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05 December 2018


Todd Juvinall

I am back making comments on the articles posted in the Union and am obeying the "rules". Yet the left is once again whining and complaining about me to get me booted. They sure can't take a contra POV. And they are all the same, whiners and babies. We will see if the bosses at the Union cave.

George Rebane

I see in the 5dec18 Union’s op-ed page under Terry McAteer’s column a gleeful post from the attention-seeking FUE, where he writes – “Well done. You've stopped George Rebane dead in his tracks. LOL.” Does anyone know which tracks he had in mind? BTW, our DRR emailed me some of his latest posts where I saw that he has really been paying extraordinary attention to RR and continues lying without respite to his readership about me, what I write, and on what all of you comment. I was bit disappointed to see that PaulE engaged him about KVMR continuing to air my commentaries, which gave his debate there some sorely needed legitimacy. In that thread he characterized my opinion in the Khashoggi piece – So, despite the public gnashing of teeth and rending of garment by Trump’s political opponents, everyone understands that this is the correct way to end the affair. … Losing the order for shipping the Saudis our fancy armaments and other things so that they will remain our ally in the region, trumps all other factors in this case. – as being “hateful”, confirming again an emerged characteristic of the far Left - anything that does not agree with their narrative is instantly labeled ‘hateful’, ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘divisive’, ‘treasonous’, ‘-phobic’, … ; there can be only theirs, and no other opinions or perspectives in the new world they are building for us.

(None of these worthies know enough history to appreciate how many presidents did exactly the same thing without being explicit about it to the American voters – e.g. FDR played nice with Stalin, a killer of millions of his own, on the same theory that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.)


Posted by: George Rebane | 05 December 2018 at 11:17 AM

Other than for the purposes of pure mockery I can't imagine you devoting a moments thought to anything that the "Coffee Retrieval Unit" regurgitates in his catbox.

George Rebane

fish 1130am - I actually don't, that's why we have Designated Reader Reports that come in my email. But this little cri de coeur from the FUE was in the Union. I guess I couldn't hire a better PR man to drive traffic to RR. Apparently it is only here where the Left reads the Right, and then engages. No one else is able to draw such wrath from our Blue Brethren. Were it anyone but he, this would be quite an honor.


Posted by: George Rebane | 05 December 2018 at 11:41 AM

Ok! Would hate to think that you would waste even a moment your time on lil jeffy.

That's what the commentariat is for!

Bill Tozer

Todd@ 10:58 am.

Good luck. Wanted to jump in there with ya, but I refuse to sign up for the Union’s free newsletter and updates, so I can’t post. See Gregory is going after that pompous ass who increased the administrative staff by 7-8 fold during his tenure and left NU as the shiniest turd in the middle of the pile.

I just barely skimmed the comments and Cook’s post. Too many errors to correct to even begin. Way too many. Khashoggi was a NYT journalist? Learn something new every day. Just shook my head. And the comments. Wow. Trump ordered lethal force on poor children and poor women? No, Trump authorized lethal force, not ordered it. Words have meaning...and biases. Then I saw “the Cruscades.” They always jump to the Cruscades when cornered, lol. So predictable it’s boring.
Ok, the Cruscades was over 250,000 killed over a period of decades. Maybe a century. Sure, Christians are just as bad as atheists as evidenced by the scores of millions slaughtered by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and a countless host of ruthless atheist minor dictators like Idi Amin who liked to eat his victims. Nevermind that if it weren’t for the Polish army coming in to save Constantinople, all of Europe would be speaking Arabic today as the ruthless Islamics conquered everything in their path...by the sword. Convert or die. Leave the Religion of Peace and the penalty is death. Death to the Infidels! Sweet.

I just read about every 8th word and it was enough. Now that you got your time out, you are like a solo different colored pigeon in a coop. First, they peck and peck on the different one until they draw blood...then once there is a drop of blood, they all jump in as their bloodlust takes over. It’s who they are. I see need no need to correct them. Let them live in everlasting ignorance.

Consider yourself lucky. It could be worse.


Consider the source:


The reason the Leftinistas don’t do a real Christmas (devoid of politics or self grandiosity viture signaling) is because they can’t find three wise men or a Virgin.

Todd Juvinall

Hey BillT excellent post. If you read further from those loons they even try to make Stalin, Mao and the rest into Christians! But they do sing in one voice of complaint to shut down the opposition. Now they are attacking Russ and Gregory for there links of fact on CC.

Bill Tozer

Todd. Make ‘ktkhat God hater, not atheists. I have no problem witha atheists. And it wasrobably 225,00 killed the Crusades. Oh, add Little Roe man o the list. :).

Bill Tozet

@1:26 pm. Opps. Key pad sticking big time. Make that God haters, I have o problem with atheists. Add little Rocketman tot the list of minor dictators will the blood of millions on his hands——
Dr. Rebane and Co.

KVMV giving Dr. Rebane his 3-4 minutes a week has driven the Fat Guy crazy. It’s not the first time. He went on and on about it a few years ago and never stopped. Drove him nuts. During the newshour, for crying out loud. Not my news hour! Get him off MY newshour. It’s my dinner time and Rebane ruined my whole week! Oh, The Fat Guy had a fit cause there were some Republicans in the Constitution Day Parade! It’s a non political event. Get them out of here, out of my parade. Bar then, ban them, make it go away!

Then it was the Tea Party folks in lounge chairs drinking sodas at Western Gateway Park! It’s a public park. Get them out of my....er....a public park. When pointed out that the Tea Party or State of Jefferson folks reserved and paid for the stage in advance, he cried to high heaven about equal time on stage for other views to be heard. Equal time. When pointed out that any group can reserve the park’s stage for their activities if they plunk down the cold hard cash, he bitched and bitched that his son could see those people way off yonder in the disc golf course. Get them out of the park!! When pointed out that the Stage at Western Gateway encompassed only a small portion of the park, it did not matter. The public can still see “those people” from far away. Get the. Out of my eyesight!

Let’s see. Oh yeah. A Nevada City Police squad car was parked above Express Mart watching traffic and bums. What were the police thinking? (Oh boy, here it comes now is what I was thinking). They SHOULD be parked in front of the tiny bank that got robbed. 200 feet away is too far. They are doing their jobs wrong. WRONG! He was going to talk to the police chief himself and demand a report. Get this straightened out.
And he was going to walk over to the Bonnaza Market and demand they take down the Gator Jersey sign because Gator Jersey is not a local product and he did not want to see such a thing play in HIS town. It’s not local! Well, neither is the vodka and top ramen they sell

And who can forgot the time he was enjoying a fine meal with a fine bottle of wine in a fine restaurant in HIS town when...right in front of the window in the street the police were arresting a drunk driver. They are ruining my meal! The cops are taking too much time! They should not be arresting folks in front of MY view of the street ruining my dinner! They are doing it wrong which really messed with his head and appetite. Ruined everything. I reckon the cops should have asked the drunk driver to kindly drive around the block so the Fat Guy would not have to have his evening ruin’t.

There is something about Khashoggi that really sticks in his caw. He is not alone. It drives the Leftinistas control freaks crazy and they can’t let it go. Nevermind that the Saudi’s have been executing dissents for 70 years in the most brutal 6th century ways. To this very day, they have public squares for public beheadings. It’s who they are...and they are not alone in that region...by any stretch of the imagination. And Iran cuts off women’s lips for wearing lipstick in certain areas and they all throw gays off of rooftops.

I remember when Dwayne S of the bike shop took a donation from a conservative I never heard of when Dwayne was running for some thankless office. Oh, The Fat Guy had a fit and all two of his readers were going to boycott the Nevada City Bike Shop forever. Boycott Dwayne! Nobody ever has said Dwayne is not a great guy...until a dreaded Right Winger donated some money for Dwayne to run for some petty tiny town office. Hmmm. Look how the Nevada City Bicycle Classic has gone downhill ever since Dwayne stopped single handily and tirelessly put on the event for fun and for free.

Control freaks are that way. They must control everything..everything. It’s MY town! No Rebane’s allowed, not even for 4 minutes a week! I demand it to be so

The curse (karma) of being a control freak is one is controlled by the need to control. Thus the angst and constant turmoil. Never can let it be. No rest for the wicked, I reckon.

Life would be grand IF only things went the way He demanded them to be. In a short order the Fat Guy has offended, demonized, attacked, sniped at, and ridiculed Crabbman, Boardman, Paul Emery, and every single person who sees or does things differently than he wants them to say or do. Thus, the Gator Jersey is a problem. Not for the Bonanza Market or the good citizens of Nevada City, but for the control freaks of the world.

Had to laugh when the Fat Guy was ridiculing us Deplorables cause HE said on his superior blog we wanted life to be Ozzie and Harriet again. Then I read in the police blotter that a bicycle was stolen from a front yard on his block. I wondered if it could be. Yes, it was. Somebody stole his kid’s bicycle and get the cops on the case, ASAP. Kids never had their bikes stolen n Mayberry, Kids left their bikes out in the front yard all night. Guess you can’t have it both ways, lol. Oh my.

Hope the Nevada City Officers Park their squad cars exactly where the Fat Guy wants them to. :). Or should I say where the Fat Guy tells them to.

Consider the source, Dr. Rebane. It’s all good. You are dealing wit the same crowd who was convinced that Hillary was the mot qualified person to be President in the history of the United States, bar none.

Just give him nine miles of payment and a long noose. Boardman is an ameteur, Crabb is forbidden to take his picture (as if that is some priority of Earl’s) and Conservstives should neither be seen or heard....ever! Of yeah. Barry Pruitt is an ass because he had the gall to run against the Fat Guy’s chosen canidate for Clerk Recorder. The unforgivable sin. We all have our quirks, some more than others. .

George Boardman

So Dr. R, Pelline is trying to get kicked off KVMR? Welcome to the club.

He's been trying to get fired for the almost 5 years I've been writing a column for The Union. In fact, he tried to get me fired before my first column appeared, devoting New Year's Eve of 2013 to writing a long screed detailing the shortcomings that made me unfit to write for the paper: https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2013/12/

But you have to give him credit for persistence. Jean Valjean had Inspector Javert. We have Jeff Pelline.


Posted by: Bill Tozet | 05 December 2018 at 01:35 PM

Quite the compendium of off putting behavior from everybody's favorite gravitational anomaly William! As I said on an earlier occasion……he must have been a delight as a child.

Bill Tozer

@ 2:09 pm

Oh, I forgot to mention that you went to a State College! Guess that puts you in the same league as Sarah Palin. :). SF State? What a knuckledragger, along with those old folks Danny Grover, Dan Hicks (and his Hot Licks), Johnny Mathis, Pierre Salinger, and my favorite one; Alex Borstein, the voice of Louis on Family Guy. Hmmm. Come to think of if, The Fat Guy resembles Peter on the Family Guy. Peter? A former name for dickhead.

“George also thinks Tom McClintock’s bill to salvage timber — widely criticized by knowledgeable environmentalists — “should be given serious consideration.”

Oh Mr. Boardman, how could you say or think such a thing?


Oh, I forgot to mention that you went to a State College!

State College?!?!

Be gone from us O unclean one!

Don Bessee

There is a new sheriff in town and no more mister nice guy -

Canada has arrested the chief financial officer of Chinese telecom company Huawei Technologies over allegations she violated U.S. trade sanctions against Iran. Wanzhou Meng, who is the daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei and also the deputy chair of Huawei’s board, was arrested in Vancouver at the request of U.S. authorities and is facing extradition. “Wanzhou Meng was arrested in Vancouver on December 1. She is sought for extradition by the United States, and a bail hearing has been set for Friday,” Justice Department spokesperson Ian McLeod said in a statement to The Globe and Mail. “As there is a publication ban in effect, we cannot provide any further detail at this time.”

The moves comes just two weeks after the U.S. government reportedly urged foreign allies to avoid using the company’s telecommunications equipment over cybersecurity fears. Since at least 2016, U.S. authorities have been investigating whether Huawei violated U.S. sanctions against Iran.



Bill Tozer

“Watching President GHW Bush’s funeral pageant this morning brings to mind that now and then we still have occasions in America that bring us all together. But such occasions can only happen in sovereign nation-states like America still is today, a unique country where we Americans can find common values and shared lives upon which we are then called to reflect and reveal the things that still unite us.” gjr]

What we are seeing is the passing of the torch from one generation to another for us to carry forth as they did.



Going to private colleges doesn't buy any FUE indulgences, either. Neither Harvey Mudd College or Loyola Marymount rates a rats ass from His Lardness. However, on one list of average salaries for graduates, Mudd is #1 and LMU is ahead of his Lardness's precious Northwestern, around #82 vs #89.

UC Berkeley is the highest rated state school on payscale's scale, #28, but it's unlikely that bachelors degrees in Rhetoric is the driver of that.


"KVMR giving Dr. Rebane his 3-4 minutes a week has driven the Fat Guy crazy"

That drive is a short one.


……and while we're at it……let's not slight Stanford!

"Stanford Frat Told To Take Down "Offensive" American Flag, Hangs Much Bigger One"


George Rebane

GeorgeB 335pm - 'By thine enemies shall ye be known.' Thank you for the kind sentiments. Yes, there are a number of people here the FUE does not like very much, and would haul us all away in a tumbrel were he the king. But not to put too fine a point on it, I have borne his bulls-eye on my back for 12 years on RR for daring to write a rightwing blog, and another 9 years for the temerity to be the political balance on KVMR ('stubborn ounces' and all that). So welcome indeed to the Amalgamated Foes of the FUE or AFFUE! Gesundheit.

Scott O

re George's post at 11:17 concerning the demise of Khashoggi - funny you should mention Stalin.
"If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics."
If you read the article from the link you see that the supposed quote from Stain was found in the (wait for it) Washington Post!
As you correctly point out, we do business daily with murderers far, far worse. Ah - but those thousands of dead are just 'little people' of no particular importance. Mr K worked for a person that 'buys ink by the barrel'. And we know how that adage goes.
This is just more DDS.

Scott O

TDS - sorry about that.

Bill Tozer

Daily quotes from space and time

Insight: “We who are engaged in the sacred cause of education are entitled to look upon all parents as having given hostages to our cause.” —Horace Mann (1796-1859)

Cat’s out of the bag: “It’s inevitable that we can use the transition to 100% renewable energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic, social, and racial justice in the United States of America.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the fundamental transformation radical leftists aim for with the phony climate agenda

What could possibly go wrong? “The Great Compromise, as it was called when it was adopted by the Constitution’s Framers, required that all states, big and small, have two senators. … Today, in a nation of more than 325 million and 37 additional states, not only is that structure antiquated, it’s downright dangerous. … There is a solution, however, that could gain immediate popular support: Abolish the Senate. At a minimum, combine the two chambers into one, and the problem will be solved.” —former Rep. John Dingell (D-MI)

Long live communism! “Champions of cutthroat capitalism pushed former Soviet states to privatize as quickly as possible, despite the enormous risk of corruption.” —Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

Tick-tock: “I’ll be as straight with you as I can. I think I’m the most qualified person in the country to be president.” —Joe Biden

Non Compos Mentis I: “80% of gun owners shoot themselves or members of their own families.” —actor Tom Arnold

Non Compos Mentis II: “Face it — you can’t claim to be a feminist and still eat eggs.” —PETA

And last… “I think one of the greatest antidotes to the spread of leftism is for young people to observe the violent contradiction between the left’s professed beliefs and attitudes and their actual behavior toward others. They are their own worst witness.” —David Limbaugh


Posted by: Scott O | 05 December 2018 at 05:08 PM

TDS - sorry about that.

Whew……for a minute there I thought my dentist might be involved somehow!


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 05 December 2018 at 05:27 PM

Cat’s out of the bag: “It’s inevitable that we can use the transition to 100% renewable energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic, social, and racial justice in the United States of America.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the fundamental transformation radical leftists aim for with the phony climate agenda

Yeah…..I'm looking forward to being entertained by "Picket Fence" for the next couple of years!


What a lousy way to go.

Scott O

Sorry for the scare, fish - my finger must have gone back in time to Dole.

Scott O

80% ????
Gee whiz, Bill - that just goes to show how much the Lamestream Media hides from us.
I had no idea.

Scott O

Lest anyone think AOC is the only bat-shit crazy person to be elected -
Will there be a 'homeless residency' requirement?

Bonnie McGuire

Because I'm the only woman who comments here I wasn't going to write anything, but can't resist. Thank your George R for your interesting, intelligent viewpoints. I think it's funny that your critics even come here because it's not boring. As for the atrocities in Communist /Socialist Russia if any of you can find Svetlana Stalin's book "Twenty Letters to a Friend" you'll be shocked how her father used the medical doctors to murder his enemies using Misdiagnosis...like giving an insulin injection to someone not diabetic. What goes around comes around. They killed her husband and Stalin. Interesting reading.


A whole new way to rig an election.
"When Maine voters stepped into the voting booth on November they cast traditional ballots for state offices, but voted for their first, second, and third choices in the one federal race for the U.S. Senate the two federal races for the U.S. House of Representatives.

In order to be declared the winner, a candidate for federal office had to receive 50 percent plus one of the first place votes cast for the office. If no candidate received more than 50 percent plus one of the vote, then the second choice votes and third choice votes cast by voters whose first choice votes were cast for the third place and fourth place finishers were then allocated to the top two candidates based on the proprietary computer algorithm of the outside vendor selected by the Democrat Secretary of State."

And who dreamed this up?,, That's right lady and gents,, a LIB!!


Well look who's mail order Viagra came in today…….


December 5, 2018 at 6:47 pm

Yes, Rebane and his “Merry Pranksters” are getting restless again! And the “baker’s half dozen” of them! (him, Russ, “fish,” “Tozer,” Todd, George Boardman, Walt, Scott O., ;), Gregory, and their foil, Paul Emery). Even in our small county, that’s nobody! What a hoot! You get off my lawn! Meanwhile, we’re going blue.

jeffy…….you're looking at your feet again!

Bill Tozer

1) 8:07 pm; somebody better tell Boardman he got thrown in with the Dregs of Society. He may not take kindly to being lumped in with us abodorable deporable me’s.

2) 7:11 pm. “Lest anyone think AOC is the only bat-shit crazy person to be elected..”

“Today Macron’s approval rating stands at an abysmal 26%, far below that of U.S. President Donald Trump. Yet Macron has repeatedly rebuked Trump for his pro-American “nationalism.” Trump’s nationalism certainly stands in stark contrast to the globalism of world leaders like Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel, who responded to criticism of migration and climate change policies by declaring, “Countries must give up their sovereignty … in an orderly fashion of course.”

“Of course, it’s an open secret that the war to end “climate change” is really a proxy war to destroy free-market capitalism and replace it with globalist socialism while curtailing individual rights.

“In 2015, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of UNIPCC (the global governing body on climate change), declared that the real goal of the “global warming” agenda is not avoiding ecological disaster but destroying capitalism. Figueres said, “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”

“But much like socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders — who owns three houses and a high-end sports car — the French people want to enjoy the feeling of moral superiority of embracing socialism (who can be against equality for all?) without actually having to deal with the consequences of socialism, which is, and always has been, government oppression and widespread poverty.”


The French aren’t the only ones who have trouble grasping cause and effect. We have our own home grown batshit crazies as well.

Bill Tozer

Ok, follow me on this one. Don Jr. gets banned from Instagraph...violation of community standards.

1) PETA posts this


2) Don Jr. contributes to the conversation


3) Bill sez, “Hey Walt, check this out.”




Cartman seems cornered. Fish.. He CAN'T see his feet. (unless two yards from the mirror.)
Emery a "foil"? Did spellcheck fail again? or was the keyboard fat fingered? (Fool is most likely what was meant)

So tear open another box of cheapass wine "big"guy, Looks like you need the liquid courage.
Santa might send you a gallon of WD40 to help you get through the doors.


Sorry Bill,, I can't. Don't do FB. Can't even get past the sign in page. Hell... If I did, I would get my account shut down. "F"'m....


Posted by: Walt | 05 December 2018 at 09:17 PM

No it was, I suspect, indeed "foil"…..his wife must be helping him again!


Bill Tozer

No prob Walt. There is more than one way to skin a cat. :). I can improvise...

Don Bessee

OH look, the trail of rancid Russian dressing led to the Clinton foundation and team 0 -

The inquiries center not only on Craig and Podesta -- a Democratic lobbyist and co-founder of the onetime lobbying powerhouse known as the Podesta Group -- but also on Vin Weber, a former GOP congressman from Minnesota.

The probes had been quiet for months since Mueller referred them to authorities in New York City because they fell outside his mandate of determining whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia.

But in a flurry of new activity, Justice Department prosecutors in the last several weeks have begun interviewing witnesses and contacting lawyers to schedule additional questioning related to the Podesta Group and Mercury Public Affairs, people familiar with the inquiry anonymously told the Associated Press.

The apparent wind-up comes as multiple reports and indications suggest that the Mueller probe into possible collusion in 2016 between the Russian government and President Trump's campaign is wrapping up.




This ones for you Walt! Arabs with AK’s!


Bill Tozer

Picture of the Year: My Gal ain’t none too happy and she can’t tell Barrack to call off the dogs.


Don Bessee

The cali good old boy still play the same way-

She said she reported the alleged harassment in 2011, but was retaliated against. Hartley was involuntarily transferred to another office at the state Department of Justice at the end of 2014, the suit said.

Xavier Becerra, who succeeded Harris as California’s attorney general, said Hartley “unreasonably failed to utilize the procedures during the period of time, and after, the alleged harassment or discrimination was occurring."

Wallace previously served as director of the Division of Law Enforcement under then-California Attorney General Harris and worked for her during her tenure as district attorney for San Francisco.



Todd Juvinall

What I find most interesting is the press only likes and says good things about a Republican when they are dead. GHW Bush was trashed by the press and Clinton's team said the nastiest things as well. They tried to float a rumor he ws a cheater on his wife.


Oh jeffy…….


December 5, 2018 at 8:57 pm

Where did “fish” go to college, or grammar school for that matter? “Well look who’s mail order …” I think he meant whose. What a dunce! ROFLOL. (For the record, “fish” has never shared his “education” with us; no wonder).

So true jeffy……I was never a member of the educational elite like you! I never knew the pleasure of staying at the International House……of Pancakes. My lack of a degree kept me from achieving in life and my goal of being the Chronicles Coffee Retrieval Unit was never realized!

Pity me jeffy…….PITY MEEEEEEEEE!

Steven Frisch

"But such occasions can only happen in sovereign nation-states like America still is today, a unique country where we Americans can find common values and shared lives upon which we are then called to reflect and reveal the things that still unite us."

It is stunning to me that on a thread premised on praising our ability to find shared values, immediately after a thread premised on the idea that the "Great Divide" is real and seemingly insurmountable, the conversation immediately degenerated to fat jokes, division and insult.

What shared values are you talking about?

This is why I made the point that the Great Divide is a construct--a self perpetuating device designed to divide people by race, class, gender, ideology to use the 'other' to gain advantage--and the ultimate example of its use by a small coterie of self identified left behinds.

Todd Juvinall

But the left are the perps of the divide that even a third-grade girl can recognize. We just want you to leave us alone but you can't help yourself. We love all races and creeds and yet we seldom bring up those traits. It is the left that can't make an argument for their failures in life without blaming "white people" and callig our success "white privilege". When hypocrite crackers like you make your points of "fairness" you forget about hard work and sacrifice. But hey, if you are a tub of lard as many liberals are, then expect a little ribbing about it.

George Rebane

re StevenF 854am - Mr Frisch has never understood the role a 'Sandbox' post serves on RR. For others similarly confused, my opening sandbox remark expresses a sentiment and/or invites a topic. Otherwise, the sandbox is for reader comments and discussion threads not covered in my recent commentaries.

And we again see that Mr Frisch remains totally ignorant of the national Great Divide discussion/debate. His limited (lamestream) information sources eschew any coverage of this critical national issue for all the obvious reasons. The bright ribbon on his misunderstanding is his overall view that it is only a "construct" fostered "by a small coterie of self identified left behinds." (BTW, that's the rest of the country.)


And to put a bow on it, the gentleman still does not even know that it is his own party and now a seminal part of progressive ideology " to divide people by race, class, gender, ideology to use the 'other' to gain advantage".


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 06 December 2018 at 08:54 AM

It is stunning to me that on a thread premised on praising our ability to find shared values, immediately after a thread premised on the idea that the "Great Divide" is real and seemingly insurmountable, the conversation immediately degenerated to fat jokes, division and insult.

What shared values are you talking about?

This is why I made the point that the Great Divide is a construct--a self perpetuating device designed to divide people by race, class, gender, ideology to use the 'other' to gain advantage--and the ultimate example of its use by a small coterie of self identified left behinds.

Good lord but you are tedious!

Todd Juvinall

The left has ruined the culture and made fun of those that love America and its values. Their values seem to be French.

Bill Tozer

What to do when students feel unheard, underrrepresented, and unsafe? What to do when anybody feels unsafe? Since feelings are totally subjective contained within one’s own person (self-absorption?), and subject to one’s own interpretation to outside stimuli, how does one counter the charge of “feeling unsafe”? Listening to someone can alleviate feelings of being unheard. Counting heads (Affirmative Action) can deal with feelings of being underrepresented, but what about “feelings of being unsafe”?

Good art can challenge the viewer and evolve uncomfortable feeling, as intended to do.

Many moons ago in another place and time, I was involved in seeking a use permit for a non profit. Mixed use neighborhood with residences, churches, liquor stores, a small appliance repair shop, etc on a thoroughfare. The building in question was a former doctor’s office. Bus stops on each side of the street a few lots away. At the hearing, one woman objected loudly, saying that people walking by her house made her “feel apprehensive”.
The permit process was stopped to address her feelings and apprehensions. People had been walking up and down that street for decades. She had lived there for years. I had no answer to allieve her feelings. None. Traffic reports, crime stats in that area (very low), nothing could make her feel “safe”. She felt apprehensive. How do you combat that?????
“The speaker of this event, Ryan Bomberger, made several comments at the event that deeply troubled members of our community," the students wrote. "His comments, surrounding the topic of race, made many students, staff, and faculty of color feel unheard, underrepresented, and unsafe on our campus.".........

“While progressive activists often claim to be offended by conservative speakers, saying the speakers made them "feel unsafe," it is a serious charge for the student leaders to claim Bomberger — himself a black man who was conceived in rape and might have been aborted — made people of color "feel unsafe" at his speech.”


Scott O

"This is why I made the point that the Great Divide is a construct--a self perpetuating device designed to divide people by race, class, gender, ideology to use the 'other' to gain advantage--and the ultimate example of its use by a small coterie of self identified left behinds."
Total hilarity from the left.
If Frisch bothered to read anything the leftistas write, he'd see plenty of division, insults, racial hatred and class division.
In fact - it's all the left has.
Fat jokes - oh my!
When Limbaugh was always made fun of for being overweight did Frisch ever once denounce that?
Give me a break. Conservatives aren't even allowed to talk in many venues. And the same folks blocking conservatives then turn around and talk about 'shared values'.
Such as?

Don Bessee

That will work -




Over in the comment stream at The Union, following McAteer's latest screed on his imagined link between Orange and Nevada Counties, I've given Rich Howell pause. We'll see if he comes back, but I thought I'd share one of Howell's howlers:

"As for the "...guide on the side..." "gibberish," it, too is educationally sound. One-on-one instruction is 80% effective, compared to about 20% for the lecture, "... sage on the stage.." method. Sadly, many teachers, and most old-timers, were educated by the traditional methods and mimic them when they teach. Individualized techniques are challenging.

Parents, too, lecture too much and coach too little. It's my perception that it's parents, far more than the schools, who fail in education. Much of a student's success through the whole K-12 process can be predicted the day the child enters Kindergarten."

Being a guide on the side vs a sage on the stage is the transformational necessity for teachers in a modern constructivist classroom. The good news for teachers that don't know much is that actual subject knowledge is a hindrance... you can discover the material along with your pupils!


Hmmmm.....a competent “reporter” would research the subject before publishing. My but standards have fallen.....

Annie Fox says:

December 6, 2018 at 7:30 am

Jeff, who is his “gal”?


jeffpelline says:

December 6, 2018 at 7:35 am

Michelle Obama (at least in his dreams)

Actually jeffy it’s Hillary!



Please god …….just go away!

Earlier this year, he said that he had become "convinced" that the president is incapable of unifying the country. Kasich is thought to be considering a 2020 primary bid as a Republican.

Maybe I'll have to consider the democrat then…..

“He’s not capable of being a unifier. In fact, I’ve become convinced he doesn’t know how to accept personal responsibility and always finds somebody else to blame,” Kasich told CNN in October.

Yeah……that's pretty low rent! Who does he think he is….a Clinton!


George Boardman

Finally, a large-scale voter fraud case has been found and you guys aren't talking about it:


Oops, it's a Republican!

Todd Juvinall

Sorry GeorgieB but we are all against voter fraud no matter who it is. However the only ones that are ever pursued are Republicans. Ballot harvesting was widespread in SoCal but you will never see a charge. All democrats.

Todd Juvinall

Nice recovery on the stock markets today.. Trump is happy.


Posted by: George Boardman | 06 December 2018 at 02:01 PM

Funny how that which is said to be impossible suddenly occurs when the political opposition might be "behind"it!

Voter Fraud…..nahh…..that's just crazy conspiracy theory shit…….what……the GOP! HANG THEM!

Bill Tozer

@ #gogetmycoffee

My Gal is our Gal! The smartest woman in America lost to Brutas Trump. the first timer and complete novice non-politician. He made it look easy. Trump, the man that makes her skin crawl. Trump of all people.
Imagine trying to live that down. Imagine being remembered for that! Opps, she can’t. All those years and decades building the political machine bigger than the DNC with the CEO of every major network on her speed dial and currying favors. What a way to go out and end an illustrious career. It was her turn.

Repost: Pictures says a 1,000 words.



Bill Tozer


Not MyGal, Our Gal! The smartest woman in America. Spent decades waiting her turn and building up the biggest political machine this country has ever known....only to lose to a first timer novice non-politician who only spent 4 nights of his life in Washington DC. He made it look too easy, just muddling along.
Imagine having your legacy as having lost to that despicable Brutas Trump, the man that makes her skin crawl. What a way to go out and end an illustrious career. What a way to be remembered. Trump, of all people, Trump.

Repost: It was her turn. She lost to that man. That man over there and now she is stuck sitting next to Jimmy Carter. Exit stage Left.



,,,here ya go boys,,,



,,,donnie!!! How is the Trump Stock Market going for ya???


Hey Fish... Saw your link you threw my way. I thought those guys were really up on their weapon handling skills. Guess not!
That guy had to go home and change his sheet.


Posted by: '''M''' | 06 December 2018 at 04:37 PM

….here ya go dugsKKKi…..



Stock market Dougy?? Leave it to those who understand what's going on. YOU don't.


Fish. That stock price goes up every time he has to go to Nevada City.

Scott O

“Well I think it’s definitely a factor, and it’s nothing that we didn’t anticipate,” Stack said of the sales downturn during the call. “As we put out kind of our guidance for the year and our earnings guidance for the year, we knew this would happen when — we’ve made some decisions on firearms in the past and we’ve had a pretty good idea of what these consequences were going to be. We felt that was absolutely the right thing to do. We would do the same thing again if we had a mulligan, so to speak, to do it again.”
When do the stock holders start suing?
You don't get blow the public's money on your personal whim and then say it's OK because 'we're on the side of the angels'.
He admits he would probably degrade the stock holders' value?
What happened to his fiduciary responsibility?
Where is the SEC on this?

Don Bessee

Wait, what, isn't he supposed to be a big anit-semite?



Don Bessee

How to abort a presidential campaign in fell swoop fauxcahauntas style!

Said advisers are most concerned about Warren's damaged relationship with Native tribes and racial minorities, who viewed the DNA test as perpetuating antiquated ideas about the relationship between DNA and race. Granted anonymity, former and current Warren allies told the Times the DNA test was a "strategic failure" that was "depressing and unforgettable," and that they were "shocked" and "rattled" by the senator’s decision to take one.




When LIBS do it and Repub wins vanish in the dead of night, LIBS say everything is on the up and up.. No way can things be dirty.
Now where the same "crop" is being harvested in N.C., and the LIBS lost,, well,, see for yourself.

"An investigation into whether political operatives in North Carolina illegally collected and possibly stole absentee ballots in a still-undecided congressional race has drawn attention to a widespread but little-known political tool called ballot harvesting.
The groups rely on data showing which voters requested absentee ballots but have not turned them in. They then go door-to-door and offer to collect and turn in those ballots for the voters - often dozens or hundreds at a time. Some place ballot-collection boxes in high-concentration voter areas, such as college campuses, and take the ballots to election offices when the boxes are full.

In North Carolina, election officials are investigating whether Republican political operatives in parts of the 9th Congressional District harvested ballots from minority voters and didn't deliver them to the election offices. In some cases they are accused of harvesting ballots that were not sealed and only partially filled out. Ballot harvesting is illegal under state law, which allows only a family member or legal guardian to drop off absentee ballots for a voter."


Anyone looking to buy land? Start tomorrow, in NM!
OH how the anti oil Left is going to howl.

One or two holes in the back yard, and the family will be set for life.

Bill Tozer

Quotes from space and time.

Upright: “The respect you get is usually the respect you earn, and the Bush family put on a public rite of national mourning that reflected well on the character of their father and the entire Bush clan, and gave the country a moment of shared respect it desperately needs.” —The Wall Street Journal

For the record: “Two of Kim [Jong-un]‘s missile bases up in the mountains are not only failing to be dismantled but show signs of ongoing work to expand them. … The fact remains that North Korea’s dictator cannot be trusted. He’s a snake oil salesman of the first order, on top of being a murderous tyrant. He and his family have made numerous promises to western powers over the past few decades and they’ve been shown to be unapologetic liars time and time again.” —Jazz Shaw

Belly laugh of the week: “Democrats have a really hard time … connecting to people’s hearts. … We have a really hard time doing that, and one of the reasons … is that we Democrats know so much that is true. We have to kind of tell everyone how smart we are, so we have a tendency to be very left brain and we think, this — really, that is not how people make decisions.” —Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) (“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” —Ronald Reagan)

Braying Jackass: “I don’t think I would shake hands with [Donald Trump]. … I would just — nope, couldn’t do it. I’m not that big a person. … [The Obamas] showed the ultimate respect for the office. They do not have to show respect for someone who does not respect them.” —CNN’s Don Lemon pontificating on the camaraderie at Bush’s funeral

Alpha Jackass: “Donald Trump is the only person in the world who can bring down a funeral.” —Stephen Colbert

And last… “41: Bush is a lying warmonger for oil! 43: Bush is a lying warmonger for oil, and also Hitler! 45: Why can’t Trump be more like Bush.” —Twitter satirist @hale_razor

Bill Tozer

White Supremacy is in the air, is in the water, is in the soi. and is in our veggies.


Hmmm. Maybe the SJWs are right afterall.


Don Bessee

The walls are closing in on team Clinton -

A U.S. judge ordered the Justice and State departments Thursday to reopen an inquiry into whether Hillary Clinton used a private email server while secretary of state to deliberately evade public records laws and to answer whether the agencies acted in bad faith by not telling a court for months that they had asked in mid-2014 for missing emails to be returned.

In a narrow but sharply worded 10-page opinion, Lamberth wrote that despite the government’s claimed presumption of transparency, “faced with one of the gravest modern offenses to government openness, [the Obama administration’s] State and Justice departments fell far short” of the law’s requirements in a lawsuit for documents.


However, The Hill reported Thursday that prosecutors working for Huber recently requested documents from a private investigative firm that also has been looking into the foundation. The firm, MDA Analytics LLC, reportedly has contacted the IRS, the Justice Department and the FBI's Little Rock office with evidence from its own investigation.

In addition, The Hill reported that a whistleblower submission filed with the FBI and IRS in August 2017 included internal legal reviews that the Clinton Foundation conducted between 2008 and 2011. Those reviews raised concerns about legal compliance and improper mingling of personal and charity business.



Tricky McClean



,,,read it and weep boys,,,

Tucker Carlson is usually quick to go after critics of President Donald Trump on his nightly Fox News show.

But in a new interview with conservative Swiss magazine Die Weltwoche, the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host called out Trump himself for his boastfulness and for failing to keep his promises to voters.

“His chief promises were that he would build the wall, de-fund Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare, and he hasn’t done any of those things,” said Carlson, per The Washington Post.

Carlson said he’d “come to believe” Trump’s role was “not as a conventional president who promises to get certain things achieved to the Congress and then does.”

“I don’t think he’s capable,” Carlson explained. “I don’t think he’s capable of sustained focus. I don’t think he understands the system. I don’t think the Congress is on his side. I don’t think his own agencies support him. He’s not going to do that.”

Carlson said it was “mostly” Trump’s fault that he hadn’t been able to deliver on his pledges, because “you really have to understand how” the legislative process works and “be very focused on getting it done.”

Trump “knows very little about the legislative process, hasn’t learned anything, hasn’t surrounded himself with people that can get it done, hasn’t done all the things you need to do so. It’s mostly his fault that he hasn’t achieved those things. I’m not in charge of Trump,” he added.

Instead, Carlson suggested Trump’s role had been “to begin the conversation” on issues such as immigration — which the conservative TV host has frequently and fervently railed against.

Carlson criticized Trump in March for suggesting guns should be preemptively removed from potentially dangerous people, and in January for hinting at a deal to protect young undocumented immigrants.

Bill Tozer

Is Paris burning?

“Perhaps it says something about the future that the host city for this meeting of Paris climate accord signatories, Katowice, is in Silesia, a region that is home to some 90,000 coal workers — around half of all the coal workers in the EU.”



Posted by: ***M*** | 07 December 2018 at 08:00 AM

,,,read it and weep boys,,,

Why would we weep dugsKKKi......what are we delicate flowers....otherwise known as todays modern democrat?

(Yeah...... I remember the good old days when you socialists had more steel in your spines and didn't fall to pieces over every little thing!)


Now heres a game to play with the family after Christmas dinner........


.......nailed it!


Now this explains a great deal about some of our more "interesting" proggies....

"Doctors blame tap water in neti pot for brain-eating amoeba..."



Is a lobotomy mandatory to post at jeffys.....?

Steve Willer says:

December 7, 2018 at 9:00 am

“in early 2017 when senior officials offered Trump charts and graphics laying out the numbers and showing a “hockey stick” spike in the national debt in the not-too-distant future. In response, Trump noted that the data suggested the debt would reach a critical mass only after his possible second term in office.

“Yeah, but I won’t be here,” the president bluntly said, according to a source who was in the room when Trump made this comment during discussions on the debt.”

So good to know we have a POTUS looking out for the country. Trump’s concern for the economy is about as informed and competent as his concerns for climate change.

Yeah Steve.....because Obama and every idiot before him since we decided to become the biggest debtor nation in the galaxy were paragons of fiscal rectitude!

Trump wasn't going to change the direction of the country towards financial collapse. Darth Menopause (otherwise known as "My gal" ...jeffy...you mincing idiot) had she been elected wasn't either.



jeffpelline says:

December 7, 2018 at 9:27 am

“Fish” is talking to himself again on Rebane’s blog. Four posts in a row and no responses. How come nobody wants to come out and play with “fish”? What a moron.

Yeah....there are days I'm rather jeffy like in that!

Of course.....I've never won at "fish" bingo.....I have won a couple of times at Pelline bingo! You know.....where there are at least ten entries all by you!


,,,Vlad and MSB know Trump will bend over for them,,,because he wants hotels in their countries and they have bailed him out on his failed business deals,,,



,,,smoke em if you got em Bessie,,,



Oh no JoKe I'm not the "Designated Reader" of jeffys daily catbox.......actually wish I knew who was! That person deserves a raise!

Joe Koyote says:

December 7, 2018 at 9:56 am

fish is Rebane’s little snitch and troll. He cruises this blog and then reports to RR about what has been posted. His role is to try and intimidate people who disagree with Rebane into going away so the circle isn’t exposed to the truth and can waller in their alternate reality undisturbed. This serves up Rebane’s classic crickets defense. The truth is, George (knowing parts of this post taken out of context may end up on RR) few are willing to wade through the bullcrap in order to ‘discuss’ the issues. It works, Paul Emery is about the only left leaning person who consistently posts there any longer. My hat is off to Paul for his perseverance.

He cruises this blog and then reports to RR about what has been posted.

Well hell JoKe, even you who lives (sorry lived) in the rarified atmosphere of progressive academe must know that you have to fish where the fish are! Since jeffy only publishes approved and sanitized progressive nonsense (your posts....Annie, etc. You're not Annie are you Joe?) we need to go get it there so we can mock it over here! If you're confident in your beliefs (important pro tip.....you probably shouldn't be) you should come back and mix it up with us again!

George Rebane

fish 1126am - Remarkable that they don't recognize all the other leftwingers - M, Robert Cross, Frisch, Pelline (who gets put into the spam folder because he only posts ad hominems), Tricky McClean, ... - who are regular commenters here. I would say that the actual count of Left v Right commenters is about the same. The rightwing commenters post more frequently due to their desire to expand on my commentaries and their ability to very successfully counter the positions offered by the Left in these pages. Leftwingers have a more difficult time contending here, and the weak ones leave under the guise of referring to this blog's content as "bullcrap" and other niceties. That, of course, is understandable because they run out of reasonable responses very quickly.


Joe Koyote says:

December 7, 2018 at 11:47 am

fish: “Well hell JoKe, even you who lives (sorry lived) in the rarified atmosphere of progressive academe must know that you have to fish where the fish are!” Exactly and I caught you just as expected.

Caught me...? Wow.....! Nice going Deputy Fife!

I admitted to doing exactly what you say. Snitching isn't accurate (there's no punishment except hurt feelings and bruised egos!) but in general yes, I drop by Piggly Wigglys routinely to see in what nonsense he's currently wallowing.

JoKe the significant difference is that Pelline blocks comments he finds objectionable and would prefer didn't exist and George doesn't! If you can't understand that then you belong at jeffys.

Scott O

fish at 11:26 - (from JK) "The truth is, George (knowing parts of this post taken out of context may end up on RR) few are willing to wade through the bullcrap in order to ‘discuss’ the issues."
You don't have to 'wade' through anything here to provide some since you must already know about them. Or was that whole line about the 'truth' just a bunch of made up BS to excuse the fact the lefties trying to make points here can't back up their nonsense with any proof or facts and run away crying?
And BTW - I scored a respectable 5 on the intersectionality test.
And no - I didn't cheat one bit.

Scott O

re Trump's supposed quote:
“Yeah, but I won’t be here,” the president bluntly said, according to a source who was in the room when Trump made this comment during discussions on the debt.”
Sounds like every single dang politician in the world.
And yes, our debt has been headed towards insolvency for decades.
The left is quite hilarious in their attempt to act as if it just now is starting to matter.
SS, the 'war on poverty' and medicare by themselves put us on this winding road to financial hell.
Fine by me if you want to put Trump on the list of budget busters but he gets slotted in behind a whole host of others.
And what if Trump had actually done something about debt?
Every lefty that posts here would be screaming at the top of their lungs about what a monster he is.
You can't have it both ways, boys.

Bill Tozer

The chain of custody of the ballots is the vulnerablity here. Oh, the evil that lures in the heart of man. A major concern that should be adesssed. Selll ballot harvesting as making it easier for the voter? Of course, and easier for a lot of other folks as well. The heart is desperately wicked. Good thing the R’s did it or else it would not.make the news for discussion.


It can’t happen here? Nope, it can’t happen here. In California, we call that “democracy”

“California works to ensure every ballot is counted properly and every ballot is accounted for. In the most populous state in the nation — and the state with the largest number of registered voters — this takes time. In California, we believe in an inclusive and accessible democracy. We provide voters as many opportunities as possible to cast their ballots.” ——our buddy Alex Padilla......the guy who blocks all inquires...all.


Q: In our quest to make it easier for the voter, are we destroying trust in the process by making it easier for those who have nefarious intents? Chain of custody just got broken. Who knows what darkness lures in the heart of man.

Bill Tozer

@ 12:44

Yep, played with the Intersectionally Slide Ruler myself and made me the most oppressed creature imaginable standing at the apex of pecking order. Then I devolved into the lowlelst ugliest opposer of all time. Self-indenify is the key. Thus, Mr. Scott, I did not cheat either. :)

I got stuck on Fish’s second commmet this morning as Miss Piggy was wondering where all of Fish’s friends were. Mostly, outside doing stuff. What a moron, what a ninconpoop. What an unsufferable fool. I think sometimes that man needs a hug.. Fish likes to pick that scab, a rather light hearted amusing quirk of his.


"In our quest to make it easier for the voter, are we destroying trust in the process by making it easier for those who have nefarious intents? "

No doubt.

It's interesting how those arguments fall along party lines, I suspect it's true in every country with voting. The liberal party (ie. the folks interested in government-based income redistribution) will always favor voting by sketchier members of society, plus there are more opportunities for chicanery in urban areas. You simply can't steal that many votes in rural areas for a given amount of trouble.

The Surveillance Society's needs aside (ie. Paul's 17 intelligence agencies and their own agenda), one thing you'll run into more and more is the problem of properly ID'ing a person, most notably in the case where their chop is used remotely for important doings. I've yet to see a satisfying solution to the problem, and anything used for ballots has to be simple as all get-out given the innate abilities of the desired cadre of voters.

Bill Tozer

Look, Bill “Tozer” posted 3 times, he must be lonely! And he even posted recently in the dead of the night at 3 something in the AM! Quick, get that civil alarm horn repaired on top of City Hall.

If Miss Piggy...er...His Lardship would just simply open up his blog to Fish, Todd, and others, then maybe folks could directly discuss issues of import with him over on the FUE’s site instead of using 3rd Party intermediators and homing pigeons to reach here. Like passing get notes down the row in class.
I am sure Boardman or Crabb would post only a time two a year, moi zero, and others less often than not, all in all.
Seeing pictures of a the most perfect glass of crystal clean water with a beautiful slice of citrus set perfectly just on the rim jus right and placed perfectly on the perfect plate is nice, but not something I am not inclined to pull out the camera and start snapping away, not to mention start writing half a page about. To each his own.
That was the most refreshing glass of water in all of Europe, I bet. Whatever floats his boat. It seemed very important to him that his friends and readers shared his joy.

Todd Juvinall

Mueller's latest today looks like he is desperate. He has Cohen on the ropes but can't use him as a witness since he is a liar. And all the crap Mueller lists in this latest are not even crimes! Dershowitz is ripping Mueller a new one even though he is a Hillary voter.

Paul Emery

Grim analysis on Fox Special Report with Bret Baier. Looks they've got Trump nailed on Campaign Violations and that's just a start.

Todd Juvinall

No Paul Emery, I watched it live and you are 180 degress off. Even Alan Dershowitz says there is no crime. You really have a reading and comprehension disability don't you?

Paul Emery

"Manifort will be ground to fine pumice" Quote from Special Report.

He's going to jail forever unless he's pardoned, which would be a great gift to the Democrats. Cohen likely gone for a few years. Sure is great being part of Trumps inner circle.


WOW Paul!!! "possable" campaign donation no nos!!! Can you tell us any Lefty who went to jail for the same offence? A small fine, and the monies repaid. That's how it works.
Since it's Trump,, all of a sudden you want the death penalty.

Paul Emery


Is Trumps lying about the nature of his payoffs to keep his bonkettes silent permissible lies under you're lens?

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