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11 November 2018


Bill Tozer

Opps, almost forgot. Quote time!

“I … could not help but note that this was another chapter in a phenomenon that has taken complete control of the national discourse: outrage culture. It seems like every not-so-carefully-worded public misstep must be punished to the fullest extent, replete with soapbox lectures and demands for apologies. Anyone who doesn’t show the expected level of outrage will be labeled a coward or an apologist for bad behavior. I get the feeling that regular, hard-working, generally unoffended Americans sigh with exhaustion — daily.” —Dan Crenshaw on his “Saturday Night Live” adventure

For the record: “I think what [Democrats are] doing is testing what they can get away with. … This is about stress-testing the integrity of our election system.” —Rep. Matt Gaetz

Braying Jackass: “If Stacey Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it.” —Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

“I just get so upset with that jerk—f in the White House. … Down with this motherf—er!” —actor Robert De Niro. [Bill thinks The Raging Bull Fool is much too easily triggered and exhibiting signs of pre-senile dementia. He has Daddy issues, for sure].

And last… “Unlike Brett Kavanaugh, who Avenatti tried to ruin, @MichaelAvenatti will get the due process he is [entitled to]. But sadly, the irony will be lost on him.” —Greg Gutfeld


Merrick wants his Wookiee back. I am sure the book will be a best seller up here in one of the whitest counties in California ( if not the whitest county in California), along with Bernie’s Vermont, one of the whitest (if not The Whitest) State in the Union. Nevada County and Vermont has much in common.


Bill Tozer

Living the dream up here in Hillary Clinton Country. Go Dems.

Don Bessee

Ah, the joys of full eco socialist rule, kind of like our luddites -

Up to two million people are thought to have died under the brief but brutal Khmer Rouge regime between 1975 and 1979.
Many of them succumbed to starvation and overwork, or were executed as enemies of the state, as Pol Pot tried to turn the country into an agrarian utopia.

OK class, how many people were left there in 75?



Don Bessee

Well that's going to put the last spike in the heart of the rancid Russian dressing narrative peddlers!




,,,Sad Todd@857pm,,,
The democrats won and now the state is crap

,,,yeah,,,millions of Californians didn’t like Trumpski raising their taxes and screwing them on healthcare!!!

Paul Emery

Bill, you're smarter than that. Cal has lots of red because no one lives there and it's sparsely populated desert and forest land. Modoc County for example. AS I noted even Orange county is Blue now.

Republicans are pathetic in California Come on Todd, go to work and get your party together so at least they can offer some entertaining competition.

Todd Juvinall

I concede that the democrats control California. They ran out the R's and backfilled with the poor, homeless and welfare folks. The R's have adiosed to greener pastures. Now we see the true "great divide" as your democrats have the 1% ( in your terms) paying for the rest. I did my best but the slackers get to vote and they have the most voters now. Good luck!

Paul Emery

How sad for the Repubs. Even Todd, a genetic Republican is giving up the fight. He agreement with me that the R's are leaving giving credence to my Repubs leaving Nevada County assessment.

See Todd, we can actually agree on somethings, the Pubbers leaving. Since you are not going to leave Nevada County I'll make it a point to invite you to cool events since it's going to get a bit lonely for your types that hang on for sentimental reasons.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like a Judge has found a "Constitutional" right for CNN's Jim Acosta to attend the Pressers. WOW! Just like they found abortion rights. Amazing.

Todd Juvinall

Kamel Toes Harris in questioning the Acting ICE boss compared them to the KKK. She is a disgrace. One half of ICE agents are Hispanc and the Border Patrol has many as well. She is a moron.


,,,po ol trumpski cannot get a break,,,


Bill Tozer

Well, let’s look at the news.
Hmmm. Scott loses 700 Machine counted votes because someone did not know how to impute the tabulations of votes into the computer, so they missed the deadline and have to recount and recount by hand over and over again, everywhere....after many admonishments from the judge and missing too many deadlines. The Dems wanted to get their hands on the ballots for filling in the blanks anyway. Delay was their plan. Dilution is the solution.

A national guardman got busted for smuggling in illegals. Good money in that racket. Why am I not surprised that it was CA National Guard pussy and he was AWOL? Where do they find these low lives? Maybe he will be found hanging in his cell. Hope so.


What else in the news? Oh, the Maltese Professor is important because it MAY prove “The Russians have dirt on Hillary” was from a “western intelligence agent”, not from a Russian source. Concerns the FISCA warrant app.
You know how Justice and Clapper and Brennan and ALL the popinjays have been saying that it was not JUST the Clinton Campaign/DNC paid for Yellow Snow Dossier, there is other evidence!” Well, if the Maltes Professor testifies like he says he will, that means all that other “exculpatory” evidence was from and originated from our side Come on, they got pics of him with Boris Johnson and all the British intel bigwigs, lol.

The boss who ran the operation on the British side up and quit unexpectedly just as Trump’s Inauguration Day can to pass. Odd. 50 years old, just two years on the job running GCHQ and before that was the GCHQ’s intelligence liaison to the United States. Right as he achieved the pinnacle of his career, he ups and quits. Only 50 years old and has family issues to attend. Boris wrote wonderful things about him, who technically was under Boris’s oversight.

Odd as well on our side of the Pond. The top counterintelligence lawyer in the land, the head of the DOJ-National Security Division, signed the Carter Page warrant and up and quit in Oct, 2016. He was a young man as well, about 54 years old. Former position was Meuller’s chief of staff. Right at the pinnacle of his career he takes a corporate lawyer job.

Dr. Rebane dropped a comment a long time ago that I have held close to me weary heart concerning this whole Russian Collusion Delusion. He said simply, “the British connection.” Makes sense that Trump would not release the FISA warrant app because he stated concerns of “foreign assets” or foreign government concerns. Now Meuller is going after Nigel, ROFLMAO. Anyway.

What else in the news today? Ok, MAGA means Michael Avenatti Got Arrested. Lame. An recycled story from Oct. 18 that the FBI raided the wack job Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s office’s for corruption. Not mismanagement, but corruption. So, what else is new.
Oh, Acosta got his press pass back, temporarily. Wasn’t given due process, still not a 1st Amendment issue. Like lifting a temporary restraining order until the parties come back to court. Yawn.

Guess it is all normal. Nothing to see here, there, Florida, Gloria or anywhere. Oh, it looks like the first Korean-American elected to Congress (R-CA) , after all this time and congratulations, suddenly will be defeated. Odd.

George Rebane

For those uninitiated (PaulE?) in the ways of welfare and entitlement governance, once a state starts paying unproductive gimmes and making life easy for them, it starts a one-way process of attracting ever more of the same kind of people. All who can come from less desirable regions will come. In California we have seen the establishment of 'San Francisco values' in countless communities that formerly were the clean and orderly homes to productive workers who have been displaced to ever more smaller conclaves in the state, if not having emigrated elsewhere. Orange County is another poster child, and a new symbol of pride for the state's progressives.


,,,Kamel Toes Harris,,,Sad Todd,,,almost as good as Bette Midller's FLOTITS!!!

Bill Tozer

@11:08 am

My, George, you have a way with words, you silver tongued devil you. :)
Elections 2018....outside our Nirvana Zone.

It is highly unlikely that Democrats will succeed in their efforts to steal the elections in Florida and Georgia, so why all the lawsuits and delay tactics? It’s all designed to create a narrative for the future, while at the same time seeking to diminish the legitimacy of the vote if it goes the Republicans’ way. The narrative? The only reason Republicans won was because they suppressed the vote by refusing to accept “thousands” of votes and therefore they are a danger to the democratic process itself. Never mind that there is not a shred of evidence supporting this spurious accusation, and in fact, that Democrats were the ones caught engaging in lawless behavior. The mainstream media will happily “remind” voters come next election how Republicans sought to suppress the vote and the “will of the people” in Florida and Georgia, while conveniently ignoring Democrat shenanigans. Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election have nothing on Democrat schemes to undermine election integrity.


Todd Juvinall

If anyone thought that the California Santyary State laws were not a draw to illegals coming here, I suggest you travel to Tiajuana and watch that carvan climb that wall.


,,,sad todd,,, is this the video of the Caravan people?


Todd Juvinall

They are now in TJ and climbing the wall.

George Boardman

"California Santyary State laws."

Todd, you're always good for a laugh.


Posted by: ***M*** | 16 November 2018 at 12:39 PM

You can generally spot a caravan member by their colorful “Will mow dug keachies lawn for food” t-shirt!


...aaaand here we go. (for a short break from the normal concerns)

H.R.7115 - 3D Firearms Prohibitions Act

As an aside, here's a little verbiage.
the term “semiautomatic assault weapon” means—

(A) a semiautomatic rifle or semiautomatic shotgun that has the capacity to accept a detachable ammunition feeding device; or

(B) a semiautomatic pistol that has—

(i) the capacity to accept a detachable ammunition feeding device; and

(ii) any one of the features described in subsection (b); (note: subsection (B) is a small list of rather meaningless features)
So now a Browning BAR is a 'semiautomatic assault weapon'. Good news for the deer I guess. I keep waiting for the Mini-14 people to start getting nervous one of these days.


This doesn't strike me as a good PR move.


Don Bessee

You know you screwed up when you peers (betters?) call you out -



Don Bessee

Another reason they need to cut a deal -

Compounding the instability of Belt and Road – also known as One Belt, One Road (OBOR) – financing is the stress placed on China’s economy by its trade war with the United States. The conflict has gone more poorly for Beijing than anticipated, leaving it with less money to spend on Belt and Road at a crucial moment when developing countries are rethinking their commitment to the project and private investors are backing away.

The prospect of making Third World countries dependent on Chinese engineers to maintain their expensive new trains and power stations is tremendously appealing to the Communist Party but not for the Chinese engineers actually charged with doing the work, or the companies that pay their salaries. Some of the countries where China is pushing huge Belt and Road projects with lousy profit margins offer few business opportunities that would entice CEOs to swallow their losses on infrastructure construction.

Also unappealing for Chinese executives is the prospect of getting charged with “corruption” and “disappearing” into the prison system when the Politburo is displeased with their decisions. The fate of one such executive demonstrated what AEI drily described as “a risk-reward trade-off that most private firms would flee.”



Paul Emery


Didn't Orange County, long a Republican enclave, have republicans in local offices-Supervisors etc that could have prevented some of the problems you describe? Possible the Repubs split. If they left, where did they go?

Don Bessee

Frackin drill baby drill!



Don Bessee

These two really belong together -





YAYYY,,,,, Sign in works again.

Bill Tozer

This Acosta thing is sooo annoying.



Insight: “The main evil of the present democratic institutions of the united states does not raise, as is often asserted in Europe, from their weakness, but from their irresistible strength. I am not so much alarmed at the excessive liberty which reigns in that country as at the inadequate securities which one finds there against tyranny.” —Alexis De Tocqueville (1805-1859)

Belly laugh of the week: “I have always believed in the presumption of innocence but I know Michael Avenatti is not a fan of that principle. Out of respect for his preferences, I will therefore assume that he is guilty as hell.” —Matt Walsh

Ouch: “Bad news is because he hit a woman, Avenatti probably won’t be President. Good news is he still has an excellent chance of becoming DNC Co-Chair.” —Stephen Miller

For the record: “Last week, Florida voters elected me as their next U.S. Senator and now the ballots have been counted twice. I am incredibly proud and humbled by the opportunity to serve Florida in Washington. Our state needs to move forward.” —Rick Scott

Oh good grief: “If [Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams] had a fair election, she already would have won.” —Hillary Clinton, who believes her own electoral defeat was unfair

Braying Jackass: “I think people are tired of what’s happening. … We cannot have a truculent child president. We need something serious.” —John Kerry (Donald Trump is serious about putting America first. Barack Obama was serious about putting America last.)

A trip through the echo chamber: “Every place I go, people say … ‘Thank you for saving America.’” —House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

And last… “Here’s an idea. Give Acosta back his press pass. Next time (& every time) Acosta grandstands… End the press conference. Immediately. Until Acosta’s journalist colleagues (whom he disrespects by hogging time showboating), peer pressure him into behaving like an adult.” —Liz Wheeler

Don Bessee

Do tell -



Tricky McClean

“My lawyers aren’t working on that. I’m working on that. I write the answers. My lawyers don’t write answers; I write answers."
"I was asked a series of questions. I’ve answered them very easily. Very easily. I’m sure they’re tricked up, because, you know, they like to catch people — 'Gee, you know, was the weather sunny or was it rainy?' 'He said it may have been a good day; it was rainy, therefore he told a lie. He perjured himself.'"
"OK? So you have to always be careful when you answer questions with people that probably have bad intentions."

Bill Tozer

Creepy banjo player


Unbelievable. Coward Cowunty screws the pooch again. When are they going to take that freakazoid head of the Coward County Elections office, strip her of her pension, and put her in stocks in the public square. Everything, I mean everything, the Dems touch turns to sticky brown stuff.

“Fresh off its bungled machine recount, Broward County’s second day of manual recounting temporarily stopped about an hour after it began Saturday when lawyers from both political parties pointed out that volunteers were counting the wrong ballots.”



Eric “Fallout Boy” Swallwell is still running for President it seems! So much for him being adequately tethered to reality.


Scott O

fish at 4:11 - Remember that horrible Giuliani and his right wing 'stop and frisk'? The left was apoplectic, but very quietly the DC police overseen by left wing Dems are doing even worse.
And the lefty chorus?
Nothing but crickets.
"If you get 40 percent of your cases dismissed, you should want to correct that.”
So - again - if the Rs do it - RACISM!!!!
If the Dems do the same - Well, hey - we have to do something!
What do you bet the DC police 'haven't got the time' to tabulate the skin color of the person stopped?
Move along - nothing to see here.

Bill Tozer

The evil rich white racist Betsy Devos and the new Title IX rules. The sky is falling!

“Interestingly, however, the proposed rules prohibit the accused himself from cross-examining the accuser — instead requiring that questioning come from an “advisor.” While some complain this limits the rights of the accused, as a practical matter advisers (attorneys, for example) are far better equipped to cross-examine witnesses than are undergraduates or young graduate students.

“In addition to mandating cross-examination, the proposed rules grant both parties “equal opportunity to inspect and review evidence obtained as part of the investigation that is directly related to the allegations raised in a formal complaint.”

“The rules also dispense with the single investigator/adjudicator model that allowed universities to place a single person in the position of investigator, prosecutor, and adjudicator. There were no safeguards against bias. Again, this requirement is so basic that it’s simply stunning that it has to be articulated.

“The new proposed rules, by contrast, apply controlling language from the Supreme Court to define sexual harassment as sexual assault, quid pro quo harassment, and “unwelcome conduct on the basis of sex that is so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively denies a person equal access to the recipient’s education program or activity.”


To which the fainting couch was called in: “It’s worse than we thought!” It makes sexual assualt survivors less safe on campus! SJWs do not want other sides to be heard.


So much for civil liberties.

Scott O

BT - remember that in certain 'enlightened' Euro countries, the gals are advised to not drink excessively or go about alone.
That 'invites' unwelcome attraction.
The idea that a white male should have any rights.
Thanks to the left, we sink into an abysmal hole.
From the lefties that post here - crickets.

Bill Tozer

Scott O @7:03 pm

We would be remiss to overlook the last sentence on the 2nd link posted above.

“Even on this front, though, the critics of Title IX reform seem to forget that the students who face sexual misconduct adjudication on campus are—as best we can tell—disproportionately men of color and immigrants. Who will speak for them, if not civil liberties organizations?”

“In the 2013–14 academic year, 4.2 percent of Colgate's students were black. According to the university's records, in that year black male students were accused of 50 percent of the sexual violations reported to the university, and they made up 40 percent of the students formally adjudicated.

“As best we can tell, Colgate isn't an outlier. Yoffe notes that male students of color are "vastly overrepresented in the cases I've tracked." Harvard University Law Professors Janet Halley and Jeannie Suk, who pay attention to Title IX cases and have written about the lack of due process for accused students, share this impression. I do as well.

“Left-leaning victim advocacy groups must at least be aware that college investigations are racially problematic. But they seldom acknowledge this. In fact, the people behind the major activist film about rape on campuses, The Hunting Ground, claimed the purpose of their movie was to undermine the "dominant white male power" that pervades the sexual assault crisis. But this is nonsense: as Yoffe notes, in at least three of the four sexual misconduct disputes featured in The Hunting Ground, the accused was a student of color.”


Scott O

But Bill - according to the left - Hash tag Wimmins never, ever lie!
Just ask Hillary.
Or any one of several hundred black males.
From the lefties - crickets.

Bill Tozer

Scottt O
Crickets are just fine with me. Beginning to prefer it that way, all things considered. They rarely vet address the topic nor contribute anything save Orange Man Bad.

Of course if you don’t respond to bobbleheads with TDS, our silence means we agree with them. “So, Todd agrees with me that Trump is a big fat liar.” No, Todd was out on a hot date while the Leftiniasta lonely boyz with caveman faces were grunting and spewing gross mischaracterizations....and lies...er....and fake news.

To me, silence is golden. To the Left, duct tape is silver.


...one of those things on the fringes of the internet. Interesting if true.



Posted by: Scott O | 17 November 2018 at 04:51 PM

Another "Who - Whom" mystery it seems!

Todd Juvinall

Leaving for a party brunch for those of us who were in a commercial. Lots of food I heard. See you later alligators.

Bill Tozer

Gillium concedes.....again.
The first time Gillium conceded, he announced he was not going anywhere. Duh, that’s a no brainer. The FBI is waiting to talk to him when he finally makes it back to his mayor’s office. He ain’t going anywhere for awhile.

Don Bessee

Maybe they should feel like getting a job =

Those pupils who did not have expensive outerwear were upset, she continued. “They feel stigmatised, they feel left out, they feel inadequate,” she said.
Phillips said some parents previously had had an issue with students’ “designer rucksacks.”




Looks like Nevada Co. is the new place to come and rob. The criminal element from Sac. and now Oakland have been paying us regular visits.

Don Bessee

You might first want to start at home Emmanuel -

France's Macron: Europe must unite to prevent 'global chaos'

Demonstrations in France over rising fuel prices have left more than 400 people injured, officials say, as protests spilled into a second day.
The French interior ministry said that nearly 300 protesters were questioned, with 157 among them taken into custody.


George Rebane

re DonB 256pm - In France we see one of the more benign places where socialism is at work taking down a country. Other countries practicing socialism are more advanced in their descent. Progressives want America to catch up.

Any productive debate/discussion of governance in America should always begin with the Left explaining how dozens of cities under liberal Democrat control for decades have also descended into what may charitably be called shithole cities - cities with devastated inner cores and central regions that have induced those who could, to leave for the suburbs. When progressives can explain away how their control of the country will not follow the descent of THEIR cities, then maybe we can start making some progress. Otherwise we continue the empty exercise of talking past each other.

I suppose the first step is to acknowledge the existence of shithole cities.

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt @ 2:18 pm.

This is a rare occasion indeed. Quite rare, perhaps the first time. I need to correct you. Yes, one of the criminal elements is from Oakland, but the other is from Frisco, not Sac. Frisco Values in the foothills.

There is something familiar about the Frisco gal. I think she is the daughter of a famous wack job. I report, you decide.

Frisco Values Gal:

Frisco Values gal’s jo mama:

Another Mother-Daughter team:

Todd Juvinall

WOW! I just added up those five takeovers by the democrats in Cali Con districts.

Democrats total raised and spent $37.9 million buckos

Republicans 16 million.

Got to give those anti-Citizen United hypocrites credit along with their billionaire pals Bloomberg and Steyer for out raising the R's/

Don Bessee

Turn about is fair play, imagine the socialists reaction if that happened in San Diego with US flags?!?

On Sunday, displeased Tijuana residents waved Mexican flags, sang the Mexican national anthem and chanted "Out! Out!" in front of a statue of the Aztec ruler Cuauhtemoc, 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) from the U.S. border. They accused the migrants of being messy, ungrateful and a danger to Tijuana. They also complained about how the caravan forced its way into Mexico, calling it an "invasion." And they voiced worries that their taxes might be spent to care for the group.

"We don't want them in Tijuana," protesters shouted.
Juana Rodriguez, a housewife, said the government needs to conduct background checks on the migrants to make sure they don't have criminal records.

A woman who gave her name as Paloma lambasted the migrants, who she said came to Mexico in search of handouts. "Let their government take care of them," she told video reporters covering the protest.



Don Bessee




Todd Juvinall

Those Mexican patriots must be white supremacists!

Bill Tozer

Welcome back, Todd.
No, the Mexicans are not White Supremists. The caravan was ok as long as the Central Americans kept moving along. Passing through? Why, by all means. Not moving along is not ok. The Mexican lady is correct. The members of caravan are “ungrateful”.

The Mexicans have pride. National pride. And they know the difference between a demand and a request. Too bad the organizers of the caravans don’t. Short story:

The Niños Héroes (Spanish: [ˈniɲos ˈeɾoes], Boy Heroes), also known as the Heroic Cadets or Boy Soldiers, were six Mexican teenage military cadets. These cadets died defending Mexico City's Chapultepec Castle from invading U.S. forces in the 13 September 1847 Battle of Chapultepec, during the Mexican–American War. According to legend, in an act of bravery, Juan Escutia wrapped the Mexican flag around his body and jumped from the top of the castle in order to keep it from falling into the hands of the Americans.

The Niños Héroes are a key part of Mexico's patriotic folklore, commemorated by a national holiday on September 13.

Paul Emery

Trump is a national disgrace. He is even insuting our brave warriors that got to Bin Laden.

"Retired Navy Adm. William McRaven spoke out after Trump falsely called him a “Hillary Clinton backer” and said bin Laden should have been caught sooner.

Retired Navy Adm. William McRaven lashed out at Donald Trump again Sunday, saying his behavior is the “greatest threat to our democracy in my lifetime” after the president criticized McRaven for failing to bring Osama bin Laden to justice sooner.

Trump disdainfully dismissed earlier criticism from McRaven, who oversaw the 2011 Navy SEAL mission that killed bin Laden, when Chris Wallace questioned him about it in an interview that aired earlier in the day on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Hillary Clinton fan,” Trump snapped, cutting off Wallace. “He’s a Hillary Clinton backer and an Obama-backer, and frankly ... wouldn’t it have been nice if we got Osama bin Laden a lot sooner than that?”


Paul Emery


"In an interview on CNN Sunday, retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling characterized McRaven as an “unbelievable patriot” and a “true servant” of the Constitution.

Asked about Trump’s comments on McRaven, Hertling responded: “Having someone like the president of the United States, a man that holds an office that’s supposed to represent all people and who says he supports the military, to just dismiss this great American hero as a guy who was a Hillary Clinton lover — which is patently not true — is just really disgusting. But it’s just another day in the life of the Trump administration I guess.”


re: McRaven

I don't know how you can be a flag officer and not pick political sides. Keep in mind that he publicly went after Trump in his (McRaven's) backing of Brennan and had tied himself to the Obama presidency. It would be nice if retired Presidents and Generals stayed out of current politics, but everyone gets a bullhorn these days.

The way that the Left wets itself in their full throated support for the national security state is a fun thing to watch, but their belief system was never what they said in any case. When the rubber hits hit road, to bring up another minor internet war, you can pick to back Assange or you can choose Eric Schmidt. Your answer will tell everyone a lot about you.


"He is even insuting our brave warriors that got to Bin Laden."

Oh, and Paul, Admirals don't ride around in helicopters and shoot at people.

As an aside, given Bin Laden's compound, something else was up in how long the whole thing took. Just to quote a quick line from the font of knowledge, wikipedia:

"Bin Laden was killed within the fortified complex of buildings that was probably built for him,[252] and had reportedly been his home for at least five years.[253][254] The compound was located less than a mile from Pakistan Military Academy and less than 100 kilometers' drive from Pakistan's capital."

If the crack KVMR news crew wants to carry water for the Pakistani government and the US intelligence complex, you go for it girl.

Todd Juvinall

The left always baits the right on these sorts of things. March out the disabled kid or some poor mom with six in tow. It appears to me this General should stay out of politics. Trump knows how to defend and attack. Maybe this General should keep his yap out of politics.


Too funny. The fastest narrative collapse I've seen in some time.



,,,sad Scenes doing his best to defend the dottering dotard President.

Paul Emery

Scenes 7:53

If you want to carry water for Bush who let Osama run free for six years after 9-11 go for it.

Todd Juvinall

But Obama let the Iranian Doctor that gave us the whereabouts of Osama never tried to get him out of their jail.


"If you want to carry water for Bush who let Osama run free for six years after 9-11 go for it."

lol. Hardly. I agree with Trump on this one, there bad dealings going on in the intelligence community in terms of Bin Laden. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

If you and the news crew want to present your backsides to the CIA just because they are good temporary allies in the War Against Trump, it shows the unattractive face to Nevada City Values.

In other news, white supremacists hassle the Caravan.



M sagely sez: ",,,sad Scenes doing his best to defend the dottering dotard President. Pathetic"

Sweet. A hit, a very palpable hit. Another apologist for the intelligence agencies pops up.

'Orange Man Bad' can override any sort of belief system.

Todd Juvinall

Those Mexican white supremacists are really vocal against the "caravan". I expect Cortez and Pelosi to travel to TJ and protest from the Hai-Lai stadium bar.


Posted by: '''M''' | 19 November 2018 at 09:02 AM

,,,sad Scenes doing his best to defend the dottering dotard President.

Not nearly so pathetic as constantly walking around with a pantsload dugsKKKi.


,,,oh goody,,, fish is back,,,I guess they were finally able to replace your clogged catheter


,,,fish,,,when my nurse is inspecting my Depends she calls it '''fishing''',,,look what she caught!!!




Bill Tozer

Oh boy. Reading Mexican social media and Mexican newspapers is eye opening. They ain’t taking kindly to foreigners crashing their southern border. No one bit. They don’t like the fact that the Hondurans in the caravan are trampling all over brand new clothes generously offered because they don’t have designer labels on them. The caravan members have been insulting the food and hospitality offered and its pissing the Mexicans off. Ingrates. Maybe not here in CA, but in Mexico mariguanos is a very derogative term. Meth heads, potheads, tweeters, and lazy drunks. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

“Tijuana's mayor, José Manuel Gastélum, accused migrants in the caravan of being violent, crude, and “mariguanos” (“stoners”) and vowed to conduct an inquiry to decide if the city will continue to welcome them. Gastélum said the city may not have the resources to continue to shelter and support the caravan.”

“In a video clip from the confrontation—seen widely in Tijuana via Facebook—a young man from Honduras threatens to "machine-gun" anti-migrant demonstrators in the crowd.

“Viral videos and memes on social media have fueled much of the sentiment against the migrants.

“In another viral video, a Honduran woman complained to a news crew from Germany about a lunch of refried beans and flour tortillas migrants received at the shelter. "Look at it, it's all refried beans, the sort of thing they'd feed to pigs," she said.

“Several protesters referred to the video as an indication the migrants were ungrateful. There was one sign in the crowd to the effect that Mexicans proudly eat their beans. Groups of protesters in the crowd chanted that Hondurans were "pigs."


Pigs go home, lol. Darn that social media.

Bill Tozer

Mexicans should feel grateful considering what is coming next.


Paul Emery


You've got a lot of work to do. California is a one party State and are offering pathetic opposition to the Dems. It was a Blue Tidal wave in California. I'm counting on you to be a leader in this.

The election was a total bust for California republicans who now hold only 8 0f 53 House seats. They have a super-majority in the state senate with a vote to spare, meaning they can pass virtually any legislation without Republican help.

Also Democrats won every statewide office, each one by double digits. Not a single Republican collected as much as 39 percent of the vote.

Compiled from an article in the Chronicle


Todd Juvinall

Anyone read the tripe spewed by Boardman today? If there is a pile of flowers he would dig through them to finds the turds. What he represents is an uneducated "journalist" living in another wrld than regular people.

Paul Emery

That's the Dems that have a super majority in the Senate

Don Bessee

A true commissar wannabe -



Todd Juvinall

Isn't DeBlasio a green libertarian commie?

Don Bessee

Sure, after the damage is done -



Paul Emery

Don, Todd-Why don't you guys pay some attention to the plight of California Republicans who are on a sinking ship? You have abandoned the homefront. I'm counting on you guys to bring some balance to the Golden-now Blue-State.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, my party is in way better shape than yours. Perhaps you need to work harder to elect at least ONE of your ilk. Get to it now.

Bill Tozer

Biden is frontrunner for 2020


Should Pelosi be the next Speaker of the House?


Bill Tozer

@10:22 am

“Sure, after the damage is done -“

That’s nothing. You should see the one Brenda Snipes replaced. That was a real incompetent Dem doozie.

“[Jeb] Bush’s case against Oliphant includes charges that:

- Twenty-four precincts failed to open on time during the 2002 primary, in part, because Oliphant decided to deliver supplies herself. She also failed to notify poll workers on time that Bush had extended voting by two hours.

- Oliphant never counted 268 absentee ballots in the 2002 primary election, even though they had proper postmarks. The ballots were found in a filing cabinet several months later, after state investigators were tipped to their presence during a criminal inquiry.

- Oliphant did such a poor job following state requirements to update voter rolls that 17,000 ballots were returned as undeliverable during a recent mail-in election to 100,000 voters......

Oliphant’s suspension derails a political career that began with work as a civic activist, leading to her 1991 appointment to the Broward School Board. Before Thursday’s action by the governor, the charismatic former model weathered a criminal investigation, a scathing audit and several ethics complaints in just three years in the $128,769-a-year job.

By 9:30 a.m. Thursday, dozens of county employees in the government center had heard the news and strolled by Oliphant’s first-floor office to see what was happening. A county locksmith stood by, waiting to change the locks once Oliphant left. By 11:15, Oliphant was escorted out of the office by deputies.

But the detailed report from the secretary of state’s office left the governor no choice, County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion said. Eggelletion, a longtime Oliphant supporter, said he lost confidence this fall when she fired top staff members, including her chief financial advisor.

“It’s a bittersweet day,” said Eggelletion, a Democrat. “I don’t think it was an easy decision for the governor. It has not been an easy decision for people like myself and other black officials in the community.”

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article221503400.html#storylink=cpy

Civic activist turned school board member? Hmm At least here in Nevada County we voted our activist school board member out and kicked her angry ass to the curb.

Paul Emery

Your "Party" was KO'd in the election in California. Get to work and don't be distracted.

I am now a man without a Party Todd. the Libertarians as a Party are a dud. As a philosophy they are vast and varied. Wish I could vote for Nun of the Above. She didn't run this time. What happened Crabb?

Paul Emery


Circling back what happened to you're guy Bush who allowed Osama to run free for six years after 9-11? You should commend Obama for doing what Bush couldn't or wouldn't do.

Bill Tozer

Turkey Day is coming. Time to take the frozen bird out of the freezer and into the fridge.




,,,hey Tozer,,,Jeb Bush appointed Brenda Snipes,,,she's a winner!!!

Paul Emery


Headline in today's Union

'Nevada City health club to be repurposed as ‘cannabis campus’

What happened? Under your leadership the anti pot factions have failed to protect our community from the "Evil Weed." Quite a fall for Hoseman Don who led the charge to support Measure W that lost by 20%

Todd Juvinall

WOW! Paul Emery just makes stuff up. He is a member of a party that does not have ONE elected official in California. At least I do.

Obama would have had the same luck finding Osama as Bush did if it weren't for the doctor. Obama left him in jail in Pakistan. So I would say both Presidents have some answering to do.

Paul Emery

Who got the job done Bush or Obama?


,,,yes Paul,,,DwAM (((Dim-witted Approaches to Marijuana))) From the dottoring dotard DOTUS to Hoseman Donnie,,,hilarious!!!

Todd Juvinall

Bush defeated the Taliban and Obama let them back in. Bush was did not get the tip from the doctor that Obama did. You really are deranged.


,,,all this talk about Bush and Obama is just a distraction by Todd

The issue they want to avoid is Trump mental instability and personality disorder


Bill Tozer

“,,,hey Tozer,,,Jeb Bush appointed Brenda Snipes,,,she's a winner!!”

Yep. Jeb fires one and didn’t stick around to fire her replacement. Low Energy Jeb. What the heck is wrong with heavily Dem Coward County? I think they should not wait until Snipes leaves in Jan.
They should do what Jeb did her predecessor. March into Snipes’s office and bodily remove that ugly old crack First strip her naked, and hang her upside down like Mussolini. Theh let people spit on her and beat her with sticks and force her family members to watch. She should be executed. Florida has the death penalty for criminals like her.
But, noooo. Now she will be rewrded with a pension.
In related Coward County news, the Coward Sheriff (school resource officer) refuses to show his face.


They say at least 6 kids would have survived if Pussy Peterson did not hide under the stairwell as Cruz’s shells were raining down on him and he directed LE to another building. He will get his pension as well. No wonder they want inmates to vote in FL.

Figure you can relate to the above after what you and your co-workers did to our children.


Don Bessee

It always worked before -



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