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05 December 2018



Now a little break,,, one for the science guys.

Who is doing what in space?

Every time something shows up out of the norm,, the cam gets shut down. The excuses do get old.


The Commie chick sure has some things to learn. Ethics violations, and not even in office yet.
"In response to a Washington Post write up of the meme, Ocasio-Cortez threatened to use the “subpoena power” of Congress against Trump Jr."

When the heat got turned up to broil,, she tries to backpedal.
"For the GOP crying that this is a “threat” - I don’t have power to subpoena anybody."

Sorry chick, your Harry Reid standing in the well of Congress where your immune. (they can say anything there)

Todd Juvinall

No crimes Paul Emery.

Paul Emery

Sure Todd and the Repubs won the midterm elections right Todd.

Bill Tozer

Feast your eyes on these numbers. They seen to paint a picture that differs greatly from what the liberal MSM, Steve, the Letters to the Editor, local contributors to the Union, and an assortment of popinjays are trying to paint. . Yes, quite a different picture. Who is out of touch with America? Hmmm?

- Eight out of 10 voters nationwide believe that illegal immigration is bad for America.

-Despite all those troubling images[tear gassing the swarm charging the border.fence], a poll conducted by ScottRasmussen.com and HarrisX two days after the incident found that just 25 percent of voters believe Border Patrol's actions are too harsh on illegal immigrants. A plurality (43 percent) believe that Border Patrol is too lenient.

-The poll also found that Mexico's offer of asylum should be enough for migrants who are truly trying to escape from persecution. Since they have already been provided with a safe haven, just 38 percent of voters think the migrants should still be eligible for asylum in the United States.


Ok, if you don’t like Townhall, try this. Same thing.

“Unfortunately, America's political and media elites have made it clear that they simply will not support any form of border security. As long as that remains true, the prospects for immigration reform are nonexistent.” —-Scott Rasmussen.


To put the icing on the hypocrisy cake, Senator Obama of Illinois, along with Senators Clinton and Schumer of New York voted for border security in 2006. Obama called for a Border Wall/Fence....without Trump’s flair, of course.

Once the Dems get down to business in the Appropriations Commitees, count on not only no border security, but choking down funds to ICE and enforcement. Without monies and squeeze order security and illegal alien enforcement. They, along with the Paul Ryan types, simply do not want Enforcement. No stinkin’ Wall, no closing loopholes in the law.

8 out of ten Americans want the Wall, the elites do not.

Scott O

"Is Trumps lying about the nature of his payoffs to keep his bonkettes silent permissible..."
There's the actual intent of the payoffs.
There's Trump's version.
There's Paul's attempt at mind-reading Trump.
There's the law.
If some one wants to pay some one else to keep their trap shut about something that's totally legal, then there is no crime.
Cohen is up on charges concerning stuff he did on his own that has nothing to do with Trump and nothing to do with 'Russian collusion'.

Bill Tozer

The media, the narrative, the myth.
Just the facts, ma’am. Opps. Forgot. They don’t need no stinkin’ facts either.

“While the media has loudly called the notion that illegal immigrants receive government benefits a “myth,” the facts aren’t on their side.

“The number keeps on growing as well. A previous study from the same group using census data from 2009, revealed that 57% of non-citizens reported being on welfare, and the newest study projects that number increasing to 70% in the coming decade.

“Despite the Trump administration's’ efforts to curb this problem, the media has unsurprisingly attacked him for it, writing sensational headlines like this one from The Washington Post: “Now the Trump Administration is Trying to Punish Legal Immigrants for Being Poor,” and this from The New York Times: “How Trump’s Plan for Immigrants on Welfare Could Hurt a Million New Yorkers.”

“While the media had no problem obsessively protecting the caravan of illegal migrants with numerous falsehoods, they conveniently are silent when facts fly in the face of their liberal narrative”


You know, it is illegal for green card holders, legal aliens, and illegal aliens to receive welfare bennies. But most of them do! And the longer they have been here, the higher the percentages of them being on the taxpayer’s dime grows. Not government funding, taxpayer funding.

And I was told after these poor folks busted illegally into our country, they would suddenly morph into good upstanding taxpayers and contributors to our society.

Paul Emery

Scott if it's not illegal to pay off the bonkettes the why did trump lie about it?

Scott O

I love the constant flow of these deep, penetrating questions from some one who refuses to answer my questions.
I'd suggest that Paul should engage Trump with a Spock-like mind meld and then we'll all know!
Look, Paul - I'm sorry that Trump hasn't rung me up and shared his inner thoughts. Guess I'm just not that important.

Don Bessee

Well that's one change that wont be a change -




The ponytail of ignorance fails to comprehend, non disclosure agreements are a two way street.
Now Paul. You DO understand the meaning of "nondisclosure"?

The ratbastard Clapper lied to Congress when fell under nondisclosure when asked about the Gov. spying on Americans.
He said "NO" which we all know now was a big ass lie.
Has he been prosecuted?

Now for cricket fest.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery yes we won. We have the Senate and the Presidency and now the SCOTUS at the federal level. We have more Governors, we have 62 legislature to 35 for you. Yes we lost the House but sometimes that happens. Yes we won.

Boinkettes? Trump probably paid the babes to keep quiet. He and John Kennedy would have been great party buddies. And other than his wife, who gives a rat's ass he boinked some really experienced women?


What Paul? Not Celtic all of a sudden? Trying to ditch your "recognized" heritage? And be from the Scottish Press no less.
But sheep are prettier than goats,, don't you agree?

George Rebane

Administrivia - It's a real pain in the ass to go through the comments and delete of all those in the sheep shit thread. Gimme a break guys.

re ScottoO 540pm - Scott nails it. Jo Ann and I were shaking our heads that the Washington crowd has all their undies in a bundle (call your office FUE) about a private contract between two willing parties to a contract that violated no laws and had nothing to do with the election, save what political hay could be made from the news that Trump paid off some willing bimbo to keep her mouth shut. BFD, except for the Dems, since they really have nothing material to pin on a president who has terminally embarrassed their Barack Messiah Obama by showing the country what the art of the possible would have been, instead of the crap Obama dragged us through with his phone and pen.

Paul Emery

Here are the grizzly details about Individual 1's (thats Donald Trump) involvement in authorizing and financing illegal campaign payments to benefit his campaign for President. Cohen was his chump. Here you go Read carefully if you want to know the truth.

"On approximately June 16, 2015, Individual-1, for whom Cohen worked at the time, began
an ultimately successful campaign for President of the United States. Cohen had no formal title
with the campaign, but had a campaign email address, and, at various times advised the campaign,
including on matters of interest to the press. Cohen also made media appearances as a surrogate
and supporter of Individual-1. (PSR ¶ 39).
During the campaign, Cohen played a central role in two similar schemes to purchase the
rights to stories – each from women who claimed to have had an affair with Individual-1 – so as
to suppress the stories and thereby prevent them from influencing the election. With respect to
both payments, Cohen acted with the intent to influence the 2016 presidential election. Cohen
coordinated his actions with one or more members of the campaign, including through meetings
and phone calls, about the fact, nature, and timing of the payments. (PSR ¶ 51). In particular, and
as Cohen himself has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination with
and at the direction of Individual-1. (PSR ¶¶ 41, 45). As a result of Cohen’s actions, neither
woman spoke to the press prior to the election. (PSR ¶ 51).
Cohen Causes the Magazine to Pay Woman-1
In approximately June 2016, a model and actress (“Woman-1”) began attempting to sell her story of her alleged extramarital affair with Individual-1. Woman-1 knew that the story would
be of considerable value because of Individual-1’s candidacy for president. Woman-1 retained an
attorney (“Attorney-1”) to represent her in this matter. (PSR ¶ 41).
Attorney-1 then contacted the editor-in-chief (“Editor-1”) of a popular tabloid magazine
(“Magazine-1”) and offered to sell the story to Magazine-1. The Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer (“Chairman-1”) of the media company that owns Magazine-1 (“Corporation-1”) had a
prior relationship with Individual-1 and Cohen. In August 2014, Chairman-1 had met with Cohen
and Individual-1, and had offered to help deal with negative stories about Individual-1’s
relationships with women by identifying such stories so that they could be purchased and “killed.”
Consistent with that offer, after Editor-1 told Chairman-1 about Woman-1’s story, they contacted
Cohen to tell him about the offer. (PSR ¶¶ 40-41).
At Cohen’s urging and with his promise that Corporation-1 would be reimbursed, Editor1 began negotiating the purchase of Woman-1’s story. On August 5, 2016, Corporation-1 entered
into an agreement with Woman-1 to acquire the “limited life rights” to the story of her relationship
with “any then-married man,” in exchange for $150,000 and a commitment to feature her on two
magazine covers and publish over one hundred magazine articles authored by her.


agreement’s principal purpose was to suppress Woman-1’s story so as to prevent the story from
influencing the election. (PSR ¶¶ 41-42).
Between August 2016 and September 2016, Cohen agreed with Chairman-1 to assign the
rights to the non-disclosure portion of Corporation-1’s agreement with Woman-1 to Cohen for
$125,000. Cohen then incorporated a shell entity called “Resolution Consultants LLC” to be used
in the transaction. Both Chairman-1 and Cohen ultimately signed the agreement, and a consultant
for Corporation-1, using his own shell entity, provided Cohen with an invoice for the payment of 125,000. That assignment was never completed, however. (PSR ¶¶ 43-44).
Cohen Pays Woman-2
On October 8, 2016, an agent for an adult film actress (“Woman-2”) informed Editor-1 that
Woman-2 was willing to make public statements and confirm on the record her alleged past affair
with Individual-1. Chairman-1 and Editor-1 contacted Cohen and put him in touch with Attorney1, who was also representing Woman-2. Over the course of the next few days, Cohen negotiated
a $130,000 agreement with Attorney-1 to purchase Woman-2’s silence. Cohen received a signed
confidential settlement agreement and a separate side letter from Attorney-1. (PSR ¶ 45).
Cohen did not immediately execute the settlement agreement, nor did he pay Woman-2.
On the evening of October 25, 2016, with no final deal in place with Woman-2, Attorney-1 told
Editor-1 that Woman-2 was close to completing a deal with a media outlet, under which she would
make her story public. Editor-1 texted Cohen that “[w]e have to coordinate something on the
matter [Attorney-1 is] calling you about or it could look awfully bad for everyone.” Chairman-1
and Editor-1 then called Cohen through an encrypted telephone application. Cohen agreed to make
the payment and then called Attorney-1 to finalize the deal. (PSR ¶ 46).
On October 26, 2016, Cohen emailed an incorporating service to obtain the corporate
formation documents for another shell corporation, Essential Consultants, LLC, which he had
incorporated a few days prior. That afternoon, he directed that $131,000 from his HELOC – the
same HELOC he had obtained by means of false statements, see p. 8-10, supra – be deposited into
an account he had just opened in the name of Essential Consultants LLC. The next day, Cohen
wired $130,000 from that account to Attorney-1. On the wire form, Cohen falsely indicated that
the purpose of the wire was to pay a “retainer.” On November 1, 2016, Cohen received copies of
the final, signed confidential settlement agreement and side letter agreement from Attorney-1."


Bill Tozet

Fish @ 6:00. Must be in their genes. Probably be one of those Freudian things.

“Helen, a psychology student, from Alloa, Scotland, said, “He’s probably in his room right now stuffing Lego in the hole.” I hope the lad finds the right hole for his Lego.

Todd, it’s sheep, not goats.
Todd @ whatever. Trump did nothing wrong, Cohen did.

Just follow where Meuller sends the cases. If it has nothing the Russians or Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign, it is farmed out to Justice in some District Court’s jurisdiction.
Now, Cohen have may violated some laws and cheated on his taxes big time and lead Meuller to believe he had the smoking gun, well...that’s on him. Meuller got snookered and slapped Cohen with a half million fine precisely because Cohn did not have the goods on Trump and led him down the rabbit hole, lol. Pissed him off.

Flynn never lied out abut his contacts with the Russian Ambassador to the FBI. Not in the least. Oh, Meuller turned him upside down and shook every last penny from the man and threw a gag order on Flynn...but the lying charge would never stick in a court of Law. You have Comey and others saying that Flynn did not intentionally lie, just confused in his recollection when askedmonnthe fly. To convict, you must prove that Flynn knowingly and purposely lied. That is hard to prove in a court of law. Confusing dates or misremembering details does not cut it. Flynn pent every penny he had and mortgaged his home to fight the case, but when Meuller threatened to prosecute Flynn’s son and ruin his son’s life forever, well Flynn said agree to say I lied. A very dark day for democracy. A dark time for justice and the rule of law in America, A very dark hour for all who believe in Truth, Justice, and American Values. That’s not who we are

But, like George the Greek, none of this will ever be contested in court. They all just go along and no cross examination, no witnesses, no trial dates, no trial. That is the whole point!! Meuller is writing a report. He is not interested in winning criminal prosecution of the non crime of collusion. Nay.
He is laying out a case of innuendo. In the back shadows stuff, nothing in the light to find, all hidden and no rebuttals. Connect those back shadow dots to....to....to...Russian Collusion! Tax cheats and liars and lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

Love how Meuller says Flynn cooperated...and George the Greek and even Cohen, lol. That is a dog whistle to the connect the dots to the feeble minded unhinged conspiracy theorist Leftinista Media and their popinjays. Cooperate means agreeing to interviews, answering questions (unlike Comey today) or does it mean the Smoking Gun and Trump really DID have harlots pee on Obama’s bed in Moscow. Aha! They got Trump now!!

“In 2013, Barrack Obama slept here” sez the sign on the door.

And what is up with the Meuller team taking about an opinion piece in Apr. 2017 that Flynn wrote about relations with Turkey? Flynn was gone in disgrace way before that with the Popinjay shouting “Liar, liar, Flynn is a liar! As he exited stage lefty. Connect the dots. Flynn wrote an opinion piece about relations with Turkey!, months after the election was over. Talk about worthless information. Somehow that was related to Trump and Putin hatching a plot and stealing the election from My Gal during the road to the White House, lol. There it is folks. There is your smoking gun. :)

Paul Emery

So George you admit Trump lied to the American people when asked if he had anything to do with the payments to the bonkettes. Is that permissible lying in your view? If it wasn't illegal why did he lie about it?

Paul Emery


thanks for dealing with the sheep herders. I have no interest in the topic but will steer it if necessary.

George Rebane

re PaulE 652pm - The many dots PaulE doesn't connect here is what all did any of that have to do with Trump's campaign for the presidency.

Paul Emery

It absolutely did George because it was the intent of the payouts to prevent the bonkettes from speaking out because it would affect the election. Did you read 6:52?

Here's a direct quote from the document that made it a campaign related expenditure. I'm sure there's similar language relating to woman-2.

"agreement’s principal purpose was to suppress Woman-1’s story so as to prevent the story from influencing the election."

George Rebane

PaulE 710pm - Do you believe that no politician running for office should be prohibited from preventing his dirty laundry, which does not impact the current campaign, to be aired? If you do, then almost all the halls of Congress would be emptied. It seems that you can't see that Trump was embarrassed by his bimbo affairs and naturally wanted it kept out of the campaign. Every politician since David and before was bonking broads out of wedlock. And in the past the media has practiced some decorum on the US presidents obviously so engaged before and during their tenures. The lamestream and Dems removed that 'courtesy' from Trump, and he tried to handle it himself with a side contract of silence. What the hell is wrong with that?

Paul Emery

Incidentally, Cohen pleaded guilty to the related crime documented above so he accepted it was a crime.

Paul Emery

The fact that there was money involved to have the bonkettes keep their mouth shut and that it was intended to prevent their speaking out that would negatively influence the election results made it a campaign contribution according to the law. I didn't make the law but that's what it is. It was an inconvenient truth that Trump cheated on his wife and it was his problem that he created and then he tried to resort to bribery to keep the truth from being revealed during an election.

Bill Tozer

Did Cohen lie when he said he was guilty of said crime? And what else did Cohen lie about.? How many times and to whom? Certainly on his financial statements he lid. And whose interpretation of campaign finance law are we accepting as fact? Hmmm? And what was Hillary intent to fund the Yellow Dossier? Now, that intent definitely was to affect the outcome of a fair United States election.

Scott said it best...again.
There is what Trump said.
There is what the Puppet says
There is the Law.

Oh, and then there is Carnac the Magnificent holding the envelop to his head and mind reading all the answers in his reoccurring comedic role.

Don Bessee

OUCH! You could hear the howling when the judge harpooned shrillary!



Paul Emery

Bill writes:

"Did Cohen lie when he said he was guilty of said crime? And what else did Cohen lie about.? "

You forget Bill that Mueller has tapes and emails and everything else in Cohen's possession relevant to the case that made his guilty plea inevitable. He lied about lots of things and was caught on it and later he gave up and pleaded guilty. Mueller has LOTS of material on Cohen and he knew it.

Hillary? Part of another conversation and not a very clever diversion from the topic at hand.

Scott O

Paul Emery has apparently just fallen off the turnip truck that came through town. "...negatively influence the election results..."
Every dead president is rolling in his grave laughing at that statement.
So if the elected POTUS can count on 'outside help' or the news media not reporting facts they know or if there is some 'convenient' death, that's Okie Dokie, but if Trump pays off his own sins with his own money - then - GASP!
Call out the troops.
Stop it.
You're embarrassing yourself as a newsman.
And as a human being.
You don't like Trump because you declared he would never be the nominee and then you declared he would never be elected as president and then you declared he would never last one year.
Please tell us Paul - what happened to your tale of 'Russian collusion'?

Paul Emery

So bribery to prevent negative influence on an election from women you've had an sex with is ok Scott?

Bill Tozer

Bribery is such a loaded term. Guess the Sept surprise of dropping the Access Hollywood Tapes did not sink the unsinkable one.

Who I feel sorry for is My Gal. After decades of hard work and dropping favors and currying favors and taking control of the DNC and building up the biggest political machine and slush fund in the history of our nation with the CEO of every major media outlet on her speed dial......after all that her legacy will be she lost to a pussy grabbing political newcomer and non-politician who makes her skin crawl. And Trump the novice outsider made it look easy. What a way to end an illustrious career; the woman who lost to that despicable Trump. It was her turn. Like watching Jesse Owens ending his career racing thoroughbreds at county fairs or Joe Louis wrestling circus bears.
What a way to exit stage Left.

And I feel sorry for Stormy. She got caught up in something much bigger than herself. Poor thing. Just a working Mom who was trying to support her daughter and unwittingly became the poster girl for the viturous Democrat Party.

Paul Emery

So in summary where we stand right now is that Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator according to the prosecutors who got Cohen to plead guilty to several crimes.

Bill Tozer

And Cohen should get triple the time Meuller suggested. Cohen is guilty of many things. Now, as a campaign contribution case, that is a very weak case against Trump indeed. Not to mention not illegal. But, the courts will decide such issues, not the experts on CNN’s panel of experts of what the Wa Po or NYT journalist say. Geeze, how many retractions do they have to write to get it right just once?

Yawn. Like watching Joe Louis wrestle with circus bears. It’s getting too painful to watch.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 07 December 2018 at 08:10 PM

Hi kids.....!!

Hi Uncle Punchy......!!

Paul Emery

Sorry The truth is difficult for you fish

Paul Emery

Well if you think the courts should decide whether Trump is guilty of committing a campaign violation when and how should this happen? Should trump should be indicted? Experience


Posted by: Paul Emery | 07 December 2018 at 08:34 PM

Glad you agree with me Uncle Punchy!

Don Bessee

Damn, the pony tail of ignorance is on full fling mode @ 837!


Todd Juvinall

No crimes, no bribery no laws broken yet some just hate Trump so much they fog over. What a hoot!

Paul Emery

Yeah I'm back in shape Don. Pretty nasty cold and to top it off I got bit by a tick. That's what happens when you have free ranging dogs and cats. Hope your interview went OK.

Scott O

"influence on an election"
Yeah - I was gonna' vote for Hillary if I had thought Trump would have sex with not-his-wife.
We know Paul was poised to vote for Trump but he had suspected that possibly Trump had acted like Dr Martin Luther King Jr and was messing around.
Paul was aghast!
"Why, the man is having sex with other women", seys Paul!
"That will certainly influence MY vote!"
Go ahead Paul - tell us about the thousands, if not millions of 'influenced' votes.

Scott O

just remember Paul - you agreed that Cohen is a liar.
But now he's not, except when he is.
Sorta - kinda - maybe - or only when Paul declares that he is.

Bill Tozet

Oh know, that young filly Oscar Cortez finally made sense. She said the government is funding and subsidizing Tesla to the tune of countless millions and what do we get out of it? She is right. What do we get out of funding high end luxury cars that are capable of going 200 mph? Not the common person’s car for sure. Like, do you know how much electricity it takes to recharge those fine luxury electric automobiles? Takes a lot of energy.

And what’s up with Tesla’s solar panel plant in NY? Huge factory with just a handful of workers there amidst stacks with unopened crates of machinery to make obsolete solar panels Tesla has no intention of making. Big empty factory that Tesla had rented half of it out to Panasonic or some Japanese manufacture to use the empty space up on one side.

So, it looks like Tesla lost interest in making the old technology solar panels and NY got snookered again, lol. Snookered big time.

I do agree with Elon Musk that solar panels are ugly and bulky and bad old school obsolete technology. So, he has dumped countless millions trying and failing to develop solar roof shingles. Another high end expensive product not meant for the common hard working middle class person. Looks good in style, design, and asthetics. But, the test proto type on a mock up roof glowed with an organ/amber hue with all these wires hanging outeverywhere. So, he showed off a single thin solar shingle that has never been hooked up and without wires or ever even worked to investors and those government officials doling out greenbacks, ROFLMAO. More government money needed and always accepted.

So AOC is right. I ain’t against solar or wind where and when it makes sense. But, solar don’t work at night and wind is unreliable. To top it off, consider that the largest solar field in the US (in CA) generates enough juice to run the NY subway system. About 2,500 acres of panels (10 sq. Kilometers) and it does not produce juice on cloudy days or at night. So, how many hundreds of thousands of acres of panels or wind turbines do we need to juice the NY subway system AND NYC, Philly, DC, Chicago, and the whole friggin country??? Sure, geosolar holds the heat longer to release electricy a bit longer into the night, but imagine millions of electric cars coming home after work at 5:00 pm and all start plugging in their cars after dark. Wow, talk about a load on the system.

Imagine if you will driving up 49, crossing over the South Fork bridge, and coming around a corner and the entire hillside is filled with thousands of acres of solar panels all the way to North San Juan. And recreate that imagine thousands of times as you drive across the good ole USA. At least the rich folk and the Kennedys stopped the wind farms out in the Chesapeake Bay. No way do they want to look out from their ocean views and see those ugly things that are not even dependable . NIMBY! Stick it in the desert along with the nuclear waste and flyover country.

Yep, Musk is right. The money is in high end go carts that can go from zero to 200 mph in 4 seconds. No suited for carrying firewood or such things. The money is in status symbols. AOC is correct. What do we get out of it?.

Paul Emery

Illegal unreported campaign contributions is what Cohen is guilty of and plead guilty to. Nothing to do with sex. Trump lied to the American people ans is an unindicted co conspirator according to prosecutors.

Todd Juvinall

Hey BillT I think you confused me with someone else earlier regarding farm animals. And if Cortez was not so liberal I might date her. She is pretty cute. And her healthcare would cover me. LOL!

TESLA money as far as I can tell has all been government and subsidies for a purchase. If the eco nuts were true to their beliefs they would walk not ride. Even a bicycle is made from mined products and they now even use the carbon fiber and solvents that destroy the ozone layer. These eco nuts think electric cars are good for the environment yet every part of them is mined, crafted and glued and the batteries are toxic waste for many years. And that electricity? Made form coal fired plants and those dam dams.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 07 December 2018 at 09:29 PM
So give us the link to your claimTrump is an indicted co-conspirator. I want to read that. Also Trump used his own money for hushing the babes and that is not a crime. You really are grasping at nothing.

Bill Tozer

Well. According to the prosecutors........ Glad that is settled. Prosecutors have the final and authoritative say. End of discussion.
Quotes to mediate on from time and space in this moment in history.p:

Insight: “To educate a man in mind, and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society.” —Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

For the record: “It has been obvious from the beginning of the Russia collusion witch hunt that this was an investigation in search of a crime rather than an investigation of a suspected crime.” —Roger Kimball

Non Compos Mentis: “The virgin birth story is about an all-knowing, all-powerful deity impregnating a human teen. There is no definition of consent that would include that scenario. Happy Holidays.” —Dr. Eric Sprankle of Minnesota State University-Mankato

Demo-gogues: “We are in a battle for the soul of this nation. We have to recognize that trend lines are moving in the wrong direction.” —Joe Biden (Under Obama and Biden, America lost a big chunk of its soul.)

Alpha Jackass: “I had someone in northwestern Wisconsin tell me, ‘You know what, for most of the people I know, their principle sources of information are Fox News, their NRA newsletter, and the pulpit on Sunday.’ And it should come as a surprise to no one that our message doesn’t penetrate. It should come as a surprise to no one that that person has elevated the issue [of abortion], of course, to the top, because that person on the pulpit is saying, ‘Ignore everything else that this person has done and is doing. We have to focus on one issue of Roe vs. Wade.’ And people buy it because that’s their only source.” —DNC chairman Tom Perez

Village Idiots: “The U.S. president has given [rogue] regimes a green light and labeled the press in this country the ‘enemy of the people.’” —Amal Clooney

And last… “Comey and Mueller are extremely close, which obviously poses a conflict of interest for a real investigation. Mueller hired quite a few Democrat partisans. You may not like Trump, but these things are legitimate concerns. People should not be afraid to admit that.” —Mollie Hemingway

George Rebane

PaulE, do you have even a remote concept of why half the country doesn't give a rat's ass about Trump's peccadilloes? And in reality neither does the other half. They and you are just doing your damnedest to nail him, and cripple or curtail his presidency.

Everyone who has had a bit of liberal education knows that our justice system is more broken than is our Fourth Estate. The purpose of today's laws no longer are meant to deliver an even playing field in the land, but to enrich the pockets of politicians and lawyers. The people know that and are also in the game now, citing laws that support their narrative, and ignoring those that don't.

I think you're not going to find an audience of naifs here for your sermon on the law.

Bill Tozer

Flashback time: Back to the Future.


Bill Tozer

Another no brainer. The rules do not apply to the rule makers. DC Values.

“Forfeiting generous employer subsidies might seem like an unreasonable request to make of the mayor and council. But earlier this year, the council passed, and Bowser signed, legislation requiring all District residents to buy health coverage or pay a tax — including tens of thousands of residents who do not qualify for subsidies.

According to public records, Bowser receives an annual salary of $200,000; council members receive $140,600 annually. This year, I will receive less income than any of them, and as a small business owner my income is far from guaranteed, unlike public officials’ salaries. Yet the mayor and council have required me to buy health coverage without a subsidy, even as they refuse to do so themselves.”



,,,The-Very-Stable-Genius-in-Chief thouht it would be cool to start a trade war.
So he thought he would play games with our farmer’s crops.
China said ‘Whatever Fat Man’ and proceeded to work with Brazil for food.
Brazil said cool and started hacking down the rainforest creating more farmland to compete with American farmland.
Welcome to Trump Welfare Farmer Society where farmers get paid because Trump screwed them.


"Illegal unreported campaign contributions is what Cohen is guilty of and plead guilty to. Nothing to do with sex"
Punchy 929pm

ALSO nothing to do with Russia.

It's the 'Russia' investigation, remember?

Scott O

M - Trump certainly didn't 'start' a trade war. He was just the first POTUS in a while to stand up to the ChiComs and try to get them to play fair. They've been ripping off the rest of the industrial world for decades. If the Chinese govt limits imports, they're 'protecting their domestic industries'.
If Trump does the same, he's 'starting a trade war'.
I'm not real happy about all of what Trump has been doing concerning trade with China, but he didn't start the trouble, he's simply addressing it.
I'm quite impressed as to how the Lamestream news media has been able to ignore and/or suppress all the crap China has been up to for the last 20 years.


A bit of "yellow vest" trivia from France... the obnoxious lime-green-'yellow' vests worn by les Deplorables? They're required to be in the car, to be worn after an accident... or needing to change a tire.

A brilliant campaign. I wonder to where it will lead, besides to Macron being a lame duck?


"the Lamestream news media has been able to ignore and/or suppress all the crap China has been up to for the last 20 years."

An odd thing to be sure. Perhaps they share financial interests or it's just that people like loading up their baskets at Walmart.

It's fun to live in an era when the Democrats are all-in with large multinationals and the 17 intelligence agencies. To me, Trump is the best thing that could have happened to the Republican party. The Green Libertarians can flutter their hankies all they like about Trump's pussy grabbin' exploits, but in the final analysis they've shackled themselves to their new bestest buddies: Google, Sam Walton, and the CIA.

This latest business with equating nationalism with Nazism makes their philosophy quite a bit more plain.

Bill Tozer

@8:14 am

“It's the 'Russia' investigation, remember”

Not anymore. The Special Prosecutor, DOJ prosecutors, legal beagles, and armchair quarterbacks watching TV can toss any term out there they wish wth references to violations of law in court filings. But, but, but that does not mean that those chargess are ever brought forth, filed, or would stand up in a court of law. What ever happened to the hype over the Logan Act? What ever happened to Sally Yates?

As far as the Russian Collusion goes, Bruce Ohr, Andy McCabe, Peter S, and Comey got fired along with Steele while Simpson of Fusion GPS is under investigation for lying to Congress. Then there are investigations into who leaked stories about Flynn to the media, a serious felony. And let’s not forget the signatories to the FISA apps.
Hmmm. Hey, let’s look at obstruction of justice or the meeting at Trump Tower where nothing of value was received or exchanged. Let’s look at campaign finance law.....where the prosecutors stopped short of accusing Trump of committing any crime.

Interesting article I read this morning......a non partisan article.

“But thus far the foreign donation ban has played an elusive role in Mueller’s investigation. Despite leveling more than 100 criminal charges at a total of 34 individuals and three companies, Mueller has yet to directly charge anyone with violating the foreign donation ban.

The foreign donation ban was cited in an early Mueller search warrant for the Alexandria condo owned by former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who has since been convicted of bank and tax fraud and admitted to evading a federal law requiring registration of lobbyists for foreign governments.

Some have accused Mueller of deliberately avoiding charging a violation of the ban. A Russian firm that is the only defendant currently fighting a Mueller charge, Concord Management and Consulting of St. Petersburg, has alleged that the special counsel didn’t charge the company with violating the prohibition because prosecutors knew they couldn’t show the defendants knew their conduct was illegal, which the law requires.

A criminal complaint against a Russian accountant connected to Concord, Elena Khusyaynova, explicitly cites the foreign donation ban, but doesn’t charge any specific violation of it. (However, that case, focusing on alleged interference in the 2018 midterm elections, is being handled by prosecutors in Alexandria, Va. — not by Mueller's team.)

“The Special Counsel has pleaded around the knowledge requirements of all related substantive statutes and regulations," Concord’s American lawyers, Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly wrote in a filing earlier this year that accused Mueller's team of "sleight of hand.


Scott O

scenes " Perhaps they share financial interests or it's just that people like loading up their baskets at Walmart."
Not to mention a certain CA Senator with a certain husband who has been extremely chummy with the ChiComs.
She even hired a ChiCom agent to drive her around for years.
I'm sure the Chinese let white boys from America drive their govt mucky-mucks around.

Paul Emery

Gregory writes:

ALSO nothing to do with Russia.

It's the 'Russia' investigation, remember?

Doesn't need to be just about Russia. Thought you knes that. It's a pleasure to educate you. Here's the details

"But it is important to note that Mueller’s written directive from Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who appointed the special counsel, establishes that Mueller is to investigate any links between Russia and the Trump campaign, and “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”4 In other words, the special counsel is duty-bound to investigate other serious crimes that may crop up in his investigation, including, but not limited to, money laundering, tax evasion, perjury, abuses at the Trump charities, or espionage. The Manafort-Gates indictments suggest that the Special Counsel investigation traverses a timeline that includes, but again, is not limited to, the campaign."


Bill Tozer

Scott @ 8:31.

Depends how you look at it.

“M - Trump certainly didn't 'start' a trade war. He was just the first POTUS in a while to stand up to the ChiComs and try to get them to play fair. They've been ripping off the rest of the industrial world for decades. If the Chinese govt limits imports, they're 'protecting their domestic industries'.
If Trump does the same, he's 'starting a trade war'.

I would go further. I would say Trump is the first person in the world to stand up to the Chinese. No Euopean nation, no Asian nation, no African nation, no nation from the Americas ever stood up to the Chinese on fair trade. Sure, various Presidents have decried Chinese currency manipulation and bemoaned to private groups about Chinese theft of our Crown Jewels from our companies ( good old Yankee invention, know how, and technological advances), yet Trump is the first I am aware of that has stood toe to toe with the Red Chinese and matched tariff for tariff. Fair trade is something new.

So, did Trump start a trade war? Or did the Chinese start it decades ago and Trump is the first to say, “No mas, we aren’t going to take it no more.” Depends how you look at it.

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