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15 December 2018



,,,Don’t do it, don’t go there!!!

“Overall, Dallas is a Democratic-leaning city, with Democratic voters spreading the majority of the city, especially the central and southern sectors, and conservative Republicans dominating a sliver of suburban neighborhoods in North Dallas.”

Dallas is only 50% White!!!
Dallas crime is higher than in LA!!!

Must be they are going for the jobs...why else would someone move TO a big city???

Scott O

The map said 'metro areas'. I would assume that would then mean the entire DFW Metroplex. Downtown Dallas is one thing - the area around Dallas is quite another.
M's post merely confirms George's post - complete denial of reality. The left has their dreamed of control of CA and they know what's coming.

George Rebane

Socialism never expanded an economy nor improved the quality of life of people who were sold its siren song. The more socialistic principles and programs a country embraces the slower its growth until it goes into flirts with crisis and finally succumbs - e.g. Greece, Italy, Spain, Venezuela.

Communist countries like China and Vietnam are doomed from the gitgo, and can only advance to the extent that they liberalize their economies to embrace entrepreneurs and the enterprises they are allowed to grow. China has hit its ceiling and is now busy installing Orwellian monitoring systems on its citizens who remain forever a threat to the state. Vietnam in its currently totalitarian state is terminally screwed.


,,,See ya Scottto,,,enjoy Texas!!!

Cali population is 30% larger than Texas
Cali economic output puts it at #5 in GNP,,, Texas is #10
Texas is 40% bigger so they have room to grow
Housing prices are definitely lower in Texas

Housing prices and congestion are motivating people to move to other tech centers and areas where major Fortune 500 companies are located.

When you have a state with high congestion you build bullet trains and mass transit.


Posted by: ‘’’M’’’ | 16 December 2018 at 08:12 AM

When you have a state with high congestion you build bullet trains and mass transit.

Yeah dugsKKKi......and on a positive note......you only be 288 years old when you finally get to ride it!

George Rebane

re M 812am - Yes indeed, those are all about the reasons for the exodus. And what kind of politicians made it so that we have housing shortages and traffic congestion and water shortages and legions of gimmes arriving daily??

Congestion, lack of water, expensive housing has been with us for the last few decades, yet the party in power doesn't have a clue about the function of dams, intra-state mass transit, repairing infrastructure, ... . But they're great at buying votes from unions with audacious benefit packages for govt workers that has left us awash in unfunded liabilities. And CA's revenue model is laughable (see new Scattershots).


Posted by: George Rebane | 16 December 2018 at 09:32 AM

And CA's revenue model is laughable (see new Scattershots).

Don't worry George....dugsKKKi will be along momentarily to tell you how its not all a Ponzi scheme and that California finances are as "sound as the Pound" (Chalk up another "moment in unintentional humor").


,,,this sounds more like a bitch session than a discussion.

,,,the state tries to develope a bullet train,,,and you constantly bitch about how much it costs,,,do you want the Fed to gimmee you a train for free?

George Rebane

M 1044am - Don't develop stuff the cost of which you have no idea, the usability of which you haven't a clue, the existence of its usership is highly doubtful, the schedule of its construction is pie in the sky, and the financing of it promises to be a disaster. Only a socialist planner has the hubris to do that, knowing that the helpless taxpayer will bear ALL the burden of his fuck-ups.

How about starting out with express trains on the existing LA-SF tracks that can support 100mph travel, and see how many takers there will be at different price points? Given the snail's pace of short-distance air travel, that approach will be very time competitive with flying.


Posted by: '''M''' | 16 December 2018 at 10:44 AM

Ur funny when you hitch up your thoughtful poster pants!


,,,so shut down the existing rail corridors needed for commuters and commerce to try and upgrade every railroad crossing with vehicle over or under-crossings,,,Brilliant!!!


,,,and do the above 'for free'!!!

George Rebane

M 1106am - Not sure what kind of track scheduling and frequency of trains you're talking about. And yes, there would be some upgrade costs involved, but we're only planning for 100mph speeds which is within the range that the current rails can handle. I would envision at most four (2 each way) express trains a day which would minimally impact existing traffic scheduling. And the cost of such an interim solution would be about two orders of magnitude lower than any existing bullet train pipe dream.

Scott O

M - "See ya Scottto,,,enjoy Texas!!!"
Actually we currently are enjoying Texas. Our daughter and son-in-law have lived here for years (his company re-located from CA).
I'd love to understand M's stance on the so-called bullet train. If the local car dealer scammed him on a car deal anywhere nearly as bad as the Brown Steak Express, he'd blow a fuse. Nothing like politically connected fat cats screwing the taxpayers abetted by idiot Dem pols to get the left all excited.
Go back and look at the promised rail system that the people voted for and then look at the lies told to support the work so far. Then look at what they now admit the system will cost and triple that. All for a joke of a rail system that was obsolete the day they started to lay rail.
If the train actually ever goes anywhere near as fast as they claim, they'll need to have TSA screen every passenger just as they do at airports. The whole thing is a pipe dream (look up the original meaning) by delusional incompetents.


"M" sagely notes: "When you have a state with high congestion you build bullet trains and mass transit."

The Fresno->Bakersfield commuters thank you.

Bill Tozer

Trains have run at speeds of 100 mph with averages of 77mph for the last 70 years. Every builder of successful high speed trains in the globe have balked at the Brownstreak. Private sector funding is not forth comings as Wall St. balkes. To add icing on the cake, the train will not save the planet. Construction and operation will create more CO2 than if could ever save, including the green electric sections. Of yeah. The train has to be profitable, so the “passengers” will be the high end business class, not us po folk.






GeorgeR: "How about starting out with express trains on the existing LA-SF tracks that can support 100mph travel, and see how many takers there will be at different price points?"

Exactly precisely right.

Spend a small fraction of the ridiculous high speed rail money on improving/modernizing existing lines, maybe even run them at a loss to jump start the whole deal. Improve the terminals. Market the thing.

I doubt that California could ever build a large mass transit network that regular people will use just due to personal security issues. As long as CA cities are homeless/petty crime/doper central the sketchy situation on the trains and stations will keep people off.

Of course, it's always wise to separate commute from travel needs. Planes are pretty cool, scale up nicely, only require a facility at each end, and already exist.

I'm surprised that no one has droned on about how 'GM KILLED THE STREETCARS' and that's why California is not just like Japan.

No doubt everyone has seen this before, but this is the face of California mass transit. Behold Blue Mob utopia.


Scott O

scenes 2:37 - you're wasting your time. The lefty grandees that inhabit Nevahdah County will never have to actually face any of what you just posted. (or that's why they left LA or the Bay Area) And if they ever come across actual wretched humans such as that, they simply blame it on Republicans and scurry along to their next morally superior event.
Folks forget what the bus stations used to be like. And why they then decided the personal auto would be their choice of transit.
You want to 'engineer' humans into having to use public transport?
Check out videos of the stations in Japan for the bullet trains. Funny - not a junkie in sight.


,,,gee willikers,,,now why would they want to begin by building high speed track in a flat, sparsely populated area surrounded by relatively cheap ag land,,,

Scott O

M at 3:38 - They're following Willie Brown's maxim about 'start digging a hole and use all of the money - then figure the public will let you keep digging so as not to waste the money already spent'.
Is M supporting DiFi's little cash pile?


M = "now why would they want to begin by building high speed track in a flat, sparsely populated area surrounded by relatively cheap ag land,,,"

Good idea. Maybe they could build from El Centro to Slab City next time.

My take is that the fix is in. Somebody is going to make a lot of money on the whole deal, either property owners or contractors.

Don Bessee


General contractors, pr hacks, lawyers and of course lobbyists will be the big winners!



Posted by: scenes | 16 December 2018 at 04:13 PM

Nobody is terribly surprised by dugsKKKi employing the "Drunkards Search Principle"?

A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what the drunk has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he lost them here, and the drunk replies, no, and that he lost them in the park. The policeman asks why he is searching here, and the drunk replies, "this is where the light is".


Bill Tozer

The easiest leg of the Brownstreak through cheap Ag land has hit a hitch. They haven’t even purchased the land necessary to complete a 120 mile section yet. But, they started building, lol. They better have a 120 mile stretch completed by 2022 or else CA will have to repay the Fed’s 3.5 billion (with a B ) that Uncle Sam fronted CA as per the agreement. Thus the rush, even though after all these years, a route has not even been decided upon yet.
Just start building it and hopefully they can get the land purchased and get pass those pesky EIRs and bothersome evnironental lawsuits. :). 3.5 billion is just a drop in bucket and the maintance costs of higher speeds on the system will force the bullet train to throttle their speeds down, just as Japan learned. Exorbinate maintance costs and wear and tear on the rails and cars at higher speeds. Plus, any loads will have to be light if used for freighter pick up some tares.
Union Pacific said, “No way are we going to left you use our rails.” Bummer.

Build it and they will come. A fancy looking Amtrak when all is said and done, but with more stops.


The cost was originally supposed to be split among the state, the federal government and private business. But that arrangement faltered, as hopes for federal dollars faded with Republicans in power in Washington and businesses shied away from such an uncertain venture. As of now, the rail authority has come up with less than $30 billion of the necessary $100 billion, and the project’s costs are expected to continue to rise.

“The rest has to be found,” said Martin Wachs, an emeritus engineering professor at the University of California at Berkeley and a member of a committee appointed by the Legislature to review the project. “At the moment, 100 percent of the cost is going to be absorbed by the taxpayers.”
Beginning construction without all of the financing in place represents a strategic gamble by the rail authority, and by Mr. Brown, that once enough work is completed, future leaders will be loath to walk away from the project and leave a landscape of unfinished pillars, viaducts, bridges and track beds. Faced with reduced resources, the authority has altered its plans, and is now focused on finishing a 119-mile stretch of track from Bakersfield to Madera by 2022.


Scott O

The California High Speed Rail construction project has a lot to like for lots of special interests. The so-called Republican mayor of Fresno was not on board until the project promised to pay for all of the overpasses the City of Fresno had proposed to construct to expand into the west side of Hwy 99. Ka-ching! Now we likes it! The project is now paying for electrification and expansion of bay area rail projects that have nothing to do with the original mandate.
It has become the cash cow king of California buying out any opposition with wads of cash as it grows. Anyone with enough clout to actually slow it down will find him or her self unable to talk with all of the money shoved into their mouth.
The left loves it.

George Rebane

We are really waiting for a leftwing apologist like Mr M to come and set all this bullet train saga straight in our minds.


What a way to spend the final years of your life, George. Writhing in despair and wallowing in self pity. Why not just hang it up?. Or simply move to garden spot like El Paso.


When the high speed rail was first proposed, I was all for it. It works pretty good everywhere else. A proven venture. Yup "BUILD THE DAMNED THING!" So I bet on the horse in the dog food bound truck. Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time. THEN,,,, Greedy LIBS got their lunch hooks into it. Gov can't get a train to run on time, let alone build one. And these are the same ones you want controlling your health care? Seek professional help. Preferably one mot on the gov. payroll.

Bill Tozer

Ah heck, more for the road.

“And to be clear, right now there does not appear to be much real thought about how this train project can actually progress beyond this initial phase. Ralph Vartabedian of the Los Angeles Times politely understates:

It remains unclear how the Central Valley cost increases will affect the total program, which under the 2016 business plan is supposed to cost $64 billion. But the jump in the Central Valley — a 77% increase above the original estimate — suggests the authority and its consultants have vastly underestimated the difficulties of buying land, obtaining environmental approvals, navigating through complex litigation and much else.

Assuming the rest of the project saw the same budget increase, the whole project would skyrocket to more than $113 billion. And you probably shouldn't assume that the project's unexpected budget increases will scale at the same rate. The train's construction will get more challenging as it heads toward San Francisco and Los Angeles.”


Here is another link....just because I liked the headline.....The boondoggle’s boondoggle. :)

Don Bessee

The Dr. R I know pities the victims of the socialists OPM policies, sees the damage to good business and like many of us has innumerable blessing and fun times el trollio @ 509.

Did you ever notice how people without children like so many of the self proclaimed 'betters' and much of the EU, May, Macron, Merkle & that's why they only have a me, me, me focus with no thoughts about the future of their countries kids?

They just think about how hard its to get a maid to clean up after the poodles and they need to make that easier.



Posted by: Wes | 16 December 2018 at 05:09 PM

You could spend all your time shitting yourself while “on the right side of history “ like a certain Mensa member who likes to post here

George Rebane

Wes 509pm - “Wallowing in self pity”?? Wes, unless you have already made your ‘go to hell’ money, you have no clue about what you are talking.


GeorgeR: "How about starting out with express trains on the existing LA-SF tracks that can support 100mph travel, and see how many takers there will be at different price points?"

It just occurred to me that that practically exists already.

It's called a 'bus'.

Todd Juvinall

Wes is a troll.

Scott O

Wes knows CA HSR is a stupid money pit backed by ignorant left wing losers. But those darned right wingers are agin' it so Wes has to be for it.
Nothing to do but throw rocks at the right wingers.
Better improve your aim, Wes.
Oh - and I will be living long enough to see the whole thing crash and burn. It was all one big lie from the start. No responsible civil engineer ever thought it would work. Remember it has to be paid for solely by the fares it generates.
Can you do the math?

Bill Tozet

It's called a 'bus

I thought it was called Amtrak, the passenger rail service that loses money on every ticket it sells in most of the West and is generally more expensive than flying..

Of its 48 lines, only five make a profit and one breaks even.May 28, 2015

Scott O

BT - "Of its 48 lines, only five make a profit and one breaks even."
And just think - those rail lines were paid for decades ago. The HSR will cost well over 100 billion and then we start to talk about operational costs and maintenance.
Wes is out looking for rocks.

Don Bessee

Can you do the math? @ 650 You so mean Scott, that's sooo judgmental. (Does anyone remember when having good judgement was an admirable attribute for a good employee?) Didn't you see that a school had a whole "Day" of adult training day where you could select 3 of 11 offered courses? Balance a check book, how to cook, personal hygiene, tire changing and so on. The average age attending was in the mid 20's. So how much did it co$t us all to raise those poor kid victims of school union and the state to functional inability?

Too many generations of the single party, party line education coupled with too many kids with kids who are all about being friends instead of parents. Especially those working hard on being the cool parents which is an abrogation or parenting responsibility.

We all see their usual known suspects over and over and over. To take a page from another RR regular; Why, why, why?



"I thought it was called Amtrak,"

Heck, a goodly part of Amtrak routes *is* called a bus. As an efficient source of travel for the poor, they're hard to beat.

Honestly, I'd rather they took all the money for high speed rail and wasted it on developing self driving (and perhaps electric) cars. You can imagine the change in freeway travel if that problem were really nailed, plus it's a more interesting boondoggle.

Putting in trains as a replacement for short haul airlines is one of the stupidest things I've seen in some time.

You just know that the baksheesh is really going to flow with the train to nowhere.

Scott O

Don 7:14 - sigh, I guess it's because I was the offspring of those who went through the depression and WWII. They couldn't afford to be snow flakes.
Everyone is for progress, unless they have to actually pony up their fair share of the bill. There are so many non-payers that vote we end with stupidity as the norm. And the wealthy love stupid democracy. Because the stupid always vote with their feelings instead of their brains.


George 6:14 - Yes, wallowing in self pity. Frustrated that the world as you know it is coming to an end. You have convinced yourself that the last great century of mankind is upon us and that history ended about the time you were born. Stuff that you state and roll over in your mind day after day. And on and on and on. Go back four years and your screed is largely the same (and the audience hasn't grown - it would appear). Yes George. You may have another term for your abject depression, I simply view it as pity upon yourself because you couldn't change the fate of mankind with the countless thousands of hours you've wasted holding court on this blog. Hours you could have spent smelling the roses, taking walks, baking bread and mingling with your family and friends. Time wasted and never to be found again

Scott O

Thank you, Wes. Since you have no argument or facts to counter the original post or the ensuing discussion of CA's latest and largest money pit, you decide to fabricate a laughable picture of poor ol George endlessly wringing his hands over mankind's folly. If you took the time to meet him and share his daily life, you would find your assessment of his existence to be far wide of the mark.


George complains about the world and Wes complains about George.

After that, it's turtles all the way down.

In terms of taxes and The Exodus (the point of the post, after all), I keep wondering when California residents will be smacked with new taxes on assets. There just has to be a way to extract a few more dollars and stay away from property taxes. A parking fee for 401(k)s really should get invented in order to pay for the state employee guaranteed pensions after all.

Speaking of which, I wonder just how many California expats are retired state .gov workers who like the idea of a monthly check from one place and the lower housing prices of another? A person could get rich marketing a Sun City for CA public safety guys with the need for Harley and Corvette storage.


,,,Do the collective RR brain trust imagine that rail designers did not have a reason to start the project in the Central Valley??? Do the RR anti-infrastructure collective imagine that 100mph ‘semi-high-speed’ passenger trains will be able to actually fly over low speed freighters using the same tracks???

Too late, it has begun!!! Job, Jobs, Jobs!!!

Look at all those ditches being dug Walter!!!



,,,Did your ancestors also bitch about this one???



Posted by: ‘’’M’’’ | 17 December 2018 at 08:09 AM

Like I said......cheapening the rich Scottish intellectual tradition every time he tickles the keyboard!


,,,news o' the day,,,fish regains consciousness


Posted by: ***M*** | 17 December 2018 at 08:39 AM

Ahh....mistaken yet again dugsKKKi! We never sleep!!


"Do the collective RR brain trust imagine that rail designers did not have a reason to start the project in the Central Valley???"

A most insightful and wise question.

Why put the Selma Flyer in the cheapest and least valuable area? Use it or lose it funding? Fallacy of previous investment? Hard to say. Usually you start with the most useful part of a thing.

To some extent, I'll enjoy the disaster. I believe that the system is forced by law to not be subsidized and to be run by an outside vendor. The hand waving involved when they go back to the endless bounty of the taxpayer should be some fun.


You know, it's time to roll out that old chestnut again. Art predicts the future.


George Rebane

Wes 1107pm – “wallowing in self pity(sic)”, “abject depression”, oh my. I was not aware that there was even a shred of self-pity evinced in what I have written in these pages. Quite the contrary, I have led a blessed life, and am amazed at my good fortune given the road – some miles unpaved - that I have had to travel. Perhaps the precise meaning of self-pity is a challenge for you. And I’m sorry that you also have been unable to extract a clue as to what ‘the last great century of mankind’ alludes to in RR’s tagline. In fact, America has given me untold opportunities and riches, which those of us with many birthdays have witnessed to wither for our younger generation. However, our sharing thoughts on RR (including yours) is a far cry from my “holding court”; I merely host this forum for widely varying viewpoints, opinions, and experiences. None of my readers shies from countering anything I post – an attitude cultivated now for 12 years.

You are a presumptuous chap, one who has not the slightest idea of what I do in this community, or how much we mingle with family and friends. And BTW, I really am a baker who bakes regularly, and has made ALL of our family’s bread for the last 21 years. In any case, from your mien, it appears that you are a typical product of the Left, for which I welcome you and hope that you will continue to share your views in this environment of discourse which has exhausted and continues to exhaust many of your fellow ideologues. (I do apologize for the bouts of ad hominems that erupt from time to time in these comment streams – kindergarten name-calling afflicts both sides of the political spectrum – unfortunately it is the price paid for hosting an open, lively, and responsive forum of ideas.)

All that aside, your errant observations about me and RR motivates me to perhaps offer a future commentary that reviews and expands on the seminal tenets that are part of Rebane Doctrine’s screed, if you will, as it continues to evolve from my credo (do you have one to share?). Again, thank you for taking the time to contribute your thoughts.


.....and then there this!

California’s High Speed Rail Project Will Collapse Within Four Years



What happened to all the Infrastructure monies trumpski was going to start handing out???



Posted by: ***M*** | 17 December 2018 at 11:27 AM

What happened to all the Infrastructure monies trumpski was going to start handing out???

You really thought California was in line for any of that? You're dumber than I thought!

Remember the new normal dugsKKKi....elections have consequences.....we use them to"Reward our Friends and Punish our Enemies"....or so I've heard!

Scott O

M at 8:19 - clearly you have missed the whole point here. The CA HSR authority operates under a legal mandate expressed in a proposition passed by the voters. The good folks running the show have made it plain they don't care about the constraints of the law. It is way behind schedule, way over budget and run by a bunch of flim flam artists. It was, is and will be a titanic con.
But we'll mark you down in the "I don't care about the law, I just want a choo choo" column.

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