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19 November 2018


Don Bessee

Ahhh fresh troll free kitty litter!

The po' ol' fakenewsman lost his crown to cnn -



Bill Tozer

Been waiting for this. Another Tammy Bruce, another Christia Hoff-Summers was created today. You go girl. They left you. Your vision got hijacked. Race trumps gender and political expediency trumps morality.

“Theresa Shook, founder of the Women’s March, called on leaders of the liberal political-protest movement to step down on Monday amid widespread backlash against their refusal to condemn anti-Semitic and homophobic allies.”

“Bob Bland, Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez of Women’s March, Inc. have steered the Movement away from its true course,” she continued. “I have waited, hoping they would right the ship. But they have not. In opposition to our Unity Principles, they have allowed anti-Semitism, anti-LBGTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric to become a part of the platform by their refusal to separate themselves from groups that espouse these racist, hateful beliefs. I call for the current Co-Chairs to step down and to let others lead who can restore faith in the Movement and its original intent.”

Bill Tozer


Russ Steele

Second-largest CA firm may be preparing for move to Texas

California could be on the brink of one of its biggest corporate defections yet with the signs that McKesson Corp. – the pharmaceutical giant that is sixth on the Fortune 500 list – is preparing to move its headquarters from San Francisco.

Hey, were were told no one was leaving CA, it was just a right wing myth.

Paul Emery

Hoseman Don is trying to distance himself from his failure as an anti pot crusader by bringing up obscure polling on an uninteresting topic. The end result of all his blustering is that Nevada County will soon have a Pot Superstore.

Bill Tozer

No, Nevada City will have their Pot Superstore. Then maybe Nevada City will quit asking the County to float them money every year, year after year, to get by until the revenue comes it.

Paul Emery

Hmmm Bill I thought Nevada City was the County Seat of Nevada County. did I get that wrong?


Cool hat.



Democratic voters doing their thing. The Blue Mob keeps on mobbin'.


George Rebane

PaulE 323pm - Well yes, you see they're different jurisdictions of governance with their own distinct budgets and sources of income. Kinda confusing with both of 'em having 'Nevada' in their name.

But what I'd really like to ask you to do is to invite any of your leftwing cohorts here to acknowledge CA's corporate exodus as again pointed out by Russ' 245pm. You guys have been denying this for as long as it's been going on. When we post the data, you all just ignore it as if it's happening in another universe or something. You might want to take a crack at it yourself, just for the drill if nothing else.

Paul Emery

Don't recall commenting on it one way or another George. If the Republicans are so right all the time about things like this why are they on the endangered species list list in California?

Bill Tozer

Russ and Dr. Rebane

It’s happening all the time. 9,000 businesses have left the state and not all of them small. Toyota, Carl Jr’s are some of the bigger names. More left than came in, but the difference is only 14,000. CA just ain’t creating the jobs or housing right now.

When the Republicans ran CA, the Golden State was the 5th largest economy in the world. Think it’s now the 7th. Good job.

Gotta ❤️ this story. Dated, but still rings true to this very hour. Here is a shining example. To build a recycling facility on a former landfill site....ain’t going to happen in CA. Not even for the largest recycling company in the world.

“In Phoenix, the emphasis is on granting business permits very quickly.

Arizona’s fast-track permitting allows certified architects and engineers in Phoenix to get building permits in a single day.

By contrast, Duane Woods told KCRA 3 that California’s process is painfully slow.

As a former executive at Waste Management, the largest recycling company in the world, Woods moved his regional headquarters from California to Arizona.

“We started trying to permit a major recycling facility in LA at an old landfill site, mind you. That site is still not permitted to this day,” the former VP told KCRA 3.

Woods said the permitting process has taken more than 10 years, and there still is no facility in California.

Yet, it took just two years to build the same plant in Arizona.

“If you took a white board and said, how can we make it difficult, how many agencies can we layer on, California is just as complex as it can be,” Woods said. “It’s not an employer-friendly state. And to that end, it’s more difficult -- definitely more costly to operate in.”

Of all the states, California ranks dead last for policy friendliness, with key negatives for high taxes, high workers compensation costs and high electricity costs, according to the most recent report from the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.”


Posted by: George Rebane | 19 November 2018 at 03:34 PM

Not surprisingly Punch has no answer to Russ post. Maybe weed will fund the California state government all by itself! He's been wallowing endlessly (not entirely unwarranted) in his new blue mud pit since the election. I doubt he's given anything else much thought.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 19 November 2018 at 03:57 PM

Oh Bill……get with the now…..none of that matters…….Nevada County is Bluuuuuuuue.

Todd Juvinall

General McCraven came out as a pal of CIA Brennan. And he attacked Trump in a nasty way. No wonder Trump smacked the man.


,,,Melania used her personal email for government business

Lock Her Up !!!

Todd Juvinall

Trump shut down the San Ysidro border crossing today.

"M" is a true moron troll.


Posted by: '''M''' | 19 November 2018 at 04:27 PM

Going to be a tough sell given all the Clintons still walking free dugsKKKi.

Don Bessee

Well of course the pony tail of ignorance is downplaying loosing the crown to cnn. You might want to ask the neighborhoods if they are happier now than before? All the big ones have better protections under the current ordinance and the R zoned areas are the most protected of all.



I say bring back the policy of shooting looters on sight.
For the bleeding heart LIB,, then give them a short trial,(of about half an hour) then find a sturdy tree limb.

Bill Tozer

3:57 pm Clarification.
9000 business have left the state, CA lost a net of 14,000 folks. I assume that does not include the illegals. Where is the job creation? And to think Jerry Brown mocked Rick Perry for plucking CA employers. Not all leaving are taking low paying jobs with them. Have you seen Austin lately? It’s like the Silicone Valley of the Sun Belt. There is a reason Boeing bailed from Seattle.
Fish @ 4:04 pm.
Exactomundo. All that matters is Nevada County becomes like Nevada City....and has a dope shop. Don’t forget the pot shop.

I was thinking about something this morning. Something like 94% of the Castro District voted for Hillary and 92% here and 90% there around the Santuary City by the Bay. And still, it ain’t blue enough for them. That be Frisco Values for sure. Watch where you step there, partner. And yes, this stool is taken.

Then I thought of Oberlen College or the like after the 2016 elections. The students voted at a place on campus. Come to find out, among the student body who voted, there was like a hundred that voted for Trump. Well, the unhinged students raced to the voter office and wanted the names of those traitorous racists that voted wrong. “Names,” they demanded, “we want names!” Fortunately for the safety of the guilty the office would not provide the Blue Mob with names. Silly rules. The witch-hunt began to find the evil doers, lol. We know who you are...

Then I thought about all the relatively recent former SF mayors. Like, Di-Fi went in to the Senate, Newsome became Gov, and even Willie Brown has his time as hiz honor. Think Willie was the best of that sorry bunch. Boy, was that ever a recipe for turning the City into a shithole. And now they want it Blue here. No thanks, I use toilet paper.

There are more folks in my area than in Nevada City. Don’t seem very Blue in my neck of the woods. And I vote for Di-Fi cause I figure she would be the first to die. That DeLeon crafted the Santuary State bill and couldn’t risk him in Washington. :) Frisco Values! It’s gonna be like Oaksterdam University right here in Nevada City, the county seat! It’s going to be terrific. It’s going to be beautiful and save Nevada City.


Now this is disappointing…….

"Trump backs down; DROPS plan to keep Acosta out…

Trump should have popped Acosta like a pimple!


Todd Juvinall

FISH I want to see Acosta raising his hand like a little kid needing to ask the teacher for a potty break. And then watch as Trump passes him by. That will be good theater.

Don Bessee

Hey look stormy lost another gig, perhaps she could perk up the po' ol' fakenewsmans copy at KVMR, although it might make him stroke out -

Stormy Daniels: Trump ‘Completely Destroyed’ My Porn Screenwriting Career



Bill Tozer

@5:20 pm: He broke me.

“Not only is the public disinterested, due to her failed defamation suit, she now owes the president thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.”

Ouch. Hard for a working girl to get ahead. O’cosco-Cortez has your back, Stormy.

“There are many little ways in which our electoral system isn’t even designed (nor prepared) for working-class people to lead,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “This is one of them.”

George Rebane

The invasion of Mexico. Now here’s something that will call out the progressives’ cricket corps. The lamestream (along with local liberals) have been mocking President Trump for labeling the thousands of Central Americans “invaders”, those who are marching north to enter the US illegally. And then going hyper when the president sent troops to the border. These liberal know-nothings can’t tell the difference between someone asking for legal entry into our land, from someone planning to illegally crawl over or under our border barriers. To those numbnuts both entrants are undifferentiated as ‘immigrants’, and not invaders, a term invented by Trump. Well boys and girls, now that the ‘migrants’ have hit Tijuana by the thousands and started fighting with the city’s police and citizens, every Mexican interviewed has now started calling them (wait for it) “invaders” – and boy are they angry at these invaders. My money says the lamestream will do everything they can to suppress this little shift in the political winds.

Tonight’s news reports that the first tranche of these invaders number over 10,000 and are overwhelmingly military age males travelling alone, with over 500 who already have been identified as criminals, and the men’s confirmed tactic to generate fake news is to have whatever women and children there are to take the up front positions so that the double dummies in the US will be fooled into thinking this is women and children’s march to our borders. All this is invisible to our anti-American Left.

Exit question – how many retractions and corrections will we hear about all this from the Dem-pocketed progressive media?


Bill. We can help both Paul and Stormy.. We get Paul that subscription for 14.99 for a month, and Stormy can make just enough for cab fair. It's the holidays. Paul can use the kind gesture. It's been a tough year for the ol' geezer, with all that memory failure at such. I will chip in half,,, ....
We can drop off the password at the front desk and the station.

I do love the excuse that "Trump did it". Maybe she can sue the one who told her it was a good idea to try and blackmail Trump.

Don Bessee

@556- Maybe she can sue the one who told her it was a good idea to try and blackmail Trump.

He got evicted from his office, has millions in judgements and taxes and now has a bruised up old lady to defend. He burned through all that go fund me cash taking limos between cnn, MSNBC interviews!



,,,looks like Big Gee got triggered by the Tijuana mayor’s use of the word ‘’’invaders’’’

The town of Gerlach, NV is overrun with more like 50,000 invaders yearly. It’s no big deal.

‘’’Military aged males’’’ nice try with your own trigger words and phrases,,,

Todd Juvinall

Yeah "M" we know you like those gutless "military-aged males". The ones that put the women and children in front just like your lover Sadaam did in the war. What a guy.


Ya, "M"icky,,, for a whole week.. then it take the small town months to clean up the mess.

Paul Emery


At 5:50 you characterize the "invaders" as having "over 500 who already have been identified as criminals"

Do you have any kind of link or documentation to support that statement? I would like to read more on the topic as to how that number was arrived at. Thanks in advance.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 19 November 2018 at 07:31 PM

Do you have any kind of link or documentation to support that statement? I would like to read more on the topic as to how that number was arrived at. Thanks in advance.

Honestly Punch you are the laziest Green Libertarian™ I've ever seen! Get a little cardio in and Google it!


News flash for Paul.. It's all over the news. Tap your bony finger on your smart phone and it will show you. Better yet, just ask your phone to find it.

Don Bessee

Clearly the trolls do not know the definition of invasion -

an occasion when an army or country uses force to enter and take control of another country:
They were planning to mount an invasion of the north of the country.

C2 an occasion when a large number of people or things come to a place in an annoying and unwanted way:
the annual invasion of foreign tourists

C2 an action or process that affects someone's life in an unpleasant and unwanted way

So they are not wrong are they? Now run to the safe space with the playdough and blankie -



Posted by: ***M*** | 19 November 2018 at 06:32 PM

See….this is what I was afraid of! ***M***oron using those woeful caravaners for "services"……you know…. being overrun…..an attack from the rear….putts from the rough….hide the salami…etc.!


I do hope you are paying a living wage….hazard pay if you will…. for those poor unfortunates to risk life and limb satisfying your …..urges!

Don Bessee

@731 Man, homie does love flashing that pony tail of ignorance!


Bonnie McGuire

Paul 3:51
Paul the answer to your question "If the Republicans are so right all the time about things like this why are they on the endangered species list list in California?" Is that big, highly populated cities don't know where all the things they need and enjoy comes from. A kind of welfare they're unaware of...so they follow the leaders of their cult. That's why many years ago we were hired to educate them otherwise. It's not that hard to understand if you've raised children.

George Rebane

PaulE 731pm - Paul, that should be an embarrassing question, even for a dedicated leftie like you. It reveals that you really are fixated only on the messaging available from the lamestream. I'm not "characterizing" anything. The information comes today from Homeland Security and the videos from Tijuana and our Mexican border as reported and shown on Fox News. The Left's ignorance of such ongoing events only illustrates the themes and memes presented in RR commentaries and expanded by RR commenters.

Don Bessee

Fakenewsmen do what fakenewsmen do and the Nevada city fakenewsman wallow's in his ignorance. Dont worry Cnn will never take away the pony tail of ignorance title!


Don Bessee

Well this is kind of skitso, weren't they the party of separation of church and state Nazis destroying prayers and Christmas like yesterday? Then there is the destroy Israel agenda.

Democrats Want to Change a 181-Year-Old Rule to Allow Religious Headwear in the House



Robert Cross

In the "should she be locked up for doing the same thing as Hillary". dept. It seems the second lady Ivanka used her personal email to conduct government business. LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!

Todd Juvinall

What is her security clearance BoobieC. And does she have a illegal server to hide those emails?


Posted by: Robert Cross | 19 November 2018 at 09:03 PM

Eát something bobsy……you'll feel better!

Paul Emery


You are saying that Homeland Security has specifically checked out the individuals that are currently in Mexico and that they have determined that 500 are criminals. How does Homeland Security do that George? They are not even in our country. Does Mexico give them access? Are they all carrying id's that are checked and matched with police and court records? All sounds pretty Trumpish to me. Help explain the process to me if you know it.

Bill Tozer

Quote of the day:

Re: The Left: “Human rights should be reserved for righteous humans.” —Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum on the caravasion’s impact on his city

Other quotes of the day:

Yes, she actually said it: “If we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of Congress — uh, rather, all three chambers of government — the presidency, the Senate, and the House in 2020 — we can’t start working in 2020.” —Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez with a civics lesson that makes no sense regardless of how you read it. Guess she hasn’t heard about the 3rd co-equal Chamber of Government, the Judiciary. :). Wow.

“The coffee shop where [Ocasio-Cortez] ‘got her start’ had to close down because minimum wage hikes have put them out of business. The same minimum wage Socialist Ocasio wants to increase is killing jobs in her community yet she still supports raising it."—Charlie Kirk

The Gipper: “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

George Rebane

PaulE 1022pm - Paul, please check the news more thoroughly. And then ask the feds. I am not privy to their means and methods.


An inaugural sweep for he "Gibsmedat" caucus!



,,,looks likes the troops are coming home from the Southern Front

Invaders vanquished!!!

Military aged males are going back to looking for blue collar jobs as ‘’’working aged males’’’


Posted by: ***M*** | 20 November 2018 at 07:17 AM

I thought you were moving back to the old country to sample Middle Eastern "cuisine"?

Paul Emery

Here's a chance once again for all of you to once again chant"lock her up"

Ivanka Trump Used Personal Email For Government Business Hundreds Of Times: Report
“She was the worst offender in the White House,” one insider told The Washington Post of Trump’s eldest daughter.


Paul Emery

So George I surmise you automatically believe it because it's on Fox.

Paul Emery

Smells like fake news to me.


,,,yes Paul,,,Ivanka’s lawyer went through the President’s daughter’s emails and selected certain emails that she thought were relevant as official emails

Sound familiar???

Lock Her Up!!!


,,,what’s worse is that Ivanka would have to be brain dead not to have noticed her Dottering Dotard father yelling ‘’’lock her up’’’ for years

Se was on notice,,,but did not care

Meanwhile Trump has spent 159 days golfing...annd is heading down for another round this week.


,,,Donnie, Donnie,,,all stock market gains for 2018 wiped out this morning!!!

Don’t jump!!!

Paul Emery

Yeah 159 days golfing and no time to spend with our Vets

"Why didn’t he go when he had the chance? According to a transcript of his conversation with Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace from an interview set to air Sunday, he was “extremely busy” on Veterans Day.


re: "military aged males"

I rather like the turn of phrase. It's like saying 'military style assault weapon' when what you mean is semiautomatic rifle. Or 'climate denier' when what you mean is 'someone who doesn't believe your models are accurate'.

re: Linda Sarsour and company.

It does bring up the problem of ranking of groups. I was hoping that PaulE/M/Señor Cross ('cross' being the operative word) could help out with this using the new science of intersectionality. I have a feeling that AfricanAmericans outrank the 57 genders, but I'm not sure what the order is between feminism and Islam. Much work is needed here. TIA

re: Military and the border.

It's a pity that razor wire is an aesthetic disaster, but they appear to have put up a good bit of it. Cheap and efficient. I expect Trump to attempt to sneak border $$$$ into the military budget but oddly, protecting the periphery of the country is not a military issue. Go figure. No doubt the Posse Comitatus folks will wave their signs, yet another Civil War era-based rule set that, like the 14th amendment, is used by the Open Borders folks for evil doings.

George Rebane

PaulE 738am - Paul, the embarrassment continues. You sure are one thick-skinned newsman. Fox News is demonstrably the most comprehensive and reliable news source out there. That is why its numbers are what they are. Their viewership draws from both sides.

Your training apparently has taught you to assess the verity of a news report without 1) first being aware of it, and 2) coming to a conclusion without even checking it out. You might consider as part of your continuing education to know that had FN's reports of the migrants' criminality (guess the possible technologies used to determine that) and Tijuana's reception of the hoodlums been false (one hell of a Photoshopping job), then the lamestream would have been shouting it all over the world. But they are silent, why? because 1) the reports are true and easily verifiable, and 2) they would then reveal that they regularly filter and omit news that doesn't fit the Left's anti-American narrative. That's a no-no.


on other matters. I rather like this sentence:

"The danger of Antifa is not that they will do much damage themselves, but that they will normalize political violence for those who would be good at it."


In the meantime, the Blue Mob keeps on mobbin'.

A problem that needs fixing.


Lady givin' 'em what for. Turn on CC and auto translate (amazing how far they've come on that) if your 100 mph Spanish isn't up to par.



Blue Mob General Speaks

Paul Emery


So just because the"mainstream" has not inquired automatically means the reports are verified in your view.

Here's another look and a more honest assessment:

"More than 500 criminals were traveling in the migrant caravan at the San Ysidro border crossing, DHS said
Officials would not reveal how they identified the criminals, but said most were men, according to Fox News"


George Rebane

PaulE 833am - OK, so what's your problem with that?

And my statement about the lamestream was to disabuse your claim of these reports "smelling" like "fake news" to you. Given the history of rabid lamestream responses to any information that may embarrass the administration, you can bet the farm that they would have jumped all over these reports of criminality and Tijuana's response had they been false. Only die-hard progressives (like you?) still try to nitpick the sources of reporting to assess verity.

Get over it - you missed the news due to your narrow purview (it's even in today's Union), and now you're in damage control.

Paul Emery

No damage control just questioning the veracity of the story. Do you have any doubt George? If you have found further verification I'm interested in checking it out. I googled and nothing but "they said so".

By the way am I not doing my job in questioning this?


,,,yes George,,,Fox News hounds are obviously better investigators than the CIA, Army Intelligence, FBI,,,at least Trump must think so. If it is good enough for '''The Tweeter''' it should be good enough for us.


"better investigators than the CIA, Army Intelligence, FBI"

Ah yes. The 17 intelligence agencies. Perhaps you had better toddle on off to a CIA black site and waterboard a few prisoners for the evening news Mr. M

It's funny how you didn't have to lift many rocks to see where the real authoritarians live.


Our Proggys here sure show their true colors. They cheer the invaders at the boarder, and what the FED is doing to the stock market. ( just keep raising the internist rate to the market collapses.) That should work out just swell for those needing to rebuild from all the fires damage.

And the buzzard of Broad St. won't believe Dept. of Homeland Sec.

So Paul, where are the invaders supposed to be housed? We have 20,000 that are now homeless virtually overnight due to ECO "pretty". Who gets housing first?


,,,scenes,,,speaking of authoritarians it looks like our Wannabe Autocrat in Chief has fallen in love yet again!!!

,,,Lil Kim
,,,and now MBS!!!


Posted by: Walt | 20 November 2018 at 09:46 AM

So Paul, where are the invaders supposed to be housed? We have 20,000 that are now homeless virtually overnight due to ECO "pretty". Who gets housing first?

C'mon Walt we don't call them "invaders"……think of them more as "undocumented democrats" or cut rate "service providers" for dugsKKKi.


,,,according to '''inside sources''' Fox News did you miss it??? Trump is afraid to go to war zones to visit the troops because he might be killed.

Does he think our brave and dedicated soldiers are incompetent???

Paul Emery

Scenes in case you missed it the "17 agencies" issued a detailed report of their findings with ways and means included. Where is the "report" from Homeland Security that gives any insight into the information they claim to have. For your side a simple "they said so" is good enough if it comes from Fox news.

Todd Juvinall

Not one ballot was tampered with by the Rooskies.

Bill Tozer

Too funny. Obama says Trump is confused and has Mommie issues. Call you say projection? Obama’s Mommie dumped him off at relatives or anyone that would take him so she could go save the world and did not have time to be a Mother. Can you say aba There is injustice in Indonesia and parts unknown. Later, Barry. Can you say abandonment issues? Ain’t easy being an orphan.

Well, makes sense that he wore Mom jeans to throw out the first pitch. Think it is Obama who is confused and has Mommie issues. Bobby Cross has big time Daddy issues...among a few other posters here.


Just saw Michelle is Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year. I remember when Bruce Jenner was Women of the Year. It took courage for Caitlyn to come out and say that Bruce had been touching her inappropriately for years.

Besides Mommie issues, Obama said Trump hangs around with hateful people. Harbors hate. Like “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” folks invited to White House? Hate? Well, the lion’s share of hate I can see is on MSNBC, Huf-n-Puff blog, Antifa, BLM, Communists, anarchists....you know, all the violent hate groups under the umbrella of Socialist Democrats.


Todd Juvinall

Here is a prime example of why holding the Senate was so important. This Judge needs to be retired. How can a Judge impose a lawless order on the country? Illegal aliens in this Judge's opinion have more rights than we Americans. Get these scum out of the position of power.


George Rebane

Everyone notice that our liberal commenters will not touch the reported migrants issues?


Hey Dougy.. Is that your boy riding all over town on a peddle bike with a sign advertising " Will kidnap your ex for pocket change"?

Todd Juvinall

If anyone doubts the democrats have no sense of humor go read all their attempts to make a racist out of the gal running for Senate in Mississippi. She never mentioned race but the left does what they always do and are trying to make it so. Just like Trump's jest on the Hillary emails, the left thinks they have this gals t*ts in a wringer. But hopefully the people there will reh=ject them and put her in the Senate.


,,,yes Walter,,,I told him to ask for beer instead of pocket change because beer is so expensive now. The young,,,when will they learn???

Paul Emery

I did touch on the migrant issues George by questioning what resources and process was used by Homeland Security to come up with what was described by Fox news as 500 "criminals" among the immigrants at the border. If you come up with any useful information to answer that question let me know.

Robert Cross

Not one ballot was tampered with by the Rooskies.-- DUH!! that is not how it works. They don't tamper with ballots they tamper with susceptible minds filling their heads with fake news which is then passed on via blogs and facebook. No ballot tampering and only a handful of documented voter fraud... just persuasion. How do you think trump won the election? By selective targeting of propaganda in selected precincts in selected states that come into play only in the electoral college. Neither trump nor Bush won the popular vote only the outdated electoral college


How many criminals do you think are among the caravaners, Paul?

An off topic fire story is here

We had a colliedog when my son was growing up, joining our family when the kid was 5; Tashadog the Border Collie died when he was an undergraduate. I sent him the above link and his take was the dog probably figured out how to turn on the faucet and hose the place down. Could be, could be.


BobbieC, Hillary also didn't win the popular vote. She came up short of 50% plus one. If the country would adopt popular vote over the Electoral College, there'd have to be a runoff election.

What a cluster-something that would be... every close election would require a hand recount of the whole bloody country with lawsuits flying. Not just Broward and Palm Beach Counties, FL.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 20 November 2018 at 11:26 AM

…..thanks bobsy!

Bill Tozer

DACA: children brought to the United States at no fault of their own.


“The prosecutor shared that the Brooklyn man, who left his Bulls hat behind at the scene of the crime, had a forged U.S. resident card and Social Security card.”


Another neighborhood freed and safe for immigrants. But, they are coming back.

“Police and community leaders in East Boston and other nearby cities where MS-13 has long been active credit a case winding down in Boston federal court for the current break in gang violence.

“Some 60 members of MS-13 were rounded up by the FBI and state and local police in January 2016 in what authorities have touted as nation’s largest single takedown of the notorious Salvadoran gang. Most of those still awaiting sentencing are scheduled to have their day in court this month.

“At the time of the raid, officials said they took down about a third of the MS-13 presence in Massachusetts, as well as leaders of the gang’s East Coast Program, which also oversaw factions in Houston; Columbus, Ohio; New Jersey; Virginia; Maryland; and North Carolina.

“President Donald Trump has consistently singled out MS-13 as a threat to national security, even though its U.S. presence remains relatively small compared with street gangs like the Bloods and Crips.

“It gave us a restart,” Chelsea Police Capt. Keith Houghton said of the raid. “We now have a chance to work with new kids coming to our community to show them things are different. You can come here and have a chance to be normal kid and not get mixed up in gangs.”

“To date, 49 gang members have been convicted, with many facing 15 years to life in prison for racketeering crimes like attempted murder, drug distribution, robbery and extortion, according to U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling’s office.

“Sixteen defendants were charged in six killings from 2014 to 2016. Three other MS-13-related deaths from that period are also being tried in local courts.“

“And in the East Boston neighborhood, there have been just two murders in the past two years, which police say are also not linked to MS-13.

“Officers, however, continue to see troubling signs the gang is replenishing its ranks, including on social media, said Boston Police Deputy Superintendent Gerard Bailey, who until recently headed the department’s gang unit.

“They are back where they were, in a lot of ways,” he said. “We know the violence can happen, at any given moment.”


Hmmm. Trump brought relatives of murdered loved ones at the hand of illegal aliens to the State of the Union. Democrats brought illegal aliens.

George Boardman

Paul, Dr. R's favorite newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, is also skeptical of the "500 criminals" in the caravan. From today's edition:

"The HDS official also said at least 500 criminals were traveling with the caravan. When asked to provide details of how the administration identified criminals, the official declined, saying the U.S. had to protect its sources."

Right. I suspect this is a number somebody plucked out of thin air. Accuracy and truthfulness have never been high priorities of the Trump administration.


Well "bobby",,, you the gullible one who supposedly got suckered to vote for Trump? With all the great things of change Trump has done,, yet you bitch.


And a little something for "No voter fraud" Emery,,

Some of the nine charged were identified as Kirkland Kauzava Washington, Harold Bennett, and Louis Thomas Wise – who are each facing eight counts. The others: Richard Howard, Rose Makeda Sweeney, Christopher Joseph Williams, Jakara Fati Mardis, Norman Hall and Nickey Demelvin Huntley, are each facing four counts. Their ages range from 28 to 62, and each could end up having to serve a maximum of around five to six years in prison if convicted.

None seem to be anywhere close to being Russians.


Some facts for Capt. Crickets.
There are more than 500 criminals among the migrants trying to get into the U.S, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

DHS officials said Monday that the criminals are part of the caravan that is currently sitting in Tijuana and expected to enter the U.S. at San Diego.
The U.S. Border Patrol has reacted to the caravan’s arrival by shutting down the highway leading into the U.S. from the San Ysidro border crossing.

“Unfortunately, some members of the caravan are purposely causing disruptions at our border ports of entry,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tweeted. “There is a legal and illegal way to enter the U.S. We have deployed additional forces to protect our border.” (RELATED: Report: There Are Four Migrant Caravans Heading To The US Border)

Reports of criminality have followed the migrant caravan throughout its journey from Honduras through Mexico. A Reuters report detailed how some of the migrants are armed with guns and Molotov cocktails that could presumably be used against U.S. border patrol or army personnel. Another migrant confessed to a reporter that he had been convicted of attempted murder, but hopes he can obtain a pardon in the U.S.

Real news our fake news guy refuses to report.

Give up claiming to be a news dude Paul,, there is an opening at KOLD. There is a stack of 72s waiting for ya'.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Cross
Fakenews on Facebook is the reason Hillary lost?? ROFLMAO. If you listen to the fakenews, they leave you with the impression that Abrams lost by a razor thin margin in GA. No, she lost by 60,000 votes.... in Georgia. Scott won by 10,000 votes in the much more populous FLA. That was close. Illegitimate!

Some stories on social media is why Hillary lost. Right. It’s not like she did not have a long history to look at. The trouble with Hillary is she is so adverse letting people see her inner self....to see who that person behind the handlers and curtains is. Revealing who she really is is like sunlight hitting a vampire to her. What, it took 60-90 experts working weeks to come up with a simple campaign slogan that captured Hillary’s essence and what she stood for. They couldn’t, lol. “I’m with Her” is all the best and brightest who knew her could manage. Trump came up with “I’m with you” off the top of his head and he was he was giving his unscripted speeches at fun filled rallies. Hillary’s small gatherings were not so fun.

Love to see Bobby still crying over the electoral college after all these centuries. Just like Hillary. Afterall, Hillary told us it was inconceivable not to accept the results of the election....until she lost. Now she can’t accept the agony of defeat.
She lost fair and square and has never won a closely contested election. Well, Bernie got closer and his supporters were chanting “Lock her up, Lock her up!” Of course, Hillary kept the Bernie Bros far far away from the Convention Center when she accepted the party’s election. IFar away so the news would not cover the Bernie supporters “Lock her up” chants on the streets behind fences in the City of Brotherly Love.

No wait. Hillary lost because of white women who did not vote for her solely because she has a viagina. Not wait. She lost because Nigel said bad things about her at one of Trump’s rally. No wait. Hillary lost because Trump colluded with the Russians to steal her rightful turn to be coronated Queen. No wait. Hillary lost because of dumb voters! It’s illegitamite! It’s illegitimate in Georgia! It’s illegimate everywhere the Dems lost. Racism!

Oh Bobbie. Can you tell us why voters who voted for Obama twice voted for Trump? Did they become racists overnight? Yep, dumb racist voters are deplorable. Some are irredeemable.

Do you want to know the real reason why Hillary lost? I will tell you. It’s because Obama and Michelle campaigned hard for Hillary in Florida and Pennsylvania. That was all Trump needed to get over the top.
Think about it. In this year of the Blue Wave, Obama (and even Ophra) campaigned hard for Stacy in Georgia. Very hard. She lost. Obama campaigned hard for Gillium in Florida. He lost. Obama went to Ohio twice to campaign for somebody special, and he/she lost.

Now, what does that tell you? It tells me that after voting for Obama twice, the voters got smart.

Paul Emery

Thanks George B. I did some searching for information to support the contention of 500 criminals and found none. I knew a credible news source would look into the process of gaining the information and the Conservative Wall Street Journal went there. No effort from George R to find that information.

Todd Juvinall

BooboeC please tell us all how the Rooskies affected the brains of those voters again. I recall they spent $100,000 AFTER the election was over! So if the democrats are that stupid they belong in asylum.

As far as criminals in the caravan. I read that too and saw it reported on TV. Maybe there is a secret server in the place.

Todd Juvinall



Posted by: Paul Emery | 20 November 2018 at 12:57 PM

No effort from George R to find that information……

Well he's not a journalist……but than again…..neither are you.

Todd Juvinall

The press is trying to skewer Trump on the Saudi killing of Kashoggi. I recall Obama giving the Iranians billions of dollars and never being criticized as they were the financiers of the murder of 244 Marines in Lebanon.


500 is probably conservative!

I expect these sorts of apologetics from Punch and dugsKKKi George but you're supposed to be smarter than they (who are we kidding I know you are…)!



I guess I'm curious as to why those two nitwits are so bound and determined to import the third worlds detritus? The Wall Street Journal……OK I get it….. they are speaking for the cheap labor industry lobby. But why would the two most stalwart members of "The Upright Citizens Brigade" think its a good idea to import problems?!

Todd Juvinall

Carl's Jr is moving to Tennessee. https://www.ocregister.com/2018/11/19/carls-jr-to-close-its-anaheim-office-ending-a-california-legacy/

FISH, I think Paul Emery and "M" are looking for some really cheap landscape maintenance people and these criminals might be the cat's meow for them.

Bill Tozer

It’s all the fault of those dumb voters who post nasty comments on FB.

“Bernie Sanders supporters took to the streets Sunday to protest with the same controversial lines that had been used by Republicans at their convention last week.

The Wall Street Journal reported that protesters chanted “lock her up,” with some wearing “Hillary for Prison” T-shirts, as they marched in Philadelphia the day before the Democratic National Convention.


Or, maybe it’s all Obama’s fault. Or, maybe it’s all Putin’s fault.


Bill Tozer

Maybe he should self identify as a woman with child and apply for asylum.


The government warned federal judges in 2016 that their attempts to create a catch-and-release policy for illegal immigrant families would lead to children being “abducted” by migrants hoping to pose as families to take advantage.

The court brushed aside those worries and imposed catch-and-release anyway.
Two years later, children are indeed being kidnapped or borrowed by illegal immigrants trying to pose as families, according to Homeland Security numbers, which show the U.S. is on pace for more than 400 such attempts this year. That would be a staggering 900 percent increase over 2017’s total.

On the same day (Oct. 23, 2018) that Chuck Todd said there is no evidence of criminals in the caravan, Fox interviewed caravan members.



,,,yes fishbrain,,,that's why the Army is leaving the border


,,,Trump's got a plan for hurricanes and floods also,,,


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