that got us."

lol. For God's sake man. Do you know anything about anything?

Actually look into the history of mental health law through the 1960's and 1970's and get back to us.


As I've stated before, I rather like the idea of a Blue Mob dominated California, at least until they start burning down Todd's house.

It's an interesting Petri dish. So far, it doesn't appear to have done a lick of good. One exception is that you can build a good consumer culture via cheap imports paid for with the kind of cash centralization you can achieve by urbanization. Urban states seem to have a colonialist relationship with rural states after all.

I'm afraid I won't get my public healthcare, free education, or a pony, but there's fun to be had by watching special interest groups fight over the carcass. The important thing is to stay out of the way.

Act II will be the schism within The Party. North v. South? La Razans v. Everyone Else? To survive, the state will probably need a Lee Kuan Yew and a more competent civil service.


Look where keeping the Department of Educattion around has got us. Just incorporate it into Social Services or childcare. Gary Johnson, among many others, is correct. Abolish it.
The steady decline in pubic education can traced directly back to around 1970, the exact same time that the Sex, Drugs, and Roc-n-Roll took hold. Generational dope smokers. Pot.
In inflation adjusted dollars, the more money put into CA classrooms, the poorer the results since 1970. A direct inverse correlation.
Classroom size was bigger in 1970 and every efffot to reduce classroom size. has resulted in poorer results. More money is not the solution. Newer buildings are not the solution.

All the Department of Education does is dole out money and grants for kids to go to college to learn what they failed and failed miserably to learn in HS, even with rampant lowering of standards. Education today is not about students. Is all about protecting teachers and administrators first and foremost, as our incompetent former County Superintendent of Schools blantantly exemptifies.

Paul Emery

Here's a summary of what Reagan did in closing Mental Hospitals and the repercussions. There is pleanty of documentation to support this. If you like I will provide more.

"He closed California’s mental hospitals, at least most of them. The State Hospital had to be kept open as part of the Dept. of Corrections. He had funding for others in the country cut while he was President, until the vast majority shut down in favor of outpatient clinics. What left us with is a bunch of homeless people with mental illnesses, many of whom are trying to self medicate.He closed California’s mental hospitals, at least most of them. The State Hospital had to be kept open as part of the Dept. of Corrections. He had funding for others in the country cut while he was President, until the vast majority shut down in favor of outpatient clinics. What left us with is a bunch of homeless people with mental illnesses, many of whom are trying to self medicate."


Paul Emery

Sorry for the double up on that.

Paul Emery

Look whats coming up

With President Donald Trump reportedly considering a mass purge of top White House officials, one Trump White House official bitterly compared the president to an arsonist.

In a Wall Street Journal report that details Trump’s plans to fire both Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and top John Bolton deputy Mira Ricardel, one current White House official said that the president has made a habit of keeping officials constantly on edge about their fates.

“This is how the president works,” the official said. “He’s doused a bunch of people in gasoline and he’s waiting for someone to light a match.”



re: PaulEmery. Dude, go through any detailed review of mental health law changes in that time period and before. For once in your life, don't just parrot some talking points. I could find a hundred little editorials like the one you show and there's no knowledge to be gained. Dig in a little bit even if it feels strange. Here, wait a minute, I'll do a KVMR news director level of research.


It's really all pretty interesting and, as usual, it's hard to tell how you got to a place *or* where you should be.

To take a break from the normal run of the blog 'Pauls' Ruminations', in case anybody hadn't run into this. Paradise fire.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:23 am

“Urban states seem to have a colonialist relationship with rural states after all.”


Exactly. The urban centers have wrest control and now tell rural Americans what to do and how to live their lives. The urban centers make the rules that all must follow. Just imagine the Blue Mob reaction if the farmers told everyone else by force what to do, how to live their lives, and set the rules that all must follow.

Colonialists is an accurate description. So is totalitarianism.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 13 November 2018 at 09:49 AM

With President Donald Trump reportedly considering a mass purge of top White House officials, one Trump White House official bitterly compared the president to an arsonist.

So what…. he's well within his rights if he wants to do this?

Punchy….refresh my memory…..you are a "newsman" aren't you…..not just a guy who drops these little tidbits thinking that he's going to shame us into thinking Trump is some sort of monster?


also, to anybody in the cheap seats, when you see:


Keep in mind that he left office in 1975.

"the president has made a habit of keeping officials constantly on edge about their fates."

Good. It ain't a sinecure after all.

George Rebane

M 902am - Your M-W and my Wikipedia definitions of 'nationalism' are functionally identical. Neither are pejorative nor do they contrast it with patriotism, the claim you and yours make. My 916pm stands.

Paul Emery

Here's more Scenes. Take the time and read the whole link then get back with some kind of detailed rebuttal.

Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, is well known for his fiscal policies that stimulated economic growth, cut inflation and pulled America out of a recession (Cannon, 2017). What Reagan is not readily known for is the long term effect of a law he repealed that essentially deinstitutionalized mentally ill patients at the federal level (Roberts, 2013). While some of his fiscal policies had a positive effect on the U.S. economy during the 1980s, his decision to deinstitutionalize mentally ill patients had a much more deleterious effect on these patients, their communities, and the agencies that were left to contend with these individuals’ mental health issues (Honberg, 2015).


Robert Cross

In the "grifters R Us" department, Scumbag #2 is hawking official trump Christmas ornaments.. Get yours now boys. Show your support for nepotism, graft, and corruption while making a political statement with your Christmas tree. Instead of a lump of clean coal put one of these in your stocking. Fight the war on Christmas by owning one of these great wonderful sensational exceptional baubles while transferring your hard earned money into the trump family coffers. After all isn't politics all about making money off the American people? How many other Presidents have sold ornaments? How about ZERO. How pathetic!



re: BillT@9:56AM

"Colonialists is an accurate description. "

I admit that when I see the typical thoughtbite of "THE RED STATES ARE SUPPORTED BY THE BLUE STATES" I always think about that.

It's always been the case once a large bureaucracy (or priesthood) gets set up. Money flows from the countryside into the city. If you don't pay, the sheriff's men show up to burn barns and rape the women. Now we get rural impoverishment rather than outright taxation.

The modern equivalent is to plunk down all of the FIRE (that's Finance Insurance Real Estate, Paul) businesses in a handful of urban areas and to keep mining/agriculture/manufacturing in the hinterlands on bare life support. Profits flow uphill in a seemingly entropy-violating manner. Point money at a farmer or industrial worker and the city folks start yelling. We can't have expensive oranges or F150's after all, it might make CalPERS lose money.


re: PaulE@10:06AM

Simply look up 'deinstitutionalization' and go from there. It has a long history. Don't google (which is what is going on here of course) 'Reagan' and 'shut down mental health facilities'....that's all you'll find.

The problem with attempting to learn via websearch is that you just find exactly what you are looking for.

Listen, if you want to fire up a few dozen asylums in California, I'm all for it. It would clean up the parking lot by KVMR no end.


,,,George@1004,,,you have failed to contrast or compare 'patriotism with 'nationalism' ,,,the subject brought up in your 711pm

"'Macron claims nationalism is counter to patriotism"'


Show your support for nepotism, graft, and corruption while making a political statement with your Christmas tree.

……but Mrs. Clinton didn't win bobby?!?

George Rebane

RobertC 1008am - Well, that's a real stretch of vitriol, even for you Mr Cross. First, the President is NOT selling Christmas ornaments; and second, you appear to require that American presidents sever relations with all their own business interests, and all their friends and relatives who have business interests. But no president has ever stripped himself in such a manner. But it is a great new cause for collectivist activism. 'Workers, you have nothing to lose but your chains, and nothing less to gain than the world!'


On an entirely different matter, check this out.


Remember this guy on Tucker? (You have to overlook the inhuman neck)


Some twitters:

The Blue Mob is a real thing. Just a reminder.


Patriotism v. nationalism.

I'll do a bit of Paul research. From wikipedia:

"Patriotism or national pride is the ideology of love and devotion to a homeland, and a sense of alliance with other citizens who share the same values. This attachment can be a combination of many different features relating to one's own homeland, including ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects. It encompasses a set of concepts closely related to those of nationalism."

If I were forced to make a distinction, it would probably be to twizzle out the difference between 'nation' and 'country'.

Robert Cross

"First, the President is NOT selling Christmas ornaments;" No his son is. Not vitriol George, facts. Great response that shows just how far one can stretch the truth to arrive at an acceptable conclusion that supports your chosen ideology. Gee George, I thought presidents were supposed to put their holdings into blind trusts, something trump has not done. I wonder how many ornaments they will sell in Saudi Arabia? Probably billions of dollars worth... Oh oops, the Saudis aren't Christians, but who cares a bribe is a bribe. It does not matter if trump himself is selling ornaments.. it all goes into the same piggy bank. Duh.

Another useless post by a little fishy in a little pond. So what you are saying is that to the winner the spoils. I don't recall that Chelsie Clinton was selling cheesy ornaments.

Bill Tozer

“With President Donald Trump reportedly considering a mass purge of top White House officials, one Trump White House official bitterly compared the president to an arsonist.”

That is how the Seperation of Powers is suppose to work, despite what the Botox Queen Morning Joe, and Little Nadler think. They serve at the pleasure of Congress....er....strike that. They serve at the pleasure of the President. If you cannot perform at the very highest levels exceeding all your peers, you’re fired. The good is the enemy of the best.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 13 November 2018 at 10:36 AM

I don't recall that Chelsie Clinton was selling cheesy ornaments.

No….but if she or her mother thought for an instant that it would have furthered their political careers it would have been Home Shopping Network 24/7 in Chappaqua!

…..and as always thanks bobsy!

Todd Juvinall

Oh BoobieC, Hillary and Bill did not sell ornaments, they stole the silverware. And Hillary sold America down the river for millions. Don Jr. is a piker compared to tose heros of yours.

Bill Tozer

Totally off thread and topic, but I read this a few days ago and it is haunting me. Perhaps because it is ringing familiar.

Ten Days of Violence; Revisting Harvey Milk, Jim Jones, and San Francisco.

“If the 1960s were an era of hope, peace, change, and idealism, the 1970s were the time when humanity woke up to the reality of its existence. High-flown ideas about changing our essential nature faded as the truth of earthly life—petty, venal, ruthless, and brutal—reemerged and reeducated mankind about ourselves.

San Francisco, the beating heart of ‘60s hippiedom, saw this change the most keenly. Peace and love gave way to violence with the Manson family, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Weather Underground, and the Black Panthers all moving from persuasion to force to achieve their various left-wing aims. Society, it appeared, would not be remade on the basis of flower power alone.

In that way, the two crimes are unrelated except by chronology. Milk’s murder is more akin to workplace violence than it is the evidence of a larger societal trend. The mass suicide at Jonestown, on the other hand, was the culmination of a series of bad choices. The People’s Temple was hailed by mainstream politicians for their socialism, and was one of many groups from that era determined to remake mankind in their image. It was not inevitable that they would fail through mass murder, but in that violence and coercion had been a part of their worldview from the start, it is also not surprising.

San Francisco has never truly recovered from the problems of those times. The hippies who made it moved out, and those who remained saw their movement turn malignant in groups like Jones’s. The city became richer through the booming Silicon Valley economy, but the politics never changed.

Rich and poor alike in San Francisco preach the politics of warmed-over socialism. The only difference now is that the rich can afford to protect themselves from its realities. The rest of the city, especially its dwindling middle class, find themselves in the semi-feudal culture their ideology once sought to overthrow.


Bill Tozer

O’casio is the gift that keeps on giving. Sounds like an economics major.

“Mayor Bill DeBlasio, who is expected to announce the plan on Tuesday, called it “the single biggest economic development deal in the history of New York City.” But Ocasio-Cortez — a Bernie Sanders acolyte who routinely rails against the malign influence of large corporations — cast the opening of a new Amazon headquarters in her district as yet another opportunity for the wealthiest to pillage the resources of the poor.”


Guess she is waiting for OPM


She said in an interview that she cannot work until she gets to Congress. Members of Congress have jobs. Some are still practicing surgeons and medical doctors. Hmmm. Maybe it’s a conflict of interest thang, but I can’t see why she doesn’t sling hash for a month at the diner to pick up some tips and Christmas money to eek by. She already bought her first new couch. I remember when I bought my first new couch. My new bride insisted, lol.


Oh wait. The only ones that are real pissed at her is at her old restaurant. Something about taking too much (stealing) out of the common tip jar. Guess she needed 500 bucks extra that night and the other waitresses not so much. Oh wait. The restaurant is closing after all theses years. Owners retiring and the new minimum wage law in NY does not make sense to try to stay in business. Nevermind.

She is pretty and likeable for sure. Can’t take that away from her. Kids saynthe darnest things.

George Rebane

Hate springs eternal. Comparing a Trump selling Christmas ornaments out of an existing business to the Clintons' massively fraudulent enterprises with their 'foundation' is itself a cheesy attempt at rationalization. It's of interest as to why our leftwingers even bring it up. I believe that we know the answer, but do they?

Bill Tozer

@ 11:38 am.

Best campaign slogan of 2018, IMHO, was “Vote your hate!” Guess which side took that to heart?

Busy gal. She left before arrests began. Wonder if Nancy told them what she told Code Pink protesting in front of her gated mansion on the hill in Frisco Heights during Obama: “You are not my constitutes.” Love it.


Paul Emery

Bad news for Trump from Ruminations favorite lawyer Napolitano.

Fox News judicial correspondent Andrew Napolitano predicted on Tuesday that CNN would likely prevail in a case against the White House after it banned CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

Napolitano explained to Fox Business host Stuart Varney that the White House does not have the right to revoke Acosta’s press pass simply because his questions irritated President Donald Trump.


George Rebane

PaulE 1219pm - Since there is no requirement - constitutional or otherwise - for a President to talk to reporters, are they all not in the WH Press Room at the pleasure of the President, both individually and severally? How does such a suit even have standing in any court of law?


Regarding the post by Mr. Emery at 0933. The article attached notes "Did Reagan close all the mental hospitals in the 1980s when he was governor of the state of California." Last I knew Reagan was governor from 1967 - 1975. And they keep him around as the newsguy at KVMR??

George Rebane

M 1018am - Since Macron did not define either 'nationalism' or 'patriotism', I didn't think I had to counter him. But acceding to your request that I do, I'll summarize it by stating that (given my 916pm definition) patriotism is nothing more nor less than the display, exercise, and/or implementation of nationalism - i.e. patriotism is the practice and maintenance of nationalism.

Robert Cross

"Hate springs eternal." yes George it does.. your hate for Democrats knows no bounds even to the point of ignoring the trump crime family's many indiscretions and continually citing unproven allegations about the Clintons as per the typical right wing talking points and other garbage. Do you think the trumps would be selling ornaments if he wasn't President? They are personally capitalizing on his election (doubling the fees at Mara Lago for instance) like no other person in history. When will you realize they are just a bunch of grifters?


Posted by: Robert Cross | 13 November 2018 at 12:55 PM

When will you realize they are just a bunch of grifters?

When you admit you still weigh 500 lbs!


What a drag.... Just got news that some of my kin were killed in Paradise. Three of my cousins have been lost.

Paul Emery

Can there be any doubt Nevada County is Deep Blue. The Republican exodus from Nevada County is in fill swing. I understand that they are going to open Relocation Centers to handle the exodus. Lots of room up North in Jefferson Territory. No way Nevada County is going to sign on to that.

Denny is mow up by 9 over LaMalfa
Newsom up by 7 over Cox
Padilla up by 12 over Mueser
Fionna Ma up by 12 over Conlon
Hallinan up by 3 over Gaines
Morse up by 50% over McClintock AMAZING
Sisk over Dahle by 1
Hillary Hodge gets the most votes for City Council
Shannon Moon up by 15% over Republican Party endorsed Bill Smethers

Paul Emery

This was released this afternoon

Here's a link for your conveniance


Posted by: Walt | 13 November 2018 at 01:43 PM

Sorry my friend!

Bill Tozer

1:08 pm
When pigs fly!

Repeat of the week: the more they win, the angrier they get.

Thought Hillary said they would be civil when they got the House back. Hmmm. Maybe she said they would be civil when they won the House and Senate and get rid of Trump. Yep, when pigs fly.

CNN does not a have a prayer. They have two other reporters in the room. Acoustic can watch the press conferences from the television set or on-line just like the rest of us do. Nobody is stopping him from reporting on the pressers or any topic he chooses.


Judge Nap, like Alan Dershowitz, are not Constitutional lawyers. Nor are they versed on the seperation of powers, as evidenced by the media’s horrified reaction to a temp appointment of Session’s replacement. A temp appointment to replace Sessions to keep the Department humming along. A permanent replacement will have to go through the wringer of advise and consent. They want W to accuse himself, ROFLMAO. Recuse himself. For what? Having opinions? This in not a judicial nomination for a life long appointment. It’s a political appointment to serve at the pleasure of SCOTUS. Political. What a bunch of ignorami.
Ah, they have from day one been scared M-less that Trump will fire Meuller. They know Trump can anytime he chooses. And now the realization is hitting them that Meuller’s report is a Blue puddle and they will be looking with every ounce of their beings to find what Meuller didn’t or couldn’t. Sweet.

The only reason Trump does not drop the unclassified FISC warrant down is because he does not have to. Holding back for the right time. Meuller Report, then IG report, then declassify. Boy, the Left will be howling at the moon. Civil? It’s against their nature.

Don Bessee

Prayers for your family Walt.

@152 - How very po' ol' fakenewsman of you!


Bill Tozer

Sorry Walt.

Paul Emery

Link to elections didn't post

Try this


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