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12 December 2018




Just because libertarians believe you can't buy from or sell to other peoples or nations after they've been bombed into the stone age?

Isolationist is a slur.


re: Isolationist.

At this point, I think that the term has come to mean: 'Person who wouldn't invade Germany in 1935 and so the Nazis killed all those people'.

It's rather like the definition of populist: 'Person who is a racist Nazi'.

Speaking of which.

Bill Tozer

Globalism, Nationalism, Populism, Isolationism, and maybe off-topic

Like the pagans of old, as well as those of “The Wicker Man,” our post-Christian culture will target Christians. They will fire those who use the “wrong” (i.e., biologically accurate) pronouns, and ban them from Twitter. They will continue to put Christians who refuse to celebrate same-sex wedding ceremonies out of business, and maybe into jail.

But they will show scant mercy to others who violate the edicts of their new religion. They will punish anyone who strays (even if unintentionally or long ago) from their dogmas. They will enforce blasphemy codes against comedians. This year’s Heisman Trophy winner was ambushed—the same night he won the award—by the social justice mob because he had used un-PC language on Twitter as 14 and 15-year-old. That sort of malevolence is far wickeder than anything the young athlete had tweeted, but miserable sanctimony knows neither proportion nor forgiveness.

The left’s young radicals will be no more forgiving to the liberal elites than the populists will. In the end, they too will turn on those who led them to ruin. Failure demands the occasional blood sacrifice. The result will be ugly, no matter who wins. With the embers still aglow in France, the warning to the comfortable leaders of the West is unmistakable: Your time will come.


Robert Cross

Globalism requires cooperation between countries and leaders. With that in mind from the "it takes one to know one" dept. Israeli police say they have enough evidence to indict trump's goombah buddy Netanyahu for a THIRD corruption case. You know birds of a feather -- trump, Netanyahu, Putin, Mohammad Bin Salman, Kushner (in training to become chief goombah because Eric and Don Jr. are too stupid)... Global thieves and murderers flock together like starlings just itching to take away your freedoms as they laugh their way to the bank.

Todd Juvinall

Wait until a Zimbabwean cop arrests BoobieC in his home for speaking out against them. Those globalists are just plain stupid. Smaller the better when it comes to government and it appears the EU won't let GB return to that state.

George Rebane

ToddJ 915am - You may have it backward Mr Juvinall. The globalist elites are of the same cloth as the communist and socialist elites. When you look at the Gini index plots of countries run by those elites, you see that they have all the wealth and are living high on the hog, while the rest of their citizens are poverty stricken and wallow in pig shit. It's the voters voting us down the road to authoritarian globalism (starting at a local jurisdiction near you) who are the double-dummies. CA has an overabundance of them.

Robert Cross

Toodles-- you had better start looking under your bed and in each of your closets every night because the commie/terrorist/jihadists are everywhere in deep cover just waiting to take over our country. They will come out of the woodwork and slaughter helpless defenseless Americans with their utility knives until righteous members of the NRA rise up to defeat them with their semi-automatic rifles and shotguns because the American military, despite the highest spending levels since WWII, is powerless to stop them on its own. Perhaps a preemptive nuclear strike across the entire Middle East will do the trick with the added bonus of securing all of the oil in the region for Exxon and Chevron plus creating the need for more nuclear weapons to replace the spent arsenal. It's a win/win don't you think?

George Rebane

RobertC 903am - Mr Cross, you need to brush up on the kind of world order that will exist under the globalism sought by the UN and expanded under Agenda21. There will only be one hierachy of 'leaders', and no surviving countries whose cooperation must be sought. Cooperation, if you still want to call it that, will be mandated by diktat from on high.

Bill Tozet

Interesting tidbit from the university students in Paris. They are protesting because non-Euro students pay a higher tuition than EU students in Paris. How unfair. Guess they are upset that the EU ain’t acting globalist enough.

On this side of the Pond, foreign students pay a higher tuition than in-state residents. That’s pretty nationalistic of us. Come to think of it, out of state students pay more to attend our CA university system than in-state residents, with illegal aliens from any other stat exempted, of course. That is pretty tribal.

Bill Tozer

Can you tell me why Yugoslavia broke up into six separate nations? Just asking for a friend.
“Our diversity is our strength!” proclaims this generation.

We have become a unique nation composed of peoples from every continent and country, every race, ethnicity, culture and creed on earth.

But is not diversity what Europe is openly fleeing from?

Is there any country of the Old Continent clamoring for more migrants from the Maghreb, sub-Sahara or Middle East?

Broadly, it seems more true to say that the world is turning away from transnationalism toward tribalism, and away from diversity and back to the ethno-nationalism whence the nations came.

The diversity our democracy has on offer is not selling.


Hmmm. ‘Democracy’is becoming the new dog whistle for the progressive illiberal Police State. Abolish the electoral college....every vote counts (even the invalid ones), that kind of speech cannot be tolerated in our democracy, open borders, housing is a right, and Trump is a threat to our democracy.
The last one is true. Trump is a threat to their bend the rules democracy.

George Rebane

BillT 1250pm - Yes, Yugoslavia reverted back into its culturally cohesive countries after the gun was removed from the peoples' heads - as did all the communist conquered satellite states after the USSR collapsed. We have discussed this many times in these pages over the years. The evidence for people liking to live 'with their own kind' is overwhelming.

America's exceptional secret is that we welcome diverse people to our shores and then continue to embrace them as they assimilate into our common public culture (without having to give up their native cultures, which they are free to enjoy with other such immigrants, but are not free to impose their cultures on other Americans.) That has changed. Now assimilation is optional, and public celebration of all cultures save European cultures is encouraged, especially by people unassimilated and with no intention to assimilate.

Only assimilated diversity has been our strength. Unassimilated diversity has caused only division and civil strife in such peoples required to live cheek by jowl. Heather MacDonald explains it all in 'The Diversity Delusion'.


BillT: " They will fire those who use the “wrong” (i.e., biologically accurate) pronouns, and ban them from Twitter. "

The Chinese are in front of us here with their social credit score system.

The Blue Mob concept of getting people fired for doubleplus ungood speech (or getting them deplatformed by Twitter/Paypal/hosting services/etc) could easily be expanded. I can see it sneaking in via the commercial world, rather similar to the way that our friends at Google and the like introduced the surveillance society in order to sell soap.

No doubt there are already services that HR departments use to background check people in their public behavior online. That is going to improve by leaps and bounds over time. Just wait until it effects your credit score or ability to get a hotel room. Thinking bad thoughts doesn't make you part of a protected group, quite the opposite. 'Bad' is in the mind of the beholder, as witness the highly lauded NY Times 'tech' writer.

Blue Mob ownership of the schools, social media, and entertainment/propaganda is a remarkably hard thing to overcome for Team Red. Merely doing useful things for a living isn't enough.

Bill Tozer

Various topics, but I will put this link here. Another Buchanan column.




Flippantly, I'll answer the question saying that Yugoslavia was never one nation except for a period of time after WWII when it was held together by independent communist strongman Tito. Had the Ottoman Empire not taken over a southern chunk of the Balkans, giving the people a choice of a 3rd class existence in their own lands or converting to Islam beginngin somewhere in the 14th century, the Balkans would only be divided into Catholic and Eastern (Serbian or Greek) Orthodox pieces.

The Serbs, Croats, Bosnians and Montenegrins are all generally the same peoples, genetically, separated over the centuries by different languages and religions.

It's a tectonic mess, where west meets east meets north meets south.

Bill Tozer

The Pompeo Doctrine:

“After the Cold War ended, we allowed this liberal order to begin to corrode. It failed us in some places, and sometimes it failed you and the rest of the world. Multilateralism has too often become viewed as an end unto itself. The more treaties we sign, the safer we supposedly are. The more bureaucrats we have, the better the job gets done. Was that ever really true?
For the business community, from which I came, consider this: The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were chartered to help rebuild war-torn territories and promote private investment and growth. Today, these institutions often counsel countries who have mismanaged their economic affairs to impose austerity measures that inhibit growth and crowd out private sector actors.
… But Brexit – if nothing else – was a political wake-up call. Is the EU ensuring that the interests of countries and their citizens are placed before those of bureaucrats here in Brussels?——Mike Pompeo

For decades a lie was sold to the people of Europe that free movement, social engineering, and cheap imported labor would be compatible with an ever-growing managerial welfare state. That falsehood now lies exposed, and the results aren’t pretty. The problems of Paris and, by and large, the EU, are only beginning.

Pompeo understands what other American liberal internationalists fail to comprehend about the EU. While some European nations might be allies, the European Union isn’t. Rather, it’s an empire in the making.

One cannot govern against his own people in democratic societies without using medieval authoritarian tactics and brutal crackdowns. And the only way to have good government is to have nation-states, where the people can elect their own leaders and choose their own systems and social policies. After all, as Kenneth Waltz once wrote, an aspiration of a global government would lead to a global civil war.



As Christmas approaches and the Isolationist Libertarian Trumphead Sheeple feverishly throw money at the campaign to pay contractor’s construction expenses for a Steel-Slat Fence...back in the real world there are many humanitarian issues where that money could go to help people in distress,,,




"M" = "back in the real world there are many humanitarian issues where that money could go to help people in distress"

Nothing is stopping you old son. Perhaps you could post up your saintly deeds for the day, aside from turning your backside to the 17 intelligence agencies of course.


Posted by: ***M*** | 22 December 2018 at 08:46 AM

How is it possible that these poor souls need any assistance at all seeing that they are citizens of South America’s most “prosperous” socialist paradise?

George Rebane

What progressives will never understand is that the world can and does easily manufacture the needy at rates the US could never hope to subsidize. But promoting such subsidies in lieu of maintaining our sovereignty is right in line with their denied A21 objectives.

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