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23 December 2018



Posted by: Robert Cross | 27 December 2018 at 09:38 AM

“You’re my favorite deputy!”

-Sheriff Woody

Bill Tozer

Nutter than a fruitcake, nutritionists tan squirrel poo. The enemy of the people.

“But The Post appropriately added more quotes from Trump’s remarks at various stops in both Germany and Iraq, but when it goes beyond adding quotes to rewriting the story’s tone and tenor without a correction, that’s when there’s a problem.”


Year. In review. Nuttier than a outhouse rat.


The wheel is spnning but the hamsters died.



Robert and Steve- The best part of this blog is reading the inane responses to intelligent information. They validate my stance on the left (intelligent) side of the page (Todd - FYI stance means position).

George Rebane

My, my - other presidents' Christmas visits to our overseas military were salutary expressions of compassionate and appreciative leadership by their CiC. However, President Trump continuing that tradition is a "PR stunt". The astounding logic of the Left never fails.

Robert Cross

George -- get real is was nothing more than a PR stunt... He only went to Iraq to quell the criticism and stage one of his campaign rally style lie-fests where he says whatever he thinks will get him the adulation for his audience he thinks he deserves. The astounding blindness of the right to trump's manipulations and outright lies never fails.

Larry--the inane responses expose the true depth of critical thinking on the part of local trumpeters...there is none, they are just blindly following a corrupt leader who says what they want to hear despite the obvious lack of truth. It closely resembles the brown shirt mentality of depression era Germany. See no evil, hear no evil..speak all the lies necessary to defend your positions.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 27 December 2018 at 11:06 AM

bobsy finds a new friend.......



,,,yes Robert,,,attention seeking behavior by an egomaniac president. Finally, after a couple of years of being afraid to go to Iraq, trumpski makes it over there, while complaining that his plane was dark as it flew over enemy territory.
Then he schools the troops that everything is the Dem’s fault and signs a MAGA hat or two while outing the location of Seal Team 5.

,,,yes George,,, trumpski visited the troops,,,a fine thing to do,,,although his bone spurs were probably killing him,,,


Posted by: ***M*** | 27 December 2018 at 11:56 AM

So how many dugsKKKi?

Robert Cross

Lacking the ability to respond in any intelligent fashion, fishy blabbers the same old nonsense. Kind of like a 'far side' cartoon without the visual.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 27 December 2018 at 12:26 PM


dugsKKKi, my evil troll brethren knows what I’m looking for from him! Why don’t you get back to nagging your husband about cleaning the garage!

Don Bessee

I seem to recall the pony tail of ignorance saying we failed to hold the line on commercial pot shops but yet -

Less than 20% of cities in California — 89 of 482 — allow retail shops to sell cannabis for recreational use, according to the California Cannabis Industry Assn. Cities that allow cannabis sales include Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and San Diego.

State officials also predicted that legal cannabis would eventually bring in up to $1 billion in revenue a year. But with many cities banning pot sales, tax revenue is falling far short of estimates. Based on taxes collected since Jan. 1, the state is expected to bring in $471 million in revenue this fiscal year — much less than the $630 million projected in Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget.



Todd Juvinall

Why do the lefy posters here think they are intelligent? All they do is regurgitate Das Kapital and Che's musings. RobboeC reminds me of Che' a lot. Cross him and off with your head!

Todd Juvinall

And now we have another troll in Larry. Where do these trolls get hatched?

Bill Tozer

Well, another murdered police officer by another illegal alien. This one is all on M. He puts the rights and lives of illegals breaking into our country ahead of legal immigrants and US citizens.

Take your doors off, M and hang a big sign on the road that reads “Illegals Welcome Here.” Who can turn down and the goodies in your house?

Don Bessee

Bill T, perhaps that troll has other motivations -

Public speaker and film director Jaco Booyens told Breitbart News last week that an unsecured southern U.S. border emboldens human traffickers, adding that thirty percent of children smuggled across the border are sold into sex slavery.

“These cartels — they understand it’s easier to sell a child over and over than a pound of cocaine or an illegal weapon,” said Booyens, whose sister was a victim of human trafficking and whose experience is captured in the film 8 Days.

“A southern border that’s open is the reason California is now the leading state in the United States for trafficking,” said Booyens, “Thirty percent of children that cross the border today will be sex slaves in the United States.”




Now why can't this happen to any of our open boarder and anti wall Lefties?
"Neetu Chandak | Education and Politics Reporter

A California resident allegedly found two homeless men cooking dinner in his apartment in December.

Elijah Smart, 29, and Markis White, 19, were identified by police as the men who allegedly broke into Robby Spillman’s Santa Monica, California, apartment. Both were charged with burglary on Wednesday, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Spillman went Christmas shopping on Dec. 21 and found the men after arriving home, The Associated Press reported.

“I saw two homeless men in my home cooking themselves dinner,” Spillman said, according to NBC4.

Smart and White allegedly told Spillman that they weren’t expecting him to come home so soon and if it was okay to “hang out for a while,” NBC4 reported.

Bill Tozer

Don, unfortunately so. You want to buy little girl? She is a virgin.

The easier way in: Bring a child.

YALAMBOJOCH, Guatemala (Reuters) – Between heavy sobs, Catarina Alonzo explained that when her husband left Guatemala to try to reach the United States, they hoped taking their 8-year-old son would make it easier for the pair to get in. Instead, the boy fell ill and died.

She related how her son and his father, Agustin, an agricultural worker, had left in early December to find work in the United States to pay off debts. The two also hoped the boy would get a better education in the United States, she said.

In the meantime, Trump’s insistence on building a southern border wall has given coyotes a fresh argument to promote migration, Larra said.

“According to interviews (with migrants), the coyotes are saying ‘it’s now or never’ because the wall is going to be built, and it won’t be possible to cross,” she said.


Hmmm. First, the father and daughter were not fleeing violence or in “fear” for their lives. Second , its now or never because Walls Work. Walls work good. In fact, the reason the Leftinistas do not like walls is exactly because walls work too good. That is why you see all the Hollywood stars and Nancy and Di-Fi and the Pope and Boardman live behind walls...because they are effective.

Walls for me, but not for thee. Bastards.
Does this border fence work?


Much of the traffic across the Tucson Corridor of the border is controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel. Jim and Sue estimate more than 200 trails go through their ranch and all are under the rule of the Sinaloa Cartel.

“About 20 miles into the U.S. is controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel. That’s where our ranch is, it’s in no man’s land,” Jim says.

“Bottom line, the Tucson station is located 80 miles from the international boundary,” Jim says.

To check out a gun and be briefed, it might be an hour before an officer leaves the office. It then takes three hours to get to the border where multiple Cartel backpacker trails cross, leaving little time for the job.

Wildfires started by those crossing illegally are also a problem. In 2011, three-quarters of Bell’s grazing allotments burned from 13 separate fires and only one wasn’t man-made. He attributes the majority of the fires to illegal immigrants warming themselves with a fire or drug smugglers trying to evade authorities.

After fires, the Bells and the Chiltons have to change their grazing programs because the Forest Service doesn’t want cattle grazing burned pasture, sometimes for two years.

Then, the cost of putting out fires is often passed to tax payers. Jim estimates at least $2 million was spent on firefighting on his ranch in 2017 because of fires started by smugglers and migrants.

“If you took out the cost to the Forest Service just from fighting Arizona border fires of recent years, you’d find that the border wall would pay for itself,” Jim adds.

On the western half of the Bells’ ranch, the border is just a four-strand, barbed-wire fence. It continues west about 25 miles past the Chilton Ranch and a few others.

“We definitely need a wall. We definitely need roads, forward operating bases and better communications at the international boundary,” Jim says.

Jim and Sue believe a wall of some sort is necessary, but they understand a bollard fence might be the best route because agents can see who might be coming from Mexico. It should also be cheaper.




I'm sure that everyone is familiar with this already, but it's just such a picture perfect example of how crazy the Blue Mob is. No wonder you can't believe nobody.


but wait:


which of course leads to this:


NBC or crack KVMR news team, they're just full of shite.



From yer article: "My main big push is accessing the border with roads.”

You can make a certain case for that. The Romans, who had a certain experience with disastrously porous borders, had the notion of a 'limes' for border defense. The most important thing wasn't so much fortifications or physical boundaries (depending on the place and time period) but quick access to and along a border. Roads, in other words.

No doubt there are lots of reasons for the Blue Mob to hate a Trump Road. Some bit of hand waving involving the delicate desert environment and The Children! and the Border Patrol meanies.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 9 pm on the nose.

Aha! The saga continues. Trump did not meet with the Iraqi PM!!! Well, when you are GEOTUS, you don’t need to. Ah, Fiddlesticks to the barber. Some things never change...except BDS is now TDS.

“Henderson then went to commercial break with a soundbite from Bush’s November 27, 2003 visit to Iraq and give thanks to the troops there. Of course, there wasn’t any mention of how the press ripped Bush for that visit, down to expressing doubt about whether the turkey he held in a dining hall was real.”


Now, imagine being in our military in a war zone on a military base (uniform required). You have already done three tours and this is your fourth. You ask your commmander-in-chief to sign your MEGA hat that you pulled out of your pocket. Soon afterward, you are disciplined for being political in uniform and brought up on charges. You leave the military and seek a job in the private sector. The interviewer asks if you have ever been arrested. Being a man of rigorous honestly, you say “yes” and tell the interviewer that youwere tossed in the Brig and brought up on charges. The interviewer misses a beat or two, then asks you what we’re the circumstances. You answered, “I asked my Commander in Chief for an autograph and he obliged.” His appearance was deemed a political event and I was in uniform....in a combat zone in the theater of war.

The dephts of TDS is unchartered waters.


"The depthe of TDS is unchartered waters."

The primary news story I've run into concerns Melania Trump's choice of shoes on the trip to Iraq.

Hopefully KVMR runs an in-depth story on this matter.

The real question is whether Trump will visit the 420th Nevada City Volunteers at their bivouac in Syria. It'll be between the dispensary and the KBR latte stand.

Bill Tozer

Let’s spent the day talking about Melania’s footwear! What earth shaking event can we waste our time on today? I don’t know about you, but I woke up addicted to outrage.
The fashion experts are really coming out of the woodwork now.

“Whenever a liberal writer uses “some” people, or “many” people, they mean “we.””

“A person with the Twitter handle “Posh Spice” tweeted “Melania wearing timbs...how much more out of touch could she possibly be”? Another person (“Wintrynight Jordan”) tweeted “I have never in my life seen anything stupider than Melania Trump in a pair of Timberland boots.” One could quickly discover this wasn’t exactly a fashion tweet, since the hashtag on the Twitter bio was “#VoteThemOut”. Miss Spice’s account had the hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter”.



Blue Hysteria can be seen in a lot of places.


Bill Tozer

1) Re: Gregory’s reference to Darrell Berkheimer’s column in the Union (12/21/2018) about Women ‘traditionalists’ can spur a bipartisan wave.

2) Walls work


Bill Tozer

Size matters in Title IX.

So, asking someone out may be a crime? On campus it is. Why add more confusion and awkwardness to ‘when boy meet girl’?

“So while most people would assume “power or authority” refers to a professor or other superior’s relationship with a student, Scroggs indicated that literally being larger than another person and asking them out could be an unfair sexual situation.”


Guess she took advantage of his size to escort her to dance lessons....safely.


Regarding this link shared by Tozer

I find it curiously non threatening, even though the three young ladies carrying chose the sort of firearm (magazine fed semiautomatics) that Audrey Denney vowed to work to ban.

Also, there's a sock puppet by the name of "Lee Todd Jr." stalking The Union's Facebook plug in comments page that I think smells a lot like Doug Keachie.

George Rebane

Administrivia - for your edification and entertainment, Scattershots has been updated.

Don Bessee

Its going to be fun to watch the fur ball -



Todd Juvinall

Here is a story of Islamic violence for all you ISIS lovers.


Don Bessee

Let them eat poi -



Don Bessee


The UK’s Home Secretary has declared the illegal crossings across the English Channel from France a “major incident” after a sharp rise in boat migrants, mainly Iranian citizens, landing on Kent’s shores.



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