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08 December 2018


Bill Tozer

Does it all come down to choices? Another Sacred Cow that we are forbidden to dispute: The Gender Wage Gap.

“They find that male train and bus drivers worked about 83 percent more overtime than their female colleagues and were twice as likely to accept an overtime shift—which pays time-and-a-half—on short notice and that around twice as many women as men never took overtime. The male workers took 48 percent fewer unpaid hours off under the Family Medical Leave Act each year. Female workers were more likely to take less desirable routes if it meant working fewer nights, weekends, and holidays. Parenthood turns out to be an important factor. Fathers were more likely than childless men to want the extra cash from overtime, and mothers were more likely to want time off than childless women.

In other words, the difference in male and female earnings at the MBTA was explained by those “so-called ‘women’s choices,’” which Hartmann and Rose so easily dismissed.

“The gap of $0.89 in our setting,” the authors concluded, “can be explained entirely by the fact that, while having the same choice sets in the workplace, women and men make different choices.”



Just what have you been drinking this morning Scenes? (Uh,,, Got any left?)
Yes, the geezer of NC is really showing the signs. Repeating the same question, over and over and over and.,, not being able to answer the simplest questions. Just ignores them like they were never asked. Then there is just making up things he thinks other people said.
Classic Alzheimer's and dementia. It's all downhill from there.


,,,Walt are you talking about Trump?

Bill Tozer

Morning Walt.

I do see the punch drunk one exhibitioning signs of pre dementia senility. His 8:47 pm is one for the record books, as you pointed out in your 9:02 pm. A man can’t go much lower into the abyss than that 8:47 pm of his. I was slack jawed. Yes, people fret and fuss and worry more as they become older. . Yes, it’s all downhill from here.. po

Pretty fair article about ballot harvesting. I cannot believe that the new Congress ain’t even sworn in yet and we are now entering the 2020 Presidential race already.

“Dowless’s connection to Harris’s campaign, which paid Harris’s employer $428,000 for administrative, staff and grassroots services, is prompting a national look at ballot harvesting, which is considered election fraud because North Carolina law specifically prohibits anyone from collecting ballots.

But evidence is emerging that Dowless wasn’t the only one harvesting in the Tar Heel State.

WBTV, a Charlotte station, reviewed 796 official ballot envelopes of votes cast in Bladen County. The review identified 110 that were signed by two women who are listed as having been paid by a PAC connected to the North Carolina Democratic Party.

North Carolina is but one example of dubious ballot-harvesting nationwide. The practice is so common, harvesters even have their own region-specific names. In Florida, they’re known as “boleteros.” In Texas, they’re called "politiqueras."


“Expect arguments and legal challenges to continue. The first presidential primary ballots will be cast in 14 months.”


The "M"ental "M"idgit is awake. Good for you.

Since Paul NEVER said he was against more taxes,, well guess what you get to PAY!!
"the fixed fees for the city's 1,554 customers by 30 percent by 2023 — from $44.61 a month to $58.13. The flow charge per 1,000 gallons, after the first 2,000 gallons, will increase by 48 percent over those five years, from $6.78 to $10.05.

Give them time, and you will be charged by the flush.


Now see what you've done Paul.....? You've gotten a local man all sweaty! He'll need to go down to the local pool for an hour, bob like a cork and convince himself that he's worked it all out!

jeffpelline says:

December 12, 2018 at 7:06 pm

People are catching on to “fish”:

Shouldn’t you capitalize your name fish? Normally that’s the proper way to write a name. I know you’re a mystery woman or man afraid to reveal his or hers true identity. Pretty dramatic for our small town.

Posted by: Paul Emery | 12 December 2018 at 04:10 PM

Really should consider using quotes for Pauls quote jeffy......it's what good editors do!

Bill Tozer

Caravan and fakenews.

“The former Obama staffer turned CNN host took to Twitter to brag about his “fact-check” of Trump’s claims about DHS stopping terrorists at the border, dismissing it as fear-mongering. “In fact, DHS did not provide evidence of a single terrorist caught on the southern border over the last short period of time as the president claimed; this is not the first time that the president implied that the wall is necessary due to the terror threat,” he sneered in that segment”
The reply:

We are happy to provide the facts -- but you never reached out. In fact, DHS prevented 3,755 known or suspected terrorists from traveling to or entering the U.S. in FY 17. That's in addition to 17,526 criminals, 1,019 gang members, and 3,028 special interest aliens. #FactsFirst


Bill Tozer

Well, that tax increase backfired...big time

In France, after four Saturdays of anarchy, arson, looting and vandalism of her national monuments, President Emmanuel Macron capitulated to the rioters. He withdrew the fuel tax that triggered the uprisings. He agreed to have his government add $113 a month to those earning the minimum wage, and to let workers get overtime pay and Christmas bonuses tax-free, and to revoke higher social charges on modest pensions.

The cost of Macron’s retreat is estimated at $11 billion, 0.4 percent of France’s GDP. Saturday will tell us if his appeasement bought peace.

The political collapse of Macron has been extraordinary.

In 2017, he won almost two-thirds of the national vote, and his La Republique en Marche! won an absolute majority of the National Assembly.

Today, one poll puts Macron’s approval at 21 percent. The idea that he can replace Angela Merkel as the recognized leader of the EU seems ridiculous.

Paul Emery

"biker Gill writes"

I do see the punch drunk one exhibitioning signs of pre dementia senility. His 8:47 pm is one for the record books

Here is my 8:47 "So does our host support abortion Walt. Ask him.

Yes Bill, our host does support legal abortions with limitations as do I.

Paul Emery

sp Biker Bill


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 14 December 2018 at 09:41 AM

"He withdrew the fuel tax that triggered the uprisings. He agreed to have his government add $113 a month to those earning the minimum wage, and to let workers get overtime pay and Christmas bonuses tax-free, and to revoke higher social charges on modest pensions".

They are going to pay for these demands by slashing Macrons nearly 31K monthly make-up budget! Damn.....that's almost as much as dugsKKKi monthly Depends™ expenditures!


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