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22 November 2018



re: Go

The most interesting thing (to me) is AlphaZero. I don't think that people fully appreciate that one.

The Estonian Fox

Re: "Women in world-class acting".
Oh wait, the headline was "Women in world-class chess". Whatever. Let's stay with acting.

Why are there only 2 classes - a Best Actor Award, and a Best Actress Award? That doesn't seem fair to me. Not inclusive enough.

Or - why are there as many as 2 classes, why not just one? We're all equal.

It's a good thing that the Academy Awards are subjective, with no real winner in any measurable sense. But you have to demonstrate superiority in chess by actually beating another person in head-to-head competition.

Bill Tozer

Chief Justice Robert’s remarks. What Roberts said is out of touch with reality.



Scenes@04:14 PM I agree, people do not grasp the magnitude of this significant achievement. Nor, do they understand that AI is being embedded in the products they are using today, from Google searches, Amazon purchases, to Waze navigation and Siri answering questions to settle an argument. Certainly, the personal assistance Echo and similar devices are AI driven. Nor do they understand the more they are used the more capable they become. We are not well prepared for a world managed by intelligent machines.


You are being incoherent George. What are your thoughts on male circumcision done in the name of paganism? A okay I would imagine.

Scott O

Marko needs education. I would suggest learning the difference between the two and then get back to us.

George Rebane

Marko 956pm - incoherent, how?? Paganism? Explain please.


"You are being incoherent George. What are your thoughts on male circumcision done in the name of paganism?"

The spread in the West was through Judaism, but that's a quibble.

....male circumcision
Irrespective that circumcision has a number of side effects associated (my note:these are minor), there are many benefits of circumcision. Most of these benefits are health related. They may include:

Lowering the risk of getting HIV
Lowers the risk of sexually transmitted infections
Gets rid of the chances of getting foreskin-related infections
It also helps in maintaining hygiene
Lowers the risk of getting penile cancer.

FGM has many frequent health impacts. They include infection (mainly urinary or vaginal), pain, infertility, hemorrhage and complications during childbirth.7 That was concomitant with the results of the present work, where 87.9% of cases experienced complications.

Thanks for playing.



It's also nicely timed with the growth of a total surveillance society. The problem of just who watches/analyzes everyone is being chiseled away at. Ironically, a lot of it is in the interest of selling soap, but people with political/.gov interests can piggyback on the tech.

One brilliant thing, or perhaps just accidental, is that the largest companies in that space are firmly in the camp of the Blue Mob. The KVMR news desk will be rather surprised when the gate gets slammed shut behind them by their good friends. I admit that I have a streak of nihilism that will enjoy watching the squealing even though we are all affected.

Bill Tozer

“Circumcised on the eight day of the tribe of Benjamin”——Paul.....the artist formerly known as Saul, the zealot and persecutor of any and all Christians wherever they might be found. Kill them!

I grew up “knowing” there are no cases of penial cancer of the circumcised penis. A search in the wee hours of the morning revealed this not to be the case. Low risk/rate of cancer for that particular appendage.

Fun facts in 38 seconds:


Bill Tozer

Pagons? Heathens? The uncircumcised? Or, the circumcised, the Clean

Timeline is about right. Man, talk about fire and brimstone.

“Radiocarbon dating reportedly revealed that mud-brick walls suddenly disappeared in the Middle Ghor city, as only stone foundations remained.”


George Rebane

Who/what caused that convenient and timely meteor blast?


,,,the court ruled that FGM is a state's rights thing.

Michigan is Republican controlled,,,Governor, Senate, House

It will be fun to see which way they vote on forced genital mutilation given Republican interest in outlawing abortion.

Bill Tozer

There are Trump judges and then there are Obama judges.


Beware the uncircumcised: pagans, heathens and Greeks .


Todd Juvinall

Someone was making the argument in support of the Judge that allows female mutilation (removal of the clitoris) with circumcision. Both in the name of religious freedom. I suppose when Mexicans of Aztec origin start removing the living hearts from people the Judge would allow that too.

Bill Tozer

In the 1800’s, the Supreme Court ruled that castration was cruel and unusual punishment. You would figure they would have let the states individually decide on such matters.


How do the local Federalists think about FGM??

"Federalism concerns deprive Congress of the power to enact this statute,” Judge Friedman wrote. He added in the 28-page ruling, “Congress overstepped its bounds by legislating to prohibit FGM” because “FGM is a ‘local criminal activity’ which, in keeping with longstanding tradition and our federal system of government, is for the states to regulate, not Congress.”

Scott O

"How do the local Federalists think about FGM??"
I thought the judges decision was correct.
What I think about FGM is another matter entirely. There are now state laws in place to try to stop that barbaric practice. Unfortunately a correct view of federal powers seems to sway back and forth not on Constitutional grounds, but on political ends being met.
Filing federal charges against a gunman because the gun he legally purchased in the state he resided in was manufactured in another state is another fed overstep. But the reality is that overzealous feds love to jump into every case they think they can make political hay on.
And just as guilty are citizens that demand the feds 'do something' every time some odious or criminal action takes place anywhere on earth.


What was the stated Constitutional power allowing FGM to be banned by Congress? The Interstate Commerce Clause, stretched beyond all recognition.


"I suppose when Mexicans of Aztec origin start removing the living hearts from people the Judge would allow that too."

Well, it is a religious matter. Gotta fill them skull racks.

You do have to wonder about the Aztlan folks. It was a pretty disturbed society, although I think it outranks Christians in the modern ranking of groups.

Bill Tozer

As revolting as just the very thought of female mulilation perpetrated upon minor girls is to me (as well as the judge who called the practice “despicable”), I can see the Judge’s ruling on the bigger picture. State laws against such practice was not the issue. Female genital mutilation is not the issue. Mutilation is not the issue. The issue in the Judge’s mind had nothing to do with the 100’s of victims and their life long scaring. Nay, the Judge ruled Congress overstepped their bounds. The case was tried in the wrong court. Wrong jurisdiction. So be it.

This case was of interest to me early on when it was revealed through press accounts that the practice of FGM was more widespread than previously thought. Guess it does not rise to the level of ‘honor killings’, another case tried in our courts that found the father (or was it the father and brother?) of the murdered teen who was doing what teenage girls do. She wore makeup, dated boys, wore clothing not approved by the parents, etc. The religious arguments never hold water when murder is committed.

So be it. I am too sickened by the whole idea of female genital mutilaion that I cannot pursue this ugly topic further or finish reading articles on the topic. I will leave it with “not a cultures are the same” and not all cultures are equal, or even close to being equal.

Bill Tozer

“What was the stated Constitutional power allowing FGM to be banned by Congress? The Interstate Commerce Clause, stretched beyond all recognition.”

As one of my respected Constitutional Legal Scholars once said, “ You never know what will happen when it reaches the Courts.” He could lay out the most ironclad Constitutional defense or argument based on the Constitution and numerous case law going back 200 years. In the bag. Not so fast. At the end of the day, “it’s just my opinion. You never know how the Court will rule.”

The Interstate Commerence Clause. Take the opinions leading up to the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare. While people like me on one side were arguing that the act was unconstitutional because it was forcing people to engage in economic activity for no other reason than being alive (fogging a mirror), the other side was convinced the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act was legal because of the Commerce Clause. All their experts relied on the Commence Clause and all the experts on my side were saying it was unconstitutional for the Federal Goverment to force folks to engage in economic activity just for being alive.

Well, Obamacare was ruled constitutional on other grounds (Congress’s authority to levy taxes) while the Commerce Clause agrument was rejected. The silver lining at the time for moi was finally....finally, limits were put on the Commerce Clause. Finally.

Bottomline is my Legal Scholar said it best. “It don’t matter what I think, what the experts on TV think, what Constitutional scholars think, what you think; it only matters what the judges think”

Yes, there are Bush judges and Clinton judges and Obama judges and Trump judges.

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