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30 January 2019



That caught my eye on Monday, when I followed a link to the Jerusalem Post article.

I asked my wife's oncologist circa 2000 when he thought an off-switch for cancers might be found and he guessed at the time maybe 10 years... looks like 20 could be the case... but it won't be real until it gets rolled out beyond the laboratory, beyond the research hospitals, at a price mere mortals and their insurers can afford.

My first wife died about eighteen months after her diagnosis... so ten years was as good (meaning bad) as one hundred or never... but it would have really hurt for her to be the last one to die of metastatic ovarian cancer before a cure was found.

I'd guess if everything goes well and there are not impossible to predict Really Bad Side Effects, I'll expect there to be some chance for people I know to get this in another five years. But those are big IFs. Would I pay $10,000 out of pocket for this for me? In a second. Would I pay $100,000 out of pocket? Probably not. $1,000,000? I don't have a million bucks laying around so definitely not.

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