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08 November 2018


Robert Cross

In the pure sense, communism is an economical model not to be confused with repressive regimes that also happened to use that economic model. Like guns, Communism doesn't commit crimes against humanity, people do. Capitalism is also an economic model not to be confused with the repressive regimes that used it. To be honest, one only needs to remember that global European colonialism or the Nazi form of capitalism committed just as much atrocity as did those communist oriented regimes. Trying to blame Communism or Capitalism for the acts of people is like blaming the carton for the rotten eggs inside.

George Rebane

RobertC 1122am - you are grossly and sadly in error Mr Cross. For functioning like Marx et al planned, communism requires human behaviors that are demonstrably both unnatural and, in larger societies, impossible to induce. Such behaviors are all based on the large scale practice of altruism. (And your understanding of a "Nazi form of capitalism" is woefully off the mark. No such capitalism ever existed under Hitler. But the narrative you promote is well-established by the Left and underlies the perennially promoted premise that 'Next time we'll do communism right.')


,,,pledge to continue advancing the cause of freedom and opportunity for all,,,

That reminds me,,,what ever happened to the Zombie Caravan that was bearing down on us a few days ago???

George Rebane

M 309pm - Mr M, are you calling all those military age Hispanic men zombies? (apologies to PaulE for using one of his question formats without permission) ;-)

Don Bessee

@309 See my 335 on the election thread for an update.

The mob and its enablers/bosses -



Bill Tozer

Oh Mr. Cross.

Sure, in the pure sense, the communinstic economic model....yady yady, blah, blah. In the pure sense written on the blackboard in the laboratory, it all looks good. Great. We got it now, by Jove! And Nikita Khrushchev offered us a peace and we didn’t want peace. Sure, in a pure unadulterated form Ike of sense.

Mr Cross. In case you have not noticed, what is currently going on right now this very ountry at this very minute (especially in view of Tuesday’s Elections) is that our system is designed so no one side gains complete dominance over the other. Not so with Commmunism. Commie systems requires one sole party to have complete dominance and control of everything and everybody. Thus, the only outcome in a nation (or system) of State ruling Supreme is rule of law becomes is rule of man...which always morphs into rule of death. Death and misery a pure sense where the rubber meets the road, a place found outside the ivy covered halls of higher education. That place is called the real world with real people and real stacks of people piled real high.
Speaking of rememberance and flying under the radar, Trump signed into passage a momument dedicated to the fallen black soldiers of the Civil War. It is Trump’s first monument.


Rememberance fact: The only place in the world outside of the US when a 9/11 Memorial is erected with the names of every single,person who perished that day is in Israel. The Islamic fantantics want complete dominate others as well.


,,,yes George,,,I heard Fox News mysteriously pulled their reporters off 24/7 border watch and the US Army ceased calling the troop buildup "Operation Faithful Patriot". Gosh how much did that pre election propaganda effort cost the good ol taxpayers???

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the democrats are going to steal another one in Arizona. Next will be Florida. Somehow they always get away with it.

Don Bessee

The socialist mobs empowered -



@ 453 - troops get paid no matter what and train which costs money every day for fuel and supplies so the real costs are just for some materials like concertina that come our of already paid for stockpiles. Bottom line its not added costs.


Thomas O'Toole

I appreciate and thank you for your well expressed rumination.


,,,almost 30 years ago one wall came down in Berlin and today another one is going up here.

,,,the President has unconstitutially appointed convicted a scam artist lackey as AG

,,,voter suppression by Republicans is going on right now in Florida and Georgia

,,,he free press is being stifled.

Looks like the dying desparate Republican Party is really trying to get that Totalitarian State up and running!!!

Todd Juvinall

"M" step away from the bong.


Posted by: ***M*** | 09 November 2018 at 07:26 AM



Signs of the time. Blue Mob voters exercising their free speech rights at Tucker's house.



lol. Anyone who doesn't take the Blue Mob seriously is flat mistaken.


,,,Democrats Are Trying to Steal Florida Senate Race by Counting All the Votes,,,by L'il Marco

Now the wannabe Totalitarians don't want those military and provisional votes counted


Todd Juvinall

No "M". The "votes" were ballots found in car trunks and closets and were not guarded as the law says. I can see the democrats hiring some illegals to fill in those ballots as the dems are so cheap. Anyway, the ballot protocol must be followed or the whole system integrity is wrecked.


Posted by: ***M*** | 09 November 2018 at 08:09 AM

....and they'll keep finding "ballots" until they have enough for the democrat to win eh dugsKKKi?

....Oh you diaper wearing nitwit you give me such joy........hey.....hows the state running......putting that gas tax money to good use this time? Firewall holding strong?


,,,brownlumpFish,,,yes,,,you are Winning! by living rent free in my Depends,,,

but I am raising the rent,,,now warm tongue baths of the affected areas will be required!!!


Posted by: ***M*** | 09 November 2018 at 08:55 AM

Sorry dugsKKKi......this isn't a personal services contract.......have the person who changes the diaper do it!

And make sure they use plenty of powder when they're done....you know how I like the powder!

Bill Tozer

Victims of Communism remembered.

My, M, what nice tribute to the 100 or more million souls murdered by Communism just in the last 100 years.

All I can say is:


Scott O

re today's update - I'm still waiting for the left to fathom the difference between legal immigration and folks sneaking across the border to get their 'Constitutional rights'.
The idea that we're to find some kind of common ground with people that can never provide any sort of clue as to the exact real estate they're willing to define and defend is rather questionable.

Bill Tozer

Re update: They want us to think like they do? Nay, not only do they demand it, they require it. Compulsory education, if you will. Which is why I joined the true resistance.


Don Bessee

Well that's constructive, informative and typically socialist. Sounds like there is some hash oil or edibles in that mix with m! -

So how did Nevada City fail so hard in their pot license process? They brought criminals to our communities and enabled their disrespect to the neighborhoods doing volatile hash oil crap in residential areas. Connect the dots people.

,,,brownlumpFish,,,yes,,,you are Winning! by living rent free in my Depends,,,
but I am raising the rent,,,now warm tongue baths of the affected areas will be required!!!
Posted by: ***M*** | 09 November 2018 at 08:55 AM



Bill Tozer

Tribute to Communism and Totalitarianism.


Bill Tozer

Re update

Just as T.S. Eliot saw in Hitler and Stalin two sides of the same coin, so too did his close friend and ally, Christopher Dawson. In one of Dawson’s finest pieces, written in the immediate aftermath of the World War II, “The Left-Right Fallacy” (published in The Catholic Mind), Dawson rightly noted that there is no left and no right; there is only man and anti-man. That is, the divide is not horizontal but vertical. “The tactics of totalitarianism,” he wrote, “are to weld every difference of opinion and tradition and every conflict of economic interests into an absolute ideological opposition which disintegrates society into hostile factions bent on destroying one another.” The so-called and false divisions between a left and right, then, are “a perfect god-send to the forces of destruction.” Such a sophomoric notion of left and right becomes a blunt weapon, used to beat any and all opposition, while in actuality separating the human person from the human person, clothing each not in glory but in wretched rags of chaos and deceit. The results, Dawson realized, could only be confusion, disintegration, degradation, violence, inhumanity, hatred, and suspicion, disgracing even “a tribe of cannibals.”


George Rebane

BillT 1050am - Indeed, indeed. Dawson is one of the early debunkers of socialism and fascism being on the bookends of a dubious political spectrum. They are not only kissing cousins, but they are blood relatives sharing the same grandfather. The narrative of the post-WW2 Left does not allow that since they need an equally reprehensible foil against which to base their apologetics of communism. RR has made this point for many years now, that included a commentary featuring what has turned out to be a graphic that has remained too obscure for the non-technical reader.

In any event, Dawson's "anti-man" emerges from the collectivist ideologies that inevitably are drawn to totalitarianism. (see figure)

Tricky McClean


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