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15 November 2018


Bonnie McGuire

I remember when the Democrats were called "Hawks" because they were the war-mongers always stirring up wars...from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam etc....Thousands of our young men sacrificed all over the world for freedom while it was being undermined here. Amazing political magician's shell game...now you see it and now you don't.

Paul Emery


What is your core reaction to the "lock her up" chants aimed at Hillary during the campaign and even after the election from Trump supporters. Is that not presuming guilt and proposing punishment when there were even been charges filed against her?

Does this not "violate the very basis of western jurisprudence" as you put it?

Paul Emery


"when there were not even charges filed against her...

Todd Juvinall

The Feds had to invent a IRS arrest to finally get Al Capone even though every American knew he murdered dozens of people.

Bill Tozer

Oh boy. The Union is full of the unhinged today. It is a good confirmation why I don’t read the editorial section but every now and then. Sickening how thick vitroal and ignorance is displayed. Then I read another letter from a complete self-deluding self deceiving bafoon. He started saying he wants all citizens to vote in CA, no neeed for ID. We are so much better than those other states. The idiot used the CA Territory (before Statehood) as his history lesson as how special CA is because the Statehood vote did not require ID.

Newsflash: We all want every citizen to vote. All Citizens, not all Residents. All those legally entitled to vote and only those who are citizens. Is an ID is a horribly bad requirement to vote? What, are we on the honor system now?
What, are brown, red, yellow and black people too dumb and too incapable to get an ID? Are black people and persons of color that helpless that they cannot seek and obtain a ID? Is filling out a form too difficult? Are they what CNN labeled Kayan West as ”a dumb negro”, “this is happens when negros don’t read.” ?? Is that what you are saying. Sounds to me that opinion writer wants his slaves back.

Newsflash, part two: Yo, idiot opinion writer. Go to any airport in CA. All those people of every size, shape, economic tier, of every color (including black, red, yellow, and brown) ALL have IDs just to get on the plane or hang out in the boarding area. They probably got IDs without someone holding their hand and helping them out...doing it for them. Are all the airport travelers just visitors and not citizens without CA ID??????

You cannot vote in Mexico without an ID. You have to head up to CA to do so.

Wel back to the topic.

I believe her....but even the Creepy Porn Lawyer is affforded the presumption of innocence, even after 100 appearances on CNN...so much so that one host joked the Creepy Porn Lawyer should be called “his co-host” on CNN.


Don Bessee

In the best socialist tradition -



Bill Tozer

“Defense spending and a strong American military has never been in the Left’s desiderata for all the obvious reasons.”

Oh contraire, Dr. Rebane. They are all for defending other countries with our money. Look how they freaked out when that heartless Trump told NATO, Japan, and South Korea to start paying their fair share



Federal Judge Orders Hillary To Submit to Interrogation. Disaster for 2020 Ambitions?

A federal court has ruled that Hillary Clinton must answer questions under oath about the private email server she used while serving as secretary of state during President Barack Obama’s first four years in office.

The ruling, issued by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, stems from a lawsuit from the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Court rules late today Hillary Clinton must answer more email questions — including key q’s about the setting up of her email system,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted after the ruling.


I will bet a small sandwich at a drive up window that her answer is "I do not recall" or "I do not remember"

Scott O

poor Paul - "What is your core reaction to the "lock her up" chants aimed at Hillary during the campaign and even after the election from Trump supporters."
The people chanting have absolutely no authority or power over Hillary and those were political rallies - not formal proceedings or hearings.
Kavanaugh was being accused in public of a violent criminal act at a hearing for his nomination for a position to the Supreme Court.
I suppose when Paul goes to a football game and hears the fans of one side or the other chant violence against the opposing team he actually believes they are depriving the other side of their 'due process'.
What - no trial at half time?
Really, Paul.
Do try to not tilt at windmills.

Paul Emery


If Hillary responds by saying "I do not recall" or "I do not remember" she would be guilty of plagiarism. Those lines were used by Jeff Sessions over and over when he was questioned by Congress about the Russian stuff.

George Rebane

PaulE 105pm - Sure Paul. But those 'lock her up' calls are just a response that she got off with a pass with admitted evidence against her that had to be doctored by Comey's interpretation. No one really wants to lock her up without a trial; but so far she hasn't even an indictment against her. That's what a lot of people think is gross injustice compared to what has been pulled against Repubs.

Bottom line - when government plays corrupt games, people react very emotionally since reasonable argument no longer matters. I think we both can understand that.


,,,stupid is as stupid does,,, Federal deficit jumps 17%!!!


Scott O

M - you're waaaaaaay slow to the party.
Do try to keep up.
We just don't seem to recall you being upset when it was Obama's debt.

Tricky McClean

“I have here in my pocket - and thank heaven you can't see them - lewd, dirty, obscene, and I'm ashamed to say this: French postcards. They were sold to me in front of your own innocent high school by a man with a black beard... a foreigner.”

Todd Juvinall

LOCK HER UP! My friend Susan who attended the convention in Cleveland originated the chant. I am not saying she copied the democrats famous chants like Hey Hey Ho Ho, tricky dickie has to go or anything similar. But the chant to lock her up may soon be realized as her world is unraveling and her lies and thievery and unsecured servers is being found out to be true. But Paul Emery like all the other hypocrite liberals never said a word or a chant to the pals they had in power. So it just makes me smile that "what goes around comes around" and now it is biting them all on the ass.
Looks like the Florida races were saved from be stolen by the quick action of Scott and DeSantis. In my view they headed off another theft be the democrats. Georgis looks good too. But California appeaers to be stolen. The Golden State in now the "gilded" state. Meaning its nards were removed.

Paul Emery

California "stolen" Todd. Are you saying our elections are corrupt. Can you provide a couple examples?

Robert Cross

another thing that widens the chasm between left and right:

In the 'stupidest thing ever said by a President' category: Trump had this to say about why Democrats made gains...“When people get in line that have absolutely no right to vote and they go around in circles,” Trump told the Daily Caller. “Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again. Nobody takes anything. It’s really a disgrace what’s going on.”

Voter fraud via people putting on disguises and voting multiple times. Do you think one of those pairs of glasses with the big plastic nose and mustache would work donnie? Not to mention his reference to people needing ID to buy cereal.

Tricky McClean

“I was accosted by three painted women. Your streets are made unsafe by shameless, diseased hussies, rapacious pick-pockets, and insidious opium-smokers.”

Todd Juvinall

We caught those thieving democrats early enough in Georgia and Florida but too late in Arizona. Of course in Minnesota they found all those ballots for the comedian in some closets and in Washington State they recounted so many times they were able to slip in enough fraud votes to win for the democrat.

Bill Tozer

Robert Cross
It just make one lose faith in the election process. Gotta wait. What to do with ballots postcarded after Election Day? How do you interpret the intentions of a voter when both both boxes are checked for governor or Senator? Do you toss that office vote out or count it for one or the other? What do you do when the candidate check boxes are left blank? Who fills it in or interputs the mind of the voter ? What do you do when signatures do not match with the ballot? No, not the difference between John P. Smith and John Smith or J. Smith. When they aren’t even close to a match? Why count those ballots? Why were ballots deemed illegal (or invalid) counted anyway. These are the problems encountered in the usual two suspicious counties in Florida. What readily appears from here as no-brainer answers to these questions, that is what they are wrestling with in Broward County. WTF.
Counting every vote, even the ones left blank and are filled in later....even the ones postmarked a couple days after the election, and ......fill in the blank.

At least the Parkland shooter got registered to vote in jail.

Why cannot they tell us how many votes are outstanding? Cause they don’t know. Or won’t answer, period. Gotta wait to see how many they need??? Why can’t the election officials tell us how many votes were cast? Cause they don’t want to say. Why did the panhandle of Florida, after experiencing nearly a mouth without electricity due to the hurricane, had NO problem counting and recording the votes in a quick timely manner while in Palm Beach and Coward County the Dems are still voting.....before and after the election, lol.

And what was up with that airport bomb scare??? A Dem official leaves the rental car at the airport at tAvis with a box of ballots in the trunk of the car. They thought it was a bomb and it shut the whole airport down, lol. No, it was just ballots, provisional and such.

But, what were the ballots doing in a Dem rental car at the airport?? Who knows. Keep finding boxes all over the place. Grammar school closets, at the airport, in backs of rental trucks with no security.....makes one lose faith in the process. Time will tell.

That Coward County has colluded to steal an election more times than the Russians.


Don Bessee

Now that's an interesting turn of events -



Paul Emery


What proof do you have for your accusations? A couple of links will be a start. How about California-examples of voter fraud. Do you believe Denny's vote count in Nevada County is honest?

Todd Juvinall

63 dead found with 631 missing.

George Rebane

Gentlemen - this is Scattershots, please stay on the topics. The sandbox is open for your other interests.


,,,speaking of ideological chasms,,,who will be the first Rebanier to finally realize that Trumpski does not deserve the blind alliegence they are giving him???



"It is just as bad to assume innocence as it is to assume guilt."

I really like that phrase. It sounds like something from an old Pogo cartoon.

I'd say that it'll become easier to be guilty as the scope of thought crimes expands. You can see the future of the US in the UK's treatment of speech, and the BlueMob-run internet giants have a nice marriage with the 17 intelligence agencies to increasingly slam a new system in place.

I was reading that book by Julian Assange (one smart cookie) detailing when he was interviewed by the banality of evil, one Eric Schmidt. He made the point that the amount of censorship doesn't reflect free speech, but the comfort of the ruling class in their position. Societies that crack down on speech (Egypt, China) fear revolutionary movements. The West appears to be slipping towards that.


"'It is just as bad to assume innocence as it is to assume guilt."'

Presume vs. assume,,, could be a problem for second language learners,,,

"'Assume is a verb that means to suppose, to take for granted, to take upon, to don, or to undertake. In the shared meaning of “to suppose,” presume is usually used when you suppose based on probability, while assume is used when you suppose without any evidence."'


George Rebane

M 849am – It appears that again you are out of your depth here Mr M both in reading skills and, as always, logic. The quote in my post represents the submitted written word in the letters section of The Union. You should have learned long ago about the use of quotes and semi-quotes on RR where the practice of semantic orthogonality is almost a fetish.

And your research into the attempt to discover a semantic discriminant for ‘assume’ and ‘presume’ is equally faulty, for there is none. Lay definitions, let alone lay understanding, of probabilistics and assessing the reliability of propositions is essentially non-existent in today’s public forums and media. Examine, if you can, the frequent uses of ‘possibility’ and ‘probability’ in the attempt to somehow convey the likelihood that something may have taken place or may take place. There is no meaningful difference between ‘It possibly happened’ and ‘It probably happened’, since formally both are probabilistically ambiguous statements – i.e. any possible event has a non-zero probability of occurring or having occurred.

An even more egregious example of a confused definition can be found for ‘presume’ (which you probably extracted), that in its first version states – to “suppose that something is the case on the basis of probability”, and then immediately notes that ‘assume’ is its synonym. In common usage ‘presume’ and ‘assume’ are semantically identical in that functionally they both refer to propositions that have a non-zero, yet unknown, probability of being true. BTW, no one, including you, knows what "based on probability" means.

I didn’t know English was your second language, but your having instead learned it in Great Society public schools could explain away many of your contributions to these comment streams.

Tricky McClean

“Lay definitions, let alone lay understanding, of probabilistics and assessing the reliability of propositions is essentially non-existent in today’s public forums and media. Examine, if you can, the frequent uses of ‘possibility’ and ‘probability’ in the attempt to somehow convey the likelihood that something may have taken place or may take place. There is no meaningful difference between ‘It possibly happened’ and ‘It probably happened’, since formally both are probabilistically ambiguous statements – i.e. any possible event has a non-zero probability of occurring or having occurred.”



Camp of the Saints, Part Dos.



Interesting footage. Gotta love youtube.


George Rebane

Environmentalists' epiphany?? I invite your kind attention to the 16nov18 update to the commentary on California's wildfires.

Scott O

re: "Khasshoggi’s killers to get the death penalty"
Let's try to keep events in order and relevance to reality.
No one is happy about him being murdered. But I do believe in keeping a equal stance on such events. This happens all the time. Why the outcry now?
It depends.
Yes it does. Some central American tinpot dictator 'disappears' citizens and the American left go nuts. China does the same to their good folks in much higher numbers and the American left just shrugs.
The (apparently) former head of Interpol just 'went missing' in his homeland of China and it's shrugs all around.
Too bad, so sad.
In Russia they do the dirty even better. "Some one Putin doesn't like gets poisoned in England?"
Examining their finger nails, the Russians are rather calm and just suggest that probably we should go and fornicate ourselves.
The actual murderer gets a big medal and a new assignment.
Then everyone in Moscow laughs like hell at the west for being so vexed at some trouble maker who was warned repeatedly about his actions by those who would have his head.
None of this means we should not object to K's murder.
But if you are going to 'take action', then start with the larger picture.

George Rebane

ScottO 603pm - Of course, but then why take action at all if it does not serve any specific interest of ours. Are we to be the moral metric and enforcing marshal of global mores?

Scott O

I did say 'if'.
"Are we to be the moral metric and enforcing marshal of global mores?"
Well - we were and have been.
When South Africa was run by whites it sure seemed to be a no-brainer, but now that the blacks running South Africa are abusing whites based on skin color, it's ho-hum.
I'm not advocating action but questioning those who have suddenly decided that action is necessary. Or not.
If you are going to be a brave defender of democracy, then you must start with the worst offender.
That, of course, might involve getting your nose bloodied a smidge, so you work on those minor players just to show everyone how dedicated you are.


Behold, Karma. the leftist idiots raised this generation on unthinking victimhood. did they think it wouldn’t turn on them? Sarah Hoyt

Ocasio-Cortez turning into a nightmare for Congressional Dems


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is claiming that she is being discriminated against by House Democrats, implying racism. It turns out that she not only brings lots of media attention, she also carries a truckload of attitude.

Scott O

Russ - And O-C is not alone. Marcia Fudge is now agitating to get Pelosi replaced cause she's so white. The identity group victim pecking order the left is so fond of will get the Dems tangled up in knots. The old order of Dems are going to have a hard time explaining to the new upstarts that the 'blame old white guys' routine is to be used only against the Rs.

Robert Cross

In the "who gives a shit about the cannon fodder, they're dead and can't buy my cool Christmas ornaments" dept. Herr trump said he was "too busy" making phone calls to honor veterans on Veteran's Day with a visit to Arlington National Cemetery. What a great leader of men. Very encouraging to those brave men and women who might have to sacrifice their lives for that chicken hawk's personal agenda? Does the term "narcissist" ring any bells? Does the fact that an academy of 300 political science professors from around the country who rate and have rated every President in our history rate trump as the worst President ever mean anything? What about the 83 lies he recently told IN ONE DAY, any red flags go up? Oh and be sure to tell the folks in Paradise that climate change is a hoax like trump says.

Todd Juvinall

Oh BoobieC you fell for that fake news again. If you had a brain you would stop embarrassing yourself.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 17 November 2018 at 11:07 AM

Hey....look who's back......all 600 lbs of bobsy!

Todd Juvinall

Chinese food did not suit him.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 17 November 2018 at 11:22 AM

Sorry Todd.....looks like it did!

Of course my fear that he would disappear and turn up as the main course at a Chinese banquet did not occur! Hmmm....need to go back and check my math!


Robert [email protected]:07 AM. Climate change is not a hoax, the climate is changing all the time. The hoax is the idea being pushed by you global warmers that humans can control the climate by adjusting the human CO2 emission control knob. Human CO2 emission is minimal when compared to natural discharge, including forest fires, volcanos both on the surface and under the ocean, and outgassing from increased ocean temperatures. The real danger is believing humans can control the climate. We cannot, that’s Mother Nature domain.

The real problem is not temperature change but drought. For the past 200 years, we have been living in a moist period in the Southwest Desert, according to the West Without Water. I highly recommend this book if readers are interested in understanding climate change in California, and it all about solar and ocean warming and cooling cycles.

Bill Tozer

The fire current two CA fires are equivalent to 1.1 milion automobiles’s pollution for a year. Just saying.

Bill Tozer

Concerning the caravan.
From a dentist Mexico City sent to give dental care to the caravan. The translation is horrendous. Read in Espanol if you can.
I read many such stories from Mexico about the caravan. It’s this pushy “we are special” attitude....nah, this entitlement mindset that rings so familiar to the economic Muslim migrates flooding Europe (except for sexually assualting European social workers from Germany to Sweden). Give an inch, take a mile. It’s like we owe them.

We all know the difference between a demand and a request.

“They scream " compliments " every time they cross a woman, few say " thank you " and no one says " please ". they are people who are demanding things right and sinister. They have a tent with all the clothes donated, they gave them too much clothes, most new, but they don't care if it's new they want brand clothes; " if they're not tennis " Naic " I don't want them ", I heard . Clothes that don't want to throw it aside and step on it like nothing.
“They throw the food they are given and they will buy pizzas, go to the market for food run, to the tacos across the street (where they give them special migrant price). On Friday there was a Mexican Lord in street situation asking for the food they didn't want, since he hadn't eaten in days, they didn't give it to him.
Two companions stole material, got into the tent and took two bags with cavitrones, gloves and low-speed pieces. Behind the tent left the bags destroyed, the broken boxes, all undone; equal, right behind the tent, to the height where I was attending went to defecate. The Coordinator of the event (by the cdmx) gave him the same and asked us to continue to attend.
“All they are given is in good faith, with the intention of helping, they do not care about the effort and expenses they involve, they only want more and demand it. And they all they do is get high, get drunk, play cards and feel on vacation.”


“few say thank you, no one says please.”

Bill Toer

“America is the only country that is expected to take what others dish out.”

Funny, true, and sad. 6 minutes


Scott O

"Does the fact that an academy of 300 political science professors from around the country who rate and have rated every President in our history rate trump as the worst President ever mean anything?"
Bobby is asking if the fact that 300 lefties who hated Trump before he even took the oath of office rate him as the worst president ever means anything?
Worse than Wilson?
Wilson did everything he could to get rid of African descent Americans from the fed govt. Of course he didn't call them that. Something that started with N. He was irate that there were so many of 'them' in every fed office he visited. He ran on a platform of keeping us out of the then-current European war. As soon as he was POTUS he completely reversed course and set the US on a course to enter the war. Including happily signing the Sedition Act and sending American citizens to their death on the Lusitania.
Trump may be a rather uncouth and yappy-mouthed so and so, but he is doing quite well in his decision making as POTUS.
Especially considering the alternative.

Scott O

re Ramirez's 'map' of the Americas - the green of Mexico goes waaaaaay higher north than the northern border of Kalifornia.
We were in Blaine WA decades ago and found a thriving community of illegals there. For those who aren't aware, Blaine is at the Canadian border.
But Kali is still run by white guys. Well - Dem white guys, so the normal 'rules' don't apply.
Oh boy - are we gonna have fun!

George Boardman

Aw, yes, "guns and grenades." We know where Trump stands on the Khashoggi murder: It's all about the Benjamins.

Todd Juvinall

Hey Boardman did I read your condemnation of Obama regarding the Castro regime? And there refusal to allow us to get those cop killers back? Oh that's right, we did not. Why would we trash a carefully crafted relationship of cooperation in the Middle East over the death of a Muslim Brotherhood fellow?


[email protected]:05AM

Bin Laudin was an enemy of the United States and was killed, why did Obama get a pass for that killing?

Khashoggi was an enemy of the Saudi Kingdom and was killed.

Khashoggi wrote some columns, but he was not a journalist, he was an operative of the anti-government religious group in Saudi Araba. An enemy of the state.

Yes, some Benjamins were involved, yours and mine. To break with the Saudi's would drive up the price of gas and diesel, which you an I and everyone driving vehicle would be paying. Good for Trump, to have a longer view.

Don Bessee



Bill Tozer

Khashoggi, the man, the myth, the legend: Who was that man?

“There is something wrong, though, with the Post’s dishonest lionization of Khashoggi. As Duggan concludes:

“Jamal Khashoggi, while possibly having been a decent human being regardless of what he actually did for a living, definitely was a man to whom democracy, and the culture necessary for democracy, were alien. . . .

“Big Media’s constant description of Khashoggi as having been a mere “journalist” is a huge and consequential deception. It’s not clear exactly for whom or for what powers and interests Khashoggi was working when he wrote his Washington Post columns, but anyone who understands how the world operates should have a high degree of confidence in saying that he was never a journalist in the sense that word is understood in the free nations of the West.

“Of course, he had the writing, editing and broadcasting skills of a journalist, but so do a myriad of other foreign intelligence agents around the world who use journalism as a cover—and in the case of publishing or broadcasting enterprises owned by authoritarian governments, it’s a completely see-through cover.

“To mischaracterize Khashoggi as having been a journalist is a disservice to the few independent journalists who remain on the planet. It’s a dishonor to women and men who don’t have lavish lifestyles and who report with integrity without being agents of foreign governments.

“The Washington Post, which has a direct pipeline to the CIA that bypasses the White House, knows this all too well. . . .

“Jamal Khashoggi was a lively, attractive, interesting human being. No one deserves his cruel fate. His murder was a horrific crime, not only against one man but also against stability and security in the Middle East. That said, justice is not served by Big Media’s misleading reporting. Justice requires reporting clearly and honestly who and what Khashoggi really was.

The man, not the myth.”


Todd Juvinall

Where is your outrage?

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