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02 January 2019



,,,Trump Embraces Trump Shutdown,,, Trump and GOPubbers have had plenty of opportunity to come up with a working solution,,,lightly read and highly reactionary meatheads will believe anything Faux echo chambers tell them...

,,,the real Truth,,,not the biased Rebane fake news,,, is that GOPubbers don't all believe in the fairy tale of the great wall.

Mitt Romney should be considered a swing vote


George Rebane

re M 1107am - Another confirmation of leftwing blinders. "Rebane's fake news" was echoed in today's lead editorial in WSJ (among other non-progressive outlets). But for these lefties, they heard it only here, and react accordingly.

Scott O

"Mitt Romney should be considered a swing vote"
Amazing - seems it wasn't that long ago that Romney was Hitler.
How time flies.

Robert Cross

The Dems are placing a smart bet that after three generations their educational systems have produced enough double dummies to swallow whatever is fed to them."

Really George? then how do you explain the close to 7,000 outright lies and/or misrepresentations of truth that trump has spewed since taking office? How can you seriously talk about dems swallowing whatever is fed to them in light of that? Classic 'rovian' (as in Karl Rove) political ploy; attack your opponents from your own weakness, ie. accuse them of what you are or are doing like when the Bush campaign (Bush was a draft dodger who used his family ties to get of the draft and then served questionably in the air NGs) attacked John (a decorated Vietnam veteran) Kerry's war record. Cons either ignore the lies or swallow them hook line and sinker, which is it and why do they continue to do that? Back to the morals vs. political expediency issue.

Todd Juvinall

Oh BoobieC, we know you want to put him up against the wall. And most of those are just hyperbole exaggerations which if you really had a brain you would know. Anyway, the left is just populated with Grinch-like sour pusses while we on the right are happy and complete. Go take some lemon juice and get a smile on your homely mug.

George Rebane

RobertC 137pm - was that your best support of the Dems' contention that 'walls don't work'?

BTW, if we used the same metric for identigying/measuring lies that you/Dems use with Trump, what do you think Obama's count would have been during his tenure?

Bill Tozer

Oh course the Dems embrace the shut down. If they give one penny to the Wall, it will cause a revolt in their ranks and splinter the Dem Party into glass chards. Not one inch can be yielded. It’s the life and death moment for them. Anyone who breaks ranks will be excommunicated from the Holy Church of Progressive Statism forever and suffer a live of scorn and destitute.
Re: update. Of course Walls work. Just the 27 miles of Wall installed during the Gingrich Congress has dropped illegal alien crossing by 99% in that area south of San Diego and now children can play safety on the American side of the border fence, whereas before it would be unthinkable for any parent to allow they kids to toss the ball around play at the American side of the border. The gangs, the violence, the crime suddenly stopped when the 27 miles of good tall strong fencing went up. Of course, only 27 miles of the approved and funded 128 (or so) miles of new improvedbetter fencing went up. Only 27 milese 128, but it worked grand.

In 2006, Congress with bi-partisan support approved and funded 750 miles of new and improved fencing. After 127 miles of ‘the wall’ fencing was installed, the Dems said, “Ok, that’s enough” and that where we remain today. (We have all seen the Chucky the clown Schumer videos of his 2009 no nonsense speech concerning the factual effectivenesss of border security via a barrier fence:

“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said in 2009 that construction of hundreds of miles of fencing along the southern border made the border "far more secure" because it created a "significant barrier to illegal immigration."

Walls don’t work? Ok, fencing does. No prob, Bob.

Of that 127 miles installed (of the d 750 miles) the Wall works great. Just follow the piles of trash in Arizona (none on the US side) that leads to where the Wall stops and see piles of trash and discarded plastic bottles begin on the US side of the border. Now, put two and two together. No piles trash scattered about on the US side where the Wall is, trail of trash where the Wall ends of US side. “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

Why else did Univison’s Jorge Ramos recently stand at the ‘Wall’ in Tijuana among the caravan migrates stuck at the border, pointing out that if the illegals would just walk 12 miles to the east, the Wall ends and they could cross there?? Why? Because Walls don’t work? What, I can’t hear you. Say again, I must have too much wax buildup in my ears. If walls don’t work, why to prisons have walls surrounding the facilities? Still can’t hear you.

Meanwhile a violent mob of 150 dangerous rock throwing angry illegals tried to breach the fence Sunday. Or was it Monday. Assualting our agents use be illegals way of proving how good upstanding folks they be. Much like our law abiding legal immigrant, right Bob? Being liberal means never having to say you wrong....or sorry. Just tell that to slain officer Ronil Singh‘s widow and 5 month old son.


Scott O

Bobby's at it again - "Cons either ignore the lies or swallow them hook line and sinker, which is it and why do they continue to do that?"
Factually wrong, Bobby. We neither ignore the BS nor believe it.
Trump was elected because he was as tired of the usual nonsense in DC as most Americans are. And because the Dems ran a lying cheating thieving hypocrite harpy against him. He's installing judges that follow the law and the Constitution. He's trying to dismantle the web of un-needed regulations that beat down our nation's wealth producers. He's trying to do something about China's ongoing trade war against our country.
Lincoln put Grant in charge of the Union army despite his obvious failings because he would do what the other generals would not.
This is all old news around here but Bobby and the other lefty's just can't be bothered to pay attention. They'd rather stick to a fabricated narrative because it makes them feel better.

Tricky McClean

I see the grifter blog is in full swing tonight. Fyi, I tried to book a room yesterday at the Trump Hotel in WashPo but it was already full of Saudis with bone saws and sacks of bundled currency. Oh well, my bad!

Todd Juvinall

Yeah Tricky, you Islamia phobes should not piss off those Saudi guys.


,,,VDH says,,,The unlikely 2016 election of Donald Trump—the first president without either prior political or military office—was a repudiation of the American “aristocracy.” By “rule of the best” I mean the ancien régime was no longer understood to suggest wealth and birth (alone)...,,,

Really VDH??? You just described Trumpski!!!


,,,VDH says,,,but instead envisioned itself as a supposed national meritocracy of those with proper degrees, and long service in the top hierarchies of government, media, blue-chip law firms, Wall Street, high tech, and academia.,,, Instead, the lesson was that the past record of governance and the current stature of our assumed best and brightest certainly did not justify their reputations or authority, much less their outsized self-regard. In short, instead of being a meritocracy, they amount to a mediocracy, neither great nor awful, but mostly mediocre.'''

Really VDH??? It called a resume. Most consider a resume showing successful experience in related fields to be important.
I guess that as an academician VDH is a part of the mediocrity...

George Rebane

M 1019am - You continue to amaze Mr M; is there nothing in there that you actually understand? Perhaps you could have shared some words about what of VDH you agreed with or not; after all, the man has a national reputation and did put out a number of propositions and interpretations most people consider worthy of comment.

Robert Cross

"was that your best support of the Dems' contention that 'walls don't work'?"

No George, that was my indictment of cons for continuing to believe trump's lies and has nothing to do with a wall. Nice try to deflect, once again, the issue of trumps inability to tell the truth and cons ability to believe them.

George Rebane

RobertC 1101am - You do have a problem following the subject of my commentaries Mr Cross. Your 'deflections' are merely my attempts to bring back online here. For other topics, there is the Sandbox. However, you could attempt a counter at my numerous contentions that Dem politicians hold the intellect of their constituencies in contempt. Pick one and go for it.

Bill Tozer

Here is a nice article that dovetails nicely with Victor Davis Hansen’s first piece listed above. Got to give credit where credit is due. Posted by Fish on the old (not closed 28 Dec 18) Sandbox.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.


Posted by: fish | 03 January 2019 at 08:23 AM

George Rebane

BillT 1254pm - Kudos to you and Mr Fish for catching that (and also reminding me to close the old Sandbox). Thanks.


GOD Mother of the DEMned sure is full of herself.
Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said in an interview with the New York Times that the Constitution considers her to be President Donald Trump's equal.

The wicked witch of the West LIES again! Just days ago "impeachment" was not in her vocabulary.
What a diff 24 hours makes.

Paul Emery

The solution is incredibly simple. Trump promised and campaigned by saying under his administration Mexico was going to pay for the wall. So.....Collect the money Trump promised and build the wall. It's been two years since Trump took over. Any idea how much money he's collected to date?


Paul never listens. There is more than one way to skin a cat.
Denying illegals getting in, making money just to send it back to MEX is one way. So in a sense,, they ARE paying for it.( by NOT getting money)
Tell us Paul,, just how much money is sent El South a' each year by illegals? We know you know how to use Google search. (You let that news out yesterday.)
There are always tariffs Paul.. How bout charging admission for every car and warm body that crosses at the checkpoints?

Somehow you really expect the MEX gov. to sign a check and hand it to Trump.(Yaa... You go with that.)

We can always cut off aid till the bill is paid.

OR,, (this one you will go for) All the MEX dope comes here for free till the value is reached. You know,,, for "medical" use... That's a lot of ingrown toenails.

Paul Emery

So how much have we collected Walt as of now and how long will it take to collect the rest?


OH NOOooooo.. You have look'n to do,, and reporting like a real news dude. It's time YOU do some answering. How much gets funneled back to MEX? Give us those hard numbers Paul. The days of the Emery shuk and jive are going to come to an end. put up, or shut up.


,,,Re: Spectator.us,,,Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, took pointed issue with her uncle. ‘POTUS is attacked and obstructed by the MSM media and Democrats 24/7,’ she wrote. ‘For an incoming Republican freshman senator to attack @realdonaldtrump as [his] first act feeds into what the Democrats and media want and is disappointing and unproductive.’''

,,,For an incoming Republican freshman President to attack [anyone and everyone] as his daily acts feeds into what the Democrats and media want and is disappointing and unproductive!!!

,,,yeah, tell that to Trumpski!!!


,,,BS tidbits from Spectator.us they would like us to credit to Trumpski,,,

'''We are now the world’s largest energy producer.'''

File under giving credit to Trumpski where none is due...



Yup! Yes we are !! And LIBS didn't do it.

Thank You President Trump.


Fifty quatloos again say ***M*** is Doug Keachie.

As content free as he was in the beginning, following me here from Pelline's sandbox as he did, which, perhaps sadly (and perhaps not) is all but moribund.


,,,Fifty quatloos says Gregory argues that a .22 cal. and a .223 cal. are almost exactly the same size!!!

Paul Emery


I Think Trump should tell us how much money is being funneled back as you suggested. It was his promise that Mexico would pay for the wall so it is his job to do The bookkeeping. Does that make sense to you?


,,,Walt,,,are you channeling Todd now??? What a marooon!!!


OH.. Like the promise WE were given (by the shoe salesman YOU voted for) that my health insurance would go down? The G man has no business getting into our business.
And boarder security is the governments FIRST and BIGGEST responsibility. I bet I could make plenty of friends sending them to your place to set up camp "Hey! Emery has plenty of camping spots in his back yard."
So Tell us Paul, how will you keep them out? (eventually to cops will just stop coming.) Who will you bill when you put up your own fence? ( Don't look at me!)

You can lose the excuse Paul.( I know.That's all you got.)
Our tax dollars are supposed to go to boarder protection.
Yet the asswipes in D.C. are more than willing to send that vary same amount to ANOTHER country so THEY can build a WALL for their boarder security.

So how much of OUR money gets sent to MEX? The amount that embarrassing for you to acknowledge? (yaa.. I thought so)

Paul Emery

Trump promised Mexico would pay for the wall Walt. Was He lying when he said that statement or was he just ignorant. In Your opinion what happened ?


Since Paul won't produce, here is the money sent back to MEX.
"These annual "remittances" — as they're called by analysts — topped $69 billion in 2016, according to central bank data

And Trump wants how much Paul? Seems like a bargain now.. Don't it?

Slow down the INFLOW,, and you slow down the outflow.

Walls work. They have for THOUSANDS of years.


So Trump fibbed. Get over it. That makes him a politician. What do you expect? He still has some DEM left in him. He's just like you!
He changed parties too! See? I may have voted for a DEM! Imagine that! But he's doing a damned fine job! He's done everything I expected and hoped for,, and MORE!
If his name was Manson and still got the same results why bitch?

Paul Emery

Interesting information Walt. Do you Have a link? I'd like to learn more about it.

Todd Juvinall

Funny how the libs take Trump literally about the wall and many other things when we all (well we smart people) know it is nuanced. And no matter how many times they ask the same question and we give the answer they still ask the same questions over and over. Trump did not say he would have Mexico pay in advance. He did not say how they would pay. Only that they would.

Looks like "M" is channeling Che" agin.

George Rebane

Tonight on the news showing President Trump's news conference with border security officials having decades of experience on our southern border, all strongly confirmed on camera that walls work the best in keeping out the illegals with a minimum of personnel costs on our side. The Democrats totally ignore the country's experts on border walls and keep telling their considerable number of snuffies that walls are 6th century (pick another century) technology that doesn't work. And there is NOT A SINGLE liberal out there with enough brains (starting on RR) to call their leadership on this lie.


Find it yourself Paul. I did, so can you. (If you really care to know)
You figured out how to use your search tool.. You have no excuses.


Looky what the LIBS just passed!
" "pay-go" rule included in the rules package, supported by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That rule requires that any new mandatory spending for entitlements or tax cuts be offset by other separate revenue increases (such as tax hikes) or budget-cutting measures so that the new spending does not expand the federal deficit."

This is like a fat kid saying he's giving up cake!
OH this is going to be fun to watch.

Don Bessee

But will the newly seated socialists learn the lesson?



George Rebane

DonB 544pm - When have socialists ever learned lessons of failures brought on by their ideological forebears? It's always, 'This time we'll do socialism right.' And then they'll inevitably do it wrong again, for the simple reason that there is no right way to do socialism.

Don Bessee

It was a rhetorical question Dr. R. They never learn nor ever will learn the lesson because they are socialists.


Paul Emery

George you know events such as the one you cited in your 5:31 are partisan photo ops and little else and no substitute for vigorous debate on a complex issue. Trump is preventing that from happening. Besides he promised Mexico will pay for the wall as he repeated dozens of times. What happened to that idea?


Paul. Your Alzheimer's is showing again.


Now the real truth comes out.
WASHINGTON, D.C.—As Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, they promised the nation they would surpass even the Republicans at doing everything in their power to screw up the nation.

In a speech Thursday, returning Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi committed to her constituents and the nation at large that she'd lead Congress in accelerating the nation toward its inevitable doom even faster than the Republicans have.

"Everything bad they do, we'll do it worse," Pelosi said Thursday. "Out-of-control spending? We got you covered. Endless bickering? You got it. Funding Planned Parenthood? You ain't seen nothin' yet."

Elbowing Pelosi out of the way, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grabbed the microphone and promised to catapult the country toward its demise even faster than the Republican-controlled Congress was able to. "Republicans are good at one thing: being bad at stuff. I'll tell you this much, fam, we'll be even worse! Ain't nobody can beat a Bronx girl at her own game!" Ocasio-Cortez was then quietly escorted away as she began a lengthy beatbox routine she found on the internet.

George Rebane

PaulE 624pm - The officials reported their professional experience. The well-known function of walls has been known for centuries, and requires no vigorous debate as to their effectiveness. The only debate going on here is a political one on how to best destroy Trump's presidency. Bringing in the issue of walls is only effective for diverting the double dummies.

Scott O

Paul loses his mind - "Trump is preventing that from happening."

Paul Emery

George there are hundreds of scientists who Believe that climate change and global warming will lead to disaster and yet you disregard them. Hand-picked so-called experts brought on for promotion are not reliable balanced sources of information. Once again Trump promised Mexico would pay for it . Was trump lying or just ignorant or does he have a plan.

Scott O

Too easy - "...will lead to disaster and yet you disregard them."
Uh - because they've been predicting it for decades and they've been proven wrong?
Remember the 'end of snow'?
How'd that work out?
"Hand-picked so-called experts brought on for promotion are not reliable balanced sources of information."
Yeah, Paul - that would be the 'scientists' paid to promote climate fear.
AlGore leads Paul around by his nose.
C'mon, Paul - a twenty foot steel barrier makes it far far easier for the Border Patrol to keep illegals out than just a line on the ground.
If you want to debate that... oh wait - that's right - Trump won't let us debate that!!!!

Paul Emery


Do you recall the last time we had real snowfall in Nevada city?

Don Bessee

Here is some help for the pony tail of ignorance's memory issues -



Scott O

Paul - the specific prediction was for the northeastern US. An area that has seen prodigious amounts of snow fall ever since.
There was also supposed to be ocean water covering downtown Manhattan streets by now. California historically has experienced significant droughts long before us white boys even got to Plymouth Rock. You can pay 10 bucks for a gallon of gasohol but it isn't going to change the weather.
This is a losing battle for you Paul, but please go ahead and play. You just might learn something. We are already past the time when world wide disaster was supposed to strike. The climate alarmists have been proven wrong every time. But they just keep coming up with new disaster deadlines that keep the money rolling into their bank accounts.
And Paul - AlGore thanks you!

Paul Emery


The last real snowfall I recall was 2009 I believe. Two big storms wiped out my production of The Tempest at the Nevada Theatre. Virtually none since then

Historical Average is 18 inches.


Now Paul can't remember when snow fell..... Sad....
Even flubs his own subject change... Sadder still.....

I prefer NOT to see four feet of snow in GV, nor the close to 2.5 feet in PV back in the early 90's . Screw that!

Be careful of what your bitching about Paul. Winter is just getting warmed up. You could be ponytail deep before the month is out.


M 415pm

Thanks for the affirmation you are indeed Doug Keachie. Now, can you show you know the difference between caliber and the name of a cartridge? What is the bullet diameter for a .22LR cartridge, what is the bore size of the barrel? What is the bullet diameter and bore for a .223?

Now for another Keachie funny... you claimed I'd be buying an electric car. In fact, you said I'd buy a Chevy Volt within a year or so of when you made the prediction... it was just too good a car.

Funny thing... it's going out of production. Chevy just didn't sell enough Volts at a high enough price to justify making them.


,,,nice try Gregory,,,I read all about you on Pelline. How similar are the cartridge casings??? That was probably the point. You trying to say they make the same size entrance wound??? Don't know never tested it out. But I bet that is where the similarity ends.

George Rebane

What in hell do climate politics and ammo talk have to do with shut down of the government??


"Hand-picked so-called experts brought on for promotion are not reliable balanced sources of information." -Punchy 737pm

No Punch... it isn't random "so-called experts" that I cite, nor George as far as I can tell. I do cite solid researchers who published their results in solid journals. Like Henrik Svensmark and Nir Shaviv (both PhD physicists) who coauthored a very interesting paper a year ago in 'nature communications'... and there is no journal with a better reputation.


Yes, there are more scientists writing papers about how bad the warming is going to be for the birds and the bees! Not to mention rainbow unicorn farts. But the hard science is in the verification and ultimate falsification of the basic science that has led to the predictions of runaway warming in the first place, and the mistaking of fewer galactic cosmic rays creating fewer cloud condensation nuclei creating fewer low clouds to reflect the sun's rays back into space for CO2 driven positive feedback loops.

I am reminded of the famous Gary Larson comic, what you say and what your dog hears:

I recognize you might not* have the background to understand the nature.com article, but that's the difference between elementary school believe-the-nice-scientist-from-the-government-wearing-the-lab-coat kids, and the rough and tumble world of falsification and emergent theories in the physical sciences.

* yes, I was snickering to myself at the understatement!

Don Bessee

Its the Dark Arts @ 949.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 03 January 2019 at 07:37 PM

Once again Trump promised Mexico would pay for it . Was trump lying or just ignorant or does he have a plan.

Paul......are you trying to say that you would be OK with a wall as long as 🇲🇽 Mexico pays for it?

Because if this is now your position we’re making real progress.


"I read all about you on Pelline."

lol. Well, there you have it. The Crazy Old Man Mafia is playing 'telephone'.

re: Fish@7:47AM

Heck, you could probably get away with no wall at all if you were allowed to enforce the law on this side. The Open Borders folks are pretty wiggly about the whole thing. State wants to enforce federal immigration law? No! Federal government want to enforce federal immigration law? Sanctuary cities! Build a physical barrier so you can cut down the problem? No! It costs too much! Shoot some teargas when you get mobbed from the south (and it's only starting)? No! The children! Show an ID? No! Only Nazis (and Danes) have IDs!

Children become a get out of jail free card, so you make sure and bring along some.

The underlying fetish for invasion is obvious and is an existential threat. The Western World is wearing too short a skirt and deserves it.

It would be nice if the Blue Mob went back to wanting things you can make a case for, like single payer healthcare or something. It would be refreshing to see a bit of interest expressed in their own countrymen. In an era when 'nationalism' has become equated to German fascism, you can see where that all went.

Paul Emery

Na Fish

Two entirely different topics. Those of you that support the wall should be pissed off because Trump lied to you or was ignorant. That's the only way a wall would be built so Trump has been playing you and has let you down by being dishonest.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 04 January 2019 at 09:41 AM

I’m not so naive that I get really upset when a politician lies to me (if this indeed the case...we’re still in the early innings). I don’t recall you being nearly so upset when democratic politicians lied to you!

Is it just Trump?


"Those of you that support the wall should be pissed off because Trump lied to you or was ignorant. "

Why lie? He's actually tried pretty hard I think. Mostly he was ignorant about the diversity religion and how it's expressed in the US anymore. Until you try to drive government, you'll have no idea how entrenched the bureaucracy and the 17 intelligence agencies really are.

Spending more money on border barriers was a pretty easy sell on all sides 10+ years ago, but something changed in the meantime.

The fact that the Blue Mob is willing to start a civil war over whether nations can have borders is really interesting to me and new in history so far as I can tell. It's a Western illness to be fair, the Swedes being the prime example.



“It would be nice if the Blue Mob went back to wanting things you can make a case for, like single payer healthcare or something. ”

I suspect that they will swing back around to this once they import their permanent brown Democrat under/voting class! Have to establish the “permanent majority” to get really important things done!


I think jeffy thinks we are afraid of “Strong Women”.....

”A New Year for Rebane’s Ruminations and its readers! LOL

Actually......I have a recurring bad dream of being a display of Hostess products.....and seeing you waddle into the store!

Strong women......no worries!


The makings of a really awkward day at work.......

”Astronaut sparks panic after accidentally dialling 911 from space....”


Bill Tozer

“The fact that the Blue Mob is willing to start a civil war over whether nations can have borders is really interesting to me and new in history so far as I can tell. It's a Western illness to be fair, the Swedes being the prime example”


I cannot believe we are even having a discussion about the necessity to have borders. Di-Fi got it correct when she was mayor of Frisco. “California should not become Mexico’s welfare state”. Too late.
I cannot believe how little 5 billion is. We spent that much every month in just Afghanistan.
I cannot believe how many billions we give every year to Catholic Charities, Lutheran Charities, and La Raz Charities just to feed and house the hordes uneducated illiterate illegals whose first interaction with the US is to break our laws. It’s a billion dollar industry with a powerful lobby.

Illiterates in their own language, illiterate in English. No skills except making homemade tortillas. How is that going to pay the rent? A: it’s not, ever. And the unacccommplied minors who show up and no one comes for them....well, they are housed in group homes which are more like orphanages that take in billions a year. Suck us dry, baby. Some have such emotional and anger problems they can’t even be in allowed in our public education classrooms. Too violent. From the group home orphanages to juvenile hall to prison. And 90% of those law breakers who come to pick up unaccompanied (unaccomplished) minors are themselves illegal aliens.

So those single Moms with two to three kids go straight on the welfare rolls. No other options. No wonder CA has 10-11% of the US population and a third of the welfare takers in the country. No wonder CA has the highest rate of high school dropouts with a 9th grade education in the entire USA. Whether CA is a shithole yet or not, the State welcomes folks from shitholes.

Why does the Left get unhinged at just the mention of merit based immigration? It think the biggest tell-tell sign was when the Lefties on this site erupted over the suggestion that bringing skilled highly educated Norwegians into America is racist!! Loook how our My Little Ponytail of Ignorance flipped out when he thought we were bringing in Syrian Christians instead of Syrian Muslims. Says it all.


,,,Oh Bill,,,why don't you just kick down with a Billion , or get your buddy Trump to put his money where his mouth is and pay for the wall construction???

Nobody sane or a realist is for open borders.

It is too bad President Trump is too illiterate to explain himself. If he would simply say '''there are some areas in Texas, etc. where we need to tighten up security and replace the concertina wire with Steel Slat Picket Fences so we would like to spend a Billion dollars a year and see what we can get accomplished''' people would go Ok that makes sense.

But Trump is too much of a blowhard idiot to do that. There was a Billion plus in the budget for wall construction for 2019. That could have passed. But he has talked about shutting down the government for years,,,he loves the idea of shutting down the government so he flips out and says he wants $5 Billion.


Posted by: ***M*** | 04 January 2019 at 11:45 AM

Nobody sane or a realist is for open borders......

Unfortunately dugsKKKi......neither of this adjectives has any applicability to modern progressives whatsoever!

Bill Tozer

“Nobody sane or a realist is for open borders”

Therein lies the problem. Maybe you have a quasi semblance of sanity, but you are not in charge of your party. If nothing else, we need to start protecting our agents. The media glossed over last Sunday’s mob of 150 foreign nationals pelting our men and women with rocks and projectiles. Yep, those are exactly the kind of low life pieces of shit that your BlueCA says “Come on in, the water is warm.” Violent law breaking dangerous attackers of our agentswho are putting their lives on the line against those undesirables.

The last time the violent “fuck American laws, I want what I want and I demand it now” mob attacked our personel, we had to fly in over one hundred emergency reinforcements from other ports of entry to hold them off...barely. So, the Left is A-Ok with scum pelting our agents with rocks and glass one minute and decries denying them illegal entry the next. Oh, they are just trying to provide for their families....as long as we give them housing vouchers, medical, food, and other assistance, not to mention hiring teachers who can speak some indigious dialects. Lord knows the Spanish speaking or bi-lingual teachers (or interpreters). can’t.

Luckily for us, intel, face recognition technologiy, and the cooperation of the Mexican authorities, the Mexican Government was able to find and deport the most violent ones who have assaulted our brave men and women the last time. Many were on crank, meth, dope....which might explain the violent crazy insane self centered behavior with no regard to anyone else. Mexico does not ike methheads or those who violently assualt their agents and neither should we. Just imagine if they were not repelled!

The 1.6 billion Congress passed last year includes a prohibition for any funds to be spent on concrete. Thus the Wall becomes fence. A recycled scrap mental fence from the Vietnam era ain’t cutting it. Last month alone, 22,000 minors illegally entered the USA, 25% of which were unaccompanied minors. Welcome to the orphanage.

I am sure we could reduce illegal entry if more laws already on the books were vigorously enforced. An immigrant cannot received aid from the State. The sponsorship program is not enforced or generally ignored. That program’s means the host sponsor is liable for the immigrant’s needs (medical included) and guareentees they will not receive aid from the State. Bill the sponsor, freeze his bank accounts if he does not cover the immigrant’s cost to the taxpayer.

On the books already is a 10k fine for housing an illegal or giving them aid or comfort.

There is e-verify, which probably won’t do much good since the illegals are a very dishonest bunch and present forged documents and lie all the time. Heck, we had an illegal here who lied to the GVPD and presented false identication and...well, nobody cared that she lied to our cops, lied about who she was, and she overstayed her visa 17 years....after signing a form that if she overstayed her visa, she forfeits any right to appeal. She appealed!!!!! White Privilege.
I, like Punchy, hate liars. At least I don’t have her on a radio show. Friggin hypocrites. Liars, cheats, and thieves. Their very presence on sacred US soil is living a lie.

Yep, M, you may not be for open border boarders, but the Leftinistas are. Boy, are they ever. Welcome to California, Mexico’s biggest welfare state. Welcome to Almerica, Central America’s biggest orphanage.


Yep, just little Red Riding Hood going through the woods to Grandmother’s house.

George Rebane

I'm still waiting for those purveyors of 'border security' and opponents of 'open borders', all of whom oppose workable physical barriers, to tell us what max level of border porosity is acceptable to them. Mine is 15K/year or about 1,250/month of illegal entrants getting through the physical barriers. Unless you're willing to put a number on what you're talking about, you're blowing smoke out of the wrong end of your alimentary canal.

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