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27 December 2018


Paul Emery

Hmmm George

What is the difference in what the Truthout Oped proposes for non violent resistance to the Trump Administration and the support proposed by fellow blogster Walt for a rebellion in this country if things don't go his way? You expressed no concern about Walt and his band of rebels but are making a big deal out of the Oped in Truthout. Please explain to me the difference.

Paul Emery

The piece in Truthout ends with this:

"It’s time for us to rise up, in our millions, nonviolently but disruptively flooding the streets to demand that the Trump/Pence regime must go."

Do Americans not have the right under our constitution to do so if they feel the necessity.

George Rebane

PaulE 253pm - Most certainly Americans have the rights you suggest (BTW which are moot without the Second Amendment). The only the difference I can see between Walt and Truthout is that Mr Branson prescribed contingent actions pursuant to contingencies yet to be realized, and Truthout is calling for action today, i.e. its contingencies have been fulfilled. I'm glad you pointed out our rights under our Constitution, and I do hope that you grasp the wide difference in what would get the Left mobilized vs the Right.

Paul Emery


Do you believe the non violent protests and disruption during the Civil Rights Movement were justified?

Scott O

Reading the articles in Truthout provided the lefts' concise laundry list of 'crimes' being committed by Trump. It is telling that the underpinnings of evidence for these mis-deeds involves an awful lot of bull shit that the left apparently takes as gospel without a shred of proof.
I'd love to see Paul or any left wing wacko try to provide one shred of factual evidence of any of these fever dreams put forth establishing Trump as being on par with Hitler.

Don Bessee

The falkenews dogs turn on each other -




,,,and who in the hell reads Truthout fringe rants??? No one I know of bothers with that tripe. They don’t speak for me. That would be like reading Sierra Dragon’s Breathe or something and concluding it is where conservatives get their talking points.

Don Bessee

Now who does that sound like @429?



Looks like a few million "rednecks" are keeping Paul up at night.
They might try and stop any Progressive overthrow.

It worked just fine at the Bundy Ranch Paul,, Remember?
The Bundy's even won in court!

But Paul still won't say a peep about the dirty rat bastard Reid Hoffman. It's all good because the Progressive won.
The end justifies the means... Right Paul?

The government is SUPPOSED to be fearful of the citizens. Not the other way around.(that's how the Proggys want it)

George Rebane

PaulE 312pm - Of course, don't you?

M 429pm - You apparently have no inhibitions in exhibiting the gaps in your knowledge base. Truthout.com is a longstanding voice of the far Left, publicly funded 501c3, with notable leftist board members and regular contributors (including MIT's Noam Chomsky). You really ought to get out more, or at least take care where you place your foot when you open your mouth.


Posted by: ***M*** | 27 December 2018 at 04:29 PM

,,,and who in the hell reads Truthout fringe rants??? No one I know of bothers with that tripe. They don’t speak for me.

Yeah....! Pretty loopy...... almost as ridiculous as reading something like “farthstarths.blogspot.com.


That's it Paul? You sputtered out like a used Prius battery headed to the 5 mile house. Tough times... Didn't even make it to the passing lane.

Bill Tozer

“Do you believe the non violent protests and disruption during the Civil Rights Movement were justified?”

The question not answered yet isis do YOU believe the violence that occurred in Occupy Oakland was justified? Was the violence that occurred in Occupy Philly, New York, Portland and Occupy LA justified? Was the destruction, violence and $800,000 worth of damage to UC Berekely justified? Was the smashing of Starbucks windows, destruction of ATMs and burning of parked cars justified at the Inauguration? One poor immigrant worked his tail and saved off to buy a limo to pursue his American Dream only to have the Leftinistas smash it in burn it to the ground. Was that justified??? Yes or no?

Re: The laundry list of fake news....just keeps getting longer. Is this the type of father we want in our country? He just lost his meal ticket and get his out of jail free card.



Don Bessee

Hell the fakenews can not even make up a good false narrative anymore!

There’s just one problem. The Hatch Act does not apply to the president.

The Office of Special Counsel (OSC), which handles Hatch Act matters, issued guidance earlier this year that says an incumbent president running for reelection counts as a candidate under the Act, so federal employees can’t engage in activity “directed at the success or failure of the President’s candidacy.”

The President, however, is specifically excluded from those “federal employees” covered by the Act.

“The term ‘federal employee’ does not include “a member of the uniformed services or an individual employed or holding office in the government of the District of Columbia,’” Law and Order noted.


Paul Emery

I was referring to the Civil Rights Movement Bill not recent events. Do you remember when that was? Let me ask you the question:

“Do you believe the non violent protests and disruption during the Civil Rights Movement were justified?”

Don Bessee

So that's an I can not cope @1007 right?


Bill Tozer

Of course Reid Hoffman is apologizing. He may have violated Alabama State election law, big time. Oh course the fakenews made 28 year old Roy Moore out to be not just a weirdo who asked parents of teenage girls permission first if he could date their daughters but...but...but...made him out to be a child predator, a pedophile who went after pre-puberty children. Sick sick Leftinistas. And Hoffman may have walked into the snare he set for others. Karma, baby. What you sow is what you reap.
Civil Rights movement? Well, we have gone from “Our day with come” and “We shall overcome” to Resist!! The civil rights movement fought for the right to enter a restaurant, to sleep in any hotel in Vegas on the Strip, walk into any movie theater, buy or rent a house in any neighborhood, and equal opportunity in hiring and attendance at the local school......a true color blind society.

Q: What rights are the Leftinistas fighting for? The rights of foreign nationals to enter our country and live here as long as they please with impunity? The right to open the prison doors? The right for a guareented income whether they work hard or not...or even work? The right to dictate to others what is free speech? The right to have outcomes equal? What are the basic rights the Lefties are fighting for? To enter a restaurant? To receive bank loans if they meet criteria? To rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid from the ground up? To give our treasure to 3rd world countries? BTW, we give foreign aid to China, believe it or don’t.

Resist!, as opposed to the Civil Rights Movement, does not look like it is seeking inalienable rights. Resist! does not look like it fighting for the right to peacefully assemble or the right to petition the government to address wrongs. Nah, contrary to the Civil Rights Movement, the Leftinistas seek a system ruled by men and not of laws.



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 27 December 2018 at 07:58 PM

“The question not answered yet isis do YOU believe the violence that occurred in Occupy Oakland was justified? Was the violence that occurred in Occupy Philly, New York, Portland and Occupy LA justified? Was the destruction, violence and $800,000 worth of damage to UC Berekely justified......”

........remember Bill if questions need to be asked, Uncle Punchy will do the asking!


Really? You not paying attention again?
I was referring to the Civil Rights Movement Bill not recent events"

It's STILL "recent events" Paul. "BLM" Paul,, They just want to be MORE equal than others.
Your "civil rights" crap is now "social justice.
Those of who you speak, will never let go of their "poor me" crutch.

What's wrong Paul? Gotta keep questioning the past? Just can't deal with today?
Sputter sputter, spit spit.
Now head off to the Pine St. bridge and waive your cane, and wheeze at cars.


,,,George aka The Daily Crier,,,shows us his bias once again with his Truthout and ‘’’the Left only reads one-sided views’’’ rants

Breaking news,,,Coco Das,Truthout,,, has an opinion!!!

George does not bother himself with fair and balanced reporting but expects others to do so,,,that it why there is no mention of right wing fake news in his screed.



Posted by: ***M*** | 28 December 2018 at 09:41 AM

How many dugsKKKi?

Paul Emery

Even Walt admits he has a sputtering problem. Latest quote

"Sputter sputter, spit spit."


George Rebane

M 941am - The embarrassments continue. Don't you pay attention to anyone save yourself? RR is unabashedly biased to the conservetarian view of the world and its goings on, and has been admittedly so from its gitgo many years ago. Nowhere do I expect myself or others to deliver "fair and balanced reporting", for the simple reason that those who so claim are simply spouting bullshit - as I have explained, everyone of us has a biased perspective, we can't help it. So pay attention Mr M, if that is still a possibility, I am an ideologue, but one who is very much capable of adapting his credo to new information. (If you possess such capabilities, I invite you to critique the tenets of my belief system.)

And even your citation shows you don't quite get the distinctions made on RR. Your site just shows unsubstantiated ascriptions, not a single reference to an actual story coming from an identified media source. That is not what my citation and the citations of other commenters contain - they quote real fake news stories by identified fake news outlets.


Truth has a Gregory bias... I thought everyone knew that!

My bias is affected by what I know and what I once knew but have changed my mind on. My last big change of mind was in 2007 when I shed my belief in anthropomorphic CO2 driven, catastrophic global warming which requires a belief in the planet being unstable, driven by positive feedbacks barely in balance. That took a good month of delving into the scientific journals myself.

Scott O

Gregory 11:26 - Don't expect the 'true believers' to ever follow suit.
Oh, I know - that's a known ultra-right-wing news source, but just maybe the ALgoreisms just aren't coming true. What's an AGW fanatic supposed to do these days? AOC is touting her 'green new deal' but it seems the only green is the trillions in cash that need to be 'redistributed'.
That'll cool the Earth down. Guaranteed!

Bill Tozer

Re: Climate Change has always been the cover story:

1) On a smal scale: Going 100% renewable energy , aka, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

“Georgetown’s bet against fossil fuel prices cost the city-owned utility nearly $7 million this year, and prompted officials to look for a way out of their long-term contracts for solar and wind energy.

“It’s costing them big time,” vice president of research at the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), Bill Peacock, told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview. “This doesn’t appear to be the first time they’ve lost money, just the first time it was big enough to have to go public with it.”


2) Let’s play hide and seek


3) Damned it you do, damned if you don’t


It’s all about the money. Show me the green.


,,,George,,,here is a revised version of section of your screed showing that you are just as biased as you pontificate from your silo,,,

Most longtime RR readers know that people of the ‘’’RIGHT’’’ get a very one-sided view of the world that is dispensed by their favorite ideological wordsmiths and talking heads. They stick to their own kind when it comes to forming their picture of the world. And because of this, our local ‘’’RIGHTWING’’’ contingent continually creates comic relief in these comment streams when they unknowingly show up with their blinders...

Fox is the defecto state news outlet for Trump. He hires from their labor pool and they carry his water.

George Rebane

M 904am - My goodness Mr M, when did this little epiphanous spark occur? You actually got your 'revised screed' right; your characterization of RR readers (and most conservative readers in the land) is on the mark. Yes, we on the Right do know which and what one-sided views of the world we read, since we read ideologues from all over the spectrum. Unfortunately, as you and yours have demonstrated here for years, that is totally contrary to what our leftwing readers perceive. They, like you, believe that their mono-ideological leftwing screeds, from their leftwing outlets, represent balanced worldviews for our nation, and to them everything else is simply a biased extreme that is worthy only of derisive laughter.

So hold on to that little piece of wisdom you gleaned about RR readers - around here most of us do a lot of noodling about the entire big picture before we attest to what we believe is the best path forward for the nation. And RR's ideological tilt has never been hidden from its astute readers - we just do our best here to provide a reasonable basis for that tilt, and point out the unreasonable basis that beguiles our opponents in the other direction.


Paul Emery


Speaking of Fox, they are declining in popularity and are starting to lose out against MSNBC. Here's the latest:

"MSNBC ratings top Fox News for first time in 18 years

MSNBC’s viewership last week propelled the network to its first No. 1 cable news network “sales day” rating in 18 years, NBCUniversal announced.

The network averaged 1.56 million total viewers from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. in the Dec. 17-21 business week — ahead of Fox News’ 1.54 million and CNN’s 975,000."

It was the first time in three presidencies that MSNBC topped Fox News in that metric. The last time was Nov. 6, 2000, when George W. Bush was first elected president.

Scott O

M at 9:04 - "Most longtime RR readers know that people of the ‘’’RIGHT’’’ get a very one-sided view of the world that is dispensed by their favorite ideological wordsmiths and talking heads."
M doesn't know me or have the slightest clue where I get my info and news from and yet he confidently fabricates a total bunch of BS on the subject.
His opinion of conservatives is just as ignorant and bigoted as an old KKK cracker spouting cartoonish nonsense about folks of African heritage.
I rarely watch TV news and I can safely say it's been years since I watched Fox news. Yes, I do have some favorite wordsmiths - but I often disagree with their opinions. My news sources usually include outlets of all political stripes.
But we've covered this before and yet M continues right along with his fingers firmly in his ears.
Now since M doesn't know anything about me, just where did he obtain his opinion of me from?


Posted by: ***M*** | 29 December 2018 at 09:04 AM

How many dugsKKKi??. Rumor has it that another caravan will be departing Honduras in the next few days. This one roughly twice the size of the last. How many should we admit to burden the treasury and citizenry this time?

You bill yourself as “beset with a brain that comes up with outside-the-box observations, and ideas about improving things, and, if I have a "mission" in life, it is to share these, which typically show up after a good night's sleep.”

What.....no solution to this.....no “outside the box observation” to settle the issue?


How many dugsKKKi?


,,,yes fish, I was getting a good night's sleep while you apparently did not as you pondered "how many" Triggered Trumpers it takes to install a steel slat picket fence


,,,scotto was obviously doing some aggro drinking last night never having read George's leading screed (((copied verbatim with a couple of exceptions))) on how libs get their news and info.

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 9:01 am

You did not expect an answer did you? Dr. Rebane asked M the same question. How many illegals should sneak in? All of them? Dr. Rebane has staked a position of 15,000 or less a year on the Southern Border.

Let’s see here. The Leftinistas now have come clean and say there are 22 million illegals in the USA, up from their previous 6-8 million at the snap of the fingers, lol.That means it is probably closer to 30 million and growing. If M believes in open borders, just come out and say it. Man up, M. Stake your position.

Fish, you really did not expect an answer from M did you?

If did find it rather ironic that the Newman police officer murdered by the twice previously arrested drunk driver illegal alien was himself a legal immigrant. The young man from Figi took extra classes in English above and beyond what was required to be able to communicate with our citizens and land his dream job. A asset to our country. A good legal immigrant with a 5 month old son who now with be a fatherless boy. Sad. Tragic. All for pulling over a suspected drunk drive at 1:00am the day after Christmas to keep our roads and citizens safe.

I also find it ironic that the murderous illegal alien was handcuffed with the slain officer’s cuff when capturedand returned to Stanislaus County.

How many? 1,200,000 a year? Hmmm. That’s equivalent to Nevada County total population per month, every month. How many illegal aliens should be prevented from entering every month? 60k plus the one with sad eyes? Tell it to the Angel Mom’s....who a premier fakenews outlet now calls a bunch of racists. Unbelievable. Yep, the Leftinistas love the race, yet hate the man....or Mom....or Angel Moms.


,,,youse guys are a riot!!! Did I ever say anything about open borders??? That all Libs are for open borders is fake news that George and others at the local roundtable of peanut poppers have been echoing.

Libs are not for open borders. They are against Triggered Trumpers going off about idiotic ideas like a giant 1000 mile, 40 foot wall (((trumpskki himself pointed to a wall in an auditorium or large event center and said yeah about this high))) look it up deniers.


Posted by: ***M*** | 30 December 2018 at 12:35 PM

How about a number dugsKKKi?


,,,fishskkki,,how about the number x equals the number of people who qualify to be admitted?


So “x” = ten, maybe twelve? Somebody ought to let those poor people know not to make the trek!

Bill Tozer

x equals the number of people who qualify to be admitted?

How about the 70-90% who are deemed not qualified to be admitted after applying for aslym inside our homeland, released, and their request is later denied upon proper review of their request? How about the 95% who do not show up for their hearings? Where they qualified to be admitted?

How many who do not quality should we prevent from touching sacred US soil? How many illegals are welcome here? How many? How many illegals who are not qualified do we have to educate? How much does it cost to educate a non English non-Spanish speaking kid? How much to feed them? House them? Subsided them? How much do we spent to incarcerate thousands of illegal aliens? What right does an illegal have to touch our sacred soil? Who is responsible for the health and safety of US citizens and legal immigrants? How much does it cost us to ship back there ugly dead bodies found in the desert? How much does it cost us to pick up the piles of trash they always leave in their wake? Why are 27% of the federal prison population illegals?

George Rebane

An 'open border' is a matter of definition, specifically as to how porous it is. Now I have maintained for years that progressives are for open borders, meaning that they are unable to specify any acceptable level of porosity = illegal ingress rate. Nor can any progressive give the slightest evidence that the de facto position of the Democrat Party is not an open border. In days of yore the Democrats were more discriminating as to how many legal workers (let alone illegals) should be allowed in to displace American workers.

So the invitation is for any leftwinger to step forward and give some evidence of the Dems being against open border (specify the acceptable porosity so that we can cut through the bullshit).

Tricky McClean


Scott O

M is quite hilarious - "Libs are not for open borders."
In the classical sense of liberals, they are not. We are talking lefties.
Of course they say they are not for open boarders - they just oppose any meaningful reduction in the steady stream of illegals pouring across the line. M and the other leftwing nuts that post here will never give a figure of what is an acceptable number of people we should allow annually to become citizens of the US. And they will never explain how they plan to secure our border against the influx of people and things that should not come into our country.

Scott O

M at 10:30 - "scotto was obviously doing some aggro drinking last night never having read George's leading screed (((copied verbatim with a couple of exceptions))) on how libs get their news and info."
Wow - who's doing the drinking here? I never said anything about how lefties get their news. I was responding to M's ignorant bigoted stupidity. But I guess M can't find any way to respond intelligently.
Could someone make sure M stays away from driving tonight? Looks like he's starting in celebrating a bit early.

Tricky McClean


Bill Tozer

Russian bots in Alabama. Roy Moore.

The Times reports that the Democrats spent only $100,000 on their effort to hobble a Republican candidate who had already done more to sabotage himself than his opponents could have dreamed. That is far less than what the Russians spent on their effort to sow discord in the presidential election.


Bill Tozer

Re update 12/30/2018. Boardman’s contribution.

I have often been puzzled by the alliance of Radical Islamics and the Western Socialists. Seems odd at first glance why the Socialists embrace the Trojan Horse with such vigor and kinship. Christian bad, Muslim good. Norway immigrant bad, Islamic immigrant good. And on and on it goes.
The platform of the French Green Party (which is front and center advocating for Islamics and Agenda 21) dovetails exactly with the planks cherished by Ben Emergy, Socialists, O’cosco Cortex, Robert Cross, the Far-Left, Antifa, Agenda 21, Bernie Sanders (without advocating violence) Beto, Marxists, Maxine Waters, our elitists overlords and America haters...all with an anarchist arm and Jackbooted thugs to do their bidding. Western Civilization haters. Post-Modernism. Post nation-States. Guess it is all about destroying the culture and having a new Global World Order arise from the ashes.

The French Green Party and their kindred internationalist workers parties across the globe want to destroy the old and create something new. Not Germans in Germany, not Swedish in Sweden, not Americans in America, but something entirely different. Out with everything old, in with something new under the sun. Something that looks different than has not been see before. Oh, we have see it before with the slaughter of a 100 million souls, some of them who were once their biggest cheerleaders. Whether it was Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot.....they all turned on the intelligectuals who once inspired and encouraged them. Islamics are for world domination....domination in every aspect of one’s life and governance. The Agenda 21 crowd and the Socialist Green Party are also for complete dominance in every aspect of one’s life and thoughts and very breath one inhales.

It puzzles me that the Agenda 21 Gang (for lack of a better term) would so eagerly pick up a rattlesnake and put the snake down their pants to keep it warm and safe and love on it. Don’t they realize that the socialists and the Islamics both desire world domination? One with eat the other for lunch and the Islamics have had a longer term plan. The parasite will kill its host...after it sucks it dry.

Anyway....found this from the BDS days.


Bill Tozer

Re Update: Boardman, Leftists, and Islam.

“Of all the ideologies the left has aligned itself with through minority representation, I find the strangest of all to be Islam. The left’s alliance with Islam is unique, not only because Islam is at odds with Enlightenment values, as most collectivist systems are, but mainly because Islam is at odds with rights the left pride themselves in protecting.”

“The obvious question arises: What is the endgame for leftists who so willingly embrace Islam, which itself promotes a value systems that runs counter to almost everything the Left claims to value? The modern Left has become so obsessed in its commitment to destroy capitalism and the Western “patriarchy” that it has willingly and eagerly aligned itself with a medieval-era monster that will turn and eat it at the first opportunity.”


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