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07 November 2018


Paul Emery

Not a bad night George? Lose the House and seven governors? Really, It's like the boxer who is getting the crap beat out of him and he tells his corner who are patching him up that he's just "waiting him out",



GR The big problem with 6 was the misleading title dreamed up by ... Becerra.

I'd like to answer the question Paul gave Todd to get his dander up...
"No problem with NC supporting Denny, Newsom, Morse, Padilla etc"

Paul, NC is where we live. The land can't support anybody. I've no problem living near people who supported Denney (except where they refused to listen to arguments about Denney's false front of a farmer, educator and open minded gun owner and more), or Newsom, or Morse or Padilla... unless some talking head tries to tell me I'd be happier if I moved elsewhere to make room for someone more malleable to the talking head's point of view.

I live here. I pay taxes. I vote. I think and I am. You do not have a right to point elsewhere and expect me to take the hint.

We may have an interesting two to four years of runaway spending in California. Time will tell if Newsom won't be happy until there's as much human feces on the streets of Nevada City as there is in 'Frisco.


Paul, there was no Blue Wave. So sayeth Chuck Todd. So sayeth Steffie Steffanopoulos. So sayeth Ron Silver. So sayeth James Carville and Morning Joe. Just off the top of my head.

A blue wave would have swept in Audrey Denney, if it was bad enough.

Don Bessee

Ouch, even the chi coms diss fauxcahauntas -

The Chinese paper was excited by left-wing “trailblazing candidates who are diversifying American politics,” especially socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and the first Muslim women elected to Congress, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

China Daily also celebrated Deb Haaland of New Mexico and Sharice Davids of Kansas for becoming “the first two Native American women in Congress,” callously dismissing Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who has long claimed to hold that distinction.




make that so sayeth Nate Silver.


Looking at the Governor's races... assuming the guy up by 1.5% in Georgia ends up being declared the winner... it will be 27 GOP governors and 23 DEM guv's... not exactly a crushing loss.

Don Bessee

It couldn't happen to a better fakenewsman -




Posted by: Paul Emery | 07 November 2018 at 04:28 PM

Not a bad night George? Lose the House and seven governors?

Another weak attempt to save face after an entire year of claiming that Trump was going to be gone by this point in the game and that a "Blue Wave™" was going to sweep the democrats into control of government!

Its OK to want these things Punchy but you really ought not to call yourself any sort of libertarian.

Bill Tozer

For those who want to know what is next and/or have the time to parse each paragraph for meaning....

“In another call, Nadler said Republicans did better than expected on election night because of the booming economy. He suggested messaging that the economy is only helping wealthy people and not other classes, and worried that changes to the economic boom would be blamed on Democrats. He also complained that the new voters being recruited to join Democrats were “Rockefeller Republicans” who are liberal on social issues and that the new group makes Democrats more vulnerable to the charge they are no longer the party of the working person.”....

“Following the train ride, Nadler weighed in on Twitter about the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned, using the language of accountability: “Americans must have answers immediately as to the reasoning behind @realDonaldTrump removing Jeff Sessions from @TheJusticeDept. Why is the President making this change and who has authority over Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation? We will be holding people accountable.”

In March 2017, however, Nadler called for Sessions to resign:“


Paul Emery


If this were a fight the ref would have stopped it. The Dems won big in the House and Govs and lost a couple in the Senate. You call that winning?

Paul Emery

27 Gove is down from 33 Gregory. Whats good about that?

Paul Emery

27 Gov's is down from 33 Gregory. Whats good about that?

Paul Emery

Actually 26 Gov's


Posted by: Paul Emery | 07 November 2018 at 06:03 PM


Todd Juvinall

All good Paul Emery. You must admit that the Judges will be there for many years after you croak. That is why we are happy.

Todd Juvinall

Beto laundered 70 million trying to beat Cruz. Funny how a white European takes a Hispanic name and tries to beat a true Hispanic. And in Con 4 the dark money democrats spewed over 4 million to take out McClintock and still lost. But hey when democrats who rail against dark money pour it like water into their ilk's campaigns Paul Emery is all in.


Umm... 26 is still more than half of the governatorships in the country...and there is another on the way.

Really, Paulo, you need to slow down and breathe. In.... out... in... out... (rinse and repeat)

It would have been worse for the GOP had this been a wave election.

Don Bessee

The federal judiciary openings will all be quickly filled as well as all of the deputy/undersecretary's in this that and the other depts. flushing out the 0 swamp hold overs.

The Republican Senate will be united again, not so flaky if you will. The budget is already passed.

In historical perspective Trump did save the day through hard work. Remember 0 lost 60 in the house. Botox Nancy will have as many problems from the hard core left as she has with R's.

0's midterm efforts look like the kiss of death in the real world. Close but no cigars on the so called 'rock stars' but you actually have a dem REAL native Americans now .

Locally we have a Sheriff that came from within the department which is a good thing, DA, Supervisors, NID are all good too.

Even cnn was crying in their beers about the outrageously expensive losses like TX and are second guessing the Hollywood driven concentration of cash.

You did however check off the Presidential reelection box by having a minor team lefty edge in the house.


George Rebane

PaulE, in these days of America's rampant degeneration, I take great joy in the small victories that can perhaps give us time to regain our senses as a country and change course. To many of us in this storied land, 2018 has been one of these small victories.

From PJ Media - In 2010, Obama lost 63 seats. In 1994, Clinton lost 52. You have to go all the way back to Reagan to find a Republican loss the same as Trump’s -- 26 in 1982. None lost their second term. ... The shellacking Obama received in 2010 -- a nuclear explosion compared to 2018 -- was even more of an indictment of his presidency than we are seeing with Trump’s. Core Democratic groups, including Hispanics, African Americans, and young people, refused to even show up for their own president. Independents voted Republican in numbers unlike any since 1994. A full 74 percent of voters weren’t happy with the federal government, 61 percent thought the country was on the wrong track, and 55 percent of the electorate disapproved of Obama’s job performance.


,,,you guys never stop whining,,,not winning,,,whining.

California needs transportation funding


Don Bessee

Does anyone think that this shit contributed to the dem failure to have a wave election as touted ad nauseum?

A group of protesters congregated outside what they claimed was Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night to chant threatening messages.
Smash Racism D.C., a self-described “anti-fascist” group, posted a video of their members screaming obscenities at Carlson’s house and blaming his “policies” for the deaths of thousands of people.
“Tucker Carlson, we will fight!” the protesters chanted. “We know where you sleep at night!”
In the first video posted to Twitter, one protester can be seen ringing Carlson’s doorbell before running away.

“Racist scumbag, leave town!”



Bill Tozer

@6:44 pm

“It would have been worse for the GOP had this been a wave election”

Exactly. Could have been a lot worse. No big names fell. Not one big state flipped, not even swing state Florida. Not even Missouri. Or Ohio. A true Wave would have swept the House, Senate, Govs, and a bunch of state houses. A wave or normal first term midterm for a new President would have shook everything up. I remember the shock when Russ Feingold and Tom Daschell were sent packing. Also, in 2018 a much higher than normal number R House members retired. So, it wasn’t bad at all considering historical results for midterms with a new President.

Obama’s lost 63 members of house in his first mid-term (2010)
Clinton lost 53 in his (1994)
Historically it’s about 37.
With the Senate pickups, not a bad night at all. The only surprise is with Trump’s approval ratings and losing the Green ($) battle, not more seats were lost. Add to that a hostile press who rather than report on the Resistance decided instead to join...nay..lead the Resistance, it was not bad at all. Blue Wave was a blue leak.
Noticed the Democrat Party as well as the voters put healthcare at the top of the priority list. Healthcare is a big issue. Since the only thing that the Republicans have done to Obamacare is to eliminate the tax penalty for those who did not buy insurance, if is no wonder that folks are concerned about their Obamacare....healthcare. It sucks and they don’t like it or the package it comes in. It makes me wonder why the Dems did not campaign hard on replacing Obamacare....being such a top concern among voters and a top priority of Peloski.

Robert Cross

In the "I took my gun out of my holster and aimed at my foot and missed" dept. Looking at the counties that voted for DeLeon, it is easy to see that they were mostly the same rural areas that voted for trump. Except there was a catch. DeLeon is way more of a lefty than Feinstein. Feinstein is a corporate goon. So just to spite Feinstein you all voted for someone who would have been way more of what you all hate, a liberal thinker. Very astute on your part. It shows what a high level of thinking that goes on behind rank and file conservatives. Hate first and ask questions later.


"Cross", aren't you supposed to be out drowning Jews?

Todd Juvinall

Sorry Boobie, I left the ballot blank on your heroes Feinstein and Leon. The "de" was a add on by him to appear Hispanic.


Posted by: '''M''' | 07 November 2018 at 07:20 PM

It'll go into the general fund where it always winds up and be used to buy the votes of incontinent geriatrics like you dugsKKKi! Its what happens every single time.

Bill Tozer

Robert Cross
How did De Leon do in LA?? In Imperial County? In the San Joaquin Valley? Modesto? In San Louis O?
He sure got a heck of a lot closer to Dianne Crimescene than I would have thunk four months ago. Yep, he is left of Dianne Crimescene and Di-fi is a lefty. There are no moderates left in the Dem Party Leadership.
I like those Leftinista leadership mugs in front of the camera along with Sen.Sanders (VT-Socialist) because the only moderates in the Dem Party are the old rank and file membership......whom are watching their crazy leadership go stark raving far-Left Democrat Socialist, Antifa style. The youngest and dumbest person to be elected to Congress is a pretty young thing, the Beto of the East.

Not a good idea to slam De Leon voters. That would be racist, seeing how he is popular enough among the voters to make it into the top two. Latino with illegal aliens in his own family. Are you hating on Hispanics, Robert?
Guess if one voted for DeLeon or the 85 year old Senate Intell Leaker, you are screwed either way. Everybody knew Di-Fi the Classified Docs Leaker would win. Like Newsome, why bother campaigning? Hillary thought that as well, but along came Trump.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 07 November 2018 at 07:31 PM

Hate first and ask questions later.

You watch that kind of talk……what do you think I am…..a proglodyte democrat?


Gregory: '"Cross", aren't you supposed to be out drowning Jews?'

At least he'll know that they weren't witches.

As an aside, a rather hopeful paragraph I ran into in 'Vox':

"By 2040, 70 percent of Americans will live in the 15 largest states. That means 70 percent of America will be represented by only 30 senators, while the other 30 percent of America will be represented by 70 senators."

It sounds to me like the future of the Senate is not in doubt.

Bill Tozer

Final election takeaway: All those bull pucky cries for civility and the ensuing tone it down the rhetoric has been terminated. Temp truce got crumbled up and tossed the waste basket before the voting is gone being counted. Back to normal! Bring it on you limp dick madmen.


Bill Tozer

“It sounds to me like the future of the Senate is not in doubt”

The Leftinistas were already taking about that just a few weeks ago....immediately after the Senate Confirmation hearings. Wonder what Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maine, New Hampsire, and even Vermont think about that. :).

George Rebane

re M 720pm - Well, as if to underline my point about those bamboozled by the gas tax, Mr M did himself right proud by declaring his membership in that bunch. No one should be confused about why CA's roads are not up to par.

Bill Tozer

Speaking of propositions, I noticed Arkansas overwhelmingly passed a voter ID law. 68% or something. Just as surprising is that 80-90% of the blacks in Arkansas voted for Voter ID. Even more surprising, in states where Voter ID has been put on the ballot, the measure passes by large majorities.


Troll master: “In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!” —Donald Trump

For the record: “How can last night be considered anything but a failure for Democrats? They took the House which was inevitable, but lost seats in the Senate and watched most of their new ‘stars’ — Abrams, O'Rourke, Gillum — lose. Paltry success for the opposing party in a mid term election.” —Matt Walsh

Rubbish: “By winning the House, Democrats can now serve as a bulwark against a White House that has shown no respect for the rule of law — and no interest in bringing the country together. The Democrats’ gains demonstrate that the American people want Congress to stand up to a reckless, divisive president — and to work across the aisle to tackle tough issues.” —Michael Bloomberg

A wave of the blues: “This is heartbreaking. … It’s not a blue wave.” —CNN’s Van Jones

“This is not a blue wave.” —NBC’s Savannah Guthrie

“It is not a blue wave.” —NBC’s Chuck Todd

“This is going to be very grim.” —New York Times columnist Paul Krugman

“Tonight is feeling horrifyingly familiar.” —CNN contributor Peter Beinart

Braying Jackass: “I feel the giant stirring. The awakening is slow, but it is underway. … Torches and death in Charlottesville. Children in cages at the border. The lying, misogyny, racism and attacks on the rule of law from our president. These things poke the giant. It takes time, but the American people are stirring. They always do. And when they awaken, these fevers break very quickly.” —James Comey

Alpha Jackass: “Juanita Broaddrick is full of s—t.” —former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines, who added, “I do not think she’s telling the truth.”

And last… “In case you wonder whether #Democrats truly care about the plight of women, Keith Ellison was elected chief law enforcement official of his state.” —James Woods


“This is heartbreaking. … It’s not a blue wave.” —CNN’s Van Jones

Thank you for that quote, Toes... it will make going to sleep that much easier tonight.

Don Bessee

Kind of ironic after the election of socialists -




,,,here you go you gas tax whiners,,,look for the word ‘’’firewall’’’,,,

Construction will begin on 60 miles of carpool lanes from El Dorado County through Elk Grove.

There will be major light rail improvements to connect riders between Sacramento to Folsom in just 15 minutes, down from the 30 it currently takes.

There will also be new Amtrak stations through San Joaquin County among several other projects funded from SB1.

But larger projects may be stalled with a threat of the bill being repealed.

“Most local agencies are being cautious about not spending money too far out ahead,” Carpenter added.

Voters have also passed legislation to keep that gas tax money on the roads.

“With Proposition 69, this is a firewall that really does protect that the monies that have been raised for transportation will continue to be spent on transportation only,” he said.

While it can’t go to the general fund, money could go towards other controversial endeavors such as the high-speed rail program.


More from the Party of Peace(tm). From sfgate.com

"I called my wife," Carlson told The Washington Post in a phone interview. "She had been in the kitchen alone getting ready to go to dinner and she heard pounding on the front door and screaming. ... Someone started throwing himself against the front door and actually cracked the front door."


Signs of the time:


Gas prices are $2.61 in Russia

Time to move?






re: Gas taxes.

It seems to me that if there were any political honesty in the Great State of California, they'd simply raise the income tax rate. It's nicely progressive and can be ratcheted up to any desired level. No need to bother with all the fuss about sales tax, gas tax, and the umpteen other taxes, just turn the income tax knob. I'd even be tempted to get rid of property tax, just simply throw it all in one bill.

Add in the one-party state's ideal world, things like health care for all including an unlimited number of illegal aliens, free college, and the like, and it would be interesting to see the real rates. If you don't like it, move to Nevada.

Serious question. Why is the Blue Mob unable to put together it's policies in a place that it utterly dominates? I mean, look at Maxine Waters, she could do it. She'd make a great Governor.

Bill Tozer

“House Republicans had hurt themselves by allowing the number of House incumbent retirees to become larger than any time since 1930, when the Brookings Institution started tracking it. Breaking an 88-year record for retirees is a tough way to start an off-year election for the incumbent president’s party.
Despite this institutional disadvantage, President Trump’s House losses were far less than either the 54 seats President Clinton lost in 1994 or the 63 seats President Obama lost in 2010.
Measured against the Clinton-Obama standard, you would have to give President Trump an A+ for keeping Republican House losses to a minimum – and setting the stage for a Republican majority comeback in the 2020 presidential election.”

Scenes @8:27 pm: The future of the Senate is not in doubt.

Another final takeaway: when liberals win, they just become angrier.


Posted by: ***M*** | 08 November 2018 at 07:23 AM

"California drivers pay fees for smog checks, vehicle registrations and new tires, all supposedly for programs that benefit roadway use.

Consumers pay fees to recycle beverage containers, televisions and computers. Doctors and accountants pay license fees to regulate their industries.

But for more than a decade, the special funds collecting these dollars have served a second purpose: helping California pay for schools, social services and prisons that are supposed to be funded by general taxes.

California has 560 funds deemed "special" because in theory they're walled off from general state expenditures. In the face of two recessions, however, California reached deeper into those funds for purposes that fee payers never intended. The state now owes $4.3 billion to special funds, more than five times the amount owed in 2008.

State leaders argue that special funds have enough extra money to pay for more critical state needs. Some special fund reserves grew after the state imposed furloughs on all state workers starting in 2009.

But program advocates say the borrowed money should have gone toward intended uses like reducing pollution or better enforcement of health care fields. Or, they suggest, it should have gone back to consumers and professionals through lower fees.

"Any of these funds set up by ratepayer money needs to be spent on its intended purpose," said Mark Toney, executive director of The Utility Reform Network, a consumer advocacy group that has watched the state borrow $296 million in telephone-related surcharges. "The purpose is not to serve as a (state) piggy bank."

Gov. Jerry Brown says the state will eventually repay $4.3 billion in outstanding special fund loans with interest, a promise that assumes voters will pass tax hikes in November. But state officials never retired $448 million in special fund loans from 2002 and 2003 even during good times. And $1.3 billion in loans have no repayment date in state law……."

dugsKKKi……question……do you ever get tired of being so obviously wrong?



Here's to Justice Ginsberg's speedy recovery from her three broken ribs, having fallen in her office yesterday.

Todd Juvinall

BillT 723

What an informative article. The Senate will be the firewall to keep the mobs of the left at bay for many many years. Just as intended by the Founders. Good pickup.

Trump may get another Justice? WOW!

Bill Tozer

Post election takeaway: Another Dem hits on WH intern. The Tomahawk chop.


Do it for the Sisterhood.


Todd Juvinall

Newt's take. Positive as well.


Bill Tozer

Re: gas taxes

“It seems to me that if there were any political honesty in the Great State of California,” Whoa whoa, whoa,. Now stop right there.


Honestly found in Sacramento. Jerry Brown sez....”Confronted with those ongoing safety problems, Gov. Jerry Brown famously quipped, “I mean, look, *** happens.”



,,,whitefishbottomdweller,,,plumbing the depths to dredge up a 2012 Sacbee article...great work!!!

Todd Juvinall

Total dollars have the democrats up a half a billion on the R's.



Todd, I expect Ginsberg will drag herself, if able, to the office for at least through Nov. 2020, hoping for a Dem Senate and a Dem presidency starting in Jan 2021.


,,,yes gregory,,,we will keep Ginsberg on the court and in a comatose state if we have to in order to piss trumpski off!!!


,,,trumpksi's AG pick is a real weiner!!! gotta love the biblical references!!!

In an appearance last year on CNN, Whitaker laid out the plan he could now use to limit the Mueller investigation.

“So I could see a scenario where Jeff Sessions is replaced with a recess appointment,” Whitaker said in July 2017, “and that attorney general doesn’t fire Bob Mueller, but he just reduces his budget to so low that his investigation grinds to almost a halt.”

Whitaker also defended Donald Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with Russian officials promising opposition research against Hillary Clinton, stating, “You would always take that meeting.”

Sessions hired Whitaker as his chief of staff in September 2017 after his views about Mueller were public. Whitaker was then a former U.S. attorney who had run for the Senate from Iowa as a Republican in 2014, promising that he would vote for federal judicial nominees who have “a biblical view of justice.”

Bill Tozer

M. Can’t read your posts. My free Sac Bee articles for the month has reached its limits. I voted to repeal the gas taxes, you owed to ncrease the gas taxes over the coming years. Cancelled out. I would call that a Mexican Stand Off.



Posted by: ***M*** | 08 November 2018 at 08:50 AM

You didn't even read your own link did you dugsKKi…..the part where they acknowledge how fast and loose California politicians play with these "inviolable" pools of dedicated funds? How they haven't been earmarked for those projects that you were told that they were supposed to go to? How now they have to use money from a new tax to retire debt borrowed from money generated from an old tax that was taken for pet projects which should have, following your "logic" been paid for out of the general fund.

You don't really believe that any "Firewall" will stop pilfering do you? Please tell me you're not that simple minded?

Oh wait….it's dugsKKKi…..a reliable useful idiot!

Bill Tozer

Well, McCain drew a paycheck while not stepping foot in DC from Dec., 2017 until his death in the summer of 2018. Figure we can just keep paying Ruth while she heals up in the convelesant home. One less liberal on the court is a good thing.
Hope Ruth does not catch what Hillary got...’frequent faller miles ‘with broken wrist, cracked melon, broken foot, broken hand, broken thinker. SCOTUS is in session, right?

New Zealand is lovely this time of year.


,,,toes,,,the point is that the state is working on keeping things running,,,

Analysis from 2017
The allegation is misleading. It’s true that California governors and lawmakers – of both parties – borrowed heavily from transportation-related accounts after the dot-com bust and during the recession. But the amount of borrowing never amounted to the $5.2 billion a year this package would produce. And most of the money has been paid back. The rest would be paid back in three years if the package is approved.

Republicans also say the state could produce that kind of money if the sales tax on car sales went strictly to transportation. But that money has never been earmarked for road projects in California. Under that logic, the sales tax on shoe sales would pay for sidewalks.

Still, even as state revenue has soared, the Brown administration and Democratic lawmakers continue to employ a recession-era budget maneuver that taps transportation dollars to pay off voter-approved transportation bonds. The general fund – which funds schools, social services and other functions of state government – typically also makes debt payments on school, water and other types of borrowing. By using money earmarked for transportation to pay for transportation bonds, the general fund is saving about $1 billion a year that can be used for other things.

Senate Bill 1 emerged last Thursday, the product of months of negotiations between Brown and legislative Democrats. Its provisions would increase gas and diesel excise taxes, create a fee linked to vehicle value, and impose a new fee on electric vehicles.

The measure also would repay, over three years, $706 million in transportation loans dating back to the 2002-03 budget year. Officials say that would close the books on some 15 years of borrowing from transportation accounts to prevent cuts to other programs.

State revenue soared in the late 1990s and early 2000s, prompting lawmakers to create the multibillion dollar Traffic Congestion Relief Program. Revenue, though, soon began to sag, and lawmakers borrowed more than $1 billion from the fund for the 2002-03 budget.

The tab continued to grow over subsequent budgets: Lawmakers suspended a rule requiring that the sales tax on gas go to transportation. When gas prices were high, they swept up some of the hundreds of millions of dollars in “spillover” revenue that otherwise would have gone to public transit.

Lawmakers got creative to try to pay the money back. In the mid-2000’s, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and lawmakers approved tribal casino-expansions deals, with some of the tribes’ revenue-sharing payments to the state directed to pay off the road debt.

After the recession hit, lawmakers approved a series of complex fuel tax swaps, with the goal of providing relief for the general fund. In 2011, they overwhelmingly approved Assembly Bill 105, which directed truck weight fee revenue to pay debt service on Proposition 1B, the $19.9 billion transportation bond passed in November 2006.

In the current fiscal year, the budget directs $1 billion in weight fees revenue to help pay for $1.5 billion in Proposition 1B debt service. That would continue under the latest legislation.


,,,another tidbit,,,

Q: What would the gas tax be now if it had been raised regularly with inflation?

California’s gas tax was first implemented in 1923 at 2 cents per gallon. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s consumer price index calculator, when adjusted for inflation, that 2-cent per-gallon tax would be 30 cents now.

The last time the gas tax was increased was 1994, when it reached 18 cents per gallon. SB1 increased the tax by another 12 cents, bringing the state’s tax on gasoline to 30 cents per gallon.


Posted by: ***M*** | 08 November 2018 at 09:21 AM

,,,toes,,,the point is that the state is working on keeping things running,,,

I thought the point was that there was a "firewall" that protected money to repair the roads…….but there isn't is their dugsKKKi. This is another shuck and jive to appeal to halfwits like yourself who think the same old tricks won't be employed the next time Uncle Gavin finds himself out of pocket!

Paul Emery


Why did you shut down the conversation on "Election night and I am really pi&&ed (again)!"

Just wondering. You seldom do that Hmmmmmm

Bill Tozer

Dumbest thing I have heard today. I am most confifdent that there is plenty more where that came from,

“Joy Behar: Democrats Lost Senate Races Due to Gerrymandering”


Was it Cortez who was babbling about eliminating the Senate, or was that some other a idiot? Probably the Huff-n-Puff Post.


Taxes: This makes sense. Dems are a glum lot so why shouldn’t they tax others who are not.


George Rebane

PaulE 936am - I didn't shut it down, I simply transferred here it to my most recent commentary of the election. You'll note that nothing had to be omitted and the commenters switched without blinking. Sally forth!



Prop. 69
Of those five measures, there is one that pertains directly to transportation and urban planning. Proposition 69 would require that funds generated by a 2017 gas tax increase be spent only on transportation projects.

It seems pretty straightforward.



,,,yes toes,,, Senate races lost to gerrymandering and voter suppression,,,



,,,the good news,,,


Todd Juvinall

The left is whining that they had 40 million votes in the Senate races and the R's only 31 million. What the stupids idiots don't tell you is that California had 6 million of those and it was two democrats running. You think our schools teach anything?

Todd Juvinall

And another two million in New York's race. So maybe there is no skewing at all.

Paul Emery

Repubs lost in Nevada County Todd (district 1, sheriffs race and more) the House with maybe 40 seats by the time it's done, lost 6 governors. Brag away, you look really silly on this.


Posted by: ***M*** | 08 November 2018 at 10:15 AM


Rent free dugsKKKi rent free….once a useful idiot always a useful idiot!

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, no you are the silly one. Trump won, SCOTUS ours, Senate ours, R's have more victories the D's. You really are dememnted.

Paul Emery

Is Nevada County still "ours" Todd?


Punchy 1105am... maybe you could call up Van Jones and console him. After all, he's heartbroken over the fact that there was no Blue Wave.

The Sheriff's race was literally non-partisan.

The House race "win" in Nevada County was more driven by the heckler's veto exercised by the Left which caused LaMalfa to skip this county, and I don't blame him for that.

Then there was the "poll" up for weeks on theunion.com... LaMalfa or Denney? That had support for Denney 2:1 over LaMalfa, not the 51/49 locally (final numbers not in) and a polar opposite of the 2:3 against Denney that is the district wide result.

Denney was listed as an "Educator/Farmer"... and one campaigner pounding the pavement in downtown Nevada City told me flat out she taught at Chico State. Which she does not. Said campaigner also said he could not stand LaMalfa and was happy to have been part of the local "town meeting", as one of the 'gotcha' questioners.

In fact, she's not only not an Educator, she's not a Farmer anymore as her parents (M&P were apparently both GOP) lost the farm a decade agi. And as her thesis won an award for best thesis in the CalState system... in Education... that puts a lie to her education being in Agriculture. And while it is good that she managed the award, Education in the CalState system does not attract the brightest bulbs in the basket.

In short, journalists lobbed softballs to Denney and her supporters.


"Is Nevada County still "ours" Todd?"
Posted by: Paul Emery | 08 November 2018 at 11:42 AM

The County was arguably purple when I moved here a quarter century ago with the Gang of Four having taken out the conservatives from county government in something of a stealth campaign that was rectified in the next election.

It's solid purple still. Which means everyone needs to make nice and treat your neighbors as you wish they would treat you and yours.


"Here's to Justice Ginsberg's speedy recovery from her three broken ribs, having fallen in her office yesterday."

I just assumed that she took a deep breath.

The thing I find most interesting about the Supreme Court is that there can be so much argument about the decisions. You'd think they'd simply look at the Constitution and any clearing up of the verbiage, and that was that.

If you want to change the founding documents via amendments, then go for it.

Perhaps I just have a misunderstanding of the point of the office, that's certainly possible.

Paul Emery

So poor Dougie is afraid of coming to Nevada County to campaign and that's why Denny is winning here. Really Gregory that's at Toodish stretch if I ever heard one.

Not a peep Gregory about La Malfa being supported by the Farm Welfare subsidies which makes him a fake farmer.

George Rebane

PaulE 1249pm - Wow! "fake farmer", another great progressive definition that most likely makes over 75% of America's farms owned and worked by fake farmers. Extending that appellation of 'fake' to other industries subsidized in some form would make most of the country that receives govt support a 'fake economy'. I imagine this is a widely shared view among the 'you didn't build that' progressives.


scenes 1230pm

There's the Constitution, federal law, state law, local law... then there's all the regulations that are written to implement laws. Everyone is writing laws and regulations according to what their understanding is about what they can get away with.

It is complicated... especially when the Justices at the top decide the Constitution is living and might have grown some since the last time they thought about it. Originalists/textualists believe the Constitution is dead and in rigor mortis... but it's still complicated.

Paul emery

Let me get this straight George. You are contending 75% of Americans farmers are government subsidized. In your view is that correct.


There's no reason to think LaMalfa "is afraid" to come to Nevada County, Punch. He'll just avoid it if he knows there will be people shouting and shaking paper, rather than people making their points and listening on all sides.

This was handled in the debate that was in or near Chico... he said something about traveling across his district, there was a malicious twittering in the audience and he made it clear he'd not be coming here, and why.

Yes, I think that's worth a couple of percent of votes, and if you were honest about it, so would you.

Fake farmer... really, Paul. Corn, wheat, rice ... all being grown in the US by "fake farmers".

I'm perfectly good with a free market for all crops... one of the reasons I became a real libertarian Libertarian nearly forty years ago. What you are asking of LaMalfa is for him to unilaterally drive his great-grandfather's business into the ground to be hated by his many partners who he would then have to avoid every Thanksgiving and Christmas at the dinner table.


So….it's your contention that "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019"

Is this what you're trying to say?


re: Gregory@1:03PM

I think that it's complicated mostly to the extent that law, and the fractal possibilities therein, takes the place of culture.

If all interactions between individuals or groups of people needs to be codified in a state document somehow, then it becomes truly complicated.


Paul, what percentage of corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and milk are produced under Federal control?


Blue Mob Agent #1 sez : "Let me get this straight George. You are contending 75% of Americans farmers are government subsidized. In your view is that correct."

It seems to me that the number is something like 40%, but that would be only in some sort of direct payment or crop insurance. Probably 100% of farmers are in some sense, but then most individuals are. It isn't like you bought your Medicare.


Mr. Fish: "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019"

Honestly, I expect they'll 'Weekend at Bernies' the woman regardless of illness or dementia. There's too much at stake if you view the point of the Supreme Court as a co-equal (or above) legislative branch of government.

Paul Emery


So I assume you believe that our local organic farmers should be government subsidized so they can be competitive.


Posted by: scenes | 08 November 2018 at 01:52 PM

She certainly can't weigh that much……get some 40lb test line and turn the husk into a marionette!



Paul, why be so f'ing obtuse?

Fresh veggies are not controlled crops. Neither are crops like almonds.

Try growing rice, corn, wheat, dairy. Get back to me with the regulations you face. Let me know when you figure out "marketing orders". Or how you could sell your soybeans to Asia without being under the federal thumb.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. There will be time enough for counting when the voting is done. Local elections? How the county voted? Show me the final tally with breakdowns and lots of meaningful percentages, total voters, total votes, breakdown by precinct or area or zip code and then let’s talk. Some people get sooooo impatient. Interested to know how “we” voted for Senate.
Patience, grasshopper, patience.



She should have Hillary write the forward to her next book. Put that cow out to pasture.



Paul Emery

Strange position from a so called Libertarian that you claim to be Gregory. Free markets right? What a hoot.

Paul Emery

George came up with the 75% number Scenes Check out Rebane 1:01


"Strange position from a so called Libertarian that you claim to be Gregory. Free markets right? What a hoot."

More abusive obtuseness from Punchy. I suspect you know you are punching well below the belt and the ref would toss you out of the ring were this under Marquess Of Queensbury Rules.

I'm against the farm regulations, Punch, the price supports, paying farmers to take land out of production, marketing orders that can force farmers to destroy crops, etc, etc. All of them. And I've made that clear from time to time.

But if you go into a such a heavily regulated business, you either comply or get taken into court. That's the system that the New Deal ushered in.

George Rebane

PaulE 129pm - Don't put too sharp a point on it Paul, you get the idea (I hope).

Bill Tozer

Check out the farm subsidy percentages, Scenes. Has nothing to do with the elections. Off to the Sandbox. With you.

But, since I am here.... I can just feel the love. So predictable they way they grasp at strawmen.



re: BillT@2:58PM

"The federal government spends more than $20 billion a year on subsidies for farm businesses. About 39 percent of the nation’s 2.1 million farms receive direct subsidies, with the lion’s share of the handouts going to the largest producers of corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, and rice.1"

Although I can see an issue on defining 'subsidy'.

Todd Juvinall

I was with Doug LaMalfa election day and he made phone calls here in the county. If ever there was a man that was not afraid of the mob it is LaMalfa. I attended the scream fest at Lamalfa and saw all of Paul Emery's chicken shit friends there wearing their pussy hats and flashing the finger. Real classy pals you have PE. Anyway, farm subsidies were placed by FDR and for a good reason. It levels the playing field on food so there are not the ups and downs like the world had always seen. If PE wants to pay 10 bucks for a tomato, then go ahead and remove the subsidies. What an uninformed journalist you are PE.

Also if PE would take the time to read the county results as I suggested, he would see most of those local races were DTS candidates. Rather "purple".


Off to the Sandbox. With you.

oops, you are quite correct.


George Rebane

scenes 140pm - ... and that's why God invented culture, and made us like living in such cohesive communities without having to write hernia packs of codes, regulations, and laws to cover conduct etc.

Bill Tozer

Scenes, that is outrageous. Bleeping outrageous! Those federal green-back-a-dollars should be going public radio, a local valuable institution. Invaluable. Food one can live without. Not so without alternative community supported (mostly) radio.

Millions will die on or streets. They have already farmed out Big Bird to pay TV. A very slippery slope.

Paul Emery

District 1 House of Representatives Todd is not DTS. You know that.

So in your view Gregory's assumption that LaMalfa avoided campaigning in Nevada County because of adverse audiences is wrong. Here is what Gregory wrote

"The House race "win" in Nevada County was more driven by the heckler's veto exercised by the Left which caused LaMalfa to skip this county, and I don't blame him for that."

I assume you are saying Gregory is full of crap for saying that.

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